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RXGHUOND, VA. 23119 



4Stfi Year No. 35 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, October 1, 1970 


M^ed Virginia Beach 


Astrological Predictions 

CcklfENT: In tin August 6tb edition of tbe Sun, I made tte 
feltiniUif statement, irtildi I quote, "W4tliln ttie. next year, tte 
p^Mt ^ptiuM will move Into tte sign of Saggtttarlns^trtlere ft 
irtU wmm for some time. Tte sign of Sagglttarlus is known to 
rtlr. «el«nce, rellglcm, folrelgn travel (tbis could bave Included 
any type of long distance travel as any astrologer knows) and 
metiqplqrdcal or Moterlc pUlosopbles." Later In tte artlde, I 
also sti^ed "weird and uneqdainable things will happen In 
relatkNisblp to foreif^ travel, especially in relationship to 
travll over water. Ttere will possibly te tUngBlike ships and 
planfs dte^ipearing," 

On a local radio stew, about sli weeks ago, I stated that ttie 
MkhDe East would tecome "explosive" and tbat tte war there 
woidd get Into M^ gear. On tbat same radio sMIoq I stated Oat 
1 tboufl^t there would te an eartbquate around Vat twenty-elihth 
of August, (or was it July? I do not normally keep trade). 

I review tteM things for only one reason. The Ifidfie East 
sttu^on dM tecome considerably worse, even tteu^ ttere was 
a strong peace effort at that very time. I certainly admit that 
I tlMMight I had teen wrong. 1 wish I had teen! I coi^ not teve 
teen eiqieeted to know Just tew tte dlsaiq>earance d tte airidanes 
would come ateut. Tte etorthquake happened Jtstaaltlmeditalso. 

Now for tte reasonteblnlallthls.Oneof our local newspapers 
recently ran an iartide ateut tte lost continent of Atlantis. Tte 
autter of tte artlde implied ttet anyone mho telleved fliat &ere 
ever was a place called Atlantis could Just possibly te a fooU He 
placed tte continent, or Island as te called it, intte Mediterranean 

When I stated in this column, tack in August, tiiat tte move- 
me^ of MeptuM into tiie sign of Sagglttarlus woukl taring about 
w^xd and une^^ainti)^ Mngs, I did not have tte courage, tten, 
to state what I feel ooe of tte weird Qdngs wiU te. Now, in view 
of tUs newspaper artlde I feel ttiat I would lite to defend t« 
"fods". J 

If Atlantis existed, as Plato stated that it ^ it has teen 
9lAMSMrcBd lof about ten UnuBand years. Toas«imettttt it could 
Mpe out of tte ocean at ilds time would te ineredible. This is, 
however. Just what Is going to happen. I do not fay that It could, 
or that it ml^, but that I ftel ^rtaln it wiU. I do not suggest 
ttet B»re wiUte a rising cf fboiMand foot mounteins or ttid we 
wiU flfld a ga^way with tte inscription "This is Atlantis" 
wiitlea 00 it but there wiU te a land rise at least to w^r livel. 
It e^ and I think it wiU, interfore witt flipping wtere ttere 

many lidio will rauttin fust as fast asleep as they an now. 

to tedn Witt, it is fooUsb fo took for Awit^^ M^" 
tsmte^ as tte newawer wrltet did. Plato insisted that 
A^itii wai Urfar Ibn Asia MImt. There is tet 4^ouCh room 
for m Island in tte Mediterranean, tte siw of tte>»tete of Asia 
■ Minar. 

^ late Mr. B%li> C^ce stated that tteilalands of Atlantis 
wi^re located in tte Atlantic Ocean, and that ttey would tegin 
to rise tetween tte jwara 68 or 69. 1 know that Mr. Cayce ccm- 
tiDtes to te a coDtnnersial figure, but regardless of one's 
WMifi^ ttere is mudi whldi cannot te dismissed, or denied. 

in DeeendMr of 1969, tte m«ith I arrived at tte Beadi, ttere 
wtt u artlde in Life nagasioe, pietore»«Ml aU, showing ttere 
was a land man risingintte Atlantic, anfl that ttere ^qieared to 
be- some kind of structure vftriUe firom tte dr. lliere has taten 
sone kind of "secuH^ lid" placed on tte area by tte British 
and no lite developmrats teve teen fortt coming. Not surprising 
under tte circumstances. V 

As I dwdc qqr ejAemeris for tte planets places at that time I 
find ttat on Juuary 3rd, 1970, tte idanet Neptune was located in 
degrees and a few mimites of tte sign of Sagglttarlus. Ri^it m 

In making a iffedictitm lite ttis 1 un not as fbolidi as it may 
setm at this time. Ttere is a lot of evidence to tack up my 
tefiaf that ttere will te a land ^nass rise in tte Atlantic and that 
it wUl occur during ttf time Nfptime is in tte sign of Sagittarius. 
To tegin with, in 1960 orttereabout,abook was publisted by tte 
TteosopUcal Sodety in India irtdch was a s«ies of letters 
written by two Titettn Uamas to one Mr. A. P. Sinnet In these 
letters one of tte voters stated that one of tte first land areas 
, that w(»ikl "go" wouUI te England. They state ttet ttere has al- 
wa^ been sinking and rising of land masses. Hut England Is 
sid^ cannot te ({uestioned. Furttermore ttere is a great 
dei|t of land chuges gdi« on around tte g^i^. Ttere are land 
tf ias in tte Meittterranean ttat teve risen ISOO fMt in tte last 
tw^ity years. Tte^ is a tremendous amount of movement, and if 
woidd appear that this sort of thing tes a snowball effect 

iiie land area around tte state of Georgia is sinking, slowly 
to te sure, bat Qds sort of thing pui te accelerated <iuite 
qntttly. iust a few yrars ago I witnMsed, over Los Angeles 
lalividon, tte risii^ and siddng of an Island several miles 
long in tte Soutt Padflc I tbou^it it vfery struige ttet ttey Just 
^^ened to teve a lUp and camera ^ww ttere at tte right time. 

b additiin to this pr^lletioo, 1 wtnild lite to mate anotter In 
reduce to loi^; distttm travel. Umg distance travel ctmkl in- 
volve a trip to tte moon, cooMI it not? Neptune's movement into 
ttei ^p of S^tlarius wUl bring dKMit some startling rewlar 
tioM Witt regards to (his ai well. In fad, t)iere is stnne 
OQOridarable evidence that ttere has already been some ratter 
tittup ttti^ folag on in oiff space srooram.,^itemeirts teve 
bean made by our Mtroaauts te tte rffod that ttere were tWngs 
f^lag tf»d up ttere and thai tterj wis a k^ of activity going 
Oft ip OBS of tte eratnt oo tte nkxm! Adivity gdng on in a 
4a«lar, oe tte dead and Weless moon! InoreOtfle! Bd is tte 
moon dead? It may iaterert yon to know thd our sdedists teve 
beMMMxad to find that tome piaot lifo idanted Ig mom soil is 
grvdag at an extremely npid rate cocqiared to tte norm. 
In|p«tii«, U it not? ' 

|teo»t lo^inlloii, eomiag to ow from several sourcra indi- 

(Cootiiiaed on 't> 2') 

tiUet Opening Finished 

RdUy Is 
Oct 12 

Two of th4 ttree senatorial 
"candidates— Democrat George 
Rawllngs and Republican Ray 
Garland— teve accepted an in- 
vitation to ^peak d aurally tere 
Odoter 12. , 

Independed Harry Byrd, Jr. 
had ndtter accepted en: refused 
by Wednesday mordng. 

Tte rally will te sponsored by 
tte.61-league Vlr^nla Beach 
Coundl of Civic LeagiMSincon- 
Jundicm witt tte League of 
Women Vders and tte Edu- 
cation Association of Norfolk. 

Ite event is schedded for 8 
p.m. at Bayslde Judor ' High 


Tte Vlrgida Beach Chaniter 
of Commerce, has formally "in- 
dorssd tte proposed revision d 
Virgida's Constitdlon thdwiU 
te voted on Novemter 3. Tte 
Chaniter also agri^ to offer 
its whdehearted support to tte 
presed effort d ejqilddng tte 
coMtitdlooal diaages tovoters. 

Janes P. Sadler, prtddent, 
add that "tte VirgidK^tBeadi 
Ctuuiltiir of CcHimieroe fdtttet 
tte OMMlttii|ional chcftges, 

jf, created i wori3^te, fen- 

(temeatol documed eoMtng 
governmentd poliey whidi will 
terte well tte needs d Vir- 
l^da, 4te dtiaens d Virginia 
Bea^ and dl Virdadans." 
Sttller alsqi^dlhat "tte 
Chaniter wli'wodc to tte d- 
tlmate gMl d insuring passage 
d all four questions thd wiU 
te presMited on tte Novemter 
3, I970bdld." 

Tte Chamter's position was 
approved by tte Board d Dlr- 
edors d a meeting teldSept- 
pnriter 22 d tte Virginia 
Electric and Power Company 
Bdldng (»FlrstColontolRoal 

Body in Bay 

As Clierry 

Tte body id Glen Francis 
Cterry d Portsmoutt was re- 
covered from Ctesapeate Bay 
Wednesday mordng by tte U.S. 
Coast Guard cutter "Reliance". 

Cterry, 33, was reported 
misdng Sdurday fdlowli^ tte 
capddng d a 16-fod outboard 
boat d a point i^vroadmdely 
one mile east d the fird is- 
land d the Chesapeake Bay 

Three otter men t/tio were 
in tte boat witt Cterry d tte 
time d tte capsldng were res- 
cued by a prlvde boat. 

Tte "Reliance" reportedly 
recovered tte body abod six 
milen offshore abod tw) milK 
wed d tte bridge-tiauel,ii^le 
tte 210-foot cutter wif on a 
tnidiv crdse. Tte body was 
teoi^ ashore d tte Ut^ 
Cfsek Naval Amphibioas %m 
m taken to tte Siito Matted 
Examiners office in NcKrfqlk. 

Offidals saM podtlve ktei- 
ttltestion d Cterry's body was 
\ t^ reldives. 

I^n^ita^eadt ErosiooCiaa- 
o^N^ i^dBasmaa Worth 
Mona Uideded wi^ has be«i 
ooi^ialad « opcdi« tteRutee 

M(»M said tte cteimel hv 
BOW b«M c^Mwd 'W tte waj 
oat, M fod adde and U tod 
fle^k trm tta bift he«l d 
- - ■ Bttotte 

seaward end d tte Jdtfas." 

MoTM alM Indiedad plHiB 
called fw im\ to b^tdtay 
on Arad^ng tte smA tup to 
a d^tt d tt lid, aid te hoped 
to ham tils prejed eoBpMed 
wia»t«WBrtiat#yi, aft long 
as wMttar peridii drsdgiflg 










Telephone 428-2401 

Planner Says ofP> 

Understanding Is 
What's In 

Mayor signs first one 

Mayor DonSild H„ Rhodes signs his first 
proclamation designating the weeic of Oct. 
4-10 as Fire Prevention Week in Virginia 
Beach. Milton T.Holland, Chief Fire Inves- 
tigator for the City, witnesses the signing 
of the proclamation. ^ 

Whd is teUeved to te tte 
headed sentence ever rend- 
ered t^ a Vlrgida Beach court 
for a omvldion d aviolajtiind 
siikQ drug d>usa laws was hand- 
ed down by aClrcdt Court jury. 

Ttemas Roy Haadwood was 
sentenced to 10 years in prison 
following his conddion d tte 
duurge d tte sde d narcotics 
to a minor. 

The Jury deliterated evidence 
preseded during Hazelwood's 
trid for ody 12 minutes bdore 
returning a verdict d guilty 
and recommending a 10-year 
prison sentence. 

Police arreded Hazelwood, 
24, d the 2500 block d Oconee 
Avenue, on tte dg^ d lAqr 22 
diarglng him witt tte sale of 
hashish to a minor. Hazelwood 
entered a plea d not gdlty. 

As tte trid tegan defense 
dtomey John.Pairter requed- 
ed a trid by tte court, while 
Commonwealth's Attormy 
Andre Evans requested a trial 
by jury. Judge George Vakos 
niled infavor dEvans' recpied. 

Testlmcmy during tte trial 
indicded ttet Hazelwood d- 
ledg^ly sold a gram d hash- 
isb to tte minor on tte df^t d 
May 22 in tte London Bridge 

The minor, according to test- 
imotqr, h^ previously agreed 
to assist Vlrgida Beach police 
in tteir Investigation d drug 
movemento after telng intro- 
duced to Hazelwood throu^ an 
uddentified ttird pu^. 

Trid testimony Indicded tte 
minor ted been supplied with a 
$10 UU, tte serid numter d 
^d» had teen recorded by 
police tor tttt pwpose d pur- 
<^adng tte hasUdu 

Tte minor testified that fd- 
towin^ tte "buy" te turned the 
hashtsb over to police, and id- 
mttfled Razelwoow tte per- 
son wte hid sd^ to him. 
PoUo6 arreded Hazelwood and 
found him to te in possesdw 
d tte $10 bin bearing tte re- 
corded serid iwmber. 

When tte jury returned tteir 
verdld in Um cam (tefense 
attcomey Parter trade nK^(»s 
to set adde tte verdd and 
set a new trid. 

Jtti^ y^kos promptly deded 
bdh moticms and pronounce 
sentoice as recommeutod \f$ 

Wbn (|Mdi(»ed as to why 
te requested a trial by jury 
Commonwealth's liSSmmf 
Evens sdd "one d tte reasons 
ka tte reqnast wtt tolnvolve 
ftepaWe through bMriog tte 

case, tecause I feel tte public 
should tecome Involved in this 
drug prd)lem." 

He is also awdttng furtter 
court proceedings on three 
diarges d possesdon d nar- 
cotics, consisting d two ooimts 
d possesdon d opium and one 
coiffit d possesdon d hashish. 


Tte Kempsville Development 
Plan may dgnal a new type d 
urban plandng Kit's approved 
by City Coundl Oct. 29, bd 
not because it is based in a 
spedflc area of the city. 

"It's similar to other studies 
ttat will te made in tte future 
in tte respect ttet the Kemps- 
ville Borough is partly urban- 
ized, has a fringe area d ur- 
badzatioh, and has agricultural 
development areas/' sddTim- 
otty E. Barrow, asdstant dir- 
ector d plandng. 

"It is also a resdt d tte 
experience we gdn from tte 
four otter development plans. 
Now we'v^ tegun to develop an 
understanding d city-wide 
growth," te sdd. 

But whd makes this plan 
udque is that a new sd of 
criteria teve been applied to 
tte borou^ which is on tte 
souttwed portion of tte dty. 
"Tte &d is thd we teve new 
idor nation we hadn't had avdl- 
able in tte past," Barrow sdd. 

"In tte preceding develop- 
ment studies, idormaticn re- 
lated to topography and naturd 
fedures was used ody as a 
secondary inpd to 'tte planning 
proc«;s," the report reads. 

But in tUs study, Barrow 
^d,sSdl and drdnage ^condi- 
tions, flood pldn idormation, 
topographic features and otter 
natural and enyircamientd 
charaderistics are teing ap- 
plied as primary iiqwt idorma- 

;«i^4^.. "Tadsjs tte b(wt way4&i»- 
proach tte plan tecause now 
we're getttng an objective evd- 
uation d n^mt tte land is cap- 
able d supporting and did it's 
test sdted for," Barrow sdd. 

iBefore tte idormation fas 
avdlable, Barrow sdd tte dan- 
dng staff could only guess d 
what tte test purposes for tte 
land would te. 
"Now we can tell you wtere 

tte flood pldn is and vliere tte 
teaviest flooding is likely to 
occur. Now we can tell you v^d 
areas are suitable for dendty 
population growth and whd ar- 
eas won't si)pport it, dl backed 
up by sdentinc fad." 

the areas designated for ur- 
ban growth were chosen for 
tecause ttey were accessable 
to city water and sewer fadli- 
ties, roadway fadliUes. or were 
in areas ttet could ad«iuatl%y 
use tte dty's urban services 
such as schools, police pro- 
tection and fire services. 

"We exped ttet tte 14,000 
people Kempsville will receive 
as new residents in tte i»xt 
five years will dmost all te allle 
to live in areas ttet are devel- 
qi>ed now or are teing deve toped 
lite College Park and Fdr- 
field," Barrows sdd. 

thus, in planning tte land's 
use, the plandng department 
has dedgnded developmed in 
two phases: 

* Lands wdd) are leadsdt- 

able for developmed sm*^^ 
Idermediate flood pWi^i^rt 
Witt margind water Mil swmt 
services, dl major (frallil^ 
courses nd Included la tte i^cid 
pldn, and major oootemtftoo 
areas teld in pd>lic <»drol or 

* Lands wdcfa are I^s «ttt- 
able for developmed mf^m 
ttose whidi are unsdtod aad 
very low dendty sdtable isms 
not served by central wat«? wd 
sewer, dl prlvde conser^n^lfn 
areas or open space areta, VA 
areas witt very poorly di^dted 

In dedgnating these irdB, 
Barrow said tte diqiarMM^ 
tepes to see devek^mad d 
dter areas fird, thai fill teifs 
sdtabte areas, and findly tite 
lead sdted areas for urixmi- 

By tte time develqpers and 
red estate people realin we 
d least ^dted areas, tte dty 
tepefdly wiU teve ettenSed Us 

(See 'Understanding* p(, 10) 

6-Month Residents 

May Register-But 
Voting Questionalile 

court rarder instructed thd r«B- 
Ideds d Vlrgida for six Bxxtte 
K more^ and ttiio are oiter- 
wlse qmOifled to vote, would 

Vlrgida Beach reditedswho 
teve lived tere six nxMstte may 
register to vote in tte NonrdB- 

ter 3 electton bd it'a dW m- ^ „ . ^^ 

nrteiairiiitter or nd tteyill te-aUofed to regdoMWda 
^hS& to eisi ftdff^liltott^JtMim^Ui^ '^^' 1 

Witt tte registrdlon books !•« rWdancy. ^ 

Tte nara«B d tte sh(Hrt-t«m 

sdttdnled to close Sdurday, 
Generd Registrar Mrs. Anas 
Cotton sdd ste and her staff 
stiU don't know wtether tte 
6-mo^ reddeds wiU be d- 

Tte confusion came ated 
wten tte State Board d Elec- 
tt(ns amiotfficed ttd a Federal 

Former Secretary of 
Interior Udall Speaks 
on Behalf of Rawlings 


Vlrgida Democrats, launch- 
ing wtet ttey hope will te tte 
"Year d tte Dcmtey" in side 
poUttcs, rallied d tte Late 
Wright Motel Saturday witt 
some od-d-state support for 
tteir slate d candiddes. 

Stewart L. Uddl, secretary 
d tte interior from 1960 
through 1968 in tte Kennedy and 
Johnson admidstrations, was 
on hand to predct tte success 
d tte Democratic Party in 

"I foresee tte end of tte 
Byrd dynasty," Udall told news- 
men tefore the Deipo Dinner 
'70. He sdd tte tinoe was right 
for a candidate such as George 
Rawllngs Jr. Rawlings was 
diosen to carry tte Democrat's 
dandard after Sen. Harry Byrd 
Jr. bolted tte party to run as 
an independed. 

Attending tte banquet were 
tte Democratic hopefds for all 
10 districts. The Udraff dimier 
was sponsored by tte Young 
Democratic ClUte d Vlrgida. 

Uttall, an Arizcma congress- 
man wte sdd te (tedlned to 
riffi for Uw sende tUs year, 
sdd tte Democratic Party 
nationwide "isn't in as mudi 
disarray as some peqde would 
like to think." 

Looking ahead to tte i^xt 
preddential r|ce, UdaU sddte 
telieves Kenmdy is defidtely 
od in '72, bd ternwd dm a 
"poedUe" candi^e in '76. 
"Sen. Muskie woiM te nondi^ 
ated if tte conventioD weretekl 
to^," tte fta-GMT iOxsAcs 

Asked to assess his succes- 
sor as secretary d tte iderior, 
Udall sdd George Hidcel's re- 
cord is mixed. "It's hard to 
look bad as tte secretary d 

tte iderior," te sdd, "bd 
I'm StiU stepticd in some 
areas. I wish I codd say we 
were pldng aa tte ecology fight 
bd I ttlnk we are lod!«." 

voters WiU nd te pit in tte 
reglstrattoo books, tenpefif, 
until a.ttree-}a<^ ooufftOMdM 
a rd% on fii0 eondtldton^r 
d tte State's om-year law. 

"^di d tte new vetora irtio 
register under ttia rding lAU 
te toU ttet we are nd gdng 
to pd tbdr nunes in tte r^- 
tratioo boob until 'mpkl^ 
word here oo whd is gotag to 
tote place," Mrs. CottoD sdd. 

Ttere Is no way d tellia| 
tew many new vders wlU te 
atfedMl by this clianee-'*tt 
may te 15 or 1,500" Ifrs. 
Cottoo sdd— bd it oodd mm 
chaos i^iturday irtmi tte bods 
dow and agdn ^ bdore fite 
Novetoter 3 eledlMi, protfldlag 
(te rding is iivby thd ttinr. 

Tte bodd wlU remain 0|Mm 
today tlffough Saturday txtm 9 
a.m. to 9 p.m. d tte gnml 
re^lBfarar's office d Prio^ss 

(See Itegistration' pg. K9 

Former Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall, center, w« 

, Saturday at Lake Wright to lend support to Democratl' 

seer«^ sd^ Terming Vice George Rawllngs Jr., left, and Joe FItzpatrIck, right. R 
?f**^^llSS^IIS hopes-to unseat Harry F. Byrd Jr. in the senator spot 
S'f'SSSIrS^ patAck IS aiming at a congressional seat In the ^c— 

Bed Jetton. 



VirgNq e»^i &ti 

Trmiri*iy,^^«^r I, 1970 

rhree Caribbean Cruises 
* o Sail From Norfolk 

Three end 
ttsbeu are ■ 
from Morfolk 
ter ttaud ttftT 
iml ss msvw 

These crviaes are 

lortDOc** exptqjIUK role aa an 
SagtCqa«ten»iiejBjf}.j .. 

The T.S. HANBa|^4t 

Ira-moden G«hmm»mttm 

aer, «iU depart fiKMii Norfolk 
October tS, 1970/ and return 
to Port Everf^ea Noventer 
«, 1970. 

The S5iraDWia6TE»mi. 
a de^ 6iibii<hlp«3f imngpin 
#gptfi6elitf <ftara^ fffit«nHi' 
ft poM-hoW^, 11<^ erafeR 
frMiUmolc .hnnary t, I9lt, 
ntantai M MiiriMc m lin- 
nuf 17th, ihewtpoB it le«ye» 
MarCtft tte aunt d^ ai fte 
2m Anlffti^iy umal **Vfr- 
^lia CridM'*, retandaf Jui- 

. A aafaine intwe for fMnen- 
fen of tte Jnraary Mi araiae 
liU be tte (^portoiiitjr to spend 
tte iMt dar and Btgli of their 




"Eat To Your Heart's. Con- 
lent", a mm on diet and heart 
ttnase, la mrtn^ bdnf of- 
lired to all ddm, PTA's and 
#yle or ialimoBS la Ihirfoili;, 
.Atftsniontt, Cfen^tHte, Sot- 
ftdk, Vlninla Beaeb, fmmak, 
SndffilteU, ManatnundCMMty, 
^ d teiHi i hii CooBty and lale 
of m^ Com^ bf tte Tlde- 
naler Hwrt AwodatJon. 

Tte lZ-fli|Briie film is aar- 
i^d Iqr adff Tongr Rudalt 
wA eiq^ores in a 1^ and 
bmney fa^on tte liBpcrtnoa 
W^i liofiif am &f fiSMH ts 
redaeine tte rida of hnrt 
attack. Tte mm is In oo- 
bik A dMtitti, plf^iMi or 
by hwnlier (A tte Ttitevater 
BMrf Aaet^ittoo pres««t8 tte 
film ,lor group shovilcs ,mid 
eUioniies tm tte subject and 
nsvers questiaas of. ttose 

Otter films avaUaUe throng 
Tidemder Heart taicl«le"Pidse 
of life" jdfichW^Jte tor 
iM^Midi^' i(Mar30il 
cmrtfae mmmgn; "Gaard Yoor 
Maurt" liMch ooiwra hard dri- 
idng enNOiifei mt ViKta risk 
of heart dUeaae, aad "Smokiac 
and Heart Dteise" nldeh oat- 
fins tttt direct eomieetfon of 

tbrae flinns are andlatde 
at no t^arfe as a part of Ok 
Wmi AssodatiaB'a Pilille In- 
ksmatton program. Ttessln- 
terarted to farmer Information 
and andlaidHtjr majr call Ua. 
NHnBrine siaefu, a a ww i at 
oentive dUwdoroftldew^r 
Heart at 62-9402. 

iflg and lAtop- 
«k Cltjr, ostag 
Mary iCtt 
*' teektoMor- 
ng ttere on tte 

r a variety 
ki tte tmdittooal 
saner. Ttere are 
many activities otf teard fiiese 
"resort ships - games, dandng, 
cocktail parties, fteedtnoe les- 
sons, manierade ^uttes, mo- 
id^spntt ndMdie tdwn- 
meids, to m^ttoo otfy alew. 
Several aigbtapota are featured 

Navy Seeks 
For Tour 

Marical groops fh>m tte lo- 
cal area that ^nnt to get out and 
set some of H» imrid have a 
foMn opportunity to apend 

3-5 veeks in tteCarittbeaatrttt 
salary and all eapewses paM. 

Tte Havy ReMle System Of- 
flee in Brool^, !f.T. isboQlli« 
Country and WastR«,DlxidHMl 
and Fdk groqis to perform 
OB a CarlMiean olertalmneid 
drarit Itey are also seddng 
SfiK^iUti aete sneh as Blue 
QoM, Banjo Bante, Jog Bands 

Groupa «iU entertain atMavy 
^imf^ mmi's dote aad flWi ffr 
UJ3. mtlttary elnta in Puwto 
moo ttid GwaHtananmo Bay. 
Psr fe r m an ee sdwdnles illl te 
tdlor«l to tte grmv's irtjde of 

Awfiencas at these ddis are 
yooeg men aad women serving 
tteir ^ntry at overaeas ndli- 
tary bases, Thqr are aafsr^ 
for Amedean-stite entertain- 
ment at tteirddbs andare in- 
terred in seeii«4fifferantacts 

A new grwv Imvm Nocftdk, 
every tvo veeks. During tte 
toitf, tte p(|rfQirmimdnhire 
an opporttiiiy to do aomeatgb- 
sedflg In Pnerto Rioo. 

To quaHljr, iproups mnrt te 
of professioaal qualtfyvlttnut- 
tnr^ serious performers inter- 
red in furthieriDg their 

t.' ;t*l|t'^#fStoteir; g|oi#..|teto' 
'and de a wns t r ati on t^e ioBd> 
Ednarda, Entertaiiunent l^^ 
iaUst (Code Sli5-1), Ncvy Re- 
sale Syidem Office, %rd Ave- 
nue k 89 Street, Brool^ 
N.Y. 11232. DemotSpesahouId 
indude three vocal md two 
nnisicai nmbers. ResraM 
dKMdd oontdo tte name, add- 
ress and ideptene nmiier 
of tte group'a leader or man^ 

Furtter intormatian will te 
profvidBd by tte Itavy Resale 

System Office to groupa that 

wUk OMtrastti^ dann. ri^hma' 
to sdt evei^ taste, aad to top 
d! tte earedq^ ttere is tte 
"nitfdowl" bar for that flaal 

Also m b(»rd, ttere are 
Ai^ ^d boutkiues iM<ft offer 
a p«it mrlety oi glilB from 
dtftereid parts (A tte world, 
a dfug s twe as well as tarter 
and beauty dMVB. For relaxa- 
tion and exerdse, ttere are 
samias and swimmii^ pools, 
bdk indoor and outdoor. 

All three cruises vdll dfer 
a variety (rf pmrta (^ edn, U- 
dudii^ sudi itodiatl^ ports 
as Auoaaiea, Gmnte, Puerto 
moo and tte Virgin Islanda. 
Tte sUpf wiU also caU at 
other endnnttng islands wliA 
still retaia mudi of ttdr primi- 
tive dnrm such as St. Luda, 
St* Harteen andSt Barttelenqr. 
Each pMt has ite own unique 
Aaraderisti<s -- For those 
wte i»nt to try thdr band at 
tte "game of dumce", ttere 
is Curacao «nd St. Bfvteen, 
and lor ttose v^ seek tte «c- 
dtemeflf* of tr<^oal d^ds 
flirdbbing to tte itaiinteat of^ 
ea^fpao nmsle, ttere is Jamaica 
and tte Bdiamas. St. Luda 
is reaowned for its rugged teau- 
ty andSt. Ttemds ba its beau- 
tiM teachM and didyfree shop- 
ping, Guadaloiqie for ita ex- 
celled restaurants and creole 

Furtter Information on ttese 
crdses mayteditainedttroog^ 
aay toeal travel aged. , 

up at TCC 

come to the 


As Tidewater Commudty 
Col^ begins its ttird year of 
operddon as a part of tteStde- 
iMk sjndem of CponnudtyCd- 
kges^enrdhnentsare expeded 
to exceed 2,000. 

R^lstrition for dagr classes 
started on S^enber 23rd and 
ran fliroligh last Fridiy. 

Enrdlment will ooi^ude to- 
dttSM alldqrandflromOto? 

Tidewater Commudty College 
has oqpimded n^idly, bott in 
enroUments and curricula of- 
lelUipi mStW ifiB ttken over 
Igfx^ fitpde in »88. At ttat 
tfine»!^tpcimrollmed was 620as 
^mpared to today's figure of 

This comparison serves to 
fturtter faighligbtfiieurg«dneed 
for bringinginto reality ttie pro- 
posed four-campus eonqplex to 
meet tte growi^ needs dour 
peoide to college transfer and 
technical tnddng prof^rams 
tere in tte four-dty Tidewater ' 
area. , 

Of tte new studed «iroU- 
BMdsd Tldewdsr, Afftsmoutt 
leads Witt 29%, witt Norfolk in 
second idace witt 25%, while 
Vii^^tda Beadi and Chesapeake 
tie witt 17% eadu Tte remain- 
ing ,12% oome fh>m Nansemcmd 
County, Ue d Wight, and otter 
parted tte State. 

Curri<;ula areas, Busiims 
Management, Drafting &Dedgn 
Tedmology, Secretarial Sdew;e 
and Data Processii^ are tte 
DM)d popular. 

Tw) curricula teing offered 
for tte first time d tte Collep, 
Data Processing (Conpder 
Prognunminsd and Nursil^ 
have exceeded q)aces»rdld)le. 

Liberace In Hampton 

literace, tte world rmown 
pianist uid winner d six gold 
aUNons, will appear d tte 
Hanqdon Roads CoUsramOdo- 
ter lOd 8:30 mder ^cen- 
sorship of WGH radio. 

"llr. aiowmanship" has per- 


An noun ce 


Sunday, od: 4, wHl mark 
file fird concert of tte 1970- 
71 seaswfiorfiie VirgidaBeach 
Frimda of Music, Inc. wten 
Pravda Sikoraki will perform 
d 3 p.m. in tte Plaza Judor 
High School Auditorium. 

Sikorskl is conddered to te 
an outstanding young American 

Otter concerts and artiste - 
are Grigory Sdtdov, Jan. 31. 
are Grigory Sdralov, Jan. 31; 
te was first prize wimer dtte 
Tdaikovsky C ompetition in 
1966, and Jose Sandoval, April 
4, gifted young Mexican artld. 

Tte Friends are asking for 
commudty support asfiiey con- 
ttmie tteir eff(H'teto faring qua- 
lity nude to tte VlrgidaBeach 
area. Ttey are an nm-profit 

Seasm tickete are avdiable 
from Mrs. Richmond Fitz- 
gerald, 1124 Dltchley Rd.. Vir- 
gida Beach. Ttey are 76 for 
addte and $3 for studeds. Sin- 
gle tickete may te purchased 
d tte door. 

Now Thru Oct. 3 






Admniion At Gote: 
ADULTS . . . S1.00 







8Stt & A^gLAirnc 


Features; 2-4-6-8-10 







formed for tte presidents, 
Queni Elisaheth, <» televidon 
md in motion pidares. No 
two Literace shows are ever 
tte Mime. Eadi te created and 
inqdred by tte indvlihal aud- 
ience and tecause of ttte li- 
terace announces ids ownnum- 

Tte program d Hampton te 
expected to indude tte mudc 
of Cbi^n, Uszt, tdidhov 
Jer«mn,J^arn, Cols ,..»., 
Rodgers jif^jHammesrt^n, Ir- 
ving Berlin, Lemer aqd l/oewe, 
Comdmi and Green, Rodgera 
and Hart, James Van Heusra, 
Julie Stdn and some d 14- 
teraoe's own compositioos. 

Photo Exhibit 
Op^ns Saturday 

Village GaUery wiU open a 
pliotoeraphic exhidtlon Satur- 
day of works fay amateur and 
prdesdonal pbotograpters in 
tte Tidewater area. 

Tte exhibit will codimie 
ttirough Novemter 2 d tte gal- 
lery which te located in tte 
tig bam on Providence Road 
in College Park. 

Tte diow will indude approx- 
imddy 250 printe by members 
d tte Virgida Prafeadonal 
Pbotograpters Association as 
well as tte effete of tte Nor- 
folk Camera Cld) and ttie more 
recedly formed' Tidewater 
PtetograiMc Sodety. 

llie types of |4)otograpby on 
exhibit will te qdte varied 
and should prove Interesting 
and enj(^able. Scedcs, por- 
trdte, editorials, fashion, and 
tlieater are some d tte cate- 
gories to te included in tte 
show, niese subjecte will te 
highligfated through modern 
tecteiVKs of darkroom ^dll, 
idddi can te as divienifled 
as tte work of each Individual 

Tte Village Gallery is <^n 
ddly from U a.m. until 5 p.m. 
^mday 12 noon to 6 p.m. 

Students Top 
National Average 

Virgida Bei^ stkoM wte 
dwve tte uttooal am^iajn 
quality aoNittd^e to tte raidte 
at a stutty remsed UtseOK/ 
dgbt l^ tte S<&»1 Board (kff- 
ing a pre^ntetton d l^vdite 

Udng a n^r evaluation sys- 
tem, call«l "lndicstoinidqittl(> 
ity," to test dawrocMn betevior, 

« Virgida |in^ w^aete were 
shoiV to te amoig tte hup 
M^wn elementary scteols and 
tte top flw secomtery s^ooto 
in n nm^e d 56 scbod 

^^^tems. '* 

E. Bruce MeGdroy^rectoi: 
d ^»entery education, told 
more than 450 pareate nd dty 
offidate ttd resulte of tte dudy 
were "gdtt tevorabte" bd 
"also revealed areu tor im- 

McGnlre add tte dudy was 
amftid ed te lAurehi^tttaipar- 
tial dwemrsfirom file Chesft- 
PMte and Norfift schod sys- 
tems. Ite observers, all eiteea- 
tors, evalutfed tte dasses in 
indliddudization,- interper^oaal 
regard, creativity and group 

j^diool offldate ateo pdi^ 
to Vlri^a Bea<^'s danding 
in tte teflon wing acUevemed 
teste u tte measuring stick. 
"Virgida Beach exceeds tte 
nationdrtevel In gradsd one 
throng sevra by one to five 
moBtte,*' McGdre told file 

Virgida Beadi dxttgraders, 

fwr 6UB0e, were fond to te 
five.mmtts more advanced te 
•SMtemies ttan f^ mngB 
stxtt p^r, te sdd. 

McGdre sdd a study was 
lauKted last jn^ur on atecond- 
ary level to dderndnp Virgida 
Beadisiiodk' dfidlveniB d 
tnadiing foreign laaguaies. 
This study te sttll in ^ed, 

Tte dmer-fO'esei^diai d 
fiw newfy completed sdwol was 
calted to ^w Beach reddente 
flw qsiiUty d edH^ttten in tocal 
Adiuote'and "tow^cmft fer^ 
not n^lay ^ Jtax dollars," 
sdbool cCfidate sdd. 

League Picnic 
is October 11 

Tte Ld» Sh(»-es Civic Lea- 
gue liU told a tell piodcOcto- 
ter il from 1 to 4 p.m. d 
Late Stores Picdc Area on 
Late Stores Road d Oak Leaf 

Tte Plandng Comndttee in 
cterge te tended by JimCarney 
as general ^di'man. He te 
assided by Ed Jdmioo, Ndl 
Norrte, Marty MuUerrig, Dick 
Hyde, Jim Ctested and Bill 

C«t te $1.50 per adult, chil- 
dren ufider 12 half price and 
pre-sdioolers may attend free. 





Fipit dassmen.from. Colo- 
rado and Vlri^di:, have teen 
named to lead tte'4300-man 
JBrigade d l^hipi^p d ttie 
uval Academy tor jAa^iW sd. 

Ifi^ad R. Heconlovldi d 
Denver, Cd. will serve as Bri- 
gvde Commander fiiroii^ ttie 
wedcend d ttie Army-Navy 
game (Nov. 28). Asdsttng Um 
as DepdfBrigade Commander 
te Erned L. Morris, Jr., d 

Midshlptean Mon-teis tte 
son of Mr. and Ifirs. Ernest 
L. Morris d Castle Road. A 
graduate d PrinafsJUmeHigti 
schod, te was pri^ilMd d ttie 
Honor Society and lettered in 
foottall and baseball. 

Young Artists' Work Displayed 

Area resideds will have a 
donee to eitjoy tte art worit 
d Ate WooteM and several 
d ter studeds d variousages, 
for tte next several weeks, as 
tti^ are dtefdayed d Windsor 
Wooda litmoy on Sofih Plaite 

Cldkiren witt art on dte- 
ptey are Rotdn Cody, Sbaron 
Setaer, Gdl WaUace and Usa 
Lan^r. Ateo two tesldes 
Mrs. Woolard addte teve art 
on e:ddUt. Ttey are Anne 
MoiohaB ami Barbara Winslow. 

A variety d art medte was 

used In Hie pddin0i: water 
color, lacndie, tteson paper and 
water color and drtac 

Mrs. Woolard has dtefdayed 
ter art In stows all over 
tte Udted States and next plan- 
dog Inli^ a ons-woaate show 
te Boston. 

Robin Cody, 12, painted this picture of two young fishermen. 

Benefit Dance 
Set Oct. 10 

Tte ndewater Chapter d 
Parente Wlttiod Partners wiU 
tohl a teneflt dance Oddier 
10 from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. 
d ttie VFW Club teOceanView. 

Proceeds wiU go into Uie 
<^4]ter's ddkbren's fimd. 

Mudc will te provided by 
ttie Kenny Smitt Groqi. A 
speetel invitdion has been ex- 
tended to former meiriters and 
prospectiiw memters. Adids- 
don te $2 per person. Furtter 
teformattm may te d>taiiied 
firom Sandy Wyda, 588-2915. 

U.S. Air Force Airmvi Fird 
Class I^rcy A. Pdllips, son d 
Mr. and Mrs. Earltee PUUips, 
Rudder Road, has arrived for 
(hity d Ydrate AB, J^ian. Tte 
drman is a 1968 gniihate d 
Udon KempsvlUe High School. 

Astro Advice 

(conttnued firom page Q 

cde ttmt ttere are tUngB gdng on in our- space program ttd are 
difficult to eqildn. One te tte fad ttiat ttie Armdrong orew, or 
mayte tte crew tefoi'e ttiem, teard celesttel mudc It's nd 
fiinny. In tte viddty of tte moon they b^rd tte song "Foote 
rui^ in wtere Angete fear to tread" I know ft te incredible, bd 
it happened. 

Neptune is a rdter slow movii^ jdmwt. It steys te eadi 
dgn abod 14 years. It first moved Into tte sign at Scorpio, in tte 
early part of 1956 and will move od d tfate dgn teter ttte year. 
Us panage ttiroui^ ttie sip of Scorpio, wtddi rdes sex and 
reproAidion, broug^ abod tte "ttnlamide" babies^ flie sexual 
revolution and as one dite last, <^ng acte, te tering^ng atod ttie 
"Fem-Ub-Movement". Udortunately ttere te ad mucb good 
ttid can te sdd tor ttte planet Neptene d ttds stege of man's 
development. It creates more confteiao ttan anj^ng else. 

1 do nd irad to predid tte dates ttat tti^ ttdngs wl^ teke 
place. TUs te almod an imposdble task, bd one day, wten 
oompders are placed ido service for astrolc^cal r^nrdi; 
ttds will to popBlble. Tids has alwi^ been a source d teUgbt 
fo^ ttie non-believer because he feete thd te e^n then (fisndss 
file whole "fooUshness"' as te Ukes to caU astrology. Why ttie 
resistance? A good question. 

i<*- INUTR! 



FeatiB-M: 2^^^.,io 






Featmres: 1:10 3:10 
5:ld ?:10 9:15 

AddrMt your quttttont to Attr^ Advice, 
Virginia iMch Sun, P.O. Box657, Virginio 
BmcIi, Virginia 23451. All (fuattions wiil 
be ant«nrecl as space permits but must 
include date, time ami place of birth. 

Ihu/rr/ HfNJ A/l 



GeorggtoJcifMn-afuoeCto fj 

'RME Entf SMkj hU A.f 


FtMii T«t«vlt1mit 

Camping EaulpmMt ParfyMMds 
We off«f • con^Nett k 
age North WttdiAaekMd 

m% Par^MMds f 


ThurtdOy, OctoNr I, If 70 

Virginia Baoch Sun 

Candidates Have Similar Goals 

llw Ut|u« of WomnVotwi 
of "nti^ mit ipiMttouiilna 
to (Ni C^^ ftF ^ W MMflPtH fnntifltttff 
df^ur to tlM onM suit to 
Cl^ Cotmdl nndldatM tqr (ht 
League of Women Voters of 
Norfolk-Virgtnlt Bete^ earUer 

Vottra Id Virginia BeachwlU 
Hive tliree dioioei for tbe 
iMWie: George C. RavUngi, 
|r., Demoarat; Ray L. Garland, 
H^AUeaa. and Harrjr Flood 
1^, 3f,f Indepeadent. Tbornat 
M. Downing, First Diitrietrep- 
reaaatattve, is. rtuuing for re- 
election uDcwdsea. 

Ravliims, 48, from Fred- 
eddoibueg, bas been a iiractle' 
lag attcHraqr sinee 1947 and has 
been a member of tbe House 
of Delegates since 1964.1n 1966 
t be im flM Democratic nominee 
fbr Congress. 

In stating irbat be considers 
tbe national priorities for tbe 
next Congress, Rawlinfi listed 
"brtngliv some seue Into tbe 
preJBfent strange economic sit- 
uation," ending U. S. Involve- 
ment In Soufbf ast Asia, oonser- 
vatioh and bettering edneation 
tbrougb bigb quality education 
for all, state-supplied flreetext- 

bodu and mriform teadwr pay 

la W)rkliv to acUeve tbete 
priorities, Rawttngi said tbat 
prices and intnrest rates ibMld 
be rolled l»^, str(»^r dlp- 
lomstic efforts made in tbe U. 
N. and tbe Paris Peace Talks 
to retura prisoittrs ofirarflrom 
Hanoi, powders stouldbe ftoed. 
"Wl nrast reawnriMr tbe eost 
of not Investing in better med- 
ical care, better education, 
deu cities. Job trainiag, an 
unpolluted environment, and 
move vigorously to invrove 
tbese areas." 

Garlind, 36, of Rotndce, bas 
an I1I.A, degree from tt» Un- 
iversity ofVirginlaaiid bas been 
admitted to can(ttdacy for tbe 
Ph.D. tbere. He has served 
in the House of Delegates since 
1968, has taugM at Rouioke 
College and lectured at the 
University of Virginia. 

According to Garland, tbe 
natiaoal priorities for die nert 
Congress should be preserving 
America's instltidion by pro- 
tecting them from attada by 
both the far left and the fiir 
right and ridsing the quality of 
life of the people. 

To achieve these he said, "I 
hold tbat tbe best way to pre- 
mm and protect our Institu- 
tions-^ to make ttem vwk. 
Tbe Urastrattflns vbieb lie be- 
lini tte rising tide off sttedoi 
on oar institatioiis must be 
oMde todisappear,lftbeattaeSs 
' and counter attacks of tbe ex- 
treme left and tbe extreme 
right are ever to stop. We must 
alvaim place piA>lio interest 
Sbove special interMte. This is 
Absolutely necessary to success 
in Idiieiang envlronmeotd (b' 

I^d, 55, of Winchester, 
served in Jbe Virginia State 
Senate for 18 years before Us 
appomtment to the U.S. Senate 
in 1965. In 1966 be was elected 
for the term ending Juttary, 
1971. He is a mendMr of tbe 
Armed Services Committee and 
die Finance Committee in the 
, Senate. 

His priorities and how to" 
achieve them are as follow: 
"I believe tbat in dealing with 
war and threato of war, the 
United States must bend every 
effort to secure and maintain 
lust peace. At the same time, 
I know thtt America must be 

miUtarily strcng. At home, in- 
fteUon Mto iirto tbe worker's 
paydiedc and the dollar the 
housewife spends at tte super- 
murfceC A owJot cause of in- 
flation is exvessive federal 
spending, and I am working to 
bold tbat spending down. We 
cwmot solve our problems by 
ever-greater Increased Ui 
tans. That would only further 
reduce te working man's pay 
and encourage irresponsible 
'^The rising crime rate 

ritens everyone. We diugt 
the handcufte oft the police 
and pirt them on ttie criminals. 
Our environment is imperiled 
on maily tronto.i am dedicated 
to the preservatien of our air^ 
land and water resources. 

"I do not pretend to have 
the answers to all tbe problems 
we face. But I hope my long 
experience in government will 
be belpfulindeallngwlththem." 

Downing, 51, of Newport 
News, has a law degree firom 
the University of Virginia. Hte 
priorities are: ending tbe oon- 
fUct in Vietnam, stabiUstng the 
national economy and solving 
environmental problems. 

The Virginia Beach Chapter of the Ameri- 
can Cancer Society fielded a new'^slate of 
candidates last Wednesday at a dinner at 

the White Heron Motel. Left to riflht are 
Horace CIstola, presldenti Walton Saund- 
ers, treasurer; Bruce Murphy, vice nreii- 
dent; Mrs. Lee Lively, secreUry and Dr. 
John Trant, 2nd. Vice President, 


Three New 


In jHrepari^on for tbe open- 
ing of three new area offices 
of Virginia Nattonal^Bank, C.A. 
Cutchins, nr, president, has 
announced tbe qipoibtment of a 
manager for each. 

Hie new Court Square Office 
tocated in tbe new Virginia 
Beadi City Hall Compla which 
will be officially opened withib 
ttie next few weidcs, will be 
managed by Waldo P. Borne- 
mann, assistant cashier. 
Bomemann until recently bad 
been asslgMd to ttie Virginia 
Bei^^floe tf 31st and At- 
lantte Avenue in the resort 

Tbe Industrial Park Office 
to be tocated at 3300 East 
• Princess Anne Road in Nor- 
folk wUI be headed by Cecil 
S. MoCullar, who has been 
^ssiite^BMinigg at tbe Mid- 
ItownTSBce. Modification of 
.tiie former Texaco BuiUlflgto 
bouse the Industrial Park Of- 
fice is presently underway. Tbe 
bulkling nowboiu;es VNB'sCre- 
dity Card and Dealer Finance 

The third appdntment to for 
the proposed HiUlo|> Office to 
be located on L4udcin Road at 
Virginia Beach. Constructiim 
oi tfate office will begin later 
> this year. It will be nnanaged 
by William L. Rueger, assis- 
tant cashier. Until last week, 
Rueger was assigned to tbe 
lending {datform in tbe Head- 
quarters Offlce in Norfolk. 


state's Econdmy was 
'Sluggish' in August 

Some "slowness" developed 
in Virginia's economy during 
August, according to an analysis 
of business indicators in tbe 
current Virginia Business In- 

Slttggisbness tur^ 19 in 
sud) WDUB as Vuk deUte, 
buiUing permito, retail sales, 
newsptfier advertising lineage 
and offiw car registrations~al- 
ttiough employmebt picked 19 
a bit, according to Dr. Leland 
y E. Traywidc of tbe Sdiool of 
Business Adminstration at tbe 
College of William and Jfary. 

Tbe l ale* is p Ublis be d u wutb- 
ly 1^ tbe Sdiool's Bureau of 
Business Research. 

Bank debite, which arecbecks 
diarged against demand depos- 
ite, were up only 12.8 per cent 
in August Mmpared tofliesame 
raonttr a yetf ago. Earlier in 
1970, d^te were runningaliout 
2Q per cent above corresponding 
fl^s from 1969. 

Tbe slowness inbuildingper- 
mite^ Dr, Traywlck noted, Is 
somewhat tyi^cal of August but 
for fiK state as a whole, they 
were up 43.1 per cent over 
August, 1969. 

Retail sales were dt 0.4 per 

cent, newspaper advertising 
lineage was down 2.1 per cent 
and new car registrations were 
12.2 per cent l>elow August, 
1969. On tbe brighter side, 
electrical consumption was 6.2 
per cent above last year, thus 
"holding ite own," postal 
receipts were vp 5.3 per cent 
and water tonsumptioD was up 
6*7 per cent. 

Dr. Traywlck said tbe Vir- 
ginia picture was not much 

Virginia's Trade 
Is Up ^5 Pk Cent 

Foreign trade throu^ Vir- 
ginia pcnte during tbe flnt six 
months of 1970, reached alevel 
of 30.5 mllllai tons, up by 35 
per 06JA over tbe 1969 tevel 
of 22.6 ndUion tons. 

Figures released by tbe Vir- 
ginia Port ^itbority also show- 
ed tbat ttftaia rose to 26.0 
miUioo t<»s and imports in- 
creased to 4.5 million tons, 
19 l>y 36 per cent and 28 per 
oeirt respectively over 1969 
levels. Japan was tbe main re- 
dplent of export toniage, 
mostly coal, and Venezuela wu 
the leading sawlier of inqwrt 
tonnage, mostly residual fuel 

In anottier category of fbreign 
brade handled by Virgidaports, 
bulk cargo in 1970 after six 
months, rose to 29.2 miUlon 
tons, a sdjstential inoease 
. over tbe 1969 level after six 
months. Coal exports during 
1970 Made up 83 per cent of 
total bulk cargo hudled. 

General cargo handlingi, 
wbidi induite U^-ralte goods 
prododiv tbe most economic 
beneit to tbe State's eooaomy, 
jeadied a level of 1.3 million 
Ims duri% ttie first rixmoi^ 

1970, a modeiAinerMseover 

d 1970, a 1 


\ '^sm 

. -*i.f' ^..^t. »ii^ #«»' lb" unique aiscovery 
'«6llliRl •BllMptlc rrtlff for breaks up and removes pain- 


the 1969 level. Under this cate- 
gory, greater emphasis is being 
placed on oontaineriaation. Last, 
year the jriiare" of general cargo 
eont^nericed at Hamptm Roads 
after six months, was 16 per 
cent, whereas the six months 
share containerised this year 
was tq> to 35 per cent. 

Trade at Uie Port of Hamptm 
Roads, whid) includes termin- 
als in the dties of Norfolk, 
Portemoutb, Chesapeake and 
Newport News, at tbe half-way 
mark Ms y«u amounted to 30.2 
millim tons, 99 per cent of the 
State totel. Ite remaidng one 
per cent of 274,805 tons was 
handled by tbe three river porte 
of Ridunond, nopevell and 
Atexandria. Of total Hampton 
Roaite trade, buUc cargo in- 
oreased to 29.1 million tons and 
geMial cargo rose to 1.1 ndU- 
ion tons. 

Witeibome foreip trade 
itelMiai are purdnsed to raw 
data form by the VIrgiida Port 

Autbtffity from tbe Bureau of 
Census, United Sttfes Depart- 
ment d Commerce, and pro- 
cessed to refled tbe tonnage 
perf^manoe of Virgida ports. 

Stomach upset 
by gas ana acifl? 

Di-Gel with Simethicone quickly 
rtHevesgassy-add upset 

This unique diacovery 

^ removM i»in- 

ful gas-bubbles. Your rdief 
is mam oomplete because 
Di-Gel t»tes the acid tmd 
the ga out of i^id indiges- 
tion. Get Di-Gd tabl^ or 
liquid today. Product of 
nm^h, Inc. 

Ready for 

Powell and Huntl^, Inc. sin- 
0e-funily bomeboilders, have 
entered the multt-fUnily mar- . 
bet with 16 two^Mdroomapart- 
mento and four two-l)edroom 
townbouses located at 26tb 
Street between Pacific and Ar- 
tie Avenues. 

Located near tbe oceanfrrat, 
toe Windward Shores Apart- 
mente were opened for oc- 
cupant in September. 

The new units are being 
rented for about $300 a month 
on a yearly lease, with utilities 
and fUrnisUngs indudedlnthe 

Designed to attrad young ca- 
reer men and women, tbe all- 
electric, air-conditioaed unite 
have a televidon antenna, draw 
dr^ries and carpeting with 
a lauixlry accessible to all te- 

Ideriors are designed by 
Toscano Interiors utUidng a 
Mediterranean motif. 

different from the national ex- 
' perience during August. 

The IttTgest overall increase 
to the economy was experienced 
in Cape-C harles-Exmore, 
where toe August "dty index" 
was up 8.7 per cent. Tbe 
dty index is based on a weighted 
arithmetic mean of allbusiness 
and economic componente ex- 
cept bulkling permito. 

Other increases were shown 
to Franklin, up 7.7 per cent; 
and Alexandria, up 4.8 per cent. 
The only declines were shown 
to Charlottesville, d6wn 3.1 per 
««B|£jpd Norfoa^tOTte moutoy 
otf d.7per cent. 

Bank Wins 
Top award 

United Virginia Bank/Sea- 
board National, with three 
branch offices in Virginia Beach 
v/on top honors in the national 
Golden Coin Award Competi- 
tion sposored by the Bank Mar- 
keting Assodation. 

Hie bank received a Golden 
Cdn troidiy in toe category for 
banks wlto total asseto of $100 
miUon to $500 million. 

United Virginia's entry, ti- 
tled, "The Bank With Will- 
power," details an unusual sav- 
ings promotion which increased 
public awareness of tbe bahk 
and total consumer savings. 
One hundred and twenty-dne 
entries from banks throughout 
toe U.S. and Canada were en- 
tered in toe annual competition. 
The trojAy was presented to 
Director of Marketing 0. B. 
James, Jr. at a spedal awards 
luncheon held in conjunction 
wito tbe assodation's SSto an- 
°nual Conventton here in Las 

AWARDED 15-YEAR PINS—Dr.Chalres Early last Wednesday 
presented 15-year pins to some very loyal supporters of the locftt 

ibe'Bank Marketing Assoda- chapter of the American Cancer Society. Receiving the pins are 

bonis a nation^ trade aModa- seated, left to right, Mrs. Margaret Thompklns, the chapter's first 

SSifrJSSon^LSfe president; Mrs. Marguerite Robers and Walton Saunders, iack 

JS^te^^^^S row,lef4to right, Mrs. Robert S.Wahab Jr.,Mrs.Paull>§<«bis^aftd 

NorthAmeri^ ^ - . William Phillips, 


'The hapiiy I am" 

when hn straight is more beairtihil 

than the happy I seemed to be when 

I was stoned." - 




• may not have ttie 

world on a string, 

but she ktwtn 

your ttimmunlty 

inside out. 

Ifyou'nn^wi^ town, 
call her today I 




The girl in the picture is named Chris. For over a year, she was on amphetamines, powerful drugs known 

'speed." This is how she describes it: ^ 

^ 'tthink 'speed' is a lot worse than heroin. Kids have got 10 

know about it, because they can fall so easily into taking it " 
through the diet pill hassle, or needing something to help them 
study. You know, that's crazy. Because the cpmbination of am- 
phetamines and no sleep just blows your memory completely. 
There are whole sections of my life which I just can't remember. 
It got to be just 'do a little more, do a little nwre,' until that was 
all there was. And the 'crashing' . . . sometimes the ^crashing* is 
just really awful! 

"For me to stop taking it, I had to feel that people were car- 
ing. And they were. I was really lucky. I was very close to two 
people ihat were really into amphetamines i^ry deqjly, and I 
loved them a lot. But as far as they were concerned, Uie only thing 
that they had was the 'mcth,' and that was their life. Ami they^re 
both dead now." 

"Dexies," "bennies," "meth" are all called "speed" ^^m 
days. And jteople who know "speed" know **sp^" Mils! 

For more facts about drugs, write fw free bocAto tu 

National Institute of Mental H^lth, B<a I080,^^rfungi« 
D.C. 20013 



II IftS TlMlip|l«it IwdlllMrt MItaM Iwry Tliiirdty 
li^i B. Griffin, Gt^fsl MoM^pr 
Wakf Jmn miliiM, NuiMinr Editor 
Cai^n McAlten, l^nra'a Mitw Do^bui R«p^ Prodactton Muiager 

vmamnm un %s.» m yim • miviiY iy mah m cammi • sma co^y m 

MAIN OFFICE 3108 P»e!fic Avenue, Virfinift BcAch. Virginia 23451 

ThursiiQy, October 1, 1970 

mm% 421-2401 PuNUM K B*9eh PuMihing Corpomttom 

I Constitution A Revisions 
^Important To Everyone 

Votar registration books for 
tho Novenr^r 3 election close 
Soturdoy and it Is hoped that tiie 
residents of this city will dis- 
card their usgol apathy and 
riaalce the effort to exercise their 
right to vote. 

I The political candidates may 
tnk fire the voter's enthusias^ri 
but one of the men—Gcprge C. 
nawilngs Jr., Ray Gari«nKl or 
flarry F. Byrd Jr.— will Vep- 
resmt each and ever^ one of us 
In the United States Senate and 
it is imperative that he at least 
ri^resent a large percentage of 
tN citizenry. It Is the respons- 
ibility of each voter to cast 
a ballot for the man of their 


Cvsn more important, how- 
i^er, will be the voter's dfcls- 
ion on the proposed Constitu- 
tional amnfidnnms as approved 
by the General Assembly at Its 
1949 and 1970 sessions. 

It has been thirty some odd 
years^ since the State Consti- 
tution has been changed. Thes# 
proposed revisions are de- 
signed to up-date the document; 
it has n^ln^to do with poJj^ 
ticsr"^ The amendmwits were, p M: 
iQcx, «ndprsed by Demc^Otic 
Governor l^ills E. Goodwin cfcjr- 
ir^ his administrotion and now 
by Republican Governor Lin- 
wood l4otton. influential organ- 
izations from all parte of the 
State have formally given their 
en^rsement the latest being the 
Virginia Beach Chamber of 

There are only four propos- 

Main Body of 

leaving it to the Generol As- 
sembly to decide whether to 
authorize or prohibit lotter- 

Obligation Bonds 

(3) "Shall the Coipstitution be 
amehded to perrnlt the General 
Assembly, subject to approvaal 
by the people in a referendum, 
to authorize general obligation 
bonds for specific capital pro- 
jects, the total nbtto exceed 1.15 
times the annual Incorne and 
sales tax revenues of the Com- 

Revenue Bonds 

(4) "Shall the Constitution be Norfolk opened its new 

amended to permit the General ,Bro«h«y TJieetoe Attracttoos 

Assembly, by atwp-^lrdsvote, J^TSTmu-SS'^t 

to ple<Hie the full fdlth and ere- sttrring vmih Biaioe. 

dit of the Gommonwealth ,to ^ ^^^ ^ J^ 

revenue bonds issued for reve- "Zorte fUe Greek" or seen 




'Zorba' just didn't 

come to life 

nue-orodUCina cod tal projects ^fi»«»y Oulnn's memorable 
IT^ prwuwinsi «^»u> ^]yj^^ perrarmance In the movie ver- 

If the Governor certifies that the sion, the idea of potting zorte 
onticipated revenue from ««<*^^**3^'*"^},S^*bSw 

beoirhe dul^PhiJi^r not to 
exceed 1.15 times the annual 
Income and sales tax revenues 
of the Commonwealth?" 

the Constitution 

(1) "Shall the Constitution be 
generally amended and revised 
as ogrMd to by the General 
Assembly at its 1969 and 1970 
sMsions (except for the three 
proposals separately stated be- 


(2) "Shall the Constitution be 
ammded by repealing section 
60 (which prohibits lotteries). 

The second proposal Is of 
particular interest to the resi- 
dents of Virginia Beach. If ap- 
proved, it would remove from 
the constitution the ban agoinst 
lotteries and allow the General . 

Assembly to decide whether to {^^ tS^X> ^ 

permit or forbid lotteries. t» nainbers more JusUce than 

This revision would cleorthe 



ganziu.Jie is fx^ simple and 
complex In his wants and his 
belief. His moods, his zest for 
living, cannot be confined by 
mi^c, he most be free to ex- 
press himself ivltb gendne ex- 
uberance, toflaildwatlnanger, 
to toodi gently In Us hanger fbr 

Huslc, and certainly ttie 
music in this prodoctioa, adds 
nothing to Zoita the Greek or 
to Zorba Qie man. 

lOdiasl Kermoyan <fld an ex- 
cellent Job in portraying tUs 

they deserved. But Zorba ]ast 
doesn't come alive in this wat- 
ered-down versi(»> (rfatremen- 
doos story and tiiere's m^ng 
KermoTU or any other actor 
can do a^ut it. 
. ■ ^ *i. .. ' ' J Tbe same is troe of Miss 

OeCOUSe of the tremendous re- eialne in her role as the aging 
venue to be derived from race French chanteuse Hortense. 

tracks. And for the additional 
tourists such betting will at- 

way for pari - mutuel betting In 
this resort city, which has long 
been hoped fbr by city officials 

Residents are urged to turn 
out and vote, iut new residents 
can't vote unless they register. 
And after Saturday they can't 
register. Now is the time to 

This role and its beautiful in- 
terpretation won Ire Lila Ked- 
rove the best lupp^^r ting actress 
in the 1964 Academy Award pre- 
sentations. Miss Blaine had all 
ste could do to make "Hor^ 
tense" believable ... not be- 
caoM site is not a lovely, tal- 
ented actress, but Iwcwise tttt 
part seems so shallow c(»n- 
pared to the way it was origin- 
ally created. Too it was difficult 
to vlsualiae the vivacious MUss 
Blaine as an aging and ntfher 

pltlfol ha8*been singer. 

There were sooie beaitflfiil 
voices 1b this prodoetton. Mar- 
galit Ankoiy, heraelf a fifth 
generafira S«ft»t fod a former 
member of Ifie bneU army, Ss 
the Leader and as swA pre- 
sented file opening namber 
"life I8".'lt is file only itaiU- 
iar number and fiie only owlte 
andlMioe reaHy seemed tt> enjoy. 

VUma Vacearo as tta wl^ov 
also turned in a good/omsleal 
perfbrmance and Tbom Koot- 
soukos was quite good u tte 
naive IQkos, tli^ yomc intelle^ 
who iflus to reopen a joftoe on 
the island of Crete. 

IHe firiendsbip fist develtvs 
between the braidi and some- 
what tnssVj enUnslastte Zorba 
and file quiet, stodtos VMtA is 
the badqn^ound for the story. 
Zorba geto involved, Jipt8fi0it- 
ly, wlfii Hortense and Ifikaibe- 
eoBtts ibaded, qvarently a 
litfie more fium stt^tl^, to flie 
ostradaed yoong w!1ow. She Is 
rejected by file townspeople be- 
cause aba spums tbe love tf a 
boy far too young for her. The 
boy Qommite soielde over the 
widow's love for lOkos and tbe 
townspeople, in turn, kiU fiie 
woman. Just aboot fiie fime 
Zorba agrees fiiat maybe he 
should marry Hortense, she 
fles. And it all happqv sofMt 
fiiere isn't even fime for sym- 
pafiiy for fiie two lU'^ated wo- 

Tbe staging of "Zorba" was 
quite interesting and offered its 
own adlon witti dior^es and 
bedrooms and hillsides moving 
on and off the stage in organ- 
ised sii^ lee. The dance nnm- 
bers, especially file one in wldch 
a stodty Greek ducer per- 
formed with a stordy wooden 
table between his teetti, and 
some of file special effecto 
kept file stage lively but all in 
all "Zoxba" Just didn't qoite 
make it. 

TUs particular musical 
mi^ have missed but tbe pro- 
gram that file City of Horfott, 

flirqagh ite DepartnantofCom- 
oudty ProoMfion, 1»t np i o ,t ti a 
area is never^lest iaoaunend- 
able one anl fimn file siwirt 
fi reeaive d qjw afiig nttftf cl>- 
viouf ly an appiei^ttod one. 

T!ie othir plagfs, "1T?«", 
-Forty Carats", *'G«»ia M" 
and "Plm Salt«", irtU bHgtit- 
en Tidewater't eatert atonyit 
scene fivooijboui tte seaiORt 

oft« pwwta weaiintftfl hrtp tor tto wto nMte iwit^i^ 
Todw. nost tortUsitevt a merter wheiSMiw*aa4-fil 

^^^m ^%mm is that°^^ai^wo?t X^, 
^tetomsett3,5»t good dd «a<de*ie te a*^»^ 
Ht has xa W» ^iWbtttf • ttiat wW fo aw^ and 0» tamily v 
mnst sttdc togener and never mention it. What a shame. 
Jiat about every iurtly his a member 

for one nwm er lii|B«. Wth iwjar traii 

ttey ^ffl be<»n» pfotet^ve menDen or 

pro^m is ttal msit fudS^ refuse to 

brofiier Bill wlB b^^bmn If something isn't 

beMnd htm and b^^m by cUpflag in to . . 

cast off taflOtag, food^ etc Tbe fkmily must sttcfc 

never niCTtton it. WbalifAMne. _,^ „._^ *: ^v'^ 

1\Mbff m ever-ineieiSiBg mimber of famllias have membei 
who c^r do not hanre a leUgloo or who do not pra^ee o 
on a nttadnfU DiMs* tf^^Baona wouU lialp taring thtM peop& 
back to God tt would ocTcli fiwlr Uvea and tiilp everyodL MmI 
famiUas eaan aMdt flUt irister Ann is a sinnar, MoMii fi 
Just boif and she'doatnt need to go to chardb M be>od.. 
The fanily waA sfi« ttgefiwr and never m^on it. |%it a\ 

* A gieit m»iy taslfiea have a matfN^ who IS not very mbt. 
Wifli nedal proeMtioaal b^ sn^ pauiieean pm^flianiimiB 
w> and be a W of tta werld ariMittwB.Sik«lniM^ fib 
family ttet wiU admit fur a setond flat Jtai«doastt'| have 
all his faculttet. No, ha is Jost a slow laanar. The fimily 
must sttek \agkm and never mratton it. What asbanw. 

Jwt tfXNit eMry c^, town uid cbmmoBlty has fin own glietto. 
Suchptafees are nofflngbut^msandareabttglitaofiMarea. 
Such pteoes can be cleaned # Md made ttvUble wifii file btddiig 
of fiia pMpI*. Bov many plaeai WiU even adhait fiiay have 
attest No, Uwy are iurt plaees where fiie working people 
Uve» Tte area mwt stt(& togsfiKr and never admit soch ptaees 
extflt. What a alHune. 

Good and bad «^ in everything. Some mm are cursed 
witb bnd sdipol «ystems. Wlfli fte intefeftandlielp of fiie tKopie 
stt<!b lyvtems can be improved. No^ fiia local peppHmust 
never admit anythlag fiwy hive Is not perlaet. Itey muitiaUy 
behind Ilia, poor sebods aad never let anfooe know fliaf have 
fiiefn.Wh|taaiiM». ,, 

j^dly estate In file USA doetnH have tti podt^ of lovertt 
and iporanee. Some of ttiase bad spots are la Om so-«alled 
"EatrtdUtoent" or fiie eleeted offiols and fBvemnHntal 
agendss. The qntttght of trotti on radi attnafioBB eanidear 
fiiaae tv prompt^. No, tte people and fiia news madia must 
Mver speak in of "Honeloiki." They must sttck togefiiar , 
aad«i«erapforofliar8.Whatasteflie. / 

^te young people who have '«TumBdOat" and "Turned On»* u 
eona fhim seamidaea. They have a bone, llwy have a ' 
$|# are ll»^Nsp(iBlMtt^ ef aoaeoae. 1|af «erea*1 
on a hot rodt or aider a stone; They haia nothars, 
gia dpd tt r en ts, UtottMrs, Asters, aonta, «iua, aad 
^tey oodd not jwm up wltti flie mm tHiriettee 
drag hiiila Mbnit aopport. Ttey need wbaeis In travel, 
m^t^M doOiag and poehat neney. Siaea awrt of flim -^~ 
woilc, that haa to oobh from aomeinea. IMt It astoinhi to jla 
fittt noa^ AitfUlfS are in JMt sribaldlilnK Am to« «"5ff. 
Tkey ara piyii« tortt. Tliae yoiB|pioplahB»»nM*ttpi| 
Itae "prUMwn" Oat flMy win "oolgww." tHayaaeAM 
NOW! Why protect ttiem and oootribote to fii^ham? l|tt 

I ^ 


To tte editor: 

1^9 ttenks to Carolyn Mc- 
AUen f(ff ter fine front-pa^ 
1^0^ "Flfte«i Acres ci Con- 
troversy" and l»ioging Oils is- 
rae bef(»% the ptMlc. Also, 
^^cs to your [Aotc^r^iber 
(wtafs tis uaie?}fcMrttebe«i- 
ttM iletare of ttsareaUttlei 
laowa to mtty Virgil Bea/^ 
msidenb. Td Use to ad^ that 
it OMre are «f loeal resldenta 
^U i aste d in ae^og Us fiiem- 
90mt ttts "benttful aad de- 
soMe" site, fiiey contact eittwr 
Mrs. SUs or rojself and we 
irtn amn^ a tour Ua ttiem. 
To^^ is to i^redate and we 
wmM weleooM the ORiortu^tjr 
to totootece them MBm bean- 
QplMtaDbere. 'Wevouli* 
Mm Ami fw a walk akng flie 
old 'imttan Itm** besMe fiie 
mmm* iM <ttmb to fi» fap 
^ tte diM vbere flie ^^A 
am be mm gol^ and coming 
to Md IkMU Hampton Roadta. 
It te wwtt flaming fn- tts^e 
«to M w hwe aad tovc the eea. 

There is one fact that t^- 
Ipeared in tbe story thatldioidd 
ttke to correct. I am a perma- 
nent resent bere. And I 
love this area. Somdiow fids 
Ut of misinformkfioo got into 
slhe ekfxj, i.e. the statement 
fi^ I am ncrt a permanent 
resiiteot, and since I am happy 
to be a reddent, I'd Uke to 
A file record strai^tf. Iliaids! 
AmttW. Ramsey 

Edtt(»r's note: Mrs. McAUen 
was also tbe pbtrfo^apber fw 
tt» story Mrs. Ramsey retora 
to here. 

Smnething LaeUng 

To file emca: 

Once ^pin Ibe diriners hsra 
won tte bsttts of tte rnddeirti 
ad mert^ai^ of VirgUita 
Beadi Witt fii^ psf abandon. 
That buecdie ftodle fiait readied 
lla ehartreiae and gold 
cM^ado in tte peade S^r - 
4ay seemed to bm^ the kind of 
ftm fl^ EVERTONE coidd «- 


I nw in fii^ parate of thou- 

sands of Shriners, some fes- 
tocmed Witt medals won in fiw 
wars, some hefttng M-1 rifies 
on thdr shoulders, only one 
bladE man. He had .stopped 
for a moment to rest. He 
lo<dnd up at me witt a kind 
of glased look and said softly, 
"You know, I hefted cm <a 
fiiose ..On Korea". He smiled 
proudly, turmd away and con- 
ttmied Us duty,' swe^i^ op 
behind file horses. 


To fiw Editor: 

My wife and IwenttoVirginU 
Beadi Ye^rday, S^itordqr, f(tf 
what m^ be tbe Ittt swim of 
tb^ season. We «^qred fiie 
swim, and tte beach, birt jxA 
iriMt we aaw. There was real 
evMeeee of oil pdtafion. Not 
fba 'anravat«l eai^eof m oil 
apiltage off file beadi edddi 
ai|M dttr up inafewdiqp8,boi 
the re^ of agniattandla- 
ere«^ fn^alpdWIoaaf tte 
ocMO. W«m of Idadt or prqr 

sand were mi»d in witt the 
normal yeUow-eotored sand. By 
{iddttg vp Hie nnd md viSiAvg 
it fiffM^ yonr fillers ycm oould 
deted file dainof an dl prodMt. 
There weif tSaui a number of 
eoagulded Uta of oil material 
about file atse of a dime, 
soared on file beadu The r^ 
distotbtng tboo^t is ttat when 
poHutton of ttffi waters fM our 
ooaiM geto to fids st^, how 
auicb finw do we have left. 
PoUotton of Virginia Beach 
irinuU be of real eoMera tofiie 
eofflimrdal tourist idereata, 
as well as tte conwrvattonist 
and file itttoralid. 
J. E. Welridi 
Vlrgida Beach 

Uke9 Boyc^t Idea 


Yob flue ^tmrial coneem- 
1^ btUbotote akng fiia «• 
pi' MS way, to vMA I as cala- 
gsri^^^ uppoaad, broni^ oA 
a pos^ble proeetee whiift I 

FRANTZ Fi^lON, by David 
Caute. N.Y.,TbeVikingPreas, 

"fnint^E Fmon' written by 
David Caute and pUbfiAad by 
Viking Press Is one of fiie 
Modem Ibsters series - by 
'modem masters file editors 
mean men irtio have changed 
aad are changing fiie fife and 
ttou|^ of our age. Franta 
Fanoo was cm of tboae mra. 
A blade Algerian, edncats^ In 
France. Fanon was head of 
a psyehiatriodQMfftineat of the 
BUda-Jdnville Hospital uttl 
be resigned to Join tte re- 
voloficnary fwces in Algeria 
againrt file Frendk Re made 
sodal pfailosopby. Tte "Tell 
it lite It is" pbrase desofiwa 
Us lltnary tedmique. He de- 
clared Umself to be "adid- 
adie writer, concerned to pro- 
Jed a partteUlar ^bjeettvtty 
aiMl to dw^ nr mo(fify tte 
world in tte ivoeeaa." For 
tte student of race relattons 
' and for tte reMler wte casu- 
ally comes across fwemft 
name In fidloi^ David Caute 
neatty padcages tte evdutlen 
of Fnum's sodal pUksopby. 
His dttfiging from tteories of 
Hterafion to revolattoa as 
shown in Us wrtfinga - ftom 
"Blad( sun, WUte MMo" to 
"Tte WieMwd of file Earth". 

Fanon dtod in mi. Tte 
Afri<^i peisttrts te rtMiiqilflnBd 
seem no loDger to eniiraoe Us 
phUoBopliy. To black mlH- 
tairts In file UUted States, te 
has beeoaw a patron saint. 
L. Waller 

have praetteed fnryMnk Feel- 
lag as I do ttat MlSwttcdi are' 
daaiBroiv, hMaoas, aid IB tn- 
porifloB oB nf anaa^ I hve 
always mala tt a fi ne piadgea 
to '^x^QStt pndadaadNvrtttad 

I tape OB new Wtf eaoxtt 
wm ated If tte btUoaid baa, 
vAMafefner ooM^paaad. 
Mra. Jdm WiU^ SOU, D 

Iter fikiae who fUel flavt moat 
CHlteaB arenKcoepeiteaanon 
Ow'tity, nqTMRNBiivaveaaaB 
fiia WiiPOdM to ii«t l^Ta 
qoaa|aK "Bo yoa ttidc mem- 
tera '^ Ite dty^a beards and 
ooiifflfaH|oBB wl^^ mooi tffad 
file fsiital piMie,,aQeh la file 
School \e oar d nd Planning 
CoBUsiiiion, sboaU te idaetod 
raflier fliin appdntod by City 
Coiaid i?"^ ^_^ 

IteroQnnse was enttmrias- 
fieally NO per eat in tevor 
d giving tte peoffte a voice 
infiiese grdups. 

One raadir alao threw in a 
very valid a^Kgestton: (1) Nd 
all aboold b^^eladed becaaa 
pUbiiq iaterealB ffllgtt teaer- 
ved tetter if aone were ap- 
pointad; and (2) mcNre voter 
Interest is mandatory." 

To fiiat readtt a word of 
ttittdai alM Ua Us eoannenta 
fiiat bott editorials lat week 
were "mneUeirt*'. 

Ancfiier reader is tery na^ 
in fnror of electing file Sdiool 
Board and Plamdng Cmnmla- 
sloo and sunasts a Sa Sur- 
vey qoairtlon conomdag a ftdly 
deded City Comidl. Tteeiad 
meaning of Ua suggestlflB Is 
nd known dnee Oty Cooadl 
Iseleded by Oie peq^ tte 
mayor aad vice n^FDr, of 
oonrae, are electedbyflMooa- 
cU sb tta votenlnOreeOyhaM 
a vdee. Coidd te maan ttit 
a vaeaaey In ooondl, aadi a 
ttiat left by file deitt of Frank 
D. Tscrail, it. to wttcft^fls^. 
eU aRMlBted %bert B. OtiBs, 
chdee? A vwy flMi|t.ipro- 
voklng adject, tf flia la fiia 
Idant of tteqiiedi6B,flMriad> 


All raaddr^ inel4MtalIy,are 
enooonetf ,'i^ aaggatf quest- ? 
tea fba ilroolnaai. It offdps t 
a opportBrtty to ptt a feitf^of ^ 
bow file pdBUe rada to eta* 
tito laraaa. Tte qjaaaJ^Ml 
aid coaoMra Vlrglata Bptd^ 
i te topical and te food taste. 

An ailtaj^ittfemot vmeaik 
at fiiougU oops up fids week 
In a qaeirtloB suggested bf a 

TUa reader telieves that a 
dty fids alae, and a readrt of 

proBrinnee, afeould offer to Ite 
reaidaBte and idattora a dty 
aoo. Be pm ao ftf a ^ 
s«igest file old land fill site 
d file comer d Ardlc Aventte 
and LasUn Road te used for 

TUs dte la desfiaed for bet- 
ter iayt. Ite dty cannot 
ooBllnie to aUow a poltated 
SWU19 Infiie niddte of tte Ugbly 
valndite reaoit eomnudty.lAr 
flwatre oonqdex ha been dte- 
euaael A aoo mi^ ^ te 
tte auwer. It'a sonwtUng 

Mpema' Mtera. Ttey will 

dl lallar anat te s^nad 
flndade address of tte 
nttar. Lotten are lavttad 

Man aic* tos Eittor^VIR- 

ftSACB Simr^oal 




ShouM the ctty\<l9i^ ft* 
oM dty^idump at let^ini 

Holly Rowto toto a c^fMSftfimntf 

Taar lamMMi Ml s«|Mtf Mrs MaM N 

4. if I 

Thursday, October i, 1970 

Virginia BMch Sun 


Off for a fun weekend 

These local Converse College freshmen took a break frVm^ca- 
demics last weekend totakepartin one of the first social functions 
of the year, a mixer at the Citadel, the military college of South 
Carolina In Charleston. During the weekend, the young women en- 
joyed A beach party, an informal dance and a tour of Charleston 
with the Citadel men. Monday it was back to thebooks Pictured are 
Miss Elizabeth Goode (holding sign), daughter of Dr. and ^M "ts. Joh" 
T.aoode,,lll, Ridge Rd.,Va. Beach ahd <l. to r > Miss Ann Leighton 

Mef!^dith daughter of Mr.and^ 

Dr /Va. Beach; Miss Anne Gentry, daughter of iVIr.and Mrs. rvin 
W. Gentry, N. Bay Shore Dr., Va. Beach; and Miss Lydia Gatltng, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Catling, Harmott Ave., Norfolk. 

DITCH-DESTINED— This car, owned by Donald R. Brinn of 5716A 
Princess Anne Road, veered into the d,*itch alongside the service 
road on Virginia Beach Blvd. Friday but apparently no one was 
injured. The crash shortly before 9 p.m. about three 
blicks east of the Virginia Beach Blvd>Thalia Road intersection. 




Boat l0 Beyond Repair 

West Earned CavaUer$ Win Contest 

A former Nbrtdk dtjr li- 
brarian bas been naine<| Assis- 
tent Director of tbe Library 
at Virginia Wesleyan College. 
William R. West, a native 
of Detrdt, Michigan, assumes 
Us duties tbis month. He 
(X)me8 to Virginia Wesleyan 
from a position as Librarian 
it tbe College of Charleston 
in Charleston, South Carolina. 
Mr. West, 47, served as head 
of titt Business, Technology and 
Sodal Sciences department in 
^e Norfolk Public Library from 
1960 to 1966. Prior to that 
be had oonsiierAble experience' 
w reference librarian viith the 
Enoch Pratt Library &i Balti- 
more^ the Detroit PubUe U- 
trary ind tbe Cleveland Pidalic 
Library. Before his position 
as head librarian at tbe Col- 
lege of Charleston, Westserved 
for tMio years on the library 
staff of the Medical University 
of South Carolina. 

A graduate of George Wash- 
ington University, Mr, West 
holds a M.S. degree from the 
School of Library Service at 
Columbia University. He has 
alsq studied at the University 
of Bern in Switzerland. 

In addition to his duties as 
assistant director of the 
library. West will serve as head 
of ttie reference section. 

About 400'Virginia Beach 
youngsters had themselves a 
field day Saturday when they 
"took over" the Oceaitt Naval 
Air Station for the annual Kid's' 
I^ spcHisored by the Virginia 
Beach Klwanis Club and the 
military installation, 
f The youngsters were picked 
ki at the Virginia Beach Civic 
Cei^ early Saturday morn- 
ing and bused to the base. 

Tbey waldied movies about 
vtt^Mis aircraft, scrambled a- 
bdard som^ of the planes tbey ; 
bad seen on film, ei^oyed W 
lundi provided by the statio|i 
^ tbriUed to a "real Uvi#" 
p^udnite dteplay. ^ 

iThe basing of tbe youngi#rs 
«as a major part of tlie#-o- 
^et ^nce Oey had to bused to 
ittflferent poids on the l»se. 

Tom Follary, wlw has served 
tt Klmote (^airman for KU's 
Ciy ever since its>eglonii% 
Mae years ago, had deat praise 
ftir ttiow who helpetlam. / 

'"I owe a special tbaato to 
«ose who helped with ttelfases 
^.^Toe Phelps, Fort Story, 
OcMoa and Dam Neck all {sro- 
lUM buses tat tbe youog- 
llers," Follary said, "And, 
of oo«8e,4t odttUn'tAave been 
ip gi^sMifid m it ins — and 
Ms wtf iffoMbly tbe most 
iii^MSfUl Kld'f Day we've 
iwl-~if I tadaf had fl«<^ an 
m^6^M mmMXba^ to mrk 

Old Ddminion University Of- 
fldals have deeiured the uni- 
» versity's scientific vessel Al- 
batross a totU loss after the 
boat went aground in the False 
Capes area, of Virginia B^ach 
Monday aft^noon. 

Offidals' said the grounding 
occurred !^hi}e tbe 63-foot Al- 
batross was engaged in making 
a profilf survey of the Atlantlv 
Ocean floor along False Capes 

Note of the four persons on 
board the craft at the time of 
the redded were injured, each 
d ^om was able to walk to 
shore by w^ingthroughshallow 
v^ter to tte beach. 

Those on . board were identi- 
fied as E%pe Doty, skipper 
I dfitt 24f year -old wooden ves- 
sel^ and ^ee graduate students 
listed as Barry Holiday, Dends 
MoGrs^ and John McHone. 

Tlie survey was being cdn- 
duc|ed by taking the vessel on 
diprt Mps to and from the 
bflch, and thegroiffidingoccur- 
rM when tbe Albatross' engines 
failed wdle moving away from 

Arthritis Suiferera: 


New formula for arthritis 
minor pain is so strcHig y<m 
can take it le» oftra and stilt 
wake up in the morning with- 
oiut all the pain's stifl^MSs. 
Yet so ^Itle ^'^ntake 
tiiis Ubiet on an onp!^ stom- 
mh. It's^led Ajr^nm Pmn 
Formtda-J^t Mm of re- 
lief. Ask tor dflMtis Pmn 
Foimtita, by i^ makers of 

Tte "Fabulous M arcMngCa- 
valler Band and Drill Team" 
of PrinoMS Ame High Sdiool 
won Jirst Place in the Fbpt 
Annual Marching Invltattooal 
spoQBored by the Udversity 
d mchnttDd. Bomld Collins 
is band diredor. 

The eved was beld in con- 
jundloQ witii the aimual Ud- 
verd^ d Richmond Band Day 
held d City Stadium in Rich- 
miuid on Sdurday Sept 26th, 
will bands from various parts 
d ttte state competing. 

Tucker High Sdiool d Ridi- 
muid pUu:ed second and Hamp- 
ton High School of Hampton 
placed third. 

The awards were presedied 
during thief'^haif-time i»rogram 
Saturday' dgbt at the Udver- 
sity^ of Richmond-Davidson 
football game where tbe bands 
performed. , 

Judging was based on amajd- 
mum d 100 pdnts for "March- 
ing Performance"; 100 pdnts 
for "Music Presentation" and 

Local Delegate 
Is Appointed ^ 

Seventeen Winthrop College 
dudents were appointed dele- 
gates to the fall session d the 
South Carolina State Staident 

Studed representatives in- 
dude Stephade Sanderson of 
Vir^da Beach. -^^^ 

100 pdds for "General Effed 
daww". The judges iMluded 
ft» 1970-71 Nationd Drum Ma* 
Jor Chamdon, Clyde U Busies; 
Dr. Willard Smltt, Mudc Pro- 
fessor, UdverdtydRidimond; 
and Capt. Sands, head d the 
ROTC Program d the Udver- 
dty d Richmond. 

Freedom is just 
a word. 

Ndice the sea oats growing 
on the sand dunes akwg tte 
ocean firont. They arebegindng 
to flourish agdn after ttw dis- 
astrous March 7th dorm tbd 
nearly wiped them od. Tbey 
are still scarce, however, and 
need your protection. Please 
resist tbe tempation locdtbem 
for fdl arrangementa^and give 
them a chance to multiply in 
the next few years, 

• Notlee4hd tiie Coundl d 

17- Week Course 

Garden CldifolVirgldaJ 
has pd tbe wa otts 00 
conMnwttoii list and » 
plants are goarded Iqr aU 
members ef fbe leetf dribs. 
TMs is a ptea to eftryena ^ 
tte eonunodlr to be^ te ttNi 
eop a tnrd to B effort, b ymm 
to cpm, tbe graeahd ni o^ 
mar aglUi t» dM'dite wstgm 
dtradloas all along tbe eond- 
line ftom Fort 8t(^ to betow 

Bmx U.S. Savings Bonds 
& Freedom Shares 

A Data Procesdng InsUtde 
will be sponsored by Qie Insti- 
tute d Management d Old D(Hn- 
ion Udversity and the Tide- 
water Chader, Data Procening 
Management Association this 

The fdl program is 17 weeks, 
however a regidrant does nd 
have to take dl five courses. 
The fdl fee is $75 and will be 
pro-rated With a mid mum d 

$25 for attMdlng aiqr partdthe: 

The five comes will bet 
Data Processing Eqdinaii^* 
Programming, Systems Aad-- 
ysU and Design, Mafbematlcs* 
for Data Procesdi^ uidPrinc- 
ides d Managemed for Data^ 
Procesdng. 'J 

For further Informatioo, coo^ 
tad Ridiard M. Gordoo tt the* 
iMtlbite d Managem^, 4S9-' 
9296. '"■ 


This job is too big 


fc - : . .i 


;'»'■, ■:- , ,:■■„;.. 

the beach. Three anchors ftiiled 
to keep the vessel from being 
blowii ashore by northeast 

Coast Guard cutters and a 
helicopter were dispatched to 
the scene to lend whatever 
assistance possible to the 
grounded vessel and those on 

Operations werebegunMon- 
day d^t to remove electrode 
gear belonging to O.D.U.'s Oc- 
eanographic Institute fromttie 
Albatross, and efforts to sal- 
vage the vessel were twgun at 
dgh tide Tuesday mordng. 
^ Despite^ contindng efforts 
ttirou^out Tuesday, ol^als 
came to the cnnclusionihat 
ttie Albdross was damaged be- 
yond repdr. 



Now mnovc com di« hm, CMf «■? 
with Frccxonre. Liqwkl Fimmm it- 
licvM pun iatiMdT. ««ria MMr ik* 
dtia tine to 4i*uAn corm wmtj fai rut 
dap. Get FicctoM...M aU drag coMim. 

Helps Shrink 

omsed by liiflaBBUiUoB 

Do^on have found a niadics- 
tion that in muqr cmm ghme 
pna^ ioBppni^ lifid nom 
fMnnand faormHt iM Ip Immm - 
rfaofaki tiHUMrThMiJtadadly 
helpe ihriiyt wnd lwy^ttyee 

Ko pieeciipWoii ii needed lot 
Preparation H. fNataMBA er 

Maybe you thought it was up to the Federal 
government to clean up all the problems in our town. 
Trouble is, we've got some local problems that it's 
cheaper, easier and better for us to solve ourselves. 

You can help. You must help. Look around you. 

»-<jet up and find out what's wrong, what's 
being done and what still needs to be done. Make it 
your business to check up on the new programs and 
new methods of the various United Way agencies. 

You'll discover why so much more money is 
needed in our United Way Campaign now than ever 
before. And the next time you make your Fair Share 
pledge, you're bound to give more. 

Don't wait for Uncle Sam to solve our problem. 
' If you don't do it, it won't get done. 

United CommunitiesKFund 


Virginia Beach 





Virginia ^&ch Sun 

Ervtn Suggests irosion 
Cofiimission Be Dropped 

Thurtiloy, Gtetal^r t> (970 

Fun While 
It Lasted,. • 

New Truck Tested 

M^n of the Beach Borough Fire Department ran a series of tests 
Wednesday at the Owl Creek Municipal Boat Ramp on a new l\/lack 

which had just been delivered to them. 

"jjumper" fire truck 

Bike Laws Not Obeyed 

ttn Vlrgjtda Higjiway Safety 
ConuniaUoD, through Jolm T. 
HaaU, Dliw^r of ttie Hif^ay 
^cty U^don, expressed its 
cMM^rn today over non-dxsenr. 
ance of lavs regulatli^ bicycles 

Tbe Comtnisidfm issued a 
st^aeat tiiat it "Noted with 
ooneero 4tie failnre of noany 
blcy<^ riders to abide by traf- 
fie lam relating to the ofieration 
gf bicycles cm the stre^ and 
U^bways of this stKte. In the 
iBterrat of savingUvK aadpre- 
DMine Inittrtes. the C(m- 
nl»toii yrgw full eoopttaaoe 
«itt ttese lavs and locrMsed 
emiAtfis on educatiatf of riders, 
as veil as <m enforcement." 

Haima ejqplained ttat Virginia 
Ikw requires operators of 
bicycles to obey all lavs vpp- 
tft^Ue to operators of motor 
vehides imless the provisloD 
pearly i^^es ottierwlse. This 
fequires ttttt Ucycles be ridden 
vith toiffic rattier tlan against 

If ridden at nigltt, tt» bicycle 
mat be equipped vlth a irtiite 
Sront lamp ^8il>leih*om at least 
1^ &«t in clear weather and 
^ther a rear red lamp visible 
for ^ same dlstuice or a red 
reflects of an approwd type 
^sible from SO to 300 feet 
iftQi (ttrectfy in front d «ito- 
mobUft headlights. 

He a»^nued in saying that 
riding <m sldemlks is illegal 
vitt the exception that dties 

vith pcH^ulatioiffi of more than 
300,000 may wtborize ddldren 
tmder IS to ride on designated 


Last year, Hanna Said, eight 
people mre killed on Ucycles 
In Virginia, 384 were seriously 
injured and 226 were slig^y 

Worker Trainee 
Jobs are Open 

TTie U.S. Civil Service Com- 
mission in Norfolk has a- 
nounced that ai^lications ari 
being accepted for the positions 
of worker trainee which pays 
from $2 to $3 per hour. 

No written test or experi- 
ence is required but interested 
pers(»)s should applybyOetdber 

Council Names 
Several In 


City Council Monday made 
appointments to tbe Souttieas- 
tern Virginia Planidng District 
Commission, ttM city's Indus- 
trial Development Auttwrity, 
the city's Personnel Board and 
confirmed personnel changes 
made by the Commonw^th's 
Attorfley*^ *w*! 

Cot^nqikitn appoli^ t<PI^ 
plapi^ distrii^ connaiffl^ 
were ur, Clarence Holland and 
Robert B. Cromwell Jr., filling 
file seats of former couAdlmen 
G., Dewey Simmons and Law- 
rence E. Marshall. 

Council reappointed George 
Woody to the industrial author- 

ity and anointed Richard H. 
Kline ahd Noland U. Chandler 
to fill the seats of James P. 
Sadler and George J. Parker, 
1>oth of whom resigned from 
the posts. 

It also reappointed Claiborne 
Br^mt ud Sgt. Charles Harris 
to Uffieiyiear terms to the per- 
soiBel G^ard. 

Council also confirmed the 
pei^onnel changes made by 
Commonwealth's Attorney An- 
dre Evans to promote Paul A. 
Sdortino to Assistant Commcm- 
weatth's Attorney and employ 
Charles D. Meachum as Assis- 
tant Commonwealth's Attorney. 

City Coundlsttn F. Reid 
Ervin has requested tM flie 
eoondl consUtr asktv flie 
General Msembly to dioUsb 
the Eroston Cofluni8al<»andl^ 
^ dty tssmae^ t)|^ ami 
replNdshment pr^nnu / 

In a l^ter to City MWai^r 
Roger M. Scott, Ervlii said that 
his move vtf to no iray relived 
to recent pdJlidty ^v»t ttie 
commissioti deaUi^ vlfii its 
insurance i^ogTttmlttid iras not 
intended as "arittdsmol in- 
dividual commission mem- 

However,^ toe dty and file 
Erosion CommissloB h»^ been 
at odds for several years. The 
dty, whtdi pays i poxUoa <^ 
file commission's opeiNHfingex- 
penses, has attempted to take 
over the commisslni's Ancttcm 
since many of its (q;)erafionfi 
parallel th(^e of the dty's 
dredging operatton qwdfio^y 
in and around Rudee Met. 

Unfit recentty, file e(Hnmis- 
sion had refiised to recognize 
any responsibility for telnet's 

The commission, a state- 
appdnted tx)dy, Is tmder state 
control and Ite aboUttcn would 
reqdre an ad d the General 

In order for fiie diange to be 
acconQ)llsbed, emergency leg- 
islatton would have tobeenaded 
by the General Assembly at its 
spedal session in Januray, he 

"In order to give our mem- 
bers of file General Assembly 
suffldent time to prqiare for 
such we should begin immedi- 
lAely vitti preliminary plann- 
ing," Ervln said. 

The first-term coundlman 
said the move was necessary 
because "the dty, wifiiout ques- 
Hoa^ Iffovides ^ lion'srtiiare'^ 
of operafing funds and handles 
file payroll and bookkeeping 

Ervin said fiat agf a matter- 
of good business, tte dty should 

teke over tte mantgen^irt of 
the (»mmlssi(m In tte interest 
ol co(Htttaatt<A and phundng. 

Ervin added fliatfiie problems 
of Rudee Iniel ud tiie commis- 
Sim are nlaM, yet file (»mm- 
U^(m has been relucts^ to 
engage ttwmselves in Oie Inlet's 

"the dty and file Erosion 
Commission employ tlM same 
engineering firm, and ttarf firm 
Itts (A odasldn TfeSpd itself 
In flie'dtmcult posiH«)" be- 
cause it's bad to render two 
different reports on the same 
problem, he said. 

"NeedleK to s^,»' Ervin 
saidj. "it is Jiist good comnHMi 
sense to consider maldaimnce 

d file liflet uid>i|md r^«i/^- 
meat as a Jdm^ncfioe nd 
litb om englnee^ A^f* 

As ^ as Uie loss tf fed»« 
and state gra^ to, £rv|B said 
fiiat he beUeved there i^nU 
iK>t be any diange in fiidr sta^ 
and noted tluit Oie dty would be 
in a p(8ittoQ to handle file sand 
reidi^ateme^ l^lem eatier 
became it would t>e \pBa4ilng 
"clMn sand" from file Intei 
tHttlil^lie m^ (Kitte bei^ 
to ctot IM. erosi(« to-oU^ 

'mm a sTngle dty operrted 
agency, such dedstons could 
be JoglcaUy and quickly made," 
he sdd. 

Ilie Commission's clialrman, 
E. H. Ctuircb, was ndavail^le 
for ooininent. 

Parents Earn Plaudits 

"Parente can be 'stftters' 
when you disftgree^ wltti some- 
ttilng, but, ^ i^, we have file 
greatest bunch of pareds who 
are ahrays fiiere realty to help 
and vde on and for various tXHid 
issues," stated James W. Buf- 
flngton, diairman of fiie Vlr- 
gldt Beadi Sdu>ol Board, as 
he addreasted the Point View 
Elementary Sdiool PTA. 

Prindpal tiac Rawls infiro- 
duced Buffington, ndio weitf on 
to say how little a sdiool board 
has to do wlUi a good school 
system. He said fiiat if s those 
that are bad that reqdre the 

"There are nuuiy appUonts 
for every given Jobinthesdhool 
system, and we are happy that 
we are able to dioose fiie teac- 
hers that best serve our chil- 
dren," Bufflngtcm sdd. "This 
year we have introduced many 
new innovations, one of them 
being the non-graded system, 
^di has been pd In a tev 
schools. Before any (rf tiw new 
systems are placed in fiie 
schools, each will have lieen 
studied and tried, fiien put in 
on an experimental baisls," 

Parked Cars Dangerous 

"Stay on the ddevalk!" ad- 
vised Rldiard S. Holland, Di- 
rector, Tidewater Auto. Assn. 
^*Uaity pec^, tsj^eUOj ddt<i 
dren, are killed (MTiiUuredever]^ 
year t)ecaMse they bil to fol- 
low tUs simpae safety precan- 

He wed on to ejqdain: "Par- 
ked cars tdock the vMoa of 
botii drivers and pedtestriaos. 
A pe<testrian suddenly eowrging 
from between parked cars is 
qdte a surprise toamobxrist." 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ed McMahon, 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburn, 
George Carlin, Al Capp, 

Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Considine and Elie Abel 
are regulars an 


Can you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 

WVABmm 1550 


He ctmtinued, e 
fiiat cars cannot stop instenfiy. 
"It tates time for a driver 
to read, time to ^ii^ fiie 
tanliss, ^1t# iocfiiefar^es 
b sto^ ^ car. All this me«ns 
fiiat a driver ctften cannd stop 
in enough ttme to avdd Ut- 
tfng a pedestrian, es^dalty 
a small one, who may unex- 
pededly appear in firont d 

' Holland urged pturente to set 
good exanqiles in their walking 
habite and toinstrudttwirddl- 
dren nd to play around or 
near parked cars. 

"Keep From Between Parked 
Cars" is fiie central fi»me at 
fids award-winning p^er, 
vd^ch has been seleded for 
use in classrooms around the 
ooiflitry. It was created \sy 
Audrey St. Vincent, age 11, 
of Crompond Sdiool in York- 
town HdgWs, N.Y. 


Oil-Fired Riiiaces 

This )8 the mod- 
ern, quality-en- 
gineered fur- 
nace designed 
to get the most 
our 'of every 
drop of heat- 
ing Oil you buy. 
It's low-cost 
heating at its 



rcttce^d MMte 


431 Vo. 



Princeu Aimm Sfat«Mi 

said Buffington. He also staged 
fiud compders are bdng used, 
whidi have proved to provide 
better service in coniKdioo 
with file scbedulii^ of tnises. 
Bi^lngton went on to say, 
"concerning the drug educaficm, 
Ed Brickell, school superiden- 
^nt, inadsted fiiat <Hir teachers 
be comi^«|ely informed first, 
before discussing same wifii 
stodoits." BuffingtoD con- 
duded his address wifi^ "a 
conference is necefsary wltii 
the teacher to Really lesum a- 
bod your diihl*raBfieDndng5 
and aHhraBcemeats." 

You Say ^ 
You'd Like 
A Picture? 

^mM ywi lUw to have a 
(»f y of fial j^eture in the 


It's enfl^.toj^ as giany 
&3^u as ywi would ilke 
of any picture UikenbySUN 

Clip the pidvreoutof the 
paper iitb ffie (btfe it v- 
-imred taA-voA tt along 
Witt jfonr order to: 

Photo Departm^it, 
P. O.B«t657 
Virginia Beadi, Va. 23451 

You will receive the fin- 
ished glossy 8" X 10** print 
within two weds by mail. 

The dkirge is $3 for the 
firstprlnt and %\ for -Mch 
addlUonal prtat After f^r 
we^, file darge will be 
$4. Please include 3% sales 

Please make all checks 
pajrdile to Beach Publish- 
ing Corponfion. 

I^oi offid^ ay fiieyteve 
diuiMl Beimrd WUHain^ 24, 
(^ Mil Cd» C^d^ idOi a 
f, a»riM of lurgery (^barges ifr^ 
% ^riytflf the aU^ped pn^^ of 
\^^ lir Vlr^da BeMu 
^ Aceir^ to D^ Ji li Cor- 
tte tstgeries o^ared ter- 
My, Augisti^ and St^m- 
" a^Nidwr dd^ia^ed 
rt^^ viirtety stoN^gneer^ 
mtfl^ ^mm and 

Cvstm mm Us lov^ttgiritiMi 
Aows W iniUaiiK dAi pior- 
di^ ^nM^ df eledronlc 
mfiSimttit, IMWSU$ a §tevl- 
dw and sMo ^ ImmI is 
A (ar flirtHA lo^ry o^si- 

VilUavB dK^ Mf^irdlBg to 
Cwnw^ iHegi^ lyiMMchink 

axx»iBtt iffld di^i^innViUA 
St^ motor vd^iMtos 
perislll^ OM d% 
in file ft^ry open^iai. f 

When Wllliamt w|^t»re^, 
acc(»^i« to Curn^ le ftu 
Uving in an apartmei^intti^ 
centty opened GretnJ%iParQt 
housing develcqimei^ di^lMn^ 
oess Amie Road., ; WUH^Uim 
r^poirtedly obtalM fiie ttw ot* 
ttie;«|iartnient, as |eaU||e(ll^ 
had done at a nudb^r d a^* 
, meds in ofiier.iocdScns mi^ 
resort dty, ttirou^ the use d 
a name other th»n. Us own. 

Curran 'said his in^estilikiOB . 
diows Williams waJBiusliig file 
name d Harveiy E; Martin Jr.,' 
who in reality is a toadier at 
Virginia Bea<^ ludor fflgh 
School, <hirlng ae nsh d fw- 
gerUis. / 

This is the charred remains of the RathslcelJer Lounge after It was 
severly damaged by fi^e last Friday morning, 

1 ■ ) 

Cause of Ld^nge Fire Sought 

An investtgattw is underway 
to determine the cause d tbe 
fire wMch virtually destroyed 
file Rdhskeller Lounge at tbe 
WUte Sands Country Club last 
Friday morning. 

No one was in the bdlding 
d file time of fiie fire's origin, 
and there were no reports ot 
Injuries to patrons or en^loy- 
ees. Ho««ver, offidals said 
volunteer fireman Tommy 
Jackson of the Plaza Fire De- 
partmed received a 8li|d»t In- 
jury to his shoulder when he 
momentarily had his vision 
blurred by heavy smote and 
heat and iell down a stairway 
while fighting fiie fire. 

T^ fire awwenUy had been 
burdng for some time before 
it was discovered abod 7 a.m. 
Mrs. EUiel Uyne, manager d 
file coudry dd> si^k bar was 

quded as sayii^shedsoovered 
file fire when she reported for 
woric aixl smelted smcte. 

Voltm^ers from tbe Plaza 
and London Bridge Fire Depart- 
mente fougttf intense heat and 
dense smoke for nearly 30 min- 
utes before they were dile to 
extli^sh "^ fire, and re- 
mained on the scene for several 

Fire Inveffigdors W. H. 
Cartwright and J. W. Hundley, 
Jr., sddthelriwesttgatitnthus 
far Indicated fiie fire began d 
a pdd just inside ttie mdn 
ouhtoor entrance Into the pri- 
vate club in' file hasemed d 
file White Sands bdkttng. Fire 
Spread throu^od the iderior 
d the dd> destroying idrtually 
everyttilng, indudlng liousands 
d dollars worth of modcal in- 
strumenta wUdi had bom left 

KeXicu^ -ixitcH. 


»t f4t»tt.V" 

'V'«ttt^«.« «1 t 

Federal Flood 

Now Available 

Virginia Beach 

Foj Further Details 
or Information 
Call Us Tod^y 

ini None ML mm 42M16I 

vwiMMiuai^ VMM 

oo a band i^uid from tte dgfat 
before* ^ - 

Indicitioos are a t4fli^.4d'' 
Crete odttng ovtf w loODge 
acted as « ^'fire-itop" ^tnd 
prevenled flames ttom qarMd- 
Ing into file Country Cl'db. How- 
ever heavy flnoke ind idense 
belt firavelled up st«tm|S> 
iMdtog into tbe WUte Sands 
Cld) area. Bunny Green, dd> 
banpid manager, sald'fiie lob- 
by, ballroom, ddng rooms, and 
Utdien were heaidly dannged 
Iqr smd» and heat. 

Jay BauBoann, asst. mgr. of 
file Rdhskeller Lounge, saidbe 
had left file dd) abod 5:4S lufti.* 
Friday mordng and wittrissed 
no dgns of fii% (ur ai^fiiing 
unnsoal in fiie Lowiffe. 

Baumaim Indicated tbe 
touBge, idiich operates as apri- 
vate dd), lad been oecqAed 
by ^proximately, 100 peqpte 
during Qm course of Ttatrntey 
d|^ aal ttat be was tbe last 
person to leave fiie kuipiifler 

BaaiMim and Green M3i 
praised TOludeer flremm for 
fiK way ttiey responded to fiie 
alarm and exttag^iitod fiie fire 
idille teeidm daovge to file 
-bdld^ d a oddBom. 

TlwB £ur no M^na^ has 
been made ca tbe extant of 
dic^etery toss wUdi r«lMled 
fir^ file fire. Romfnr, tooM 
scMtt»f hare plaeed file dajsage 
in l|i regldi el buadreds of 

MarUB Find Ue^lraad Er- 
nest H. ^swt^ttmt Jr., s«L of^ 
sMn. BeiMee Armdroig a 
IStti St., INen«]« irtfiilkriiie 
Aj^roraft Qt^m tS InViebnffi. 





-V^^^^^^b, jJ^P' 


?t^^^^^\ -^ 


^ M^aMiHiimiifiwinimmnm rr 

' * M ' n I I I M M * ' M " « « « » « IXJLiilJJLlXiOXU. 

^■■■^■■^■■■■WHB Hi)lift>i |i»^|<l 




Thursday, October 1, 1970 



ij ^iiij ju i j ajtt i ii>i<ittta A»AOAo. ii i t .>j u uj. t x i A M< fcA > A < <ia>« xatioAtmimmutumtJAAAM * mmm M/\n f n hMMnn ^ ^* * * wftp if 

rmn^ nor snow^ nor. . . . 

TM ieatblr failed todaropen 
tte HtiMi^in of {uestB at the 
BintbAiiiMtf Buffet Party ttfthe 
Lu^gbtir Circle of Tbe 
Kinf s Dai^ers Sunday. 

TU plutf, at^ the home of 
Mr. aofl Mrs. R. F. Trant, 
Jr. (dte's Circle leader), 
attracted nearly 200 persons. 
Tte mikj jproblem wUdi de- 
wkpM trim tbe ralnv weaQier 
bk redalDilnK (and flndlnid 

raincoats and umbrellas after 
the party. 

The sudden drop in tempera- 
ture Sunday must tuive caused 
some last minute changes in 
dress for the ladies present, 
but one thii% was sure--midis 
were completely absent from 
the scene. Several women wore 
attractive pants suits, however. 

Since chairs were somewhi^ 

scarce, Mrs. Sam Houston, Sr. 
"laid Mrs. Walter URenn solved 
ttie problem* by sitting on the 
front staircases Besides, tint 
way they got to see everyone 
as they came in the frqnt door. 

six womentdri^ forn^, 

the committee in cAfge of the 
buffet deserve a pat on the back 
frojn their fellow Circle mem- 
bers. TTiey were Mrs. Marion 
D. J6yofer. Mrs. WilUam P. 

Kellam, Mrs. L. D. Finley, Jr., 
Mra. W. A. Wood, UI, Mrs. 
Si<^ey Kellam and Mrs. R. L. 

Especially popular at the 
boftcit table was the tUidy- 
sUced, rare roast t)eef— dell- 
dous with hot rolls; The buffet 
committee keirt up a steady re- 
biy of food from tbe kltdien. 
There seemed Jo be an end- 
less supply of avariety of sand- 
wich^, shrimp fondue, idus 
crackers, assorted spreads and 

The buffet raises approxi- 
mately $800 each year whidi is 
used to buy equipment for the 
General Hospital of Virginia 
Beach. The Circle, whidi has 
30 members, also operates a 
Thrift Shop at London Bridge, 

proceeds from whidi are also 
donated to ttie hospital. 

Among the many guests, and 
it would have been in^wssible 
to get all their names, were 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Portlock, 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Russell, 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd, 
Mr. and. Mrs. Jadi Cassada, 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert ^mpson, 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe UGij^a, 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hawk, 
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. B<dce, 
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Clayman, 
Mr. and Mrs. James Sadler, 
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Lett, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brain, Mr. 
and Mrs. Dick Cohick, Mr. and 
Mrs. F. T. Toepleman, Judge 
and Mrs. P. B. WMte, Mr. and 
Mrs. M. F. Asi^nwall, Dr. and 
Mrs. Jolm Bowman. 

Proceeds to provide sencloff 

With their husbiands often 
away so much of the time. 
Navy wives must relie heavily 
(» ingenuity. 

;, Houston and Mrs. Renn from their posltlofi on the steps. 

The VA-85 Wives are no ex- 
oei^on. Their husbands are due 
to leave on a cruise soon, and 
the Wives Club decided to give 
them ft rousing send-off. Rather 
fiian bear the eiqpense of afare- 
weU party themselves (after 
all, it is dose to Christmas), 
they decided to rent a space 
in the Women Of WesleyanFlea 

A. JBallaxd at 423-1956 or Mrs. 
J. R. WilUns, 423-8600. 

In addition don't forget the 
Ifite. Admlssionis free, and last 
year every type of booth imagine 
able at the marlwt, including 
baked goods, handmade art- 
icles, gift items and wUte 




By Carolyn McAlle^ 

TJEJee me out from 
~ the ball game 

'■- ' ^ f . '' 

Poo4liill season is here again. 

h was bad enough when the season used to begin after Labor 
Daj and ewted New Year's. The Kose Bowl parade wid game 
wai aflttii« climai to tbe whol9 ^i|ig. 

iMr there are post season games atti playoffs through 
tell tte spring. And tbe preseason praiitice games begin in 
Ai^ttt. Wasn't there soipife kind of gbme played in July? 

1^ ^ colleges, nol to be outdqtfe, added a^ llth game 
to tM|r lO-game seasoc^ fftlL As mmsig post-New Year's 
bold games wasn't eno^ r 

I tMric sports ai^ fine. I think .jlen should have something 
% (bMite their w|,ves) to interest^m. But not every free 

meet tomorrow 

The Virginia Beach Council 
of Church Women United will 
h^ve their first meeting of the 
fall tomorrow, Friday, at 
Lekies United Methodist Church 
oiv Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Quiet time is 9:30 a.m. wiUt 
the business meeting beginning 
at 10 a.m. 

Rummage Sale 

The Plaza Volunteer Fire 
Company and Rescue Squad, 
will hold a Rummage Sale 
Saturday October 3 beginningat 
8 a.m. at the Plaza Fire l^ation. 
Plaza Trail aiMi Rosement Road. 

Bbdth space (^till tfrailalde) 
is f 10, and the Wives figured 
their profits from their booth 
would more than pay for that 
and their party too. 

The WOW Flea Market will 
be Oct 17 at the Twin Drive- 
in Tlieatre on . Indepoidence 
Blvd. from 10:30 to 4;30 
p.m. with Oct. 31 as an alter- 
nate date in case of rain. 

All proceeds from the Flea 
Market wiU go to Ok individuals 
or groiqe who rent spaces. 
However, rental proHts from 
the spaces will be used by the 
WOW for Virginia Wesleyan 

Anyone desiring to reserve a 
space (actually a twin-6paee> 
nay do so by calling Mrs. J. 

Are Wedding 

If you are annbandng an 
engagement or wedding, why 
lot do it in the VIRGINU 

Brides are asked to sub- 
mit their photograjdis (5x7 or 
SxiO glossies) by Monday of 
the week they want the an- 
nouncement to appear on 
Thursday. Wedding and en- 
gagement forms are available 
at the newspaper office, 3108 
Pacific Avenue. 

All weddings and engage 
ments received will be used. 
However, irtiotographs willni^ 
be returned by mail but may 
be picked up at Uie newspaper 

Tte ixtensig^ of football gases into tte Monday night 
MemLoa. at^vi» is Just too much. Next ]^ar it will be Tuesday, 
ten ffodiwstWT ^'^ ^"'^ ^ networks won't bare to worry 
ilioat te« ftfl stews— Just tte. football sdwdute. Tten ttey can 
flU ^ wit^mo^e re-runs for any extra time ttey teve. Or 
SH^ re-^wti^KS of last yt^'s tootbaU games. 

I shoyj^'t compWf*. I did get to watdi^ minutes of Carol 
Bm^Kt^ii^ tbxxUy nigjiil's half time break. 

I tiwes sw^e I wmild never hi^e oos d tttose houses wtere 
4|e ftyi^ fiti in troi^ot tte fV to eat. Well, we don't. After 
Hfflwtt on dnr^ one aeal and teving ev«ry<»e run to dieck 
on Of iiine one wee^ I put m^ foot doini.Nofir T teve a didce. 
Wt emitter eat d«^ telf time or aft» tte game. Tte only 
PKiMlia i« tt^ (»Sa^B<fa^ there are unal^ two games 9t 
tte sttM time «id tte half tim^ dM't colndde. 

Oni or two gaiM pe^ Weekend weren't so b«l. But wten tte 

inam art ^m In tte den for three days and tte kids are 

fo^itea tofsy a wori if s Just too mn& Ttey e^m bb>^ 

"T(iw1t" ^mt be^ataK of a l^une. R seems ttere an ^ 

«f Itm^ dutk^wik^ vMtend. And tte setfon Is at leart 20 

Ite food nsrMltyo^stmd- 
1^ as CM Itazey ef tte 
Siertoo Hottf CMn urn ewd 

«Hi to ii![ ?"te'W i^^i^"^'"'**^^'^^' tti nnlten ol tte PMtmste 

lb Ml feMsaUi lolv to tew a w^Uowless,! 

i» iSI «^ ?rU Mo, it wonttete nvlii^A 

The third and fourth families to move In are, left, Mr. and Mrs. 
Harold Berman (she is a teacher and he is stationed at Dam Neck;, 
and right. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Miller. (VU Photo) 

Early 'settlers' enjoy luau 

brdce Coorte Apartmei^ first 
family to sign a iMse, Mr. and 
Mrs. JdbKk Bete, wte hate twin 
du^ers of »tt 13. Among tte 
oOier fOMte mre tSiM and 
foorth faaittes. Or. lOUtr is 
at Norfolk General Hospital 
condog trcMD Ftorlda. Bosis 
were C. C. Taylor, property 
manager ot Ptntoote Realty 
nd Mrs. Bylltt-Jaeqne 
Steiprd, rtsltoi manager ol 

Cte a teautiM we'^od, Pem^ 
brcte Courts Apartnento had a 
L^ Party to ttfUie ttrir pool 
taOhtf tef ore tte close ol tte 
season. All tte ieaaks mn 
Untted and it was hosted by 
Pembroke Realty. 

Courts fiunily. Ttere were 
diidcen tar^ts sMBnA with 
wiU rto^ in white gnpe s«we, 
port tariarloin with assorted 
ooBlnMte, swe^ ubA sour 
spare-rOs^ a b^MM (fispl^ 
d fretii fndt spidded with 
sto»dded flresh eocoont; fruit 
Itfto, utf te«r. A ironderM 
itforoAl mxiai evenii««tBted 

Ham Allen and Mrs. Claire McGrath enjoying a bite to eat. 

Mrs. Bonner holding her ''Williamsburg" primitive. Beside her are 
several others. 

Cavaliers offer chance 
to Christmas shop early 



Amoif Qm pstrti mxtftm- 9m 

Here's a chance to do your 
Christmas shopping early. 

The Candle Coffee {dannedby 
tte Cavalier Junior Woman's 
Club will featere not only cand- 
les but also an assortmeirt of 
gift items including decoupage 
by Doris (Mrs. 3(Aa S.) Cucura 
and primitives by Ann (Mrs. 
Jack) Bonner. 

Mrs. Cucura's decoupage is 
much in demand, as ste has 
develq)ed ter own tedmique. 
A variety of lten» wiU te for 

Mrs. Bconer has been ddng 
primitive paintings on wood for 
a little more Qan a year now. 
"A friend of mine did item," 
said Ann. "In foct she did om 
for me. Tten ste moved away. I 
don't teiokl'd ever teve started 
if ste hadn't moved." 

Mrs. Bonner buys scrap 
wood, mostly pine, from a hard- 
ware store and "ages" it ter- 
self. Ste has a Jigsaw and Sand- 
er ("I'd Uke a work^Mp") and 
dls^^sses tte wood by b^iti^ 
it with nails. 

aie tss a number of small 
primitive of fruit, veg^atdes 
and mushrooms and says ste 
will (to some frogs before tte 
coffee— "frogs are an 'in'thli« 
now." . 

Also po|Milar are ter haify 
primitives wUeh are indtvU- 
uattsed i»:or<&i« toOnnudMr 
ol t»ofi% in ttie f^unlly, iHlr 
eolaitai^ Hf pels wd teUto. 

SiNBittl^ new^istryl^is 
kig teffaoatel prinitiw d 
mutelNitff Mrect tetnas. 
Ste fot tte IdM firan n ott fll 

shcoiedng ste bo^ with a 
scene on it. 

Painting isn't ter only inter- 
est, however. Ste sews durii% 
tte day and paints atttgHfJust 
for fun." Ste designed and made 
a wooden tem^ ("Jade telped 
me with it") which a friend 
bottg^ for a coffee W9Ie. Ste 
also desiped and made a lamp 
table in a teiJk can. "I never 
got around to painting it," ^e 
admitted. Anottier lamp Ae 
made has a table leg for abase. 

Tte BocMTB teve lived in 
Kii9 Grant nine years. *'We 
bouf^ tte tease trtdlt it was 
stiU teing built." Altteugh or- 
iginally from Alabama, tiiqr 
plan to stey tere becttse ol 
their diUdren:&aan, 14;Batc^ 
12; and Cathy, 10. 

In addUloa to tbe deooqmee 
and painttogs, tti»e i^ te a 
number doOiNrsmtflgUlttems 
lor sale too. Oaen dtteooCree 
wiU te 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 

Coffee honors 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodn^ MOm 
ol RoUn Drive gave a eofllM 
Saturday moning lor ttwUr 
pranMaui^tKr wte wis tkMng 

1440 WalHScdge, iMdi^ is 
reaped by drivl^ back on 
Uttle Reek RoiA to Harris 
Road ttd torslag rl|^. Drive 
to KUne^Road anS turn ri|^ 
agal^ fbm U!R oi^lMerM^. 
I^s file first bonsa on tte rliJit. 

Ite candles wtU te in all 
siste, shaptf and forms. (M- 
ors wiU te teten f(v deUvery 
telore Cbrtsterai. Ttere irili 
te eokff dri» candles, advent 
candUs, Osl^Utf flgives, 
ti^rs, etc, along with tradi- 
tioml ookred candles. In addi- 
tion ttere will te flower rings 
to go arwffld oodles wid en- 
semdes ol candl», teUers and 
flowwrs. Proceettifromltearf- 
fee \iiriU go to tte Cavalitf 's 

-nS cmll«. b.« ™i« 

some 1,000 invttations to tte 
eollw, bat tte piMlc is also 

Pribram Meds 
more helpers 

' Tte Virtfiia Beach Pvks 
and l^r^tiob D^Muteent te 
te ased «l peq^to loilc i^ 
te rt wetors in tte rite^tod 
prograA tor etewMftsr 

Ite graattlasghter te Itas. 
Rotect Lee Oiw«ui,ttefora- 
er Aov Midgatt and daaiParol 
Mr. and Mrs. B. S. lOdgM, 
ff^na^ ol Vlrgiiia Bate^ and 
now ttitef te Aiini^ ilk 

lite. Ororasa war M^tod 
te MMy I 
«• te^ ifaidMte at 

Aapsa tntereited te teMb- 
tef arts, »tfte, te^ Ml* 
or telon te m^ to (^ ti 
RMTtriton O^tttawBt ^ 4r 

So eriM«*pn^B«ktt^ 
IMS Mi «ra l! 


Virginia Be^ Sun 

Thursday, Qgtofeflr 1, »Ta 


Bif Evit MutUt 

Miss Johnson (Boice Studio) 

Johnson-Phelan engagement 

Breedlove-Wilkinson weddingjj: 

A November wedding is 
{daooed by Miss Laura Louise 
Joimson and J<dm Michael 



■ •'>.. 


Probably not yet, if 
you've just, moved 

in. ^==3=^""^ 

Perhai» your Wel- 
come Wagon hostess 
QBXi help to ease the 

Call her today! 



Th6ir engagement is ann- 
ounce by ber parents, Mr. and 
Mrs. James A. Johnson, Jr. of 
Newark, Del. Miss Johnson's 
father was formerly (oindpal 
of Virginia Beach Hi^ Sdiool. 

Mr. Phelan, of Greenville^ N. 

C, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. 

, Jolm M. Phelan of Wayne, N.J. 

Miss Johnson is a grtduate 
of East CaroUia University with 
a B.S. degree in Education. She 
is currently teaching in the 
Vir^nia Beach school system. 

Mr. Phelan is also a gi^- 
uate <A E.C.U, with an A.B. 
degree in history and English. 
He is associated with Vacation 
Properties, Inc. of Virginia 

Two, not one 

On Sept 3, twin sons were 
bom to Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey 
S. Tillman at Virginia Beach 
General Hospital. The boys 
have been named Geoffrey S. 
Tillman, Jr. and James Frank- 
lin Tlilraan. We regret^ttte 
" OJ^igUkS'ttmouncement repdirted 

Mrs. Palmer 

McC Iain-Palmer wedding 

nmyHine s<«.. 

In Turkey, at Us* count, 
90,000 rural women have learn- 
ed to present seasonal vege- 
tables ^ canning centers equip- 
ped by CARE. The crops saved 
from sp(41age help feed families 

Miss Linda McClain became 
Oie bride of Charles Jefferson 
Palmer in a ceremony Aug. 29 
at the First Christian Churdi of 
Kent, Ohio. 

The bride is the daughter of 
Mr, and Mrs. M.E. McClain of 

The bridegroom is the son of 
Mrs. James E. Palmer Jr. and 
the late Mr. Palmer of Wash- 
ington, D.C. and VirginiaBeach. 

Mrs. Carl S. Koltas of Stow, 
Ohio was matron of hiNior and 
Miss Sue McClain (tf Kent was 
maid of honor. 

Best man was Robert Ziobro 
of Washington, D.C, and Ron- 
ald Campbell of Riverdale, Md. 
was groomiiman. 

The bride is >^^j»)te of 
Kent State University , where 
^e~ was a men^r of Delta^ 
Zeta sodal sorority. She has 
a M.A. degree in foreign aftairs 
from the University of Virginia. 

Th^ bridegroom has a B.S. 
degree io^ commerce from the 
Universi^ (^Virginia where he 
a member of Tbeta Chi 










¥jI# beach 

11— I t I •"'^"r*"*"r"'"-^i^"^i'^v^i:^"^i:>^ 

social fraternity. 

The couple are preseiitly liv- 
ing in Arlington, Va. 


Cavalier Garden Club had its 
first fall meeting at G^ilee 
Episcopal Church with ^rs. 
R.F. Trant, Jr. pi«sidentlng 
in ttie absenceof the pre^dent, 
Mrs. W.H. Sidpp. 

The following committee 
chairmen were announced: 
Mrs. Trant, awards and gifts; 
Mrs. PH. Allen, beauttdcation; 
Mrs. Kerndt S. Land, decorat- 
ing; Mrs. E. A. Holfmelster, 
flower arrangements; Bto. 
Mitchell L. SUpman and 
Mrs. Gocilon AtwiU, HANDS; 
Mrs. V.J. Honeycutt, borticul- 
tare; Mrs. E.A. Cc^mer, hos- 
tesses; Mrs. Hoffmeister and 
Mrs. Traiit^ program; „ Mcs. 

Afiss June Carof B»eedlove 
became the bride of Wayne 
Miller Wilkinson in a chapel 
ceremony at 2 p.m. Sept. 19 
at Virginia Beach United Meth- 
odist Church with Dr. R. 0. 
Bryant offldatlng. 

The bride Is the duigfat^r of 
Mrs. Ella Fischer of North 
WoUsnare Drive and Robert 
Breedlove of Washingt<», D.C. 

The bridegroom is the son 
(tf Mrs. Edmi Wilkinson of 
EUzabeth City, N.C. ai^ the 
late Jesse Wilkinson. 

Tlie bride, given in marriage 
by her uncle,' Hugh Breedlove of 
Blackstime, Va., wore a JuUet- 
style full lengtti weddias lown 
of bonded crepe trimmed with 
lace. She bad a matdilng lace 
Juliet headpiece with a chapel 
train of tulle. 

Miss Jackie Bilabry of Char- 
lotte, N.C. was maid d honor, 
and the bride's sister, Mrs; 
Gayle Creasy of VlrginiaBeadi, 
was bridesmaid. 

Mac Miller of EUzabeJIlgltsr, 

the bridegroom's uncle, was 
best man. George Thonyisra of 
\|iampton was groooffiman. 

' Following a wedding trip to 
Vl^e Blue lOdge MotmtalnB, the 


is living in Virginia 

J.D.W. Cassedi^ piri3ildty;M». 
WlUiam @ar(ten, social; Mm. 
Dow S. Grones, specimens; 
Mni. C.R. Keniffidy, phone; Mrs. 
L.D. Flnley, Jr., transporta- 
tion, and Mrs. B.M. Stanton, 

The October meeting will be 
a worishop clinic with instruc- 
tion in flower arranging. 

Mr. and Mrs. HarimttcflUed 
and said Uiey appredated the 
newspaper's auwundng the 
tirtti ol a danger, however 
their new sai, bom at the 
General Hospital of Virginia 
Beach, was not too bapnr about 
it. Send blue gifts Instead of 
pink, please. 



Anorisd GoiDiSi 


>■> H'>; 1 MiliHryCirtk 

3133 Va. Btach Bind . Va Beack/MUUaryCitideSlu^Hi^Qr. 

Va. Beach S(4:>reOpen Mondav Thru Sat. lOA.M.to6P.M. 

Exifpt Mimdav and Fridav til 9 P.M.. Milttarj' Circle Store 

Open Mim. Sit. 10 10. 

Shnpa for fhe Ladies and their Daughters 
Phone 340-3525 

* • 


Since we were aa the sub- 
ject of priceless laces in the 
last column and had sudi a 
response, su^xse we omtlmie 
telling you a story about 
3ur new bride. Donna. She and 
!)ef husband, Steven love an- 
tlqiK and thrift shops. They 
manage to find some most un- 
usual objects which they spend 
2 great deal of time and mcmey 

While worUngon Us master's 
degree, Steven had to pass a 
thrift, shop every day m his 
way to the imiversity, and had 
noticed a bridal gown on dis- 
play. He had thou^t aboirt.takii% 
eami^ time out to drqp in and 
purchase it for Donna, but one 
day he passed and the bridal 
gown was gone! He took ttie time 
then to rush into the shop to 
ask about it. Evidently not real- 
izing Uie value of ttie gown, the 
lady In darge pointed to the 
floor urtiere the gown lay In a 
erumpled mass wtiere albe had 
thrown it after takiog it off the 
mannequin. Steven purchased 
the gown for practtcally nothing. 

Evm though Steven and Donna 

were not bCfidaUy ei^aged and 

Mr. and Mrs./nmcis Hugh had no definite plans about their 

Grandstaff, girL >-^ marriage, Steven presented die 

Mr.^aud Mrs.. John AttiU gown to Donna as her Christmas 

Trindei^ boy. gift Donna was ttrilled beyond 

tilr. and (Mrs. Gax^ Lee Ben- words. She loved the gown and 

nett, boy. J! » *'*®" ^ ^Y ^™® '** ^^ *° 

Mi^.'aJDd^)|irs. lfij^IBi»r.- start idanning their weddii^stie ; 

fflpd Memdhh boyi - , decided she wanted to wear the 

Mr. and Mrs. Dtck'^mdley gown Steven had given l^r. S|ie 

Brurol^, girl. ' < took it to the best heirloom 

Mr. and Mis. Harry Ifilliner processor in Philadelphia !idK> 

llie bride is a gradual of 
Pritieess Anne Business College 
whei^ she was a member at Nu 
Tau $iigma sorority. 

The Itrldegroom, a graduate 
of 14 Dominion UniverslQr 
wh6r^ tifi was a member of 
Alpha K^npa Phi ftr^rnity, is 
a claims ,«djaBter with Hurt- 
ford Insuniiicv Compauf. 

!.»• » »•»* i *i- » ^ i a «y » a ni » t » » , 

<»> «»»»> » ^ t : « >»» >■»» " 

Tyler, boy, 

Mr. and Mrs. George Walter 
WMtlaw, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Dewey 
Slade, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Pattt 
Shipley, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Frank- 
lin Beamon, girl. 

dated the gown for her (silk 
satin handmade around the early 

An overlay panel of floral de- 
signed bMudwdrk from shouldei^ 
to bttstline was in perfect con- 
ditlMi and remained so after the 
heirlooming but the fine lace had 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseidi Mldiaet t^dcen such abuse over the years 

Scarola, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Eugene 
Williams, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. WllUam Carroll 
Dorsey, Ix^. 

liii and Mrs. Kennetti Hunt 
Copeland, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry James 
Stems, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Judson 
Newton, IH; girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert PhilUp 
Ayotte, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. WllUam Henry 
Bailey, HI. girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. John WtiUam 
Ford, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson, 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas John 
Stoddart, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Barry 
Evans, girl. 

Mr^ and Mrs. Alan Br4mpton 
Shriner, Jr., girl. 

Mr. and lixs. Billy Joe 
Michael, girl.' 

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Andreiv 
Main, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tlmmy Le Roy 
Nelson, Itoy. 

Mr. and Mrs. WilUe Welton 
Bloimt, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Thomas 
Hall, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wayne 
Tucker, girl. 

^ Mr. and Mrs. WllUam Rand- 
oli^ Clarke, Jr., boy. 

Mr. and Mrs.TtomasHunp- 
ton Damer(», boy, 

Mr. and Mrs. WllUam Curtis 
Young, boy* 

with old lace on it, dug In th^ 
attics of her family an) friends 
of i^t family until she hadvliat 
she needed. She waA to a lot 
of time and eiqiijense'to liave 
tiie gown ready for her wedding 
(by and by the time she v^ 
Ht^sbsi she had perhftps sp^ 
more than the average youngl 
lady spends oa a nehw gowns 

Donna went even fUrUier. ShlB 
found a pair of ^ old shoes (M(V 
display in an antique shopwUcbl 
were "definitely Jot for sale". 
The owner furtaer explained 
ttiat the shoes were too smaB 
fbr anyone to wear in this day 
uid age. Finally, Donna gol 
them! Uiey fit and matdied her , 
gown perfectly. a 

.■■ d, 

Her entire .wedding waft 
ooordii^ted arotmd a theme of 
ttie period of the ^wn wA yijfs 
a garden wedding, illie gw^hf 
were enclosed bitf could view th» 
ei^e wedding throi|^ gUnfS ant 
could hear the oerenutpy by 
means ofiilcrophoncis.Tbeacli 
ual ceremoiqr tocA^plaee In ^ 
gazebo and ewn^Kiwigrountf - 
music wasdifi«-ent.TiKquack>( ' 
ii^ of the ducks (m the grovnds , 
was quite Uvely and jceitilnly 
authenitc. b 


Have had several experl0nce{b 
lately of going to wedding^ . 
v^ere tiie family was eiqp^ctlne 
apimMdmately 200 p^^e^ ^i% 
h^f that amount showed up afteiQ 
l^idng answered "y«5" U^ the 
rsm^ What happens? Tod Audi 
food. * ' .V 

.," ' .8, 

On another occasion, thft 
fiimily was expecting ^Jinrc 
imately 250 guests, btit 
pared foi* 300 so everyone would 
have enough to eat and driidb 
Guess how many came witiioHl 
answering the R.S.V.P.? OwjB 
SOOI What happened? Not ebqugft 
food to go around. 


Please, please, return yous^ 
respond card wltti a "yes" m 
"no" even if you have to rets 
tract it tqr phone. If you dQ , 
not answer at all, doj^'t be 
surprised if the bricte's mothae 
calls to cfmfirm your aipweiu 
It is certainly prqper for hey , 
to do so. She must have as 
accurate an account as possible 
in order t<x ber to advise tta» 
caterer. a 


A note to our Virginia Beach 
brides-to-be. As of Oct* 1st, 
Rose Hall's phoiograpber will 
be available one ni^ per weeic 


mere wasn't mudi she could 
do' in the way of repairing all 
of It. However, she dlito't give 
up.. She haunted antique and 
thrift shops looking for clothing 

Lake Smith Terrace 

Ope Tuesday evening, Sept. 
22 the Lake SmiOi Terrace 
Garden Club held their first 
meeting of the year witti Mrs. 
Andrew J. Given, president, 
presiding. Mrs. Ray L. Bre- 
eden, Jr. gave a program on 
tiie^lnsic geometric forms used 
in fiower arranging. 

Mrs. W.J. l&xweH gave final 
plans for the three dky baW ****■*'* glossies so your |4ctuee 
in Pembroke Mall in which the **U appear with your engage- 

ment announcement. Forms aa 

also available at Rose Hall fol: 

you to filL ia. the infonnatioti 

pertaining to your ^ngwemedt 

All members present signed «nd/br wedding announcemeni 

club will have a booth.. The 
dates for the bazaar are^Od. 
29-3|. \ 

a letter to be sent to the City 
Co'undl, Planning Commission 
and beach borough represent- 
i^ve stating a protest against 
Qie proposed billboards on the 

Blue Ribbon winners for the 
evening were: Arrangements, 
Mrs. Alton M. Gregory, Mra. 
DonaW M. Frlnk tad Mrs. W. 
J. Maxwell; Horticulture, Mns. 
James N. Fletcher (3), Mrs. 
Andrew J. Given, Mrs. B.W. 
Spore, Mrs. R.A. Given, Mrs. 
J.W. Sanford, Mrs. L.W. Wil- 
gtts, Mrs. A.C. Uitford and 
Btes. F.w. ounn. 

Please callmirbrldaldepar^ 
mentfor an appolnftment with 
our pbotogr4>ber or forftirther 
information. a 

Anydie'^th Items dinteres 
on mgagemei^ or wedtUii^ 
tell your story to Mrs. Evli 
Uy%% Brtdal ' CcmsulUiA a 
Rose Hall. 

3lM ClumtH 



U«« our NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 SU 
•nt«r from Pacific or Arctic Avo. 

Tlie drunken ^iyer t is tb 
most deadly klll^A tl^ Ugb 
way. Ataiqr glven^fneiiisest 
Imi^ tint only pkm flv 
per cent of Oie drivers on tli 
road are drunk. However, fid 
group is i^pcmM^f (V il leaf 
batt of the Ugbwty <I^B^!a tbi 
occur eadi year. 


Suffor Maiiy TrmiMft 

Mm 21. oriMMM ILUiiqr or ! 
Intttdow dbci twiM M ■Mjp 
!«« Mi 


Mfroyi frooilos fNMm« IwnMi 

fcMMarljb.nNi pif Me Mlp 

fcri «M. tfnd, dMMMd. le 

totiMM^^nXniiittrbi ^ 

ntate en^M toartii« MmIm 

fiM It ^t.M# ye*. 

.-J^y Ortrshflir I, 

Virginia Beach Sun 


Mayor Names Cauncilmen 
Ta Study Citizen's Group 


A riBoMw prcqxKii^ aClt- 
tMflf Mfimxy Committee ftn- 
YitpM Be»di wu tabled by 
Cil| CqIb»^1 Monday until a 
9^EiU| eomnittee can recom- 
iMoil Jti coiBpo8itl(» and set a 
9eeme jiirpose for the body. 

Ifam^Wd H. Rbodes ap- 
polntei Cfi^lmen Cbarles H. 
cms*^ii, Dr. Clarence A. 
HoUnd and D. Murray Malbon 
to atudtytte question wittiCaUis, 
tile spoawff of tbe resolution,, 
acti^ m ^airman of the group. 

Caltts lflta<oduoed the resolu- 
tion )tf Mrflnt flaeetiag as a 
eoNinciimaa but was chastisad by 
J. Curtis Payne for havi^ in- 
troduced tlie measure wiUiout 
consultiog other coundlmen. 
. At thai iime, developmsnt of 
tlie t«soMion was directed to 


y J. Dale Bimtoo 
was felt tbat tte 
the wii^nal reMlo- 
too vaiRie and that it 
to meet certain Fed- 
eral irtandardff. 

TlK latest resolution ttu^ the 
oommitlee shall be "an aid in 
wderly ia>ocess of govern- 
tnt and community develop- 
»ot" and that it shall act in 
fm advisory capacity to the 

But City Manager Roger M. 
Scott s^d that unless the coun- 
determines what the committee 
will consider and sets Its pur- 
pose, it may find itself faced 
with several "pttfalls." 

Scott said that often CAC 
members get wended and dis- 

Mem Wjfs ofithe Vf rglfiTa AssocfalldrW Voluriteer S q ti a tfT boar <f 
the Sell Robin II at Rudee Inlett for a scenic cruise of the Virginia 
Beach shore line. ' 

CiiyWins Prizes, Convention Billboord ^Wor' 


iHen of tbe Beach Borough 
\tohiBteer Beseue Squad cap- 
tktiiA Sevan tbcti place tn^iiies 
tl MD^etition during the 3!^ 
aflinnl cooventioo of tiie Virginia 
AModatfonof Vi^lunteer Rescue 
^^(ittds, Inc., staged at tbe 
Virgiiiia Beach Civic Center 
lilt Thursday throughSatorday. 
.The Beadi Boroufdi Squad 

eaptured the Virginia Htgbway 
Users AssocidHoQ flrat-aid 
grand trophy, ttie Forest David 
Porter, Jr., memorial trqpby 
denoting outstanding addeve- 
ment in first-aid and resent 
equipment, the^Virg^sia Asso- 
datioo of Rescye Squads' Rqr- 
mond H. Hierien t^op^ award- 
ed for outstanding achievement 
in first-aid, tlie 2ai UtMct 
first-aid tint plaoe trapiqr,»id 

pnder$landiiig (conttmed from pg. d 

iervices to those areat. 
1 Barrow noted tM tbe bast 
i^rtcaltnral areas have already 
b04|i used foif urban develop- 
■mOIs and bedce were not in- 
bluftd in suitibUity levels. 
z "l^sides, dw dty's second 
lBrp»t economic factor is agri- 
anlturill Inisiiiess, ud we need 
Id continue with these areas. 
i;, "Tbc^'iure the breadbadcetof 
tte area and can si^ply Uk 
needed foods and dairy products 
lo our residents. We need to 
keep 4^in/' be said, 
a Barrow said eventual land use 
fhouM follow three prindpl« 
developed by the department 
for all idanning gddes: 

* Enoc^uvge the develc^ment 
of attj^imment whldi offers 

ftd> individual an opportunity 
I ft ig^kiap Us in^ talents and 
to tte highest pot«^ 



A * Promote tbe rational de- 

|v«Ui|Mnent of our nataral re- 

ree*-^ ocean front, rivers 

IMllNpioBes of vacant land, 

liNiile prorUng to insure that 

lilleae i^eplaceable resources 

lilre not destroyed in the process 

d' devild|Nneirt and that they 

lieoMifl permanently aceessable 

jib fte dttzenry of Viri^nia 

* Encourage the dverslflca- 
Iticm and development of tbe 
licciipnlc'base tiffough tiiepro- 
lliation of tourism, industiial 
Ideveloi^nt and retail expan- 
JMoD, itfle not losing $i|^ of 
ittm d^fs obligatton to pre- 
llarve Ind strei^then the estab- 
Ittshed' md developing resid- 
llirtial coinmanities. 

19 The remainiag twoprindples 
listablished d^ widi recom- 
Imeodattons for development, be 
lid, and are: ^ 

* Development d a hetero- 
IgMKoos community which of- 
Ifcrs rodents and visitors di- 
l^rsiflii^ patterns o< living, 

led ^rtainment and cult- 
adl^ties and an opttmum 
Ice d life Myl». 

* Devtfepment d a putdicly 
framework dcqital 

iiprovemei^»Hroads, commim- 
Mttt^s, parks and utiUt- 
whidi will serve as a guide 
die pittern and timii% d 
tvite develq>ment widdn die 

;idwt excites Bsritow 

develcqiment plms d any 

and, whi^ he would most 

lln to 8e« is cominadty in- 


"There are several things 
dnt can keep a {ten fhan work- 
ing," he said, "but die most 
impwtant ddng is lade d oom- 
mudiy involvement and^ people 
forgetting die plan. ^ 

"People involved in the mak- 
ing d the plan could lose inter- 
est or iM-get tbe plan, in which 
case the inoving force behind it 
is lost," be said. 

And this is .Hie premise upon 
-which the KenqisviUe Plan is 
based, be said. "We could have 
made dis a staff ftffldioo and 
kept die whole thing secret, but 
we eled to draw in tbe civic 
teagues, the businessmai and 
others because diey an die ones 
who have to live with tt." 

The ottier roadblodc to die 
plan lies widi tbe policy makers, 
the Plauiing CommissloQ and 
die Cl^ CottodL lie my^If, 

diey'te^ ii^ iraetiiiar 

diere*s a plan andbeglntomove 
df, dien it's Jost. 

"What I want to emphasizeis 
diat dds Is a policy statemed 
and not a definite |dan." 

Barrow said the policy state- 
med Is based on tfiree goiOs: 

To devel<¥ plans wiridi are 
addressed to the difficdt ec- 
onoidc, sodal and physical 
problems confronting the dty' 
and vMdi will serve as an im- 
petus to pdilic and private ac- 
tton to rectify diese problems. 

To develop plans diat will 
serve as viable guides to public 
dfldals and private indiv|<laals 
in die makingoC decisions whidi 
will shape die foture epviroi- 

To uttUae tte plaiplmr pro- 
cess as a oommudcaiton device 
designed to generate comnudty 
Invdvement in pufaBc decision- 
making nd to sedre as aforuin 
for discussion between public 
odldals and tbe new dttunry 
dVirgida Beach. 

"Even if die plan is dianged 
as we devel<v il/as long we 
teep diese gotjs and prindples 
in mind, we can amend and 
dange tte plan tnit it wiU re- 

"If people adarstaml die 
plandng process and prindples, 
dien no mi^r howttey <tenge 
it, it will sttU f^radion as it 

"Pm not concerned about ap- 
proval of it, because trti^'s 
iflqmrtadt is ttit the psople 
anden^4 these ddngs. If diey 
do, tten die plan is not ai 
impmtaal as it might be if diey 
didnt," be said. 

first plaoe awards fd* tbe best 
ilist-iid team, best e^iipped 
custom anAolance, and tbe best 
evdmed iliedlmn rescue trade. 

Other resort dty Rescue ' 
Squa^ who earned awards in 
oon^etttion indudsd Kemps- 
ville Witt a first place in eom- 
petttioD aimong o-ew-comrerted 
carryalls, Plaza eamlngsecood 
place for Its custom trudt* 
ambulnce and Creeds witt a 
decond place in custom ambu- 
lance eonqietition. 

AM^ximatdy 90 Rescue 
Squads tnm ttircNigbaiit tbe 
State converged on ,tirgida 
Batdi to tain part in tbe three 
dajr oooventioD. More than 1,100 
parioBS travelled to "Mit^a 
BeMh to represent dieirbome- 
town Raseoi Squads tn the event. 
Induded among tbise were a 
ndiriber d women who are fdly 
qualified raentbers dVolunteer 
Rescue Squads. Ifore (ban 100 
pteo^ d various ^fpedRescoe 
Squad eqdpmeat were brougbt 
to tte resort dty from pdnts 
as fhr north as Alexandria and 
as tu west aa Br^tol Idr tbe 

Tbe convention was Uifiligbt- 
ed tqr a nmnber d ev«|ts in- 
doding scenic boat cruses 
along die Virgida Beadi dure 

lini iiimi^nAffUn'ttm' 

noda^^a^drtoor tf tfiaOeMoss 
NamU Aijr StiHoo Flldi|f moiiii- 
ing, aparadedassortMrakme 
Skiad eqdpoMd down Atlantic 
Avenue Friday evedng, a cos- 
tume round and square dance 
d tteCivic Center Friday dgfat^ 
a banquet Friday dght at tbe 
Civic Center, featuring former 
'State Senator from Virginia 
Beach William "BUI" Kellam 
as Toastmaster, whi(A was 
followed by tte Association's 
annual dance. 

May Just Be 
Getting Started 

The moratorium declared by 
City Cmmdl on Ul|boards a 
montt ago may be over, and 
die war between the billboard 
industry and opposing parttes 
Just begindng. 

In a letter to City Manager 
Roger M. Scdt released Mon- 
Hftf, Coundlman F. Rdd Ervin 
asked ttwt sectiw 3-5 d die 
City Code be amended to in- 
clude a ban on dUboards a- 
long tbe eq>ressway. 

Sectton 3-5 d the code states 
diat no Ullboards can be placed 
dong tbe Oceanfront from 40th 
Stred to the southernmost 
boundary d the dty witt die 
exc^on d those used to iden- 
tify budnesses. 

Ervin asked that die amended 
section of tte code be given a 
first n^ad^for passage on 
Odober 12. 

He also asked thd die plan- 
di« diredor, Charles Carring- 
ton, deliver an outline d die 
dgdward study to coundl so 
dttt will be available for fu- 
hire deltteratlons. 
"^No^ijpUsittims^jpr uaejj^- 
mito for billboards d uqr lo- 
catton shouU be accepted by 
the Plamdng Department prid- 
ing conqdetion of die study," 
Ervin wrote. 

However, use permit appli- 
cations fw proper identifi^on 
d budnesses locded on tbe 
business site shodd be pro- 
cessed as usual, he said. 

Ervin said that after passage 
d the pri^Msed amendmed,die 
dty attorn^ should be ordered 

to take "steps necessary tore- 
move all billboards and dgns 
from die expressway except 
those reqdred for proper iden- 
tiflcatioa of tte biKinesses." 

The Planning departroedwas 
also asked to determine a sd 
d recommended stanburds dot 
w(^ Umit tte size, height, 
and configuraticHi d those signs 
identifying businesses al(ng|he 

..< "Tbssi are nd the final an- 
swers to tte questl<»s but Just 
my pdnts of intered here," 
Ervin said. "There's reference 
node to the study in die news- 
papers bd I don't know what 
they're coining up widu" 

Ervln's request for a change 
in the code and a darflcation 
d policy follows several modhs 
d tebate concerdng biUboards 
along die ejqiressway. 

After tppTowH d four UU- 
boards iq)plications, the City 
Coundl dedared a 90-day ban 
on die oddoor advertising form, 
leaving seven permits deferred 
until the Plamdng Department 
iffovides gdddines fm^adidi. 

Ervln's request fori a «o(te 
change is the first to oonteflrom 
a coundlman. 

Navy Liedenant Lecmard J. 
Deal Jr., son of Mr. ind Mrs. 
Leoimrd J. Deal of Garwood 
Ave., is returdng to his home- 
base. Naval Air Statl(» Mo^ett 
Field, Calif., witt Patrol 
Squadron 48 foltowing adeploy- 
ment to tbe Philippines. 

dludooed and eventual^ ad as 
a ilaUttty totbe dty. "Tbey tend 
to see themwlvM as experts" 
In deaUng witt die dty's prob- 
lems, aad^t madidienCoundl 
doesn't follow throi^ on dielr 
advice, be said. 

S^itt recommended thd tbe 
menibersdp be "short term" 
to give a broad spedrum of 
dtizens a chance toserve on die 
committee, and thd a spedflc 
purpose be determined as tbe 
Issues arise. 

As the resolution is currently 
phraMd, membership will con- 
dst diio tess than 15 or more 
ttan 27 ibendiers, and dnt die 
CAC shall consider such 
matters ks referred to it by 

Rhodes sdd he had already 
received requests for appdd- 
mente uid wodd rdher wdt 
until the purpose and composl- 
don are finalized before he 
considered names. 

Coundl was also asked to 
consider resdnding asedlond 
die City Code dealing witt 
amusement taxes on school 
flindloos. In a letter from die 
First ColMilal Hl^SchoolPar- 
eds League, Harold Kahn sdd 
diat die taxes Imposed on 
school-sanctioned evente are 
"grossly uddr." 

Kahn sdd did receipts 
collected from the events are 
being used to purchase band and 
football udforms, library bodes 
and dher Items used to improve 
die pd>lic school sydem. 

A 10 per cent amusement 
tax is imposed on such evente, 
and Kahn asked diat die section 
be written to exclude "sanc- 
doned orgadzaUons and dudent 
grotqs ln.die schools." 

Coundlman Robert B.Crom- 
well Jr. agreed with die argue- 
ment, and sdd did die tax is 
"in effect, depriving fUnds from 

Rhodes referred the request 
to tte dty attorney to dudy tte 
feasiUli^ of excluding tte 

In otter matters, coundl: 

* Deferred indefidtely a use 
permit appUcadon by Robo 
Wash Co. to operde a car wash 
and gas station on tbe Nortt- 
east corner d Boyd and Rose- 
mont roads In Princess Anne 
Plaaa, pending find plans by 
die Virgida Beach-Nortolk Ex- 
pressway authority for con- 
stci^eHfin <rf on and df-ran^ 
on Roseinod Road for traffic 
toward Virgida Beach. 

* Approved two ordinances 
dealing witt the extendon at use 
perndte wUdi wodd dlow them 
to remdn valid for 12 months 
Instead d six mondis aod^ make 
posslbte an extendon d die per- 
mit for andher dx months foll- 
oirtng die>12 montt period. 

* Was told did die Flrd 
Colony Telephone Company will 


(Contlnned ftom pg. 1) 

Anne Court House and die fol- 
toidng assldad registrars: 

Roland White, aty IbOl An- 
nex; Mrs. Naomi IbdOisiMiyfiZlS 
E. hOLta River Rd.; Malcolm 
Node, Ocean Park Marfcd;H.E. 
Frizaell, Oceana Feed t Hard- 
ware Co.; James Rdrstoo, 
Hdrdon Funerd Home; Mrs. 
Charles w. Beard Jr., Plasa 
Ihrdmre Store; Mrs. C^tterine 
Smitt, Smitt Grocwy, Blade- 
water; A. C. Bryad. Wombte 
Realty; C. J. AimU, Anell 
Grocery, Ba^ Bay; Mn. Car- 
rie Kreger,4859VlrgidsBe«:b 
Blvd.; and Robert E. Harvey, 
Aragona Recreatioii Center. 


Tm> Eatfern Division and one 
World title as offensive line coach 
frith N.Y. Giants ... Six Western 
Division and five World champion- 
ships with Green Bay Packer* . . . 
A winning season his only year at 
Washington. Off the field, he was 
"Sportsman of the Year" and 
"Salesman of the Year" in 1969. 
And <me of the titles he waa 

Kudnt of was "Ex-newspaper- 



^•, B»0chi »«w»Jt t Mojf Comp/ert iMl STOK 

Wa Buy And Sell N«w a Usml Books 
0»er 1,000 Paperbacks In stock 
Many Hard Bound as Well 

Call 425-1433 

11 A.M. to 7 P.M. 

TIm BMk Barn 



. . A tribute to newspaperboyg by tbe late Vince Lombard! 

W A coach really appreciates a depend- 
•^ able performer," said Vince Lorn- 
. bardi, the late head coach of the Washing- 
ton Redakiiu and one of pro footballV all- 
time coaching greats. "He's the man th>t 
wins the big ones for you. You count on 
him to deliver — and he never lets you down. 
**Newipaperboy8 are like that too: Rdi- 
thh, hard-working, on the job in ail kinds 
of weather. As newspaper subscribers we 
all appreciate the year-round good service 
we gH from our carrUrs — and when that 
Newspaporboy Day comes around, we 
M^ to ^ dioB to!" 

C^^Kwing coaches will tell you Vince 
Lomlurdi was taaally ri|^t — and he was 

on target again when he talked about news- 
paperboys. They're dependable, induMrious 
—and thrifty too. Many of them buy U. S. 
Savings Bonds regularly out of earnings for 
college and other future nee<fc. It's another 
mark of their good citizenship, their service 
to community and country. The Treasury 
wnhes tinm a Happy Newspaperboy Day 


MNi STOCK ■I MnWimb 

mux Man tbe Stite Cor- 
pontioa Comn^to Oddker 
27 KquMtiag a^ rtto iimiw. 

• D^erred actlaa eo t two 
acre land donatioQ to tteVtr- 
KinU BeaeH Boits' CUb'vnaiH 
a meeiiiig of the BmUIv Wti- 
bre and Recreatioii CoomII. 
Scott toklCounctltlHititanpetra 
that tbe Boys' ad> and Ibe 
Coundl boQi intttod to develop 
a dty community aerviea cea- 
ter, and tbat It wouldte advia- 
able to see If it caa't be devel- 
oped Jointly. 

• Was toM tbat tte TaUvood 
Civic Leigne has filed a eom- 
plaiot with tte dty askliif for 
bivestigatioo d tte Ferrell 
Barrow pit operated by tbe 
E. V. WilUams Co., Inc. at 
tte iotersedioD d KempAIIe 
and Inditti River Roads. Tte 
league contends Uwt flie com- 
pany bas violated four dty ord- 
inances and has not pdd ft» 
CM'red amount of taxes on land 
excavated from tte pit. In add- 
ition, ttey said tte depth of 
excavation has cd oft vater 
sources for several resideds 
at ttM area. 


Tte VlrfijiU Btftd) 
C oaaiiw l oi i lUl bBbJapaMic 
Hiartb^ OB TnuNliy, OddMr 
IS, 1970, at 1:00 P.M. in tte 
CflMBdl Cbiaibtrs of tte id- 
Bidatnllfla Bdldiai. Prlaoew 
Amm Coortboasc, Virginia 
Beadi, Virginia. Tte fidlovl^ 
i W ilicatloBs «lll appear oa tte 


1. AppttcdIoDoCflKCityd 
Virghria Bsadi for a Um Par- 
oit to eosstraet nutdpd 
fltteea oa enMMptopn^la- 
9ted oa tte Eart side d lade- 
pndnee Bodsvard, beglniteg 
d a peld tSOO led Nortli d 
NorOi Wltddiick Rdri^ rwdng 
a dbdance d 400 fed aloBc fl» 
Eaal dde d fa dep ea ds aai Bod- 
eranL roodac adtetaaeed^ 
fed woof tte Sodtes^pruiierty 
Mas, nuaing a (flitaMe d 400 
fed aloag tte Eaatem property 
Mae aod ruuiing a d^wee d 
4^ ted atoof tte Nerttem 
proiiarty line. Slid property is 
taan as Lots l aod 2 d 
vngartf formerly Hw^tni 
Property. (Peaabroke Atm). 

S. Applicatloa d Loretta B. 
Wimaoe aad Carol Ann Pqie 

(CoetlBBad, Piffe 1(9 

VIRGINIA BEACH SUN, 3101 Padflc Avaaoe, Virgida Beadi, 
Virginia 23451. pubUsbed vreekly d Virgida Beaeb, Virgida. 

Filing data OddMr 1,197a 

6. Tte names and editresses of tte pddlster, ettttta*, aod 
managing editor are: PdiUdmr, BMcb Pddlddng Corp., 3106 
Pacific Avenoe, Virgida Beadi» Virgida; Managinc EdUor, 
Ruby Jean PdlUps, 412 2Stb Strsd, Virgida BMicb, Virgida, 
23451; Editor, Same. 

7. Tbe ovmer is: Beadi Pd>lidiing Corporatlon»Virfbda 
Beach. Virginia; Frank D. Tarrall, Jr. estate, Virgida Beacb, 
Virgida: Altert L. Basaajr aad Evamae L. Boimsy, VUrglda 
Beach, Virgiiiia; George R. Ferrell, Virgida BeadLVIrgUia; 
Harold B. Kellam, Virgida Beacb, Vlrgidi; Edwin C. Ksllini, 
Norfolk,Virgida; AUee M. Kellam, Virgida Beaeb, Virgida; 
Sidney S. Kellam^ Vicgliia. Baacb, Virgida; C. E. Md:arry or 
Alma M. MoCurry, Virgida feadi, Virgida; JdD W. Ccdoena, 
Jr., Virgida Beacb, Virgida; Hotfi E. Owens, Virgida Beaeb, 
Virginia; Jack H. Harris, Virgida Beacb^ l^rglda; CbniBa F. 
Fiddler, Virgida Beaeb, Virgida; L. Stad^r Bodges, Virdda 
BeadL Virgida; Frank W. Coot, Virgida Beacb, Vir^Uia; 
Russell S. Marsbad, Virgida B«a<^ Vtrgldi; Eoeo, Inc., C/O 
Lawrence B. Wales, Jr., Virgida Beacb, Viq^ida; E. Vlri^us 
Williams, Norfolk, Virgida; MldiadC.Savvlde8,VirgidaBeacb, 
Virgida; Madeline M. Vakoa, Virgida Beaeb, Virginia; BMB 
Syndicate, a general partnerdiip, eoaqiriaed dCddaUBelkov, 
Jdm R. Burton, Jr. and Edward Ifyers as partners, C/D Edward 
Myers, Norfolk, VirginM; Ande K. Kellad aadFtoydE. KeUam, 
Jr., Trustees, Trud A nd Trad B, ondar ite will d Fh^d E. 
Kellam, C/O Flojid E. Kellam, Jr., 115 North Plasa Trail, 
Virgida Beacb, Virginia; Ande E. Kellam, Virgida Beacb, 

8. Tte known bondbolden, mortgai^es, and otter secarity 
toUera mn^ng br bddtag 1 per oed or mwe d totd amoud 
oT&onfi, iterfgiiilePdnf iicdltlere« Nooa^ 

9. Paragrapte7and8iBdude,lneaseswbsi)i(te8toddKAter 
or security bolder appean opon tte books of tte onnpangr as 
trustee or in any other fldndary ralatbe, tte muae of tte 
person or cwpordioe for irbon ndx trostee Is adli^ also 
tte statements in tte two paragrapte d»w tte afflu^a fdl 
knowled^ and telid as to tte dreonitttioes and oonffitloos 
imder wbidi stocUioldMS and menrlty bdden who do nd 
appear iqxm tte boda d tte oompoy as tnisteas, boldstodc 
ioA securities in t ovadty ott«r than ttd of afaoaafide 
owner. Naaies abd a dd r esse s d IndtftdnalsdnarestoddioUMS 
of a corporation dicb itsdf la a stoddiolder ex itASm d 
boute, mor^ages or olbn se«rlttaa d tte pd^irttfng eorpon- 
tion teve been imdaded la pingrapba 7 fadS irtm tte Idanats 
dsudi individuals an ecidv^tdit to 1 pureed or BKwedtte totd 
amoud d tte stodt w seearttela of tte pdiHddnt gorptMfdtoa. 

10. Exted and nature dCircolatlon 

Average nobOoplaai^Bgtelasae 

eadb inoe doing NavMtto 

preceding 12 mo. FIllagDde 

A. Total no. copies prided 10,^ ' 10,100 

B. Paid CircdatioB 

1. Sales tteooi^ dealers aad 
carriers, strad veadon and 
counter sdes 

2. Mdl sdweriptioas 

C. Total Pdd Circulation 

D. Free DistribdioB by Mdl carrier 
Or otter means 

E. Total distdbdioa 

F. Office Use, Left-Over, Unacowd- 
ed, ^?dled alter Prlnttng 

G. Total 









I certify Od tte statemanlB laade ty me diove are corred 
and complete. 

John R. Griffin Gea^nl Manager 




Virginia Moch Sun 

Thursday, OcftNitr 1, I9W 

^rmlt to ovante 
hool and UmWr- 

^^ t dMpei at 

of tlftlMlttortor 
^^_itom tti WMi Jidi (( 

^ iCn Hit iiM« a» 

and ^tm^Uimm m Ut 
^ fllk Aim). BAT8IDE 


S. AipMytM of KtmloelM 

toy fp^ |jjaHt<f Goonwdil 

fumf tMMMOt tutummA 
ft Vw Pwmlt to^ oQoitriNliO 
tpftrtmst^'iitHs CB wrtilii 
|K(uptn| MwnM OB wt nora 
dds of Vtrfbift BMflfe Boiilt-< 
nrd iN^jba^ iit t inlat 700 
tNtmn or 1«m Wwt of 
WltflUmk Road. ' 

Pared 1: Uaa Parmit tooon- 
■tnet to aprtmat asMii On 
oardlB propaHjrloaaladoBttM 
Morlli Mi of VIrlifllft Baftok 
Boiliffiitf biflaBliii at tpolat 
mtMMl Hoftd, aodnnloift 
dMnia «f lot fiit iloBC tfei 
nam am of Virilite Biaek 
ooawfin^ nmflf ■ (liiiBfli 
of SU fliit aloniai ftattwa 
property Uiii, i^nvliii • tfi- 
te»^ iM^MMt alflof ttM 
Morlteii infwrtjr llii ani 
nviiV a dMBoa of BMJ iMt 
doBf Ite Eaatanpropartr lii. 

Ptfotf 2; Chama of aoalnc 
from liBdtad C<nuMrelalQit- 
triet 3 (C-L 3) to llnlflBii 
Ftmi^ Riildeaoa Olatriet^ 
10: B«|lfliitB| at a potnt 100 
tm Wwt of Vitebdnck Rotd 
iBd tKtiOm 101 iait aloi«flie 
Nertt aidi d nr^xU Baadi 
Bodivan^ nminf a ttrtaaoi 
of StB ftd mora or Ian aloof 
Am IKaitam ptofiattf Utre. 
ranlfli a diilaBei of 100 tMt 
BONi or l^jAMstttilloriliani 
proportf ttaii nd raniioiadis- 
tuoi of sn faat^HMri or liii 
aloBi tta Eaatarnpropartylloa, 
(JCtteaa Corwr Araa). BAT- 

4. A^oatica of Stanford & 
iBfi ier a Oaa Nrmlt to ooo- 
■traet a 10-ioot^r42^Btp- 

id OB tto!lQittiidaof(^«aii4 
idch Boai^ tUf^BBUf at a poiat 
ttOO faat BMri« w law Watt 
of Wllefedwk Roal BATBIDE 


% A|va«lioB of Jtawt H. 
mtBtant for aUwPtrnltfdr 
a do| fewid OB eartalaproparty 
toeHid OB AM Eftit aida of 
IMiww iUna lUiBd liaiiiBiBf 

raBBli« a dMaaw of llOftS 
da« te &«t ilda of PiiBeaw 
Aon Boad, nniBi adlataBn 
of BU4 iNt aioi«tteMortteni 
propnH^ Um, rwolii a dU^ 
taaea of 173.7S fo«t aloi« tba 
EwlWB prqpartjr liaa, and 
nBUdflf a (Bftaooi of ISO f««t 
aloBii tte So^iarB proiiartjr 
«. Applleatloo of WJiitt 
SaaaooB, Jr. for a Um Pwndt 
to eoBBtmct foor addltloBal 
ap artaoBt wita, two prwiotly 

pili OB oartda priqiartjrloeat- 
•d OB ttii Souttnst oomar of 
HXk Strait and Arctic Avanw, 
nniBf a dtataaee of 50 fed 
aloBg tte So^ slda of 34th 
Strait, ruudBc a dlataoca of 
140 feat aloBf tba Eaatom 
prqaurty line, ruwtoc a (Ba- 
fejArof 50 feet along Oia 
SRwni pn^rty Hob aadnai- 
fllnf a Aataaea <a 140 feet 
atoK tte Eaat aide of Arctic 

7. Apptteatloa of GeraU C. 
EBMflw for a Um Parodt 
to eoBdmetalz motel aflldancy 
■Mb OB wrtalB proper^ lo- 
wtod ^ tbi Sodbaad eorner 
of Arotte AvaiiM aad 301b 
Sta«eL rwBlBc a ittatnoa of 
Ardie Avwaa, rwdnc a dia- 
tBBW 'of 314 «Mt akv tba 
Sodbani property Um, rwfllBf 
a dbdaaw d UO fed aloBf Iba 
Eaatera VMpatr line aad 
rwiiV a diatasea d 384 fed 
akB| tba Norttmi property Hne 
d vbleb to fed la tba Sodb 
BidadtOdi8triet.Said property 

I. AfpJIffaHoB d FowlalB- 
baad dTlrgidaBaBebferaUw 
Pfrait to eoBBtmd a 106-oDlt 
siotd OB wrMa property lo- 
OBtod OB tta"8(wfbiid oi»ner 
d AUaatle Afow aadSavedb 
Sbad. rwdnf a diataoee d 
tOI fed doBf tte Ead aided 
Afladle Afvaae, raidi« a dto- 
Imw of 110 fed doBclbiSodb 
a dMBW d t05 fed do^ tba 
b^WB pr^wty Itoa, radar 
a tttew d IW fed doBC tbe 
MMiaiB fRpw^ B» dOitb 


cmmmt^vrnmaA beach 

f . An^oatloB d iNsfiB iW 
Wm m MM B. 1lfSldl9 
Ovea B. Pickett, Attoraey.te 
a flbHi d aodivfrtai lloM 
Bdal Dtatrid (M^ to Bddl 
Badawi matriet (B-1) obcw- 
tda pipdwrty kiwlad « tti 
HorlbBiil ioi«tt or WbS&id 
wd AtlaflHe Afaaai, roaafiit a 
dMaaet d SO fed aknitta 
Nodbddadtwi Street, rwn. 
loi a dlBtaaeb d 70 feit ak»c 
fee Wad ddi d AHadle Afe- 
aoa, nudac a diataaw dSO 
fed dOBglbaMortbarBproparty 
Um and raaalni a dataooe d 
70 fed doBi tbi Weden prop- 
erty UMTriBGiraA BEACH 

10. AM^wttaa dMn^Fraa- 
ew FUUd tor a Uke Permit 
tor a Uadnrprttt aad anrwry 

aehod (^y <y? ^^ ^) ^ 
oertito pniwrty tooatad w tbe 
Sodb aide of Virdda Beadi 
Boatofart badflBtaf d a poid 
117 fed IMdd Sodb Lyan- 
bavw Road, radag adiatuoe 
d 180 fed aton|ibe Sodb dde 
d Vlrglda Beaeb Boolanrd, 
runotai a dtdanoa of t98 feet 
atonf tba E a a te r a p r op erty Una, 
roBdag a dMaaw d 187 fed 
roadBg a dtstdwa d 387 fid 
aloag ttaWaBlan property llM. 
(Plnewood Gardraa Arw). 

11. AppHwtkB d Helen L. 
Fow Dy Qnmt C. Wrifbt^ Jr., 
^tomy. tor a ebangedaodng 
firom Uutlpla Family Rwldeaee 
Olitrld (B-M) iltb a Motel, 
Tourld and Reataarad (T-8) 
Sopptomid Dldrld to Umltod 
Comnarcld Oldrld t (C-L 2) 
w wrtaia property loealad on 
tba Sodb dde d LwdA Road 
begtodag d a paid 110 fed 
l^d d Cardiad Road, rundng 
a dtatonei d 179.87 fed aloag 
tba Eaatoro property ttw, ran- 
dag a dMaaoa d lOOfMtalong 
tbe Sootbera prcyerty line, run- 
sing a dlatwee d 179.10 feet 
alo^ tte Wwtem property ttoe, 
nmdag a dlatanoa d 100 feet 
aloag tba Sodb dde d LwUn 
Road. (lidtem Plaee^art- 
meda Area). LYNNHAVEN 

It. Afplicatton d Vlrglda 
Beaob Ederprlaw, Inc. by Ed- 
vard T. Catoa, m, Attornayfor 
a ebuga d aodng from Redd- 
eaw SibaitaB Dlatrid 3 (R-8 
3) dtb a Mdd, Toorld and 
RaatBorad (T-t) Avplemed to 
lindtid CommereUl Dlatrid 3 
(C-L 3) W oertdn property 
located ob tba Nortb dde of 
LaiHB Road Iwnliwlngdapdd 
• lOOO^feeramre or lew Wed d 
(NMbad Rwd, raaolnr a 
didaace d SSO led aloog tbe 
Niarib aide d LattlBRoad, nm- 
dag a dataaee d 186 fed along 
tba Eaatora property Bae, nm- 
' alag a dtotaaee d MOfedalong 
tbe Rmrtteni property line and 
ruadag a dtatonoe d 186 fed 
aloag tbeWaat e m p ro pff ty line. 
Sal^ property laoovonwmer- 
ly kanra w a ptnUoo dfbe 
WHte HeroB Motel. Plato with 
more datdlad idormatiai are 
ardiaUe la tbe Office d tbe 
Dqprtmed d aty Plamdi^. 
Ottrdaeek Area). LYNNHAVEN 

13. AHdleatlon dReal Eatate 
Coj^oratton d Vlrglda for a 
ebaage d aooiag from lAdtlple 
Family Reddeace Didrid ^- 
M) to UmttedCommerdd Dla- 
trid 3 (C-L3) oa certain pro- 
perty loealad OD tbe Northwed 
awaer dVU>glniaBeadiBode- 
vard aadCrawford Place, form- 
erty Labiriew Place, nmdng a 
dtdaaoe d 1$8.93 fedalongtbe 
Wed dde d Crawford Place, 
formerly Lafceview Place, nm- 
dng a diataooe d 75 fed along 
tbe Nortbem property Itoe, nm- 
dng a datuce d 159fedaloog 
tbe Western property line and 
running a dlate&oe d 75 fed 
dong tbe Nortb dde dVlrgida 
Beacb Boulevard. Sdd property 
ia known u Ld 10, Pld d 
Weatland. (Cbesc^ieian Colony 

14. Application d Joa^ L. 
Lyle and Mldiael £. Bomrmaa 
tot aebugediodngftt>mRw- 
Idenee SdNirtian Dlatrid 3 (R- 
S 3) to Mdttple Family Reaid- 
enee Dtetrid (R-M) ob certain 
property located <» tbe Sodb 
dde d24tbStredEdended,be- 
gladng d a pdd 370 fed Wed 
d BattertoB Drive, ruming a 
dtataaee d 213 ted alo^ tbe 
Sodb dde d 24th Stred Ez- 
twded and miming adtdweed 
880 fed more or law aloag fiia 
Wedan property Um, rumdng 
a distance d 223 fed akng tbe 
Sodbera property Une, nwdag 
a dtetaaoa d 250 fed aloag tbe 
Eastera property Baa. Said pro- 
perty to dedgaad w Loto 1 
tbroq^ 6 aod 28 tbrou^ 33, 
Block 4, Ptot d Woodland. 
(Btrdaaek Village ApartoKda 

18. ApdlcatloB d D. A.81acfc 
for adMBgadaooiBgfrraiGMi- 
erd Commnrdd Diatrlet l 
(C^l) aad ^ddaaee &*a1ian 
Dlatrid 3 (R-S D to IMtbde 
Famity Raaldeaee Didrid CB- 
10 OB oertalB propwty located 
OB tto Seett ddidLaakiBRoBd 


fed MiA d:X4M^ Rc^ V^, 
nrndag a (Mdmelr 80l fed 
doog ttir Norttaan property 
Hw» vawiag^ dldasce d681 
fed ak$ te^ad dde dSooOi 
Orioto Drive, rnBdagadtetanee 
d S03 Hd atoag tte Sodbera 
property Une d tte Wedem 
•x^adty d SoMtt Baitertoe 
IMve, rondag a ddaace dtt3 
fed aioi«tte EaiteA propwty 
ttae. Sdd parcel to Irregdu'ln 
ib^. ^Ma GardWB AreiO. 

18. AppttwitoadRdiertWil- 
aoB nd Aasoddw fn>adHinge 
d aoBiBg ttom Limited Com- 
merdal Dlatrid 1 (C-L 1} to 
Mdttple Famity Reaideaoe Dla- 
trid CR-M) aad a Um Parndtto 
onatrod 360 ganfea tput' 
meda' on certdn inroperty lo- 
oded Norib d/tbe JUrgUla 
Beadi-Noriolk Eqtrfwvay lie- 
gliutog d a pdat SMX) fid Wed 
d Flrd Cdraial Road, naming 
a diitonoe d 6S4 feet along tta 
Eadera property Une, nrndi^ 
adIataiMe d 1337 feddongtbe 
Southern prqwrty Une (Nortt- 
era boundary d the Virginia 
Beacta-Noriolk E x pi ws w ay ). 
nmdng a distance d 784 feet 
dOBg (heWedem property line, 
running a distaaoe d 1432 feet 
more or 1ms akmgtbe Northern 
property Um. (LaaUa ViUage 


17. Applicattra d Tbomw B. 
Trad for a dumge d iooii« 
ftom RwidenM Dtydex Dla- 
trid 1 (R-D 1) to Umifed 
Commerdd Distrid 3 (C-L 3) 
on Mrtdn property located oa 
ttae Wed dde d HoUand Road 
acrws from Shipp'a Cwwr 
Road, nimdng a diatanM d 624 
fed along the Wwt aide d 
Holland Road, runnii« adiatance 
d 250 feet along tte Southern 
property Um, rundng a dia- 
tanM d 580 fwt along tbe Wwt- 
em property Um and rundng a 
didanM d 250 fed along the 
Northern prcvertyUM. (Shlpp's 
Conier Area). PRINCESS ANNE 

18. AppUcation d Vlrgida 
Beach Holiday Inn Tlnv-L- 
Park, Im.47 Tdbd and Awo- 
etotos for i use Perialt to con- 
drud 707 camp dtea on cert- 
dn prq»ertytocatedbet«een(be 
Wed dde d GoMrd Boott 
Boulevard and the Ewt side d 
Omsm Bodevard beglndng d 
a pdd 815 feet more or lew 
Soutt d Harpers Road, and 800 
fwt more or lew Norttead 
d Ooeaw Bodevard, rundng a 
didanM d 4945 feet more or 
lew dong the Western property 
Um, rundng a diatanM d 3635 
fed B^ <» lew dong the 
£astdniirQiei%Bdf (Virginia 
£ledric and Power Co. Right 
d Wqr); said propertybedmdng 
560 fed more or lew North- 
wed d GeMrd Booth Bode- 
vani, and rundng a diatanM 
d 2180 fed more or lew dong 
tiw Southern pr<H>erty llM.Said 
property is irregular in shape. 
Plate Witt more detdled in- 
formatloo are avdbd>le in tbe 
OfttM d City Plandng. (Ocean- 
a Navd Air Stattoo Are^. 

19. ApdicattoB d Cnmorand 
Foy Constnidton Co. by Tdbd 
and Assoddw for the discon- 
ttmianM, dwure and abaodM- 
med daporttimd'ntft AveoM. 
TTijiM <waaw,|ja£fti'tbiir Ave- 
UM. Sdd^str^lbdng 50 fed 
in width. 

TAFT AVENUE: Beglndngd 
tte idersediao d Talt avenM 
aod Bancroft Road formerly 
Twenty Eid>tt Street, and run- 
dng in a Northerly dirediM 
a didanM d 374.45 fed. 

d tte iderwctlon d Bancroft 
Road, formerly Twenty Eigdh 
Stred and nmd^ in a N<fftt- 
erty direction a distaoM d 700 

d a poid 132.78 fed North d 
Bancroft Road, formerly 
Twenty Eif^tt Stred, and nm- 
dng in a Nortterly direction a 
diatanM d 317.22 feet. (Pecan 
Gardens Area). PRINCESS 

20. ^|>Ucation d Cobnor and 
Foy CMstrudion Co. tqr Taibd 
and Assodates for tte dtewn- 
tinuaoM, dosure and abandon- 
ment d ft portiM d McKidey 
AvenM and Bancroft Road, for- 
merly Twenty Eightt Street; 
said atreete being 50 fed in 

dnt dapdddtte idersedlM 
Witt Bucroft Hoed, and run- 
dng in a Southerly diredlM a 
ddanM d 667.99 fed andrun-^ 
tit^ in a Northerly direction 
from said idersection a dls- 
d iOO fwt. 


Drive beglmiag da pdd 188 

BANCROFT ROAD, formerly 
Twenty EighttStred: Beginning 
d a pdd 85 feet from the 
li^rwdiM Witt RooMveU Av- 
enM nd nmdi^ in an Eaderly 
directioa a distttiM d 280feet. 
(Pecan GarMM Area). PRINC- 
21. Andicatira of Brwoe- 
man Farma by TaRid od Aa- 
aodatw for a change d lodng 
frrai ResidettM Sdrarban Dte- 
trid 4 (R-S 4) to Ibltipie 
Famity RaddenM Dl^idp- 
M)» United Commerdd Dla- 

trid 3 (C-l' 3) and GeMrd 
C6min^iil DiBMd 3 ^-O 3) 
M oartein tfropiarty located OB 
the EMm^S Priaoew Asm 
Road aoroW irom I^roridiiiM 
Road, nnntag MtetaBMdSSSO 
fed BiMe or iaw doag tbe 
Wartara property «M d iMch 
1486 fed mora orlpw to tba 
Ead dde d Prtnww Asm 
Road, nauring a dfa^M d 
3880 fed aloag tte Nddbam 
property Um, nmdog a (Ba- 
taoM d 3028 fed abmg tbe 
Eadem property Um droper- 
ty Um d dtemadlad rdlroad) 
and rmmlag a diatanM d4Sl5 
ted doBgtta Southern proper- 
ty Um. Plate Witt more deteiled 
infMnmtin are anilaMit in tbe 
OfliM d tiyi DepartmeddCity 
PUmnid. (Weavei^te Are^ 

'88. AppticattM d Coleman 
Farma, lac for a Uw Permit 
to oontrud a wwage pumping 
datton on Mrtdn pr<9erty lo- 
cated m tbeEwtddedCoIIege \ 
Parte BMdevard, beglndiq: d a 
point 227.80 frat Soutt d 
Cbestnd HiU Road « prqierty 
known w ParMl 5, Sabdlridon 
d CoUege Park, Section Three. 
(CoUege Park Area). KEMPS- 

23. Api^eation d Kemloche 
Corporatton tor a ebaage d 
lodiHl from Reaidenw Olqdix 
Dlatrid 1 (R-D 1) and ReddabM 
suburban Dtetrid 4 (R-8 4) to 
Planned Udt Developmid 
(PUD) on Oirtaln ia>qpertybi- 
glndng d the City d Chew- 
peaki Um and eztrading bi a 
Nortterly direction a diatanM 
d 1952 fed more or lawontbe 
Ead dde d KempsviUe Road, 
bounded on theNorttbyprcqper- 
ty Mw or formerty Atex C. and 
Vlrglda S. Brown, G. C. Cde- 
mw Estate, Atex C. and Vlr- 
glda S. Brown, wd W. E.Wood 
Estde, oo tbe Ead by pnqperty 
torn or formerly W. E. Wood 
Estate octending in a Northerly 
direction 2704 ted more or 
tew, bomided ontheSouttbytbe 
City d Chesq>eake Um. Sdd 
property indudw property ex- 
tendng in a Nortterlydredion 
993 fed frMttng on tbe Ewt 
dde d CederviUe Turqpifce. 
Plate Witt more detailed idw- 
mation are availabte in tbe 
Office d City Planning. 


. 24. AppUcattondG.J.Gd- 
branson by Owen B. Pidcett, 
Attoniey, for a diange d aoo- 
Ing from ReddeuM Sidrarbw 
Didrid 3 (R<5 3) and Umited 
Commezdal Dtetrid 2 (C-L t) 
to Ifdttde Family ResidenM 
Dlatrid (R-M) and a Um Per- 
mit to consfrud a wwage pump- 
ing atatton and a Use Permit to 
oonstrud 272 aparbned udte 
on Mrtdn prtq^rty located m 
tbe North aide d ProvidenM 
Road and tbeWwtdde^Wood- 
stodc Etemedary Sdiool, "nm- 
dng a datWM d 848 fed along 
tbe Nortt dde d ProvidaiM 
, Road, rundng a distanM dUSO 
fed along the Wwt side d 
"Wooddock etemwtary Sdiool, 
rundng a didWM d 558 fwt 
akmg the Northern property 
Um, and running a dte- 
tanM d 1115 'fM along tte 
Western pn^rty Um; wwage 
punning atattw to be located 30 
feet NMtt d ProvidenM Road 
dong tte Wwtern boundary Um 
d Woodstock Etemwtary 
School. (Woodstodc Etemeatery 
School Area). KEMPSVILLE 

25. ^Ucatlcm d Carolanm 
Homw, Inc. for aUMPwmitto 
owstrud 220 apartmed udte 
on oertain prqierty tocatedon 
tbe Morthweat cnner d 
prlnoew Anw Road aad ffill 
Prince Road^ rundngadUAwM' 
d 800 fed along tte North 
side d Princess Anne 
Rottd. running a datanw 
d 1061 fed along tbe Wed^ 
dde d ail PrinM Road, and tbe 
Soutt dde d Galled Fox Road, 
nqudng a diatwce d 546 fed 
tlomg tte Wedern property Um. 
Said prcHDorty is dedgwted w 
Parwl A. Lote 11 through 22, 
Block C, Pld d Carolamie 
Farms, Sedioo 1. (CaroUume 
Farms Area). KEMPSVILLE 

All idereded persoM are 
Invited to attend. 
Director at Planning 


TUs te to notify the pii)Ue 
thd tte underdgned, trading 
w Mama Mla'a Bade Room 
Inc. will wittitt tw dajra after 
pdrtiratfcm d tUs notlM appty 
to tbe Vlrglda State Alcobottc 
Beverage Contnd Board for a 
ttoMM to aeU bew aad wim 
tor w premiaw coammpttfla. 
Dennte E. Anderson, weretery 
T/Altema MU'a Back Room 
2356B Vlrglda BWCh Blvd. 
Vlrglda Beach, Virginia. 

10-1- IT 


In the Circdt Coifft d tbe 

City d Vlrglda Mft on tbe 

ttad day*d S^teatfi^, 1970 

Re: Rdiwt M. Laaiw, Jr., 


-It appearing thd a report 
d tbe aecoanta d Fird and 
Merdttda Nattond Bai^ Per- 
sond Representettve d tbe 
wtate d Rdiect M. Udbe, Jr., 
daeaased, and d tte dibte and 
demands agdmrt bte estate bw 
baan fltod in tte Cterk*aoaM. 
and fbddxmoatbibBMabvBaa 
aluM tte qwlUlediM, onmo- 
ttoB d Fird and MarebBBte 
Ndiond Bank, enedor dsdd 
daoidadi nb ORDERED ttd 
Um oredltMrs d, aad all ottws 
id^ested in, the wtate do 
show etma, U m Jtftf OA, 
on the I9tt day d Od(tor, 
1970 hdora thte Court d ite 
QOurtrMm agdttd tte paymwt 
and deUvary d the Eatate d 
Rd>irt M.ldihbe, Jr.idi«eii»d, 
to tte lei^teM wtttod regdr- 
Ing refuattng txmda. 
It is farther ordered ttat a 
-copy d thte orter aioll be 
publisted oaM a inA for two 
wcMadve weeka in tbe Vlr- 
glda Biadh Sun, 4 newspaper 
piddished and baring a geMrd 
dreulatton in the City d Vlr- 
glda Baai^ 
A oopy-TistM: 

J. Curtte Pniit, D.C. 
C. J. Colttw 
Norfdh^Va. 23510 


\ In the Cterk'a OIBm of tbe 

Clredt Court d the City d 

Vlrglda BMUsb. oa the 25tt day 


Mdea Leon, PlalnUff, 

Kwnatt Leon, Odendad. 


Tbe objed d tUa adt te for 
tbe add plddlff to obtein a 
divorce riaeuto mdrimonU 
from the add defwdant) qwn 
tbe grounds d two year wp- 
arattM pursuwt tr^tte 20- 
91 (9) at the 1950 Code d 
Vlrglda, M amended. 

And w affldarit having been 
nufte and filed that tbe dden- 
dad is nd a redded d tbe 
Stde d Virginia, tte ffiiknown 
pod otflM addrew bdng: 337 
4ld Street* JidimnBd,XaUL 

It te ordered thd be do appwr 
bera wlttln 10 (ten) diqrs after 
due pubUcatlM hered, and 60 
whd tatif bt necwaary to pro- 
ted hte Intered in thte adt. 
A oqiy-TeatM: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Ded»r, Porter, Zdiy, Attya. 
900OultainPlaialad^ - 
Norp^Virgidat288|fr -! 


Ibe following abandoned ve- 
Ud» ws removed from the 
streete d the City d Vlrglda 

ttblaSerialNo. 20927W129509. 

This vidcle hw bew n- 
^noved to Idercoastd Steel 
Corporation InChea^peake, 
Vlrgida. Ibe ovmer or aay 
person having weurity intered 
may ddm thte vebide wittin 
thrw (3) wedcs d tte dde d 
this nottM by paying lU towing, 
prwervation, anddorage diar- 
gw. Fdlure by toa owwr or 
peraoM having weurity ider- 
Wt to ewrctee ttdr right to 
reddm tbe vebide within tbe 
time provided shall be dwmed 
a wdver and sbdl be construed 
w conwnt to the sde d Uie 
d>andoned motor veUcte d a 
pdi^c audlM. 
W. W. Davte, ColoMl 




Hie following dandoned ve- 

Ude WW remoinsd from the 

drwte d the City d Vlrglda 

1965 Honda Modd-C50 
Serid C100-POO5237 

This vehlde bw bwn re- 
moved to Idercowtd Steel 
Corporation in Cbeaapeake, 
Vlrgida. the owwr or any 
MraM laving weurity iderwt 
may cldm this veblcte wittin 
thrw (3) WMks d the dde d 
this MtlM by paying all towing, 
preservatioi^ and storage 
charges. Fdlure by the owwr 
or persow iiavpng weurity in- 
tered to exerdw their rigbt 
to reddm the vehicte within 
the time provided ahdl be 
deemed a wdver and ahdl be 
cooatrued as c<Hiaed to tte 
ade d tbe alandoned mdor 
vehide d a pddie aucttoo, 
W. w. Davte, ColoMl 


HefOngtM Drive aad Nortt 
Landlag Road, Vlrgida Beach, 

TAKE NOnCE, Thd pur- 
.anad to tte terms at a oertda 
(teid d trud madi t^ Binry 
Smltt md GerakiM Sadtl^ 
dated November 13, 19», re- 
cMded in tteClwlfa Qffici d 
tbe Circdt Court of tte <^ 
d Vlrgida Bead^ Vlrglda, la 

* L^ Notle«i 

De«S Bode 757, d page 497, 
dite^ Iwilag ocewred la tbe 
panMii d tbe nda' aewred 
i^Mv, Ml d the nm^M 
Hi kalto d saM Bete f» tod^ 
tbe uBiaidgnid Sabatitati 
tt^^ dtl wU d public 
•Mtftai to tte Miiii^blddr OB 
tt« 8^ day dOei^^VQ^ 
d 9:30 o'dock kM^^k tte 
frod dttvCterraOMdtte 
VirgMi^ tbi foUowingdea- 
drMMlpnpMrty, to-iftt$ 

AUL^ffiAT wrta^ ptoM or 
parwl at land, tytBgdid bdag 
in tbr Seaboard miUHarial 
E^strid d Priacaii Anna 
Comity, Virgtdi,(ii#MnMW 
Abm Borouiki City d Virdda 
Bwdi^ Vlriiiw) and bounded 
wd.dwcrlbed w foBowarBe- 
liwdi^ d a pii*opm*d>dbarn 
ddi^cf a B^ fed fodl, add 
plpi baing dtdad in a wwtarty 
diraotloB 217^ fad Brofe tbe 
ideraadlM dtbeaoattanakte 
d add fifty fbd road witt tba 
weatem dde d fflgbway 165, 
and rundng ttenM aoutt 87 
degraw 30 ndnutw wwt adte- 
tanw d 217.8 ted to a pin# 
and nmdi«ttwM aoutt 2 dag. 
30 BdndM tad 200 fid to a 
pipi, and runnteg ttenw north 
87dag80 mindM aadadte- 
tanw at M^ fed to a jdai* 
and roBBing ttaaw north 2 de- 
graw M Bdndw ewt a dto- 
taaM d 200 led to tbe pold 
of bagtaatogi 


A BiddiTB depodt d Ten 
Perwd (lOD d tbe aate priM 
wlU ba reqdrad when tbi prop- 
irty la wU aad wtttemid la 
fdl shall te madi within tw 
(1(9 ^kqra tharaafter. 
Sdtetitde Trustee 
H.Cdvin Spain 
Attorney d Law 
P Bob SMI 

virgtda Bwcb, Vlrgida 23452 


Tbe regular madiiv d the 
CouncU d tte City at Vlrgida 
Biach wiU te teld in ite Conn- . 
dl Cbudwrs d tte Adadnte- 
trdlon BdUlag, City Hdl, 
Prinoaw Amw £tatton,^rglda 
Biaeb, Virgbda, on Itonday, 
Oetdiir 12, 1970, d 2:00 P.M. 
d wbich ttmi tte foUowii« 
cbangea d amtn^ uw pirndte, 
dc wiU te biard: 

VIRGINIA Beach borouge 

1. AppUeatton at Harold 
Jamw and Sladcnr Howard by 
W. Sbapherd Drewry, Jr., 
Attonwy. fdr a ehai«e of son- 
Mt^^m I'aidtyl^denM 
Dlatrret (B-1) to Mdttste 
Fadity IteaManM Dlatrid (R- 
3) on oirtdnpropertybigiailng 
d a pdd 75 feet West d Mid- 
iternmew AvenM, running a 
distanM d 179 fed along tte 
Nortt ddi d Windon Sdom 
Avinw, rmmlng a distuM at 
250 fed along tte Weslenipro- 
pertyUM, nmdng adIstwMd 
337 fed dong the Sodb aide 
dTerraoM AvenM, and nmdng 
a diatWM d 200 fs.:t aloag tte 
Ewtant property ttM.OShadow- 
lawn Hdd^ Are^ VHKaNIA 

2. j^ppllcatlon d J. T. Crow- 
vddte by Grover C. Wrigd^ 
Attoniey, for a change d aon- 
ing from Om FamltyRasldedM 
Dtetrid (R-1) .to Mdel-Hdd 
Dteteid (M^ and aUW Per- 
mit to eondrud 16 atftdwcy 
motel udte on Mrtdn property 
froding 60 fed M tteEaddda 
d Arctic AvenM beginning a^ a 
pdd 63 fed Soutt at Norfott 
Avenw, nnming a diatanw at 
162 fwt dong tte Norttem 
pr<verty Um, nmdag a dte- 
twM d 60 ted along tte Ewt- 
am property Um (Weatem 
boundary d late HoUy) and 
nmdng a diataiM d 162 fWt 
along tte Sodtem propwty 

3. AppUcdiondB. M. Stwton 
for a Use Permit to (vwate a 
parkii« Id in oonjandiw witt 
tte Mayftower ^artmeda on 
Mrtdn property loedid on tti 
Nortbawt ooner at Pacific 
Avinui and 36th Sfraat, nmdng 
a diatanM d 100 fed along tte 
North dde d 35tt «rad. 
running a distanM d IM fad 
atong tte Ei^ side at Padfic 
AvwM, running a iBstanM at 
100 fed dong tte Mortbwn^ 
property Um, and nmdng a 
diatanM d 140 fad atoag tte 
Eastern proparty Hm. Jdd 
proparty te didpatad wtda 
4 and 5, Btock 83, SddldatoB 
d SiBpiMS. VUt^A MACH 

HAVEN wmo^xm 

4. AppUeattw d Surt, Ltd, 
by WiUeox, Savage, XawrenM, 
mekBOB aad SpldDa, Attorwys, 
for a changi d aoniag from 
Two Famity BaddiBM Dlatrid 
(R-t) and Baddaaae Sdwrbo 
Dtetrid 3 (H-8 ^ to Gwmral 
BuaiMW Dlatrid (B-2) and 
G«iiral Coauiwdai Didrid 
3 (C-G 3) and a Uiw Parmit 
to coBdrod a gw^Bw wndy 
stattoa da ontalB pnpwty 
lecatod M tbe Wad dda d 
Bdty Road b^lnalnf d a add 
TO5 tees more ts hw mob 

* Legal 14o«Jces 

ParMl 1; Change d sodng to 
indoda Mrtdn property be- 
gisBfti« d a peid 19fi fad more 
M law Sodb d Lwkin Road 
and nmdag a dstwM at 196 
tad dong tte Wed dde d 

of 315 fed aloBg tte Wadam 
property Um and nuadagadla- 
taaM d 3 19 fed along' tte' 
N oittani pn^MFty Um. 

Pared ii UwpwoliforiM- 
dlfift an^ datton to Indada 
wrtabi ^oparty bigiailBg d a 
ndat 880 fad Soatt d Uskln 
ML namlii a dtetwM of 
lillid aliaf flia Wad alda d 
Holty Road, randng B'dtetanM 
d 137 fid dffif &te Sodtem 
property Um, nmnfiy a da- 
tewi d 180 fed aloni tte 
Wwfanm propifty Um, and 
rundng a dldWM d m f ad 
doBg ite MWttera property 
Um. VIBGimA BBici AND 

5. ^gttodion of BNv Cann- 
ing, Inc. for a danga of aon- 
114; txam ReatdiBM Sdmiban 
Dtefrid 4 (B-S 4) to Ufoitwl 
Commwdal Dlatrid 3 (C-L 3) 
and a Uw Parndt to opirde 
a eanqing related doraga arw 
OB oartain property tecatadon 
ttie Ead dde d ChadadStrad 
biibaiiBg d a pdd 108 fed 
Sodb at Boanay Road. 

ParMl 1: UW Permit onty 
on Mrtiin pn^arty located on 
ttM Ead aidi d CtesbntSfrad 
bagining d a pgid 106 fid 
Sodb at Bamnf Road, runbig 
a (BstenM d 880 fed along Bw 
Norttem proparty UM,rawing 
a dtetWM d 150 fad along ttw 
Eastera ptaputy Um at wbieb 
SO fad ia tte Wad dde d 
Bdtemd LaM, naming a dia- 
tanM d 280 fed along tte 
Sodtem property Um, nmdng 
a dtetanw d 150 fed along ttie 
Ead aide ,d Ctednd Street. 
Said prc^rty te Irregular in 
abapa ioA indodw Lota 4, 5, 
6, 7, 8, 9, 80 and 21, Block 
A, Pld d RoBamod Corpora- 
tton, JadcBontete. Map Mok 2, 
Page 51. 

ParMl 2: Change d aodngto 
C-L 3 and a Uw Parmit on 
certain pnqarty l ocated an tte 
Ewt aide d Cheatnd Steed 
beglndng d a pdd 833 fed 
Sodb d Boanagr Road, nmdng 
a diatanM d 280 fed along Bw 
Norttem property Um, nimiing 
a diatanw d IM fedalong tte 
Eastern pnverty Um at which 
100 fMt te ttm Wed aided 
Bdtemd Lwe, rundng adla- 
tanM d 280 fed along ttia 
Souttern prw^ Bm d ddi^ 
ttw Vlrgida Baaeb-BortolkEz- 
pressway (Route 44). nmdng a 
dtetanM d 125 fed dong dm 
Ead dde d Cheatnd Stred. 
Said property te irregular In 
^ape and indudw Lote 12, 13, 
14, i9, 30, 31 and 32 and a 
porttw d Lote 15 and 16,Blodc 
C, Fid d RwemodCMpora- 
tton, Jadmondate. LYNNHAVEN 

6. AppUeatton dVirgiai a 
Bwdi ToaiiApartniente, 
T^mw C. Broylw,AtlarBay, 
for a UBe Pemrit to eonatrad 
94 apartmed udte « wrtain 
property located on tte Ead 
Bfate at Monrw Av«nie te- 
glQdng d a pdd 100 fed more 
or lew Nortt at VirgldaBeaeh 
Boulevanl,modng a dtatanw 
d 280 fed dong tte Ead dde 
of Monrw Avemie, rundng a 
dtateiiM d 242.50 fed dong 
ttM Korttiero property Uw, 
rmoing a diatanM d 273 fwt 
along fla EastompropertyttM, 
nmdng a datanw d 243.50 
fed alwg tteSodberapropirty 

7. AndiMtton at tti City d 
Virgtefa Bea^^ Dqartoid at 
Ptendng, to aaiabttdi aa Hia- 
toric ttd CdtardCoaawvatioa 
Distrid to tte ixIdtegGineard 
Cdnnardd Distrid 3 (C-G 3), 
Umitid Comm^dal Dlatrid 3 
(C-L 3), Umitid CoBunordal 
Dtetrid 2 (C-L 2), RiddinM 
Sdnrtan Dtetrid 3 (R^ 3) 
wd RaaidinM Sdnrian I^- 
trid 4 (R-S 4) M cirtaln prop- 
erty located Nortt aa^ Sodb d 
PrinMw Anw RdK^ bounded 
OB ttw Wwt by flw Eadem 
Braadi d tte EUaabdb Rtvar, 
axteadteg 800 fad mara or law 
Nortt d Prlnoew Aana Road 
to ttw Wad dde at Witddock 
Road and Bobb^t Road; ba- 
giming d a paid 200 fed Wwt 
d Itomparilte Road wttwSodb 

a deptt d 250 fed niMe or 
law extwdiiw to ttw Eadwn 
Branch at ttw EUsatett River. 
Plate dtt more detailed Idisr- 
■idton are availabte te ttw 
Ofitoa of tte DaparCawt d 
Qty Planning. QtenpaviUe 

8. Appttcatton d Rotwrt £. 
WhitBbead U and Susan WUte- 
baad Byan for a otamge d 
BOi^ fram RisldtoM Sdrar- 
bw Didrid 3 (R-S 3) to Umitad 
ComnMrdd Dlatrid 3 (C-L 3) 
OB owtda iropwty Iseated M 
tte N«tta«rt emm at Prin- 
oaw Aow^ad iMd Ovwland 
Itead, raaiiikBdteteBM at SO 
fed mora at Um along'tte 

* Legal Noti^i 

Nortt dde at Prlncew Abm 
Road, running a dlstande d 45i 
fed more or tew along tte 
Ead dde at Overiand Read, 
nmning a dtetaoM d 819.81 
fed alongttw Noribempr«virQ 
Une, rundng a dteteww d 
411.50 fwt aldntrtte Ewteri 
ptopirty UM.(KpmpariUeCor. 


9. AppUeatton d Rev. Jdu 
GiiMMi far « Uw Parmit tt 
ooMlfitd a dmreb « enrtdi 

, propwty locatad wfllaH«rttl< 
aid o^nar d KifflpsfUte^ 
wd ittUMriw Driw, bdi^ 
KMmpaviUa Road nd Rndyan 
Ldii, nimdag a ddanw d $2( 
fiit aUav tte Ead^ ddi 9 
teBM^«f m fedaloogttwNerti 
dde d IBBMnia DdNri,ruBiiini 
a dtelaaw d 500 fed aloBg ttM 
Wast ddi d Ruftyard lam 
naming a datWii d 510 fw 
iloBg tbi. NortfidB proport] 
Um. (KaiqpariUi Cddqr Arw) 

10. AppUeatton d Warrei 
Striddand and Helw S. Greei 
for a dange d abdng f ron 
RiddwM DqOix Dlatrid 1 
(B4) DtoReddeawSdrarbai 
Dlatrid 4 (R-4S 4) and Umltat 
Commercial DIafrid 3 ^C~L 3 
on Mrtain property loaded a 
the remaidBg porttw of unde< 
vitopid laodtocatadbitwwBtbi 
SdMttviiloM d Honwataad an 
Anton HlUs, dteatad bitwiei 
Proridenw Road and ladlai 
River Road. 

Parwl 1 to te R-S 4: Be< 
ginnteg d a pottttlO iadmon 
or lew Wwt at Old Homasteai 
Law, naming adistanMd375l 
fed mora or lew dong Um 
Easlarn proparty Um, rundni 
adtdanoi d 1^ fwt more 01 
tew dong tte SouQwrn pr(^ 
erty Bm d wbloh 1025 fid ii 
frwttng on ttw Nortt ddi 
tedian Rivar Road, rundng 1 
distanM at 2615 fad mori oi 
tew along ttw Weatem prop 
erty Um, nmdng aittatwce 
1225 fMt dOBg ttw Norttwri 
praparty Um dwblch 200 fie 
If ttw Soutt dde d Proividenc( 

ParMl 2 to te C-L 3: Oi 
obtain proparty loeatitiMttx 
Nwtt d<te d Indian Rivar Ron 
aeron from ttw CaalarriU 
Tumpite. Said parwlbagtedni 
w ttw Eadddajof CantervlU 
Tnravlka Extended md nrndni 
a diatWM d 650 fed tiaag tt 
North slda dindten River Road 
nmning a diatawe d 500 f w 
along tte EasternpropertyUM 
nmdng a diatanM d 630 fM 
along ttw Norttem' propert 
jSm^Tvmti^ & diatanw d 60 
iwtitonribc ww ter d ptt i pw l 
ttMr(Propoaed Casterrill 
Tumpite Extended). Plate wit 
more detailed iddrmatlon ar 
avalttble ia ttw Otfiw d tt 
Departmed d aty P^pdni 

11. AnpUcattondWotobtew 
Wood, Inc. for a* change c 
sodng from ResklenM Duple 
Dtetrid 2 (R-D 2) to Gewra 
Indwtrial Dlatrid 3 (M4 3 
w Mrtain property kxato 
adjaewt to ttw Nortt dde c 
ttw Vlrgida Beach-NerfdkEx 
praaaway andrundbgadstanc 
d 330 fed along tte Sodb aid 
at Mac Stred Qlorttem prop 

. erty Um), nmdng a^dteteacee 
m fwt along ttw Wad dd 
of itec Stred (Eastern prop 
erty Um), rundng a dtetmwec 
250 fed along tte Nortt aid 
d Rowe Drive, nmning a dte 
tauM d 321 tedalongttwWed 
en pr<virty Um d wlldi 13 
fMt te ttw Nortt dde d tt 
Vlrgida Beadi -Norfolk Ei 
praaaway. KEMPSVILL: 

12. i^pidicatton at Jorda 
Daria for a change d zwiii 
from ResidenM Sdnffbw Dte 
trid 4 (R-S 4) to UmitadCon 
nwrdd Distrid 3 (C-4. 3) c 
ewtedn pnqwrty loodid on tt 
Nortt dde d Holtend Rm 
beaming d a pdd 540 fe 
more or lew Ead at Rwemoi 
Road^ rmmlng a ^atanw d IS 
fed doi«tte Eaddda dWwt 
ington AveSM, nmdng a dte 
tance d 255 fed along tt 
Norttwm property Um, rundi 
a #Btww d 230 fed along Q 
Eadaro property Une, rundi 
a datenw d 255 fed along tt 
Nifftt d^ d Holtend Roai 
Said- property te dedgnated 1 
Lda 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 1' 
U, 19 and JO, Block 8, Pli 
dPacwGa rdenii.CPe cwGai 
daw ^fifW)> PRINCESS ANN 

18. i^ppUeatlM at JobnC. u 
Mary M. VogelforaUsePerm 
to opwrata akwnd^ bear^ 
1^ dop) w Mrtata prowrl 
towted on tte Nortt aide < 
Leadw Bridge Read te^wls 
da poid 3600 fed awre < 
lew W«d d OceawBodevai^ 
rowlBg a (Ui^Hne d 5M fei 
alei« ttw W^toro property^ 
nm^ a dii^uM^ d (K)6 fa 
alei^ tte Norttem ^op«H 
UMp nmdng adalanMd64 
fed dMg tte ^lalara pr^an 
ttw, nmnteg tdteHaneamf U 
fed along ttw Sfl d te>B i a% a il 
Uw d wtteb 80 «d te tt 
Nortt sMa d Londn Brldi 

Ttwr«#f, ^^r 1, l?Ta 

Virginia iMdi Sun 


* Legal Notices 

Boad. (PtliuiaM AoHBHtntCltib 

14. A]nptt(9lton of Bernard 
idr^ Al KnAl'uKl R«tfli CoilAB 
1^ Omn B« Pli^^ Attomy, 
f(ff a ^ufe of sotdng from 
lin^d Commercial Ostrict t 
(5^ 2) tt)0«»ndCi»mmerclal 
m^a 2 (C-G 2) and a Use 
Pwatt to eoostract a gasoline 
vaftfif statttm oi oerttf n prop- 
erty loouted on the Souttieast 
earner, ol Soutli Mrmdiavui Road 
0d HbllHid Road, runaliif a 
jMmiMi of 248 feet along the 
East ^de oHIoUand Road, num' 
1^ a,distmice of 179 feet ahmg 
tte So«tt «kte (rf SouUi Lynn- 
baTeiiitoad, nimii^ afdlsUuioe 
of 231 feet along ttw Eastern 
property line, running a dis- 
fi^e <tf 255 feet uong the 
iMwrn property Uiie.(llg^eo- 


l« 15. Api^catloD of J.D.C. and 
C.K. Roowfeller for a Use 
l^rmit to construct 204 town- 
btrales and 96 apartments, 
totaUng 300 units on certain 
pir<^ity beglmiingi^ a point 150 
feet mure or less West <A Cltib 
Ooiise RMd and 106 feet more 
oe less South of Lakecrest Road, 
rumiBg a distance d llSO ftet 
more or less alongttie Northern 

' ' property Ube, running a dis- 
taiKe of 12i8 fe^ more or less 

IS (tfoi« the Eastern prt^rty line, 
{imning a distance of 725 feet 
more at less alongtbe Southern 
^ property line, and running adis- 
taaet of lOlS feet more or less 
along ttie Western property line, 
of iihich 695 feet more or 1«BS 
Is the North side of Fern Ridge 
Rotd Extended. (Kings Arms 
Aportmei^ Area). PRINCESS 
Rldiird J. WeUbon 
City Clerk 

The Virginia Beadi Zooiiie 
Board of Appeals will conduct 
a Public Hiring on Wednesday, 
October 7, 1970, at 8 P.M. in 
the Municipal Court Building, 
tvstairs court room, City Hall, 

. Vifilflta Beacb» VirgMda. IN^ 
-'Y^IHririirrifnll^tbaB fdll ; 
appear 00 flie agenda, 

I. Walter R. WrigU requests 
a ?ariaiusB of ll,560squarefeet 
from re(pdred 43,560 to 32,000 

^Onare feet M area <A Lot 23, 

^irtfnal Road, Birdnedc Point, 
Se<^oo 4. LyniUiaven Boroi^ 
U. T. E. Hurley requests a 
Viiiimoe of 4,100 square feet 
from required 10,000 square 
Uek to 5,900 square feet and a 
«ailai»:e of 15 feet from re- 
quired 75 feet to 60 feet froitf 
tk vittth of Lots 4 and 5, Shore 

' Drive and First Landing Lane, 
Mock 11, Cape Henry, Section 
0^ Ljnudmveo Borough. 

DK T. E. Hurley requests 
a variance oi 600 square feet 
ttom required 7,500 square feet 
lot area to 6,900 square feet 
and a variance of 15 feet from 
75 feet to 60 feet lot frontage 
of Lot 383, Maple Street, Cape 
Story by the Sea, Plat No. 2; 
and variance at 25 square feet 
from re<pired 7500 square feet 
to\7475 square feet lot area 
wbA variance of 10 feet from 
re<piired 75 fe^ to 65 feet lot 
front width of Lots 127 and 128, 
Baj^rry Street, Cape Story 
by the Sea, Plat No. 1. Lynn- 

IV. T. E. Hurley requests a 
vu^imce ot 1,000 square fe^ 
fr(»B>-requlre<) 10,000 square 
fe^ to 9,000 square feet lot 
site of Lots 15, 16, 17, 25, 
22, 20, 19, 96 and 97, Bob 
Lane and Lavergne Lane, West 
Oenna. Gardens. Lynabaven 

V. Mm G. & Patrida P. 
Umreime request a variance of 
iflOO square feet from required 
10,000 squure feet to 5,000 
aquare ht/t kUiu and variance 
(A to fett trcm r^uired 30fe^ 
to 20 feet i^ setback of Lots 
29 and S^Block 5, Cbe^peake 
Park, Opln View Avenue. Bay- 

VI. c. E. HoCurry requeSs 
a variance of 6 feet f^m re- 
qi&reA 18 feet to 10 feet side 
yard Mteck of Lot 25, Uttte 
Joim Rond^ Late Smitti "Terrace 
W|^ Section 2. Bajr^de 

Vn. W. A. Stokes requests 
t Wrimut of .45 acr^ from 
ravred one were to .55 ten 
tot Am fod variance of UO 
fe^ tttm r^dred ISO feet 
to 40 t6^ lot front width of 
Uk 8« Uiidl«r !Mve« Unller. 
Lymfeivwi BoRMf^ 

1% Eia|m A. C(dlecto »- 
|mN^ a ivriattce of 1000 

i^m/amm fMt to 8.000 
•qoiM taAM^MMdvariaaea 
of tt lirt frMB raqpirwi 7Sfeet 
to 40 jiwt lot wtdOi of Lots 17 

* Legal Notices 

and 19, Block 9. 8^ »reet, 
Cape Benry Symttcate, Sedion 
D. Lynriwren BotHii^. 

DC. Harry B.i^amsrei|a^ 
a variance of 4,8i4sqaare feet 
from required 15,000 to 10,184 
sqmtv feet lot area and var- 
ianee of 27 lert from required 
100 feet to 73 feet lot width 
of Lot37,BIocfcB,RobenBRoad, 
Birchwdod Gvdeia, Seeti(» 5. 
Ljmnhayen Borough. 

X. Walter F. Bankowdce re- 
quests a variance of 8 1/2 feet 
from required 10 fket toll/2 
feM side yard settm^ of Site 
C, 3121 Edinburgb D^ve, Kings 
Grant, Seditm 2A. Lyrahaven 

XI. R. W. Breeten Company 
requests a variance of 4 feet 
from reqired 50 feet to 46 feet 
front yari' setoadc of Lot 69, 
Baydiif Drive, Baydii^ Section 
2 Part 2. Lynnhaven Bortm^ 
W. L. Towers 
Secretary 9-24-2T 

In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Bead), on the 18tb day 

of SeptendMr, 1970. 
Connie R. Svlben, Plaintiff, 

against ''^ 

Ronald Charles Sviben, De- 

The objed of this suit if for 

tlie ob]ed of this suit is fn* 
the said plalMlff to oMi^ a 
divorce a vinculo mi^monU 
from tte said defendant, upon 
the grounds of «msfructlve de- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat the defta- 
dant Is nd a rMldent of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post office address bdng, 2718 
Lincoln Avenne, Camden, New 

It is ordered that he so iwear 
here wltUn 10 (ten) days after 
due publleaiioo hereof, and do 
what may he necessary to pro- 
ted Us interest in Jhis suit 



Mr. James A. Gorry, HI Atty. 

301 25th Street 

Virgiida Beadi, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Offide of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 18th 
d^ of September, 1970. 

KlaraE. Kelly, PlalntMt, 

Junior Kelty, Defendant. 


The d)led of thls,sidt Is for 
tte said plaintiff to o^)tain a 
divorce a vinculo matrlmodi 
from the said deffclMlaiit, upon 
ttie grounds of itewertton. 

And an^^davlvhavlng been 
made and Sled that be defen- 
dant is nd a resi(tent of tofe 
State ot Virginia, the last known, 
post office aiddi^jess being, 2412 
Virginia Btach Boulevard, Vir- 
ginia Beac^ Virginia. 

It is OTderedttiat he do appear 
faere wittdn 10 (ten) days after 
due pd>Ucati(» hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
ted his interest in this suit. 

Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. Humas C. Br(qrtes, Atty. 
1369 Laskln Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Cterk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 18th day 
of September, 1?70. 

Earl Westey Hanvey, Jr., 

Jeamette Sawyer Hanvey, 


Tte dijed d ttds suit is t&c 
t&ennld^liUitfff to drtain a 
divorce a vinculo mi^rimcmii 
from Oe s^ ddaxfest, vfoa 
the gr(^)dsjQf de^tlon. 

And an 8fB<fevlt havligbMn 
made ami iUed ttat the defto- 
dad Is unknown as to addr^, 
w here a bo d s md lociHon, al- 
ttio^ due dtttgenee has been 
uMd by and (« belmlf of die 
complainsit to ascertain (be 
Comity or Corporattoo in wtaidi 
the d^^ndaaris resbttng, bqt 
without effect, the last known 
pod office adifrett being ^MS 
E. m Street, National City, 

It Is ordved mt dm do 
a|9Mff hee wUMn 10 (In) 
itajv aftw dwpifeWcrtioiilMni- 
of, and do lAirt M^ be aacii- 
saiy to prolaethHrlnlifiatta 

*Legol Notices 


A c<«)y-Teste: 


Phyllis N, Styron D.C. 

Mr. Levds K. Kesser, Atty. 

210 Bankers Trust Bldg. 

Norfolk, Vfrglda 28310 



In the Cterk'sOffice of the 
arcdt Court df the City of 
Vir^a Beai^ on the 8th day 

Ada Ettaabeth mtt, Piaidiff, 

Jade U Hitt, Defendant. 


The obJed of Ms sdt is for. 
the said plaiotiff to ditain a 
divorce a vlnctdo matrimonii 
from the said defenduit, upon 
the gr(»mds of separatim for 
more than a two year period. 

And an affidavit havi% been 
made and fUed that the defend- 
ant is not a resided of the 
State of Virgida, the last knotn 
post office address being, Mt. 
Olivd, Kentecky. 

It is ordered that he do aivear 
here within 10 (ten) dt^ after 
due pd>lication her^of^ aiid do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
ted bis interest ii^ this suit. 

PbyllisN. Styron, B.C. 
Mr. Donald Rhodes, Atty. 
4565 Virginia Beach Blvd., , 
Virginia Beadi,. Virgida 



In the Clerk'i( Office of the 

Circdt Court of the City of 

Virgida Beadi, on ttteSthday 

of SeptendMT, 1970. 

CteveUmd L. Milter, Plaintitt. 
againd , 

Ida Mae Jendngs Mller, De- 
The objed of ttds Sdt Is for 
the said Cleveland L. Milter to 
(Main a divorce AVinculo Md- 
rimonii from the said defendant, 
Mpaa the grounds of two years 
continuous separatioo. 
. And aP^ffl^avH M^ii: been 

, aiit is not a resident qffheStdle 

of Viri^a, the last known post 
office address being, 1121 S. 
,. Orange Avenue, SaflteAna,Cal- 
ifoiiia. ( 

It to ordered that she do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due pd>llcation hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
ted her interest in this sdt. 
A coiqr-Teste: 

PbylUs N. ^on, D.C. 
Messrs. Brydges, Broyles & 

MdCenry, Attys. 
1369 Laskln Road, 
Vfrglda Beach, Virgida 
_ *^ 9-17-4T 


In the Cterk's Office of the 
Ciredt Court of the City of 
Virgida Bead), on the 8th d^ 
d September, 1970. 

Mary Simpkins Cartledge, 

Ftoyd Cartledge, Defendant. 


The d)iect of this sdt is for 
the sdd piainttfl to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo mdrlmodi 
from the said defemlad, v^poa 
the grounds of tiro year separa- 

And an affidavit loving been 
made aiKi filed that ttw defend- 
nt te not a resi<tent of ^Stde 
d Vir^da, the last known post 
office address being, MeC<»-m- 
ick, Soirth Caroliga. 

It is (Hrderedtfadhedoansear 
here wlttin 10 (ten) dajs after 
due pd>ttcation hereof, and do 
whd may be nec^sary to pro- 
ted Ms iderest In tUs sdt. 

Phyllis M. Styron, D.C, 
Mr. Vldor J. Ashe, Atty. 
7(e PUsa One, 
Norfolk, Virgida 23510 




CcMsmonwealtti <rf Vti^da, 


Feraer Thomaa Rascoe, 9H 
Joan Terrace, VirgUa ^ad^ 
Virginia, D^Vmtent. 

LAW * 1S,^9A 


The obled of ttis sdt to to 
ttljufleate wh^er raUd^nl- 
ut te an RaUtaal OffMder 
whose privitofa to op^de a 
molEff vettete on tte IM^ngn 
d ttis State AoM be wtth- 
#awn tar a pu^ of Im (10) 
yma la vsea M tam ^iUk M6b 
Vttitala ^iMiBl OlMnde Ad. 

And an dUttnM Iwrtoc bem 

*Legal Notice 

1^ and filed thd the pldntiff 
bi^Ma^ (hw dligencetoascer- 
tUhtte sdddefendad'swhere- 
dMda, ai^ teat the affiad is 
informed a«l believes that the 
d^mtent is not a redded of 
the State of Virgida, it is 
Ordered that he do appear here 
wItUn ten (10) days dter due 
pii^cati^ hereof aad do what 
may be neceasary toprotect his 
idered in this sdt 
David a DtdmnM), Asdstant 
Attorney for ttieComimmwealth 
aty of VfrgidaBeacb, Virgida 


In the Clerk'9 Office of the 
Circdt Court of the City of. 
Virgida Bead), on the I4th day 
of September, 1970. 

Trevor George Smith, Pldn- 

Jennifer Uttte Smith, Defend- 

The objed of ttds sdt is for 
the said {Oddiff todl>tdnadiv- 
orce a vinculo matrimodifrom 
the sdd defeated, upon the 
grounds of two years separation. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of the State 
of Virgida, ttie last known post 
office address being, New York, 
New York, 

It is ordered that she do ap- 
pear here witdn 10 (ten) days 
after due publication hereof, and 
do what niay be necessary to 
protect her interest in tUs 

A copy-Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Jylr. Victor J. Ashe, M ty,' 
702 Plaza One, East, 
Norfolk, Viri^da 23510 



the 8tt) day of Septenfl)er,^ 1970. 
Ora Z. Butte, et als, Com- 

Miybelte H^n^prc^' Haynes, et 
ads, Defendante 

The objed of this sdt is to 
have a partition in one of the 
modes prescribed by few of 
certain real estate of which 
Sarah WUtehurst died seized, 
known as three (3) acres of 
Umd in Seaboard Magisterial 
District, Virgida, Beach, 
Virgida, formerly in ti)e County 
of Princess Anne, Virgidi^ 
bounded on the north by the 
road leading from l^leton to 
Lymihaven; on the ea^ by the 
land d Edney; and on the south 
and wad by the land d James 
Cotprew,* and others, and for 
other further and general re- 
lief; and it avpearl^ ttom Af- 
fidavit in due form d law now 
filed, tbd there are imknown 
parties lod that the ddendante, 
Anna Cori^rew Swint(n, whose 
last known post office address 
te 517 18th Ave., Newark, N.J.; 
Lots Corjprew, whose ted known 
post office address is 12 N. 
Hirst St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
19139; Rudolph Corprew, whose 
last known post office address 
is Northgate Apts., Apt. UC, 
Crad)ury, N.J. 08512; Pearl 
Corprew Dedaam, whose last 
knovm post office address is 
462 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, 
N.Y.; and Joe Corprew, whose 
last known pod office address 
is PhlladelfMa, Pa., are not 
residents of the State of 

such unknown parties and Anna 
Corprew Swldon, Lds Corprew, 
Rudolph Corprew, Pearl 
Corprew, and Joe Corprew do 
app«tr here wlttin 10 (ten) 
days aner dw puUication (rf 
this Or(ter and do irtid may be 
necessary tb prded Uieir re- 
spective Idereste herein. 

thi4 toe foregoing pd>licatl(nof 
this Onter be pd»ltehed once a 
week for fwr (4) ccmsecutive 
SUN, a Mmipaper of general 
drcdation In the City of Vir- 
gida Beach, Virgida. 
niymsN. Styron, Clerk. 




GTO-1964 red; good nmdng 
condition, new tires, 3 speed, 
spotless. 497-0551. 

MERCEDES Beia-1963 sunroof 
sedan, $975 Phone 340-3237, 



-Guaranteed, Princess Aaoi 
Plaza area. Call 340-4390 

adee. work. Phone 497-4628, 

BABYSITtlNG-My home or 
yours. Married and experienced 

Pddii^. Reddential iderior 
and exterior, small jobs wel- 
come. Experienced aiidreason- 
abte. Phone 428-7586. 

"" "" ■ ' 41 1 ' "' ' "' 

Gutters and down spoute re- 
Idaced and roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed. 
' 428-9464 

Spedal fall cleanup and close 
up. 25% dtecoud for all work 
done in ttie next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping did fire place 
repdr. I^ni^rs installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleadng.Atlant- 
"^ ic Bdlders & Mdntenance. Call 





iurn to «ptf*ti SMMo/tftr 
OfMlin**, Crmn. Scrapvt, 
lOSMfi, Trtnclitrt. ttc.,<>al 
Mr flwdira fKility. A MtM- 
MM cart«r it aom to Mt^i* 

liOUt men. MMMhf'Mwn.H* 

etm¥m»m t rtiiil i 

NHML Vi. smii 



YARD SALS^AnUqaes, Utdm 
items. Toota ft Flsldngaidp~ 
meat Sd., Od. 8. 9 a.m.708 
Delaware Avenae, Va. Beadu 


HAIR DRYER-Sui^affl Pro- 
fessional Type, (toeil ionce. 
Great Christmb gift. 117X10. 
Call 428-3819. 

Sdas and servloa. Prompt d- 
ficted roalrs. HA. qp and 
deUvery,'PlMM 428-4222, Fad 
Feed andBaUdtngSoppUes, Ik. 

90 Articles For Sale 

Will babysit In my home on 
23rd Stred. Experienced, rea- 
sonable. Beach Borough area. 
Call 425-5805. 

Will babysit in my home days. 
Fort Story area, off Shore Drive. 
College graduate, with varied 
work with children. Call 
464-2054. • - 

Someone to do general HOUSE- 
from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m., Monday- 
Friday. Phcme 497-4383-after 
5 p.m. 

HOUSEKEEPER-Good cook. 5 
days., T(^ salary. Own trans- 
portati<m.-Bus line. After 7 

CLEANING woman one day a 
week with references. No Sd- 
urdays. Ca^l 425-6612. 


Part ttme bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done in my honw or your 
office. Free::plck iq> and de- 
lhi«ryi:^Q*6340i^ ?--H?h 


Boddceeping & Tax Service 
Evedofs 499-4853 Pembroke 

St Busiaesi OnportniUes 

Women 18 and i^) wear and sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry In ^ur 
spare time, no Invedment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 



Deaters needed in tds area to 
service compos secured ac- 
oounte with G.E. & jSylva^a 
electrode replacemed td)es, 
soM thru tee lated do-it-your- 
self service eqdpn^d. Color 
TV, black and white, radio, 
dereo, td-fi, organs, amplifi- 
ers and thousands of other elec- 
trode equipmeduse millions of 
reptacemed tubes annually. 
Color TV creating tremendous 
new impact on immedide and 
fdure replacemed tii>e volume 
and higher average sales. Nov^ 
you can cash te on thte nqpand- 
ing and increasing bllliMi dol- 
lar market. No experience 
needed. Merely service and re- 
dock local accounts weekly te 
ymur spare time or week-ends. 

Sensibll'eardngs and excellent 
potential, $300 to $400 per month 
and more if you expand. Secured 
cash invednwd reqdred of 
$2,290 \xp to $3,790 fwcomidde 
business, (Covered by Invent- 
ory). Also car, a few spare 
hours wee kly , and relid>ility. 

If you are idereded, desire to 
woric lor yourself, and bdkl a 
9(md biminess, then write us 
today; indude phone miidwr tor 
idcffmation, referem:^ and 
persool iderview. 
Universal EtectrodcaCorp. 
8350 Olive Blvd., St. Uds, 
Mo. 63132. 



MldmumCl»rgi$I.00 CONIIAa TWRSIT 

4 to 6 Un^ 25^ line 30$ Une 

7 to tt Un^ 20( Une 28$ line 

IS <»■ more Itees 18$ Une 26$ Una 
IM^^ A& l&OO per inch 

Contractors & Home Builders- 
Let us help you with that new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can furnish materiate from 
basemed to attic and aid yw 
te financing. ^ 

Phone: Keltem & Eaton, Inc. 
(1) 427-3200 



pdnt interior and exterior. 464- 


HOUSEKEEPTER-Dinner cook. 
10 AM-6PM, Monday thru Fri- 
day. Must have own transpor- 
tatton to Kempsville area. $35 
Die. References. No sopervidon. 
Working coupte. Call 497-4704 
after 6 PM. 

ENTS- Work part ttme for Old 
Domidon Udvers|ty news- 
paper. Positions still avdl- 
able. Call Jack Bray, d 428- 

^ MUST Kni * 

Against reidestatim, only 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid. 
Roaches ed Sure KiU greed' 
ly, then return to their nest; 
and die. Here these dead 
roaches contaminate other 
CMicbes and eggs, and they 
die,, starting a dbdn reaction 
hat will UU them aU. Sure 
Kill never wears od, yd sde 
to use, and has absolutely no 

Mfg. & Dist. 
P.O.B0X 1 Arvod^ Vs., 


IM ReoMs Far Real 

MAUBU^^n^ room for lady, 
kitd)en privileges. Private 
home. 340-4325 

Rooms for red on waterfront. 
Share bath. 587-4225. 

Room for rent, privateihoms te 
Late Shores. Write te care of 
thfr Sun News or call 464-3713 
after ipjn. 


Qaated rooms. Maid servtee. 
Day, week or modh. 206 201I1 

HI Benet Far Beat 

ALANTON-8 room rand), 2 
baths, pool membersMp, Sept. 
" 428-7967. 

oeniB, po 
25; $285 

Guitars-headquarters fot G^ 

son, Fender, GrMadi,. Martte^ 

and amplifiers. Rowe & hoag 

Musi^ dV 57 P.A. Plaia. 



Apallo drum set. Red sparkle; 
3 drums (comdete sd) Good 
omditlon. $50. Phone 497-0551 

Piuios-rent a new daao wite 
optton to buy. Your choice 'of 
Baldwte, Kohler and Campbell, 



Air CoDdttteoad 

Ampte Paxttef ^laee 



?art.,tlme position wantfcfL 
mature coUege graduate. Ex-; 
perinced medical secretary, 
advertteteg and real estate, 
permaned Bead) area.428-5S36« 


Theory, Repertdre" 
Junes & Frances Morrisson 
Accessible from Expressway, 
Va. Bch Blvd, Fird Colodal 
or Laskln Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

Tifani»l».,iamball, a«i ^lan«H: 

la Red Estate Wasted 

rr-ai^4'Davu ^-Aowe ^-Leag Itaste 

Co.j5? ■-^y«k.'Pla«ai 340-7631 

'"■ ■ /• ———————— 

Reduce safe & test wlth(k>BeSe 
capsules & E-Vap "water piUs" 
Murden Drug. 

FRUIT TREES, Nut trees, beriy 
plants, grapevines, landscaping 
plant mderid-offered by Vir- 
ginte's largest growers. Free 
Coiqr 48-pg. PluitlngGuideCd-> 
dog on request. Salespeo{fle 
wanted. Waynesboro Nurseries 
Waynesboro, Vijgida 22980. 

Property^ to Mil or rent, 
cUento*wdfii«.: Call 340-0740. 

Home ft Apt. lidtefB Need»l 

for Sde or Rent 

Member of Vir|^daBead)Md- 

tipte UsUng &rvlee. 500 

Salesmen will be^ sell jnwt 


Cooper Realty 

Uifl Padfle Ave. 
Ph 4^-1330 

UseSUN Classified Ads. _ 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified od 



Minimum Charge 1 .00 Under Four Lliwt "O- of weeks 




— — — 

- - - 


12 345 TFN 

$1.00 $i.oa 

$1.00 $1.20 


$1.50 II J© 

5% discount If run 4 w««ks 




VIrgtnIo ioaeh Sun 

ThursAiy, Octc^r i, WTP 

Limits Listed for Area 

Seamn picks up in third week 

islMrles has re<^t^ 

^c«»«<} a oonitlete Usttsf of 
tbe guae Muoni ml UtBtit. 
Following Is a resume for tte 
Virgtfltt Beach area: 

RAUt: November 16 tttroogh 
Jaouny 80; 6 per day, 76Tier 
neense year. 

Qtwmt November 16 
mv^ itamxy 30; 3 per day; 
IS pw tteeast ye«. 

^idU November 1$ tlnroogb 
Febwai^ 15; I per day; 125 
P»r Mottise year. 

%ifa^el: November M 
fe^tfi Jaonary 30; 6 per day, 
79 per ttoeoge year. 

Bwr: October 1 ttffou^ 
NoraoAer 30; 1 per Uwme 
y«ar (over 75 pounds live 

Turkqr: tUs area closed 
to Fall turieqr banting. Spring 
SenoB AsM 17-May 8. 

Oeffir: October 1 tbroagh 
NoveiMner 30; two deer per 
Hc«ise year and thete must 
be badGi wftiL antlers visible 
sbim ttie teir. No more ttian 
1 ^r in one day. 

Rfieooon: September 1 
tbaim^i March 30; no llndt 
indieated. > 

Fox: October 1 throti^ Jan- 
uary 30; no limit indicated. 

1970-71 Rabbit, Grouse and QuaU Seasons and Limits 

coMMiwoN or OMM M» iMiANO ftttnma 

Wmber .i-jmiMy 31 (Rabbili- & Qiaih \>nvmhm i-Vehmny 28 (GrouM) 
>(n<iinber 16 -|amiw> MKRAI)"!" & Orrtise)! Nwoiiiter |6-Febni«fy 15 (Quair 
Nuveniber 16-Jinuiry 15 (KabbilK); .Nwcmber lO-Fclmiary 15 i^M) 


Rabbits: 6 per diy: 75 per Ifcenie ytu. 
GrouM: 3 per day; 15 per lie««« y«ar. 
Quail: 8 per day: 125 per liceiiae year. 



All of the Virginia Beach 
Hi0t Sduwl went Isto their 
ttalrd weA oCthe foottiall aemsa 
last wedBKid. 

In ilie one to watch Fri(tay, (he 
Cavallen of Princess ^ine took 
every advanta^ in their vict- 
ory over the Granby Comets, 
16-8. P.A.*s first soore came 
on tte next to last plsgr in the 
first (inarter wlien giti^iback 
Al Strange completod a seven 
yard pass to end Tom Botts. 
TUs came after a ffi-yard 
march led by fullback Jerry 
licaralh.EddteJiehl raadefl» 

conversion. Although P.A. 
pidnd iQ) all four dtGranby's 
ftimbles, their break came in 
the second period idien a punt 
was lost off of a, Coiiaet and 
P.A. recovered on Uie Granby 
43 yard line. Four idtqfs later, 
MoGrath scored from the 23, 
and Ronnie Walls made the two 
point oottvemi<m. Finally, in the 
third qMarter, Graoliy mounted 
a CT-yard drive ending «lfii 
Conwt Buddy Walker scoring 
frooi ^ nine. A paps (6 Pat 
Orem made it eigjbft for the 
CoBMis, but that Just wasn't 

to other action, the Pilots of 
Nonisrrirat ootth* Faleoosof 

•••as dose as you'll ever 
come to a ^^ sure thing!'' 

Take stock of your investments. Land appreciates in value — usually. Stocks and 
bonds pay more — sometimes. 

Your Mutual Federal passbook savings pay 5% interest per annum from the day 
of deposit to the day of withdrawal. Each saver's account is insured to $20,000.00 by 
an agency of the federal government. 

If you want to be sure about your future you can scarcely do better than a growing 
passbook savings account at Mutual Federal. It pays as much as the law allows. 

Cox to the tune of 20-0. Nor- 
vlew's Larry Stopoey scored 
file first and last toudidoims 
for file Pilots on Rims^-^iliUe 
Otis Purvis cau(^ passes for 
file second TD as well as file 
eonverstoo. ThrtHigh It all, C«k 
Just couldn't get movinit 

The Marlins of BiQrstdeqpset 
file First Colonial Patrlotswlfii 
a score of 22-15. Mariln Lance 
Plats scored two ID'S, one on 
a 66-yard punt r^urn, and a 
conversion to star in Bayiride's 

To round out file evening's 
action, file Chiefi ofKimps- 
ville defeated file Kellam 
K^^ wifii a scoce of 14-6. 
The*Kni|^ were flrrt on the 
board with a pass from(|iiarter- 
back Clyde Jones to Mike 
Delulio. After that It was 
KempsviUe's ame. Chi«fl 
Jerry Inge and Julius pucdte 
scored-fiie TD's andBobTaylrar 
made the kicks. 

This Friday all of ttie Vir- 
gttila Beacii Hi^ Schools see 
acttoQ, starting witti Bayslde 
hosting Kellam. Cox wiUbe at 
Lake Ta^or, First Cqloatid 
will be atKempsvlUe,,andlHn- 
(XS8 Anne will be it lAmry. 


Predictions: Bayslde car. 
Kellam. Lake Taylor over Col, 
Flfirt Cfolonial over Kempsvllte, 
and PrCncear Anne overlbury. 
One to watdi:. Princess Anas- . 
Maury. ' 

Action 70 

Preliminary plan? for Aettoo 
70, a nati(mwide Girl Scout pro- 
ject, were, discussed at the 
meeting of Girl Scout leaders 
of liiddiom Neighborhood at file 
home of Pat Smith on Pineland 

A Ubrary to fadtttate aU 
sccaiters in tiie neighborhood is 
headed by Caroline Sroifii. 

Peggy Henthorne isaoc^ng 
donafioos of uniforms tot needy 
girls. Anycuie witti an experi- 
enced upiform may ooata(^ her 
at 428-8673. 







stripes make fiie man— make you 
seem slinuner, taller, more elegant 
^Jitttantly. Aad this yeur sMpev 
are sofid fasUon...clanic diaUt 
and pin stripes, narrow stripes 
and wide tmes, stripes in pairs, 
in colors^ in exdoiive fabrics. 
Mettodously tand-tailOTed, hand- 
shaped and hand-underpresMd. 



fOE ma Of AU A6ES' 

2KMI Atltntie Aw^. 
VifilMk Beseh 

r ^ 1 

Kmn Hsi^-ntora. I to. IM ftMn IM 

Infant Watt, son of Ridiard 
Allen and Mrs. Unda l^rls 
Watt of Holland Drive. 

Mrs. Mary E. WaterfleU, 81, 
of Back Bay StatioB. 

Lee Crawfrard* ^rer, 59, of 

Mrs. Kalhryn W. Cormai^, 
of Powells Point Road. _ 

Mrs. Begeu NelsQiiBBnihlll, 
45, of ^nandMh Cmnrt. 

FaU kOU tailor 

MHl officials report file 
deafi) of E. Chester O^tO Tret 
19. who r^iilBd in file 2200 
Mock of Red tide Road, Virgin^ 
la Beach, at a Ifflaai Beach, 
Fla.,ta4Atal Saturday. 

Trot, a Naval Soiar Tech^ 
dan 3.C., reportaay reealiM 
De<± and latenial Injisles wMn 
he &U from a wla^w of ttt 
fiilKd floor of a btf caeli at tti 
Key W^, ria., Nrnl imk 

The teAemiocemA^ba^ 

havfc oaAtd Trot*t graAiilMi 
from the Fleet Sonar School al 
Oe naval bMe. 


m/mmu j mu^ immm 



» : 


VoluiiMl.No. 3 

Octobw 1,1970 



and Convention Time 

At Virginia Beach 

Tte fiir opmtA last vedc at Pungo and will run 
(hroagh October 3rd. Tte IN SIGHT pbotograiter 
ms ttere on op^OK diy and sBot ttew pldures 
KUNE tte Ug Mack ctargers at tbe merry-go-«w«* 
«•!« IMorites. Morr teir pictures on pages 12 and IS. 

%. 9mm Sqoaik and Vokntoar Firemen temt tSi omt 
% Vrtgtiiacooferged 00 Virilnla Beach last week end 
for tt^ aMMttl ooavei^oo. TteDome, besides being 
tte seme of Mveral neettagi uid diapiiTS of fin* 
iki and rweue eqtdpme^, also saw an informl 
itoiM- Friday nigbt and a (ttmer and daiwe SaturdiQr 

VoUntMr Fire Department, checks on tte workings 
of A Cantto^mmator Resuseitatar. Besfaies being 
the fire ddef ELDON is also plairt manfer for 
Yod» Dairy in Kenpsvilte. See page :^ for more 
Rese» Sqiad pictures. 

Stovers feU Friday in tte Lynnhifcn area bii ttor 
dM not dampen tte qirits oi DEBBIE 9 and ^TBT 
1 aad m^ motter HBS. ViCTCm VIA, of PriaecM 
Amie Ptaa, a» ttey chopped tte "JvmI Tree". 
Ite "Jewel Tree" w» one of ttebootteat St. Akian's 
Fpii q?^ CInreh omul etrainl. lienre eumiml 
lidniws OB page's 4 and 5. 

Page 2 


Oeloter 1, 197Q 

Peniiuf Festiviri P^ 


published each Wedrasday ty ^ Beach hjfa^ 
puUisheR of The Virsinia Beach Sun 
Gordon 8. MItelioll, Managor 

3i08MI:j|wnue,yi^^ 23451 

The Woiid'sLafpstBBOrt City 

^ m BlurUMBJk niilnW* rciw*«>«>» •"■-'•— ■■ 





nmr w hot city wath orai j-io 7my$ 


ujcAL GRoiip MAiicffiSw iwoMA nMrfOfmu, FAR^^ 

Satardijr It PrtaoMt Aan 


fordTchatomme f^Ss, beto akke ™^S^E»I,S^g^ 




me lUenttf Tuirtettoi BttoA ud Driin 0x9, wp formed toitfjr, !•«,•?« "w 
has ft meniMnUp of SO gtrl Mrten and lObojrdnnaais. Th^tavt parfomad 
at aU local pandManltaye tnmkd to Wimueib«g,littiptai^P«i^^ 
aad iOn^ l^od, II.C. to parfora. 






HmfMa, CMM to mW (if us 
fftMi f* yti ff Si.N ^ yw' 
4 (bMrllMt par ywrf 4r (Ml 

^*>^v pi» f9fw Mr MMCMBp pmn IwPrK. 

9fabitic & Qjoftn Sdop 





Alttooiti tlie latdtndiaDfefroin 
ttine to tima, tlMM van the 
laadafi o( tte Tvlrlettaf for tiie 
Paanit Paradei Uft to rlglit: 
11^. B. tOcker, iMiataiitdlr- 
iKMac ttttrofdirviilciitte group 
^P feeaatly for laeoad plMe in 
'Mareldaf llBlta' itf Poquosod 
Yolaataar f^ Dtpmimti 

imM vummm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmKm 

O^tol^r 1,1970 


Page 3 

wait and wait. . 


VliflQUi Bcadi kai^tw Cldb bekl Iti elevei^ 

jmafciirit fJ^CT flsMi^tourDuiieiit Saturday 

ttd Sintajr. tlie toamament was open to ttie 

piblie aad raglstntloD was at Virginia Beacb 

Pier and Ljnuiaven Flstabig Pier. 

and finally? 

lUs group of fisbernen went to ttie end df tbe Virginia Beach Pier to try for 
the big ones. - 

what's ha^Ming 

lA Virf liilf B9§(h 


US and Foreign 

com SHOP 



open daily 1 1 am 9pm 

NORFOLK 853-8118 

As of nooo Saturday, ERNEST E. JOHNSON, f^iag from tbe Vtrgirts BeaJ Pter. 
tod tateTthe larg^ Pompano (9 ounces). Oflieis haviiig registered at that time 
weTl lb. I oifflce blue. 9 1/2 ounce croaker. 11 ounce spot and a 7 ounce grey 


ecoNOiir waos 

Comirfete Beauty and Wig Services 
Five Minute Hair Dryers 




Mon. Tue. Wed. Sat. 9-5 Thur. Fri 9-9 
ZjkoroHfkfood^iihioiii^ut iUat^ Salon 

1770 iadependence Blvd. 464-56S4 BeWw Owef 

Page 4 


Patoljer 1,1970 

After the sbower SUSAN HAl^N U, and JOYCE ANNE BEAMAN 12, volunteered to dry Offf the booths 
so the carnival oouM get bade under way. 

It's good to have I^ around for the heavy vorlc. Here BILL SPICER aod BILL MEITZLER set up tables 
inside just in case the showers cotne back. 

St. AMiR'i CiNivd 

Bar§§m gohre 

BtOOtu lifting VtA am i1m readi Mgber ao DONALD 
BEAM AN was calM on to vwk on the llghti. 


The only Picture paper 
covering Virginia Beach 


.... lik* no otiWr 

A pat*nt«d miracle bra dciignaii by a 
woman for fha boayl* ond comfort of 
womo« O Mt ryw hOro. lb* amom fittod 
KNNVRiCH HU Mta, i{m^ oM tariM tlw 

a»»l any padtfn«. CempiM co«for| mm no 
strop ^oin. Sitot 2A to 44 in cue lian A to 
OO, ^ 

Longline Styles avartaWe in 2 lengths 



MRS. W. E. SPICER assists ROBIN COULSTING 9, »d LORI MCBRIEN U, with their pnrehase of Jewel 

M12C YirjiBb Bwdi Bii>J. Vh|iiikBeMh,Va. 

PHONE 499-1708 


t a^^i^.^.a..fciig^gB^g^i^-^iy3:^^ 


October 1,1970 


Knkk'ttacks M Ifutcff cDri^rs 



EpiseoUl Yoath Group memtiers RICHARD BRADY 14, RONNIE BiaNKLEY 15, and KAREN SEAMAN 
li, helped MRS. JUNE NEWLAND AT THE snack counter. 

AMY TUTHILL told the photographer that the main thing she wanted to know from fortune teller LOUISA 
Duller was if she would get the horse that she wants so much. (The cards showed a "Maybe") 



Wt take PersMfll Pride in 0«r Woric 







Even though the ournlval was scheduled for 4 to 6 PM 
Friday and all day Saturday, there was a good crowd 
Friday In spLte of the rain. 

"Vhii The Experts" 



FROSTING $18.00 

Ideal for Social Functions 
For Further Information 

Phone 340-6289 
3 Doors from High's 
BftnkAmericard & Master Charge 




October 1,1970 

Rescue Squads. . . . 

"^^^ tei ^ Glasgow First Aid Crtw were engrossed io t discwsion k ttie meHts of inflatible 
splints with JOHN NORFLEET, and equtpmeiit repiesentattve fr(^ Itteiiinoiid. Uft to hS'iSS^lS 

The IN SIGHT jrfiotop-apher found WARNER BIRKENHEAD of the 
LortMi Company and M. F. CAMPBELLof Amherst, VI rgihia per- 
using literature avail^le at one of the rescue equipment booths. 








" '"'■■^' 




► 1 


General Contracta 

Stunting & Decmntfna a Specialty 
Additions & Remodelinf; 

Phone: 340.4188 
30 Yean Experience 


VIRGtL L. BURGESS (FTyi) and Ids wife, MARLYN, and tb^ flw ellldrea pose vitti the "BMt Lorn 
of tiie Mooth'Uward which was presented to them for the iiioatli<tfSe|iteM)er.BUIK;Ea^,«to 
at Guided Ittssile School at Dam Neck^ aod Us family mate tteir home on LeyteCoort in Nayi) Air 
Station Oceana enlisted housii^ (Official Navy Ipiioto) 



Normal Parakeets 

Fancy parakeets 


Baby Mynah Birds 

(2 only) 
Ring neck Parakeets 

$2.99 pr. up 



32.50 ea, ^ 



AngMM Slwfpiit Cnter 




Bujr U.S. Saving Bonds 
& Freedom Shares 


Shop In Tht (Xd f ytte Country AtmMphore 


(M PHaecM Thcstre) 

^o?L??i JO ;_5_ Sundoy 1-5 




Oetobcr 1,1970 



Page 7 

RUTH CQLEY pauseftia front oCtbftyuntf- 
ipal Court traUdtng ultfle making her rooods 
of the Courtbouse Comidex. RUTH, attached 
to the City's General Services Division 
travels about the Complex <m a cmiverted 
golf-cart delivering interdepartmental mall 
between the various offices of tiie City Gov- 
ernment. During her daily ruos, one in ttie 
morning and one in ttie. afternoon, she stops 
at 22 olflces in the completitlon of her 
mail run. 

'■B^"? ' -"' l fLIJHi .i i >i . . 


Oon*t IMst an issut of 

in mm 

Subscribe now and also receive the 








DIAL 497-0631 


IN ahasOna shomng ama 




has o new time • • 



and o new stotion . . . 





Oetober 1, 1970 

PrineeB^A^me DefeatB Granby IB^S ^ Ken^psMMeOver Kelkun 14^6 


JERRY INGE irodiiced tlie second 
ID fra* a final score of 14-6. 


X AllNewflkitertalsfor 




[ fftf^tr Hmt for FImmI & 11mm 



ifl's Nobby & Craft 1 

Stmng Legs 

AlS TAffi) RUN, to AM Aeooal 
quftn of PriioBtgAaia'i pne 
irtth Graliqr lait WKk, tottrtag. 
tbe SO«e to 14-0. EWIE DIERL 
pMled to ROmOE WALLS tor 
fli». N» extrt polali, lMli#Bg 
tlie score to 16-0. bilte tonrtli 
qaarter Orubf aionA brtofbic 
the llwl Boon b 16-8. 

Pasehall to inge 

TBBt vas tte viwiiiK oofttni- 
tioD for Keaqsville agfaUfft 
KelUm last veeit. BILLY 
PASCHALL'S 10 yani 


Strong Arm 

so BIG 





»e can't ipnrt it 
Allwf CAN teis 




.r^rlV^L^Ji^^it^^^'^ "*^ ""'"^^ *•« TUNNEL. TMt ENGIf^ 

?!!J?1"* ^i™*"* TR'P NORTH, TAKE THE OCEAItHWAY, U.S. 13 


P.O.BOX ni 


OeU^mi, 197a 




' 'opened 

H illuiif ijpi l'(>t!> n, s/^d/-) 


(iii-ar i.yrin haven fkidirf; 

' ^ 

'n hi I- 


SubicrilM to The 

* e<Hi|fl.M,r 

■ 1 . f < 1 ■ r . 


• Hr: 

# < m 

t6 receive 

IN Sim 


every week 


PriDOMf Anne Iwad cotch JOHN GRADY,, 
checks ov«r tlie itaUstics with isiistaDt 

Kempsvllle coadiing staff look over Friday 
nights starting lineup. Kneeling is head 
coach TRACY MOON. Standing left to right 




You never know when you'll need H.E4.P. 

Hospital and medical costs are at an all time high 
... and still foing up. You could be swallowed up 
financially . . . unless you have H.E.LP. It's the new 
plan of Health Expense Loss Protection that safe- 
guards you against mammoth medical bills. Doit't 
take chances with your present benefits. They may 
ba loo oM for today's heavy costs. 

KettoMi 'CqXqh 

1 1 

V^«ltC^4.t(t I 





with tte "do-it-yourte^' craw galirfng momentum every day In 
America^ the ladUs are fettiag as interested at men have been 
for many years. Witti tiie maiqr nev UMa and the nev sewinc 
ma«Miies, . vitti a Uttle instmetioit mother ean not (HUy make 
clothes for the ddldrea but for herself-lncludinl ttncere. MRS. 
NINA PO6T0M, ftropletor of Postoo's Fabric k Sewing Center in 
ttie Kempsville Plan Shoniag Ceitfer, conducts dasses in various 
techniques of sevring. MRS. FOSTON'S classes learn by doing. Sm 
not only demonstrates to them hofw bat they actually make garments 
fdr HMBiselveft an&'^he family. Here IDtS. P06T0N demootftrates 
JmiiM cut tirom a pattern. ■ . - ^ 

UNDA QUICK, fdUowii^ direetioiis, is catting oat a pair ef fltte lanad 


Now lojthe sewing wmtMmk Eadi lady sews up^ her ewa garmei^ 

MRS K8T0M shows SmRl£T BORROUGBS some of til Mttle 
seerali of sewing tace oA otter frills t^the isirfics Ae is BttMag. 
Uttle secrets Uks using eeleo|ihane tape to hold the lace in place 
while ITS beiiW swwn to the garment. 

Is additioii to the ttafere course MRS. vofftm alsoteaehatf^ 
dassss is art of sewing dotiile knits, sweater kiits and battii« 
suit knit Each class is lindted to six persons and is eomplated 
to six lessons, lo tte lingere dass each member will noda a pair 
of brieii, a pair of flare legged pants, petti pants, a girdle nd a 




amitee whai 
»e doing 


iCm^mrm, MmiI^im, MMUereys, 
W«g«ni ani Mere!) 




Over Otfflsr't Iwvsice Cwitt 

COLOmAL ns^ 

an !Hifhi« iNck iM. •» iMtfM 

October 1,1970 



Complex Work Continues 


General Hospital 

Work Is still contkiuing on the General Hospital of 
Virginia Beach and also on other buUdius In the 

1 - -^-- . .* 

, . , -■ " 



Medical ArtsJBuilding 

*teept torlandBcaptaf tl^igwTi^lpErH&BtaHIng 
ipfm to be coinpteted however, ttere Is work to be 
aooe <m fbe inside before new occupants can move in. 

Physicians Professional Center 

The Physicians Professional Center is still In need 
of some JBnishlng touches to ttte outside of the building. 

Po^ 12 

iH imm 

October 1,1970 

Tidewater Fair draws large crowds 


Even thouf^ the crowds had not 
iSrrived flie midway was li^ed 
all afteriMXm and the rides and 
show$ ^tened with new paint. 

Redeem This Coupon For 



One of the most spectacular rides is the "Sky Wheel" wMdJ cost $150,000. and another $11 000. 
tor toe Ughtlng system. This tide towera 82 feet in toe air. 





October 1,1 970 

TMfwoter Fiir 

in mm 


CAPTAIN FBANCIS W. FRANK, U. S. Army^oo leavt« rides dtogMer, JENNIFER, down 
tte«HdBittteftaBhouM. ) 




m smj 

Octobdr 1, 1970 



'■*^-'4'*JtS^ "^ 


Note ttie varied activities and in-activities of people on the beaeh. 



Though summer was stiU with us bat Saturday there «m plenty of room od tte fc f^. 


Isle off View 




At The North End off Your Board Walk Stroll 
You will You Will Hear It Again and Again 
"The Best Food is at The Thunderbird" 

ovn sttur 


3Sth Street at Boardwalk Over Ocean's Surff 

""" ' iii rm nmii ., 


CMvlvlf/ Afm9^li§r§ 

tKhrtiiih«liiM»iitMB|«4Mi|8rNtNriiikii«llM0cMB%S«f. A 
Yw will bNf iff siiiiHdsiriilhabMtMbifllillNMM. 

4 W9lk H Sh9^t, fh9 Hvl 0f to /MU f Jitf C*grc*M 

3Sth Street on the ()ceari 

Know a busy man? 

Throughout the cItyiofVirginia Beach there 
are men and women who are nuking sub- 
stantial (K)irtrl»)utions to their community and 
dty and are never recognized beyond their 
imroe<Uate neighborhood. 

It is the intention of m SIGHT to tocm 
attention on such individials each week. 
It there is someone in your nei^iborhood who 
is heavily involved in communis activities, 
whether it be Utile leape/dvic clubs or 
service orpniaiUons, let the IN SIGHT staff 
kno« about it. It can be a nan or woman. 

OutUne briefly the persing activities and 
organlatioM, his address and phone mimber 
Md mail it to IK SIGHT, P.O.Box 657, 
Virgima E^ach, Va. 23451. 

October 1, 1970 


in smr 

Pag* 15 


As Ar^ Introduction to our new 
Weekly Pictorial, You May^^ 

Subscribe to 

WJEACH IM SiGflT HtwtMfc* 

(ifihr 5.20 Viln 



1 - '' 


^tuhrly 5,20 § YMr 

' ' ' ■ • 

Both For One Yeor For Only $5.00 


•{ > 






,.*. — -■■ ■ - — 

• ■ 


■•••■««■«• ■! 

CNp And MtN Tlw Introductory CMipon ■•towL 


1 '^"' 







Endoood Chock or MonoyOrdor iMidRotumto- 

VlniMi ■oodi. Vo. 


■ |l.«. 

3 CRiAT §W 

• VlrqMa fcoeb IM. at UndM M#9t 

• 18S1 bHtitetle CnMk ImnI 

• ViivMa Nach IM/«pp0iH« Jwcrf 
OMBI BAHY 10 A.M. TO ie P.M. 


siLP-Hii ViciiNH^ ixdiiit 


King's Has It) 

The NOW Look In Fashion flares 


for Guys 

m j/ *"* 


and Gals 





sizes 26"-38" 




Striped, Solids. Printed 
Tapered to Fit-Dart Bade 

Sizes S-M-L 





Wide Whale & RIblessCordyroy 
Cotton Oenimi in a Sensotta 
Of Stripes. Solids and Fondes. 

sizes 26'*-38^' 


RZCHUOND, VA. 23819 



45tli Year No. 36 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday^October 8, 1970 

Teiepbone 428 

Board Approves $18.4 Million R^re 



By Raymond Williamn 

noted Virginia Beach 

He Now Believes 

In the month of My I saw you on "Eyeirttness New Maga- 
ilne". At that Uiiie I said to myself "Another soothsayer and 
Iffophet of astrology." 

Out of cariosity I isept the program on and Ustened. You i^ 
two iffedictions based on the science of astrology. One was ttat 
the gtockmarket would recover by 1971. Since then the market 
his Recovered 20 Doiots. ' . . «. 

tlMt stiU did not sell me OB tte^enoe of astrology. The 

secoBd predictioo dnnged me from a skeptic to a believer. 

You said the United States would be deeply Involved in the 

. Wddfo-East sUiwtton in the m<»ths of August and September. 

This letter Is a letter of apology for my saying Uiere is 
noOlBg to the science of astrology, hi my ofdntoo 1 was wrcmg. 

^tor's Note: We thought other dceptics mightbe interested 
in^tUs note, vliich was signed in full 1^ the man ^i^ wrote It.) 

A Natural Writer^ 

QUESTION: It would seem that fate would Mve me retire 

from Government service and I would ttke to supplement my 

retinement income by writing. Also I would Uke to move to the 

..^irgiala Btadi area. Does this fit with my horoscope. Signed 

i VUG, W^h. D. C. ^ . ' . 

ANSWER: I have tried to rectify die horoscope aod hcqie ttiat 

I now hSve the correct time. It is amaalng how ofteathe time 

of birth is not correct. Apparent^ the doctor does not consider 

the teeording of the time of Urtb as ioptftsidLfd: all. Assuming 

that wt are now QORMt, it would anwar tti^ It wiU be at feast 

two years beffli* yo»lre able to iwtire. At tlds time there wiU 

be ah Mlierse aspect tastween thrpianetVenusaiid the natirSun. 

ntfs^is only nalond stnce the income (ruled by Venus) will 

soMir be reduced, temporarily. There is at this pmetiae a 

|Md aspect brtween the natal Sun and the wofranedSun. 

TUs always occurs at about thaageof Atty. IMs Is atlme of 

tap twj tffttimw igitf._<w M low m 

as your modhgio theiiittair^ T would say it Is a 
decisl(n only you can ft^. As for «ny»eM, Ittl*iltttte 
jUiiiRiit plifii I have evsi: Uved. The ^'vihs*' are great, the 
<Sia^ sn f>«M am if ii« ce«M Jurt get a restaurant in town 
Itttecested in ftoiaeyilnf other than gettlngtaeople in and out as 
Qal«kly as pos^e there would be litUe dfilthe Beach did not 
have^ mie chart will only show a move if there is something 
thtt is eilrtrae lixnil it, cXtet tiian ttat you have a lot of self- 

You are a natural as a writer. With the Sun. Mercury, Pluto 
and the north node in the sip of Gemini, the sign of writing, I 
would say that writing is second ntoe with ypu. Snce the Sun 
has moved to a sextile of its natal place, and is located in the 
house of Oe career, this would be the toglcal time to enter iitfo 
anew writing^areer. This aspect wiUnotbe exact for two years, 
but will be working for you all the time. There will be a ground 
swell towards recognitiui which will culminate then. 

There is, strangely, not a lot of activity in yottr horoscope at 
this time. This is the time for you to initiate idans which will 
come into being when the planete begin to make aspects in 
about a year or so. It is wise for us to try to make the plans for 
ftiture growth at times like this. We are not receiving energy 
from planetary influences and tend to want to take it easy, but 
we should also realiae that we are not receiving resistance 
elttier and therefore things initiated at times Uke this will go 
smootUy, if slowly. 

The most importent aspect in your horoscope at this time, 
and a very important one it is, is the the Sun by progressicm is 
now exactly aspecting the planet Saturn, in the sip of Aries. 
TUs can be one of the most important aspeds in your life. The 
sip of Aries is the sipof newbegfaminp and ptcneering. There 
can be no better asped to begiii a new project under Qian this 
one. If you can utilice the energy of this aspect to your benefit it 
wlU mate Oe Aiture grand and profiiable. 

All ih all, it tooks lite a very fcfftunato time for you. You can 
aur^y move into the ratirement years witti excitement. It would 
appear fiiat the future will be better Uian the past. 

Dreamer Needs Boost 

QUESTION: Would you iflette telp me unterstud my 
InrtMBd. He can not hokl a Job • for longer tlum two years. 
M DOW tas a Job that requires a great deal of responslblUty 
and be can not handle it eiOier. How cm I understand this. 

Signed Scorpio. . , 

ANSWER: Tin answer to his problem is verysinq>le. 
Your husband is a dreamer. I don't mean this in a negative 
way but rather In a poettc sense. He has the planet Neptune 
in conjunction to hU natal Sun. This is the sip of a dreamer. 
■>There are reasons <^r ttian ttds, homver, that luive made 
tt wjfewmely diffleult for Mm to keep boUi feet on the grouadr 
Your hu^Mmd luyi several planets in the sip of Virp and 

jdB niaoet Mercury, ruling the e mttoyB»i<, in tte early 

degfeMTof l>e ^p W Bbra. Tor me \m. seven years tte 
xAami Uramis has be«i going throup the s^p of Virp and 
STpow moved into the sip of Uhra. What this means is 
ttiat every time he found a Job, (Virp rules sendee) he pro- 
mpt^ received an upec^ firom Uranus (wUdi mean emtti^) 
uid ttU wtt Oe end of that. 

I am very happy to tell you that it^iould all be over now, 
md if you can let tte past p, you can begin anew. Tte fttture 
«m be much e«rier. In fact he, as weU as you, needs some 
re-tisnrance at tlis time. Try to understand tiat he could 
have (tone no bettor. Criticism comes ^ap. Encourapn^rt 
Is 1^^ makM ttinp pow. 

What constitutes Love? 

-AiHESHON: I read your cdusm every wedi pd it is ttie 
VEf to be feund anywhere, I read them aU tod ieel myself 
mwthlK of a Jadfi. My qoestton Is Ms. I was h^yily 
Sr^^to a wm tmiy five years oqr senicMr. Does As- 
trdeeexplatottts? apedWirtia^WMow. 
^hmT'ntm is no »et of Wa marvelous^ of 
AstnAw to wll«* I haw devoted more time and f^wd 
less rmd tlan tHs «Mrtton of attraction, iMeh eoastltutee 

(ConttOHd on pap ^ 

Council surprised 


Obviously Intererested 

Th^seWebeloswere among a! most 400 who 
participated in tliel r first weekend camp 
otit tast weekend at Dam Neck witii some 
1400 Boy Scouts at a jartibbree-type camp- 
oree ^^|fb rating 60 years of scooting. -Tjhr 

Complex Kem 
Plan Goes to Council 

Oct. 26 for Decision 

Webelos and scouts participated In LARC 
rides, received rifle instruction from the 
Navy, archery, and Scout Troop 63 even 
barbecued a hog over an open fife ait night 
to share with the others^ 


The Virginia Beach School 
Board, meeting In special 
session Tuesday night, S4)prov- 
ed a resoluti<m calling for an 
$18.4 million school bond ref- 
erendum, then went behind 
closed doors to discuss the 
resolution with City CoundL 

The referendum. Just short of 
1961's recored $18.5 million 
issue, is needed to buy school 
sites and to finance the con- 
struction of a senior Mp school 
in the Bayslde Boroup and ele- 
mentary schools in Lynnhaven, 
KempsviUe, and Princess Anne 
Boroughs, officials said. 

The hip sdiool would be 
ready for opening in September 
1973, with ttie elementary 
schools reaching conqdetton a 
year earlier. 

School Superintendent E.E. 
Brickell told board members 
.and observers from the City 
Council that a referendum is 
needed because of the popula- 
tion influx in Virginia Beach 
schools and because "no funds 
are now available." 

Thoup the re6oluti(m was 
unanimously passed by the 
School Board, at least one mem- 
ber appeared appr^nsive. 

Spencer Lott toU BrickeU 
and fellow board members, "I 
don't know how much lonpr we 
cpi p on spenibigcaiiitaihnli 
of this magnitude.'* He tisb 
eaited on Sqpt. Bri«kiU's ad- 

ministrative staff to "seardi 
out a {dan to make these ftmds 
last Umpr." 

"This Is going tobe obje^- 
iond>te to the electoride balcffe 
long," Lott said. "I*veliipr«- 
ssure ftom frirailB to irate 
against fills resdutton, howe^ 
I have no altematlvt It ttis 
time." He said people viddott't 
have ddMrm in sdiooltmd re- 
tired cciples wo^t iHwr a 
school bond referendum. 

Tim board's <»ly woman 
member, Mrs. Reba K^r& 
voiced ^iproval of the plan, 
calling it "an obllgatitm to file 
iq)Coming generati<»." 

The resoluiltHi was nmd tod 
passed during a pa^atiam 
meeting of fiie board at Kemps- 
ville High School before. Jbe 
board Joined City Coundi iif a 
closed meettng in file school's 

Though results of file closed 
meeting are notknown,cou^ll- 
men were said tohan naeted 
wifii surprise at the magnltnde 
of the board's resoluttm,. 

Though Tuesday's 
(lldn't mention a tax,4tcrease, 
amdais said a tax UHb would 
be Inevlttfde U file referendum 
passes. Flnsnoe recctfdsrev^U 
fiat fiie'average d^Hrtde^ tax 
increase tollowii«tl| iM7boiid 
issue amounted to more item 
21 per cent. 

Hn dnto iSr a dJ^-i^i etf- 
m^fitam was dfaHflmM W tte 

Within the KempsviUe bor- 
ouiih one can find every aspect 
of a dty. There are tree-lined 
streets and pocket ghettos; 
ttere are examples of light 
industry and Mgji-intensity 
commercial development. 
; Every type of housing, from 
Ugh income to poverty level, 
cm) be found within the 36.6 
square mile area called the 
fCempsville Borough. 

Bm the dty's Planning De- 
partment tiiinks it can do better 

with what is available in the 
borough, and thus it will present 
the KempsviUe Development 
Plan to City Coundl Oddier 26 ^ 
for Its vote. 

What is important to note 
about the plan, fays Assistant 
Planning Director Timothy E. 
Barrow, is that it is not a plan 
but a policy statement, and is 
flexible enough to be modified 
and still remain viable. 

Witiiin the KempsviUe Bor- 
oup, that flexibility may soon 
become crudal to its expansion. 
With a present poputatton of 


The dty's move to secure 
competitive l^ds for the 
Virginia Beach promotional ad- 
vertising account has come 
under fire by Coundlnian F. 
Reid Ervln, who said Monday 
ttiat the questionnaire sent out 
iS biased in favor of larger ag- 
\ endes. 

"The nature of the questions 
refled unft.vont>iy on small 
agendes," Ervin said, refer- 
ring to queries in Oie 20-ques- 
tton form asking tte agency's 
total billing for tte past three 
years, its clients, and thenum- 
^ber of full-tlnw personnel em- ' 

The qu^tlom«dre, di» to be 
returted Od. 10, has drawn 
responses from 16 agencies 
from Nortott, Washingtoi^ 
RidunMid Md Virginia Beacb 
intere^ed in the accoud, valued 
at aboitf $250,000.. 

lUs is te first year fi» 
M«iant 1ms been (^er«I <m a 
competitive basis. M<n:a 
Umbe Advertisiiv agmey to 
Virginia Beach has tefil file 
account since 19S3. 

Ervin eU^OHd ^ the (p»s- 
flomdreiw prejutt^ apiimt 
file toiaite VlrgUda* BeaA 
agei^es pd^fiiqrhavntbMn 
to mdirtenea very k^ or ^bt. 
have a ter^ sunter of cBeils. 

Ervin noted.tbat a numter of 
the local agenda don't have the 
full services that large Rich- 
mond or Washington agendes 
offer, but said that like a con- 
tractor, tiiey sub-let a large 
portion of toeir work. 

But City Manager Roger M. 
Scott said the questions were 
desiped to determine tte stab- 
ility of the agency with wUdi 
toe city was gdng to place a 
$250 , 000 contrad. 
~^Scbtt said that tte question^ 
naire was drawn from several 
dher ^esttonnaires toat other 
dties have meA. As for ques- 
tions teaUng wito what prc^es- 
sional or^diatims ageiM^ies 
telong to a^d wlo^ awards they 
may luive wm, So^said it was 
a matter fA ^ttt^ tte best 

But the head of a local agency 
irtio wished not to te named, 
said tte ^;rfessi(»al orgadsa- 
tt(H) and award listt^ aren't 
importad. "Ndtt»r is the Ust 
of eUeds and what your bUUng 
was for fim past ttiree ynrs. 
"Whak is important aboM ttie 
whole tUsc is cr^ttvity, nd 
how Ug file ^Bcy is. We'n 
irtutf you ttH a bodbpe to(^ 
wA unle» you get to tte lewi 
of J. WaUer (HionvstMO where 

^oaOMed on pigt IQ 

over 26,000, fiw borough is ex- ^ 
peded to contain an additional 
14,440 residents by 1975 and 
anofiier 20,600 residents by fiie 
year 1985, according to fiie 
dty's popdation forecast. 

With ttMse addifional num- 
ters must cone Increased fire 
and police protection^ expanded 
sewerage and water services, 
tealfi) services, and ottier dty- 
provlded fadUttes, ttie bulk of 
whldi, according to file report, 
should be developed by 1975 In 
order to follow an orderly pat- 
tern of expansion. 

But file key to file entire land 
development plan Is tte use of 
lands fit for develc^ment that 
can te readied by ttie dty's 
services. Tlie report designates 
two phases for land sdfid)ility. 
The first idiase ccmsists of 
all lands in ttie intermediate 
flood plain, all unsdtable and 
very low-density sdtable areas 
wittiin the dty's sewer and 
water service area, all major 
drainage courses not included 
in tte flood plain and all mijor 
conservation areas teld In pub- 
lic control or ownership. Ttese 
areas are ttiose \tMdi are least 
sdtable to development, Bar- 
orw said. 

The second {diase consists of 
itmte unsdted and very low 
density suitable areas not 
served by central water and 
"sewer, all privatrt»nservatioft 
areas or open space and all very 
poorly drained sdls. Ttese are 
less sdtoble areas for develop- 
ment, be said. 

Tte otiier Umds currently 
telng developed »idi as College 
Park and Fairfield, will hold 
any new re^dents until about 
1975, Barrow said, but after 

(See 'Plan' p. 5) 

The auto believed used in Monday's bank robbery Is ^^dusted" for 
fingerprints after It's discovery In the Plaza Apartments region. 

Quick Police Work 

Solves Armed Robbery 


&iSiness........>».MM.....>.... <' 

Claail^ds...........w.«. lO-ll 

Deaths .«•.•...•••..•..••••••••••• " 

Edertoiu6ed.Mw...M...»».* z 

Sports.. ..(••..».••. .•••....■••.•••'' 

Women..i............<....'.i>... *-u 



Virgida Beach police and. 
FBI Agents arrested two n«n_ 
and a woman Tuesiay d^ at 
toe Ocean Park Motel on At- 
lantic Avenue inccmiwcUonwith 
file armed robtery of fiie First 
and Merchants National Bank 
branch office in tte Princess 
Anne Plaza sboi^i^ center. 

The arrests came only abod 
10 hours after tte crime was 

Authorities said they have 
barged James William Payne, 
29, of King Prusda, Pa., and 
John Thomas FackeUnan, 30, 
d Bladcwood Terrace, N. J., 
with t»nk robbei^. 

Delores Mc^^r, 19, of 
Woodbury, N.J., ac«>rcfii« to 
(^dals, was darged witodd- 
Ing and abetting In eomndsdcm 
of the crime. 

Aceordii^ to tov^ttg^ffs 
two men, both arnMd,(tfsgdsed 
"isy pulMi^ Navy wat^eapsoror 
their heads, and w^ri^ gtov^, 
forced toelr way ido tte bade 
as enqdct^K were rvofttsg 

for woric abcMt 8:30 a.Qu 

Once i^Me, tte men report- 
edly forced (»e d Uie employees 
toJven tin di^Ad^wdtcffy Safe 
aid anotter small wdt la the 
rear of file bask. 

At fids pofait, aecorcttng to 
^jfftdtis, slxiRmffiff cmp^ees 
aid two bank officers itei^ed 
as C. WiqrM mil, asd^mt 
naittger, rad Mrs. Rose Iftite 
Higglns, asddant casUer, 
were fore^ Ido a back room 
and file door was barricaded 
with tdiles nd ehdrs. 

Tte two nm reportedly nmde 
off witti reodpis from tte d^ 
depository, bd IcknwI a tarte 
amood t& diver lil tte rtxt 

aiortly after Ite two m^ 
maite ttelr e^^^ tte em- 
doyees mnapd to free ttie»> 
selves from ^ beriaied 
ro(»i and ndClted VirglnllL 
Baac^ p^ee of tte rcMwy, 

INAce and FBI AfMAs db- 
tdned a dasfBripHon eflMi^^ 
^ men ««e mM tobaiiai 
from a vMiSK who repi^MDy 
saw fimm |l^ od d tte car as 

they headed tor tte bank. 

The aatiydaseribedasal9?0 
Iddsh pxf ^piw lQttr*^tow 

tear later by Virdda S«s^ 
poUee Det's H.J.Coftletd, 
Jr., and R. F. Allgor partced 
^ t^oHT GaNB^X^St # file 
Plasa Apartmehli. 

Tte mrtowasM»Uenttted 
as telosilni to B. J. Porlstfqr, 
d Italflm PtfmIMve,aglbad 
been rep^t^fMwtartFiMv 

^^dads d tte ^pr^ed 
ecmiftex wer* qsMlteed Ao^ 
tte car or lis oecapMis. A 
woman sM Mw hid isM hn 
mM Mim .file ctf ad rvMo 
a duurimik As|i^Mws^^A 
d tte ^m^teiMi, howNr. 
Mled to p^eiite mv dpdtte 

Abod 7 v^ 
On^l U.B^^ 

piritoe Oiteettve 
Cigt. W. J. M« 


■ j*v. . "■ ■ ^ 

Virginia SMch Sim 

Tffiur$day« Oct. 8, 1970 

g pianist 
shines on a 

'ColUaion Revisions Cominittee 
Course' is fitiniBi For Beach 

sunny afternoon i^H^ 

HEAD STATE JOURNALISTS— -These women were elected to office 
last week-end by the Virginia Press Women for two-year terms. 
They are (seated) president Mrs. Myrtle Barnes, asst. city editor, 
Tlrots*Heratd, Newport Newsi (standing, left to right) first vice 
presfikmt Mrs. Pat Bragg, asst. public Information officer. Air 
Force Surgeon General's Office, Washington, 0. C; second vice 
president Mrs. Ruby Jean Phillips, managing editor, Virginia 
Beach Sun; and treasurer Miss Joan Campbell, Daily-Press, 
Newport News. Mrs. Grace Holman of Richmond Times-Dispatch 
was elected secretary. Another Virginia Beach member, Mrs, 
Suzanne Holden of The Beacon, was elected a district director. 

Hampton Group j^i^chell Exhibits 

Fre9€hH Comedy 

Lorntoe HuHtenT^s "To 
Be lfgi«(|,Gtfted 4 BUek" «UI 
M ffMMted st Ogdra ' Ifadl 
■t Hanvloo loMture October 
U-U at ttlS Ml. 

fits IMM^ aedainied come- 
<lr m tte loofMl nmning tM' 

BrOtBVly Kt UK JfXtf, 

It idtl be gr ei Mrt n a by tte 
fiMtiftit tritk tedntcal antis- 
tiM» Of tte DeiMrtiiieat of 

Stmnach lUMtet 
1^1^ ana add? 

IK-C^l'«tb Siin^wdiif iiukkly 

This uniaue discovery 
tx^^ks up and rmnoves pftin- 
fid p»-Dulibles. Your relief 
is, fflHMit eonpliHe beeaioe 
Oi-6ft takes the acid aii^ 
the ^8 out of acid imlig^ 
tion. Get DI*Gel tablets or 
liquid to<lay. Product of 
nmq^h. Inc. 

A local urttst Is presentloc a 
M lan tft exhibitloB at 
yin^ata Wtstejran College tids 

Vanee MtchaU, a ndewater 
native and eumntly a restdint 
of Virdsia Beach, had lis works 

PT A Elects 

Aatries til classroom dem- 
oostrattoos ^Mwliig Os naoiwr 
ifi lAteb the typleal stadeBt 
sprads lis dqr were preseolBd 
Mondar ollht at the W.T. Cooke 
SdKMd PTA ,Opeft Bosse. 

E^otfoD of flffic4»a took place 
at a i^nenl mftrtiiv h^ire the 
deiiKHtfttrationB. WaUsM B. 
^th iras eleded pr«4deat; 
JImb taOMrt, vice presidiot; 
Jaw GkasoB, rectnittoK sec- 
retary; Lorettk WUtehurst, 
ewtireiVMdtqc aecretary, aad 
Itelirt - Coidtheard, trMnirer. 

Sate Scaator Edward T. Ca- 
toe ^oHe to tte group dnotOe 
propMd chance in tteVtrgiBia 

on eiddUt in numerous gaU«r- 
ies and museums throui^KNit the 
souUwastem United States, 
mtdiel works mainlr in tha 
medium of ttie collage and has 
hem the redpient of numeropa 

ThelsxhiUt is on disiday in 
the aew Henry Clay Hoflieimer, 
n Library and is open to the 

KeUam on 
Duke Drive 

Flojd.E,Kellani, Jr. of Vir- 
ginia Beach has beea named a 
daM ageni fbr ^ wmud Duke 
Uaiirersity Loyalty Fwid drive. 

One of almost ^SBdiagenfas 
tturou0KHit the country, Kellam 
will be ooitfaeting other alumni 
fof coijitribattoDS to the 1970-71 

Each year the drive is oon- 
dncted natioDiide under the 
aittptces of te Duke IMversity 
N«ti«ttl CiKincil. 

Hie Friends <4 Music re- 
wanttni^ [^«em|Aed a siui^ 
Suw^ aften»0Q to present 
their iiitiid jvogran ^ the 
seasoo. Pravtb ^korsU, a 
,]^Vi« durk iaired p«rfarimr, 
reaioittag one of a Greek 
muse in her Seated dttrtreuse 
ddffMi, is m^ udmoim to ccm- 
cert ^rs in the area. She 
Jbs aKieared.^n tte Kalei- 
desoope series' irttti ttie Nor- 
folk Symphoqp (^ehestra and 
last seascm apprared with Uie 
Feldnuui Strl^ (^iartet. 

Her program bepn withUie 
well known Haydn E niaor So- 
nata, nds^iilece is ofleni^ 
tempted by advuKingplttosttt- 
denU. It wtt a pleasure to 
hear it pUgned so welU Hiss 
SUK»rdd ^set her dyi^mic 
levels to early elaaic<imen- 
sioBS kbA the ardite^re of 
tte itouM flomfariied wi^n 
this framework. Her arttcu- 
lation fw the most part was 
predse. One of tte pianist's 
assets is her aUlity to adiiew. 
a nn^eally languid sound 
eoiqpled with a singtng tose. 
This was showB to greht ad- 
vaslage la ttie Adagio. The 
Sonata bdbblcd to a dose with 
the pre<toniiBantly Albert! - 
basse(| Vivaoe. 

The opMiBg st^meirt of ^ 
Bach Toccata gave e^nce of 
the pianist's strehi^ and the 
flttu's wetfBiess. The iqstra- 
ment UBfortnntely had achatty 
bass whiQii coidd not jrodace 
the sonorities reqtfred. Or 
as la the Adagio tbt muted 
sonority m togedwr. Per- 
haps some of tfaisrefidtadftom 
a cMBpeBsatory oirer-DSdaliag. 
The Fugue was tMgua at a 
safe, metered tempo but 
readied so exdtinr dimax to 
endnde the first half of the 

The Swetto/ a diarmiBg, 
lyrical piece of Lisit, was a 
goodMlior what wastofoUow. 
Some of the most exdtlBg 
playiBg of Oe afternoon was 
the Traasoeadental Etode InF 
Ifiaor. llissSlkorskidUvUyed 
a fire and tailttUMe not evi- 
denced IV to this pdnt. Her 
left hand «ioompMsed the gi- 
gantic laavs aDdiid^ttl 
hasuda witt^^ttajteiMiN 
potti^ pro. She rae^^ed 
this work with the ]#'itf a 
performer redisooveriBg wold 
Mod iB her repertoire. 

The Baiber Sonata is one of 
ttaawst dyniuBie coi^battoBs 
to tte mid-twnlieth century 
Piaao repertoire. The 
denumiaeal drive thatpr<^ll8 
it should be retenttess. It is 

ordiesbral in (»ne^on pre- 
se^ng m endl^ shifttng of 
textures. R^her than al»n- 
doning herseif'to tbn pasdon 
of the pelM liflss SIkorsId vu 
in complete ecwtrol, calodattng 
teehdealty and emoticuialljr 
throuf^out this large scale 
work. Ste aeUeved throu^ 

Curreirtly beii« perfcMrmed at 
^ Norfolk Healre Ceirter on 
Frt eoMSon Stre^ in Norfolk, 
is a program of dght short 
one-act i&ys by t^ei^ and 
new America) playwrii^ts. T1>e 
prc^vm Is e^led "Collision 
Coutm" and «'» presented or 
c&-Bf (MSttvf in the spring of 
1968 to criticai aedaim. 

wri^ and arms the feeling of h pii^g altered are Jules Feif- 
wei^ed depth so aecesnryiB fcr's "The WneigwrgatedMem- 

tlw first and ftMirtb moveattnte 
but found tar forte in tteAltegro 
vivace crealii^ the pers^- 
ficatioq of eoi^olled teggie- 
rissimo playing. Hie ^trtng 
iyneopateMl ft^ie ttnl ecHadutes 
ttds work^has the rIvttuBie feel 
«f Bach^like ;lass. It reqdres 
dl the drive , energy and 
tnravura pli^i« flwt a pladd 
po68MS«i. Ifiss SUGorslfwas 
Oere irtth all Oiree to conclude 
a stirring program by an 
exdtfaif now tale^ i^ 
wisely dKwa nd to play an «i- 
core. AqrddngaftertteBarber 
would have be«i u^Blimaetic. 
CAROL iffim^MOeWA 

drs of Bernard Mergendeiler/' 
William Hadey's "No An- 
swer/' "Momma As 1^ Be- 
came - But Nd As 1^ Was/' 
1^ Jdm Redqr^ "Jew/? by Har- 
vey Perr, aoMBg o^rs. 

The pieces are staged by S^an 
Fe<^qFB, artii^c diredor of 
the Ceder, and by Uleen Man- 
seU Miller. 

Mrs. Milter wiU make hef ^ C^^r as a new 
medber of tbe neddeat Com- 
paq. Jddng h«r in thet^Mt 
are Jaae Heary, Ron Doda, Jan- 
ice Faas, Mlt^l Tillman, Ga- 
ry ^dl and Ken Hw^. 

Performances of "Cdlision 
Course" are sdheduled, tod^t 
ttiroui^ Saturday, Oddier 14- 
17, aod Octdier 21-22. All 
perf<Nrmancts will begin at 8:30 

Now in r^l^sal d the Cen- 
ter f(Br a sdiedded Odober 23 
premiere, is "Rosencrants and 
Gdldenstern Are Dead" by Tom 
Stoppard. Fedysi^ is staging 
tiie prodttcttcm, whidi. features 
Walter Doyle and Jdm Nesd 
in tite titte roles. 

Tidcete and reservations are 
avdlsbte at ttie Crater's tx>x 
office, <^n from 1 pjn. daily, 
accept Suaday. Admi«si(m is 
$3 for ttlults and $2 for stu- 
dente and enlisted DdUtary per- 
soooel. alttiouili meDdberddps 

1887 b« pur^miat 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ed McMahon, 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburn, 
George^ Carlin, Al Capp, 
Henry Morgan, loe Garagiola, 
Bob Gonsidine and Elie Abel 
are regulars on 


Gan you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 

hf M. Eagyas. New York, 
G. P. Putuaro's Sons, 1970. 

tftdoditedly one of ^ mod 
ateorbiqg bodcB (m the cob- 
timiBg i^triqq^e betwedi liidice 
and ^Instiee to be published 
in qdts a bmgiime. The pro- 
blem posed ia THE DEVIL'S 
UEUTENANT Is predpltated ^^ . 

lay the murder of a captain iJtUlithtiSrS 
of theeUteGeaeralStafrofthe '■-^«*w|#'»*^' " 

Ro^ Austro-IhagariaB Army. 

This eaptda hid be«i seat a 

circular letter describtag a 

revolutioBary new aphrodidac, 

guaranteed to revive dtndddi- 

pli^W^ptodttct. Fsetiag 
that aodii a ctpsato aigl'ha 
exacQy whdheBeeded,heswd- 
lowed two jost before adds. 
Alnuist immedtetely, he died. 
TllJUPiilin 01 rh rnntilnrrt mr 
gram of potasdum qrttdde. 

Judge Advocate Endl Kunxe 
is asdgned to the case v^ch 
is d^tined to have the most 
diattering eonsequraoes on flie 
entire empire. Not ody had 
Captdn Mater beea a targd of 
the kilter, but also dae other 
offloers of the Geoerd i^dt 
recdved Ideatical circulars 
witti identicd capsules. Capteta 
KuBse slowly narrows down Us 
sospeds to one officer, Lt. 
Peter Dorfriditer. Althoui^ 
he seems in every way oae at 
the most able and iqstuiding 
of men, Kunce believes he is 
gdlty. The greater part of 
shons the strug^e between 
ttiese two men, with Kunze try- 
ing to prove Dorfrichter guilty 
or to have him confess, and 
Dorfriditer in ds owb way 
trying to bradc the Judge Ad- 
vocate. This book deserves 
your undivided attedicm, es- 
pecially for the excelled por- 
trayal of the two characters 
at Kunce and Dorfriditer. 
GaU Kaplan 


at VWC 

Three dughtors of Udted 
Methodist Ifld^ters of theVir- 

'JIp^Mmp *re members 
If fte fresh^ class d Vlr- 
giiia Wesle^ this yesr. 

'ntedntnte are Beth L.DU- 
tey, Alexuidria;Brenda J. Hall- 
stead, Virgiaia Beach and Betiqr 
R. Turner, Newport News. 

Miss M^, iteii^er dRev- 
erend add Ifrs. James L.Duley 
of 1109 Aaediury Court, Atex- 
andria, Virgiaia, is a 1970 grad- 
ate ci Fort Hud HiiJi SdiooL 
Mr. Ddey serves the Aldera- 
gate Udted Methodtet Church. 

Miss Hallstead, danghter of 
Reverend and Mrs. Bryon S« 
Hallstead of 4732 Thoroughgood 
Drive, Virgida Beach, Vir- 
ginia, is a 1970 graduate of 
Colonial Hdghte High School, 
Colodd Hdghte, Virginia. Mr. 
Hallstead serves Baylake 
Udted Methodid Church. 

Ifflss Turner, dau^ter.of 
Reverend and Mrs. Raymond 
M. 'nirner oi 5511 Hunttni^ 
Avemie, Newport News, Vir- 
gida, is a 1970 gradude of 
Newport News HigbSchool. Mr. 
Turner servesttieNoIand Mem- 
orial Udted Methodid Church. 

Virgida Wesleyan is a four- 
year, OQeducatloDal,diorch re- 
Ided, resideotid, liberd arts 
college located oo a 300 acre 
campus astrifte flie NorfoUc^ 
Vlri^da Beadi line. 

There are 240 fr^hmen at 
Wesleyan this yrar. 




James R. McKenry, coordlB- 
ator of theViri^daBeaobCom- 
iniftee (rf Vir^dans f<» the 
Constiti^n, has anowneed tte 
memberddp d Ws committee 
whii^ will sedt ratification (d 
Vir^da's i^vi^ ConditotiMi 
in the Novermber 3 geiwral 

McKenry sdd tbd the com,- 
rai^ will condud anidendva 
idormdioial canpdpdesip*' 
ed to make the voters aware 
of ttie merits of the revised 
Constitation. "It is crificalthd 
die voters be idormed about 
this documed. Virginia's future 
growth depends c^ite passage," 
be sdd. 

The Virgida Beach Com" 
nittee iBcludesrepres«!tativ» 
from dl wdks of life in the 
area, he sdd. "With this kind 
of li^ersUp 1 thipk it is 
obvious thd the revised Ccm- 
stitution enjoys wide support 
in Virgida Beach," he sdd. 
"I am confided ttMt we can 
barry Virgida Beadi for tte 
Ccmstitution in November, but 
our work is cut out for us. 
We must combd apathy and 
iddnformation, die two gred- 
ed foes <tf good government." 

Hie members of the com- 
idttee are; The Honorable 
Ttomas N. Dowdng, Honorary 
Chdrman, and: Scott SterUng, 
Owen B. Pictetti^JamesS.Fant, 
William H. Cleaves, William J. 
Vaupan, Mrs. Louella McPart- 
land, S. E. Ules, HI, Mrs. 
Madeline E. Upton, Mrs. 
Imogene C. Garrett, H. C. 
HoflMimer, H, William L. 
Shepheard, Jr., Michael 
Kddas, Ed Ruffin, Mr. A Mrs. 
A. J. Coffman, Jr., Edward 
P. Brogan, E. C. Odlaw, Adra. 
USN, ret., and Harry Snyder. 

Ateo Lnrwioe A. ^dltto. 
William BrMft,mdiardWel(oD! 
Cadborae R. Bryiot, Dr. Jesse 
Aaiteraon, Obr. J^ A. Fahai 
Ma^n V. Comdte, Cdr. USN. 
r^,, Kay Gr^, K.N. WUte- 
hivgt, Jr., Roland Winter, Frank ' 
Mattxwe, Jdm V. Fedress 
Aarm PanKma, C. l. Siier' 
Roibert Furdss, Glena B. Mc- 
CUuian, Dr. Bs^a Vli|aer, Dr. 
Jdm A. Vagp, Artiwr J. Wiader. 
C. Cttntoo Carpeder, WiiUam 
P. Dickson, Jr., J. W. Nevlns, 
Ridttid H. Kliae, and J. Burks 
Withers, Jr. 

Also Crdg L. SUaglufr, N. 
G. Wilson, DL Peter 0^ Iflller, 
R(^rt L. arapso^ hfichael 
C. SaviM«si, lAn. pUttp L. 
Russo, Udbeft F. Boyd, Jdm 

A. Field, m, Edward F. Brick- 
ell, ^ohn % (HM, Ronald H. 
Marks, F^ Rdd Eihdn, Robert 

B. Cromwell, D. IforrayMal- 
b(«, J. Curtis Piyae, R^rt 
H. CalUs, Jr., Earl G. Tdiadt, 
Doaald B. ^odes, Frank A. 
Dusch, Clardice A. Holland, 
Ji^., Ge(M^ R. Ferrell, Floyd 
A. Watei^Ui, Jr., W. Wright 
Harrison, Capnn W. J. Moore, 
Colonel W. W. Davis, John 
James, J. Peter Hdland, HI, 
J. Fradc Galla^r, Dr. Frank 
G. Barns, Dr. K. K. Wallace, 
Jr^v and Dr. Andrew Dickinson. 

The Steering Committee is 
composed of Robert L. Warren, 
James P. Svlter, A$ L. Mdlhes, 
E. T. Cdon, m, Richard D. 
Guy, Beverly Middletoo, Rich- 
ard G. Brydges, aadCity Mana- 
ger Ro«:er Scott. 

Named to the Executive Com- 
mittee are: Joseph C. Canada, 
Donald W. CuthreU, Jr., Andre 
Evans aod Donald C. Hall. 

Astro Advice 

(Cootimied from pg. 1) 

love. There are ^ obvious answers of couiae. The sun, 
in one horoscope in the same place as ttie Ascendad (ridi« 
dgnO^ in ttie oHier is a powerfd dtractton. Bd te fids love? 
may astrokifers wodd say ttid there is ao one asped ttid 
will brlBg abirat love. This nmy be true. Asasdaatific 
adroli^r, wddi meaas thd I wad to ivove before I aoeept, 
I find ttiis mxe thaa uasatisfadory. . There diould be one 
npeot'^^iat, 'i^bo've all others^ will produce tove» Bufcihere 

I hurl ai Mead in Califorpia who has mm some very in- 
taes^wtpMrnatB ald^ ttds Une. She has a lovej^ home 
with a beadifhl, almost formd, didag room. Ia order to 
tad some of the adrolo^cal toieta, she wiU invite as na^r 
as da pecvie, careMly seteded, of course, to a dee cosy 
candeli^-^^dhner^' The strange ttdog is, thd ttie peo^ who 
should be powerfdly dtracted to eadi dher, often lose in- 
terest very qdddy, irtdte those who should be qdteada- 
godstic often have a brief period of coolness bd then bea>me 
<pdte dose and on several oceadoos hava. davelqped s^^trng 
afteclioBd ties. .On a cmqde d occadnns ttiase pecyte^have 
aided up d the alter. 

As a resdt at fliese eqieriments, and some I have made 
on my own, I mud hcw^ly admit ttet Idondkaowwhd 
brings abod love. In ftet I am nd sarathgtitiaataUwhd 
I was tauilit it was as a youngster. Oftea I find paopte irtio 
are in loiw fighttit nnd ndstrrating Mdi other ia ways ttnt 
I would Mver mistred'my wont eneny, if I had one. I con- 
tess I doubt ttnt flie side, called tove edds. 


Blame It On E^lips# 

QUESTION: This summer has sem our fimily experiencing 

one difiicdty after andher. lUness, aoddeds aod midortune 
has marked ttie past ttiree modhs. Csn I eqied something 
in the months ahead? Signed RG. 

ANSWER: One of ttie reasons that you have had such a dlf- 
flcdt time te ttttt the Eclipse, which occared on March 7tti, 
fell in very close conjunction to your natal Nepttne. Neptwe 
rules the fourth house (goverdng the home) in your horoscope. 
The nature of Neptune Is such thd in most indances it creates 
a lot of conftsion aod ttie fourtti house is ttie home. Addisd 
together we lave, dmidy, confudonin^ home. Very dmple 

As far as ttie fdure is concerned ttiere should nd be too 
much more c(»ifudon. It is dten difficdt to tell Jud how long 
ttie afleete of m EcUpse wiU last, however. 

One thing thd you must look od fOr is ttait In die very 
mar fdure ttie planet Uranus will be exu^ly a)n]tmct Jupitw, 
whidi governs your ascendant. TUs could bring abod some 
rather difficdt ttmes in so far » the healtti is concerned. 

Since you^md not give me the placeoftirth I am rattier 
reludant to try to be more spedfic. The next ooq;de d 
months will bring some chuiges ido your life, however. 

Addff ts your questions to Astro- Advice, 
Virginia BecN^ Sun,F.O. Box^7, Virginia 
Beadi, Virginia 23451. Aii questions wiii 
i»e answered as speK:e peii^iits ixA ryiust 
include date, time and place &i birth. 

r PmceJJ 


3177 Vs. M^ SNd. 

F<»r aondngs Ddly U^ 4K)0 htO 9:00 
"Epic iiattleof thesexesf'-^ncentCadiy, tLl.rmm 


Genevieve Bujoid 



Jte^t^W^T ALL MOWTEW' e^V 

^tM^W^,^mmmf4 ''- 


ThurtflCQfy'Oct. 8, 1970 

Virginia BmcIi Sun 


Rtbmd to w tiie "Edtel 

a«d t fS^ MiXBi iMt mootli, 
mB^ to tti plMNnvt of Rom 
!Hin'g vice {rtffakntaiidfciqrer, 
SomM Konorotli. 
. *1 tatMl It,*' be nld, "and 
I vai gUtf to s«e Ok Anwiie&n 
feiQile eooiumer stuxl 19 ind 
mr ttejr itren't fotng to stand 
,br and f»t aonMtUng puslKd oo 

Tilt net ttatttenUtdtod 
\mi vltlBiiitely fiopravo teb- 
IoM« ba said. "I was very 
dlsajyolBM in OK market, be- 
etuse tbere were fever manu- 
facturers for me to dioose 
from. Tbe ones ivtio are gone 
vese ttie marginal firms anjr- 

What bappenid to tbe market, 
at best a very eompllcited 
litiiatiOD, can be explained 
ftfrly sinydy if yni consider 
fteUoos and tbe industry like 
any otber business, be said. 

Sioce Oie garment uniojis 
were tbe last to feel tbe effects 
of increased wige demands, tbe 
industry didn't realiie tbey 
would bave to hike tbeir prices 
until about tvo years ago, be 

^^You have to be a 
fool or an expert to 
forecast fashions." 

Apd when tbey did, tbey got 
cm^ in a recesnoo, tigbt 
money, and tbe fist of tbe ever 
present eootiuner vrtio refused 
to pay the price for new faidi- 
ions, KomoroSld said. 

Ibe result cf tbe wbole mess 
is that tut qiality of merdiand- 
ite has gone down, and until 
very recenU^, tbe level of de- 
tective foodi returned .by Rose 
Hall was about eight per cent, 
tbe 24-year-old Pittaimrgb na- 
tive said. 

"In Paris, ttie designers 
pwUng the nddi lode knew 
tbey needed a new hxdc, and tbe 
manutadurers in America 
grtfM at a straw. Unfor- 
tunately, ^ jgeged wron|, 

••niay poMed everythinf on 
tbe nd<tt tddng eft, ud when 
tl^ ^M^t, a Vk of ttem went 
under," be said. 

Ibe renninin| firms-some 
old and cstabUabed, others Just 
started wiOin tbe ytar-tbose 
who are still swimming, be 
said, are learning how to work 

All of viiich meuB ttnt Uie 
American woman is getting a 
deal out of the wbole thing. 
For those who can't aff(»td to 
biqr tbe expensive lines, she 
on get tbe less expensive items 
and still look Just as good, 
be said. 

< But It doesn't make komoro- 
sU's Job as a buyer any easier. 
Jtet returned from a buying 
trip last week in Nbw York, be 
s«td that buying goods is like 

"We went into one b6i«e and 
saw a design they bail Just' 
brought out of the bade. Ibey 
bMl a girl there sketddng it, 
and u^ally everyone who 
came in went over to look. 

'J* As we looked at it, she told 
us it was top secret and had 
Just come off tbe design boards, 
not to tell anyone what we had 
see^ but bow did we like it? 

"We left tbere and wait to 
the next showing, uid saw tbe 
same ttdiig. That's wbatlmean. 
They steal from each other and 
tiien tell is it's Uieir original 
idea," be said. 

Thougb Komoroski said 
"game" mij^t not be (be rif^ 
word, be doesn't think from tbe 
showroom angle tbe industry 
seems to go dMut fteMons in 
a very ^dent manner. 

As atNiyer, be said, he has 
to ttdnk of the store and every- 
ttiing else. Iliat "everything 
else" indudes the buyer, local 
variety, tint is. , 

"Ify responsitillity to tbe 
women is to get tbe best possi- 
ble goods for them at the best 
postfble price. Of course, 
(here 's ftsbidi involvei^ be 


"Take ttie mldi, for eiimple. 
I had to buy sone of it even 
tboiigb I didn't likelt. We carri- 
ed about 10 per OM^ of our stock 
in midi'si we're getting tttem 
sold, but not very fMt. 

"TlM proUem with ttiem is 
(hat if yott buy anddi, you have 
lo get, another complete acces- 
sory line to complimeirt it. 
And most wnnen can't or won't 
do it, dtber because tbey can't 
am>rd it or because tbey don't 
like it." That may have been 

What wiU replace it? "i don't 
know. You have to be a fool 
or an eqwrt to attempt to 
forecast fashions. I'm neither," 
Komoroski said. 

Showing in New York are a 
vailety of drras and skirt 
lengths tiMt are bowd to please 
the shofiper. "They run any- 
where ft^m two to fbur inches 
above tiie knee, at ttie knee, 
and Just below ttie knee," he 

Another new style is what's 
called tbe Gibson Girl Look. 
It has skirts that break Just 
above (be anUe, a greatamouirt 
of lace and frill, and is shown 
against blouses with tbe old 
GibsonGirl shoulder and sleeve, 
again witt lace everywhere, 

Ibe Gaudio Look is dwut all 
that will remain of (be midi 
look. "Wbenlwalkedtbestreets 
in New York looking at what 
(be womu) ttiere were wearing, 
I saw a lot of the gaudio, and 
if tbe women in that dty wear 
it, if s usually gdng to catch 
on," he said. 

Komoroski says that what 
most women fail to reaUze is 
(bat tbe fashions they wear 
osual^ oome from (he couture 

bouses. '- 

Hm people in the garnrant 
distrid fo JiqitowD anf buy an 
QrigtmO, then bring it back and 

tear it apart at the aeams. 
They knock it dorni, add a few 
Udngs tttm otber designs, make 
it weard>le for mostdtuations, 
and then put it out fw us to 
look at, be said. 

Tbe tey in buying is knowing 
where to go, since ttiere are 
so many lines to choose from. 
Rose Hall has a resident buying 
office in New York, and each 
ttme Itomoroski goes on a buy- 
ing trip he stops by (he Sopbie 
E. Feltz Company on Seventh 
Avenue and talks to ttie buyer 
in eadi department. 

"After I find out what ttiey 
suggest we look at. I get a 
Jisting of manu&cturers and 
go out on ttie streets. We stay 
ttiere from 9 to 5:30 or 
6 in ttie evening for fourdajns." 

From the listings, comi^led 
by Feltc Company biqrers who 
"irork tbe marker" eadi day, 
Komoroski said he gets an idea 
of vibat's being shown and is 
selling and goes from there. 

"I have a responsiUlity to 
the store to get goods here 
ttiat will sell and that are of 
U^ quality. Of coursf I have 
to see that we make money, 
but. I don't buy something that 
will look tad on a customer. 

"Even after I get back, if I 
ttiink something won't look good 
on a woman, I tell her so and 
won't sell it to her because 
it's not fUr." 

What mij^t help if a woman 
today is interested in fashidi 
design would be to rummage 
around in the oU atttcs for 
fashion magazines from ttie 20's 

"We went to see a friend 
in the Village who deals in old 
magazines. He told us ttie 
fuihi(m designers are coming 
down and buying old copies 
of ^bion magazines so they 
can get the detail (» ttie dresses. 

"If that gives you any idea 
abod vdiere we're gdi%, then 

Seat. Because I'm afraid to 
ess," Komoroski said. 

BeachHogs Affeded 
E^ ChokmOmrantine 


In tbe first tturee weeks of 
operations, ttie cooperative 
State-Federal effort to erad- 
Ic^ \tig diolerainquarantined 
areas of Virgida and North 
'GaroUiMKAiia muMid^ti de*j 
popdation of 20 isiected aid tg 

exposed herds of swine totaling 
^200 bead. 

Several large herds recedly 
found infected, however, will 
briiV ttie total audberdepq;ml- 
ded to over 10,000 by ttie md 
of ttds week. 

State andFederdindenmittes 
are paid to farmers whose herds 
are depopdded to help reim- 
burse losses. Admals are ap- 
praised dadualvabw formed, 
feettti^ or breeding purposes. 
Indemdties are based on ttds 
apprdsal siibjed to State and 
Federal Umitattons. 

Coordinating eradicatton ef- 
forte in the two-Stde area is 
Dr. R. E. Omdiundro, Assld- 
ad Director of ttie Animal 
Healtti Dividon, U.S. Depart- 
med of Agricdtore. Tbe in- 
tendve prognm gd laderway 
on Sept. 8, 1970. 

Over 130 State and Federd 
persoimd are engaged in ttie 
eradication effwt. Dr. Omo- 
bundro pdds od thd these^ 
specially trained veterinarians 
ud livestock inspectors are 
taking every precuitton to con- 
tain ttie disease vddle working 
towards ito elitdiation. 

State andFeterd<|uarantines 
remain in i&9fH in tturee count- 
ies and four dty areas of Vir- 
dnla and in five counties, of 
Nortti Carolina. TbeViriida 
Cmarties d Sodhanqitoo, Isle 
d Wi^, and Naasenrand are 
qnaradined, u aretbeCitiesof 
Cbasivddte, P<»rtsi«ratti, Nor- 
ioft aid Virgida Beach. 

No feeder ptp or breeding 
dodc may be moved iderstate 
from ul area under fecterd 
qiaraatine for bog cholera. 
mrlwt bofi may be sbippM 
dtrteUy to tlaagtater, bd only 
after a permit bis beeboMdned 


and ttie herd has bem insped- 
•d. State (luarantines inqwse 
dmilar reatridioos 00 intra- 
state movemed d swine. 

The seardi for bog cholera 
; by sarviqr laamt flonttnpi on a^^ 
fi^m-by-farm bads la «Hurai^ ' 
tine areas and ad^d ooud- 
ies. In most instances, nulttple 
^cks will be made, according 
to Dr. Omohundro, to preclude 
VKi posdUUty d ddc herds 
gdng UDddeded. 

Surry and Sussex Counties d 
Virgida and Curfltock County, 
Nortti Carolina were released 
from Federal and Stde quaran- 
tines last week following conr- 
pletton of survey. Nom of ttiese 
ttiree counties had experienced 
raced odbreaksdhc^ cholera. 

Hog Cholera is an idedious, 
Ughly contagious virus disease 
whidi affeds swine ody. It does 
nd affect people. Itcanbefbtd; 
ud in otber instances it can 
appear in dirodc form with low 
deatti losses over an'extended 
period of ttme. Herds sudi 
as these are a coostad source 
• d danger to dean herds ib the 


UAA, U.CoU(Rd.)AMsttn 
M: WtikiBi has bees named 
Meedlve vice pradded d 
Pambrokt Realty iBdlnsurdiee 

iKtey by the fern's prii»ipd» 

m«ter«E.Ottviail. ^ ^ 

A aMive d VInida Baacta, 

Wifltlas will be to daav* 
Pt^iwohi Realty's Red 1^- 
d Iba Virilito BiMi Board d 

^.Mtfrs. a«jalte»toa»2 
tm lbs Away, Wfasjas 

^-' It rait asMa 

By Bank 

Fir st A Merchants Natlond 
'.^^tas umdu^idlBe i^gidd- 
med d William W4 Huffman, 
trud cfllsar, is a newbuliacss 
representative in ttw bank's 
ndevater regica. 

Is making ttn nnoaiMmed, 
NdlMdel Beamis, m, Mdor 
trud officer d ttie lldevHittt 
re^po, stated OidRdrmiB, who 
has beea anfifed in Oie trust 
field daea Ms ratlreaed from 
ttie Navy, will bebMdquarbmd 
IB Nor^ and eotmdrdi da 
aettvittes througbod flu satire 
Sodb HasptooRoadsareaUitba 
devel^mad dbrad aiw bud- 

B^maa was transfirr^ to 
Norfitt from ttaiadE'sMdB- 
ta Vt^ldi Beadi wMi MsifUi, 
tba foraar Aa^la Usmam^ 
nd tteir tbrea cMldrafi. 

FIRST FAMILY— Jesse Pugh, Larasan Realty salesman, turns keys 
to a new Windsor Oal(sWesthome over to Marine Captain and Mrs. 
Jesse Scott and their children, the fl rst family to move Into this 
new section of the city. Developer ofWindsor Oaks West Is C ark- 
Whltehlll Corporation. Within the next five years there will be 
about 1,000 single dwellings in the area. 


Rudee Guard Station Sought 

receptive to ttie proposal, dty- 
owned land might be made avdl- 
able for constructiai d neces- 
sary fadlittM. 

Four local 

Tbe dty's requed to ttie U.S. 
Coast Guard to locate a new 
station in tbe Rudee Idd met 
witti relative success Tuesday, 
Samuel W.Sedt Jr. add. 

Scott, dty tourism develop- 
med coordinator, along wilh 
Assistad City Manager David 
B. NornuB and Police Sgt. 
Franklia R. Scarboroiq^, talked 
witti Rear Adm. Tbomu R. 
^gent HI, assistant oomman- 
Aut in ^arge d CoasfGuard^ 

Scott add ^ nMetti^ wu 
"encouraging" and thd be felt 
thi dw^ d havtoc a cutter 
Ibcded in ttie idd had in- 

Even if ttie ralter is talt 
placed in ttie idd on a per- 
Ettned basis, be odd it oquM 
pos^^ be asdiMd ttwredrff- 
lag ^ pedc modtis d use. 

He said be mm^M to e«- 
(ImM ds«Miras d (hi aldp- 
ned d a estlbn oe a taMl 
teval witti arM Coad Giard 


mnew Cold Gutfd stdldi 
is BMded, ttiafi^eSldalsteel, 
MSMia dswt-l BgiM l im ri- 
mil dd 6BMMiM,boateg 

Seott Nid oflUisre fW^ 

(from 15 to 60 miles out) from 
Virginia Beach has increased 
more than 300 per cent in ttie 
past five years. 

"Bd," he says, "ttie bod- 
ing activity we now have will 
be dmost Uke nottiing when 
compared to what we exped 
ia a. f«lr ^ars as Rudee Idd 
is devekipMl." 

Sgt. Scarborough, who has 
beaded Oe aty Police Patrd 

B<«r^revnanfirpiit two 

years, says abod 75 bods a 
da^ have gone Ui and out d 
Rudee dnee ttie launching ramp 
was eonstruded in Owl Creek 
twoyearaago. Projecttoosare 
ttid this avenge wlU increase 
up to SOOadaywIttiinflve years. 

Besidas aormd services wltti 
plaaswa and fistaiag bod trd- 
lie, it U felt ttid a Coast 
Goird «rew stattoned in Rudee 
would be in bdter podtioii to 
answer Sia^em calls from^diy 
type vaual off fiie Virginia 
Beach oML Soott says 360 
passemer aid cargo adps go 
by ea^ nofitti and Radet Idd 
wM provide an eader route 
tee a Court Guard ditt^ to 

U Rmt AAdrd«i^Mi lad 
otttf Coad ^Mrd officials ire 

From mid to mldi.... 



Carr (Tets TRTTrip 

Rhae W. Adams, Preddentd 
The Virginia Beadi Enter- 
prises. Inc. soinounced the 
ippdument d Mrs. Frances 
l%rniq^ as generd manager d 
ttie White HeronMdelandad]a- 
oed properttes. 

Tbe White Herw complex be- 
tween Laskin Road and Unk- 
bom Bay, indudes ttie White 
Heron Motel, the former Bay 
Harbour Club, ttie original 
Olympic Hedtti Club, pool area, 
tennis oourte and private 
marina. It was purchased cm 
Jdy 17, 1970 by VirgldaBeach 

Mrs. Derring who assumed 
her managerld podtton re- 
cently brings to tbe property 
an impressive badcground in 
bdel-mdel qperatton both 
locally and in Florida. 

The developmed ded^isive 
plans for revamping and en- 
handng ttie $1,750,000 layod 
wiU be under ttie direction d 
Mrs. Derring, according to 
Adams, whostded the improve- 
ment program to be activated 
in the very near future will be 
beamed toward gearing ttie 
ftdlittes to greder diverd- 
flcation in servidng the com- 
mudty and accommodating 

Tbe former Bay Harbour Club 
is alrwdy proving a welcomed 
ftdlity for sodd, cdturd and 
business functions, Mrs. Derr- 
ing sdd, adding "ttiat ttie din- 
ing room now under ttie manage- 
med of George (Buddy) Barco 
is enjoying a new popularity. ' 

Thomas P. Carr of Abbey 
Drive, branch manager of tbe 
VariTyper Corporation Norfolk 
Branch has adiieved nationd 
prominence in the business 
machine field and is being 
honored by medbersUp in ttie 
AddressograiA MulttgrtqphCor- 
poratton's Hundred Cldb. Vari- 
Tjqpc^ is a stdwida^ d the- 
corporation. . j' 
1 Carr win attend tbe ^tban- 
Dual meeting d ttie Hundred 
Club at ttie Boca Rdon Hotel 
and Cld) in Boca Rdon, Flor- 
ida, Od. 11-15. The A-M Hund- 
red Club is an tumor orgvdza- 

Mdoriste traveled an aver- 
age of 47 1/2 million miles 
a day on Virginia's hidtways 
lad year— ttie eqdvded d 90 
round trips to tbe moon. Vir- 
gidans now own abod hra mil- 
U(m motor vedcles. 

tion founded in U15. Memfeer- 
diip eadi year is Undited to 
men in flie Udted &iim nd 
Canula vAose mtes re<M»<fe 
for the previous yrar were 

Arthritis Sufferers: 


New fonnula for arthritu 
minor {Mtln ii to ttioog ymi 
can tdce it ten <dte and 1^ 
wake up in tbe inonniiii witti- 
oiut all ttie fwin's tii!toea. 
Yet so pntte you caa tdce 
this tablet on an onpty dm^ 
acb. It's called AnkHtls fetat 
Formia. Get hoUrs of 1^ 
lid. Ask for ArthriUM Pdn 
Formida, by the maktrs of 






Men at 

Four representativesd 

Terry Corporation d Virgida 

are attending ttie Idemationd 

Apartmed Coderenee now in 

progress in Washington D.C. 

Tbe eved is bdng spoMored 

by ttie National Assodation d 

HomeBdlders. ^^ ^ 

Horace A. Cidda and Fred- 

eridt J. Ndtoliteno, prindpate 
ol Terry Corporation, are 
dtending dong ^IJ^V'ill 
Lucede, ^w-P"^*"* "f 
giaaral manner d TJrry'n 
?tddentid dividdi, lad R. U 
,Tbompsd^ reddoitid produc- 
tion dlredor, 

NapottteBo, a K^B doe- 
wedded. wUlrndterdaapanel 


Tues. Tbnr.^fflctoy 



Dlmer 5-9 P.II. 

Closed Monday 




FhoM: 4S8.f7lS 


KJill€Uti> -t^lQ 

. '»•. 

mm as a tuon 

Probably not yet, if 
you've jud moved 

Perhaps your Wel- 
come Wagon hostan 
can neip to ease tha 

CdJ her today! 

-*."«i»i'«*.i »t < 

■ f I ■ ■ . ( I 


Federal Flood 

Now Available 

Virginia Beach 

'F4)r<Further Detatts 
or information 

Call Us Today 
im nmm m. mmm 

MM-lMMmMMtt. ^Mi 


Br^MftltaS TlHVinlalilMcliNwiti^MlviryTlNitfi^r 

JMulR. Griffin, GeimrilAuMiir 

Riiliyll«0 PhilUiM, Ifo^nff Kftor 

Om^ MeAUoi, WoiiMii*t J^»or Dm^m Bn^. Prodnetion Msmger 

fl^ B. Mwwdi, Adyertiiliif MmHIgr 

Mfi «^ m mi • iiiwiiY iV-HAft M» awn • «i»" cow w 

MAIN OPFICl SIM ftMslfIc Artime. VJrginhi Beach, Virgliiia 23451 ,x 

Thursday, Oct. 8, I9?0 

mm m-im\ PmW$lmdK Stmh PubUMMng CorporatUn 

Don't tfJee drastic st^ps 
until answers are known 

Mioiory it oftantimes very 
thcHt, K is a falling of humon 

Nlnstosn ysars MO thera was 
no tMoeh /« l^ri^nia Baach. 
Tfit boordwam dn)ppocloff into 
•Ight feet 0^ so 6f swirling 
Atlantic Ocean. TheoWEpisco- 
|Mri Clmrch right on the ocean- 
front was about six inches away 
from slipping into oblivion. 
Those who iiwe^eci in o^an- 
front property at that time were 
considered fools and those who 
held property of Img bonding 
were «iiek witfi It. There was 
no ttfidrk« for pnjiperty which 
uni^ylledly would be slowly 
mm away by the tides. There 

wos no oorwtructlon^ no new 
motels or other development 
along Atlantic Avenue. The In- 
vestment houses would not risk 
loans. This situation did not 
happen ovemlgM^ of course. It 
had been hapi^inf day ln,doy 
out for many years. And by 
1951 Virginia Beach was 
patti^lc. The city at that time 
was M old city, the section 
which today l4 Virginia Beach^ 
KircK^ If s cnly economy was 
ttie resoH. Witfiout the beach 
ttiere was no resort. 

Member s of the General 
As^mbly visited the beach that 
yecr, crt the urgtiigof edncemed 
citinns, and were "appalled cA 
what they saw. Tl»y carried 
the messi^e back to the 1952 
session and were cri>le to over- 
con^ the opposition of non- 
resort areos to establish dn 
official group to possibly solve 
Virginia Beoch's pll|^. Hence, 
the erection of the Virginia 
Beach Erosion Ommisskm. 

The commlsston, composed 
of fl^ members appointed by 
the governor, has been contro- 
versy ever since ^came Into 
being. The concerned citizens, 
even though they recoi^lzedthe 
emergency that existed, were 
opposed to dumping the Ibur- 
smelllng dredged material onto 
the beiN:h. KAmy a friendship 
fell at the wayside during those 
trying d.ys for tM method was 
not necessarllyaprovenoneand 
ttis Peptics fought the com- 

The commission fought bo^. 
Tlwy fought not only tfieir skep- 
tical neighbors, but unconvinced 
leglsloiors as well. Th^some- 
Iwv maMged to keep the fonds 
comhig through appropriations 
f«>m the city, tfie ^ite and 
the Federal government. This 
five-man commission was In- 
strumental in brlr^lng VInilnia 
Beodi to the point It Is today. 

Now It has been proposed 
that the Virginia BeachErosion 
Commission be abolished. It Is 
believed that the City Manoger 
and his staff can absorb this 
work In their already hectic 
schedule and that the city's 
financiol department can Just 
as easily handle this money. 

If such a step is taken It could 
possibly have adverse effects 
on tlie beach In years to come. 
Not because the City Monager 
or the City Treasurer Isn't 
capable or willing to assume 
this respofislbillty but because 
it would defeat theonethlngthat 
has kept the commission effec- 
tive-political Immunity. 

The Erosion Commission Is 
politlcolly appointed, but It Is 
not politically Involved. It Is 
immune to the pressures of city 
politics and with the recent 
appointinent of a Republican 
representative It Is even more 
diverse In Its views. 

To absorb this commission 
Into the inter-workings of the 
city could possibly, and we 
« ti^e« s possibly, evmtUal ly 
make beach replenishment a 
political football. If this group 
had been municipally controlled 
In the early days the beach 
project ^ would have been de- 
feated before It began because 
of the controversy surrounding 
Its effectiveness. 

How well the city alone will 
tare in getting State and Federal 
funds Isanotherpointwellworth 
considering. We must recognize 
the face that State legislators 
would be more Inclined to 
appropriate funds for the con- 
tinued operations of a com- 
mission established by the State 
tfMn they would to appropriate 
funds to an Individual city. 

The State Ports Authority 
controversy bears this out. 

If the composition or method 
of appointment of the commis- 
sion h the bone of contention, 
then change the representation 
and the method of appointment. 
But don't abolish the com- 

lumbers of the Virginia 
Beach Erosion Commission 
have made Invaluable contri- 
butions to the development of 
this resort city. They have done 
It voluntarily and unselfishly. 
And they have done a good Job. 
No one can denythot. FIndother 
ways of making appointments, 
change the rulings on Insurance 
coverage, estcriittsh a moTeopWi 
systMn of bookeeping but don't 
abolish the commission. It Is 
badly needed. 

Chonges Mewed 

0Kmt tns IS im ftfet 

m A SCMIS OF Foim 



flnt ttiae In 42 years. Ttese 
tmtaAwmtfin tte inxtatet of 
ilaM^ ttrit fMTf ' fikH, ia- 
^iiaf ifpnraldfttmMiS- 
niNli ly ¥n§tmkm flCttt 
G«an«t imrthl), lod fbtnf 
IMW btM aaiittltd tj Gov. 
liBvootf BettoiaBtffornerGov. 

ttfliim Mfftri«a oAm 
|0taM Mt i» lopirtttet (tf 

(Ace a seoer^ko in m^r to 
meet tte state's diangiiig M«<is. 
VirglidaDs teveloUowedlilsad- 
vloe, revlsSi* tte ComtttaUoD 
five tints tiaee Vm, ateot 
ooee every X yetn*-<Hrtt Mr. 
tefferson it^ ibcMt once a 

Bowma, It bas teen mn 
9m « yMft itaee tte Cm- 
stttattoD VM IMI rtvlMd, nai 




wf W« M* IMRNI^ WWtWm 

MiU tvwt. Fndi mm eom^ 5 * JS*"*iMSLr 
tlfr-tUB fllitnliw itifrtii «( ttft toi^F JMwiM iMMpaa. 

tHw ]«■ iMb n invartut rote Sn tti |loiiiMrui«f aimMmu 
TMtlttfllllBltrflMtitotMUibNft. ' '- • 

Znn ntJor eootrilwttflii to ?!iSS?i!5*"JJ2t2^ 


Wo Mm, no nttfliMl holfataj, w f»wtol wesfc» M t owp 
ft imll iltnM or tvm a tiof osMMruio nt moomi oh of 
tte best boM, llnBly find «d trtdely iMMptod Mrnnr Mom 

of ov oonnrjr. ,^ 

Ottr «Mtrf, our isftniiiioBt, |«i, •w*^" Kf™ »*• 
frM w&M e«w ft *tt to oM wr »«N«h^fl<««Jfrt 
and pran^ Wt iImM bo Utm W to |I«ft tti fteopMtoD 

Uti tttrt sow. Bdld a mrtit mmam, iMt ft^HNud 

hoVday, lit i^ » W»W l?!fej*»f* » **«»^J«? 
«miBi«al MUili^ tfed a Utt Miaa^iii timj mf fctattte 

^«% BROK£H fOlWii FII0MMB*% 

Wf att imttm fta jdlt^ Jii<Wi to a^^rtltrte 
tooKMUId flot wtfli wpMto ft|N«^(iirtoli9ttMtt«[to|» 
iMdo IB SMTVli of flit aUBlgN^ ««lii asMM toi«ii.tt1ift 
good nmt aol «• iU tMBi to 9mu,mm^m 
of a p^lteil otBpiip to toi ptimtm matki VteoHi 
m Am notlHit ■» east, if comt* inMi limMt 

- ANP cwME so^sont 

'Sheep' will tiekle 
if you're off-beat 

K yoo are perfectly eontont 
n^HNrimf toe pdiStoift scene 
to tliese (toys and If yon are 
a ndlier oonveotloaal stralfbt- 
down-tte-ltoe type of p^rfon, 
yoa w(Mit enjoy Art Barmaid's 
'^leep Ob tlie Bwmxf* now 
nattiBt at tbe Cavaltor DlaBsr 

Bat If yoairrfttttdtoirantled 
about Sw overall vorU stto- 
atloB, todn t dtoi vteir of sooie 
of toe ffotngi oDln WaiMaiton, 
are oceai^Balfy^ansldaredoiit 
<f>itop^<IBii<ii HiiMMr iBd; 

mmmHtm flit ilirvlll liflou 
«i»%lltw1ttleUiir "^* -^ 

if t ft belter-dnlter nmp, 
taktoi pot stioto at Jiot atwut 
every polltioftl flgnre, from tlie 
^ssidMit on dom, and nnUng 
toffO'laeed tm at some of tlis 
eoBntry*t oootritmtioas toward 
wMrkl peace. 

Tb» plot toinsl|Blflcant,rea- 
Uy, and act toteaded to te taken 
seriously. It's pore satire and 
must be enjoyed as sudk 

It all takes idaoe to a fie- 
tlooal country known as Nooo- 
nnra, obviowfy orieDtal,«Udi 
to ruled by ft pusb-over prtooe. 
Hie Americftn ambassador to 
tittt eowStry^ bored wito bto 
antgnmeirt, invites a war-mon- 
ger^ polltf cal oolupntot over 
to see toto toslgnlflcant little 
doBudn and in no time at all 
toe columnist's shouts of 
"Commiutot inflltratloo" draw 
m oBslaaght of American "sup- 

^eepy Nonomura to suddenly 
overun wito all types of Wasb- 
Inton cbaracters: a Pdirtagon 
general whote only irisb to to 
onload a batdi of war eqoip- 
ment from over-stocked stodc- 
ptlM; an AID man wbo des- 
peratefy tries to push some 
ridiculous and totally useless 
raporto: off on tbe poor, eon- 
Au»d prince; ud toe exagge- 
rtf edly secretive DA nnn wbo 
keeps bto cool, despite tbe diaos 
going on aroiBid Mm. 

Now, mixed to vdto this cm- 
^omeration of diaracterstothe 
unbassador and Ms family... 
and toey ju^ have to be seen 
to be believed. Gene Adair 
as the ambassador is (piite 
good (even though Ms resem- 
blence to Wlostm ChurcMll to 
at first dto^mcertin^ and Ms 
wife, Vi Ra^m, to terrific as 
^ calmly and primly goes- 
^Mot her businen in face of 
totad (UsaMeTi ^Iwir daughter 
to a r<^l oi ttM flrat order, 
even tdtts oVer tbe coontry 
for a abort time ui^l mama 
persuades her to 0ve it bade 
to toe prince (we told you the 
pl(4 to In^gnificaM). Mlye 
TlUett to a lovely you^ actress 
uid does well in the role oi 
tbe daughter, but she tocks the 
fire needed to «iiivince you ite 
reaUy eoM tiie wer toe emm- 
try tf she wtt so inspired. 

l%e east was good rlgtt^iws 
the Itoet Jote WeUs to abso- 
M^ iKwi^ as toe toMuwly 
aevotie eohimMs f* Uduel 
BuBtor as Hbt UDhttsidcMr's 
youBg lid toadi J«t a toudi 
of rtnuMe to IMs auj groq> 
of thtfftgtofs is f$ eillwrtpiit" 
todfy be seM stay ^mm la 
foimi aato Ind retos} Fe^ 
Dt»m Is hUarioos at the 

prlnoe*8 tc^ general wbo tidtM 
bto tarn it ovnr-ttro«4ng the 
govenuneBt^ and Rldiard C. 
Frederick does weU to hCs dual 
role of ttw baOer and flie CU 

The ttoree sooie-stetfen, 
however, are devao FeorM^ 
as Prlaoe Got, Junes Bvida 
as toe Pentagon general nd 
Tom liorgM as "AidMn^ 
AID", ms trio Bsver slept 
oat of cbaraeter tad flwto aside 
antics n&jmor wilh^toe piar 

totlle faottflieoeitlatosilHMie: 
Raidtto's dnrnkm dlq^ at flu 
bv} Moj^an's P^r Mtols- 
stj^ boni^taiiMttey attbMnfbt 
bel^-langhs from norsdty 
Bights small, but eathaslastte, 
Jade Ftoher has dime a flae 

Job to dtoedtog flds raad>Ung 
seems tdrlfi at ttmas at Ikay 
wander aboat Am stoge, aiv- 
anaUy VQUdtriag vhH flMir 
nasi move wiU be. The seto. 
few Ratoh MeAaisl^i are bqbI 
eltoettve to flMir Mldae I^mI 
too load to Om Mioottaf sesBM, 
to be even stiffly ftattotte. 
Tbto ptoy to Bol gotog tobe 
amonc flia Qmdtor's top to- 
mrltos. tt^ toe iiff'teit tor 
that. Andto»l»fMwe^toMB 
tt>^ atari jdiaiiai Ihaaiia Jare. 

ee^ of cwwftt mtfdl iMBOMa wItt tolw 
care of dl oar nae^i, desires am ptiitoirit iMhsalntotog 
oar taaas or d^iivtoi at of oar IW rigMs ltd IMtos. 
We dean «9tet aefleft. or reitfto ftMumr patttaahiM 
the proDtoes fofei at iainr* Ato d^dreaiiaf siery ttoittDn 
ttne to oar atflonri hariHn. V« «i* Pttieltod M deUHoMtr 
hagnr «liM we hear iQorpeiltf ell prooiiiia. 
^ aar honial peiuMtt otode evea a nriaor effort to hsep 
«9 great protios of tti iroBitoit a«deteeiitr togaltlaettd, 
hlr WMU be fim^ HBpaMflad. Mote Hh^ ka wwidtie 
ran oid of toM ei t taa or tanad tnl toattwad totoot. 
.Mil ittlj^. if yea ew. tf dl toe rema, feridies, daiat, 
hoiillitt, Mtory toer aM at » ]ite Md oiar m^ 
> toDftlM . , .we waddbe badvaat esiN 
Tka etst of kieiiag pollfliri pretttoas to vtdiflMlve. 
Everyoae kaeet eis. 

Ho BMtter. Tte Iffdotoe raee goes on and on. tt to ill to toB- 
l Oiak. it dees pntent om ntoor proMeB^ howtver. Over the 
h)i« period of tint oar eoBBtry hat beenaraand i« have eiaetod 
. Tin oandMite wltt the Mggwf and beat 
togal tttttod. 
New, itoee iMBlona wbo nakas a prondse and does aot keep 
it to eoHldered a Har, doeaa*ttHs nrnke aaaaattonnaibir 
Mars? IlBtllWe ffibers bat grerilig Mara. 
' No wonder OiBfi seen togofhanbad towoiae.(liafall, 
I 9NstllaoaldbasoBiewliBtwane.&rweevermaoatflf]Ufa, 
who wonld ha etf ^erioasindeii? 

Lefa be trai id tf for oar wond ertol aroidana. How aboat 
iwiat an oal and aivlac Btoaar reooaaMon to flia ftn MolarT 
of An adUtont of broken polittoal|rontoas.Bovdalllt«ndd 
be irtthoat flMn. 

We oooM even torn n UMal "Uan Award" wmmatfaail 
* TV Hi jiiML Mitiili. The tsSUk^mMjim toe 

Jat flMce ire mm onk<of^top 
ebaractofs to IMs area wkeare 

getac to e«Ioy '«Mp on Om 
Ranny". TMs reviewer hap- 

— ^RabyJeMPhUlipe 

■^•^^lit''riiiaMtfni^vo^fli»art ofbgjiiti """ 
TMs fltt|M^#e»>%Nn toi#e Uto toflM aiMlljtoBaBdgiBiaa 
' ii MM iMMtil ^itiiMmlM batch of kadenk 

Use to Questioned 

Fmfors Senior Sentftm- 

Toihe Editor: 

There \m never been a time 
to American btotory viieB toe 
Mi^t quality leadenhip to 
more urgently needed than bow. 
It to always good advloe, as we 
Americans s^foaeb Eleetioo 
Day to pay heed and scan toe 
political borium for, a leader- 
stop toat taK^ and we know to 
be, "Of the peopte, By the peo- 
ple, and Fqr toi people." LmmI- 
ersMp can sake or tveafc a 
nation andaciviltoatian.Ifistory 
has recotrded the foregoing toet 
ttme and again. 

We are more than coneeraed 
when we are aidced to eled a 
SoH^r. ^(tes only have two. 
of toese In^rtant members of 
our "People's CcMigress." 

Virginia's Senior Se«tor 
Harry F; Byrd Jr. to ealflng 
tot our suRimrt. There's an <dd 
adage that goes like tbto. "When 
you find a Ceai,-i»dWi It." 

Our Seni<Nr Seefttor has given 
us a refreiMag eample of 
American loNltnde and,late^» 
rity. Thoasanteof usVtotfatons 
are Ind^iienitefd voton. We do 
our best to setoct wd i^ in 
offiM, toe very but leaihisMp 
we can Itod. 

Oa teflica- Semitor to a cap- 
alte worthy tenter to oar 
"Pe^'s Coagr^". 
Ed. L. ^pptegate 
P.O. Bos 111 



CarMn INMten's article 
T lrtfctoil l i i aa rf f liilT i i ri rif ' 
demr lllleied MM if toi 

howerar to stress the one sln^ 
mo^ Imperlant todw, aside 
from d^raetloo of a aiteral 
area wMch to irreptooeaUe- 
1.0. ton precent estiMtohed by 
ttie Stile to demtoli« stMe land 
to a munldpafily. It to flito 
preceteat iHdeh has alarmed 
and arouse eoBservatloa 
groopB ud sdnUste, who are 
of flie optidqnfltottoeSWe nuvt 
wA be allowed to set sedi a 

I was (poted, torouijh a mto* 
print I am sare,asstibBg"Oar 
fl|M to not wlto toe Stoto", 
iHileh to the reverse of what I 
aettaUy saM. It to Important 
fliat the pilitte be Uftrmod of 
file tosues. We areworidagwia 
school oflldato on fida matter. 
They have baa mask oooper- 
tfve. We shaUoonttnoe o«r 
fight wito the D^artment of 
CoBservMlon and ieonoBae 
Development, Parks DlvtoloB 
untU the mattM' to reaolvedand 
land all ovwr the state. Con- 
cern^ dttoeatsheaU express 
flielr views to etty and slate 
otfiotote. It to argent toat we 
proMrve an of ear renaialng 
green tteas tor toey are Ittw- 
tlly ttie hreato of Hte to at and 
ttme to ratting 0^ 
Mrs. J. W. SU te, Cha irman 
Clfl'^aiRS ^MMnTK FC^ 

SEAsemm state park 

The readera ware to agree- 
UMnt iMt week flwt fl» dty 
akoaM devdop fls iMd^danqp 
at tnakln and HoUy Beads bat 
were not aeeeaaarlly to agree- 
ment aboat Ite ale. 

The qBMtton to teat wedt't 
sarvey llnltodlto aMbyasMI* 
"ShoaM flie d(y davitep tta dd , 
diy <taap ft Uddn aad Bcdly 
Rente ia|9 adtypukandaoo?" 

The- refttfers iBted anad- 
mouBly to toior oldevetoplBg 
flie eyesore at one of dm 
retort* a baatett IMeneettooa. 

One nmn noted "Let's tarn 
oar attention towmrd thedevel- 
oinnent to VlrglMa BMeh of 
aometolng bealdas mom hous- 
es." To that reader we say 
thnk fOu toe llw.htod winds 
ftboot toe Sen's mf stob^al 
"In-ai^' and Mswe Mm fliat 
we do plan *% kaif it ap". 

Another readw ifieied the 
(pestlon to read '^bo^ toe 
fllty dwM(V Us dd dty imp 
M L«bMb tad Itoify Iteiite tor 
toe totore, lhroi«h ateofiselid 
fin* material gmeratodl9ne* 
eonatraetfen piojeds^ enM- 
d|al adlvtttat?" An eneltent 


The oonylaint to baMdonflie 
■ec nat ne cn^f aow eanrees 
toe tn^^ per eent < 
'on all 01^ 
wittria flw dty. tha taagatoon- 
teadt thai the tea to ltodi« 
adwoto to atsow toa tttbor- 

**The dty eaa't altotd to 
give m bead and totftaU iad- 
toms, or evn eoonih Hbriry 
books," one ptfeatoMiptetoed, 
"yet ney tarn around and taa 
ne proeeeos anea wnqr noae 

And y^ motoar renter vded 
to tov«r flfthedevelo^BMttbat 
added thid '% oMhlAteobe 
eoMltered for the Uttte Theat- 
re oMBiiei^ as yoa aenflooed 
to an etfller etttorld." 

The d^s amw e weBt tat^ 
wMcfa has been aettve to the 
form of an (»#Mnee in* aever- 
d yean bat Jatt eaforMd wito 
re^Ht to Mheols, has ^wn 
eea ddeglMe iter from em- 
e«med par«ds of sdMol ddM- 

ren. A repiaaedatlve of and 

oemidaiBlwg groap^ flie nnd 
Coloatol fm Stinol Parento 
Leagae, appeared betore City 
CoaaoM Monday to oppodtton 
tothetox. < 

A staff meteber of flie ^eoN* 
nlsaloBer of Reveoae's olBee, 
iwwever, pdntad o^mftm 
toz to Ml totendadtobetbtoib- 
ed bf the seboete or orpi^- 
flons preaeattof theeventobat 
pitted on to fl» gnett n| fl» 
event, stoeetoetaxtoonMmtte- 

A abnptoordtaieeebytteidty 
can resdnd toe tox, toe dly 
woeM be to vtoidton of a gtito 

totfmry to^i ^ flP] fisoL nilato 
tew esM^llagftesiftKidsifiMdd 

Hie dfy to now oonritfirlBC 
aridag toe (tensfti AsmMf to 
M^ad fltel perttfln of 11^ tew 
aitedtof sdwote or esrapti^ 
fluse goeps,H ow lide-iifaid 
to thesppuMtton^itfKlniinft 
flftoetox? , 

Meetoei tettwa. 1^9 iM 

qaaMoM jwdven lr«B m va^amtwn,^ 
several pdnto of vtow.tttolted„]Seiyw. 

QUESTION: Do you think tht 
dtfnyMfiiMt Htt Oh BiiMte^^^iflrt 

activity should bi rMcMid? 

Titr MMiMto ill ri|Mi iMlarf 

jriiD tea 



Ttairsdoy, Oct. 8, 1970 

Virginia BMch $un 


(CootiewMl from pf. 


MU ttnft Ite dgytl(^» and 

r«tteni irUIMfttolNtovwk^ 

tti mpeH iM vurfsroteelift 

JmI flttMfMlOd^ "The qsmtf 

4f MiMMm Undt «!■ Bot 

In tti Kin^sHUeantfteeanfe 

tkt tert urioAvtf taMlikm 

«|AMr bNi oHMMi for oAtt 

y INMBt icnsutere is tte aae- 
toMArfsM Inoomi prododer in 
militate B«Mii and Mli M te 
•e«i*t *n»wdb«tet'%ttalliiid 
feM to to {nrtttrved, Hrnw 

Dm, If fbB ttrtand«y«lopM« 
Am tost suited tondi flnt 
aflft^ttn foUew tferqngli vttli 
ill tdtaliUfy pintesi ttie dfy 
niU to able to extend Itself 
gnOMAlr/ and yrofrtde tiie mc- 
assary wndces. 

Birt ttMH are services fbai 
fdil btve totoprovtdwltMttieen 
4170 and 1971. 

t ,Tto rotdw^r jsijnrtem, ac- 
manlbig to tbe report, «iU re- 
qin several a ddtttonal im- 
ipmttiiMHilB. ^dfiaillir, ttiere 
^«e file vddeobigof Frovlie&ee 
Botdf to a fmir-lane divided 
iMUlty between KtrnpsviUf 
Road and ttie Cliesi4[)eal(e dtf 
HBt{ file vMening ci Prinoeis 
Jam Road into a similar road- 
my toMnNevrtownRoadfiirottgh 
^tka Intnrsedioo of Ptrliament 
JMva at Arrowhead. 
:4Llso^ Suitor Road btfoatvio- 
0kl^Udtot to oomiect Inde- 
jsMMnee Boulevard wlttiPrinc- 
jtslilimie Road. "TUs collector 
sbottU sobstantialljr reUeve tbe 
fivoagh traffic flow on Edwin 

The r^pmrt ^bMinttcatefs fint 
^UmonA rosdwiqn are needed 
40, Parliamoit Drive, Green- 
wish Road, and ihat Holl«id, 
ladlin River, and Newtown 
|t«HlB to wideMd toto four 
km taomw, 

bi; addittoo, tbe report says 
fliere exists a need tor atrans- 
^ sy^sra. It notes fiat file sys- 
tem ibould "provide adequate 
servtse b^ween residenttsi ar- 
eas and principal emidoyment 
centers" and that "Uninroved 
oommotor service would bel^ 
to relieve unempliqrmeiit and 
underemployment in poverty 
pocket areas in Virginia Beadi 
if BMddng jdAs accessible." 

It would also tend to relieve 
fiia traffic congesttoo fiiat lill 
tfttmately strike tbe.^rea 
during rush hours. Tte lenlee 
diould to in file nature of a' 
park - and - ride regional bus 
iwrvlce fiirt can to 


Wfm^nfVm lejIUU 819'* 

me report tfie divides flie 
Community Sendees Plan into 

^lour sections: educational &c- 
'%tfes, uttUttes and drainage, 
and social service ^littes. 
It estimates fisrf two-ttiirds 
of file populatton growfii in tte 
bOTough will result from single 
funily and towidwuse develop- 
ment and says fids type of 
growih places tte largest burd- 
en CO elementary schools. 

In order to handle fiie in- 
ereaaod elementary populatioB, 
MO-student ficilittes viU to 
necessary on ttie College Park- 
Level Green site, and that a 
Lark Downs sduolvdll to need- 
ed adjacent to a Junior high 

Tte repot also reoommends 
ttiat a site to acquired and re- 
served in file Fairfield area to 
to oMistructed near tte end of 
tte 1970-75 (dmming period or 
•arty in ttie 1975-85 period. 
Tte total miRAier of stodents 
aattdpi^ amounts to 2,250. 

^ Jte for Junior high school and 
hii^ school complexes, idddi 
are geared to handle an addi- 
ttontf Wi and 915 stodei^ re- 
sfikl&vly, only one fadlity-a 
Jodor high- will to needed, that 
to te located in file Soutii Plaaa 
TVaU-Independence Bouleyard 


If presold plans are followed, 
fiit proposed Gr^en Run Junior- 
senior a>midex will to raffld- 

l^Mtffto handle ttie kadduringttie 
l^lttldng period. 

its for parks, ttie department 
redbnmends ^ a usenfeeto 
(OoUaeted for use of special ffec- 
iUttos and find it to placed In a 
Mnoidpal Open ^sace Acquisi- 

Hie Amd would ttiente used 
to debase spedfle areas and 
Mpton Oem as emMi, in- 
eUdteg: Arrowhead Padc, Hew 
4i||d-Hofflestead Pari(, Uric 
Down Lagoon, WoodstodcLate 
aad^dai^orsagh Park. 

Ite Lagoon wouM nMii^ely 
to developed and used as a 

spu^n reo^tton site. 

^ Acoardii« to Um r^xurt, a 

' dM^ area of asncem is dty 

*^i*«r and water service, and 
fliat service should to based dk 
relief of i»*aU«n oooatituttog 

Jhaaards to ttie oommanity 

f haattl^ promottOD <d econonie 
davetopaieat of lands idfiioon- 

,ttd dinoB^rated need of nm 
Mierdmloped land for 

\ TteplaialM^r^co^ 
■adad a«t the teds to to 

^oMidarad as priority areas 
tteftose toto M«dlvoom- 

merdtf and industrial 
pesos, tt idftltoB, file 
also rMomflinds (hat, ttM dty 
tr^ Ssaid and Male BmiMi 
Departanent to ieree malidain- 
ol idilniiB freatment 
tt^M >y ^ KemNville 

Prestntty, tbe KemfMvllle 
lAOtties is eootrflMtti« to tte 
P^ltidioB fiftteEliMtelbMver, 
file report tail, iideoai«Mw 
a ''eonrtderabie nianoee tottie 
adjdiflldf resldadlal develop- 

Recommended idortttM for 
0ty sever Itoa otenrieos are: 
Bellamy Manorj and fiM Sterry 
Park-UeDonald i>aric area. 

Tte reportalso reomnmided 
find uiy futare devwlopBMBte 
uttliae file underground wiring 
cystem m^ ^ preMot over- 
tead wiring systems along 
Princess Anne Road and fimugh 
file urban pcurtton of Kempsvilte 
Road to replaced by under- 
groond systoms. 

' Wlfir reaped tofire and pottee r 
protection, ttestaffrecommen- 
datioo states tte Kempsrille 
Are station is beii« hard 
prened noiv to hanffle tte calls 
and fiiat i new station sho«dd 
to constructed wittdn fiie five 
year period west of Interstate 

Pottee protectton is toing 
provided Iqr fiie Firat Prednct 
at tte Princess Ajme Court- 
house and, aeconttng to fiie 
police department, shouU to 
adequate to SMSt tiie needs of 
file torough over file five year 
ptamiing period. 

Healfli fodttties exist in ttie 
form of a temporary facility In 
flie New Light area, bat ttie 
staff recogntxed ttw need foran 
imiiroved fhdlity and suggeste 
a permanant dinfc-bospltal, to 
to developad in ttie 1975-85 
pluming period. 

The New ligjht area, along 
wMb ttN Qoeea Oty sectton of 
file torough, is also a focal 
point for fiM bousing study. 

"Delapidated conditions, 
welfore cates* uaan^oyment 
aicountered in Itese areas, al- 
ttiough not as widespread, are 
very similar to those of ttie 
Seatack area...," Uie report 
says, and recommends ttiat tte 
various dty departmente con- 
cerned eondud sbxttes of tte 
area and develop "oommensu-' 
rate specific reeomme^ra^ 

fl«t remains, ttet a)l of- ttem 
are stdiject to ttft whtm of ttie 
pidittc and ttie attitude of ttie 

' If tte dty properly attadm 
ttie myraid of iff oblems it will 
confront in ttie idttal planning 
'stage of actual expuid<Hi, ttien 
ttM plan fiv 1975-85 wiU flow 

But if tt» dty stumbln or 
lUters in its process, it will 
severely hamper tte follow- 
ii« 10 year plan by deliQdng 
)te ttmetaUe. 


Erosmn Group 
Awaits Reports 

b a record four and one- 
half hour Uif(Mrmal session, 
City Council liontay slowed a 
move to ttoUdi me Erosiim 
Commission unttl a flnandal 
qaestton is resolved and 
was briefed on tte devel<qi>ment 

Until ttie dty can learn if it 
wlU lose a $50,000 state grant 
l^vw ttie Erosion Commission 
Mdi year. Coundl F, Reld 
Errin's move to atoUsh ttial 
body has been stqved. * 

l4ust wert ETrvin pr(q;>osed tte 
state (pointed body be atol- 
isted and tte dty take over ttie 
Erosion Commission's flmctton 
of repleniddng sand for ttie 

I Ervin said tte move would to 
matte in an effort to consolidate 
qiierattons and that it would 
make for a moreeffidentoper- 
atioo within ttie dty. 

Coundlman J; Curtis Payne 
said that if ttw operation is 
continued on a separate basis, 
ttie booMneping should to co- 
ordinated witti tte dty. 

Ervin said tte Erosion Com- 
mission can't oversee the oper- 
ations lite ttie dty manager and 
his staff can. , 

Coundl was told ttet tte 
signboard policy to requested 
of tte planning department was 
toing completed, and that tte 
ordinance to to presented will 
to written to cover tte enttre 
dty and not Just tte Virginia 
Beacb-Norfoik Expiessway. 

Last week, Ervin requested 
in a letter to City Manager 
Roger M. Scott ttult an amend- 
ment to made to sectton 3-5 
of ttte City Code, which would 
prddUt signboards along the 
expressway accept ^Qiose on ttie 
premises identifying biainess- 
es. ' 

Coundl was toM by City At- 
torney J. Dale Bimson Oat if 
ttie onflnanoe were enacted, tte 
only signs could to brouf^t into 
accordance with it would to 
through a gift, purdiase, con- 
demnatton, or an abatement 
dause wtereby tte billboards 
would to ordered to CMiform 
to tte code wten (»ntracts with 
iRtd ta j !t is er& -eiifafej«t^ ,.Mi^- 
,-0", £suneHnian*iBatort^ CalUs 
^r. said, fimt if file ooimen has 
made a mi(ttte, "We stoold 
admit it and go into oondemna- 

In otter matters, coundl: 

■nvas toU ttiat ttie Ferrell 
barrow pit toing used by tte 
E. V. WilUams Co. was not in 

violatton of file law, and that ttw 
Tallwood Civic League did not 
teve a valid complaint atout 
ordinance violattoos. 

*Leamed ttiat sevwal rasi- 
dente teve complained atout 
posdble rate increases by tte 
Fi»t Colony TeteplMMie Com- 
pany. Payne aAfid fiie dty to 
enter into tte hearings sched- 
uled before file State Con>ora- 
tt(M|i Commission in Rii^rad 
October 27. 

*Was given a report on tte 
dty's Drug Focus Committee 
■ by Commonwealtti's Attorney 
Andre Evans, wte noted that 
several imp(»tent strides teve 
teen teten in resolvingttedrug 
problem in tte dty. Evans an- 
nounced ttiat ttiere would to two 
public tearings by tte commit- 
tee, ttie first Odotor 28 at 7:30 
p.m. at die First Colonial High 
School and ttie second at Plaia 
Junior Higji School Novemtor 4 
at 7:30 p.m. 

' *Wa8 told ttiat tte dty has 
agreed to siq)ply ttie Dam Neck 
Naval fodllty witti water 
ttirougb a 12 inch main to to 
laid from tt» Sandbridge water 
system to ttie soutti gide of toe 
instelUAon. Tte dty will re- 
ceive $63,000 for tte hook-up. 

Club Installs 

Tte Kiwaois Cliib of Virginia 
Beach coodudedlte annual In- 
stallation of Officers ^ight at 
ttie Americano Motel, Wednes- 
day nig^t. 

LeRoy Shulman, Lt. Govern- 
or, lOfii Dlrision, Installed ttw 
following dflcers for ttw year 
1970-'7l: President, Horace 
Phlllipsi President Elect, And- 
rew Doney; 1st V.P., Shade 
Griffin; 2nd V.P., TomKolcum; 
Secretary, AiMbrew Fine, and 
Treasurer, Ridiard Cobick. 

Memtors of ttw Board of 
Directors are: Hodges Vicelllo, 
Dr. William Hanna, Art Cotor-^ 
ly, Jerry Hostetter, Ambler 
*»tcfcUt^ Joe MlHerjBarry 
CHa^ and Wk ^maa^A^Ji&i- 

imshided in ttie intigramwere 
ttw Club's annual donattontoite 
favorite charittes 1) Virginia 
State Society for Crippled 
Children and Adulte 2) Tte 
General Hospital of Virginia 


On Ttes^, Sot 29, 1970, 
Pack 878 teld Ms tint Ihll padc 
awittng. Donald Aunird was 
inteeted intolte padt, received 
bte Bdieat pin. A.wsleome was 
fxtended to Tnd Codvaa who 
reoe^y tnmkmA into fiw 
pndc from fiw Philippine 

Deoner bars'wtre amrded to 
Clartes Wise, Sidney Hassel 
and Jeff ChiUress. Ricky Mar- 
ttn, Scott TumbuU and Keitti 
Gurley were given assistant 
demwr bars. SMnqr Hassel and 
Tommy Navlll were given one 
year plas as ttey completed a 
full year as active rei^Mered 

Tte pi^ meeting also 
mariwd tte end of tte first 
monfii of Roundup. Tte follow- 
tog leaders were eadi given a 
badge for recruiting a new adult: 
Woody Sndtti, Alexander latch- 
ell, Carolann MltdwlL Jota^ 
Wtee, Jim Kelley,G«MFarrar, 
Rotort Dawstm, June Martin, 
Jackie Murtagh, Mary Coudns 
and Bruce Marttn. Sidney Has- 
sel and Ricky Neubert were 
given a reendttng badge for 
bringing a new b(^ into ttw pack. 

Very spedal prises were giv- 
en to Anthony Hughes and 
William Orgsbon for maintain- 
ing perfect attendence at sum- 
mer outtngs. ' 

A welcome was extended to 
new committeemen and com- 
ndtteewoman by Smittu They 
are Dick Murtagh, Cliff Demd- 
son, Randall Suit, CharteyNev- 
ill. Charles Farley, Charles 
Semes, Larry Huxoll, James 
SUM, Deanna Smith and Helen 

Mrs. Carolann Ifltctell, den 
leader ooadi welcomed ttie fol- 
lowing new den mottwrs: Mrs. 
Fay Moseley, Gertrude Demd- 
son, Jadde lAuiagh, Blandw 
Cox, GoUie Sllva,, JanCochran, 
Claudetts Rose, and Lyn Pratt. 

Ite following eilb awards 
were presented: Charles Wise 
and Kevin Swdtaer were each 
presented ttwir Bear.badge,(»e 
goU and one silver arrow. 

Daniqr Redmon and Kevin 
Sweitier were inducted into, 
Wetolos den 3 by their new 
Wetolos leader, Jim Kelley. 

The following WebelosScouto 
were awarded these aettvity 
badges: Chris Blaskl, engineer, 
natmrallst, and traveler; Wll- 
Uam predion, engineer; Randy 
Cof tey,^;aaMa nigt; , and Lenny 

Oto pack 1^ is 
by file VirginU Beach Uidted 
Methodist Church. There are 
several openings for Cub (8 or 
9) age toys. Anyone wishing 
more infornmttim may adl 
Bruce Marttn, registration 
chairman, at 428-8541. 



You invMt m a MMm* of dHR. 
tfuM, •fficitnt trouMa-frat hMMig 
whan you buy iNa qwfllty-ongt- 
iMand Bor&-Mtarnar gaa-ftrad fur- 
naca. VWa Itava many modoia lo 
cheoaa horn »n4 ona • joat mada 
lor your homal 



Viitce66 Aiitie 


■•Mil tted. 


princess Amm StoliMi 










LAW HAS CHANGED— Cars meeting school buses on tlw ©pilosis 
side af a highway divided by a" physical barrier, or baRrltrSrOrw 
un paved area are no longer required to stop. Stops under owjr 
conditions are still required. Roads affected locally Include Vir- 
ginia Beach Blvd., Independence Blvd. and Shore Drive. 

Tour to Visit Canada 

Tbe Golden Age (Senior Cltt- 
aens) Tour for 1971 Is already 
being planned by the Virginia 
Beach Recreatton Department. 

Plana call for tte tour to de- 
pvt from Seatack Community 
Center at 6 p.m. Aug. 4 1971 
for Nortolk, ttien traveling to 
Bangor, Me., via New York and 
Boston. From Bangor ttie group 
will go to Frederlckton and 
Mondon,l»ew Brunswick, Can; 
ada and arrive In Halifax, Nova 
Scotta late In ttw afternocm of 
Aug. 6. 

On Aug. 7 they wlU tour ttie 
Halifax, ending up at Peggy'a 
Cove. Next, on Aug. 8, they will 
go to Sydney with a stop at 
Beddeck to tour Alexander 
Graham Bell's Memorial and 
his summer home. Across the 
bay from Beddeck ttiey wlU 
spend ttie di^t of Aug. 8. 

Wltti an early start on Ai^9, 
ttiey WlU tour Cabot TraU, taking 
In St. Jottnus Cathedral at 
'Chetecamp. Then ttiey will go to 
ttw SwltdAiacka, vdiere five 
sections of highway can be seen 

from tbe top of the 

llie next stop win be Port Jm. 

From ttiera ttiey will niMi la 

Sydney. Aflar fdag'tte UM 

Boar to ttm Mapalie BM, ttqp 

WiU go back lo Bantor. aiAan 

12 ttwy WiU traitl 

Into Boston for a ft - 



Those iitereilsd in jartle^ 
pattng In tiM trip Bif vttm 
H.C. Beajamln^ isusilluitv 
ervlsor. at 487-4114, «,>'^*, 488rWW. 

Wt call It a 

You can call it 



From day of deposit 
to d ay of withdrawal. 



To Improve Range 

Continuing improvements are matcfng the 
Virginia Beach police Special Weapons 

Range one of the finest such training faci- 
lities on the East Coast. 

city offidalt mg% MtUled 
WwtaiMilajr ^ tt» VlriotaDlv- 
ttott (tf .tagtlet WBidtmfn' 
vNrtloii fdvmmAsi ttirir n- 
4a^^ fsf iMi^ fvndi to 

QCtniatnclldttltai stttieVlr- 
llnia ftia^ po^eeSiiedalWea- 

mvi^M filreetor mdwrd M. 
Birrit, IB bit Itlln- of nottll- 
etttoB, itaM ttt C^ «IU r«- 

lidMtr ftnii 

from tht Nattond Coosdl on 
Crimiml Jiaittce Ux nogt 
I^V^mmmkh ^^ moaU* 
mre made andUtte ia fls^ 
faar 1970 Actton GmA tuo^ 

?rovlil«S for mSln ^Omsitm 
rime Cdatrol and ^e Steteti 
Act of 19e«. 

Ct^tCH. Hm, lofpecttoM 
Aide to Pollee Oittf C^ W. W. 
UtmM, arid, "TliiM prtteolar 

ftMMte <riil h( yMd lor ttt DU9r> 

<Aiaie (tf a Hdto t^ia recorder 
ud pli^ IMufc ajfvtom, vtriow 
e]aaaro<»D eQ^ineiit, night 
tt^MiV lor ttie raage aru. a 
nd^e addrea qfattoif aad a 
K-9 C«pii trtfiini «^{n^i4 
atcMrage are^ aawellaiitnilar 

Pi^ intteated immedtato 
itepf will te tdcen for tbe 
ao^ng ol tQulpmeBt needed 
for ttie iiBpravemeoti* Be also 
Indiisated ttif ia (te flrat iilMte 
of a eoBttanlagiroJeetiinroMag 


ff you dorft do it, 


■ : vr 

Do you know what you can do to help solve the 
problems that are undermining our community? 
Problems like the rebellion of the young, the isolation 
of the old, the frustration, fear, and misery that shout 
out at you from the front page of the paper every day? 

You can revive the good'old American tradition 
which says that when you're not satisfied with what's 
going on, you go and do something about it yourself. 

Get involved. Pick one of the United Way 
agencies. Dig into what it's doing, learn about the 
new problem-preventing methods being used. 

Then do more. Pledge more than you've ever 
pledged before as your Fair Share. And, you can give 
more ihaninoney. Ybu^an^iv€^ou,4feu^an^ _I 
volunteer to work in the United Way Drive. 

Either way, if you don't do it, it won't get done. 





1^ JfWklS. 

Id app^for tto ft»ds lait 
my Hie Cl^ U^ad (te n^m 
Menia vlit^ r^re^it ttl im- 
provc^aM ^ top priorilt to 
Mat tte tetfntai mm a^totte 
atoadard to neetdennBditeiflr 
pli^ed i^pw it. tbn ani>UeittoQ 
eatii^ed Oieae liq»»mneMi 
at nearly |lSJ27.^^me nld 
(te Ci(y iriU hnx ttie reapon- 
aUHtttl f^ to nfarljr 1^400 
reiirired ^tofettelederalfraBt 
to ebmid^ tte projpam. 
''. In ilntiMii to. b^ uied Iw 
(he tnifli^ <^ law ei^*^ 
Dient offlcera in ttie liae of tte 
wrioos tf9H (d firearma, 
Om Spedal WM^ooa ^iage is 
alao tte attfit of a bulldtng 
itti(A lioiaea Indoor dasaroom 
faeilitiea wed in oMtoBal 
^tralBfaig 9t p^ee otSoow, aa 
veil aa ttM 1^ <tf K-^ Corpa 

He imc^BiO^ of tte fec- 
ial WeiVQiia l^nge laaonHlned 
very poiotodfy in tte Citjr'a 
i9plietfi<» tot f^teral fyoda. 
Tte aroMfrt^im tatfwted ttat 
(te fieitttjr in additicii to te 
uHliaed in (te training of 
ViriMA BMuAk^^(Hlfrandaax- 
ittary police ^eera ia alao 
hAog used by tte Udewator 
Polioe Academy it Old Domiflton 
Univeralty, ia Nortolk, Federal 
Aleoliol, Toteeeo,Fir«arma 
Dliiaion Afi^ fkt»B,lf<Nrfoft, 
Eoqiorta, Meivport mim, and 
SilUbiffy, lil;C te w >pe i fce Bay 
Brtdge-Tunnal pc^oe; an^ tte 
Federal BoreanoHnveirt^Mlgii. 


Uriaaers oftte VlrginlaBeacli 
Salt Water Fitting Toamamen( 
teve teen named by (te avartte 
oonndttee. Prlsnirareataid- 
ed lor species eatd^M note 
lere given in qiecial axitrda 

Wfanen andtteapedeaei^- 
fortta arei crotfBer and bUWk 
dram, Jtmea C. Wrlfjbt; tdoe 
fbtt and diaDtel bass/ BUly R. 
^wnee; floonder, Wade Mev- 
oontt; roonAead, Rdb^Mim* 
er; gray tront, Meredttt^M. 
Senile; apedcle tnNrt, Sdwrt 
L, ChanflMra; pqyydrun^ Jes- 
se M. Smlllu lABMStead, Bertte 
mtobimmmtnTl J. saw- 

jef; ua%vmtmttii, c. a. 

Hq^ws.^ \'-3*" 

Tte pompano category wu a 
two-way tie irttt (te irtmers 
listed aa Janmi G. Ifeteganand 
Earnest E. Jobnson. 

Anotter tie, ttls OM four- 
my and in tte spot catogonr, 
iroitaced ivinners in Ctarles R. 
Beleb, VioletlfoClannan^Fraiik 
Rowe, and Earnest A. IfiMgette. 

Tte tournament vas restrict- 
ed to tte bead front piers. 

Sgt. E. L. Jackson, president 
of Prineess Anne F. 0, P. 
Lodge # 8, iadioatos to ns ^a 
deieptim o^ Lodge members 
1*11 travel toWaattngloo,D.Cv, 
next Wednesdiytorepreseattte 
resort city ttftgrowisg move- 
ment against attacloiVm poUee 
fltfleers tteoegtalft tte nation. 
Tte local delegatttibvlUinclade 
poUce Sgt's E. U 'Jackson, N. 
M. Bordoer, Jr., and N. C. 
itorae, and oBleers S. B. Sdor- 
tino and W. H. Smltt. Several 
fljCTMfa f^ peUee offiMrs fiPbm 
giroiilteiit United ^les are 
J0IMIM to latter ^ noqnn«t 
Wettaesdqr « tte stops of ,(te 
CapKol to protest ttlateotisg 
of pcttce officers by mtlitaat 
groops and to presslor vmmm 
of lei^lidioB i«|clL widd mate 
tte deatt penalfy mandatory for 
peisoos oond^ of saeb aeto. 
fte gatteringsWartbigloiils 
being urged by ^)te J.Rarilng- 
(on, preiddent,nrfioaalFratM*- 
nal Order of PoSce. 

Juatieea of tte Peace James 
B. Loftta, Jr.,Georg»C.Qaeen, 
ttid LtMds J. ^jent are pre- 
paHng to go to lottoto, next 
TomSut and Wednesdqr torep- 
reseat Virgliila Beach attte 
1970 comwotioo of tte State 
J.P.*s AssodatloQ. 

VtrglaU Beacb CUef of Po- 
«ce Col.W.W. Oaite bas been 
in. Atlaatie City, N J. for tte 
pest six d^is JtflMKttag aspe- 
^dal cootereaoe of tte Inter- 
nattonal Association of Cbiefk 
of Pottos, 

A detegafioB of 15 pottce 
offieera haa Virsiida Beadi 
are jMpding a i^edal tbree 
^ seidnir at OM Domiidon 
IMvmity in NbrfoHc Tte 

teminar concerning nareotiea 
nd dangeroos drw Is balm 
ooodneted at tte Tldsvattr ^H 
lice Academy by Ageats of tte 
Federal Bweaa of Narootlei 
anaoaagaroas Dragp. 

TUs past week uttMSsed tte , 
«ldttloo of tbree mora nan to 
tte Virgtala Beadi PoUee De- 
pvtment. Itey iaeMte Wli- ^ 
ttam F. Parte, and elgM year ' 
veteran of service «ltt tte 
Banvton, Va^ Polioa Deptrt- 
neot «te vill te aasi prn d to 
tte tad Police Prectaet, aid 
DonaM JyiOfifBiT «Bd«aai|li 
G^ Sapp, vrte «« aitadaM to 
iplcBBt nBtogat tte 
a "w afl iw y»""'i? 

lien of tte Davif I^MMl 
VoMite« Reacae S|ai| aa^ 
3rd PoUpa Prceteet ttis pisi 
week beeiaie «^eiidi»oiH f 

may te «uM^VM to peirtorm 
iirom lima to ttpe^ Wa Mar- 
stand Ra«aMi89mdMM»B«i*y 
mu, Jote Seaaio^ aad Botcft 
Simmons, along uNiipoltaa ol> 
fleers Jack C^Uond aad C.L. 
Sw^^ were fl^itUimd to (te 
Pemteole AputtHilB arn to 
tend aMMoee to a vonaa 
irtio repotted tad sidlwtd t 
teartittad(, OarsoiraetWli 
us tte lady, hovavaf, baa 
arrived at tte meaiil tf diM 
birtb. TtomeanlllBflotti 
aituatloB and raited ltei*olBaa 
to tta dtspensary at tte Uttla 
Creek Naval Aii«MH0ni B«» 
jast ia time tor tte iMm^ 
of a baby boy at tte iobrioel 
to tte beildtog. Oar titers 
meat teltoi|it|is«aa1tellf^ 
soeli ex^ariaaea iatWim 


Guide 1% 

H >^ 

• M af iMpI* • MMm to tit I 

— KlikM 

Fish Fry 

Tte Oceu Park tolanteer 
Fire add Rescue IMt ivill hold 
ito ammal fish fry (flaner Satur- 
day, between 1 and 7 p^m. attte 
fire atlltoi^ vhieh ia located on 
Shore IMve (teee blocteweirt 
of tte Lyanbavea Inlet Bridge. 

Tte Mlire furiiy is invited to 
enjoy tbU fretttl^nuiiavaiaea- 
fobd dlaaer. Tte dooaDooa are: 
adnlla, $1,50; cMldren under 
twelve, $1.60. 

Prions wanting nM^latoCisL..^ 
matioo oa «h«ra>«adhhwto|haDt 
in VirgiBfa ahoold gat a bopy 
of the "Virginia )Mter# 
Guide," tte Game Cdnitalf* 
aio»'s latbrjMitian Off i^xaC 
porti.^ ., ', \^ * 

The 24 page beokUt thdiudai 
desm^^itloiia of ptS^'^tll pri* 
vate boating areaa atoot witl 
infornutioB on tniaa of gamd 
fouad (tere and proeedpeA.ftl' 
getting permito. Abb Hied 
are Virgiiia ahbotingpre* 
servifc boKhngllng jxmk.tfA 
a co«D# by coMriyteeakdfimof 
fte nut two jraars* big fwe 
kill. Amapdwwswhan^iibtte 
hunting areas are hH Bdltf av 
graphically portngw ooao^ 
Witt daanga Mamp rei|iire- 
mrato or rlfte and ahig res- 

Cqdes may te obtained fkee 
from tte (jiine rommiartfltfa 
Pittlicatioq Office, PJC ,BoK' 
11104, Riehittond, fligtaMt 
23230. : 

Booklets Help Reduce Deatk 

Virginia Beach resldentethis 

Edc participatediattenatiMal 
ervmiee of Fire Prevention 
WedE Witt (te grim reminder 
ttet idne persons teve perished 
infires in tte city in tte last 

miton T. Hollaad, director 
of die dty's Fire Prevention 
Bureau, poiMs to tte fact that 
(te maj(»rit]r of peraoos v^ 
lost their Uves in fires are 
you^ ddUren and infirmed 
adulte wlu) becune tr^ped in 
Area in (hdr own temes and 
were undde to escape. 

Holland idaees gretf impor- 
tance on ^^aUOihing i pin tor 
all members of tte fuitf ly to 
readi saf^ In tte event of a 

Such a plan ia ctearly out- 
lined in a booklet entttled 
^•Operatioa EDITH'', which, 
stresses tte tnqwrtanceof con- 
ducti^ exit (Mite in tte tenu. 
Tte booklet ortunes irtiat ateps 
itboM te followed lo tte event 
of discovery d ^re in tte 

Freedom b just 

teme andfamilarlsingallmem- 
tera of tte family witt tte 
safest routes to foltow in tte 
event of fire. 

Sindlar st^s are otrtttned to 
a pamphlet entitled "In case of 
fire ...3ave you made your 
escape i^aa?" This nuAwial 
iltustratos bow persons might 
mate use of material in tte 
h«ne to protect, and poteibly 
save Uves ^odd fire strite 
tte home. 

Holland indicates rewardi 
^lows tte major caimtf of fires 
incbide eaivleas Nioking, i^l- 
drea ptayii^ witt matdiH, de- 
fkett«i el^ricil wfrii^ and/ 
ox tM»lii^ plante and tte care- 
less use of infhtmnwdde Uijgids. 

Steps ttitf night take in tte 
h<»ne to i^-event fires are ti- 
nned in an infonnattiw pam- 
phlet entitled "Tout Fire Safe 
Home", wUch spotU^ tte 
most prisninenl causes of resi- 

dential fires aed 
potala to ^Mfc ia 

All of flian booktoka, mA 
otter iaformattoB wMdl ooaM 
prove valaMa in Art ptfvah- 
tioB, m^ te dMaioBtfli^eeft- 
tectiiig the «l^ Flfa^ifeo. 

Ite importaaoe of fltii pre* 
vention might beat te^ 
stood in tteaumaltott^ 
bjr fires Ja^tte Hhtlai^^l 
Tte M^Qoal Hra 
Aasodattoo, in^te^ 
nual r^imrL shoiidH 
1969, 2,«^000 flraa 
sultedln Hm toss of U^SMioaa 
injury, ud/or heavy pnperty 
toss. Tliose fires aeaiMdad 
tor 12,100 deadm, of vUdi 
4,500 ware reported Is llraa 
in oe^Aed hoaiMi, anipnper- 
tf damage ia excaaa of 

FBI Seeks AppUamtB 

. ite Fnis preaeotfy e(»^- 
ering for emptoyment aa Social 
Agente ctdlege grado^M^v^ 
tevetetfpost-oodege executive, 
supe rvisory or iavestigittve 

Mtttary officens, commia- 
dooed or iwn-commlwiwied, 
wM pastMi meet tte ei^ri- 
enee re<i^nd. Agent appttcante 
iMst te between 23 and 41 yeara 
of age at the time of tte filii« 
of Mr m^ttotion. A p p l i c a nte 
must te rr* tellwUhoutshoes, 
tevii^ sat(i^M!toi7 visitA nd 
beari^ aad te li^ topertorm 



••I Ms4MM*tfofMiikil 

Buy U.S. Savlnfa Bonds 
ft FnMdom SharM 

strenuous pbyaiealexertloi^ 
tefing no MnlttfiaBi iffidi 
«Md$ ifltetitore ilfli ttelr «a 
cf firearms or Si^JlNEfl^' 
l^tofi ia raUa, daagafiMis- 
aipiieato WwSm^S0mr 
Ttey mast to irtfltog ^mf 
to any part of (te Oettad Sliiai 

wPnntoRiooi ' \ 

Tte ^Kttog satofy ffir ft 
Special A|aittoaiirsidaM|a^ 
$U,500 tadadlag ^ra»la« 
overtime pay.AnlMittsiltoer 
Witt three yaara cf Gofara- 
ment scrvlee 11 Mfai as t 
fecial AfHit woidd rteeiM 
K woiUng da9» of HM^WW 
per yattto atet. tte Fn alpe 
Qffwa axoaOaid )^k lasMii 
healfli teMmsa aad MNaMt* 
anca benriHi li%NtalApiiiU 
A^«e irtai as tol to* Aair 

Aerift eoriMl #a MiBci- 
fiee cfr^iai, BMlJnM^ 

Morth umm mtmh^' 

firtk, Va. ^0^ l^tfteMteai- 


MWlllMt»»lll»tMlilliMl»«M*lilll^*'""""""' """"""M"""""*"''^ 



ThMftctay, Oct. 8, 1970 


V,n„^f;np,...^nfinf iittttttiiitttMttittt. > Mtttt »MAOA*A^A^^a*M»M*a iiMfti^ 




wigt are we doing about it? 



Washington Avenue, just off Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Grayson Road near Kempsville 

One of the alternative— Friendship Village 

Observance is Nov. 6 Bazam'is 

Frl, Sat. 

Conaivnlty Day, 
_^ dnffdi Women 

Tte Mi loe«i^ at U t.iB. 

•t |74a Fitters Rl 

^Mter vlU t» Mrs. 

;ji ^ *11» Leatersttp 
^liMl ai tte AHf «er 

Tte €te«rfiiM» is ipoo^ircd 
auilriiy 19 fteVirililaB«aeh 
Camll of Ch«reh VomM 
1^^ toltortit tttpgTMi 

li^^ to ■«%•«. Ttor* «1U 


-.^ . Itollwt 

ilito l^aieU ^ tte 

id tti MBtag d fta 

are: Mrs. Roger Gray, pre^- 
dtuli Ifrs. Arttar H. Gallafter, 
vide prc^eS, aad lArs. Doug 
Huterd, treasurer. Tteyi>iUt)e 
elected and iostaUed at tte 
MiA meeting, Dec 4 at ^. 
Aldans Episo^ Ctarch. 

Mn. Gailagher saidttiat 
UNK;ef Ctristmas cards will 
te on sate at PenA>roke Bazaar 
ot Oet. 29-31. In addition, ste 
las Trick or Treat tor UNICEF 
liont ter ^tUtm irte mui 
«»ai BaUomM. Btx mmtef 

Tbe United ClofMng Apfieal 
irtll be No». 23-30. CttWretf s 
and men's llitAv^gtt elotUng 
lod Marissts are e^eetal^ 
BHded. Tte eoUectlM potat 
^^ if ftfbto MeMM 
Oufffih. 11^ ^M tM lilted v 
Mof. 2S, so«^n|n|SteiiWte 


A tMHiar wJU te teld at the 
Lynidunr«i WteffHellodlst 
CiMircli at 1033 Uttle Neck 
Read (» Frfili^ Oct; 9 firom 
10 to 8 pjn. aoi on S^- 
urd^ Oet. 10 (Tom 10 
to 2 p.m. 

.Wuxf um^ttl tememade ar- 
ticles iriU te tot sale such 
as qnUte, algteu^ ^wls, hat 
|nd searf jets, mittens, 
sweaiters aad v^ts. ittny ad- 
ttttoaal tef^"***^ crafts will 
te bi tte EvI^ AffitrUanteott. 
A Ctatetmat teetli, esnpli^ 
iritt a^Kxnied tree, vUl also 

VIAon are invited to ooom 
twuu0 tai tte rwinge fmd 
aacd etettM rooms to ter- 
frins. Te^af»f iilll teve 
a special TMiage Room, tti 
Ite Corati7 StG«% idU te well 
^»ded nd will carry a^lqnes. 

Very few people 
poverty by dwice. 

Virginia Beadi dtiaens 
united last year and tUs in an 
effort to clean up and improve 
living conditions in SeatMi. A 
Uttle paint and a lot of eltew 
P'ease can really work wtmders. 

But ttet did not by any means 
solve all tte tensing problems 
in tbe dty. 

Virginia Beach does not act- 
ually teve slum areas. But ttere 
are 't. miniter of proverty 
pockets. When pow areas are 
mentioned, usually tte first re- 
action isSeataduButvAuktateut 
Newtown Road? Holland Road? 
B(Huwy Road? And these are 
Just a few. Ttere are some 
really pltlftal houses in rural 
tf eas oT tte dty. tte Depart- 
ment of Planidng is eurrei^y 
mi^ng oirt plans to conduct 
a survey of inadeciuate teusing. 

One woman's immediate re- 
actton to tte prddem was (and 
it's not too uncommon) "Why 
don't ttey go out and get ttem- 
selves some decent Jotesottey 
can afford- a better place?" 


i yoii teve an educati(m. Or 
triining. Or transportation. 
Sttjp tte education is ttere. If 
you don't teve to go to work 
1^ 16 to telfrsiqiport a family. 
Or teve abtfqr.TteVocational- 
Technieal' Hi^ Sdiool now 
Older construction will telp in 
tte future. But what ateut now? 

There is a minimum housing 
code in tte dty that requires 
minimum standards, including 
indoor plund>ing. But not all 
teuses teve It. Tte responsi- 
bility is placed on tte omers. 
However, maiqr of tte residents 
don't own tte houses ttey 

Friendship Village now in tte 
fltel stages of oowtruction in 
Seatack offers privately owned 
rent supplement apartments 
Witt up to four bedrooms. On 
Carver Street, itwiUteve 110 
units. A commercially Iwilt, 
rent siqiplement apartment de- 
veb^meitf, Bayside Arms, op- 
ened on Witdidudt Road sev- 
eral years ago. However, only 
two-bedroom ijiartniei^ were 
built, exduding large families. 

Ttere is no dty-owned low- 
njA public housing in Virginia 

In Memphis, Tenn., a group 
of private dticens teve incor- 
porated to tey dilapidated 
boioies, invest tbe money to 
refurblsb item, ddng tte work 
ttemselves on weetends. Tten 
tte houses are rented or sold 
bade to pe^e wte need tte: 
at prices ttey can afford. Not 
only are living cMiditions im- 
proved, but tte fire tezard is 
greatly decmsed. 

Not every dtizen can Uve in 
a I30,t»0 liome...(a' a $20,000 
teme...<Hr a $10,000 teme. But 
ev»T resident is «itttled to a 
teme of whidi be cm te proud. 

State regent 
^i$U$ chapter 

Mrs. Jota Vid(»- Buffington 
of ClMcm, Va., state regeiA 
of tte Dn^rs of tte Am- 
erican Rfv^itkii^ spdce to tte 
A<tem 1te«^N<»d Chaper 
DAR on DaR U^ry and in- 
diviual r^ptMslbUtty Tuesday 

Bloom Parkway in Seatack, 

to gain from school 

Good Neif^r II is a new 
pre-sdiool witt tte. goal of 
preparing underprivileged 
ddldren to tetter meet the 
dialtenge of first grade. 

Tte school, which is gettii: 
under way tl^jdl^ . "' 
Episcopal Cl^l^ tfl — r—- 
ty siq^wrfed by private dona- 
ttons. Classes are to meet on 
Tuesdays, Wedibsdays and 
Ttersdays in claesrooms at 
Galilee. Tte school day will te 
from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.ttrough 

Accwding to Mrs. Carol Von 
Wallntonidi, wte has tau^t 
Head Start classes, (ttere will 
te six teaching alternate two- 
week sessions), "Ite design 
of tte academic pre-scbool year 
is based on tte ratioaale that 
children who are one or more 
years retarded in language, 
reading or mattematies must 
learn at a rate that exceeds tte 
learning rate for tte average 
ddU in order to catdiup. Many 
children in disadvantaged situ- 
ations, or ddldren wte learn at 
a slower rate of speed, are in 
crudal need of personalized 
pre-school instruction of this 

The curriculum Is designed to 
ensure tte diiW's receiving an 
amount ot exposure, practice 

and correction, suffldent to 
teach what is needed. Dired 
instruction, similar to that 
used in regular school, will te 
used as an alternative to tte 
informal style of the traditional 

'^Classes Will te'teWin touir 
rooms: a temeroom and ttree 
classrooms for spedal sub- 
jecte. Homeroom aetiviti«5will 
include sudi things as Jigsaw 
Duszles, books, drawing and 
tracing materials, Cdsenalre 
rods and form boards as well as 
music and story telling. Tte 
diildren will also teve tteir 
mid-morning snack ttere. 


The entire projed is teing 
conducted on a volunteer basis 
Witt no cost to tte children. 
Tte budget thiS' year is ateut 
$100 tecause of the need to buy 
materials, tet Mrs. Von Wall 
menlch said that next year it 
will te $400. 

The six teadiers teve teen 
trained in tte Bereiter-Engle- 
man method of "dired verbal 
instruction" in language, read- 
ing and math. 

Ite enrollment for tte first 
group is limited to 20, allfcnir- 

(See 'Pre-schbol' p. 8) 

By Canrfyn McAlkm 


doesn't pay 

It's all tte federal govemmeot's Itelt. 

Last Thursday all sdio<d ddMren In Virglda Bea^ were 
requested. to return cards whldi worid te used in figuring tte 
dty's eUgiblUty for Impact fuals-raoney (wmetiroes) given 
(tepetully) by tte government to sdiool systems fbr federal 

Itersday was a beaatiftd day-at 6:30 when I got up. By 9:15 
wten I finally Wl lor work fbr my 9 a.m. Jd» I was ready te go 

teck to bed and call it quits. 

First of aU, ntibody mentioned tte cards until the seven- 
year-okl was gdng out tte door. Tten ste mmounced tot her 
teacter said ste "had to bring tt bw*" ttet day. Only ste 
couldn't find tt. Fortunately, or nnftortunately. tteo^er two 
had ttelrs. 1 finaUy convinced their sister that her teadier 
would stiU let ter in tte classroom wittoot it. 

So sbn left. 

I flUed out tte nine-year-old's card first. And ste left. 
That teft me Witt tte stx-year-oU. 

Just as I started to fill out Ms icard, tte bus came. A^ough 
I assured him I would take Mm to sdwol, te started. cryli«. 
Tten I found out te wasn't worried ateot gqlng to sdwol-te 
wanted to go to mf office inrtead. 

However, after finishing tte card. I slKW^ltoidothe car 
aad (rff we went. My halr.waiin't ooniwd and I Wt teve any 
makei9 on, biA I wMn't panning tote se«i by Mgrbody. 

I didn't redGon witt tte six-yMr-<dd. Reweoidnt pt ootof 
tte car at school. I finals hfMl to drag Urn ta,,stUI crying ^ 
tt» tead and iiAo tte offtoe. He Jurt ^ood tt Ok niddle d tbe 
floor anloded tten. 

Tte m«tli« mys at tte teme 
of Mrs. Ge<^p E. Abtett of 
Windwart 8tag% IMw. 

Mrs. E$tKt A. T^HBtt Is 


Mrs. Jerem4ah Denton, Jr. of Virginia 
Beach, right, and Mrs. Margie Fi^er of 
Roanoke, immediate past president of 
Virginia Press Women, admire the award 
Mrs. Denton accepted on behalf of the 
POW-MIA wives who were named Woman 
Newsmakersof the Yearat the recent VPW 

Ateut ttttt time a tether te knew earn tfo^ Ste tokl Mm 
idle needed 9fm» telp parttog»ld»ristet^a^ to te r r o om and 
asked him tt te woiAI Ute te tele ter. MMMfy he stack out 
bis lower Up and Aook his heai» Ste mM "i^ease" and te 
finally, and relueiaatly, w»t off witt Im. 

Then I nn into aaotter te«di» vtto vtatedto kaow Ufw to pt 
t story to tte fipur, so I tidd tor.WliiiiIltailly gothMw 
again ^ittU as ttifteap ot lair Itod) I dtoeovn^ tt^ ttdrd can) 

So I filM OMt AM cut too. aBd4rQppa|tt ottsittte seted- 
irtwre I raa Mb anotter teacter, niftrlb tooiftte wNh tevlv 

ttree Uds. 

My onto 1' w t iflT**^ war ttit tte frtn^id ttadErt mbt 
brlailag Ui te ^ card. He dUB% tewevw, ttuk me fv t^ 

weepy siz-^aar-M. 

When 1 did g^ to tte oi^m tooted^ 
boat frtm tfie tes a sea ttt jid i tttf . &ww^, . . 
MWedUtewllwm^iiHww^BL*^^^ >■** 

Virginia Sm^ Sun 

Tf^sday* 0<A« S, WTO 

Mrs. Witiiamson (Boic« Studio) 

Q^egg-VMIIiomson vs^cB 

liiss linb J«in Gregf Im- 
eaai* flie bride at GaryMcCnt 
lUiittsoD at 4 i^m, Sktardqr, 
OeL 3 in Ftnrt PrMbjIwrtaii 
Clprdi vitti tie Re?, Jdn S. 
Lyl«s offid^ag. 

tlie Mde is tte dn^iter d 
tlie late Mr. ami Mrs. Alfred 
EUtaton Gregg. 

Tbe bridegroom Is Uie son 
d: lAr. and Mrs. Jaraes 0. 
WilUamsoB of E. BafituM 

AlfMd E. Gregg, Jr. gate 
Us slater Id marriage. Tka 
bride iK>re a.fidl-lngtt gown 
lifh eiBtdre inyMiae. tie 
ddrt mt pecn de sde and tte 
b(«ttee vas aipliqiiad trttli Al- 
raeoB taee'Mid peafls. 

Mrs. Herbert H. Lastor of 
Cbeapeate was ber sU^r's 
ju^nm (tf bGoor. Bridesmaids 
Wfrf Mrs. Russell V. Allen, 
aaotter sister, and Mrs. David 
J. Doran, sister of flie Inrlde- 

' Mr.WilUamscmwasUsson's 
best ijMUk Groomsmen were 
ClHurlis HrGcei^^of Suffolk, 
brotber of tbe wde, David 
J. Doran of Fraddngbam, 
Umsif Rdaert L. Ingram Ir. 
of Virglola Beach md Edward 
Banies of Norfolk. 

Followiiv a reception in tbe 
ebiffdi soclallal^ tbe emple 
left en a soiittem weddttng trl{>. 
They will live InVirgloiaBeacb 
vdienttey return. 

W0IKNPAST2I Chapter meett 

iniHIlMMIMniRllOII . », 

urnKtmrnf trawMw n^dTu^dau 

, „ _„ Jft »eta Lambda Chapter of 

iwiH»M .iw<tMe liiijM « | i. Iiiw^iy Beta Stgmi PU wUl meet at 8 

S S SiTitLjiw fSr un^m^ ^"» TaewJay, Oct. 13 at the 

MiMr Ami IMMkn, iMlMdH Md- borne of Ifrs. V.R. Lester. 

taUM^xn^m^WHllv krfi^ (Ml. 

Tbe program, "How to Be 
^ Real Person", wlU b 

^to.'^SN hoi^ fbi ft ciui.iJ( ywk bjr Mrs. Glen CameroDi 

i«ln%«MilHttecwife«liiiw^ iw program, -now to Be 
H^^J^SS^SdSliSd^^ ^ ^"^ ^*nciBf\ will be given 

a?* W* WW'S** VJ**"?!!***" bw Mm. niMi r«iMMn 


Are Wedding 

If you are announcing an 
engagement or wedding, «^y 
lot do it in the VIRGINIA 


Brides are asked to siib- 
mit their photographs (5x7 or 
BxlO gtoRsies) by M(Mxlay of 
the week they want the an 
nouncement to appear on 
Thursday. ' Wedding and en 
gagement forms are available 
at the newspaper office, 3108 
Pacific Avenue. 

All weddings and engage- 
ments received will beised. 
However, photographs will not 
be returned by mail but may 
be picked up at the newspa4)er 


may not have the 

world on a string, 

but she knows 

your community 

inside out. 

If you'r€(*new in town, 
call her today! 

trees with care 

(E<ttbff*s note: TUs te 
anc^r ia Uib series mi borne 
btnrttealrafe ^ W.t^^AidkiBs, 
Vlrglkft 1%cb exteMden borti- 

A bdme frtf t ovlard may 
pro^te <tellcious firtft to 0m 
nriety to yt^ menu. Tbe trees 
may also be iMWd as attractive 
feabur«i «^ the landscape. 

Most borne gardeners have 
room for only a lew trees so 
these mittt be selected with 
care. Yw must consider tiieir 
ultimate slid, tbetr susceptt- 
Ullty to disease and inspect 
prt^leaos," ^nfl Jlt ined for 

The best way to secure tbe 
varieties you need is to order 
ttiem from a reliatde nursery. 
Consult your favorite ganlen 
magaaine to find ttie addresses 
to whi<^ you may write for 

If you have a small yard in 
vMch to plant your firult trees, 
OMisider dwarf pear or apple 
trees. Tbe smallest sises can 
t>e malBtalned at a bel^ as 
low as six feet tall. 

An ideal way to raiM dwarf 
tVSl$ and pMr tre^ is on 
a wire feooe w brellls. This 
ein be used as a border fbr 
your property, or to (ttvide and 
separate differ«it parts oi Vbn 

Tbe trees my be trained in 
Ittpaller forms andareespee- 
iaUy attractive in late summer 
and fall vdien covered witt color 
fill, frtdt. Ask the extension 
agwat in you coib^, or send 
to Virginia Tedi for me drenl- 
ar, "An Apple Fence." It 
gives all tbe details you need 
to raise fruit in ttts interesting 
manner. '^ 

Seeksl pears wMcbareresisr 
tant toUre bll^ Expcept 
tor fire blight, pears are not 
troubled seriously by Insecte 
or diseases, and can be grown 
Witt) very little spraying. 

pre— scfioo 

<Cont. from p. 7} 

Only one tbii^is needed now— 
transportation. The teadiers 
plan to pidc up ^ <^klren at 
first. However, they say they 
need to nakepre-dassprepar- 
ation plus clean v^ alter tbe 
ddldren too. Tbe diUdren wlU 
be fh>m tbe Seatedc-Cyprras 
Avenue area. Anytme who would 
like to volunteer transportation 
nay call Mrs. Jean Di Salvo 
at 340-2867. 

Early maturing vtrti^M of 
apples f udi as Lott, t^ltons 
Early, Sumiber Muekt, Md 
Grii^GoldMtreg^ t!^ 
ripen early and will beiM^ced 
len by iaseete flwiteQsewtd<^ 
mattfe' titer. 

With both afptes and pears, 
you will imd to idant at least 
two varl^bes to i»-ovide feU- 
im^on. One nuriety alo» will 
wA set firatt and pi:oduce a sat- 
isfa^ory crop. 

Tbe sbur dierTy is another 
good fruit fw ttie home garden. 
Tb»^tre«s are reli^vely small 
and <to oof bidw too mticb room 
in tbr back yaii. Alie, Inseste 
anddlseaMt osnaUy are not a^ 
serioui prdblefB so ttey can be 
raised with little or no spriQring. 

M(ffiln»>i>eiM9is ttfbei^sour 
dwrry variety, tts^^tes It- 
It requlAa ^#y MWt prwlag 
ud Will^oAice food cnqis wItt 

Sweet dwrrlM are more mff- 
icult to grow. but may also, be 
indud^ In the home fnkitplan- 
UbI* Tte trses become qidte 
targe so plenty d space Is 
neected. You must plant at teast 
two varieties to provide poll* 

Peadias and ^obm reqnlrt 
BMra spri^rlng to eeirtrol ln«>, 
sects and dbwttes than tbe 
other frulta dia^ssed here. 
Tbereforif, udee jm arfittii- 
Uig to s|Hpqr ^am^pdte reg- 
ularly during the summer, ttey 
abonU not be toehided in tbe 
htHBie ftult planting. 

Pap tests save lives 

"When should I have my next 
Pap test?'' is a <iueirtlon arted 
by many women. 

"It's a^etory when awoman 
u3a thi^ qun^oiv" viA Dr. 
Uofd B. Burk, Jr., flf Arlington, 
presided of flie American 
Cancer Soclely*s Virginia 
Qtvisloa. "It means tbe she 
understands tte lB9or<|mce of 
tbte slmpte, (piltiiL litnlMs 
diagnostic tnrt for oieitee can- 
cer. She knows ttat one P^* 
test Is not enou^" 

Aecording to Dr. Bm^ aPap 
test dioald be part of an amnal 
beidtt diedcop. Rowevwr, be 
edited, "Certain wommtallinto 
Mill riidc groHfis for uterine 
cancer. It te vital for these 
women to have Pap taste more 
frequ«dty. A won^s liysleian 
can tell ber idien It te necessary 
for ber to repeat tbe test." 

Named for Ite Gredt-Amer- 
Ican creator, 0ie late Dr. 
Gemrge N. Pqpanloolaoa, tte 
Pap test can Idoitlty^ uterine 
cervix cancer before Ite fymp- 
tons appear, when It te ctiraMe 
In almost 100 pereoit ct eases. 
Tbe Pap test Itbasad on Biero- 
seqpic exandnatioo of cells 
present In vaginal fluids. 

Inline cancer was the lead- 
li« erase of cancer daattaiumg 
Ameriooi wome^ in 1987.ISnce 
tbra tbe deatt rate has been 

slashed by 60 percent, teaida 
to tte ^ test, early (tta^iosis, 
and Improved txWmeni 

"Deattf from uterine cancer 
ooidd be drasticaUy reduced," 
Dr. Bvrk sold,. "If-and it's a 
big lf-»wcmienhm Pap teste 
,rs^iterty. It is tragic that 
U,000 AmericttiwomenwUldle 
tbte yMr of olerini' cancer, 
toost^jf ttem because of Indlff- 
iraice. j^tnorance, and tte neg- 
ilive antade tbat aqma in food 
blaltt doesn't need a cbeokup. 
Eimry adntt wornu needs to 
bave a ebedrap—and a Pap 
test— regulariy." 

Dr.Burk ejqdalned ttat tte 
aodety has a number of aettv- 
ttteBOBdarwajr InVirglatettds 
Fall to alert women to tte 
Invortanoe of an andoal P^) 
te^ Radio and television sta- 
ttonSfpewsp^pos and oubloor 
advertising conq^es have 
beat ttkad, as apiidtcswvlce, 
to oootribute ttne and qMce to 
be^.rea^ad' women to have n 
mnual Piyp test 

In addltlon,loealoMce8cf tbe 
Cancer Sodety have a new film 
oo ttolne cancer eotttlsd "If s 
Upt To ToQ," wbleb te avallabte 
for pabUc sbijwings. Cqples of 
tbe teaftot, "like ToLbokToor 
Best," wbleh teUs about oterine 
eanear and tte Pq^ tasti are 
also anrallalde from tbe Sodeiy's, 
offlees tbroogboot the state. 

A Fruil Chive Dip Is an easy and tasty way to llvfn^low-calprle 
snacks. i 

Diet doesn't mean diM 

The tqw measure and tbe 
scale have stewn you tlistt it 
nwst be "tbnmbs-down^' on 

Low in calorie count need 
not mean low In flavor. .Dull 
diet foods that do not appeal 
visually and autritlMttlly con- 
faribde little or notUi« to tbe 
diet. 'Arrange a i^dter of bril-' 
ttantly colored (eat as mudi as 
you want) raw vegataides and 
dip them into a vivid orange and 
plne^iple sauce. Do you ques- 
Umi orange, pineapple and 
cblvra? The Mexicans Inveloiv: 

enjoyed tbte great combination 
of fifror and cotor. The tart, 
sw^et flav(v of tte dip a^ in- 
terest to ^ raw vegatdtles. 
Serve It In between meate as a 
Snadt In order to i»revent ttose 
hunger pangs sodtecouraglngto 

Dlete can be dull Indeed, but 
^oes and herbs add flavor are 
packed In plastic cups sod 
stored In tte grocer's frozen 
fo^d cabinet. Tdse tbem home 
and uae ttem liberally <» ttose 
diet foods to ttU flavor withoirt 
calories. Ho work In pr^jttra- 
ttod, no waiting to ttaw, ^ 

Frienthwtmt fiiendir 



use them liberally in all your 
cooking. f 


(Makes^ about 4-1/S ciqps) 

1/4 cup oomstardi 
2 cans (6 ounces eaeh>b?o- 
aen ocineentrated orapie : 
Mee, ttawed and dattl- 
1 can-"^ (6 ouiices) frraen 
concentrated pine- 
applr ]ulce, thawed arid-' 
indlluted > i- 

Scups watee 
2'iti8. frorsn chopped 

dives .1 
Combine oomsterd^ fridt 
^oes, water and«cblvf8^ Cook 
over low heai, sfirrag con- 
stantly imtll iaaeebtiblif and 
tUdnns. Serve hot or cold. 
Onrround witt quartered rad- 
tehes, sliced raw carrote, raw 
"duiUflowerete", greeap^iper 
squares, cucumber sttces, Inn- ' 
ato wedges, raw nnsbroomiile- 
es, celery slices witt forks for 
scaring and dunUi^. 

New classes 


The Friends d tbe S.P.C.A. 
want more friends. 

The Friends {dan projeds and 
fond raising tttngs for tbe S.P. 
C.A. Women ttterested Inbelp- 
iE^ may call Ifrs. J. A. Beasley, 
|L at 429-2693. Tbe groiqp are 
^renUy plandng to have a 
boott not onty In tte Women of 
Wesleyan Flea Market (» Od. 
17 but also at the Penibrdn 
Bazaar on Od. 29-31. Tbey are 
also seeing oootribuUons of 
white elephant Items and books 
for ttese projecto. Ifrs. Beasley 
said ttd if persons wmdd call 
ber, she would arrange to lave 
dnntiMis picked iq>. Anc^ber 
Friends projed Is tbe annual 
Animal Fair to tbe spring; 

Labete from Veto dog food 
are being colteded by tbe poup 
to provide 8edi« eye dogs for 
tte bUnd. 

Tuesday the Friends dis- 
cussed the proldem of large 

State pres. 
is speaker 

Mrs. James B .Itoberte, state 
president of tbe Virginia Fed- 
eratl<m of Women's Clubs will 
be guest speaker for tte Ocean 
Park club at their Urthday 
lundieon on Wednesday Oct. 14 
at tte Holiday Im, Northampton 

Mrs. Roberts was recently 
appointed Iqr Gov. Holton to 
serve on the commission for 
tte constitutional anendmente. 

d(»gB at tbeSPCAsb#r.t^re 
are no large inside cages and the 
dogs should be dwved Inside or 
destroyed. Mrs. Beasley added 
ttat In the outside nms^dogs 
are In (tanger d being barmed 
at dibt too. 

Also undercttscussionwasthe 
establltiunent of a blood teak 
for local veterlnarlana. Human 
or admal blood can be used in 
animal transfusions. Tbe 
Friends dedded to dieck witt 
v^rlnarlans to find out bow 
mndi blood te needed and bow 
often. '' 

Tbe opiiDioi meeting ci tbe 
Fall Session of the Kempsville 
Garden Club v^ heM at tbe 

^ Club News 

iKHue Of Mrs. N. T. Heat^ #li|^^a|||ea 

Amberly Ro«i In »tomgT^; 
Hdgbt9, Mrs. P. W Fo^e, 
president; announced her com- 
mittee (^airmen for tbe coming 
mar and idans were made for 
activities for tbe coming 

by rwcA 

Cavalier Circle 
to have meeting 

The Cavalier Circle of tte 
King's Daugbters wUl meet at 
10:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 12 at 
tbe General Hospital dVirglnla 

Mrs. J. C. Ulley, program 
dttlrman, led tbe dub In oral 
)udgii« of arrangemente entltted 
"The Last Rose of Summer". 
Ribbons were awarded Mn. 
W. A. Stalttngi, Mrs. P. W, 
Fo0e, Un. H R. MoCord, Mrs. 
B. J. Scott, Mrs. M. M. Greg- 
ory and Mrs. Ulley. 

Tbe Virginia Beach Krandi, 
YWCA of the Tidewater Area 
has anuMmoed addltlooal oCfer- 
ln|^ in ite tell prognp at two 

Program on CARE set G C. of Va. 

The Woman's phib of Chesa- 
peake Beadt, Inc. wiU meet 
Tuesday, Od. 13, at 11a.m. at 
mng's Chinese Restaurant on 
Military Highway. Ibe Interna- 
tional Afndrs Department, 
headed by Mrs. L. E. VanNleu^ 
hvlaa, is in diarge d tte pro- 

A colored sfide presedatlon 
entltted "CARE, The Human 
Factor" will te shown. This 
film shows CARE'S involvement 

Excessive soimd levels can 
cause permanent hearing im- 
palrmente to people who are 
continuously eiqMsed to them 
for long durations. Ttese ex- 
oesdve sowid levete are found 
even in recreational porsuite 
and many leisure time utivities 
partidpante should use prdec- 
tive ear device, ae«>rdlng to 
tte BeltoM Crusade for Hesr- 
ii^ CooservatitHu 

to environmental programs 
ttroughbut tte wnrUl. 

There will ateo be a member 
teqm the House of Representa- 
tives to Inform tbe cltA^ mem- 
bers d the iHToposed revisions 
to the Virginia Constitution 
wbidi are to be voted cm |n tte 
November etedion. 

Wife To Speak 

Ufa. G. WilUam WMtehurst, 
wife of C(Higressman Wblte- 
hurst, will speak to menri»ers 
d tte Tidewater Chapter of 
Parente Without Partaers Sun- 
day night. 

Her topic will be "Porno- 
graphy: A National Menace— 
A Local Youtt Problem." 

The meeting will start at 8 
p.m. at Atlantic Per mai»nt Sav- 
ings and Loan on Independence 




¥§. Seac/i's newest t Mosf Comfilete liOOK STOKE 

We Buy And Sell New & Used Books 
Over 1.000 Paperbacks In stock 
Many Hard Bound as Well 

Coll 425-1433 

11 A.M. to 7 P.M. 

The Book Bcwn 

MIS Pmimt Av*. 

will meet 

The Fall meeting of tte Board 
of Governors of "Rw ISarden 
Cld) of Virginia wiU be held In 
Martinsville on Od. 13, 14 anl 
15, Witt Ibe Marttmivllle Gar- 
den Club as hostess^ Ifrs. 
George H. Flowers, Jr.,I^ed- 
ded of The Garden Cld) of 
Vir^nia will preside. 

Empbaste of His meeting will 
be on Consennatlon witt tte 44 
presideds of mendwr dubs re- 
porting on "Conservation Op- 
portimities in Your Commun- 

Ttie Board of Governors is 
composed of the Board of Dir- 
ectors, Presidente d Member 
Clubs, Ctalrmen of Stanffing 
Committees and all past- 
presideds of Tte Garden Club 
or Virginia. 

Mtendi^ ttte meetii^ from 
Virgida Beach will be Mrs. 
W._R. Miller, Jr., president, 
TTie^T'riBeiaB Araie iSarden 
Club, and Mrs. George G. Phil- 
lips, in-esldent, Virgida Beach 
Garden Cld>. 

Five one-time spedal pro- 
grams have been sdwtaled as 
foUows: At tbe TWCA ba«l- 
quarters, Prii»eM Theatre 
Bdlding, A Chrtetmas Work- 
shop by Mrs. Nancy a^bvan d 
T3m Curtosi^ Sb(^, Od. 28; 
Home Repdrs Iqr Woodrow 
Whitley of The Fuel Feed and 
Bdlding SuppllM Corp., Nov. 
10. Mtte Pembroke Manor 
Cdnmudty Cedes, 44$2 Hlns- 
date Ave., ttere wUljbe a 
demoiotratlon d Decoupaga by 
Mrs. Mildred Goff on Nov. 5; 
Shoe Covering hy Mrs; Elma 
Sntftt on Nov. 16 and Candte 
Making by Mrs.,SterteyToddon 
Od. 21, AU classes wUlbabeld 
from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

In addlti^ and^it vM(ser- 
ies d Advanced Brkige tenf^ 
Iqr Mrs. Tteodojra Estes wlllbe 
offered starting Od. 21 fjrom 
12:30 to 2:% p,m. A six week 
series in Ceramics witt Mrs. 
Betty Forbes as instriKtoar will 
also start on Oct. 21 from 9:% 
to U*.30. Bott WiU beteldattbi 
YWCA Princess TbeatreBdhl'i 
ing. Iderested persons are tap* 
vlted to call tbe YWCA, 
340-3131 for furtter Iddrma- 

Regtetratlons may be made 
d tte YWCA headquarters or 
on Oct. 14 from 9:30 to noon 
d the PenAroke Manor Com- 
mudty Coder. i 

ReiMrattons are stUlbdng 
taken cm tte dudy on 'Tisdn- 
diq; Womanbood" Iqr Eleaacnr 
Page, w^kik)^ starts Od. ^. 




U8« our NEW CmiVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 St 
#iW«r from I^Mtf to or Arctic 4v«. 

imrM:'-'-^- T^ 

:Mtf-v triw^^m 

p-a^ny, Oct. 8, If TO 

Virginia Beach Sun 


PA Falls ToMmiry 

Boat Captains 
Pfove Beach 

Great for Fish 

Captain RIotiardson (right) chats with Dictc 
CDoper of The Aloha. Inthebaclcgroundare 
Sonny Vaughan of the Seahorse Inn, Teada 
Stephens of Anchor Realty, Bill Campbell 
of the Windjammer and Burt Harrison of 
People's Bank of Virginia Beach. 

Vlr^nto Bttdi Is a great 
fl^i^ rwoit* (^ >t leait it 
lag 111 joImHmi of a great 

All mt9 MBitlyviiatiiiem- 
tet el tto AlliBlle Cbartar 
gtrvl^ay toe. vanted Is prove 
Taaater ifteo tHey boated a 
liibl^ trip for nxixm raer- 
cnti ail dir dtgntlarles, the 
flnrt alia WMal evmt. 

The ACS la made np apedf- 
Uallr of durlar and partjr boat 
aiplativ loealed ta nie saii* 

developing Rodee Iidet. And, 
everjrwie wuvmBf ineae men 
vbo depend on the oeean have 
bad a rough ttma of it ever 
ataee th^ orgalnaed two yean 
ago, what with being landloeked 
moat of the time iriten the inlet 
channel filled In. 

But the dty haanowalatiotted 
a dredge in the problem apot 
wd it would appear that Rudee 
Inlet is on ita way. 

"This was our best season 
yet," eomniented Captain fiajr 

Riehardaon of the Richie, "but 
we've atlU got a long way to 

There were six captains, 
including Rtehardson, hosttng 
Tuesday's outtng^ preparing 
line, hauling in llah and gen- 
erally aeeiag to the comfort of 
their nwsts. All were edhused 
over the sewon Just ended and 
over finally having tte inlet 

"Even the fish cooperated," 
said Pee Wet Morris of the, 
Bertie C. "The blues should 
have been gone by the first of 
My bat they stayed around 
through the entire oMNith. And 
aa long as there are tlvM, 
you're going \o have fiSher- 

Captatn Robinson prepares bait. 

The other four were Earl Paul 
of the Sea Rotito II and the 
Sea Robin I; Earl Ridiardson 
of the Touche, J. T. Haley of 
(he Jo-De and RtAble Robtnaon 

Uembera of the group^who 
couldn't make the trip are Roy 
Green, Judy B; John Pierce, 
ShiMly Lady 11; l&iute Knudsoo, 
Shady Lady I; Mara^l Smith, 
llaridia Ann; and Fred lyier. 
Four T^. '*' " ' 

Since Captain Paul'sboatwas 
the host craft, lie was pretty 
much in charge of locating fish 
for Idsenthusiasticguests. 
There would have beenpfentyof 
Jovid harraasmebt from his 
ertw of other captains if he had 
foiled. But he didn't. 

The heavy kii« mackerel lines 
weVe put over on the trip out 
«id in no time at all a reel was 
ringing withits catch. The group 
pushed Innkeeper Director Jess 
Pilson into the chair and 
cheered Mm on aa he landed the 
first catch of the d^. There 
was a long wait untU the next 
one, but BlU Campbell of the 
Windjammer Motel stepped in 
to Was in ttat monster All 
agreed that Pilson had better 
todt but Canqtell* never tobe 
outdone, instated Us mackerel 
had "more charm". They were 
b(^ beauties aod whetted 
everytme's qipetiteforHiefisb- 
'Ing ahead. 

Out near the Chesapeake 
Ught, Captain Paul brought the 
Sea Robin u to a halt and all 
Unas went over.. it wap sea 
basa country. And the aea bass 
mre there all right.Sowerethe 
riiarks, both hammerheads and 
aand^ aod several spiced up fiie 
party by grdMag a line uid 
runidng with it. When a fisher- 

man began trottii^ al(Hig the 
deck, holding Us line 6ver the 
beads of the other guests, 
everyone knew he bad a "play- 
fiil" shark at the other end. 

King mackerel were all over 
file place uid were making pass- 
es at ttie squid bait, so on the 
return trip ttie group yelled for 
the mackerel gear agiin. Four 
lines were put over this time, 
but to no avail. The Ug fish 
weren't interested. The trip 
aided with Some 140 sea bass, 
and one or two other similar 
fish, the largest probably In the 
pound to pound -and- a-half 

It was a ftan day. And educa- 
ttonal. To those who bad never 
made the trip out through Rodee 
Inlet, it>BS truly an eye- 
opener of what is available rig^ 
at the resori for the vlsi^ 
tourlste and residents alike. All 
these c^^ns need to donowis 
get ttis message across. They 
need to let the tourist knowthat 
Virgida Beadi is a great fish- 
ing resort. Ml titty ask Is fint 
file motels and restaurants drqp 
the word now and then. 

"After all, it would help 
everyone" commmenled Clap- 
tain i^^^i^rnlheriSb 

knffiw. what's available here and 
he's going to ke^ Us family In 
Virginia Beadi a wUle loi^r. 
And that's good for all of us." 

You can't roller^ate In a 
bbffolo herd and Virgida Beach' 
Ugh school grid teams found 
toat it's very Uttle ^isler play- 
ing football in Norfdk. 

PrlnMss Ame'audwaten re- 
cord and steteranUngfelltottie ^ 
ddelines d Foreman FieU Fri- 
day when Maury's Commodores 
(hsassembled Oie Cavaliers 28- 
14. PA'S do-everytii^[ fullbadc, 
Jerrjr McGratti, codd muster 
only 73 yards on 16 carries, a 
subp^ar performance for the 
stout senior who bad guided ttie 
Cavaliers to three previous vie- 

Across town d the new 
Metropolitan Stadium, Cox was 
fighting Just to keep the score 
down wUle Lake Taylor was 
concentrating on manhandling 
file wlnless Falcons 26-6. It 
was a sad encounter for the 
Beadi team iiCthe first football 
game to be played in the stadium. 

Two other games pitting 
Beadi teams a^nst each other 
fotmd Bayside putting together a 
14-0 homecoming win over Kel- 
1am wUle First Colodal was 
slamming KenqpsviUe by a 28-6 

Maury, now 4-0, ran and 
passed for 368 yards while 
holding PA'S once-powerful 
rusUng game to (mly 77 yards. 
McGrath, PA's bread-and- 
butter rundng bade, managed 
to fool file Commodore defense 
twice on punttng dtuatlons and 
parlayed fourth down situations 
into first downs with gdns of 
13 and 38 yards. 

Under ttw brigU lights aod 
before a large turnout d Met 
Stadium, Lake Taylor used Cox 
as ui avenue to even ttieir re- 
cord at 2-2.1110 Falcons, whose 
offense could accood for only 
87 yards total, had to rely (m 
safetyman Neal Huxford's 40- 
yard pass interception for ite 
(mly scoreboard threakthrough. 
The alfoir left Gox with a 0-4 

First Colodd took advantage 
at a pass interception bf li^ke 
Wardi^ and a one-yard plnnge 
by Mike Braddi to break a 
fiiird-quarter 6-6 tie and go 
ahead of Kenq)sville.ltwas (mly 
momente later fiiat ttie Pdric^ 
downed Kempsville's punto: on 
the dne-yard line aftef he. re- 
ceived a Ud> ced«r. Two plays 
later First Colodal aMd an- 

^r a sceriless fird Bay- 
dde qdarterba(dc To^ CUpok 
tossed a 40-yard touchdown 
pas%to Eddie McCuUoughinthe 
tiiird quarter to pave the way 

■ ^ 


Bayside's Eddie McCullough is brought down by a K e 1 1 a m UcMe 
after a 20-yard gain. 

for their victory over Kellam. 
Senior guard Am Umbaudi 
picked up a fttnble by Kellam 
quarterback Charlie Edwante 
and bounded 12 yards for the 
only other touchdown. The 
Marlins upped their record to 
3-0-1 wUte Kellam suffered ite 
fourth defeat d the young sea- 

Friday dditBaydde plays d 
Deep Creel^ Cox boste First 
Colontetl, Kellam hosts Indian 
River, Kempsville boste Maury 
and Princess Anne boste Nor- 


Squires Ready For 
Tournament Opener 


^^ - ■ ftfilihelteper)^*w;_ 
BajRsMe over Deep Credc; 
Fird Col(»iid over Cox; Indian 
River over Kellam; Maury over 
Kempsvilte; and Princess Amie 
over Norview. 

Coftdi Al Btediibi's slidc- 
du)ottng,i&st-moving Virgida 
Squires, already given flie "hd" 
in ttie ABA'S eastern diddoB 
l9 severdbaskdballoteervers 
vdto saw ttieVirgidanB perform 
in ttie recent KedudgrColoiiels 
Invltationd, wrap 19 thdr pre- 
season sdMdde wittitwoguaas 
in ttie upc(Hdng Ned Ooyls 
Charity TwinUll T(»nmaiMdln 
Miami Beach, Fla. 

The Sqdres, 3-1 aftdr thdr 
first four sterts, willgoagalast 
ttieir archrivals, Oie Carols 
Cougars in ttie tourney's opner 
SuDlay alglit, Oct ll# littd 

The Squires and Coiilif ap 
df d 6 p.m., d ttia tftaad 
Beach Auditorium dtti ttm host 
Floridians matching bashals 
against ttw MempUs Pros faiths 

dgjUeap. Nd ladndii« Moo- 
^ay's encounter acitast Caro- 
Hot in Kanaspdis, flw Si|drts 
and Cooprt had split InflMlr 
fird two stirls. ^ 

Biaochl has been InpraMad 
with his tsam's gdir daknsa 
and overall floor plar. "Wt^ra 
baan Mttlat i» «in «■> tdl 
hiitllat on lis ly. What aora 
m^woa*' rMaarhadttihBpnr 

VelaraB cornerman. Frisk 
Card ax^tet* to be tm»i for 
Sdn;«9 iM^i Mtit Mtal 

mt^mm giUBes b a ciani tfa 
scrddwd eyeball vhlefe Im 
solforad, in snldrhs qwd bd- 

'The hapiiy I am 

when I'm stra^ is more beairtihil 

than the happy I seemed to be when 


Monthly Payment Conventimal Type 




tlO-25th St. 


Viririnift Reneh Va 

The girl in the picture is named Chris. For over a year, she was on amphetamines, powerful drop known 

as "speed." This is how she describes it: __,i,_,^ _^,^^ ^, 

"I think *speed' is a lot woi^ than heroin. Kids have got to 
know about it, because they can fall so easily into taking it 
through the diet pill hassle, or needing ^wnething to telp titem 
study. You know, that's crazy. Because the combination of am- 
phetamines and no sleep just blows your memory completely. 
There are whole se ctions o f my life which I just om't renumber. 
It got to be just 'do a little more, do a lit^ more,' imtfl Wk was 
all there was. And the 'crashing' . . . sometimes the *ai^iing' b 
just really awful! 

"For me to stop taking it, I had to fed that people were cor- 
ing. And they were. I was really lucky. I was very ck»^o tm 
people that were really into ampl^taimnes ^^^00^^, ^ I 
loved them a lot. But Sis far as ttey were &mmpsm^ miy V^ 
that they had was the 'meth,^ and Aat wm^^ Itfe. Axd t^'rc 
both dead now." 

"Dexies," "bennies," "mcth" are aO &^ •^fwd"^^ 

days. And people who know "sp^i" know "^eC kp' 
FcM" more facts abcHit ckup, vwite to" free Ix^i^to : 

National Institute of M^tal tt»l^, B^ IC^i 
D.C. 20013 







Viitplfila lioeh $iri 


ThurNay, 0^> S> <970 

Mrs. CorA G. Asm, 94, of 

404 KtiigGeorc» Bold 

Mrs. Ftefft G. BtftoiL M, of 

619 25tljSlwet 

Mrs. HiMl D. Caups, 71, of 

ISl Ftsewesd Itoid 

Carols E. ^tlL 41, of Route 

tarn Je^pk 4^Bt8, 3 dayi, 

ofntFtrlnnir Court 

Ms. llU(tr«4 MHoovMes, 52, 


Seott Allen ^mm, 8, of 2113^ 

Pirfs Street 

Mm Emmt Kalldbreiiiier, 73, 


Cmdr. Jlnm R.Mftdioo(RET), 


Ura. Lootoe MePberson, 66, 


lbs. II117 K. Moore, 61, of 

7906 Attaotte Avenue 

Mre» Mugaret Newton, 57, of 

1205 Medltemiieaa Avenue 

Es^fim A. Nonni, 65, of 1040 

Curlew Drive 

Mrs. Rath T. Parris, 70, of' 

33^ Zuridi Ar<Hi 

Mrs. Mabel WUtson, of 78tb 



(CootUned from PC 1) 

Morse, of Oie 2Dd PoUoe Pre- 

daet, joined l>y FBI aeents, 
siffr^nded tte Ocean Park 
MattA to bdn Ite saspeets Into 

Officers H. T. Padriek and 
W. D. Blevtns, of tbe 2nd Police 
Prednt, were stsUoned on tbe 
boardwalk beUnd tbe motel to 
1^ Innoeeirt pedeiBMans flrom 
wuKterlng Mo tbe area. 

dfttdals said a ph(»e call 
was.mttto to one of tbe two 
roMis oMopled by tbesuspects 
Informing tbem th* motel was 
fipriwnded and forttemtosur- 
innbff, Mbnwnts litor tbe men 
walked from tbe bidldinc and 
were Mcen into ovtodjp. 

Wben police ud FBI a^irts 
entored tbe rooms, tb^r fS' 
eovnred over $30,000 in casb, 
snd Mveral but deposit slips 
from First and Mercbante Mat- 
toiit^dc '- 

T" ^©eofdtng fcBobirt V. an- 
eod^ spedal i4(«ift«4n-obarge, 
Ncorloft FN office, FaddeBMm 
is wantod on federal wnmta 
from nuate^iib, ebar«ing 
Mm witb mUairtti fliiditi and 
Ik'om Vasbii«t(n D.C., for in- 
tontato tamq;»rtatl(» of a 
irtolen motor v^iele, wbile 
Pajme was being soaifiA for 
violstias of parole. 

Ea^ of tiie tbree suspects 
were taken to Norfolk Tuesctey 
nl|^ for a bearing bdM« U.S. 
Mi^istrate Gilbert Swink, re- 
nlting in tte sebeddingof {ire- 
limimtrjr bearings irttMb tbe 
nert week or ten days. 

P^me aqd Faebelnmn were 
rnnanded to ci^odjr (tf ttie U.S. 
MandiaU in lien <tf payments 
of bond of $100,000 eaeb, wbile 
Miss Mobriii^r was beld in 
custody in lieu of $30,000 bond. 


dnoioiiiwi ALII oftncmA 

b tbi^lerrs Qtttee flf tbi 
arcdt Court of tbe City of 
VirgtflAa B«a«b, on tbe 2nd day 
otOf^dbir, 1970. 

Dcwis M. Davis, PMstiff, 


Dc^le L, Davis, D^emtot. 


The object of tHs sutt is 
to obtitfn -• divmree a lAnralo 
matrimoiiii Cram tbe nid de« 
JMidart upon 8te grotmds (tf 
piqwical «ra^. 

.^d as affitjbrvit bavingbeen 
made and fiM tbat tbe defen- 
dant is a non-ieald«Bt of tbe 
State of VUrgMa, tf» list known 
post office amasteing: 403 
SO 3019 ATO KORE, F.P.O., 
Seattle, Wasblngtan 98764. 


(Continiedftompg. 1) 

you bave 5,000 enqdcgrees, you 
really <ton*t Qualify. 

"Birt tbe tUng tbere is tbat 
tbey do aU of tbeir work in tbe 
boast, wUle we send it out. 
BA tbat sttU doeoi't make any 
ditfemiee. Tbe fldng ttuA's Im- 
portaitf Is ttie creativity in- 
volved,^' he said. 

"I don't think tbe Jury should 
even see tbe (|uestionnalre,"be 
said, "until after Oie presenta- 
tioas have been done, because 
tbey might be tenqited to choose 
Oie larger agraey becaiae of 
tbeir name," 

City public information offi- 
cer fnsk Creasy, said tbe ^07 
will probably be composed of 
Umself, one mentier of council, 
represMlMives of tte Intast- 
rial Development AaflKurity.tbe 
lanbaiper's Assocfa^ttoi^ tbe 
Cbai^r of Commnls^s Com- 
mittee of 100, City Manager 
^ott and Ecimomic Deveky- 
ment Director James DebelMs. 

Creasy suggested ttat De- 
Bellis ^ named cbairman, 
since be has bad expertence 
with advertising; DeBellis was 
a public religions director for 
Po^Mnac Edison for several 
yetft liilwr fOOliWf Wf 

But Endn said tbii, makeqi 
was stlU incorrect. "I don't 
critiGtie OenahMp^af tbe 
comiitfltee, \fii jf» cm tm It 
has bid uqr real advertising 
eqterience." He altosald tbere 
diottid be more tfw i f one eoun- 
dlnum on the Jivy. 

O^r quMtioos wbidi drew 
comment asked vtether tbelg- 
ensy woidd accept any polUical 
•aeflailsif It-recaived^ con- 
Irieli^ tf ^ agoi^ person- 
nel had aqr comwetion, busi- 
nen or laiqily, wittt a <^ of- 

Creasy said he Ind received 
a (luestion from an agency in 
Washington addng lAeflier it 
wDiddbe j^i^Mr for it toaccept 
an account witb a candidate in 
Ibrylud. Re said be told tte 
tgausf it wouM be aU rig^t, 
and added tbat what the city 
wanted to avoid, was giving ttie 
account to a firm th^ would be- 
come Involved in local politics 
at a later ^e. 

Ife added fimt of tiieresp(»s- 
es received ttnis far, no agency 
has complained about jiving 
ttieir diei^ names or produc- 
ing tbeir finamsiai statemente 
tor tbe last three years. 

"If we can, we sboolddo bus- 
iness in the dty; If we can't, 
then we go outside," Ervin 

(C(»tinued from page 4) 

betog in 1928 <mder Gov. Harry 
F. I^d, Jr. And during fluse 
42 ynrs Virgii^ tas pro- 
greoed considerably— her 
popwlatton has doiMed, she has 
become uibfldied and indus- 
triaUaed,^ and her ginremmeid 
, htf talwD on new Amotions, such 

as pollutira «wtrol,iHiiebwere 
nc^ envislMied In lSe8. 

Four separate pftqwsals cm- 
enniv tiMfsvisedCoast^itiQD 
wis ifpear on the ballot Nov. 
3. A "yes" or "no" vote wlU 
be regsMted on ^eh of the four 
ffcposals. The General Aasem- 
Uv deemed tiw nroDosals so 
md m^ ooflftimtfioo ofpn^o- 
lils wlil be tivrofiriate. In 
case ajqp vwre defeated. ^ 

The first proposal deals with 
^ midii body of tte Coostl- 
brtlon. Mndi oftheebaaieshere 
are In tte nature of "bonse- 
hi^ing" tad opdatiag the Con- 
mMetu For txiniae, obsolete 
ijHipi WfH It Ihnst rmliit*- 
fiiimrs dialed, and axoaasive 
m SMA^Bf detail was re- 
amrai to otlBe for a dearer, 

te^toMotel doomeBt. 

tti CemttlnltoBls Da« 

tm lixmt S§,0@0 words to 

MMw, 6m tan some 
^MMiw wiiM ki flte bmIb 

M^ M «»^wliM« neb 
- MitovsflteCNB- 

m wmtm to fiwwk^ 
^ r^Mt flf ttapdta^ 
^ for fii» 

older, a new consumer protec- 
tion pto vision, authority for 
tax reUef on farm and open 
qiaoe land, and limite ra the 

appoiirfing powers of Judges. 
The second proposal simfdy 
asks that tbe General Assemtdy 
The fourth proposal would 
allow tbe General Assembly to 
save monqr on interest rates 
by pledgii« Virginia's ftill fhith 
and creditbeUndaelected reve- 
nue bonds. This would reqidre 
a two-thirds vote of the Gen- 
eral Assembly and certification 
\if tbe Governor that revenuM 
from the projed would retire 
Itbe debt. And tbe state could 
not back the bonds of Indepen- 
deot Mtborities such as bridge 
or expressway adhorities. 
Moreover, the state wlU con- 
Hbdi to be atflsto^iasue reve- 
nue bonds, regardless d 
whether proposal Mo. 4 to 
pMsed. Tbe QUMtioDiswbetiier 
a svrinp 00 iderest can be 

be aUowsd to dedde vdidber to 
dlow or foftid loMiries. It 
dosi net iteelf permit lotteries. 
The third proposal would 
aomtwhtt enlarge the eapsdty 
d tbe CommonweaMi to Issue 
gennnl obligatloB bonds for 
eadtelodlay projeds such as 
fflSBlal IteaUh fMlllttes, poUu- 
ItoB cooirol ^ads, and eom- 
■■tf^ eoUagu and tour-year 
«dlsfi bdldlngs. Two debt 
iatti, one tor a fomr-yMr 
pmsa wo ene c u uwwn vw are 
lauvJMau* A vo<e oi me peepw 

spates, wMMbe ie«ir«dtolaiwaqr 
sMte tak sw^bdids i^ aed a flar, pfc^ 
M W HI pditf Mb I ware ^pfiMd. 

It to orderedttdbidoaiipefv 
here witlteiett (K^diQnsaftsr 
due pd^eiMon bared; md do 
1^ maybifMC«Manrto|s«- 
ted her interest in this sdt. 

J. Curtis Frd^ D. C. 
BrydgM, Broyles b Md(^u7 
1369 Laskto Road 
Virgida Beach, Virglaia 

^ 10-8-4T 

ADMINISTlUlTCm. Notiee Is 
berels^ given tint because dttie 
existence of hog cholera in 
Curritadc, Camden, Pasquo- 
tadt, Perqdmans, Chowan, 
Gates, and Dare Counties in 
North Cardlna; snd in Ci^ of 
Chesapeake, Citf d NortollL 
City d Portsmouth, City of 
Virginia Beach, and NansemuKl, 
tele dWigtt,Sbuttiunptoe,SurT 
ry, Sussei^ and GreensviUe 
Counties in Virginia, ud U» 
nature ud extnd d outbreaks 
of dds dteease,aU dCurritnck, 
Camden, Pasviotedc, Penpd- 
nmns, Chowai^ and Gdes 
Counties and a portkm d Dare 
Coudy in North Carolina; slid 
City d Chanpeake, City of 
Norfolk, City d PraismouttL 
City d Vimlnia Bea^, and 
Nansemond, Isle d Wight, 
SouQnmdon, and Surry Count- 
ies and portions d Sussex and 
GreensviUe Coudies In Virgida 
are qnaradined under amend- 
mente d ttie regulations in 9 
CFR Part 76. Therdorei tbe 
restridlons pertafaing to tbe 
inlorstate movement d swine 
and .swine products from and 
through quarantined Itreas as 
oontaided In said Part 76, as 
amended, wlU apply totbeareas 

The amendmeds d the regu- 
ItUons wiU be pd)lished in the 
Federal Regteter. Detdledto- 
formation concerning toe 
amendmeds may also be ob- 
tained from Dr. W. W.HarUns, 
ANH Vd«dnar|an in Charge, 
Post Office Box 2656, 320 
Agricultural BdUttng, Ralel^ 
North Carolina 27603 and Dr. 
E. C. RoUkema, ANH Veterin- 
arian in Chai^, Room 204, 
1444 East Mdn Stred, Rich- 
mond, Virgida 23219. 

Done d Wuddngton, D. C, 
this 8th day d September 1970. 
/s/F. J.Mulhem 
Acting Administrator 
Agricdtmral Researdi Service 


tbe 1st day d Octd)er, 1970. 

Ira E. EAridge.ComiOdnad 

The Estate d Wnette M. 
Edcridge, deceaiMd, and the 
lidrs, devises and successore, 
in tltte d Minette M. Eskridge, 
who ded on Fdnniary 22, 1970, 
who are made parttesij^endad 
lyy the several desoriptitt) d 
Parties Unknown, Respcmdento 
. IN CHANCERY NO. 14241 


The ob^ddtbe above-styled 
sdt is to remove a doud upon 
tbe title to certain real estete 
oiwned by the oonuddnant in tbe 
City d Vlr0da Beach, Vir- 
gida, more, particttlarly des- 
cribed as follows: 

"All those oertdn lots, 
pieces d parcels d land, lying, 
situated and bdng in toe County 
at Princess Anne (now Virgida 
Betech), and State d Virgida, 
in add county (now dty), known, 
dedpiated and numbered as 
Lds Eight (8) and Ten (10), 
Block Sixteen (16), Section "D", 
as Idd down on the pid d 
Cape Henry, reconted in Map 
book 7, page 79, to tbe Clerks 
Office d toe Circdt Court d 
sdd County (now dty);" 

And, it 4>pMring l^ affidavit 
fited according to law that toere 
may be parties idereded in toe 
above -described real estde 
whose names and addresses are 
miknown to the Compldnant. 

vliered, it is toerefore or- 
dered that, if any such parties 
do exist, toey appnt within ten 
(10) days after doc pUbllcitioa 
d toii order in the Clerk's 
office d the Cirodt Court d tbe 
City d Virgida Beach, and do 
wuai IS Deceeiary to proiecc 
todr intereste. 

tbat tois order be pubUdted once 
a week for four succesdve 
weeks in the Virgida Beadi 
Sun, a nempaper i^ded in tbe 
City d Virgida Beadi, Vir- 
J<^ V. Fentreas, Clerk 


The ^ri^da Beadt Flaming 
C«Dmladdi wlU bold a Pddie 
Hearl!^ <m TuoMtoy, October 
IS, 1970, d liOO P.M. to toe 
Coundl Chasers d the Ad- 
mids^ittoB Mldl% Prinosas 
Asoe C omthu u sa , VirglBia 
Bttel, Vlr^da. The tollodag 
if^«MHnns wlU tmnr on the 


1. Ap^odiM d toe aty d 
Virgida Beasb tor a Use Pw^ 
mt to eottstrast enaitotoal, 
offioSs on cer^ prqper^ lo- 
cated ootbeSastddtdlade- 
pendeise. Boderard, begbMli« 
d a pdd 1500 fed North d 
Norto Wit^tedE Road, runtog 
a dtotoace d 4iD0 ltd along tbe 
East side dbdependeneeBod- 
evard, rundng a d^mce d435 
fed uong toe Soutoem property 
line, ruotfng a diatd»» d 400 
feet dong toe Esstem prc^rty 
line and nmdng a dtotance d 
435 fed slUmg toe Nortoern 
property line. Sdd property to 
knovm as Loto 1 and 2 d 
proper^ formerly HudgtoSv 
Prdmrty. (Pendnroke Area). 

2. ^iidication d Loretto B. 
'Wmiscm and Carol Ann Pope 

for a Use Permit to (qierate 
a nursery school and kinder- 
garten on cerldn property lo- 
cated on the Sodhweai comer 
d Shell Road and Bradford 
Road, rmnii^ a dstanoe d 
190 feet more or less doi^ toe 
South dde dSiell Road, rundng 
a distance d 115 fed more or 
less along the West dde d 
Bradf(»d Road, rundng ads- 
tanoe d 178.17 feet along toe 
Sodhem property Une, ud 
nmdng a dtotance d 106.85 feet 
along the Wtttem property Une. 
Sdd property to known as Ld 
1, PlddBradfor(l(Park.(Lake- 
view Park Area); BAYSIDE 

3. AppUcdion d Kemlocbe 
Corpotdlon for a diange d lon- 
Ing from Limited Commerdd 
Dtotrid 3 (C^3> l» Mdtlpie 
Family RMldenoe Oistrid uA 
a Use Permit to cramtrud 20 
apartmed units m certato 
property locded on toe Iforto 
dde d Virgida Beach Bode- 
vard beglndng d a pdd 700 
fed mure or less WmI d 

Pared 1: Use Permit to con- 
struA 20 apartmed udte: On 
oertalii property located on tbe 
Ndrto dde d Virgida Beach 
Boulevard bsglmiing d a pdd 
700 fed more or less West d 
Wtdiduck Road, and running a 
dtotance d 101 fed along tbe 
North dde d Virgida Beach 
Boulevard, running a dldanoe 
d 512 fed almig toe Western 
property line, rundng S ds- 
tanoe d 105.99 tod along tbe 
Northern property line and 
rundng a distance d 564.8 feet 
dong the Eastern prqperty Une. 

Parcel 2: QMngi^ d aodng 
flromltn^ted Coi 

Famt^ ItM^denoi fitotriot 0^ 
IQ: Beglndng d a pold 700 
tod West d Witchduck Road 
and fronting 101 fed alohg lim 
Norto dde d Virgida Beach 
Boulevard, numing a distance 
d 225 feet more or less dong 
toe Wedem property line, 
rundng a distonce d 100 feet 
more or less dongtbe Northern 
property Une and mndngadto- 
tance d 225 fed more or less 
dong the Eademprc^rtyline. 
(Chinese Comer Area). BAY- 

4. ^idlcation d Stanford & 
Inge for a Use Permit to cni- 
drud 4 10-fodby42-foddpi- 
board on certato propeilylocd- 
ed on the Norto dde at Green- 
wich Road, beglndng d a pdd 
2500 fed more or less West 
d Witcbi|uck Road. BAYSmE 


5. Application d Janet H. 
Whitehurd for aUSePermitfor 
a dog kennel on cbrtdn property 
locded on the Ead dde d 
Princess Anne Road beglndng 
d a pdd 3700 fed more or 
less Norto d NorthStoweRoad, 
rundng f dtotance d 150 fed 
dong toe East dde d Princess 
Anne Road, mndng a dtotance 
d 151.84 feet dong the Northern 
property line, rundng a dis- 
tance d 173.76 feet dong the 
Eadero property line, and 
rundng a distance d 150 feet 
aXaag the Southern property 

6. Application d WUtt 
Sessoms, Jr. for a Uae Permit 
to onstrad four additiond 
^partn^d udto, twojiresedly 
exidln^ totaling dx apartment 
isiito on certato property locd- 
ed (» the ScHitoeast comer d 
34to Street and Arctic Avenue, 
running a diatance d 50 toet 
dong the^Sodh dde d 34to 
Street, rundng a distance d 
140 feet dmg toe Ewtom 
pr<qMrty line, rumdng a dto- 
tance d 50 tod along (be 
Southern iffoperty Une and nm- 
dng a dtotance of 140 fed 
dong the Ead dde d Arctic 

7. Application d Gerald C. 
Essaylan for a Use Permit 
to oondrudslxffloteldfidency 
ttdto d> oertdn inr^rty k>- 
eated on toe Sei^i^ comer 
d Ardto AveaM nd 30to 
Stred^ rmdi^ a dstonce d 
140 tod alo!« tbe East dde d 
Ardle Avenne, rvralii a dto- 

Sontom ptoftttf Itoa, rurally 
a dUtmee d 140 tod aloog tbi 
E asters pr^nrty Uaa ad 
twutat A dMmea d Mi ted 
atoag toiNortosn profiipbi 

d whi# 30 feet to toe Souto 

8. Aw ai c ati on d Fouddn- 
bMd d VIrgtotaBeuiifQrattoe 
permit to coistrud a 106-udt 
m^I cm certoto prf^erty lo- 
csnd aa tte SoiMiei^ cori»r> 
d ^ttadte Awnue abd Sevento 
Street, ruudi^ a di^vK» d 
305 feet dQn| the East dde d 
Mluiie AvenM,^^midng a dto- 
tance d 150 «9e1 alpgtbeSodfa 
dde d Sevento Sttt^ tMuing 
a distance d 305 fed doog tbe 
Eastern property line, ruming 
a dtstanee d 150 fed dong tbe 
Nmrtoem pn^wrty linejd Sdh 
Street Sdd parcel to designated 
as Loto 1 toroudi 6, Blodc 2, 
Pld d Ocean Lot Invedmed 

9. ^iplication d Warren A. 
WikI ttd Juttd B. WIM fey 
Owen B. Pickett, Ato»m^, for 
k diange d xodng ttom Motd 
Hdd Distrid (M-H) to RetoU 
Business Distrid (B-1) on oer- 
tdn property locded on toe 
Northwest corner d 35toSt^d 
and Atlantic Avenue, naming 1^ 
dtotance d 50 fed along toi 
Norto dde d 35to Street, runn- 
ing a distance d 70 fed d(»g 
the Wed dde d Atlantic Ave- 
nue, rumdng a distance d 50 
feet dong toe Northern pr(«ierty 
line and nmdng S distance d 
70 fed d<mg tbe Westem prop- 
erty line. VIRGINIA BEACH 


10. AnOlcation d Mrs. Fran- 
ces Fitolol for a Use Permit 
for a Unde^arten and nursery 
school (d^r care center) on 
certdn property locded on the 
Sodh side at VIrgtoto Beach 
Bodevard begtndng d a pold 
827 fed Wed dSodb Lynn- 
haven Road, ruming adstance 
d 150 fed along tbe Sodh dde 
d Virgida Beach Bodevard, 
rundng a distance d 295 U^ 
along tbe EastomprtvertyHne, 
runi^ a dstanoe d 167 fteet 
along the Sodhem property Une, 
rundng a distance d 367 fed 
d(»g tbe Western property line. 
(Pinewood Gardens Area). 

11. Apfdlcdlon d Heten L. 
Foos by Groiir C. Wriih^ Jr., 
Attomqr, for a cbaagedudng 
frotaltoltipteFamUyResidMice ^ 
Dtotrid (R-M) Witt a Motel, 
Tourid and Restanrad Cr-2) 
Siqiptomed Distrid to Limited 
Commerdai IXstrtd 2 (C-L 2) 
on certdn prcqierty locded oa 
the Souto dde d Laskto Road 
begtndng d a poid 110 tod 

2W iMrt more or lM» akMif toe 
WairtMRi. properly ttsi^i^siitoig 
aj^gce d m tod atosglli 
Sodbtttt prc^rty Um, rawing 
a dtotobde d 250 tod dong toe 
Ed^ra prc9ertyttne.Sddpro- 
perty to ^iiined as Loto 1 
thrMifr 6 and 28 tlmwib ^, 
Blod( 4, Pld d Woodland, 
^intoeck TUtofe Apartmeds 

15. Apdte^on d D. A. Sack 
Ua adWMpdaadngflromi^Hi^ 
erd CdttMrM District 1 
(C-<}1) mid RttrtMtioe SdMnban 
Dto^d 3 (R-S Dto MMtote 
Famity Reddence Distrid (iR- 
yO Hd a aM pdfBritto oon- 
sfarod 100 apttrtqeds cn^r- 
tdn property located onttaie 
00 tbe Soiito dde dLasjktoRoad 
and tte Eastidde dSoi^C^oto 
IMve bedndiv d a pdd 188 
to^ Soott d Laskto Road and 
ni&dng a dtotance d 802 tod 
dong the Nor^m property 
Une, naatog 1 dtotwoe d621 
fSd ddi« tbe Eaid ddedSodb 
Qriote Drive, numii«adldmice 
d 503 fed along tbe Southern 
property Une at tbe Wedero 
extremity d Sodh Barberton^ 
Drive, numing a dstanoede3 
feet d(»g toe Eastoro proeerty 
Une. Sdd pared to irregioarto 
slope. (Bean Gardens Area). 

16. AppUcdiondRobertWil- 
son and AModdes foradiange 
at sodng from Limited Com- 
merdd Distrid 1 (C-L 1) to 
Mdtide Family Residenoe Dto- 
trid OItM) snd a Use Pernitto 
amstnid 360 , garden apart- 
mento on certdn property lo^ 
cded North d the Virginia 
Beacb-NQrtoUc Eaqpressway be- 
glantog d a poid 500 feft Wed 
d FIrd Cokdd Road, rundng 
a dtotance d 654 tod dong tbe 
Eastem property Une, rundng 
adtotonce d 1337 toddongtbe 
Soato»n property line (Nwtb- 
era boundary d tbe VIrgtoto 
Beacb-NcHTfolk Expressway), 
nmnlng a distance d 724 fee^ 
doi« tbe Wadempn^rty line, 
nmdng a dlstttoe d 1432 feet 
mote or lessaloligtbeNortoem 
property Une. (LasMn VUIige 


17. Appttcatlon d Thomas B. 
Trad tor a change at aooiat 
fk-om Reddenoe Duiflex DIs- 
toid 1 (R-D 1) to United 
Comnwrdd Oistrid 3 (C-L 3) 
on certato property locatod on 
the Wed dde d Holtond Road 
nsrau from Shipp's Comer 
Road, nmdng a distance at 624 
tod .along the W«d aide d 
?ftlTMWl Rw l , ffl i»"tffg ^ ^itan"* • 
d 250 fed along tbe Souttem 

Wed dCardInd Road; iiihnlng Property Une, ruming a dto- 
a dtotance at n9.67 fed along tance at 580toddongtbeWed- 

tbe Eastom property Une, run- 
dng a distance at 100 feet d(»g 
tbe Southern pnqwrtyttne, run- 
dng a distance d 179.20 ftoet 
dong tbe Wedem property Une, 
rundng a distance at 100 fed 
along the Sodh side d LssUn 
Road. (Unkboro Place Apart- 
meds Area). LYNNHAVEN 

12. Appttcatlon at Virgida 
Beach Ederprises, Inc. by Ed- 
ward T. Catonii m. Attorney for 
a diange d sodng from Resid- 
ence Suburban Dtotrid 3 (R-S 
3) wito a Mdd, Tourid and 
Restaurad (T-2) Supplement to 
limited Commerdd Distrid 3 
(C-L 3) on certdn property 
located on the North dde d 
Laskin Road beglmiingd apdd 
1000 feet more or less West d 
Cardind Road, running a 
dtotance d 350 feet d<mg the 
North dde d LaSkinRoad, run- 
dng a distance d 186 feet dong 
tbe Eastern property Une, run- 
dng a distance d 350 feet along 
tte Nortoem property Une and 
rundng a distance d 186 feet 
dong toe Wedem property Une. 
Sdd property to now or former- 
ly known as a portion d tbe 
White Heron Motel. PUto wito 
moi^e detdled idormation are 
avdiable in tbe Office d the 
Departmed d City Plandng. 
(Birdnedc Area). LYNNHAVEN 

13. AppUcdion d Red Estate 
Corporation at Virgida for a 
chaiH(e d x(»ing from Mdttde 
Family Reddence Didrid ^- 
M) to Limited Commerdd Dto- 
trid 3 (C-L3) on certato pro- 
perty lodited on toe Nortowest 
comer d Virgida Bn^Bode-^ 
vard andCrawfcod Place, form- 
erly Ldmview Plaoe,^rumdng a 
dtotance at 158.93 led along tbe 
Wed dde d Cratrford Place, 
formerly Lakevt.ew Place, r]p« 
dng a distuice of 75 fed atong 
tte Nortoem inroperty Une, run- 
dng a distance d 159fedalaig 
the WMtern pr^rty Une nd 
rundng a wtance d 75 fed 
dong (be North dde dVirglda 
Beai^ Bottldttrd. Saidpr(qperty 
to known as Ld 10, Pld d 

em property Une and rumdng a 
dtotance d 250 f^ along the 
Northern property Une. (SHpp's 

18. AppUcation d Virgida 
Bench ftdtoay Inn Tjrav-L- 
Parl^ Inc. tj Tdbd jnd^Asso- 
dat«i for a Use Permit tocon- 
dmd 707 camp dies on c«rt- 
dn pn^rty located between tbe 
Wed side d Generd Booto 
Bodevard and tbe East side d 
Oceua Bodevard beglndng d 
a pdd 815 toet nunre or less 
Soiito d Harpers Road, and 800 
ftod more or less Norttead 
d Oceana Boulevard, rundng a 
didance d 4945 fed more or 
toss along tbe Wedem property 
Une, rundng a distance d 3635 
fed n»re or less aloog the 
Eastern property Une (Virgida 
Eledric and Power Co. Right 
at Way); sdd propertybeginntog 
560 fed more or less North- 
wed d Generd Booto Bode- 
vard, and rundng a distance 
d 2180 f^t more or less dong 
the Sodhem prcqperty Une.&id 
property to Irregdar to stoye. 
Plato idto more detailed to- 
formation are avdiable to the 
Office at City Plandng. (Ooean- 
a Navd Air Station Area). 

19. AppUcation at Ctmncs'ttid 
Foy Condraction Co. by Tdbd 
and Assoddes for the dtocm- 
tinuance, dosure and Sbandon- 
med da portion dTdt Avenue. 
Hay^ Avenue and Artour Ave- 
nue. Sdd streeto bdng 50 tod 
to width. 

TAFT AVENUE: Begindngd 
tte Idersedion d Taft awdie 
and Bmcroft Road lorffiefty 
Twenty Eif^to Kreet, ud run- 
dng in a Northerty directim 
a dtotance d 374.48 tod. 

d toe intoneetton d Bancroft 
Road, fwmerly Twenty Eightt 
Stred and rundng in a North- 
erty drecUon a dtotosoe d 700 

d a pdd lUM tod North d 
Bancroft Road, formerly 
Twenty E^rth ftrsd, and rw- 


In the C^itt Coifft d the 
City d Vtoglda BMtdi on tbe 
tm M d ^tetobv, 1970 
m Rdbert M. LanN, Jr., 

No. 1219 

It appearing thd a report 
at tbe iceoddB of FM and 
Merdiaato Natidid Bade, P«|- 
K«d i^^HNunntdive d me 
estate d Robert M. Lambe, Jr., 
deoeised, and d the defeto and 
demands againd Ids estate has 
beert Stod to the Clerk^sOffioe, 
and tbatdx months torn elapsed 
dnce tbe qaaUfleattoa, onmo- 
ttoa' d Fijd did Men^mnto 
Nattond BadL execnb^ d sdd 
decMedi ITIs ORDERED thd 
the creditors d, and aU otoeis 
Idttested in, the estate do 

vdto Banerdt Road, nd nn- 
aU« top Souttwrty dtoedton a 
dsto«\flf167.« tod ddwB- 
dng to ft Noraierty dirseitoii 
from sitil idttsedlon a^^dlfr- 

BANCROFT ROAD, formerty 
d a pold 85 fed from tbe 
lateiseettoB wltti Roosevett Av- 
wm did nndng to m Eaatorty 
dredton a dtotinoe at 2S0toet 
(Pecdi Gardens Area). raiNC- 


21. Aii^oatton at Brenne- 
man Farms by Talbd and As- 
soddes for a diapge at sodng 
4rom ItoiUlenoe AdwotNto JHs- 
trid 4 (R-S 4) to Itottiple 
Faidty Reddrase Dtotrid (R- 
H)» limited Commereld Di«- 

Sd 9 iCrh i^ and Generd 
mmerctol Dtotrid 3 (C-G 3) 
00 certato propdty located on 
tbe Ead side d Princess Ame 
Road acron from Prqvidenee 
Road, rumdng adldanoed3^ 
tod more or less atong tbe 
Weston pn^iertyttaedwMdi 
14SS fed nmre or toss to the 
East dde d Priaeess ^Anbe 
Road, nmdng a dldanee d 
'3820 fed dong the N(»rtbem 
pcopatf Une, numing a dto- 
tance d 3025 fed along toe 
Easlero property Une ipniptr- 
ty line d dtomfintled rdlroad) 
and rundng a distonce d43l5 
fed tlaoi tte Sodhem proper- 
ty Une. Platowlttmoredetolled 
idormatton are amdlaUe totbe 
Office d the Departmeddaty 
Plsndi«. (WeaverviHe AreaX 724 Rojrstor BuUdIng 
KEMPSVILLE BOROUGH. ^ Norfdk, Va. 23510 

22. Apptteatton d Cotoman 
Farms, Inc. fur a Itoe Permit 
to oonstrud a sewage paiqdng 
station on certdn property lo- 
catod on ttsEastddedCoUege 
Park Bodevard, begtodng d a 
point 227.80 fed Souto at 
Chestnd Hitt Road on propnrty 
known as Parcel 5, SUbdIvldon 
dCoUege Park, Section Itoree. 
(CoUege Park Aread. KEMPS- 

23. AppUcitton d Kemlodw 
Corporation Uat a didige d 
aod^ flrom Reddence C^idex 
Distrid l(R-Dl)andReddence 
SdMUban Didrid 4 (R-8 4)to 
Planned Udt Developmed 
0^UD) on certoin property be- 
gtodng d the City d Chesa- 
peake Line and edending to a 
Northerly diredlMi a didance 
d 1952 IM more or Isssoiitbe 
Esd dde d KempsvlUa Road, 
bounded on the Norttby proper- 
ty now or formerly Aln C. and 
Virgida S. Brown, G. C. Cde- 

dds S. Broin, wd W. E. Wood 
Estate, on tbe Ead by property 
now or formerly W. E. Wood 
Estste edwdlng to a Northerly 
direction 2704 fed mwe or 
toss, bounded ootheSodbbytbe 
City at Chesapeake Line. Said 
property indudas pnverty ex- 
tondtof to a NorUMrlydtredion 
999, nd fronting ^m tte Ead 
dde d CedervlUe Turqilke. 
Ptoto Witt more detailed tofor- 
mdlon are availabto in tte 
Office d City Planning. 


24. AppUcdtoodG.J.Gd- 
ttranson by Owen B. Pickett, 
Attorney, for a dumga d son- 
liV fmm ReddoMe S^dMotan 
Dtotrid 3 (R-S 3) and Umitod 
Commerdd Dtotriof2(C-L2) 
to Mdttple Famity Residence 
Dtotrid (R-M) and a Use Per- 
mit to coostnid aseioge pun«>- 
Ing staUon and a Use Permit to 
condmd 272 apartoied udto 
on certsto property locatod on 
tbe Norto dde d Providence 
Road andtteWestddedWood- 
stock Elementary SAool, run- 
dng a dtotonoe d 84lfeda]oog 
the North dde d Provi(tenee 
Road, mndng a dtotance dll50 
tod dong the Wed dde at 
Woodstodc elemedary ScbooV 
running a distance d 558 fed 
aldig the NortiMm property 
Une, nd running a dto- 
tance d 1118 fed dong tbe 
Westsra property Une; sewage 
pnmpiag stdion to be located SO 
tod North d Providence Road 
dong tbe Westora boundary Une 
at Woodstock Etementary 
School. (Woodstod( Etemaotory 
8 ebool Area). KEMPSVILU; 

25. AppUcdion at Camlamie 
Homes, lac for aUNParnitttf 
oonstrod tSOipiraBHi Sito 

show canse^ if soy tbey can, 
on the 19a day d October, 
1970 before thto Court d Ite 
oourtroQto agdnd (he paynwd 
and deUvery d tte Estde d 
Robert M.tiinbe, Jr., deceased, 
to tte legatees without re<pdr- 
Ingrefundiv bonds. 

It isftartber ordered thd a 
oapf at thto order shall be 
pddished (mce a week for tiR> 
succesdve weeks to the Vir- 
gida B«ach Sun, a newspaper 
pdfisbed and having a generd 
drcddioo in tbe qty dVir- 
glnto Beach. 

C. J. CoUtos 


to the Cterk's Office d (he 
arcdt Court d the City d 
VIrgtoto Beach, on the 25to day 
dSepUniber, 1970. 

Matos Leon, Pldntift, 
Kemwtt Leon, DefSndant. 
tbe sdd ptoidUr to dildn a 
dlvorc# vincdo matrinxmU 
from the said dddiffiut, upon 
die grounds d two year sep- 
ardlon pursuant to Tltto 20- 
91 (9) at tbe 1950 Code d 
Virgida, as amended. 
.And an affidavit bavingbeen 
made and filed tod the dden- 
dad is nd a resided d tbe 
Stato dVlrgtda, toetostknown 
pod ofltoe address being: 337 
41st «red» JUdHBsad, XlaUf. 
It to ordered ttdbedoappear 
bersr wittto 10 (ten) days after 
, JkM prtittcaWfm >beMd,. and do 
wbtf toi^be^ecessafy to pro- 
ted hto idered in thto sdt. 
A oopy-Tedee: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Dedcer, Porter, Zoby, Attys. 
900 One Mdn Plaza Ead 
Norfdk, Virgida 23510 


Hefllngton Drive u^ Norto 
La0dlng Road, Virgida Beach. 

TAKE NOnCE, Thd pur- 
siod to tte terms d a certato 
deed d trud muk bf Henry 
Smitt and Geraldne Smith, 
dated Noietober 13, 1962, re- 
corded In tbe Cterk's Office d 
the CIredt Court d tbe City 
d VIrgtoto Beach. Virgida^ in 
Deed Book 757, at page 497; 
defnlt having occurred in the 
paymed d the note secured 
thsrdiy. ud d the request, of 
flw hokln dsiid note so toito, 
the wderslgned Substitute 
Trudee will sell d public 
audioQ to toe Ughed bidder on 
tbe 23rd day d October, 1970, 
d 9:30 o'clock A.M., In the 
frod d tbe Cterk's Office dthe 
Circdt Court dVirginiaBeach, 
Virgida, tbe following des- 
(iribed property, to-wit: 

ALL THAT certato ptoce or 
parcel d tend, lying and being 
in toe Seaboard Magtotorid 
Distrid d Prtocess Anne 
County, Virgida, (now Priimess 
Amw Borocib, City d Vlr^da 
Beach, Virginia) snd bounded 
and described as foilloiwi: Be- 
ginolng d a pipe ontbs souttera 
side d a fifty fed road, said 
pipe bdng distad to a westsrty 
direction 217J feet from (be 
idarsedlan dttesodberaslde 
d nid flfty'ind tohI idtt the 
westom side d Highway 165, 
and rumdng thence souto 87 
degrees 80fflindas wMt ads- 
tuei^E17J tod to 

^ mtmtmtt m m^. .w, rtm* w. »wwmi»f nuiwii iww*, —M tau" 

Westland. (Ches^pdan Colony dng to a Nmrtterty ortdton a 
14. ^i^odkm d Joseph L. 
Lyle and Ifi^el E. Boweraan 
Id a ebi^ at sadiifrom Ites- 
Idenee Sdburbas I^stridS (R- 
S 9) to Mdtlpie Faidty Radd- 
enoe Dtotrid (R-M) on certdn 
PR^erty lodted w (be SanA 
dde dlMStrtdSitoodod,be- 
fladqtaU pdd 170 tod Wtd 
d BaibMrtoB IMvs, rmndng a 
dtotoaee d IIS tod atong tte 

at S17Jt toet. (Pecan 
Gardens Area). PRINCESS 

10. ^vUeafioo at Coimcaraad 
Foy Constoedtoa Co. b|f Ttfbd 
ttd Asioddas for the dtooooh 
ttBBBioa, dodffe ttd littdoft- 
BMid A portion dMelCtotoy 
Av^toe ttd BiBoroiT Boai^nr- 
na^ TMdf m0kmnfl^ 
add itrasto bd« 80 todto 

tended sad nadsgaftlnead ib«dftplddtti 

a pin, 

on certato property loedod on ^ running tbeitoe sodh 2 dsg. 
„ .- ..»"i- / SOndnntoB west,200fedtoa 

pipe, and ramttng tbaBoaaortt 
87 deg SO ifitodas MSt adli- 
tttoa at »^ fed to k dne, 
and ruming ttenoe norfiri de- 
gra« M ndnstos Nst a ds- 
tonoe d 100 fed to the pdd 
Ulrtos of teto: Cash 
A Blddw's deposit d Tm 
Parent (lOlj) d the Mda price 
wUlba rsfdred iHws tta pny* 
erty to sdd and setttaadit to 
fdl ahdl bs made wittto A 
SdaOMs f^adee 
P. Q.BQKtt4l^ 
VIrgtoto Bsid^ VIrgtoto B^ 

tte Northwest oomar at 
PrinMss Anbe Road ud ffi|} 
Prinea Road, rundng adtotiMe- 
d 800 fed dong lie North 
side d Princess Anne 
Jtoad. running A dtotuce 
d 1061 fed afiag the WesT- 
dde d BIUPrtBeeRwd,«dlhi 
Sodb sM d Gaunt F« Bad, 
nadni a dldaiwe d 846 leet 
doBf BelNalarapTOprtyttH. 
Said propdrty to dedp^ as 
PiroalA. Lds 11 tbroaghH, 
Kodi C, Ptot d Car^BBs 
Faras, Sadiim 1. CC^o^sMbm 

AB Intoraitort 



pdrsoes are 


Thurtday, Oct. 8, 1970 


* Legal Notices 


In tlw ClerVs OHlce of tin 
Cireolt Court td ttie City of 
VlsglbUi JMfiii, 00 ttie 2iid dty 

Dorotbjr Marie RoUnson, 

SOntfliHrd EdOK^ Robitton, 

Tte objtet of tliis 9«it ii to 
ob^ t divorce a vioodo miU- 
rlncUi front tte nlddefewtaot 
amii tb» groonds of tiro year 
ftpgrtti<»i porauut to SedioD 
20^91(9) of ttie 1950 Code of 
Virgl^a » imended. 

Aqd w affl<bvit haylBg been 
made udfUedtbitttedefendant 
Is a iion-r«faient of tlie State 
of Vfrglnla> (^ last iaiown p(st 
office addrMS'being: Veterans 
Adflnioistntlon Hospital, Mur- 
freei^Ntfo, "rennenee 37130. 

It is orderedtitathedoaivear 
bere wlttin ten (10) dqrs after 
dqe piiblicatloo hereof, and do 
1^ may be necessary to pro- 
tect Us interest in ttds suit. 
A «w-Te8te: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
BrydfM, 'Broyles ti McKenry 
1369 Lasldn Road 
Virginia Beach. Virginia 



The repdar meeting of the 
CoiBcU of the City of Virginia 
Beadi will be held in the Coun- 
cil Chambers of the Admin- 
istratioa Building, City Hall, 
PriaewB AmeStfldiOD, Virginia 
BMdi, Virginia, en Monday, 
October 26, 1970, at 10 A.M. at 
iihich time the following ndllbc 

1. AppttcationcftheCityof 
Virginia Beadi, Department of 
Plandng, tot ttie Future Land 
l^ Plu <d certain inroperty 
bonded on flK North by the 
NorfbilE City Une and the Vir- 
ginto B«a^-Norfollc E]q;tress- 
vttjf, m the East by Independ- 
.enee Boiile»M4andSakm B«ad, 
on the South by the Chesapeake 
City Une and on the West by the 
!brf(M and Chesapeake City 
Richard J. Webbon 
City Clerk 


* Legal Notices 



J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 

Par^r k RuUager 

17$6 LasUn Road 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 



In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 2nd day 
of October, 1970. 

William Louis Thomas. 

Louise Marie NeJame Milan 
Thomas, Defendant. 


The object of this suit is 
to oMaio a divorce amensa et 
thoro from the said defendant 
upon the grounds (tf desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defen- 
dant is a non-resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last 
known post office address being; 
c/o Mrs. Edward Aide, 5625 
Hollow Oak Road, Orlando, 

It is ordered tlut she do 
iMPpear here wittin ten (10) 
days after due puUlcation l^re- 
of , and do idiat may be neces- 
sary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
CatooA Wright 
2508 Pacific Avenue 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



The Commission crfGame and 
Inluid Fisheries at a meeting 
held in Ridimond, Virgi^a, on 
Septendwr 25, 1970, ordered ttie 
following prcqnsed dianges in 
ihi regnlatioDS pursuant toSec- 
tioM 29-125, 29-126 and 29-127 
of the Code of Virginia. A pubUc 
hearing for this purpose of 
adopting 8u<A changes will be 
held at the Court House, Warji 
Springs, Virginia, at lOKW a.ffi.,. 
October 31, 1970. 

CHAPTER 2. (Game) In Gen- 

Ammd Ragulatioo R2-8.4 (a) to 
read as follows: 

(a) It shall be unlawful to 
luut on Mondays, Wednesdays 
and Satttr(hiys in that portion of 
the White Oak Mountain WiM- 
life Management Atm soi^ of 
Virginia State Highway # 706 and 
we^ of Vir^i^ State Wghway 
* 707 from the third Monday in 
November through February 15, 
both dates inclusive, ndttout 
firi^ havii^ paid to ttie Commis- 
sion for such prii41ege a daily 
use fee of ten dollars ($10.00). 
SwA daily use fee tiall be in 
addition to all ottier license 
fees la-ovided by law. 
Custls L. Coleman, M.S.,Chalr- 

10-8- IT 

In tte Clerk's Office of ttie 

Cireidt Court of die City of 

Vln^ita Beach, on ttie 2bd day 

of October, 1970. 
Betty Johnson, Plaintiff, 

WiUiam Ernest Johnson, De- 

Hie object of ttis suit is to 
ob^ a divorce a meua ti 
&>ro from tte siM d^mtent 
90B &e groiate of ^Mrtion. 

Aid naffida^i having been 
made andilledttirtdBeattgeDoe 
has bMQ «ed by or In behalf 
flfttie tmma to ai^ayn in 
'4lp A eonty of ocwporatloB ttie 
def«iteirt is, wiflioMI effett, Oe 
liM Imni post oflftoe aidress 
hri]^ B^se^y^ HM^VMfc. 

It Is onlnnedttitla^^ppMr 
tea wttMn tM (lO)dBys tfler 
4m pm^attoa ta«o^ ni do 

In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beadi, on the 18tti day 
of Septendier, 1970^- 

Connie R. Sviben, Plalnttff, 

Ronald Charles Sviben, De- 
The object of ttiis suit if for 

The- o^jeet^ et ttiis sidt Is for 
the said painttff to obtaia a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from ttie said defendant, tqx» 
the grounds of constructive de- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that .ttie (tefen- 
dant is not a resident of ttie 
State of Virginia, ttie last known 
post office address being, 2716 
Lincoln Avenue, Camden, New 

It is ordered ttiat he so appear 
here wifliin 10 (ten) days after 
due putdicatton hereof, and do 
wlttt may be nec«ssu7 to pro- 
tect his interest in ttiis suit. 
A copy-Te^: 

PhyUis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. James A. Gorry, HI Atty. 
301 25tti Street 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 18tti 
d$y at September, 1970. 

Klara E. Kelly, Plaintiff, 
JualcNr Kelly, Defendant. 
The (^Ject of ttds suit Is for 
ttie said 'plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo mtfrimonii 
from the said defendant, upm 
the ground of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that ttie defen- 
da^ is not a resldeiU of the 
Stete of Virginia, tt» last known 
pcwt office address being, 2412 
VirgUda Beach Boulevard, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virgiida. 
, It is ordered ttiat he do appear 
tore wittdn 10 (ten) (bys after 
due piMiotf on heretrf, and fto 
whid may be necessary to pro- 
tect his inter»t in this suit. 
A copy-TMte: 

Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. Thomas C. Broyles, Atty. 
1369 LisUn Road 
Virgiida Beach, Virginia 


In ttie Clerk's CMHee of tte 

Ctrciit Coart (tf the City of 

Vlrgloia B^ch, OB ttM 18th day 

of Septenlier, 1970. 
Earl Westey Hani^, Jr., 


Jeaaartte Sawyer Hanvey, 

*Legol Notices 

made and filed tttf the defen- 
dant is unknown as to address, 
whereaboirts and loc^on, al- 
though due diligence has been 
used by and on behalf d ttie 
complalnuit to ascertain the' 
County orCorporatton in wMdi 
the defendant is residing, but 
wi^ut effect, the last ^wn 
post office address being 2003 
E. 8th Street, Nattonal City, 

It is ordered thai she do 
appear her^ within 10 (ten) 
(b^ after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect her interest in 
ttiis suit. 
A c(q)yTeste: 

Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. Lewis K. Kesser, Atty. 
210 Bankers Trust Bldg. 
Norfolk, Virginia 23310 



In the Clerk's Office of tt|e 
Circuit Court of ttie' City of 
Virginia Beach, on tiie 8tti day 
of September, 1970. 

Ada Ellzabetti mtt. Plaintiff, 

Jack L. Hitt, Defendant. 


The object of tlis suit is for 
ttie said plaintiff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimraii 
from the said defendant, upon 
ttie grounds of separation for 
more ttian a two year periM. 

And an affidavit haviag4ieen 
matte and filed ttiat ttie defend- 
ant is not a resident of the 
State of Virginia, the last known 
post <^oe address being, Mt. 
Olivet, Kentucky. 

It is crctered ttiat he do appear 
herfr within 10 (ten) days after 
due pnblicatton hereof, and do 
vdud may be necessary to pro- 
tect his inter^t in this suit. 
A cqpy-Teste: 

PhyUis N. Styron, D.C. 
Mr. Donald Rhodes, Atty. 
4565 Virginia Beach Blvd., 
Virginia Beach, Virginia < 

CbiilMONWE AttA Of VIRGliaA 

In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of tiie City of 
A^rginia Beadi, on ttie 8th day 
of September, 1970. 

Cteveland L. Miller, Plalnttff. 

Ida Mae Jennings Miller, De- 
fendant. < 


The object of ttds wit is lor 
ttie said Cteveland L. MUler to 
obtain a divorce AVinculo Mat- 
rimonii fjrom ttie said defendant, 
upon the grounds of two years 
continuous separation. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat ttie defend- 
ant is not a resident of^ttie State 
of Virgida, ttie last known post 
office address being, 1121 S. 
Orange Avenue, Santa Ana, Cal- 

It is ordered ttttt she do qipear 
bere wittdn 10 (ten) (taiys after 
(hie publicati(» hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect her interest in this suit. 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Messrs. BrydgM, Broyles It 

McKenry, Attys. 
1369 LaskiB Road, 
Virgtida Beach, Virgiida 


In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, cm ttie 8tti day 
of September, 1970. 

Mary Simpkins Cartledge, 
Floyd Cartledge, Defendant. 
Hie object of ttiis s<dt is ^ 
ttie said plalnttff to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrlmoidi 
from the said defewtat, upcm 
the groiBMls (tf tw> year separa- 

AnTan affii&vir Eavli^ been 
made and filed ttiat ttie defend- 
ed is m^ a resideirt of tteStrte 
of Virginia, the last known post 

* Legal Notice , 


Fenner Thomas Rascoe, 304 
Joui Terrace, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, Defendahf. 

LAW # 13,599A 


Hie object of tlds suit is to 
adjudicate whether saiddefend- 
aiA is an Hsdiitual Offender 
whose privilege to operftte a 
nMtor vehicle on the highways 
of this State should be witti- 
drawn for a period (A ten (10) 
years in accordance with ttie 
Virginia Habitual Offender Act. 

And VI affidavit having been 
made and filed that ttie plainttff 
has used d\M ittUgence to ascer- 
tain ttie said defendant's iiliere- 
aboute, and ttiat ttie affiant is 
infwmed and believes ttiat ^ttie 
defendant is not a resident of 
ttie State of Virginia, It is 
Ordered ttiat be do api^ar bere 
wittiin ten (10) days after due 
piiblicatton hereof, and do what 
may be necessary toprotectUs 
interest in this suit. 
David D. Dlckerson, Assistant 
Attorney for theCommcmwealth 
. aty of Virginia Beach, Virginia 



in the Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 14tti day 
of Septenlber, 1970. 

Trevor George Smith, Plain- 

Jennifer UttteSmitii, Defend- 

The object of ttds suit is for 
ttie said idalntiff to obtain adiv- 
orce a vinculo matrimonii fhim 
ttie said defendant, upon the 
grounds of tii(o years separaticm. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that tiie defend- 
ant is not a resident of the State 
of Virginia, ttie last known post 
office address being. New York, 
New York. 

It is ordered ttiat she do a^ 

pear bere within 10 (ten) days 

after due publicatton hereof, and 

6q yttxtX may be necessary to 

iK«ttc|l bar Uterest'lh lids 


Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Mr. Victor J. Ashe^ Atty. 
702 Plaza One, East, 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


VHKaWA: „.™„_:^___iL„ 




tbe 8tti day of September, 1970. 
Qra Z. Butts, et als, Com- 


vs. ^ 

MaybeUe Corprevr Ha]mes,et 

als, Defewtente 

The object of ttiis suit is to 
have a partttton in one (rf the 
modes prescribed by law of 
certain real estate of which 
Sarah Whitehurst died seized, 
known as three (3) acres of 
land, in Seaboard Magisterial 
District, Virginia Beach, 
Virginia,^ formerly in Qie County 
of Priiwess Anne, Virginia, 
bounded an the north by the 
road leading from Mapletofi to 
Lynnhaven; on the east by the 
land of Edney; and on ttie south 
and west by the land of James 
Corprew, and others, and for 
other further and general re- 
lief; and it appearing from Af- 
fidavit In ditt form of law now 
filed, ttiat ttiere are unknown 
partt» and ttiat ttie defendants, 
Anna Corprew Swlnton, whose 
Itft known post office address 
Is 517 18th Ave., Newark, Kl; 
Lois Corprew, tliose last known 
post office address is 12 N. 
Hirst St., Philadelphia, Pa, 
19139fRudolph^^C<a<^w, whose 
last kiwwn post office address 


sGTO-1964 red; good running 
cenditton, nevr ttres, 3 speed, 
spotless. 497-0551. 


-Guaruiteed, Princess Anne 
Plaxa area. Call 340-4390 

antee woriu Phone 497-4628. 

Room, Board t Care for elderly 
Reasonable rates. 426-7342. 

Will iMbysit in my home on 
23rd Street. Eiqwrienced, rea- 
sonable. Beach Borough area. 
Call ^25-5805. 

Will babysit in my home days. 
Fort Story area, off Shore Drive. 
College graduate, witti varied 
work with children. Call 

Someone to do general HOUSE- 
firom 2 p.m. - 5, Monday- 
Fiiday. Phone 497-4383-affer 
5 p.m. - 

CUSTOM-Made Drapes Si 
l^ers-Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies, Hilltop Area.- 
Phone 428-0544. 


Part ttme bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done in my borne or your 
office. Free jick vap and de- 
livery. 420-5340. 

'ii III I m ill ■■^|i II ■ I -^^B^— n il III ^-■^■—1^ 

SO Bttsinen Opportuttiee 

Bustnei» Is boBSing tuoKT wf 
need two experienced sales ag- 
ente. AHily today. Call Jack 
Moran 497-4851 Nights 4Sr7- 
7486. Grow wltti Realtors. Stohl 
Realty Corp. 

Have opening for lady to ^ell 
EWeferoluK prodil^ ^ tfte Vir- 
ginbrBeaeiif area. Exceliedt oijH> 
portunity to eftm llSO perwe^ 
in commissions and bonu^s. 
Interviews held at cur office 
between 9 and noon, any- 
day ttds week. Ask for manager. 
Electroluz Sales and Services, 
5312 B Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Women 18 and up wear md sell 
Sarah Coventry Jewelry in your 
qiare ttme, no investment, no 
delivery. Car and phone needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 

* Legal Notices 

is Northgate Apts., Apt. UC, 
Craiibury, N.J. 08512; Pearl 
Corprew Dednam, whose last 
known post office address is 
462 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, 
N.Y.; 4nd Joe Corprew, whose 
last known post office address 
is PhiladeliAia, Pa., are not 
residents of ttie State of 

WHEREOF, it is ORDERED tiiat 
such unknown parties and Anna 
Corprew Swlnton, Lois Corprew, 
Rudolph Corprew, Pearl 
Corivew, and Joe Corprew do 
appear here within 10 (ten) 
days alter due publication of 
ttiis Oriter and do what may be 
necessary toi^rotect their re- 
spective Interests herein. 

tti^ ttie foregoing pid}licationof 
this Order be published once a 
week for four (4) consecutive 
SUN, a newspaper of general 
circulation in the City of Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia. 
PhylUs N. Styron, Clerk. 



81 B«ndiH-4tep«irtaif 

Painting. Residenttal ipterior 
and exterior, small Jdhs wel- 
come. Experienced and reason- 
able. Phone 428-7586. 

Gutters and down spoids re- 
placed and roof rep^. Free 
esttmates. Work guaranteed. 

Special fall cleamip and close 
up. 25% discount for all work 
done in ttie next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire place 
repair. Dampers installed or 
fixed. Furnace cleaning. Atlant- 
ic Builders & Maintenance. Call 


My ha aeeaitary te ytt^ 
IMI Ms Iiimst In Ms Mit. 


tto iiid pUMUr to obWn a 
divoret a flnate matrtm nw H 
tts ' 

offioi address being, McCorro- 
ick, Soi^ CaroUna. 

It is ordered tti^bedo appear 
here wlttdn 10 (ten) days after 
(htt plJliattM hereof, and (to 
nhat may be necessary to pro- 
tect hU interest In this suit 

A erw-T^e: 

PljrlBs N. Styron, D.C. 
Mr. Victor J. Ashe, Atty. 
lf& Plaf# Om^ 
ll«f(A^VlrglBia 23510 


Spiritual, Medium, 
and Advisor 

Reads Your Put, Present and Future 

Are You UiAawy, Worried, Sick or in Distress? 
You Are IN Need of Advise & Help 
)AILY b SUNDAY gj ^^MJLU^OPji^honeCl^iglL 

m iTO cii«:wT cowo'oF 

Coaaomraaltt af Vif^ili, 


-. I » ' i 

m TRAIN TO 8f A ■■ 


iMrn to o»tf*l( luiMMtn' 

Ofl|4Mfi^-C«MM. I CHMW. 

LMdtti. Trtflchtri. dc,. ft 

our iiMdtrn laclHtjr. A Mgh- 

MM tartar it oetn to *mm- 

'liOM mtii. awMMktJkm.Ni. 




imhml M. mu 
eM:l78» 583-5772 



Stareraft Pflmilass. trttedral 
hnU 14*8" 1968 modiUtlNd la 
Ljvnluiven Baif, EiceU^eaii- 
dltiaii. Price $400. Also, one 
1968. 40 bp. Blf TMo, Long 
Shaft, Evlnnde motor, $m. 
At Ifl3 KIHiwaki Ct., Sid- 
aack. Ph. 428-5033 

Sales and service. PnNDpl sf- 
fident rwslrs. Pidc %p sad 
delivery,' FfasBe4a-«B2, Fad 
Feed aHdBirfldli«S«|pllas, toe, 







Minimum Charfe $1.00 CMTUGT 

4 to 6 ttnea ^ U"« 

7 to 14 mm W line 

15 or BMre Unes 18^ Use 
Dl^ay im UM p» inch 


30$ Une 

N Article* For Sale 


Contractors ti Home Builders- 
Let us help you with that new 
home -additions -or repairs 
We can fttmish materials from 
basement to attic and aid you 
in financing. 
Phone: Kellam & Eaton, bic 
(1) 427-3200 

paint interior and exterior. 464- 


HOUSEKEEPTER-ianner cook. 
10 AM-6PM, Monday thru Fri- 
day. Must have cma transpor- 
tation to Kempsville area. $35 
wk. References. No supervision. 
Working couple. Call 497-4704 
after 6 PM. 

ENTS- Work part time for Old 
Dominion University news- 
p^wr. Positions still avail- 
able. Call Jack Bray at 428- 

Part .time position wanted, 
mature college graduate, Ex- 
perinced medical secretary, 
advertishig and real estate, 
permanent Beach area.428-5536' 


Theory, Repertoire 
James & Frances Morrisson 
Accessible from Ex|n«ssway, 
Va. Bch Blvd, First Colonial 
or Laskin Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

\ gainst reinfestation, only 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid. 
Roadies eat Sure Kill greedl 
ly, then return to their nestf 
and die. Here these deac 
roaches contaminate other 
roaches and eggs, and they 
lUe, starting a dbain reaction 
that will UU them all. Sure 
Kill never wears (Hit, yet safe 
to use, and has absolutely no 

P.O.B0X 1 Arvonia, Va., 
2 3004 . 

MALIBU-SinKla room fbr lady, 
Utdien privlUfes. Prtvite 
home. 340-4325 

Rooms for rant OB watwrfrant 
Share hath. 587-4225. 

Room tor rent, prlvat«iteat in 
Lake Shores. Write in care at 
tbe Sub Netm or eaU 484rl713 
after 1 p.m. 


One bedroom cottage for fiuoily. 

Apply at DeWitt Cottage, Itth 

St. and Atlantic Ave. 

■■ "1 ■ " ■ 1^ ■■ " » 

Qaated rooms. Mild servtet. 

Day, week or nooib. 206^^10111 


Ill HMuet Far Reel 

ALANTON-8 room meh, 2 
battis,>po(d membenddp, Sqit. 
25; im 428-7997. 

Guitaro-headquarters for Gfe- r|^ ^TATE FOR SALE 

son,' Fentor, Gretsch, Martin 
and amjdifiers. Rowe & Long 
MuslV (X 57 P.A. Plasa. 
CaU 340-7631. 

Apallo drum set. Red sparkle; 
3 drums (complete set) Good 
condiUon. $50. Phone 497-0551 

Pianos-rent a new ptano with 
optioni to buy. Yoint^^cht^oe of 
Bidd«lft,> Kohler and^SaMfbell, 
Yamaha. Kimball, aindi ^RaUeC 
c 1 Da^ Rowe & Long llusle 
Co., 57 A. Plasa. 340-7631 


Air CoMlttlooad 

Anvie Parldlif J^«» 



1965 Mustang, 289 2-4's Just 
rebuilt, chrome reverses, new 
tires, tape deck. Phone 486-3173 

FRUIT TREES, Nut trees, berry 
"plants, grapevine, landscaping 
{dant material-offered by Vir- 
ginia's largest growers. Free 
Copy 48-pg. PlantingGuide Cat- 
alog on request. Salespec^e 
wanted. Waynesboro Nurseries 
Waynesboro, Virginia 22980. 

injtealEatrte Wasted 

Property to sell or rent, 
eUeols-waUii*. CaU 34M740. 

Home & Apt. Listings Needed 

for Sale or Rent 

Member ot Virg^fllaBeach Mol- 

tiide listing Sendee. 500 

Satesmen will help sell yoaor 


Cooper RMlty 

2801 ndfle Ave. 

Use SUN Classified Ads. 

— — — - .U- — ~ . — — — .— 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified ad 

Wtm ONi WOiD IN iACH iOX - 




Circle One 

12345 TFK 

Minimum Charge 1.00 Under Four Unes 


$1.00 $1.00 

$1.00 $1.20 

$U5 $1.M 

11.50 I1.M 

5% discount If run 4 weeks 



««N la 
^•. ltalS7, 




Srtjy-^*? - J -^^s^^ ^^^ife- 3 



$15 OFF 




Virginia B«adi Sun 

Thursdoy, 0^. a, 970 


C«HlfM TV ft Appllmet 
C9n he* 


il» Vir«iiih iMch tadnmi 

^^MM nmUnm DiscMMff 

sin Vii«iaia U*A lorimd 

222 Pin» CoImM IU«d 


r. O. Im 2117 




127 Vlr^ni* iMdi ImIi*«4 


MilMr t IrapCffMMT SIOCCI 

Mitttwy H«y. id MSm RKw M. 


Mo«rt'« SwMT Stmrti 

too S. LyiMMorM Ori»* 



NIhni BciBMe, faie. 

Ml Vii«Mi UtfA Udtmi 

fiM'% liicorporaitd 


h-tacMs Amit Hf. ft 

y r. O. Im M]7i 

Princws Amm St«ti«ii 


431 Vir9iai« iNch loobvard 


Smts. RM^Mk ft CoNipmy 

111 Uikia Road 


Pambreb Mall 


Til* Stay CmnMRy, Inc. 

222 6raa» Nack Read ^ 

SiiiHIi ft KMMt eiMtrie 
Scrvtec, Inc. 

3641 lonnay Road 

Wolsfc Fwnifmrt. Im. 

:4IS \rirtiaia laaali Iaal4«ard 


WMf«ni A««* Astockrtt 

Ml \nniiiia feidi lodavard 

Zsyp9 DcpflcfnMn swrc 

flit Wuhli iMd 


Bvyjior PMraHw Conpoiy 

It33 Cadar Road 
. S47.I9H 

•eb'f TV ft Ap^l«iic« 

6rMf Iridfa ftoppiiM Cantor 

ftvliM LrnnlMr Cof por < rtl oB 

•31 Wiboa Road 

1.L.UH ilMfric CoMMRv 

1917 ERnw Road 

W> T. ^MBt Compfiiiy 

M>3 lakAridffa lealavard 


Hm Mcret to fBtting away with 
Ibm ironing it to prevent it in the 

^ With today'! new wrinkle- 
reditant fabria. And today's new 
elecMc dothee cbyer. 

Modem electrie dryers have a lot 

of new wrinkles that keep permanent 
presB imd wash-and-wear clothes 
wrinkle free. 

When they come out of the dryer, 
the^re ready to wear. 

Electric dryers cost less to buy, 
md have fewer moving parts to 

maintain. Buy a new eledaric dryer 
during the month of October and 
get Vepco's $16 installation 

bnuine laundry without ugly 
wrinkles! A powerful idea of 
tmaonrow, todi^; VbttCO 

Aliowinct in NoHh Carolina lubject to ttahitt 

ft StrviM 

Mlt lalaMdM I 


IryMt Ap p il oac e Company 

2S09 Sranby Straat 


1271 N. Military Hifliway 


liirfeii** Salei ft 
Service. Ise. 

•34 Widfaon Road 

rat CeiifM' Shops 

71(42 2lit Sfraat 

CeHUM TV ft Appikmee 
C«M Im. 

MOO V»fiaia laach loiilavard 


•47 E. LiHia Craak Read 


Mo«re's S«p«r 


^i.i«r" ■ 

Imtera Ilectric Corp. 


fleefroslc Service, lac 

7454 Mibtary Hi«h»ay 

hniitart W*rM 


1 121 E. Uffia Cro«fc,RMd 

U7472* ar fN4N« 

I. I. MkterslMvt 

laoa 6rMhy Streat 

W. T. 6raiit Cempoay 

2M Granby Siraaf 


1^0 Janaf Shepplns Cantor 


The Ha|oca Corporate 

301 W. 24<li Siraat 

Honie Appwnce CotnpoMy 

•30 Granby Siraat 

Home Faraifiire Company 

3415 Granby Street 

614 Church Street 


J. I. Hnnter 

Mietaiy Circle Shopping Mali 

Kramer Hwy. Tire Carp. 

7113 MilHary Highway 

K ram e r Downfown Tire 
Corparafien ' 

1112 MenticaBo Avenue 


wwWmm9tSW mwwt w 
•34 E. UtfiB Ciaal Read 


774 Siwiby itn^ 

Lowe's of Nerfelh. inc. 

130 S. Military Highway 

MHIer't Oeparfmeof Sfors 

LitHa Creek Rd. end Tidewater Dr. 

Moaf^emery Ward 

Janal Sheppng Center 

No-Hama TV ft Appl. Co. 

201 W. Ocean View Avenue 

Mca'i locar p aro f ed 

IWO MeiiHeaNe >^WMie 


. OM Campoatola Raad 


Militaiy Chda Shepphif MaN 


70N MNHwy Highway 


9ialHy PamHora Slarat 

721 Chvfcli Str«a» 

^■amfrom iaca rp a raf a d 

3334 CrMfwaR Drive 

W. J. Roach Company 

3101 Laftyatto loaiavard 

Sears. Roebock ft Compmy 

201 W. 2lit Siraat 


3500 E. Mncea Anne Read 


Teica TV ft Applianee Cf. 

2321 L Uttia Cra^ Read 

Raeievelt Gafdam Shopping Cantor 


Wanb TV-AppHooces 

543 E. UtHe OmI Rm^ 


4. C. Penney 

2S4 MoiiticeHo 


MNitary Cir^ 




Wes4 TV ft Appttance 

35 SeaMiem Shopping C6nlar 

Wetftm A««a Snpply Co. 

4240 Oewntown Maia 


la W. 2lit Sliaat. 


Southani SiappMg Center 


^ife Becfric Coa^my 

2710 Celey Avemia 

Woowa DeparfiMn St^rn 

4ai E. U«Na Craal Read 

Zoyie Pepa rtww f 

I7N 1 Utie^MF 


Byrd Cannot 
Attend Rally 

•n» senatorial rtl^ icNd- 
nled for Monday oWbt wtu fol- 
low, a que^oii ipd answer for- 
mt bjp tte two on^b^s iAu 
teve ice^iled, R^nliIlaB Ray 
Gartood and Demoen^ GeoiKe 

^mtot HaJrry Byrd Jr., ran- 
nine u an Inl^Ddent, has ad- 
vised Oirt lie baa a eonfUettng 
ei^agemeitf on tbrt date, ac- 
cording to lArs. SUrley Harlow, 
oo-d»)brmvi of ttie rally. "Hie 
other co-<^rniui is Made 
Rtwls, both reiirisenting the 
spaosoFiflg Cowdl ^ Civie 

; "It IsstiU hoped," Wa. 
Harlow said, "that he will be 
able to re-s(^eduleU8^vo^nt- 
mente and atteod tUs rally." 

Also woridng on Ok eveot are 
III*. Jales SIboo, Mrs. Mary 

Atm Moore and Ifrs. Artbnr 
Ibser, co-cadlitt4i% for ^ 
LeagM d Women Votersi O.M. 
Sinryer Jr. ^rviog as ttaisoo 
fbr the Vtrglata BeMh Jayoees; 
and Robert RiebardI, exeeottve 
•eer^ary, dtreettag the partl- 
dpattoD of the Edneatioo Asso- 
ciation of N(tffdik. 

Eadi <»aitt^tate idll qpenwitb 
a 15«o)inute«titeiM|4,£oltowed 
by tpmlitm tma tteandience, 
wbteb fdU be submitted to a 
panel conqiosed of representa- 
tiiM <Df eadi cf tte spoosorii« 

1%e ridly is sdnduled at 8 
p.m. In the Bajn^le JmilorHii^ 
School aMlttocl«ii.7lds Is om of 
tow sadi ftaforiDafivi events 
piaaaed pricMr tk> the November 
3 electton and tbe public is 
mr|^ to Intend. 

Hubert McLawhorn 

McLawhorn Named 

Raodolpb Bruce, president of 
Fountainbead Studios, bas an- 
nounced ttie appointment of Hu- 
bert McLtwhom as accounts 

McUwbom bas a dtversifled 
adveftlafni background Ihat 
*" q«Bs every media aodindudes 
both n^ooal and iptemational 
accounts. He began tats career 
.with The Daily Pren, Inc. of 
Newport News. WUleemplcqred 
ttere, bewoatheVirglidtPress 
Assodalioas awwd for tbe best 
automotive campaign aoKmg 
dalfy newqapers. After six 
years be moved to WrigM Ad- 
vertising trtiere be worked on 
mpre than 30 local andregioDal 

In 1969 Chesapeake Adver- 
tising of Norfolk Ured MeUw- 
hom as account executive for 
ita Animal Feed Supplements 
and Pet/Vet accooi^,divisioiis 
of Borden Chemical. Here he 
also worked on two other Borden 

Will Be 

Host Wed. 

First Colonial High School 
will have its annual open bouse 
Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m. It wlU 
be held in cooiunction with this 
year's initial meeting of the 
Parents' Leagne, accwding to 
Dr. Howard Kalm, presiaent 
of ttie teague. 

Following the meeting and 
annomcements by Principal 
Carleton Bowyer, the parents 
will follow «ieir children's 
sctedule for the sdiool d^r. 
Thou^ ^revisted in tlme,ttie 
teachers will have tbe oppor- 
tainity to acqu^nt the parents 
with what is expected of tbe 
studeils in fhdr classes. 

1%ls feature has proven very 

p(^lar and wi»'tiMdle ever 

- ginc e t he K ho d was bnilt. 

Those attewttag wlU be/ able 

Oiemical aeconati, plus Bor- 
dent International, and such 
other natlmia! accounts w Farm 
Directors Radio Networic, Na- 
ttonal Motasses, and EcboClnin 
Saws of Japan. 

McLawhorn and his new 
tolde, Carol, resUte in Nor- 

City Gets 
Funds for 

^unds totaling $1,777,756 to 
aid educatioimlly dsadvantaged 
diildren in tt» dttes of Ports- 
moirth, Newport tfews, Virgioia 
Beadi, and thetom of Poquoson 
have been approved by the Fed- 
eral Programs Ofdoe of tbe 

UCF Sets 
And Noise 

On Oct<*er I4th tbe IMted 
Comnuimtes Fund Drive wlU 
kldc-off wifharelean of bettira 
tilted baUooos and a tttflencdsi 


At noon on Wedattday, Octo- 
ber 14^ every peirson driving 
at that time is adced lo give a 
two second honk of ttdr ear 

Boat operators wUI tootfiieir 
whistles^ church belte win ring 
and the Fond CimpaiKn will be 


The moltieoloUBdJialloons 
WlU be releasedat exactly 12KX) 
noon on tt» 14th from Southern 
Shoppfng Center, Mitttary Cir- 
die and Penbrdce Mali. A re- 
lease will also be made in 

The first ten persons re- 
trieving three of ttese balloons 
uid who brings tte balloons to 
Fitaid teadquarters will revive 
three tidwts to a Squires bas- 
ketball game. ' 


TbeA.R,E., 67ih street and 
AUantie Avenue, is plaantag 
a special wedmd program, 
"The Holy Trail," on Oct. 17 
and 18. ...^ 

The program wiU Mgldi^ 
the recent trip through Europe 
of Elsie and Wllfted Sechrist 
last spring. Pictures wUl be 
by Sechrlst with narratton by 
his wife. Their trip Included 
vlaits with sensitives andpara- 
psycboioglsta in Runla. 

The Oct. 17 program will 
bei^ at 8 p.m. and the Oct. 
18 program at 3t30, llw ad- 
mission will be $1 per ses- 
sion with $.50 for students and : 

To Host 

Two Virglaia Beadi etairches 
will undertake somettdng new 
to this dty but notnewtootli^ 
during Chistmas. 

First Pced)yterian Churdi 
and Galilee Episcopal Church 
will have a Christmas Interna^ 
tional Rbuse for 20 fwdp 

students who have no place to 

go during flie liolidayB. The ten 
male students will be housed 
in Galilee Churoh and the ten 
coeds will stay in the former 
First Prediyterian nanse on 
36th Street. 

Breakfast and lundi will be 
fixed by the students in their 
residence. However, tti^ will 
be guests of Vlq^ Beadi 

State ;)epartment d Education, reddenis at supper. Inaddltlon, 
the agency announced recently. ^^cH churches and dvic groups 

The alloeattons for instruc- 
tional prefects and siqpportive 
services are provided under; 
Title I of tbe Elementary and 
Secondary EducatiM Ad of 

Virginia Beach was allocated 
$476,883 foraproJedwhlcbwiU 
provide art, cultural /nrieh- 
ment, reading, mattiematics and 
mudc for 1,698 cUklren in 
kinder0irten through grade 
tiffiA, Attendant, guidance 
coimseUng, speedi Oierapy, li- 
brary, dental and medical ser- 
vicesare included. 

Mi88 Carhen 
To Appear 

to get better acqradntedwlthttM 
faodty and fellow pareds d 
the reception following the 
sledded agen^ 

Miss Lorraine Carlson of 
Virgida Beach will be mk of 
many stadeds d Dana Col^ 
in Bldr, Nd). to take part in 
two Scdtdinavian pli^ to be 
featured during a Scanfinavian 
Evedng celebrationOddJer 

UniXarlsen, Qie idb^i^er 
d Chapldn and Mrs. Arttur 
L. Sneland of Tlames Drive, 
will be amoi% to cast of I^- 
vig Holberg's "The Chridmas 

ihuff/f RENT ^li 

are welcome to eutertaia Item. 
On tbdr fird dgbt in tbe dty, 
they wlU be guests of Seataek 
Commudty Center. They wlU 
be here Dec 19-29. 

Groups wishing to entortain 
ttie stuttents are adced to eon- 
tad tbe churches as so<m as 
possible. Doi« Hubardischdr- 
maa. ^ 

Lecture Series 
Starts Priday 

Christopher Newport CoUega 
d tte College d William and 
Mary in Newport News will 
hold a reading and lecture 
series entitled "The Black Man 
in Cditemporary America" 
under sponsorship d ttil 
Humadtles Dividon d the 

Dr. Herbert A. Marshall, wlU 
lecture cnW.E.B.DiiBols' "The 
Sods d Blade Folk" Friday at 
8 p.m. in Hall 110. An ttgrnk 
disoasian Mil follow and ^'l 
ml^on is free. 

^4toveflriMr 3^ Mrs . E l ls a» 
both R. Jordan will discuss 
Ralph EUisoo's novel "Tbe In- 
yidtde Man" and on December 
11 William Carrdl will review 
"Tte Autobiogii^dMalcdm 

All ttree tedurers areootte 
staff of Norfolk State CoUege. 

A dranatic woric or film Is 
idamed Fdiruaiy 13 and Uie 
seriM wUl end with a panel 
dlsi»HSion Ittrdi 12. 

taby H—A% Roll-awty S«dt 

CMNMnfl E^ulpmant Party N«adt 

Wa off ar a complata Rantal Swvica 

, 2M ItorlH WltolNhi^ Rd. Ptiooa 499-0041 

;iooflilfl| MtiMptic rtllff tor 



yiitGmAMACH sun 


o^».^»ro A WEEKLY PICTOmi 

You can't have it. 


ISAN REWCOME 2, to BOt an iii«ry ddKrg^ttqEreidjrtoUt 

tlds is National Fire Prevention We^ October 5||i to lltb. llie fire picture shown here is not news- 
vorttqr in tbat it bqipened some time ago. However, if fliis {^cture will cause just one person to contem- 
plate irint COULD happen to their home, Itelongings and loved ones, ttiroug^ carelessness, then we will 
be Justified in having run this out da^ed picture on the fron page of IN SIGHT. 
Check your home now for possible fire hazzards and teep it safe all year long. 

8E^ Is demoostratiag tiie form be used lomakiaga 
taUsqw at Priaeess Anne Plaza United Methodist Cbiffdi caraivaL 
Sie pact 12 for more pictures of fbe carnival. 

Young people provide 

volunteer services 

CHARLOTTE BECKETT is 15 years old and 
a sofdmxffe ^ FinrtCdwial U^ sdiooLShe 
Colonel and MBS. W. R. BECKETT. Two days 
a wedE, ^er school, and 00 week Olds she 
' woiioB as a volunteer at tteS PC A. Cleaning 
cages, feeding, grooming and taking care of 
the animals and the buikUng. CHARLOTTE 
says she oijoys fbe work because she loves 
animals andfeels fbat she is helping diem a 
little Ut. Seeing her handle tte homeless 
animate you can tell that she loves the.. If 
more people loved animals as CHARLOTTE 
does there wcNddnH be so maiqr at Oe SPCA 
awaitinf adbplaii. 


w urn 

Thursday, jOcNw S, 1970 



Tte IN SIGHT pbotograpber vent to UKies Methodist Church last iveek to take pictures of a Hawailaa 
danee dass sponotred t^ the Y W C A. The (hmoe dass had been conceited hut there wtf an art class fii 
progress so instead of a dance dass Us week we hrii^Vou pictures dfaa art class. 
learn tte proper lay out of a artist pallet trom instructor, ESTELLE DUPRE. 

ELEANOR COOPER to tte hechBmrs course last msk and is now 
stetcUng a ftaper arrangeinent, fron a dtsplay, wMch ste wiU 
thra paii^ in oil. 

MRS. JCfflN F. FOSTER antlies paints to her pallet in preparation for a painting session. 

} ., 


(C^agarsy MaaieiM. Mmilerryii. 


Ov«r DmIw's bivtic* CMtl 




Subscribe To The 


to recoivo 

IN smT 

every week 

Instraetor, ESTELLE DUPRE, glvec MRS. PETE PAPPAS some 



NblttM iieh WtoMdw br totnch MlishiM Cononlioii 

MiiitMS of TIb \MNtteh &I1 
Qortfon B. MKelisH, MMMflor 


Ite Wort^ laiBil toort ^ « 




Ttniriclayi Octotei? 8, 1970 



Fall is for 



MRS. J. A. HOLSTROM and neighbor, EDDIE BATTEN 7, look on 
as family friend R. M, MILLER puts tbe flnnistung touches to a 
lamp which he installed in tbe HOLSTROM'S yard, in Thalia. 



CM^tc BeMty uid Wif Servkci 
Fi?e MimU HiUr Dqren 




Mon. Tue. Wed. Sot. 9-5 Thur. Fri 9-8 

Taking advantage of the perfect painting weather Saturday, MR. & MRS. BOB CLEARY of Thalia Manor, 
took some shelves and trimmings outside to do their painting in the sunshine ^ ■— -r^,-.^- . ... . .,.. , ^ ■ 

We have received partial shipment of our 


We are expecting the rest of the shipment this week 

=reAN AHEAD— ^ 



10:00 tilt 9:00 
Mon. thru Sat. 


5154 B Princess Anne Rbad 
In the Heart of Kempsville 
497 8153 




New Used & Reconditioned Bikes & Lawnmowers 
Largest Stock of Used Bikes Parts Around 

WE NIID Bins TO 0I». 



Thursday. OeU)b«r 8, 1970 


MILLER starte tbe 6»fs wortc tiefdf« breakfast. Tliere are approx- 
imately 75 C01VS (m the MILLER larm and miUdng is tiiefirat diore 
of ttie day. 


AMOS MILLER of Nortli Landing Road, Princess Ame Boorougii, besides being a (biry Itomer is also 
a member of the Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Department. He starte work at five AM every day to help 
his fMher^ VALENTINE E. MILLER and his brother ELVIN work their 230 acre dairy ftrm. 
AMOS MILLER and his family are Menonites and he and his wife; FRlEDGARO,iBdttietr two children, 
KAREN 4, and KENNETH 2, mate their home on the farm, Just a short tUstance 19 Nortli Landiitf Road from 
his father's home.' 

FRIEDGARO was born in Germany and caim to (^ United States Ox years ago to att^ the wedding of a 
fdend in InUaia. Before retuntfi^: to Germaiqr die vidted fri«ids in VirgUiia Beach where she and AMOS 
met and were married. ^ 

No more hand milking. Today the ndlking operation Is all mechaniied-eTea to the f6ed in tbe milldng staU 
being piped directly ftrom a silo. 

With all the mechanlation on a farm today tliere are still lots of beck-breaUne 
Jolffi to be dooe. Shovelii^; feed firom a truck into Ok silo is one of theni. 

Even tte oiiUdng machine and hoses are deamd mechanically. Here AMQS hooks 
up the B^lk hoses for deanii« and sterilising. 


Thurtday, Octobtr 8, 1970 

....all fwrmen are lm$y men 





Know a busy man? 

Throughout the city of Virginia Beach there 
are men and women who are making sub- 
staiftial contributions to their community and 
<dty and are never recognized beyond their 
immediate neighborhood. 

It is the intention of IN SIGHT to focus 
attention on such individuals each week. 
If there is someone in^your neighborhood who 
is heavily involved in community activities^ 
whether it be little leape, civic clubs or 
service organizations, let the IN SIGHT staff 
know about it. It can be a man or woman. 

Outline briefly the persons activities and 
organizations, his address and lAone number 
and mail it to IN SIGHT, P.O.Box 657 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451. 

AMOS, ri^t, and brother ELVIN, Usten as their father, VALENTINE E. MILLER, outlines work to be done 
in the fields. The MILLER'S have just completed their corn harvest and the ground is now being readied 
for the next crop. Most of their 230 acres are used to grow corn for grain and ensilage for tiie cows. 

has a new time • • • 



and a new station • . • 




TtiuKsday^^stt^ee a»^ 1070 

Bof Ota mlssioAory speaks ioGoUJeeWun«ii 

"The mooese arranged for me to have a 1971 Ford to drive 
daring my stay and it was a pleasure." 






>20 WASNilS .10 MYERS 








fs y/wr insiffht info 
what's happ§nia$ 

in yir§ini§ B§Hh 

Last week tbe womeo of GaUiee Ej^copal Church on 
Pacific Aveaue mn privHedged to have as their 
guest speaker MRS. SUSAN REED. 

REED of Bogota, Colombia. The duirch ia Botc^ 
is a mission of the Virginia Southern Diocese of thr 
E{rfscoi»I Church. 

MRS. REED arrived is the United States around 
the first part of September to enroll her daughter, 
MARY 14, in the ninth grade at Chatham Hall, 
Chatha^n, Va. During her visit to Virginia MRS, 
REED filled twenty speakii^eagagemeitfs around tha 

Before the Galilee meeting MRS. ^ED center was 
welcomed by REVEREND JOHN H. JC«DAN. JR., 
J^JJfNE BROOKE, MRS. JCtfm T. Gonmn an«! 

REVEREND WILLIAM^BRAKE, JR., asststant^ptetori 

'^ many meetings in such a short time has been very tiring 
but I've enjoyed €very minute «rf my trip." 



General Contracto 

Painting Sf Deewratino a SpeekUty 
Additions & Remodelint; 

Plione: 340.4188 
30 Yean Experience 

Thursdoy, October 8, WTO 


You never know when you'll need KELP. 

A huge, unexpected hospital and medical bill could 
put a tremendous strain on your pocketbook . . 
unless you have H.E.LP. It's the new plan of Health 
Eivense Loss Protection that lifeguards your savings 
apinst today's king-size medical expenses. Don't get 
caught with an old benefit plan. 


and be safe instead of sorry 
when medical disaster strikes. 

KettoeK -i^atou. 

"BISHOP REED lias established 13 missions in Colombia and needs tbe *»'*t'v 
of the Virginia Souther Diocese." 

.—.■ *.' « i t , 

We take PtrsoRfl PrMe In Our Work 


wTonwnos tafeplaykrs 



mm miLLAXU mi j^f gsBs 


Th9 B9st To You 

In Pktoros 



Thursday, October 8, 1970 

Homestead Civic Lea|iiie 
mixes liusiness and pleasure 

Tbe Homestead Civic League beM a qwdal meettng bat vedc at 
Woodstodc Seiuol to discuss, among otter tUoes, Ue cooiH of 
near by property. TUs meeting afforded an okvortmity Id present 
prices to tiie winners of contests lield dnrii« a i«ceat deep sea 
flsMag trip sponsored by Ite dvie leagoe. JOHN FLAMAGAN w 
presMled vitti a fisting rod for hai^ eaa0A tte taost fish. The 
presealatton was made by ART RIDDELL and RGMIOE AHGLOI. 
president iwl vice presideot, respectively. 
HOWAR^ SETIIOim, «ho vM^iot present to the pMomah. 

UK large number of resideils vbo 
dvie and eoafflMrity interest of Ok 


neettag if tbe HomestfltlCtvle Leagw attesli to the 










Thur><taY, October 8, 19T0 

Iff smr 


COST REDUCERS^-These Naval AlFSta^ 
won uceana people are seen after receiving 
certificates of merit for their support or 
actual cost reductions in the navy-wide Cost 
reduction program. Six Oceana depart- 
ments are represented: Aircraft Mainten- 
ance Department, Supply, Data Processing, 

nPOTcl/Vbrks, Air Operations and Comp- 
troller. Oceana has been chosen as Com- 
mander in Chief United States Atlantic 
Fleet (CINCLANTFLT's) nominee for the- 
Department of Defense (DO D) Cost Reduc- 
tion Award. (U.S. Navy Photo) 



— - 






■ i 


and see what 

your neighbors 

are doing- 

« "I 

3 OIEAT STORES use either 

# VhiWa iMcli IM. of iMdM liMgt 

• 1151 int Utilt Crack iMd 

BMCfe Mvd. oppoiitv Jonsf 

Cl'iv^ ' "! 



^% STrS? r 


The NOW Look in Ftishion Flares 


and Gals 


Flared Bottom \H%W IooIt B%\fS 

SlaoksA Jeans/ WMe bens of iMUier with 

. »4 

SoiiWv tMpM ond pnUi* Ivy w 


•Mortment Of taige biacMat 

l^nl Moire ffce Scene In 

Sport, Dress & 
Knit Shirts 





Bt^side d 

m smr 

TNirsdoy, October 8» 1970 

1 . Tl-i^'tf^ - 


s ''V* -t 




Guard GEIffi UMBAUGH picked up a Kellam fUmble ^ ran it 12 yards for 
Baysfde's second toucbdown d Vbe game. 

Both extra points were kieked bf BILLY PETREE, sbown bere kickii« m tte 
tell is teldby anotter well knovn player d eoaeb BOB nCKS ifarliM, LANCE 

Princess Anne lost to Maury 



Poty— tor dOMbi» fcntt» $3.25 yd. up 



"ViBit The ExpertB" 



FROSTING $18.00 

Meal for Social Functions 
In Further Informatioo 

Princess Aone lost to lianry last iraek 28^14. With Ifnry coneentratiiw on 
Iceeping JERRY MCGRATH ooder control be was ttmitidto 73 yards gtfned on 
16 carries. Princess Anne's first T D of the fane caiae in the third qiarter 
with only 46 seconds left SOfiiaE WALLS took a pass from EDDIE QIBIL 
ofer the goal line. A 77 yard {day in the fourth quarter hrooght the second 
P.A. TD.AL graANG E passed to TOM BUTTS who laferaled to STEVE HOBK. 
^who orried it OTef. - 

Phone 340-«209 
3 Doort from High's 
QiWikAnericarrf ft Maater Charge 


'y^-'-^-y^^^/ - 

N^rsday, October 8. 1970 

in smi 

9099 n 

IFirst Colonial tops Kempspille 


I In one of tte most exciting plays of the game between First Colonial 
land KempsvlUe I^KE WAREING intercepted a Kempsville pass 
land ran It ZS^urds-this with the score tied 6-6 in the third quarter. 




Wicktr dof Ms 

(Mih Mttrt) . 

20% off 

Ctnplftft liMtf 
N Mllfrs ' LNsk0s GrMining supplies 

CoxaL J^eef {Pet Mo/. 

AfMOiUi Slioiiping Center 

»tf^Jlirmrw§Mt $f§eU» im tki$ paper 






^ ♦ 



« • C iMf tkmrt ttm H tf§rt Imlff/iif fktn 
^ » F Ckrithm §th Hmns. 

I^Mf mtf fMwtrfr Mrfrs ff MfrA ytrm 

Cfff vs Mr wM jTMfr sftorfl^iis. 

9ab/tic & QJoAn Qkop 

i7«2 Mi^niMici nvi. 



Go-captain DAVID STOREY, Une- 
backer, gave Kempsville it's only 
score and big thrill of the game by 
recovering a ftimble and carrying it 
85 yards. 

For A More Beautiful You 

tJet Vur ExperlS^OtU Give You A New Hair Do 


5180 Virgrinia Beach Blvd. 


Virginia Beach, Va. 


(No Experience Necessary) 

Four Week Course-$32.50 Per Week 


5180 Vtrsinta Beach Blvd. 


Virginia Beach, Va. 


Mr Mm 

Thurfrfoy, Oetobtr 8, 197t 

Church coraiYils are ffuR and (N'offitoUe 

This is the results of the pltdiing form ^splayed bySEAN NEWCOME. See that 
polka dotted bean bag sailing into the clowns mouth to earn a prise for SEAN. 

There's sttU cotton candy around on the paper eotii, ^ 

CRYSTAL SLAYTON 5, Stands in the shade' and out c< the «lod to enjoy hers. 



a little 

Buy U.S. Savinfs Boi<U 
it FrMdom Sharer 



Shop In TlM Old Tyae Cowtry AtaoqilMre ' 



Mp":-^"- '0:.5._ Sunday 1-5 340-7359| 

purrttey* Octobar 8, 1970 

in Sim 

Pqg^ 13 






[^SPECIAL CEREMONY- -UeuteiianrCOTirinander and MRS. WAITER S. NICKERSON (left) help 
Uetitenant JERE W. WOODALL and Us wife cut cake In combination change of command-retire- 
??"L™?f?^ ^° **^ ■'^^^^ ^^"^ 2 ** "**^^ ^'•ee'' Naval Base. LCDR. NICKERSON relieved 
H' nJSS?* rr "1 <»?»M«Ung officer of Service Squadron Eight's Harbor Clearance Unit Two. 
U, WOODALL retired after nearly 29 years of service. He wiU reside in Virginia Beach. 

?!?f^w L1"^JF^^^""*®- ^^^ ^- ^^^^' ^'««)» "^on ^'•J<* or stone) and Ife. ZELMA V 
Inf «?? L ^ ^A ^'^Sf'.' f*!"/*^ ^°'"'® Departinent of Naval Air Station Oceana were presented awards 
101 j.<!0.00 ea^for their Joint suggestion, "Screen Door ModlficaUon," COMMANDER R. E PAULSEN 
■ou|Uc works officer presents the awards. The suggestion resulted in an annual savings of $40o'(X) ' 





us and Foreign 




open daily Horn 9pm 

NORFOLK 853-8)18 

a»'S APPRECIATION-Comnrissarymen Petty Officer First Class 
(CSl) KEITH BUSLER receives a letter of appreciation from 
CAPTAIN JOHN E. FORD, Naval Air Station Oceana commanding 
officer, for outstanding performance of duty In the Food Service 
Division ar Oceana. Much of the credit for the selection d Oceana 
as a semi-flnallst for the annual Ney Award is attributed to the 
efforts of CSl Busier. The Ney Memorial Award is presented In 
recognition of those Navy general messes outstanding In the prepar- 
ation and service of food and management of food service operations. 

•ff .... . . , .A. K^ 

<^ Hove the {an of making youi own ^^^^Er*^ ^k 

t Virglnld's Ho&by £&aft | 

l!i'?*/!'T'f ^**""« »**»^ 428-1355 ♦ 

J( All New Materials far 


Hovt the fun of making youi own 
^ ernomcntt, loiin ballt, dec«totioiw 
^^ Of»d moref 


C •*»»*'« "••» 'or floral C Httin 
^ Oottes Sfar f/ng Soon 


. . . Iik« no otiiar 

A pottntod mirocti bra dttigntd by a 
woman for th« bcouly ond (omforl of 
womtfl ■vtrywfMr*. Th* custom finwl 
PCNfivmCH tRA Wf.. tftopn ond forms Ih* 
■org* but! . . . •nhontes th* imotl butt witfi- 
»«l ony padding. CompM* <omfer1 with no 
strop troin. Sizat 26 t^M 'w Cup siKt A to 

Longline Styles ovoiloble in 2 lengths 




M12C ViriliiU BMd> Blvd. Viigtnui Bcsch. Va. 

PHONE 499-1708 

Ntri Door l» Virfinm Beaeh Boulevard Beuily Aaukmy 



THurs*qr» Od®*»rf , I9W 

season is on 

A fairly new inovaticm fn the Tidewater jurea, the 
garage sale, which is probably an inywrt from 
west coast, is now getting to be quite ix^mlar wij 
homeowners who clean out the gara^ and attic in the 
spring or fall. The past week end was beautiful and 
perfect for riding around garage shopping. The IN 
SIGHT photogrqjher to<A in three such sales aai 
bought a clock radio, in very good cwiditiwi, for a 
small fraction of it's original price. 

MRS. DAVE CASWELL of Princess Anne Road, Kempsville, and MR. CASWELL cleaned out 
their attic and found many items that were in good condition but that they would probably never 
use again. The prices were right so business was good. MRS.CASWELL said that this sale 
helped to get rid of a twenty-five year accumulation. 

At lies. LArrON bout's sale ill Tbali« Manor MRS. WARD IQNG wm loaUoc over 

a pUU MRS. HOUSE'S sale featarad koontidd Items and dotMng for vlieh sbe bad no 


8bot03ag ttese sates Is tm and you'd be sunvised at some of tiie barf^iv a person 

can g»t. Try It* 

At MRS. KENNETH G. IRCMJS sale in her garage on Bark Lane in Araiona 
tlieJN SIGHT pfaotograplier found MRS. SHAREN HARDING, and son, BRYAN 
looUng over an intercom system. MRS. IRONS explained tiat It would be And 
to have one in tbe baby's room to listen in on Mm. Tte IRONS are moviMto 
CMcago and they Have three children, a dog, a camper and two cars. They must 
gtjld^<rf some tUngS'-but tbey won't consider parting wifli the dog. iS. 
IRONS had already sold a power mower, an air coaditfoner and a chain »w. 

Don't Miss an issu« of 


Subscribe now and also rocoivo tho 


..=-.wa-^-i.r<---vJ»-i^- -^^mm 

I ij ii ia ii j l u .4 ^\ mmm mmi j ^i 

Ttiur»day, October 8, 1970 



As An Introduction to our new 


Subscribe to 

M. Sf ACM INSIGHT W»BklY PictoritI 

ffefii/or5.20 VqIm 



ktiuhrly 5.20 a ytar 


aip And Mtil TIM Ifitredudory Coupon Mow 




— —Zip. 

Of-MonoyOiMf AndRotanito* 




Page 16 


Thursday, Oetcdwr 8, 1970 

The Dodge Boys Say 


BIIIThompMn , . Walt Royal ^ 

This week, we proudly invite you to see 


for openers, 
you get four wide Hoors. 


Th(; greol shope at standard hardtop prices. 
That sherd to top. 


Here's a Cbupe you con cope with. 

We iKirrK-d it 


U) ((K)l yt)i(i wife 


Either way 
you get a wagon full of extras. 

1970 CARS 





OR 50,000 MILES 


3443 Viiirii Im* IML tt MiiMt Amh not 

/ Oodgu 




ll l ll l#f|lglHJ | llT 


45lh Yfear No. '3*7 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, October 15, 1970 

Telephone 428-2401 

10 cents 


By Raymond WiiUama 

noted Virginia Beach 

psville May 

Strange Health CHart 

QUESTION: In 1962 my husbtad and I went ii^ busineffs for 
(Hirselves. Six months later I became ill and had to undergo 
surgery. It Ins been a difficult seven years, and even now busi- 
ness is not good. What does ttie MiHat boU? i 

ANSWER: Since ]k>u did not have your htubsnd's time or Idrth, 
I have to work with your horoscope only. To begin witti you have 
a wry strange planet placement In your boroscope. The planet 
Nei^une is stationed in the sixth house (gDvendng the health). 
This placement of Neirfkie is quite ccmfuslng In so fltr as the 
health is concerned. I have seen literally huo^eds of boro- 
8cop»8 wltti tbis configwratlMi and in every case they had 
strange bealth situations arise that Oie doctors could not find 
tte cause for. Neptune tends to cloud over everything and it is 
often impCNSsible to properly diagnose your health conditicm. 
Tbere have been several cases where the person has under- 
tone surgery only to have the doctor tell Oem later Oat it was 
Sot necessary. Also, it is nearly Impossible to recuperate 
properly when Neptune4s in the house of the healttu 

As f^ as the future is concerned itwould appear the worst 
is over for some time. The reason that you have been feeling 
better lately is that the Sim, by peogftsAm is moving to a very 
good aspect to (be planet Saturn. TUs sbpuMstablUze the healtti 
md brii« about a renewed vitality. 

The pUnet Mars, wttch bu been the cause of tbe surgery and 
1 many of your otiier troubles has now moved out of orb of angr 
major aspect. For tbe past four years it has been afflicting 
fltt planet Pluto. We do not know too mudi about I^luto at tiiis 
time, but it ^ipeaxs to have some affect on tbe 8id)C(Hiscious 
i^vIBes of tbe ndnl'. Ibis ocrald ^o Inelnde the reciQierattve 
powers of the mind. Prior to Hat it ins ia starong aspect to tbe 
p^iet Mercury. This could cause notUng but worry, and 
ag^vation, since tbe planet Mercury, fovems Qm bouse of 
partnerships, your marriage must surely have 
suffered at tiiu time. 

Ai|i I steted earlier, I feel that the worst is over. TUnps 
sho^d Sfluxrtb. out for you considerably and there should be 
a f^<k BUHre even time in Uie future. Finances should inmroi« 
at ttie nme time as well, (do not Mok ^ qu exped to gn ,rich 
all of a sudden, but there should be Some improvemenl in a 
matter of ninths. 

He's Matnrif^Qiikkly 

QUESTION: I, lllce many I suppose, never tbou|^ I would be 

jg writing to your column, I am eoiKerned about owe soi^We 

■■§ have never h^ a% need to be omcemed in the pa^but luely 

he seems to feel b9 is a faibire at everytUng, laod itf only nine 

years old. Can you help us to understand irtiat is l^^ening? 

Sipied A Believer. 

ANSWi:R: There is really nothing to be con<%rned about. 
It does seem nUher strai^ie ttat at tbe age of nine he could feel 
he is a failure, but (^Idren mature rather quickly these days. I 
would not look toward his teacher for the cause of ttie trouble. 
He is simply going ttirougbaraBwrdiftlcaUtime, astrologtcally, 
and wben tbis passes he will iddc up where be left oft. Tbe Moon 
rules the emotional nature and at this time the dkkh) in his 
horoscope has moved, by ixrofres^n, to a rather malefic 
aspect with ttK ptaoet Venus (tbe feeling nature) and tiie planet 
Uranus. The nature of Uramis is su<^ tittt he has acted rather 
irratlMtally at tim^ I am sure, but this will pass quite quickly. 

His natal horoscope has some n^ier tjiffldilt aspects in it, 
sudi as Oe planet Sftuili in conJumsOon with the ascendant. Sat- 
urn tends ^ restrict (HT depress the things witti wbidi he betimes 
involved. He will therefore be a somewhiU serious person as be 
grows older, wiUi periods of moodiness too, since tiw moon, ^ 
most diai^eable of the planete is statfoned there also. Love is 
ttie answer. It alwa^ is, and criticism, or trying to make our 
diildren what we want them to be, ooly stifles ttieir growth. 

If he does nd snap out of it soon, tfit In toudi again and I will 
be han)^ to rectify the chart for a more accurate analysis. 

Could Be An Astrologer 

QUESnON: As a student I am ui^ure of tte cmirse of toy 
futiare and my career. Lately I lorvebegtm to investigate astro- 
olgy, are tbere any good bodes oo ttie sd)Ject? Signed Aquarian 

ANSWER: First, since I have reached tbe age d forty, I think 
that there should be a law aplpst anyone being ninete«) years 
old. It just doesn't seem fair. 

I am surprised that you know ttwt you tfe an Aquarian, Cancer. 
Most d tbe letters I revive firom psofAe irtio feel they know 
wbat thdr rising sign is are so co mplete ly df thai it is really 
often quite ftmny. ^^ 

As &r as ttK career that you could follow, I migbt suggest a 
career in astrology, since you are Iderested in it. This may 
souad strange ii tUs ttme Iwt in ttie Man there will be a 
complete reception d ttie sdence d astrology. Of course 3^ 
wUl have to have a degree in somethiag In orier to do graduiAe 
woric in ttie sdence and poor folks like me wiU not be acceptable. 
If y<Ni do«d)t4iA»t I say Is true, you wUli)erba{» be surprised to 
know that astrology is already bdag taught in no less than forty 
colleges and udversities aromd ttie ooudry. Trw,itte an adult 
educati(»al program and ertra-currlcular, but tau^ there 

Writing is one d the tMngs you can do well. Venus, in your 
hoiinscope te located in the dp d Virgo, which indi<»tes tbe 
mettculcws inv^igs^ and writer. More on flie twin d tttt 
sdentist ttan if Vems were in ttie sip d Ceroid, tee otter 
dgn d writii^^ Geodd te owre related to fidlaa ttan sdutific 

'niere are several ttlnp ^u codd do tb^ W(Mild be qnite re> 
wardii^. There Is no need for you to be omoemed wltti tasome. 
YM^tave the sip d ^ggitteriis 00 tee.Mkewaven (tte pdd in 
te ftwcseope goveM^ tte i^attoD in lite) and Jqdter (tbe 
grei^ bemflc) te looked In ttf see^ boioe (ruli% mdi^). 
WteA you have a iK>nMnation like tUs you mimA lose. Jiqiter 
is tbe nH»t e^Kt^sive planet In tbe soUff system and vbat it 
tMcMi bei^te tran^radwsly. ^noe jmtare ft statlonedln tbe 
tt »<mA hmsi d money and it is tiK roll^ of ^ career bouse it 
V isodte^aartb^nuneywiUM^teaiVoblen. Inaddtttonto 
tttte, Jqiter Is being well i^pe^tad % tbe (daaete 'Mercury Ml 
Pl«o. It te true tt^ we do n^know too modi abod Pluto d ttis 
fks$, biA uie d tee teii«i we ito know is ttnt It napifl«i 
m0^ ^tti whtdi it conM la csolld. 

tiM rip d Sa^ttariw te:tti dp d sdei^e, |bl)oe(^, 
ud all kiaiidlili^ educ^ou tliisioA^MyM muU io «dl 

(Cod. oA pm S) 

Uaoef, It te essentisa to 
prc^r KTomte and emusion 
lor any area. In tUs atfotmtf 
means toortem to many/ bat 
to dty plttners it means beed«) 
economic and industrial devel- 

Until 1963, tbedtydVirginia 
Beach oonststed only d a tiny 
land mass fronting on a sandy 
strip of the Atlantic Ocean. 

And from that valuable strip, 
tbe new City d Vir^a Beadi 
h^ been deriving ite major 
economic benefit, tor tourism 
and ite related businesses top 
tbe list as tee laoney makers, 
followed by ^ieolture. 

But more recently, dty offi- 
cials and planners lavie begun 
to realise tee ^ue and ne- 
cessity d devetoping industrial 
sites thorugbod ttie dty. 

The lated pUuming repori, 
tbe Kem|)6Ville Development 
Plan, may dtd* tbe b^ sites 
in the dty for teat industrial 

there are two sites for in- 
dustrial develqpoKnt witein tb» 
Kempsville Borough, says tbe 
tdandng staff, and they are tbe 
Greenwldi industrial area and 
(he Centerville indosira^-of- 

For Dr 

WilUam A, Fls|\er was s«tt* 

enosd 'to 25 years 1n'j|ri8dt 

We^M^day alter bdng ^wS^ 

' fiiUlf by a Ctvedt Ctnsrt ]tu7 

otjm charge of illegal sale d 

Isher, b, of La F<^ Ap- 

imente on Laskin Rdad, was 
arrested ki^. 28 during an i^l 
dgbt round<^p by poUce d per • 
sons te the dty suspected d 
violating stete narcotic cmtrol 

Offidals had cbarfMl Fteber 
wlte transacting a sate d USD 
on Aug. 13 at a locatidi on At- 
lantic Avenw. 

Tbe jury returned its verdid 
guilty as dtarged wlte a rec- 
ommended pudsbment of 25 
years to prism d4:17 p.m. The 
jury began deliberatidis d 3:27 
p.m. following a trail which 
lasted 5 1/2 to 6 hours. 

Defense Attorney Ridiard 
Brydges, i|Mn hraring. the 
jury's verdid, motlcmedtobave 
tee verdid set aside. However 
JudpPuilAddss overrdedthe 
motion and pronounced sent- 

Commonwealth's Attor- 
ney Ai^re twbs represented 
the City in prose<»ition of tee 

flee area. 

Couple these areas with a 
strong pd«itial labor market, 
and ideal sites for expansion 
have been developed. 

The GreenKidch area, says tee 
repori, "is ideally sdted to 
li(^t industrial, office, ware- 
housing and wholesaling opera- 
tiohs." Already, 25 per ced d 
tee designated area has been 
devel^iJBd-or te under consid- 
ertdon for development. 

That U^s dxNit 150 acres 
te tee dreenwich area left, wlte 
every acre a didce site, ac- 
cording to tee dty and hd 
witeout justification. 

City planners point to seven 
reasons as fhdr Justification. 
They are; 

* A well develqied U^way 
network, teduding twolder- 
stetes, and connections wlte tee 
Hunpton Roads and Chesapeake 
Bay Bridge tunnete. 

* Railroad access provided by 
tee Norfolk and Souteern Rail- 
way, which connecte wlte the 
Norfolk and Western Railway. 

* Easy access - five minutes 
driving time - to the Norfolk 
Regional Airport. 

* Sewer and water bulk lines 
Mrtiich criscross d strategic 
pointe within ,the complex area 
as well as a power substation 
on Greenwich Road and a drdn- 
age system wite two barrow dte 
for addittooal support. 

* That the ar^ is in the 
geoprapdcal center d tee met- 
ropolitan area, dicing it nuurer 
to tee tebor force residential 
9fmi Wf well as the oteer !&• 

(ape 'Kenqsvlile* p. 16) 


For John and Nevin Nichols, Wednesdays 
will soon hold special meaning, probably 
for thanksgiving, for Wednesday John 
Nichols almost drowned in % strong out- 
going tidai, Had It not been for a qu I ck- 
witt<^^&|»Mat».whosa jaame is unknowa. 

Nichols might not be with us. The unknown 
rescuer swam on a raft out to Nlcholsand 
kept him afloat, for the crucial period until 
the Fire Depftrtment could a r r i v e. The 
look on M r t. Nl eholft' face can only do 
ju&tlCie4Ath« feeling of tli^momeflU 

improve Apartments 

, Desdte tee protest of a mem- 
ber of Virgida Wesleyan Col- 
legl's board d trustees, tee 
Plllmlng Comndsdon Tuesday 
ai^oved a dunge of zodng 
iMlication for construction d 
t^tmed udte across from 
tel sdiool. 

TlM applicati(»i, flled^by the 
E.V. WilUams Co., caUed for 
a change of zodng from a re- 
sidence suburban dtetrid to 
multiple family red(tence and 
pneral and limited commer- 
cial distrids oa land (east of 
Baker Road and north andsoute 
of Moore'^ Pond Read. 

AH>earing before tee com- 
mission for the college was 
Robert F. Boyd, who sdd tee 
oollep chose ite presed site 
wlte the understanding that the 
complex would have buffer 
zones around it. 

Boyd said that approval d tee 

Williams ^iplicafion wmild be 
tee end of a buffdr to the 
east d the complex and would 
dtimatley be an undesirable 
element In tbe area. 

tHe sdd that the "board asks 
you keep property te 1^ edu- 
catlonalty condodve environ- 
med" around tee school. 

Virgida Wesleyan's jpbyslcal 
plant, whidi Boyd* said was val- 
ued at $10 mlllios,wasdes^ned 
to last several budred ytMurs. 
TUs added to the cost dctei- 
strudlon iNit it was felt ne- 
cessary, be said. 

To dice 166 redal udte a- 
cross tee dred from tee 
sd^I will reduce ite value 
imen tee udte begte to deter- 
iorate after a period d Ume, 
Boyd said. 

But Boyd saiA tbe adtoxA'a 
triBtees were nd (^^osed te 
(K)nstection d dng^e fudly re- 

Firemen Pay Tribute to Atwater 

Garland M. Atwater Jr. Fireman of the 
Year 1968. 

Final tribde was pdd Wed- 
nesday to Assistant Fire Chief 
Carlaid Marvte Atwder, Jr., 
idu) died Saterday dg^t u he 
was learing a fire it Tourtet 
Haven Mdd, 15te Street and 
Atlantic Avenue. 

Hundreds of friends joined , 

Afwater's famili; d Galilee 
Episcopal Church to h(»tor Mm 
during final services c(mduded 
by Rev. John H.^ J(»dan,^r. 

Atwater's flag-draped caslnt 
was pieced atc^ a pumper- 
ei^ne fire truck for tbe ^ur- 
ney from the Maestas Funeral 
Home to Galilee Churdi, tten 
to Eastern Shore Cbapel Ceme- 
tery for burial. FeUow firemen 
J^om tbe Beadi Bor(H# Fire 
Department, who served as pall 
bearers during tbe service, 
rode on tbe truck flanking tbe 

The casket was carried into 
the diapel terough a dod)le lint 
d firemen from tbe various 
fire deiMrtmente d Virgida 
Beadi. Messrs d tee polioe 
bomtr gttrd dipped flafs u tbi 
"castot passed bdwe Oem. 

A ba^ d City dfidaii^ in- 
dudi^ fornwr Itiyot FrukK 
Dusch and PoUee Cttd W.W. 

8ris, idmA te tea flaal tei- 
Is to Atwder. tbosealtenltng 
r service laduded members 
d tbe City Coondl, repress* 

(See Atwa^ Page 5) 

ddences m tee miroived dte. 
These, be codeoded, would con- 
tloue to ad as a buffer. 

"We wad to keep it as 'un- 
dense' as we can," Boyd sdd. 

Commisdra didrman Ben 
WrotMi asked Boyd if the school 
had couidered a stadium neur 
the area and was told yes, d 
which pdd commtesioner J. 
Iterry Mde asked iteether tbe 
ligbte from tbe stadium dd|^ 
would be any wwse oa single 
homes than on apartment udte. 

"Beddes," be said, "if peo- 
pte dte't Uke the Ughte and 
teey're renttng they can give 
one moil's notice and move 
od. Someone who owns teem 
will have a harder time leav- 

Hie approval, iteldi was 
unadmous, came afl«r a 90- 
day deferrd pending a study 
d the college area wite re- 
sped to the Bayside Plm. 

While Carrii^[ton was wor- 
ried abod tee sdiool dteation, 
tee codmisdMi hurried along 
the way three applications to 
operate nursery schools and day 
care centers te tee dty. 

Applicafions were node and 
approved for use permite by 
Mrs. Mary Werner fortbe Ara- 
gona Village area, Lorette B. 
WilUson and Carol Ann Pqpe 
tor tee Uteview Park area 
and Mrs. Frances FilUol tetee 
Pinewood Gurdens Area. 

AcconUng to tbe spUcante, 
«ich school las been idd bjf 
the stete that it can handle 
about ^ diildren. ^'• 

The ounmisdon also ap- 
proved diange d xodng and 
use permit appttcaficns t^ Ro- 
bert L. Wilson ad Assodates. 
to c(»>strud 360 garden apart- 
meds on a dte between tbe 
Virgida Electric and Power 
Compel^ pUd mi Laskin Vil- 

Attorney Thomas Broyles 
said tee apartmente were in 
tee "luxury class" zbA woukl 
be teree, two, and one bedroom 
effidenq^ type udte, 

Plandi^ drecfaf Clartes 

pusine^SMi. >■>■>.«... .»».««»».« v 
Clasdfieds.....«...»...M« JO- 1 1 

CABtOf lftifl *»ew efe «ee««***#«*—**^ 

wporio«*«»*«»#««*««»«a«»« •••■•••••••*•*' 


CarriagtoD tokl comidsdcoi 
teat be bad rdodved a cri- 
ticai sdiool report on tbe com- 
ptex» md tbd it wodd geo- 
erde d>od 153 stededs te all 
gradesi adding to wbd he de- 
sedbed as already oveifear* 
dened spools. 

In other mdters, tee com- 

*Approved a use peridt 9* 
pUcatioD bf Foaotdnhetd of 

Virgida Betdi to omdrud a 
106-fidt d|M rtary motel be- 
tween 6te and Tte Streete on 
tee OceauCPSBf. ' 

*Approved o appHcattnnter 
a use permit tar Carrote» 
Homes, Inc. to donstruct IS3 
i^artsMls. di tee nortewed 
edratt of PrUeiti Ante nd 
HiU Prince Roads. 

^Approved didige d wo$ai 

(See'PI«iaer8)pLl® ^ 

Brickell Terms 
Council ^proval 
as Significant 

School Sopt. E. E. Briekett 
told S<^od Board members 
Tuesday that U te "tremeBd- 
ously sigdfleant**iiittbewbde 
City Condi voted te tevor d 
the pteiiMd$tt,400,000baiare. 
ferentam f(^ scbodsiaddtes. 
If s a contimiatloo d our co- 
operattee Witt CouBcU. 

"My hope te Ugt we can 
bold tbte vote teneHttf te Ibe 


Dadel Colmn, IS, became 
tee 28te traffic idaUty d tbe 
year te Virgbte Beach in a 
siaiile flar M^taift osbrpn's 
Road MoBd^r iAemoon. 

PoUce olfidiAi sM Colmaa 
recdved sevwe teterad tejar" 
ies wten he ins throm firom 
a car bd^ Mven l^ his 16- 
^ar-<M l^Hif Od^Vbere^ 

tejulM, i^ter lbs vM(^ ear* 
effied od d eooipol lid on^ 
tened into t AM. 

Tw} otttt ptWMgen,idHt- 
ified as Roed*^ Ito^ 13, 
sol iCeiBdk M, I^ 1^%M«^ 
dito ttoom few tee vdld^ 
Roosb rttteteiid dttiAte 1»- 
^u^M, v^ite ^1e reeved te^ 

All d tee e&:i9Ute r^Med 
tetee 4M0 block dL^Co^ 
in Virgida Beub. 

flrsi twe fwks d Deeembw," 
sdd Brideia. flie dde of tbe 
rdkrwHtam te sd I7 Clrcoit 

Repi^ <» bote a pl^ pro- 
gram te ttenopiSif ii4 on die 
pdWc i^iod rei^ i»>gmm 
were beard ^ tee JM^jk^ 
Mis. Mitf BartWf wsms' 
vte<g t< bflnenH idn^tinn,iBd 
kUte BBlen Estes, bosiiiesse< 
UBittdi tudM ff il Kempsvil 
an Scbool nhare tee m 
pro^HD was instigated, s& 
ted aiwit 50% d all Steap^.. 
rapl9 1 stodeds f»U or 4Nfr 
QisL llerefore macfalQe tran 
oiptiai was oOered to M) gte- 
deflte» teteeted as prob«btelill| 
■rec te skorthind, md ttM^^ 
Mttv Witt the _ 
iMdi were teat by I&M. 
gni^ and atttlnde imp*' 

Mrs. Bttber sUd tbat . 
pnMAe fidteres te sbcNrte 
are osnally recopilsed «a: 
br teachers. She aild^' 
Met than halt («e|i) 
doteds who completed : 
niAgr I last year s- 
te ^nography n 

\ms Patrida Kit. 
Kv d t »jtegjpro » 
tosd tee piDgreas < 
%m ivoirtin beguu 
pMteMd tte-ee "^ 
siM teere art .„.. ,_ 
or tM time 

Opens Current 
Sefison Oct SO 

ntfiut BwGb uttit 1%M 

win o|«o Its curnHoIni- 

b Robert AadnsoB*! 

srowiwiy dramt "I NevtrSuw 


Ite utay, ifUeb hu rte«^ 
IMM iBtd* into ft movie ^r- 
rlag Mthyn DoQilii, oaaimu 
the lifik of OBtenrtiadbt te- 
twMD a irtdomd aMfle-ftgad 
nu and bU eMarly partMi. 
His nfU be the flrstTldev^r 

It Is the first Uttte ttieatre 
vrodactfoB slnee Vaj dvm 
vhen Ike gnap had to vaeale 
tbe Courtyard Plaibowe be- 
eaase tte lease eivtred. Hmt 
vers anaiile to find a nibl^ 
hooe last fan and ramdoed 
dailE aU season exeapt tar a 
prodnettoB of ShakMpi«t'i 
"MMnmner Ittihrs Dream" 
at Virflda Beaeh Joaior ffifli 


Tbt carrent season became 
poss^ iR«r (^npPOBiMai 
made rebMnti qpaeeavaUsble 
aat Mt Vim Vnm lloM«ro- 
ikm the mamm ^ tte Bay 
nvbonr Cfaft, former^ apri- 
wie drib bolMvapidtte sap- 
per (ft(b» 

It ittl, ialifei, be tte first 
dfaMMheiuIre flpeiilleiilDrfiie 
PMort Mrea. The dosast tfm- 

AM^. Sets 

"j^^omolac Tmnr Psychic 
PolMNd" irtll be the tHeme of 
mA iwt^u eotfWMea at tte 
A«Ki^ittoat iar ^setfi^ and 
Q^lMimit, 67th Street nd 
AftM^ Afmae. 

The leeteMirtU be held at 
^ Mfe tfrt iM be flpwrto the 

Qi Msnday thi Rov. /aha 
Beams of IMabarfh, Pi. «U1 
iM^Bre CB "He to^ptoe as 
a n^da Jamn^ft.*' 

Oa I^BMtav l4»is B(g«ii^ 

Uar opw^W Is a» Lake 

Wit|^ PlaihoosecBNarttaBv* 
ton Boidevwd rt tbe ll<»f<dk 

"I Never Sugfwl^r^her" 
viU be pf«i«rted October 10- 
31, MommbMr 6>?ttAlfovenA«r 
n-14. ^M dlmer «iU 
be mrved ttaia 7 to 8 p.m. 
and ewrtain tbae vdU be 8s30 
p.m. Tbe teMSfi Hill be open. 

lie idagr Is «der flie dtrec- 
ttoo of UrrisWUllaffls «tfh 
Mrs. J«m VmUmtb as i»ro- 
daev Mil HaiDert Barren as 
te<ABlctf dlreelw. 

Tte tour iMd rol«i «1U be 
peftr^red Iqr Jchn hbcArUav 
as file itfhiKjRebeeealtesdl 
tt tti mothn-; Fof Sbtai as 
the soni aad B^ Kraec^r as 
file dm^r. 

OOer iMiBiwra ci flw cMt 
ladade Del Jones, Jaae Wil- 
Unstm, Barren, Soott Prenfi^ 
Jim Elfish and Dave J<»e8. 


TfiMet Juveolte Divlslai Det. 
UA. Ives sajtt he arrestedfeor 
rmt men la m early Aiodar 
nonlaf for viobElion of drt^ 
rinse laws. 

AmxKri^ki Ives aadi of fiie 
sa^pei^ wu arraitod la tte, 
UOO block of Utfie Beck Bond 
It a loci^oo Usted as fiMlr 
address. ^ 

Ivn Indleited •hiraes J. Aa- 
derstn, 20, Cloaent li. Zar, 
20, liid Robwt A. Acosta, SO, 
fere each ehariid vdtti pos^ 
session of laarllnna. Riaard 
A. AnMrsoo, ^ ims diarfed 
vlfii poesessioD of opton. 

A yoong voman, tdentifled as 
M^ldeoe B. JoUey, 22, of Nor- 
toft, wa diarged vrifii Indecent 
espesure ni the time of ttie 
ofiwr arrests. 


Vlitrtffjq B#^ Sun 

TlMrtctoy, OctoNrlS, 19T0 

Liberace, ^e showj^m 


His Audience Adores Him 

Dramatic coaching is provided by Mrs. 
Penny Martin, rigiit, as TerrI Gardner, 
left, and Sherron Blacic reliearse "Ecole 
de Ballet." 

3 Groups to Perform 

A ^leC Gala is planned at 
2 pjn. Sadvrday, Oct. H at 
Lake 'tuflotf^ SdMdl fea- 
tnttar perlmnances by three 
ballet companies. 

Performiiq; In "Cbu^cal Di- 
wrttsements*' and "Ecole de 
Battett" «m be Virginia Beach fl^Q^ II w^ f^^ 
BaUet Company, Penlmula I^CttUlIIlt: lUl 

PaMie Scho(ds,fdflilArai* Percy 
Snilh UB exeodlve director for 
the Penlnsala mi Urs. Norman 
Biggs and Mrs. Chartes Gar- 
diner as emcittvedirectorsfor 
Virginia Beadu 

apQreiM^taaeher,iiUltalk Mfifit W^ 
on "A S^ Doorway to Psychic *'*''*'•' ▼? l^U. 

I^xt Tharsdiiy. anne iflUw 
of Hew Twki^^oB "Where 
tte Shoe Ptts,*; Ull^ ia the 
of sewrti 

of • 

CNi OelQbw23BJigbXfniCiqm», 

direotor of tlie As- 

The District L Assodattoaof 
Classroom Tcaidiers nUl have 
Ite amiiial American Edwaitton 
Week (»nmr eirWednesday,Oct. 
21, at e p.m. at lake Wrlfht 

Dm Rapier, praUtent-eleet 
of the Vlq^Bla EdBcationAsso- 

soetatte, «in talk on "Madlng dattoo, will be the sp^er of 
HftHe Eiperleocai^ AmUot^'M evenlnK. 
1^." Tickets for tbe dbmer may 

A period far ^aastknis and be seeored from theCJassroom 
aasveni vrm foilo«ev«7lec- Teachers r e py w ^eat a tlTO In 
tere, eachsi^ool. 

Company and Norfolk 
Ci^e Ballet. Gene Hammett is 
duragrii^r. Perry Brunson, 
balirt master, and Mrs. Penny 
llartiiL dramlttc ndme direc- 
tion. ^ 

Tbe program is beii% spm- 
Mred by fiie P.T.A.'s of the 
Northern Secttoo of Norfolk, 
Q^ Cldb and Tidemter Ballet 
Attodi^on for file benefit of 
Norfolk's Planetarlom Fond. 

Sotolsts wUl Include Unda 
Boprad, CatlqrCatoo, Lorraine 
Grtvai, Sberi wisotr and Terri 
Gaithier. GoMt artists viUbe 
Terri Vigilante, Radio City 
Ua^e HaU; Gene Hammett, 
NortoUc BaUet Company, and 
Greg Bitftaiai^ AmertcanBaUet 
Center and Joltrey n Ballet 

The prottram is under tbedi- 
rectitMi of Mrs. Ina Johnsob, 
coordinator t&e tbe Norfolk 

Poetry Feb. 1 

The Poetry Society <rf Vir-;, 
ginia has amoonced its 47th 
amiual omtest. Eight prtaes to- 
talling $350 are being offered 
during 1970-1971. Two of fiije pri- 
zes are restricted to nwndaers 
of file Society, two are opm 
only to resfdents of Virginia, 
one is fbr ooiU^atudartaoQlyt 
and fiu;ee are open to aisqrone. 

The cmtest aoses Februuy 
1, 197U 

Persons desiring details of 
file various awanJte and rules 
of thecontestdiouhlsendaself- 
^glft^SBi, stanqDed envelope 
fo Mr. Ramon Willard, Coldest 
Chairman, Poetry Society of 
Virginia, 3510 Gregory Pond 
Road, Rldunond, Virginia, 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ed McMahon, 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburn, 
George Carlin, Al Capp, 
Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Considine and Elie Abel 
are regulars on 

Can you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 




H»re uresomeidioDMycai- 
ri<^ Llberace a te-l»w 
ei^r^Mr. Birt fii^ are Mdly 
ntfstalnn. The griairihg little 
r/lma pia]^ and Usoindeld^ra 
ure sttU vtTf oniKii tfooad waA 
his foUoirti^ if aa (tevotaA as 
ever. ^^ntearanw^NmKved 
by W^ ^itorday ni^ ^ ttie 
nuni^ira Cottsevm proved fiiat. 

Nearly 5,W fans were (» 
hand to gre» their idol and if 
^r age aver^id 45 to 60 it 
realfy ^nt na^r. Tbey tad 
as mucA eiMiuidasm and verve 
as five y«^(«stersf^owi^ file 
Giie» Who, Uad ^ppUn &c 
i^NBever. The audenee wasn't 
maite 19 of Utfie old ladiM. It 
was as masoiUne m fendi^ 
tmd IheyaUwelconiedttieenter- 
tainer idfii opsn arms. Tliey 
adored Us^ , 

lUsAiriffised fids particular 
reviewer. libera^ has never 
bem a favorite sod, even after 
seeii^ tdm, stiU isn'ta&vorlte 
but onettinghehasisdiowman- 
ship and an ability to win over 
his audience.... even sdDepfical 
crittcs. He does it primarily 
vdtti honesty. 

"Would yw like to see my 
Jemled watch? Aftor all, you 
paid for it." 

Wifii fids he walkeddowninto 
he anttence and faced a near- 
stampede as Ihns pressed to see 
Ms elaborate jewelry. But 
Uberace never lost his cool. 
"Tbe ttme is fiuree nMes past 
10 (ttamoods," he quipped. 

Even If the man cannot be 
appreciated as a lianlst, and he 
Is eertalidy not a first order 
pittdst (sour notes are ncA im- 
oomaum), he nrart be^ftf'ecia* 
>ted for his arcing, filts ootfUs 
are many, Mdi more specta^- 
ar than fiie ofiier. "Somettmes 
I d(m*t beUeve ttiem myself," be 

He whipped onto ttie stage to 
open (he diow in a flmr-laq^ 
fttr coat with floglic sleeves 
and fUrry pom-pomvbatt(»s.It 
Ddgjit have beensable and miidc 
Ooty his ftarrierkno^fiorsure. 
tt was lined In brilliant purple 
satUu He <|Hlddy removed the 
coat ("TUs fillip's so hot. Pm 
about to die,") and revealed an 
orange velvet suit trimmed in 
orange sequinsjodartanestone 

And that WW Just ttie tegin- 
tiiatb, Perhaps the , mos t 
Interesttng iras ttie mirrored 
vest ("Five fiioosand little mir- 
rors. aU pot OQ by hand. . . Jgot 
so tired!") be wore wifii his 
western outfit whldi east re- 
fledidte on fiie d<Nned cdling 
in ttme wifii file mnrtc Abuilt- 
in tt|^ show, so to qieak. Cer- 
tainly the most eqiensive was 
tile one In whldi he closed ttie 
show. A beaded tuxedo, complete 
witti tails, with dlamondbottois 
fiiat speUed out his name. 

Wifii aU of fids spectacular 
ti^on file nmsic was almost 
secondary. He had a number of 
good selecttoos— Us recorded 
"The Inqpossible Dream^' and 
file Gershwin medley were «c- 
ceptional— but fiie musioil pro- 
gram was pretty run-<rf-fiie- 

In fact, if it bad not been for 
file appearam^ of Miss Fay 
McKay, one of file nuist talented 
women ever seen in (his area, 
the show might have become 
monotonous. But Ifiss McKav 

j$dB^ up m tempo, rifUeved 
Uberace tot some 30 Kdm^ 
oar wHre, indpr»Mca}lyiniU»d 
away with tteeottre ^w. 
lUs renurtadde n^iMn mu^ 
wet^ afood 300 p(»mdsbotsbe 
nwv^ Ute a eta^ on f^ and 
belte cwt a aoBg 'with uidi^ev- 
abte rtiyttuB and gusto. 
IffiM MdCay*8 rendittoo (rf 

"The Twelve l^ae ctf Christ- 
mas", In wUchidiB gnuhially 
become ti^atcated from Uie 
various spirited gifts "my true 
love ^ve to me", was iteoli:^ 
oterteiqmert. Memr have I 
sees a fmmter act* TheauiUence 
toved her, wouMnt let her iHvt 
m stege m^ it was obviowly 
ttme to torn the show baAover 

K(Mc^ the irttnctti^ desip 
in file planting. Hie small trees, 
inclu(tti4 a crape miyrtle, have 
been used to give some heij^t 
to the Undscaplng pattern. 

M<^ce the new Texaco Service 
Center on 82ndStreetatttie ent- 
rance to ttw Virgioia Beadi- 
Norfolk Eqiressway.ThebuIk}- 
ing was (^n for Iwsiness last 
sprUig, but file grcMinds mve 
just recently be«i o(»npleted. 

There are ott»r good features 
to ttils station ttat will merit 
your attention. Neat, dark green 
litter cans are placed in c<»- 
venient spote. There are no ug- 
ly, flasMng signs or waving 
banners to annoy the motorist. 
The manager is eager to do ^ 
pert to make Vir^nia Beadi a 
more attractive community in 
which to ttve*^"Beauty is Good 

to file master UmMlf. 

Witt the exGQitioD of Miss 
M^^s pertitf mairae andsome 
onMuifl^ JiqSi^ by a 10 
year oU ^ Uberace held file 
sti^ tiie enttre ttme. He's an% 
eo^teiMr. .llien's no <tonbt 
alwiit ttat. & hm a most en- 
joyable show. And Us audience 
atores Um. Arnaxti^. 

— — Ridiy Jean PUlUps 

Is spealxr 

Horace Clsto^ a principal 
of ttie Terry C(ni7oartt<m of 
Virginia Bidhters and Devel- 
(Ven in Virgtnla BeaclL.spoke 
recentty at staff menjbers of 
fiie^Vocattoial TrainingSdiools 
in CbesQiMke. . 

He teUeed on file "Inqmrtence 
of Free Erterprise, and What 
It Means To The Hi{^ School 
Student Today." 

Clstola is greatly interested 
in the yoi^ ol to^ and the 
part they will j^ in ttie ftiture 
of ttie homebuilding industry. 
In keepti^; with tUs interest, 
he iras tnstromeidalinorganiz. 
ing the ScholarsUp House for 
Tidewater Assodattm of Rome 
Builders several years ago 
idien Preddent of the organs 

Captain Charles F. DemmJer (r»), Commanding Officer of the 
carrier Forrestat, presents a ship's plaque to,M oo r e. Watching 
presentation are (I. to r.): Moore's children Scott, Patty Ann, Rick 
and his wife Doris. 

22 years of Service Years 
Come to Close for CWO 

CUef Warrant Ofllcer Joseph 
Mioore of 408 Lawender Lane, 
Virginia Beadi, retired Sept. 21 
from tbe U. S. Navy after 22 
years of service. 

The retirement ceremony 
todc idace aboard tbe attack 
(CVA-59), where CW0 Moore 
has served as an Mr Control 
Officer since July 1969. 

half years from 1963 to 1969 
as the HKSt interestii^ in Us 
Navy career. During that ttme 
be was one of two ^avymra 
involved in file East coast test- 
ing woA develofuneiit of tbe 
Navy's new Automatic Carrier 
Landng System. 

Moore enlisted in the Navy 
in 1948 and served two years 
with P^ol Squadron FORTY- 
FIVE before attending AlrCiui- 
trolman's sdiool. In additicm to 
Us most recent tour aboard 
FORRESTAL. he served two 
years ttiere in 1961 and 1962. 

Moore said Uie six and one- 

Astro Advice 

in any branch ci ttiem. There is one additt(»al &ctor. Tbe sign 
stattoned in the second h(Hise is Aries. Aries is ttie picmeer, the 
originator, the iniwvator, and for ttat reason I istated serimisly, 
earlier, ttat ym mi^t become iiderested, and profitably so^ in 
file science of astrology. You will do best in a ptcmeer tinpe of 
research. Somettdng new and bold. 

In any event ttiere is notUng to be concerned about. You are 
of the new generaticm of brii^t yoimg people that we "Old 
fogies^' are pinning the hope for ttie fiiture on. I wish U were 
posi^ible to bring you to the reaUntton tti^ we haveavNry 
short time before U will be too late. I wisli it were possttde to 
begin an investtgattve group, outside of accqited sdeiiifie 
guidelines, comprised of peo^e such as yourself, dedioded 
to findii^ a soli^on to the mess that we are in. Tliere is one 
aspect in your horoscope vMdtk concerns me. I would tthe to 
(ttseuss U but would have to have more iitffflrmation to re^ file 

Addretf your questions to Astro- Advico* 
Virginia Beoch Sui% P.O. Box 657, Vlrglnio 
Beach, Vltt|fnia^3^1. All questiont will 
be answered as space permits but must 
Include date, time and place of birth. 


r/aiasi i^\»si^ 

..^.^SIUARr WHITMAN Ssaaiu 

I ^MBM laUBK Iftinitilrllt hi MMIW TfHHflt 

r mill (fnUU ' w^mmf'uf^Mm mpMR 

Fetorasi sm-4M-tmi 




ThrMt^ TNi«B^-FMtftffea: 1:^ 3US 5:10 7:20 9im 

ArHft.w.nM^ Nxlidfln 


Prlaoan XUdte TEme Every'k^rOiQr ^1 AM 

Thursday* O^ber 15, 1970 

Virginia Baaei) Sun 

CAP Open Home 

This new business office of the Chesapeake 
and Potomac Telephone Company will be 
open to the public October 22 and October 
23 from 1 to 9 p.m. at 280 Mustang Trail, 
across the highway from Che so pel an 
Colony. Virginia Beach l\^anager Floyd 
Patrick said there will be a trailer exhibit, 
entitled "Progress Through Innovations", 
which will show the story of communica- 
tions, telephone services for the handi- 
capped and various demonstrations. There 
will also be a laser demohstratlon, antique 
switchboard and other Ite m s of interest. 
The public is cordially invited. 

Local Man 

and Board Cii 

Dissenting Votes 
Fail To Stop New 

Rock Church 


The Rock Cburch received 
City Council's approval Monday 
for its use permit to ccuistruct 
a new church in Kempevillede- 
^te vigorous opposition firom 
Ibsidents of Kemi»ville Colony. 
?f the churdi, operated by ttie 
iteverend Jdin Glmenet incon- 
jmietlon with Proclaim, Inc., a 
drug rehal]ilitati6n' center in 
NorfoUc, also had three restric- 
Bons removed from its (^ra- 
tion placed (m it at a Planning 
Commission hearing last month. 

At pA hearing, residents 
told the commission they were 
ffl^ Mr. Gimenez would begin 
iwpft tkt cinreh as another 
^K| rehabilitation center ai»i 
^ they didnH want "addicts" 
In the neig^rbood. 
^ The restrictions placed on 
Ihe cburch but removed by 
Council were that the <Auroh 
wouldn't be used to bouse people 
assodaied witti or treated by 
Proclaim, tiiat no busing of 
persons from Proclaim would 
be allowed and Uiat the church 
wouklD't be used as an 
inforniation center, rehabilita- 
tion center or as anottier Pro- 

Gimenez told council his main 
purpose was "to build a church 
irtiere people can worship." 
He said that the site was not 
nor had never been under con- 
sideration as a future Proclaim 

But he did say that the' ad- 
(ttets be treated lUthe center's 
Ivrm mi^t come to church 
there, since, after all, it was 
ttieirs, too. 

Walter Alford, representing 
Kempsvllle Colony, said the 
group wasn't opposed to tlM 
cburch, but that to take diurdi 
property, especially tiiat whidi 
bad a strong assodaticw with 
drugs, and put it ri^it in the 
middle of a residential neigb- 
bortood and near a school was 
not right. 

Mayor Dcmald H. Rhodes said 
he btfd received letters from 
all of Qie ministers in Virginia 
Beach asking that no restrict- 
\xm be placed. 

When Alford objected to 
Rhodes' comparism of a Bible 
sdiool and a rehabiUtatim) cen- 
ter, Rhodes said "I think it's 
a beautiful comparison," and 
added that every diurch is ra- 
ga^ In rebaUlitt^oQ of one 
WQXi or another. 

On a noliop. by Counellmam 
George Ferrell to keep tbe 
entire i^annli^ commission re- 
commendation, but amended by 
CouncUmaa Robert H.Callis Jr. 
to strike ttie restrictioES, tl^ 
vote was 9-2, with Ferrell and 
Vice Mayor Earl M. Tebaiilt 


On tbe final motion to i^iprove,' 
only Tebault dissented. 

In other planning matters, 

^Approved an applicatioii f or 
a change of zoning Iqr Rudee 
Inlet Yadit Basin, Inc., to con- 
struct a 361 slip marina in the 
west end of Lake Rudee. The 
appUcation recdvedtbesumwrt 
of tbe Innkeeper's Association. 

""Approved an qipiicatioD by 
Dr. Jdm Bensenhaver f6r ause 
permit to operate an animal 
hospital and kennel on the norUi 
side of First Colonial Road 300 
feet east of Great Nedc Road* 

^Denied a use permit ^ipli- 
caticm tqr Mark 2300, Inc. to 
allow dandng with live enter- 
tainment in the 2300 block of 
Atlantic Avenue. 

*A{q)roved use permit and 
change of zoning applications 
by J. T.Crosswhite to construct 
a 16-unit efficiency motel on the 
corner of l^h Street and Pacif- 
ic Avenue. 

""Approved use permit and 
change of zoning applications 
by Surf, I4d. to operate a gaso- 
line sun;>ly station on ^ west 
side of Holly Road 785 fe^ south 
of Laskin R6ad. 

'"Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by Virginia Beach 
Town AiMurtments, Inc. to bulk! 
54 a^rtments units m the east 
side of Monroe Avenue 100 feet 

A nnounced 

Three ' Virginia Bead» re- 
sidents were tbe winners of the 
McDonald's "Happy Time" 
contest, according to a recent 
announcement by B. N. Shipp, 
Regicmal Manager. Tbe prizes, ^ 
awarded last week, were apor- 
jtable color TV and two Siqrder 

J. H. Swanner, muiager of 
tbe Haygood McD<»ald's pre- 
sented tbe ZeidtbportJdsle color 
TV to winner Fraidc Bryant. 
Mr. Bryant's name iras drawn 
from the thousands at entries 
by B. N. Shipp. 

Ammy Booth, age U, was the 
winner of Ibe boy,Sp|der tike. 
He was awarded Us prlie by 
C. M. Covingdm, numager of 
the Hilltop Mcboiaid's. 

The girl's Spytter bUce went 
to Patricia Ferris, age9. F. 
F. Delacruz, manager of tte 
Birchwood McDonald's, made 
the presentation. 

north of Virginia Beach Boule- 

^Approved an appUcation t^ 
John C. and Mary Vogel for a 
use permit to operate a dog 
kennel for boarding dogs on 
property located on tbe north 
side of London Bridge Road 3600 
f6et west oS Oceana Boulevard. 

'I' Approved an amplication by 
Warren Strickland afid Helen S. 
Green for a change of zoning to 
allow residential development 
of land situated between Home- 
stead and Avalon Hills on Prov- 
idence Road. 

""Anproved an applicatiw for 
a iliai^ of zoning and use 
perihit by Bernard KroU, Al 
Krdl and Ruth Cdien to operate 
a gasoline supply station on tbe 
souttieast corner of Holland and 
South Lynidiaven Roads. 

Fire Report 
Due Tonight 

Tbe City's fire protection 
consultants will present thete- 
sults of their study taxA^t at 
7:30 to City Council and tbe 
chiefs of all fire departments 
and rescue squads in tbe city. 

Tbe details of tbe study will 
be presented together with tbe 
recommendations of tbe con- 

A copy of the report will be 
presented to the City Council 
and tbe chiefs for jrour further 

Another meeting will be held 
Friday ni|^ a^ 7:30 with the 
consultants and the City Council 
and fire diiefiB to suiswer any 
questions and provide for fur- 
ther discussion, after everyone 
has had an opportonity to read 
tite report. 

Both meetings will be held 
in tbe Council Chambers. 

Moose Daniee 

Virginia Bead) Moose Lodge 
No. 1998 wiU hold its Ninth 
Anniversary Dance Saturday, 
starting at 9 p.m. 

The Majesties will feature 
Coimtry and Western music, 
for $1.50 per person for mem- 
bers aod guests. 

NAVAL AVIATOR— Navy Ensign Dale C 
Woodburn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis C. 
Woodburn of Shell Road, is pictured as he 
wa^ advanced to his present rank at the 
Naval Aviation Schools Command, Naval 
Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. 

Adds Two 

Stewart Kent, president of 
Cheaspeakje Advertising, an- 
nounces the addition d two new 
members to his siatt, Harry 
Wayen Owen is now assistant 
to creative director Fred 
Donour, 'and Sarah Vlckery has 
joined tbe agency as copywriter. 

Owen was previously art di- 
rector for tbe Christian Broad- 
casting Network. His back- 
ground also includes work in 
art direction and commercial 
production for WITN-TV 
in Washington, North Carolina, 
^d three years with WAVY- 
TVln the station's promotion 
department. He is a native of 
the Norfolk area. 

Miss Vlckery is a native 
of Nashville, Tennessee, with 
five years' experience in ad- 
vertising and public relations. 
Before Joining Cbesi^peake^ she 
was assodated with ttie adver- 
tising department of the Meth- 
odist Publishing Housie and with 
Dawson, Daniels, Sullivan and 
Dillion and Andrews Adverti- 
sing Agency in Nashville. 

Chesapeake's client list iri- 
cltKle Smith-Douglass Farm 
Fertilizers, Borden Animal 
Fe^ Supplements, E.C.P.I. of 
Tidewater, Farm Directors Ra- 
dio Network, New Towne South 
Townhouses, Select Sires, and 
National Molasses Company. 

Ist Prayep: 
Is Friday 

A group of Virginia Beach 
residents from various eco- 
nomic levels will gather Fri- 
day at 8:30 a.m. at Holiday 
Inn on Atlantic Avenue for the 
first in a series of Prayer 

The^breakfasts are designed 
to bring people from all walks 
of life together to strengthen 
the lines of communication be- 
tween the numerous commu- 
nities througjiout the dty. 

"It is hoped," said Rev. 
Howard Camper of Saint Marks 
A.M.E. Church, organizer of 
the prayer breakfasts, "that 
better communication will 
better helpos to luiderstandthe 
problems of the comnuinitles." 

These breakfasts are op^n to 
anyone wisblQg to attend. 

Tbe president of the Virginia 
Beach Board of Realtors, aad 
to board itself, were honored 
Friday at Hm awards luiKbeoii 
of ttie Virginia Assodi^oo of 
Realtors' (VAR) 50th aimiver- 
sary convention. 

Hubert J. Bissett, (tf Biasett 
Realty, Inc., was named "Out- 
standing Local Board Presi- 
dent" for Region 6(T[dewater); 
and the Virginia Beadi Board 
was cited as the local board 
with over 150 members showing 
the most Improvement during 

More than 600 Realtors from 

Club Group 
Elects Man 
From Beach 

Carroll L. Sutherland, CCM, 
manager of the Oceana Officers' 
Club has been elected vice pres- 
ident of Southeastern Region 
Club Managers of America. 

Tbe Southeastern Region en- 
compasses slubs from Virginia,^ 
North Carolina, South Carolina, 
Georgia, Alabama and Florida. 
The elections took place at a 
meeting at Key Blscayne, Flor- 


Also attending the meeting 
Roy Niel, Jr. CCM, Manager of 
the Princess Anne Country Club 
and Paul D. Carver, CCM, 
Manager of CPO and Acey 
Ducey Clubs at Oceana. 

tbroogboet Vtrglflla attonde 
four-day "GoldM Era" n 
ii^ at Hotel Jobn Mars 
Some 17 (Mer awardv, on bot 
an iixtti4daal and local boart 
basis, also mm presented . 

Region 6 ia^idM som' 
cotttties and mnA beards. 

Lowe Is 

Jim Lowe has 1^ oftowd 
sales manager oi Uve ^fftto 
WNOR-FM in Norfolk accord- 
ing to Hoivard Jera^iiW cx- 
eoitive vice presideiit oCWttC^ 
AM and FM. 

Lowe, who was prei^rairiy an 
account executive with WHPR- 
AM, lives in Bay Ci^ray wtft 
his wite, Karen, and ttwir tw^ 
year old son, Christopher J(^ 

This promotioo follows soon 
on the heels of tbe mmirtmMt 
of Gene Loving, formerly wltb 
WGH Radio, as stattonn»na|«r 
of WNOR-FM. 

"These promotions support 
tbe Increasing empinsis now 
being placed on FM br^cast- 
Ing in the Tidewater area," 
Jemigan said. 

Carrey Cafeteria 

^ MthftAtlutk 



Tues. thru'Smiday 


Lunch 11:30-2:30 

Dinner S-9 P.M. 

Closed Monday 







9httt Mmnh$ 9Uet Irieit^ 

Drunk drivers bring families together. 


d RENT All 

k*^ ii S ■t^^ iiynl t 1^- 


Baby NMds RoU-away B«dt 

Fans T«l«vitiofis 

Camping €qulpni«fii Party N««dt 

W« off«r a <xMipl«t« Rtntal S«^lc« 

2M Iterth VWt^iAick «d. Phoii* 4^-0 041 , 


48 MONTH GUARANTEE ^^ ^ ^ ^ 

Aiitii*. ^21.96 



194e-F CNwnond Sprlnot Rtf. 
Plioii* 464-3961 

In hospital rooms and at funerals. 

Because that's where the drunk driver's victims wind up. 

Drunk drivers are involved in at least 25,000 deaths and 800,000 

crashes every year. 

And what can you do? 

Remember, the drunk driver, the abusive drinker, the problem drinker 
may be sick and need your help. 

The first thing you can do is get him off the road. For his sake and your« 

Do something. Write the National Safety Council, Dept A, 425 Nordi 
Midbigan Ave., Chicago,. IlUnois, (Mil. An5 your voi(^ wifl be hear* 

Scream Bloody Murder. 





J4n & 6ftf^ ^Miri MMMger 

M^ J«w mn^ MsM^nf Editor 

^fo^ McAUm* WMiwn'i EdttM Dm^Im K«per» PM4iietioii Muiafer 

IMpi H. SimufAi, Mrartfri^r Manager 

MwnniMttii$s.»mviAi •»!««¥ iymah Amaniii^simfcicopY m 

MAIN OmCS 3108 Pieifle Ay«Me> Vitiiiiia Bc«ch. Virftnia 23451 

Thursday, OMter 15, 1970 

CauneU Stands firm 

City Council Is to b« com- 
mtndod fbr Its dscltlon Monday 
In allQvtag ^onMnietlon of tht 
Oii«rov«^«l R<i^ Chitrch In 
KMnptvftlo Borough. 

Tho^ttlon w«M made Inthe 
faieo of o^|«^ioiw from rosid- 
Mitof ttio mnmwiity, rosorvo- 
tJbiw on tho part of the Plon- 
nli9 Committion, andevendif- 
sonrion emafig tfw couri^ltmen 

Thomtfilfslonhod approved 
tN aif^licatlon of tiie Rev. John 
Oimiifm earlier but only after 
tt^pt^lng tfnotttie church could 
not hoiwi pereonv Mngtreated 
by ProcMtnrthemlnister'sown 
druji^ rehabllliotion center, nor 
couM tN church. be used for 
rehabllftation or even an infor- 
mation centor. This Is i^eminis- 
c«t of the "by-9one" days 

over by throwing them out of 
the diurch. 

Whdt better purple could a 
church Mwe In todoy't society 
.ttion to he^ peof^le, especially 
l^xiim people/ find themselves, 
to give therh spiritual comfort 

to bring them tbl'QyoMnitol 
tImM, to show them that love 
mcrttors above all else^ Surely 
this couldn't be accomplished 

If that church must abide by 
such strict rules OS nc^ even 
providing information on drug 

A special word of praise to 
Maydr Donald Rhodes who stood 
his ground, even though he rep- 
resents Kempsvllle Borough on 
City Council, ond declared 'MlVe 
have no right to restrict this 

With drugs recognized as one 
of our greatest social problems, 
a concerned city, and Its con- 
cerned populate, should take all 
steps possible to educoto, n^ 
Just the young oil ages, of the 
agony of drug abuse. To shirk 
this responsibility Is inexcusa- 

I^any churches are serving 
this purpose. Mony church 
workers ore giving of their own 
vviiuabte time to help, to pick 
up wYiefe the diurdi leaves off, 
so to speak. They deserve sup- 

The Rev. Mr. Gi^nez pretty 
well summed It up when he told 
council, "Any church should be 
some kind of rehabiiltatloncen- 

kp^UL>^^, pleased that 
council, or al^east most of 
them, had the gumption to stand 


He died as he had lived- 

heUlfUW others 

Early In 1968 Assistant Fire 
Chief OcH'land Atwater dashed 
into a burning building on Jef- 
ferson Avenue to save tfie lives 
of four children. He brought 
two to saf^, overcome by 
smola but soon revhred. Flames 
forced him back and Neordered 
firemen to dmnehim with water 
so he could reliim for the 
(Mier two. He found ttoyoung- 
«ere, f^mht his way back to 
sa^ only to find that the 
children were already dead. 

For ttiis bravery, and for 
his many other contributions 
tiirougl^4w Virginia Beadi Fire 
OepartmiM, Garland Atwater 
was nonwd "Fireman of the 
Year tor 1968". 

Lc»t weekHMid this man, so 
long a stoble and important 
member of the resort com- 
munity, died as he hod lived, 
fighting a fire. 

Virginia Beach Is greatly 
«^denN by this tragic lose of 
a man who, even m the early 
age ol forty-five, had spmt so 
many ^ears In aervice to the 
peopio of this city. His efforts 
in the fire d^Mrtment hove been 
widely oeclalmed and acknow- 
le#ick-he was president of the 
FrotomGd'drder of Firemen as 
well as holder of many other of- 
fice and pMltlons— but tfm^ 
was mudt ttat Garland Atwater 
did b^Htf tfio scenes. He has 
^rm^ mMit cheer and oom- 
£rt to pe^le who never had an 
o^rHmlty to meet him, ym 
benefited from hisbene^lence. 
Thore are hundreds of child- 
ren throught the ctty whfr will 

never know the jovial man be- 
hind the Santo Clous whiskers 
at the deparment's annual 
Christmas parties. And there 
ore many who will never know 
that the toy that so thrilled 
thmn on Christmas morning was 
one donated tor the department 
and put Into sparkling new con- 
dition by a man who cored about 
their happiness. 

This was Garland Atwater. 
A fine man, a fine human being, 
a person who cored about his 
fellow man. He will be greatly 
missed by his tamlly and his 
many, many friends. He will. In 
fact, be missed by oil of Vir- 
ginia Beach. 


To nmfimstt 

pne ol tt» im ^ tt^^ In 
a cte$eo comnvBi^ Is ttw di- 
grte of etmfMiBM ym tHl in 

daal, Ateirt t fnt tv» I b^pn 
lo^ng for a boim b irtri^ to 
niM m ilmt ehilffrw after 
BunrU^ iwre in r^ttiMldi of a 
danbood drttm of Ui^ i^ 
Vlrttola B^^ Altv 0«sld- 
ertid« searcbi^ I fMM a 
teantiDd iiome In aMbA^sloB 
eimsM^ of 8 stodlar simA 
k^ m a eaaal at tta Md of 
58tli Str^. W^ gt^nsm- 
dal sadrifice, I piff«iised ttds 
bMBO, iltf di wia ttia osij om 
in ttif dev«le|HnM^attl nx^wd 
ia. I looted furvard tote* fears 
alMd vlttiiiM»f^iQjttalun« 
iUts who nUglit taUS ttalr 
boBKes in my nei|lb«tood 
bas^ OB n^at I ^(w^ a nUd 
aMnq^ttoa tint tttM ^mw 
votfd be stnfl^ faod^ Komes 
d ttiee value u)d appearance. 

I now find ttnl tbe develoi>er 
who subdivided Ibese lots of 
dmitt idxe is now^dngttie 
city to 1^ btm divi(te bis re- 
nnidng tbree kls next to Mm 
into six dqplex i^^is iill«h be 
is advertisljig for sale as aMu 
llils mnas ttiatiABt«Ml«ftte^ 
permanent reslitenee flMi^ttfes 
ttmre will be twelve udtswbose 
otovious monetary value tottcir 
owner will be dimmer r^tti. 
Tbe strek q»n wMdi 1 live 
is tbe only access tp Uiese 
lote. Imagine tte traffic sit- 
uttfim, posdble canal poIlutl«i 
and otber obviote disadvantages 
in owststeflt witti viat I lad 
every reason to expect. 

Ttwre bave been tbpse idio 
said tbat every one at Virglflla 
Bea<A was out for tbeUgddbr 
and (tot buck and I bave argued 
in d^tense of my dty. Mow I 
Mrs. Uioy B. Harrison 

To tbe Editor: 

Tbis is to eiq^ress my sin- 
cere regrets fiat M». Ji^sie 
(HKs bas resigned asSecretary 
to tbe Mayor of VirgiidaBeaeb. 

Uts. Gibbs bas been Inval- 
lable tbrougb ber aarisUnce, 
and working witb Uie Armed 
Forces and espedallrttw Tide- 
water Vrtwans Association. 

Many of tbe eeremuiies and 
activities In ttie Tldewa^ area 
an(l in Virg^a Bn/A would not 
bave been possible wittuut tbe 
aide cS Mayor Dusdi and Mrs. 

Mrs. Oibbfi bas never said no 
to a reqwst for «8sl8Uoce by^ 
aior tedliiMual of tbe Vittmm. 
Organization or tbe Tidewater 
VeteraiB Association, and sbe 
has offered many benefidal 
sQfgisttons tbat bave made 
many of tb» assodatiMi acti- 
vities a success. 

Mrs. Gibbs wlU be missed 
by tbe lltewater Veterans and 
all our best wishes go witb 
her to ber new position. 

Jay C. Brandon, President, 
Tidewater Veterans Asso- 
ciation of Virginia. 

Mothen of Men 

To tbe Editor: 

On tUs, my 76tb birthday, 
an old man would like to pay 
tribute to tbe millions of long 
suffering human beli^ all over 
the World.. 

Since the begimiing of time 
tb^y have been Imposed upon, 

feloomes letters. Tb^ will 
»e pui)Ushed viien possible. 
Eadt letter mustbe signed 
uid Include address of ttie 
writer. iJbtters are Invited 
cm any (fueetkm. 

MaU each to: Editor, VIR- 
Office Box 657,Vir^nia Beach, 
Virginia 23451. 

deded eptflty, dUscrintfuitol 
^^dast ttd boree (Mr cn^s 

ttwy ue Ite i^Niger sex and 
n^ tte w^«r«iAM« wc^ 
we be i|lttMt4>eai? 
Ri^moBd C. Piffvis 

Mother's of Men 
Raymond C. I^nrvis 

As Mttu* time oattiMi«! to 


His grim barv^ of inntts 

souls, ' 

Mover's of'-^en f^ptf f wf to 


F<a' those not readdi« tb^ 


Die poong etA down in ttieir 

- jPOhuL 

SiMH j^ee tat Hi man- 


Dat you ud I may flMie tta 


We are tte suffering, left be- 


The ^oe paid tot fgimf Is 


And mlrrared Ui each moOers 


A pi^tat ttat will nevwr die, 
Of her boy tbat dhl bis part 

The stage of life is a ^breary 


Wbn a dear loved one Is gone, 

But a mother can not qtdt (ta 


And refuse her part to carry 


Surely tbe curtain muaA rise 


And fla drama of life omtinoe. 

No mater bow great tte pain. 

Or tbe bnrtti^ that's within 


To tbe toavest of ttam ill we 


Mother, keep tiitb for ttMtlar 


God Will help me OB my way, 
Just keep tta taith and pray. 

there ins nottdng mystic abort 
Um,' notbiBg occult or intui- 
tive. His dediiaia were lo- 
gical,, never inqatuous, al- 
though he was ooostantly called 
upon for acttoo in tbe gravest 
of crises and under eaormoui 
pressures; and his prindples 
were never violated for per- 
sonal advantage or to show fi- 
vorltlsm. Incapdde of decep- 
tloi^ his life was open for aU 
to Me, and tbe nar^ of Us 
cliiyster Is tt»U, aittiou^ 
everytMflf he ever sdd or dd 
-that ooidd be Imwgbt to Um 
has been ntt^^ to ihe des- 
est a&e^Hafiif Iil^'and4«e, 
no a)d or wc^ was fodad to 
be ptoaqpted by ^ unwor^ 

Wit h a majestic bearing, 
grvrt phjnrtoA strw^^and eo- 

^BiM^ 4M^M«Bett ud 

tdand jjadienwd^ be had aU da 
attiftMtes of a soldier, and bis 
forty yMTS of dstingulshed 
sdWi^ swvtcse iwreittbout 
reproadu Admovledged the 
hndaoamtt man In ttw army, 
|e was tanked by vanU^, on- 
tcwdi^ by seandd; gifted with 
tbe ma^c of toadersUp, he 
was vatkoTv^ttA by potttieal 
ambitioiM possessed of unsur- 
passed mllliary gndus, be bad 
no hat foar cooqnest; fiaed with 

oMnUttered by fhi^rdioS, 
dlsaiUHiint if'H'tt and i^inMoes; 
and HiaUy, ottered idl tta re- 
wards and bonwt within th^ 
gift of adoring ntUxai^betns 
udeniptod by ridap or renown, 
and wore Ha WhMp (tf bis 
pe<q;ile under a mantle of gen- 
idne bumittty. 

No iuuMe codd capture tta 
true grandeur of sodi a sidrit, 
nor any arttst devise ananur- 
ial like the bumble cottage in 
tla w6od which, despite the an- 
guish and edanstion of ttafbnr 
hxn years of war, be dase 
Instead of proffered mansions 
becaase his ttoijgWs were with 
Ms ngged heroes retuniing to 
rdnsd homes and dneolde 





To tbe Editor: 

One inmdred years ago, on 
Octdar 1201, at 9:30 A.M., 
there passed into Oa sllenoe 
of eterdty Qa soul of a man 
trtase magdflcMit like may 
never be looked qpon itg^ In 
all the years reiuidng to hu- 
man life on eirth; and ttere 
stands a mooraad to Um trm 
greatness sudi as no odar 
figure of history has ever 

Robert E. Lee was pro- 
claimed by Lord Acton, Brl- 
tish historian, as Ua great- 
est general of aU Una, with 
tbe possible ezo^on of Na- 
pole<m; yet it has abo been 
said that tbe brilUmice of his 
ndlitary gedus has blinded tta 
world to his real gre^ness. 

He inspired fuatiealdevotioa 
ammig his fdlowers, yet he ne- 
ver ^^aled to their elfish 
interests, never resorted toln- 
flamatory eloquence or taed 
artificial devices toedanceUs 
personality or projed ai fitlse 
charm. Ilaagh he was exalted 
as a dend-god tqr ttase be led. 

acres. How could he ever, 
as a pampered guest in sor- 
'roundlngs of luxury, have writ- 
ten lis fellow Vir^ans: "Ton 
can work for Virginia, to bdld 
bar up agabi, to make ber great 
again. You can teach yow cfall- 
dren to love and darlsb her." 
FranditW. Springer 
Sdmyler, Va. 


To the Editor: 

'nank you very mu^ for 
letting tro^ ^ come down 
to see how newspapers are 
nade. We eqfoyed It very much. 
Julie Cnnon 
Scribe Trotv 488. 

Mv^^HanaMMii In nwwp^jws Md nagadnes ttroai^- 
flot WwwbrSd is read ^ WWMfc Wi «qxa|^^ 
rates a stoaify 09* «< iw^aMi to^wk atvartoostedida. 

Wldle I cant aueept all sn^ <5«s, ' ™f toi«fkin 
dwut^lwo or three a modb. I Bke peo^eandlfindtelUng 
to flam teeps me in codad irttt whd tti^ are Idweded 

It last hunoa ttat In tta heat of summer I givepnfer- 
enoe W those ««|ueds from «• »** «1^mm ^i& the 
odd of wider I manage to work In wgsgeniMls In the warm 

South and Wfl^ ^ 

When possflde. I w^k in a question ami answer tina d 

the end d%1alt ^^^^^^^^^j^^^^TH^ 
Mp. Ydi'^tttt^a be Ifiterestid tethr^nei^as fast often 

asked wd ay answi^* 

Q How cdne you pidc on mwdi? 

A. Beeaun tbey are "fdr ffune". Pfdilidaia are nd bom, 
fbes are Bade. Tbey eona v tfl dies, ittq^, ete Ko oia 
made them run ftar ofllce. By flair owid id^ they ad them- 
selves up for evle^one to piss Judgmrat on. BypoAding 
a finger d their ndstdas it helps keep oar ptdltiGS in proper 
perspective. Some of oiff 0MUm leaders ferfd thay are 
ordinal^ ' folks, like tta rest "^of us and that Hay have only 
been elected to serve for a irtila, Day pd flair pads on 
one leg at a time and I try to help flan iwnanlar flat. 

Q. Have you ever bera in pomictf? 

A. Yes and no. I have never m ^ dsctiva dftoa bd I 
worked In tta office of a Mentor of Cjograss. I have many 
friends and noQ-firiiends among our gtofioHlstders. ~ 

Q. Have you ever bad dbiar d fla Whila Htrase? 

A. No, bd I have bad cotN a«J <*>■«»■ ^ «» execdive d- 
flce building. To be boned. It pm me i ndt gest to n . 

Q. How do our poetical leaden fed abod fla way you 
write about tb^ips? 

A. Ha tdn-sUnned ones would like to Me me ndled to fla 
suuv dde ot tta bam bd mod ao^ file column In tta 
spirit It Is written. At least I bare flair attadtofi. 

<^ How come you doB*t write abod fla good ttdngB our 
poUttclans do? 

A. Come on now, name aa sonelling flay have dene food 
for us flat we haven't paid for Ofver and over agda.4 av nd 
saying flay are all stupid. It is Jad flat when flay have flair 
modhs oDen, flay dont sodd Uke fla White Kdtfils Ibey 
ddmed to be before fla elecfldu 

Q. If you don't lUn fla Udted States, why don't yon leave 

It? w 
A. Who said I didn't like It? This has got to be fla fined 

country in tta worUU If te nd parted by a hmg slat. It Is ad 

nMurly as good as It oodd be bd yon coddnt run me oat witti 

a diotgun. Wtere else in fla w&M eodd Iwriteaednmn 

like mine wittadbdng shot? __^ 


A. Tids is a hard qnestton to aawer when yon are d flat 
SMdttve age. Lefs see^ ny teemfi soa ttddis I am "Over 
tta UU". I am too okl to be a part d fla "In" crowd and 
too young to be a sedor dtiiea. I adoM to bdag "Fortyldi" 
and my wife i^atStjf tells everyone I a»dder flan aha. How 
te flat for an honed draightforward evadve answer? 

Q. Wbere do ^ get all fla craqr ideas for yimr colonas? 

A. ^f readen fend me a tot dMess and dippli^ Ihd I 
use. I read a lot. SMne of nqr friends teWasUnglon pass on 
Uttto tU-^te. Uf twisted mind can ponnee on mod aiything 
flat looks Hte Big ^oflar is ig> to his old tricks. 

,■:$,. bt lushli^ .htlf as bal as yon make It od to be in 
yuiiiifamB^iil- 'i-i '^..:-J^-^* ■o'jmt.: ■ '. 

irAa y^ H Is ndilplf af bid..Jiis:idiliBas as bM« I donn 
aesB It Mi^Qprivpt for (fishaiisst. lid wsdAbaaatytocore. 
It is that the teada^iip and naagemnt d our fovemned 
fUls diort Tbay mum well bd naqy d Oem Jnd have etovea j 
flmmbf and flaee left fed; Thdr good Identtoos come od ^ 
mmriHwabo and we py for all mistehws. 

Q.DO yo« Id nadi mall? Do you aanmr It? 

A. Good ^ef yes! Some good aod mmt bad. I try to answer 
tt sll. Tdi wooMiin baHevt sona of fla flings I have been 

Q.Ar* you a registered mter and do you vole? 

A. I have naver missed vding since I was 21. If yon don't 
vote, yon dont bave a gripe oMdng. 

Q. Ware you ave); In fla armed sarrioe d fla USA? 

A. Yas. I am a servtee eonacted (fisd>led veteran. The 
price of fteedom comes ttgh and Ilka many oflars, I b^ped 
pay that price when my>aoBdry caDed. I am ndflar a "hacwfc" 
na a "dove", I ua an American, fln^ last and dtmys. If 
ay eonatry called agdn I wodd uawer. ! en|oybdi«albst 
dass dtUan In a flrd elMs eoiatry. 

Hot Issue NotSo Hot 


You'd Like 
A Picture? 

Would you like to have a 
0019 of that picture in tte 

It's easy to gd as auny 
ctqdcs as you would like- 
d any {dcture tak«i by SUN 

^ Cl^t^pictareoatofflM 
PKsm «^ tbe Me It vp- 
jgmtfA -Md-smd it along 
irtfli your enter to: 

P. O. Box 657 
Virglda Beach, Va.234SI 

Yon wlU rMdve tta td- 
wittia two w^ffi Iqrmall. 

The dterfe toll for tta 
flnt^tel aad H for end 
addttloaal priif. After lofsr 
we4», the dai^ wtu'be 
$4. Rease toelndS3%nl«i 

Please mdte all ^ecte 
pajMde to l^adi Pdfli^ 

Tbd "bd" lasae we tddad 
lad wade in tte Soa ^nrvey 
wasnt 80 bd after all. 

The response was veiywMk, 
considering flare had been so 
mudi pd)llc oi«Bdtl9n tofla 
dty impodng fla aansamed 
tax OB fla schools. Bd fla r^ 
spoase we had was s^t r^h^, 
doTO tta ndddte. 

Ha qo^ion was: "Do you 
ttddc tta a m use a a d tax on 
pdiUe scbod aettvlfles abodd 
be resdnded?" 

Tbe public is luvsredly 
pretty well dvided on i^etto 
or nd tta taot is wwUiwbUe. 

One nam da cnasedttnada 
a fooi^ pdat: -Itiht are 
alTdidy too many exoHifldB, 
womXLma 'loQilalas', In oar 
taxatfon pdldes. Wbd Is 
n ee ded is nu)re eonoen <fnx 
fla dfecflveneM and bmisty 
In Ha hdidUngoloartBmoaqr. 
f%ere are mcnw naadi^fd 
ways t&e dty cm supinrt 
fltjiiooa ffan by rasdnGlrog ibe 
amnsenmit t^c" 

This oolunm is, d eourae, 
dedgoed to gd fla ted of fla 
pddic on Inqartad Issaes. It 
oonttanas to amaae us at wbd 
raalfy tickles tta nerve of fla 
readership and wbd scarcely 
stirs flair teliargy. 

Tbera haslaencoBsidwdde 
pddldty ilvan In recent weeks 
to tta pcf^osad sehpd d Hortti 
Vtrglda Beach. Itwillbabdlt 
on apuedoflandlaSeaaftore 
Slate Park donated to tin State 
to tbe S^od Board for flat 
punaee. It wlU be, aceordijy 
to plaBB, a U^ advanced 
acbool, fhitariog SBturertattas 
and apBpliawhldi«v«7 stated 
In tta dty wiU recdve 

t^ A BIWiifMy uHRFIICilflDfl. 

nemrnHa of llorth VIrgida 
BMdi are very mu<A con- 
eoiad •€adln(9pdiUlon~^er 
the sdaol. Ha Sdad Board, 
of team, te dated over 
aoidrliv audi a bn^ piece 
ot proudly at no cod to fla 
UsfKfn, M whddoM tbe gen- 


QUESTION; Do you think a 
school, should be buHt on the 
don a te tf 15 aeres In Seashore 
State Park? 

Y«ir CMteMti aN HiM Imart wrnHU 
t^^ilii aba. 

Win ■•□ 

Clip M« fMwa Mtf nMte ^HAa MM, 

Thursckiy, Oc^tr 15, 1970 

VlrglnJq Beach Sun 



On Schools 

City UDOsenMnt and food tax- 
es odv teing levied od sdiools 
mi^ be produdngtvo new bead- 
adtan icar Oe scbools, CoxHlgli 
S^gM principal Jamea Frendi 
aald Wnday, "Iwt tbe lav's tlie 
law ani ira'U have to live wltii 

Freo^ said that the taX^ 
vliidi aotll tills year was not 
ttifort^ on scbbols. Is pro- 
dudiv several boddceeping 
proldems tot his shcool and 
may eventually lead to redueed 
stodetit activities at Cox. 

Frendi said that tbe school 
has an aceoimt for eadi event, 
but pi^ng the to to ttie dty 
from ttie account is the prob- 
lem^ '*We can determine how 
mudi to pay the dty, but the 
problem Is tint we can't pay. 
out iofflie regular account. 

"What we have todo is trans- 
fer , ttw tax money from one 
account to a special tax ac- 
cent, then write the check to 
the dty," he said. 

Oi the 17 pUlrtlc schools In 
the dty, (Mily Cox reported Its 
taxes and adually paid them 
last week. The UU for amuse- 
ment taxes was $130.57; the 
food tax paid the dty was$Su29. 

"The problem Is that we have 
to malign accountsfor not only 
Oie athletic events ijht also for 
all of the dute and student or- 
ganizations/' F rench said. 

The second problem, the most 
obviour <»e ttat w<m't be solved 
ia tiie near future, is whetter 
the tax on school events can be 
resdnded by the dty. If it 
can't, French said the schools 
will have to absorb the five 

tlMi point. If we do pus It oi^ 
we'll only be hurting our- 

French said that the tidcet 
price ta an attiletle event, 
$1.50 at the gate >NW fat by the 
Vlrgldi High School League. 

He said ttat avery sdiool 
in &e Sasfern IHsfrld, which 
Indndes Virginia BeMh as well 
9s Norfolk and tiw otber sister 
dtlet, <tedded to sm ttie price. 

'*lforf(A sdMoIs ire also 
absorbing the cost of the atnuse- 
meirt tax. I gu»s well have to 
do the same thing this year." 
be said. 

Frendr said that the drawbadc 
In the andisemeBt tax Is ttat 
sinoa the sdiools areabsorUng 
the tax, it won't have the addl- 
tiobal revenues It nornudly 
wpuld ,^ve gotten to spend (m 
the "luxury Items." 

ThoM Items Indude addition- 
al athlatlc equipment, Ubrary 
boois, band uniforms and otiwr 
special equipment not normally 
Included in 


(Coitfliiiied from pg. 1) 

Ists or teiM^rs In every school. 
However, her goal Is to have 
a full time spedallst in every 

>, The program is two-foU: 
corrective toA preventive. Stu- 
de^ withreadli4;probleaistte 
usually referred by fiidr 
teadiers. After a series of 
tests, individual reaittng "pre- 
fo^^tloBf" art made for the 
student. Those idth severe 
reading proiblenisareseiAtotlie 
Center t<a Elective Learning. 

Althou^ Miss King termed 
"cured" as aiilnadec^ateword, 
she said that 20% of the students 
in the corrective reading pro - 
gram hadbeen "cured"— that Is 
brought up to gnde lev^l Ui 
reaittng sa ttey «ould function 
normally in class. This includ- 
ed students in grades four 
ttirough twelve. Tliere were 
2,187^students enrolled in the 
program in 1969-70, 2,218 in 
1968-69. 1,979 In 1967-68, and 
370 in 1966-67. 

In the preventive program, 
all first graders are tested for 
sight acuity for reading readi- 
ness. Corrective measures are 
prescribed for children lagi^ng 
in large musde ooi^ol. 

The departident has two mo- 


(C(»ittnned fifcnn page 1) 

tatives from toe resort dtf fire 
departments and police deport- 
ment, offidals and men from 
the fire departments from Nor- 
folk and Portemodh served as . 
honorary pall bearers during 
the service. 

Atwater was a veteran of 25 
years service with tbe Beadi 

— *^. ~~ Borough Fire Department. 

tocreaslng Bumbtrofareaheart Jolalng tbe department Jan. 1, 

1946 be advanced to fire fighter 
first class in January 1949, 
and was named assistant fire 
chief Oct| 1, 1958. He served 
as chief lire and arson inspedor 
from 1963. His courage 
and concern for toe lives of 
others (see edltorial>leidto ids 
being selected as Fireman Of 
Tbe Year in 1968. 

He attended Oceana Hlg|i 
School, Fork ^Union iAlll^ 

Loan Closet 
Asks for 

The Tldiewater Heart Asso- 
datimi is urgently in need of 
used e(«valescent equipment to 
reidedsh ite loan doset in ord- 
er to meet tbe needs td an 


The Assodation maintains 
toe loan closet to provide pat- 
lento recuperating from teart 
disease, equipment necessary 
to their recovery woA comfort 
widte convalesdng^ home. The 
eqdpment is toaned to tbe pat- 
lint at no charge. 

Tidewater Heart serves the 
jeople of^Norfc^, Portomouth, 
Vlrglda geach, Chesapeidce 

the lOist Alibourne Infantry. 
He was a member of the Dis- 
abled American Veterans, Vet- 
erans of Foreign Wars. Post 

^ , bile reading laboratories to use 

ttie sdMol^sbudget, to testing studente and treating 

reading problenffi for whidi e- 

Is lacking In toie 

he said. 

"It's not that we' don't get quipment 
enou^ funds from the sdiool -schools, 
board, we do, but these^re tbe Supt. Brickell announced 
Uttte niceties that help the sys- plans for a sertes of seminars 
tem a little more," Frendi for prlndpals to better develop 
said. •» adndnistratlve attitude. 

French said the tax paymente Effective Nov. 1, PhlUp E. 
would mean the sdiool might MeeUns, assodate director of 
lose about $600 to$700ay«ar on personnel since 1966, wlU be 
athletic evento. "And some- director of instructicmal per- 
where along the line somebody sonnel, filUng the vacancy cre- 
Is going to need $700 worth of ated by the deathdMlss Louise 
something and we just won't Luxtord last June, 
luiveit." Meekins, a teacher and prin- 

French said there was- no dpal before coming to Virginia 
truth to toe rumor drcnlating^ Beach from Norto Carolina, was 

pe r cent amusement tax and one that the reason sdtoote are prlndpal of Thalia Elementary 

percent food tax. 

Presently, tbe dty Is waiting 
an (pinion from Virginia At- 
torney-General Andrew P. Mll^ 
ler on exemption of schools 
from the taxes' collectton. 

The dty can resdnd toe ord- 
inance i^ch applies, but if It 
deletM "schools from collection. 
It may be fadng violation of a 
state law wtiL<A prohlbite dis- 
crindnafory and unequal taxa- 

Howeirer, if toere is a qiec- 
lfi^stotel»r «hid)ii/ln allow 
exemption of schools, the dty 
bop«s it will have a solulon 

tthe problem. If no soltiAlon 
forthcoming, the schools wlU 
continue d»orbing the tax. 

"We can't pass it on," Frendi 
said. "We fed that if we to- 
erease an^ tldnt sales that we 
will have gone past the satura- 

Check of 



A survey of school enrollment 
at all levels from nursery 
sdiool through college will be 
conducted in this area by in- 
tervlemrs of the Bureau of toe 
Census during toe week of Oct. 
19, according to Josei^ R. 
Norwood, Director of the Bur- 
Mn's reglMial office In Char- 


Local Intervieiidi^ will be 
' part of a nationwide efl!ort made 
annually to measure the. 
Nation's school and colleee pcw- 
tdatton. A similar survty In 
0<^)ber 1969 showed total en- 
rollment to be 59.9 ndlUon per- 
sons— 33.8 million In elemen- 
tary school, 14.6 million in se- 
condary sdiool, 3.3 mllliai In 
kindergarten, 860,000 in nur- 
sery sdiool, and 7.4 million 
in college. 

Tbt survey wiU l>e made a- 
tong wito toe m(mthly national 
survey of employment and un- 
emi^ojment for toe Bureau of 
Labor ^attstics of the U.S. 
Department of Labor whidifur- 
dshes a basic measure of na- 
tional economic healto. 

Information colleded to Cen- 
sus Bureau «irv^s can be used 
ody to (teterminestattstical to- 
tals, Md facts about each per- 
iui and family are tept (xm- 
Idential by law. 
t. The Interviewers who will 
i^t hoiffiebohte In this ar«i 
^ Mrs. Audrey U Hayden of 
Wioly Ridge Pdnt. 

Stomach upset 
by gas anC&cid? 

Di-Gel with Simethicone quickly. 
ft\mn pssyacid u|^ 
'4 This unique diaeovery 
bmks up and removes i»Hi- . 
ful gas-bubbles. Ymir mm 
k metre complete bojause 
Di-6el takes the acid.flfw 
the gas out of Mid iridig«- 
tion. Get Di-Gel tablets or 
i^uid today. Product of 

(Hiposing the tax rmj^ffcm was School and an elementary sup- 
becanse it would meaatbelrre- ervlsor until 1966. He is cur- 
cords would become public rently vice president of the 
knowledge. Vlrgljda Assodaflon of School 

"Our records and bods have Personnel Adnddstrators and 
always been optn to; the ptib- is immediate past president of 
lie," he said. "It's the publie's toe Kempsvllle Rurltans. 
moMy and they have a right 

Cadet Charles H. Wtoe, son 
of retlied U»S. Navy Chief Petty 
Officer and Mrs. Charles H; 
Wise of 4848 Unshaw Lj 

entered todr sophom(»^^^ 
at toe U.S. Air Force Addfemy. 

to know how If s b^tag spent. 
"We even distribute t report 
to toe teadien each moi^ tell- 
ing them toe finandd status. 
The studente also have a rii^t "-""„";. v« ioM 
to know where todr dUbaoner ^irgin^ f^f'Jiil 2 
goei, so ftKiy see toe bdiks on more that 1U6 cadeto -*- 

those Items as well/' French 

He added that tdien the stu- 
dente appeared before City 
, Coundl October 5, they were 
very pleased that they were 

Frendi said the experience of 
havtog studente listoied to by 
the "estabUshroent" did a great 
deal in a positive manner to- 
wards Improving student's at- 
titudes about cities and 
munldpal government. 

vtrgima ueacn, wnesapeinr, school, rorx umcm Miuiary 
Suffolk/Nansemond, FrankUn/ Academy and i^ a World War 
Southampton, and Smlthfield/ n Army veteran, serving wito 
Isle of Wight. " 

Wheelchdrs, hospital beds, 
and walkers are particularly to 
demand. Residente in tbe area 
who have convaM^nt aids not 
to use, and who are willing to 
don^ them to the Assodatioh 
are asked to call Tidewater 
Heart Office at 622-9402. 

Donations of such aids are 
tax deductible. 

Local Boy 

Richard Marshall of Windsor 
Woods Elemedary School has 
been eleded president d the 
Tidewater Stfety Patrol C(hi- 

The group is composed of 
representatives of Norfolk and 
Vlrgida Beach and made up 
of toe various caiMns, lleu- 
tenante, sargeante and om pa-f 
trol representative from each 

The prupose Is to exchange 
Ideas about Safety Patrol oper- 
atton and provide a means of 
training for the sdiool safety 
patrol officers. 

The Congress, under spon- 
sorship of Tidewater Automo- 
bile Assodation, meete each 
monto at tbe WTAR-TV audi- 
torium to Norfolk. 

AU otoer officers were from 
Norfoljjt. Tliey were Vice Pres- 
ident^lldy Maxwell, Siiburban 
({ ^retary Debbie Daout, 
[on,^?and Sargeant-at-Arms 

ifftoncwd, Eastra. 

flags are dipped as Atwater's casket passes honor guard. 

dron; president of toe Fraternal 
6002; admidstrative ciR^r of 
the Virglda Beadi Power Squa- 

Order of Firemen; a mendter 
of the Virginia State Fire 
Chlers Assodatioa; toe Inter- 

Several changes of 
substance in revisions 

Trash Burning 


This to toe time of year when 
residente of Virginia Beach, 
like those in nearly every other 
dty, town and hamlet torouj^- 
out United States, become en- 

But until a ruling to received ^^^ £„ activity which places 
from Vlrgida's chief legal of- t|,em unknowingly in a position 
ficer, Frendi, Us studente, and 
parente will have to nmtimie 
paytog toe taxes on food and am- 
usemente at sdiool sponsored 

A ction 

Girl Scod tfoofs of Area 4, 
Greater Tidewater Coimdl, are 
Idddng off "Actten 70" wito a 
dean-up campaign on tiie 

Activities WlU begin on Od. 
17 at 10 a.m. wito CHrls Seoute 
cleaning litter from fi» beach. 
Areas to be covered are the 
beaches from Rudee inlet to 
Fort Story, Camp linkborn. 
Seashore State Park and Lynn- 
haven inlet. 

After toe clean-up the ^rls 
will meet at Pacific Avenw 
and 32nd Street to hear Mayor 
Donald Rhodes speak. Also 
^sent will be Assistant Siqit. 
1)f Sanitation, L. Cotton Mc- 

More tiun 30 froops wito 
ann'oxim^ely 500 girls will be 
taking part In ttw dean-up. 
Any Girl Scoirt ^oaps widdng 
to parttdpate may contad Area 
4 chairman, Eleanrar Sniouse, 
at 425-1567. 

of breaking toe Iaw...tiiat of 
dtoposlng of leaves and other 
frash which have accumulated 
on thdr lawns. 

Milton T. Holland, Chief of 
the dty's Fire Prevention Bur- 
eau, pdnte out that the dispbs- 
tog of leaves by burdng them 
not only could be a vloldion of 
toe Law Init also create a fire 

Of main concern to Holland 
to the practice of piling large 
amounte of leaves, and/or ottier 
trash, to sfreete and burning 
toem. Holland pdnts out the 
City Code specifies that "it 
shajl be unlawful foranypersm 
to burn or cause to be burned 
any substance of any kind on 
any of the streete of the dty." 
Tte City Code also spedfies 
toat anyone found gdlty of vio- 
Uttog tols ordimmce could be 
subjected toafineaf$l,OOOand/ 
tnr a sentence of One year In 

Holland Indicates that tbe 
burning d leaves and/or frash 
on^lreeto could resultin dam- 
aging streets and thus create 
potedial frafflc hazante. Hds, 
according to Holland, resulte 
from the weakedng of tte road- 
way surfa<% as a result d toe 
gre^ degree d beat concen- 
trated on Mie area of tiie sur- 
facing. Ttos Obuld Doeltttiewr- 
fadng material and leave 

cracks or holes to toe surface. 

Holland also suggests that 
when residente burn leaves or 
frash the material be plaoed to 
a ccmtainer to safely confine 
the burdng material and pre- 
vent ashes from blowing about 
and possibly result in property 

Anothef action which is of 
concern to Holland to toe burn- 
ing of large amounte of mater- 
ial in ditches along roadways. 
Holland pdnto od sudt action 
could create possible traffic 
hazards because dsmoke blow- 
ing across roadways and ob- 
scuring toe vision of motoristo. 

Holland advises residents 
tlutt when ttiey have large 
amounte of trash to dtopose of 
by burdng or in tbe event of 
wanting to dear large land 
areas by burdng, an inquiry be 
made of the Fire Prevention 
office as to what safety pre- 
cautions sb^dd be taken and to 
determine whether or not a 
permit Is retired for such 


When ttie voters of Vlrgida 
go to ttie polls November 3toey 
wlU not only vote for congres- 
donal camUdates, but on toe 
first revisloos in Vlrgida's 
Constttotion in more ttian four 

Ttere vrill 6e four questi(His 
on ttie ballot wito whidi Virgin- 
ians wiH wte 00 toe revised 
Constttdlon. The first question 
deato wito ttie main body of ttie 
Constitution; tiie second, ttdrd, 
and fo^ deal wito lotteries, 
general obUgdioD bonds, and 
revenue bonds, respectively. 

AltoouJE^ nmch of ttie dumge 
to the main body d ttie revtoed 
Constttotion to simply of a 
'^housekeeping" nature— delet- 
ing obsolete passages sudi as 
toose on dueling, and removing 
excessive and confiisii^ detail 
sudi as ttie office hours of ttie 
State Corp(Mratton Commlsdon, 
toere are several dianges of 
some substance. 

As a dired resdt of tbe 
Vbousekeeping," toe revised 
Constttotton (18,000 words) to 
only abod half ttie lengto d tbe 
present Constttuttdi (35,000), 
and toe language to mudi more 
readable. Thus, tiie revtoed 
Constitotion Is easily under- 
istood by toe layman as well as 
toe studed of government. 

One section almost untouched 
by tills effort to ttie biU of. 
Rlf^te. GeOTge Mason's proud 
prose renuiins virtually totact. 
A new clause guaranteeingfree- 
dom' from governmental dto- 
crlminatton has been added, as 
well as one (xitlidng the duties 
tiiat go along wito ttie righto of 

There are several substantive 
dianges whldi are dgnificant: 

—The poll tax has been re- 

—Hie franchtoe artide has 
been tightened to prevent vote 

— Providon has been made 
for annual, instead d fcieadal, 
sesdons of the General Assem- 
bly to deal more effectively 
wito the press d ttie Common- 
wealto's business. 
' — limite have been pl«;ed on 
toe iqvointlng powers of judges 
and a procedure has been estab- 

lished for ttie remqyal, retire- 
ment or censure of disable or 
unfit judges. 

—Safeguards have been In- 
duded for ttie first time agdnst 
toe establlshmed of regional 
governmente. The people d 
each locality are guaranteed 
veto power over such govern- 

The confusion to the education 
article on who has the final 
authority to school divislm 
boundary drawing has been 
cleared up by makii« tbe State 

KeMumi^ - t(MU>*i 

• • ■* * t 




use our M6W DRIVE IN WIWIKJW 30 1/2 St 
enter from Peel lie or Atctlc Ave. 

Federal Flood 

Now Available 

Virginia Beach^ 

for Further Details 
or Information 

Call Us Today 
sin Mcwc m. mm 4jmwi 

MM-IPM^ANNEn. PNOM 427-2900 


Board of Education sd>J«d to 
toe Umitattons imposed by tbe 
General Assenibly, diich to 
tous ttie final auttmri^. 

—For the firdttme, eoosum- 
er ivdedion to provided for in 
toe revtoed document. 

—The auttKnity for tax relief 
for homeowners 85 ahd (dderit 
given the General Assetobly. 

—A new cooservattoo irttd^ 
daclares dean dr, pure water, 
and a quality cBvironmeiit to ba 
toe ComtooBwedth's goal tor Ui 

of Wft 

CUMii ttM SlataFix«Bm'«Af* 
sodattoo; tin Vlr|tolA 1^ 
ArsoQ Aiioditinni ttt wf • 
national AssodtlloB oC Attol 
imresttfdors; tte Ftnaw^ 
Widow's Pand, and a dtortor 
member d ttie VirgtoltBMife 
Fraternal Order of PdNa. 

Atwater devoted wtA of Ms 
lite to ttie paopte of ttw eoa- 
mudty to various tnys sMli as 
plajdng Santo Claos tot mu$ 

years during ChrtotoMf gttftai 
for needy dildra^, ttflig |irt ' 
to toe annnal camnlpi M 
Tmksgiving ttid Cbristoit i|i 
eolledtog food and toyi fsi' 
underprivitefed tueiXmmA 
chlldrMv and ai abtood domr. 
Atwdar, 45, is sanrlvad Iv 
Us lAto. ifn. Ctito inatlov 
Atwateri one dnn^lar, OtHi 
Bdito Atwater; onaioa,Gir]tltf 
II. Atwdar, m: two slilifi, 
Ifrs. Eigane G. FatlMiaadllis. 
Paul B. Msestos, aUcfVlritait 


Yott can call it 




From day of deposit 
to day of withdrawal. 



Vlfiinia Bm^ Sun 

TNiri^, ^*«r 15, I9TO 

Resort stilf alive after dark, even iftmrists are gone 

*Young lovers' enjoy music at Sir Richard's. 

For tb»ie «bo wWi to sgend 

In a New Yoit Cliiiftoos^re 
one sudi hivorits ip^^^ttie 
Carousel L<»inee, ^ Vlr|lirift 
B«a<di Boulevui^ utere y»ir 
ge^al tmt is R. G. Harris. 

I^e Carfflml Lmnp Im- 
tur«i a eoniMa ^akt mm 
featurin? stedsa prepared to 
your incH'rt^tail ^^dttrsxtanr- 
My of sMiood pr^pa^ tn a 
manner (tedKiiid to o^isfr tti 
most crltieal tMte. A^ondate 
nil»^ ^rii* Hi* Ite «?aiUH«. 
for selecticm of ymi fitvorite 
codrtafl, / 

Harris says ttve miudcal 
ccmhM are^fntoeattntc- 

FrUby and Saturday vmAngfi 
for your d«>cli«pl«»iB'ef utile 
musle Is i»tnijded ty records 
on ottmr evenings. 

' Sir Ridttrd's and Um Car- 
ousel Lounge renala qptn for 
your entertalniiMBt firoor 5 jpm 
to lam. 

For tiiosc Vlrglida Beacb re- 

R(« and Gary Jalnmoi, ma 
tt» flrrt to (rffer ^ess en- 
tortitfmirs to tte puldle In Vir* 
ginia Beach. 

Rm Jateman mra fb» Wind- 
, mill ^irtinues to grow in p(v>- 
idartty as a ^tber^ fiu» fur 
reinrt dty re^i^ irt» are 
loddng fOT a plai% to ^ n- 
14X imd escaiie ttie is-essures of 
tile (kdly nH^ne. 

fke fiMUure attracttm of tbe 
Windmill Is "Ru^ V a former 
New York Pl^rboy CliO} "Bw- 
vy", vbo pertormsBl^yflrom 
t p.m. ttl mi<Utf^ from an 
rtevaled stage located In a oor" 
ner of the restaurant. 

TiM use of special lli^fing 
effects oiid»H» ^Sos^s p«^* 
mance one <rf the more ani^ 
l^wres offered in Vtr^nla 
Beadi fcMT tte "nlt^ pe^te"* 

As she pertoroM bMf^i^ls 
Utatmtiiated % "i^n spots'V a 
Strdbe ttglit, a black Ugbt, and/ 
or a vixitif of U0tf pstteras 
ftrom a slide ptojid&st. The 
use of Hie eqdpment, Indivl- 
draUy w In groqiiip, daofi 

Carltoi S. times^, yowr 
host at AWy's, Is wtfl Imown 
to r^ideiiB of tte »sort dty 
sin<» he tm Um at Us pre- 
seirt loeatbn for )1 ywurs. MN 
Iqr's is ttitf^^ in ttrt tt» roi- 
tMrant^dXera a vasi^ ^ tOf 
tores to ^se sedi^ relan- 


Eimmskoa mtx Ite years Ihs 
rwsulted in Am ON^IiQQ (^ NV- 
erftl Indlviaal rooms in the 
rertanrtirt's IsfeeHor. TUs luro* 
vides space for those f^ M0t 
^ wish to re9tx an! ei^ a 
meid tf mU M spMe ftf cton 
who mi^t^care to dance. * 

A fbatiyre «tteactioaolAbby^ 
is Sallynto perfijfms hnr top- 
less go-garouttaie^hiUytertag^ 
the luBi^Mi period tl^m BOOB 
tU 2 p.m., nd iigfttly from 9 
p.m. tU miMgU. 

Sally ad^ a more intlmite 
touch to her perfi^nsnee wttit 
entertaining l>y ntfogVng «ift 
Perots ttarmiiMrt tte restaur- 
ant rattier thui nortiag flrom a 


While VirgliiaBeadilhaslie 
repiAatioo ot Utoig a terwtte 
retreat for ttwiam^ of Sum- 
mer vaeatioMrs, tte reMrt 
dty also ^rs tftra^t^ fur 
tite eMer^i^M^ of Mt ova 
resicli^k Eves <!Kuli^ tte 
wiirter okhi^. 

This Is 9ff^&A in the num- 
ber ol eiO^i^ '^idtfit life" 
places stttt fdiMC ^1^ ev^ 
thott^ Utear^ m»rintf Ite 

cloaa ^ of the tourist season. 

Activities still avalUble in 
Vir^a B«aeb t<x ^ '*^ 
pe<^e" IncSudRi imetSTk^ 
ttoos wtere a coi^<caa,|[^nd , 
the eveitfng tttmtacaMtdMBdng. 
Ttese Indude twoftworlte algtat 
spola near tte i^rt i^rip in 
the Beadi Boroiv^ 

Sir Ridiard'sRibH(Mi8e,2014 
Atlantic Avenue, catwstottose 
whose lUdi^ l«uis tomrd sup- 
per club sn^owtti^. Vic 
Sucte, yowr ht^ tf ^r Rldi- 
ard's, gre^ ym liettantty ai 
the44oor and escorts you to a 
tabte urid a s^^ Itg^^ rus* ^ 
ttc Ewi^an atmoMiere. 

SaiKte says Sir Ridiard's <d' 
fers a vsMled "Ala Carte" din- 
ner mew for yomr ^q; idea- 
sure^ wM(^ fei^ures prime tlhs 
of teef au Jus. A variety of 
mixed driidcst are available to 
sati^iie«-br all testes. 

Sir Richard's offers music 

for relaxaticA while dining or 
for ^ndng. "niare is live music 

Friday and Saturday ni^^and 
recorded inusic is availtfde oo 

Sally performs twice dally for Uie enter- 
tainment of patrons at A b b y^s Oceana 

The Bay Harbour Room, will premiere Dinner-Theatre presen- 
tations by Virginia Beach Little Theatre later this month. 

Rusty is the feature attraction nightly ait 
the Windmill Restaurant. 

sidents vdiose "nU^ life" 
tastes are | bit mwe, lively, 
a muhbepr <» resort c^^ lo- 
eatlQos offorittiattradloafriiicb 
Is i^owlngln popdwrto.^, 
"topless go-go dancen'*. two 
of tbe more pqinlar audi b- 
catlons are the WlndraUl Rest- 
aurant and Abby's Oceana Rest- 

Tbe WlndmlU Restaurant, 
1048 VlrglDla Bou^Boidevard, 
owned and qwrated Jdntly \if 




_ yM»~ 

Read about tfwse "kind of things" in the 

Virginia Beach Sun 

llie tti^iOig ol the stage uadgjlve 
the iUusioB ol Rusty perfwming 
variods aotf memi^ mbve- 
rni^. •■'^■■^ '-■'' "' •*'■'-■' -•'■ 
Jakeman reaUees Hut ai^ 
reddents ci the dty view thdr 
mid-day meal as a period to 
gaC-a-way from the daily grind 
ias well as for a nmd. He 
- ttierfore has eipployed two ad- 
dittonal topless dancera, iden- 
tified only as "Pbyms*' and 
"Anne", who entotaln durii^ 
flie lum^eMi pMiod from noon 
til 2 p.m. 

Although the Wiodnmi Res- 
taurant does not offer 4u»in& 
fl» itoospherelsoneolre^fid, 
stSXiy lighted sorroundingB in 
iHddi y<Mi can relax. 

Gary Jakeman poljits od tiut 
varied menus are anilable f(Hr 
your dining pleasure. Special 
lunches are offered during mid- 
day while a comidHe dinner 
menu, withsteakbcdngttteqiec- 
iality of tbe bouse Is offered 
during tiie evening bours. 

Ab^'s Oceana Restaurant, 
1701 Virginia BeadiBoule^nrd, . 
is fast becoming anoflier of 
the favorite gatherli^ places 
for those seeking entertain- 

Arthritis Suffems: 



New foimula for arthritis 
minor {Min n so strmig you 
can take it less of too and ^ 
wake up in the morning witii- 
out all the pain's stiflhea. 
Yet s> gentle you cui take 
this tobiet oa an empty sttna- 
ad). It's called Arthritis Pain 
Formula, Get houn of re- 
lief. Ask for Arthritis PtUn 
Forntula, by the tmkers of 

AootlMr feature attradi(» at 
AbbT*s Is Hie , ereaticn d a 
westerij WuS^Ssn^ m 
dandi^ arni Iqr oudosiiBg ae 
doroe floor iQ a nutie '^# 
woMfen rail fencing; slniMttto 
the "Ole Corral**. 

A variety ol owiitry sod 
westeni tends perform eadi 
Ftitay and SiAmday dgltf at 
Abby's in offering nnisic for 
dandng, or Just relaxing and 
I ts te idB g, ReeotiOed mwie is 
available toe daadog other 
ni|^ of tile week. 

Aberoathy hant overlooked 
ttw tastes of AUay's pi^ms 
irtmiitwraes toftttityl^ flidr 
anwtltes. He fealures special 

hmdieoo bm»s wtt a variety 
of otteifiagB, as weUasa eom- 
ptete " Als Carl^ dtmer mean 
tbr evening dinlBg enjoyment. 

VirgInU Beach "night life" 
will enter Into aaotter phase in 
two weeks. . .Iftat of tbe "Obaer 
Theidre*' when tlM Uttle Thea- 
tre of Virgitfa Beadi evens a 
ttcee mek ran at the Bay Bar- 
bmir Robm. 

UtttU recently this location 
was operated as ttie Bay Her- 
boar CMb, a private fulttty, In 
oonjimdloi wiOi oe WUte Her- 
on Motel, od Laskin Road. 

Jim English, nieatre pfesl- 

deot, safs tbe first performance 

win Mint "I Mevmr Sang fv 

. 1^ iatturr/ Ur.^<*?rt Afldpr- 

wift9<«||t|A io ,d|haer-lb«i^ 
praMsMliMk It ittl be psr- 
fordied '% Hie roast" witb tlie 
ttMUeoce SMtedarooDdthe east, 
ermtbig an air of lottaaaey/ 

Perhaps 8m best wqr todes- 
cribe the script Is one of as 
exaaapto of an adntt gneraUoD 
gap. It cotos aroond a 40 
year dd man wbobasiievwbe«i 

d>le to eommuntoate with Us 
80 year okl Mbet and tte oon- 
flleto arUlBgoatof thed^tttloB. 
It Is offered as a irtr^fht, dra- 
matic-pnxhictton. Tbe anOenee 
Is broogltf into the nddst of tbe 

perfarman^ by meioabersaftte 
cast aetealfy oniversing with 
them irtiile (tellverlng their 

Tlw first nwformanoe is 
s^edtaled for the cvodngs of 
Oct. 30 and 31, with, four more 
presentriloos sdieduled Friday 
apMl S^tta^ay Bights of die two 
sace»ssive weddnds. 

Mrs. Frances Derrlng, White 
Etoron numager, rays flie little 
Theatre was ofitored fhdiitles of 
(be Bay Harbour Room as tern- _ 
porary quarters for this pres- 
ttit^oi^ and that ttte future of 
su^ dinoer-ttieatre offerings at 
Ms locatlcm depend to a great 
(tegree on pdslic »cq;itloD and 

A buffet dinner wlllbe avails'^ 
ble tor these who wlih todtae 
out iMk taking In Sidr "night 
at Qm flieatre" for tbe per- 
tormaMes of "I Never Sang 
For My Father". ^ 

In diseassing Uw ftiture <rftbe 
Bi^ Harbour Itoom Mrs. 
Derriag sajs (Ms remains 
somewhat imdedded, from the 
stan^iwlflt of idiether it will be 
ofNMMd as a pd>lic fadlity or 
revert to Its previous iHivate 
dub status. 

T|w locations described here 
by no means are the only ones 
ofterisg Aversion for '*niiJit 
pe^lde" hi Virglida Beach. 

^mm ^ I ' lii mit 

The Carousel Lounge Is In reacffness for Virginia Beach '*nlght 
people. . 



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^: MM 

Tb^ ate merely descriptive 
examsdes of idod can be found 
tat eatertelnmeirt in the resort 
dty. tittre are maigr, maiv 
top-notdi restenuite vAldi of- 
fer tbe best in food M are not 
nl^ spots, as sudu 

While this sampling of night 
Uti cui in iu> way coiniare 
te"Great White Way*' of Hew 
Ym* City's Broadway, <x sim- 
lliar attradioos inoth^ iMt- 
ed Steffi mstatipolltitt regtons, 
it does Intteate that at least 
a nudier of jN^b^ men as 
weU as rerideds of ttte resort 
d^ are driving to bri« spar- 
Kte to Vifi^flia BmhA after toe 
BaB9 to^Mi ^rtattlag her» in 
asardi <tf nnd, suil and sm 
pMk Ihdf bMb towels, sinten 
lo^ MS^Mklds and quidly 
i/bM vm to (Mr md bade 

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■i»»»»»»»'m»* » i*i**w<" 

(■■■■■■■■■WPff ■■■•■■w flnrwywtwm 



Thui-sday, October 15, 1970 w 

1 2j^ Antiques Showsple 



Two most unusual eloctewltt 
te (ttsj^ed at Hm ]2tb Annual 
iUitti^s ^iiMle ttis month 
and (MM of tbeiB wlQ be auc- 
tfoB off. 

Tbe clocks^ provided by 
Russell WiUUmson of ttie Clock 
Mart on little Neck Road, will 
be iMurt of bis display at the 
Shofvalle, sponsored Oct. ZE- 
ES at the Civic Center by the 
Princess Anas Woman's Club 
ol Virginia Beach. 

The dock that will be auc- 
ttonad is known asa "transl- 
tton" dock, according to 
Wilttinu»n. It has wooden 
movemeotS, as did many clocks 
in ttie Mrly 1800's,.because d 
a shortage of brass. There 
was some brass available after 
1816, but there was more after 
1830. WllUMOSon dates ttie 
dock as beli« nwde between 

The clock, thanks to WllUaro- 
son's efforts, is In working or- 
der. It was, according to the 
label Inside, designed by EU 
Terry and made by Seth 
TbonttS. B<^wereni^edclodi- 
makers, and WHSanson said 
this is the first elodc he has 
seen with two names in ttte back. 

The other dodc, not for sale, 
is a hooded or canopy brachet 
clodc sudi aftnas in style from 
1720-1800. Made in tbe Nether- 
lands, it is called a "staart- 
klok," Above, the |||f^ /9( tt|e 
el^.ar* ihc/M l^^ W^ 
'*nU" as tte pendulumsii^ngs. 

The clock was acquired by 
f|^.E. Cruser in 1939 aftir tbe 
previous owner returnedto ttie 
Netherlands. 4ViIIiamson is re- 
turning It to running order. 
It was workii^ several weeks 
ago, but the diains holding the 
weii^ts disintegr^ed and 
y^lMamson is now repladng 

Cruser has urthenticated Um 
age of tte clock through re- 

i^p«.>.>»tf(f|*«*** tf l ftP**«*M X t JU IA» JI JJ J J A lM . M JULJUUULajLa. tAtMfc « M 




J. p. Garrett of VPl Exten- 
sion Service will explain the 
Stata Environmental Improve- 
ment Program to members of 
the Tidewater DIstrid, Virginia 
Federation of Garden Clubs next 

The District will have its tall 
meeting at ttie Admiralty motel 
on MiUtary Hi^iway in Norfolk 
beginning at 10 a.m. and will 
include a luncheon. Mrs. J. F. 
Kit chin, dvic development 
dialrman, is in diarge of the 


WJIIramson looks at the wooden "works" of the clock ttiat will be 
auctioned. The face lies on the table under it. 

search. It is a typical staart- 
klok from tlie calendar <m Hie 
fiioe, handmade gears, style of 
ttie pinions and the figures on 
ttte dial. Staartkloks were made 
in the Netlierlands In the 18th 
century and many were ex- 
ported. Few are still made. 

copied, and the clockmaker's 
name was left off. He added 
that copies were usually much 
cruder without as much care to 
details. Williamson is in the 
process of restoring a number, 
and variety, of old clocks. 

Friday as a lundieon spedal. 
The Saturday spedal will be 
Amlsh Preaching Soiq>; Sunday 
spedal, diicken shortcake. 

A TS-'year-old medidne ca- 
binet (dodor's) wtddi, accord- 
ing to the donor, probably bad 
a price tag near $500 ^en it 
was><new, audlo^ 4t 


Mrs. FoBter I, Gilbert, Vir- 
ginia Federation of Women's 
Clubs chairman for mental 
health, spoke to Uie Cape 
Henry Woman's Ciiib last 

She announced fliat Oie VFWC 
state proj^d wouU be to esi- 
tablish the Virginta Mental 
Healtti Research and Education 

COTILLION FOURSOME— Charles LItz, Patty Anne Merrell, Ann 
Kiley and Mike M c G i nn I s, all of Cox High School, were on hand 
Saturday at the Cavalier Beach Club for the first Cotillion Dafice 
of the season. The Black River Circus played to a standing room 
only crowd of high schoolers. 

Also oa display at the show- 
Williamscn said there is a sals/nAli be antique toys «id 

|eni(«fi(Hi gaff^ bAv«»iH>Ett->^ a itoess ai*of m/kam 6t§USB!>' the dose of the show, 6 p^ 
•n»^fl« t-iniA tvi^ts bMI ttie^ fba^.m%s\ worn iJ> the ^50's '^n*"' "«* 2S. 

- the 

seitf-day dodc o«hef s sWltte 
orii^hal oini#s of' anti^e 
docks. "OwnejTs today Jtst 
don't understand how Oiese 
docks work," he said. The re- 
sult is often damage to the 

Williamson said that in re- 
storing clods that if tiiere is 
any question about the condi- 
tion ot parts be replaces them. 

He noted that in the past 
popdajtctodc styles were dK«i 


By Cardyn McAUen 

by ancestors at a Virginia Beach 
resident. The "candle lady'' 
from Williamsburg will return 
and occupy her regular corner 
in the foyer too. 

Another foyer returnee will 
be the "furniture polish man" 
who will advise cohcerning the 
care of antiques. 

Included in the show will be 
45 antiques dealers from 10 
states. Merchandise for pur- 
diase will include furniture, 
silver, crystal, china, brass, 
tin, jewelry, pidures and var- 
ious accessories to complement 
the antiques. 

^ Angle's Kitchen will again 
offer special Colonial style food 
plus homemade biscuits, soups, 
sandwiches aiyl desserts. Crab 
soup made by a redpe sent 
to tte Woman's Club by Mrs. 
Spiro Agnew and which proved 
popular when served two years 
ago will be offered for sale 

Sunday, Od. 25. 

Proceeds, from ttie show will 
provide scholarships and will 
benefit mental h^tti. Hospital- 
ity House and dher ptrtlanttiro- 
pic projects. In "the past shows 
have provided several thousand 
dollars in schdarships, $33,000 
to mental health, $17,500 to the 
General Hospital ol Virginia 
Beach for a chapel and $1,000 
for Hospitality House. There 
have been manyontributionsln 
smaller an^mnts to benefit 
other causes. 

Tickets ($1) may be purchased 
in advance frommeiid)ersofthe 
Princess Anne Woman's Club or 
may be purchased at the door 
during the show. Show hours 
will be 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
throuji^ Saturday and 1-6 p.m. 

Mrs. G. L. AUhridge is gen- 
eral chairman of this year's 
show, with Mrs. A,R. Bunting as 

The purpose of the 
tioti woi^ te Jo M 

tuttons ^ffifliondtf assistance 
for inovative pr(HEraiii8 in per- 
scmnel developm^at and in re- 
search. The Foundation will 
provide a proper legal me- 
diaidsm for reedving and ad- 
ministering research and per- 
S4amel deveU^ment sunwrt 
from philantropicMrpnisatlons 
and individuals, industries, vol- 
uartary agendes and asso- 
ciations. The projed will be 
carried on for two years by 

Dr. Williams, director of d» 
Mental Hygelne Center of Vir- 
ginia Beach, told the members 
how the VFWC projed would 
relate to our area. 

Mrs. PUlip Russo was dialr- 
man for this jHTogram. Host- 
esses were Mrs. Arthur B. 
James and Mrs. C. E. Upton, 
Jr. Table decorations were d<Hie 
by Mrs. H. R. Bonny, Mrs. 
Ray Halstead and Mrs. Willard 
P. Whltehurst. 

GETTING WITH IT--Em ^nd R6n D a vi s were obviously enjoying 
the Luau the Virginia Beach-Princess Anne Junior Woman s Club 
had at Fort Story Officer's Club lastFrlday night. The Uua Is the 
last celebration (and consolation for abandoned hijsbands J before 
the Juniors begin serious work on their annual Follies. 


iGun expert believes in starting youn 

Happy Birthday 

dear doggies 



I have a normally klndhearted neij^r «ho would have 
gladly strangled a -dog and puppy the ofter dght-lf they 
Indn't been so sid^. 

' The nel^awr's dauber was gdng to have her eighthWrth- 
day, and, though it was a school dght, she wanted to celd)rate 
her WrtMtay on her Wrthday rather than on Saturday. So her 
m^t dedded th^ the easiest thing to do would be to load 
ten Idds into her station wagon (this is easy?) and take them 
od fdr piasa, then return to the house for Ice cream and 

The night before the party the neighborhood bridge club 
met, and file neighbor was describing the cake she »J^e 
for the next d^. She said it wis m ttie shape d a hj^rfly. 
The only prd)lenL she said, was that the colore in tteldng 
were a UtUe brigWer ttian she had planned-psychedeUc, 
fiiat is. Her dan^r, d course, loved It that way. 

So the gang gathered and todt off from pim, i^^i^J^ 
dog and flve-m«rtlw>ld {Mprt behind. And the cake, wUdi 
im « tte <!Ung room ti^e. 

I'm sure you've aU guessed wtat happened alre^. When 
the group returned to tte htwse, *sa»t«f relgnwl. The whole 
n^kSe dt Use (»l»'«as gone. 

But, the ndtfiba mnapd to salva^ ^^^^SiJ^v 
nets to 0w eadi d the Uds "two ««^S?'2^^ 
Then ttie added, "Thank ^ndn^ I booght two ^Uo»d 
Icecrtam^** * 

Carol Wright met ber hus- 
band at a rifle range. "I 
outshot him and he couldn't 
stand it." 

What he didn't know at the 
time is that Carol is a small 
arms expert who has owned two 
gun shops. "I wanted to }dn 
the Navy, bdmyfatherwottWnt 
let me. So I took a beaut- 
dans course instead. I worked 
in a beauty shop and couldn't 
stand it." 

That was when she took over 
her second gun shop. "I tod 
two or three kids working for 
me. Once they got used to 
ttie idea (of working for a wo- 
man) I was one d tlK boys." 

You cati't jwlge a person by 
their looks because Carol is 
a petite and fenUdn iMTunet vdio 
lo<As Uke sitt wodd fit better 
in a kltcten Uian a rifle range. 

In fact, her small size has 
^ven ter some prcAtlen^. Shs 
siuA. in military matches for 
ttree years in CaUforda. Ly- 
ing prong, the kick from l»r 
rifle threw her badnrards be- 
dnd the firing line. In one 
mi^<^, a Marine dedded he 
wmiM solve ttie {x-oblem. He 
planted his feet beUi^ ters to 
bra<« ter. After dJout three 
gk^ sbe was^U thrown l^- 
wante, and tte Marine ("aU 

m poun^ a Mar) i««t ids 

footii^ and fell en tc^ dt,t»r. 
"I'd rather slip." 

Carol IMS bem aittsprtdier 

in m Vlrgida Beach PoUce 

.DepttrtflMd t&e mwe ^n a 

y^w. Her Mies ladnls radio 

and M^tfte invl^ bd ifte ^- 

Mrs. Wright at work. 

tets the radio. S^ [dans to 
enter the Law Edorcement 
ocm» at Old Doidnion Ud- 
verslty In Jamiary, even to3u^ 
file Vir^da Bea<A PoUce De- 
parts^ ^k>^ nd use pollM- 

THAT'SNOTTHt LIMBO Bill and Marilyn 
Davis were doing at the L uau, but It was 

Lynnkaimm Cohnif 

Carol became Iderested in 
guns while hunting with her 
fother. ^ tas (kfldte feel- 
li^ m Vb» sub^d d diildren 
and firearm. Her »n, a ^- 
ded at KeOan m^i Sebod, 

(See 'Expert' p. 8) 

Lyu^wi Cdoiy Gai^ta 
Club nMMMwn baartfairik 
on GarM^ ifid Ood^ irttt 
Herbs ^vaa If »•. RflT* S. 
Sanner at ttrir taeteon meet- 
yig beU at Ifee booM d Mrs. 
MerlAna Sat ad on Stirflah 
Road. Mrs. E.W. RanMh ma 

Blue rftto^ 
nwats were won ujr ^i » 
ant Mrs. Mtrguert^ 1^- 


mmm^m^^m ^vmBs ^. 

' jMNy i ^j i ^^aMLUij^^^ gi 

Virginia Bioch $m 

ThurMtay, i^slober 15, WW 

^ Expert 

The fc»a»r Bcmnle Woodrott 
uMt CIttrte W^tey CronvdeD 
nd ov«r & period (^ time ttelr 
retattoo^p pointed towani 
nirrlage. Bonnie bad been 
muaiti W&t, M tbls was 
On ftrst terrlige for Wes ind 
tt^ elnse to W married in 
a i^rdi cerenK»y. 

Wkea BNMide eaae to Rose 
Hail aod ex^ained wliat she 
iwited to do, we assisted her 
la -ttih^jrfce of t kwely blue 
ea^iire style formal with idea- 
ted stralgbt Une skirt aiid 
pleated c^ielet bodice. Her 
mM of feraor vwe a laveoder 
waA blue printed Uuse fornnl 
idtt a bi|^ neddine and idiort 
setfloped sleeves bmntered in 

For tbe altar, Bonnie had two 
standard^ of blue candles and 
two. stamburds of palm fronds 
js deis^rattons. Siiqide, but de- 

B<»nie and W«;' guest li^ 
included very closest friends 
and ittnwdiate funilyinem- 
bers. It was anexteme pleasure 
to assist tbese two nice peoide 
and their family prepare for 
su^ an lim!(Mrt«rt oceasioi and 
even more a pleasure to see 
a young lady plan everything 
«!& su<^ Iteste and dii^ty. 


What oecadc^ could be more 
impotlant. Jten a >we<Wing or 
a iMb anniversary. For either, 
a pt^e^onal i^ographer is 
a must. 

For a 50th anniversary party 
glveo in honor of tlw parents 
d a cl(»e friend (rf ours, a 
piK^grapher nvs ei^aged .for 
Jfte^. oc^ysion and a wonderful 
timet was had by all. The ta- 
btas were beautiiuily decorated, 
everyone divssed for the oc- 
ca^MB and after the eveirt the 
Anghter who had gtv^ the par- 
ty could hardly wait t<x the 
pictures. When she gi^ them, 
her dlsappolrtment was total. 
She didn't have one pidure Hbat 
wsffi centered ccnrrectly, nor did 
she hive one of her mother and 
fiii^r tlat was isf blurred or 
att center. 

After a happy narriage at 50 
years, a couple deserves every- 
Wog "golden" including as 
many lectures as possible of 
the occasion. We can only add 
in this case— be sure your 
irfK^grapher is aU^y quali- 
fied «ne for importont oc- 



Peoide somettmes 'd o but 
should nai, carry wedding glfto 
to tl^ reception. We turn had 
many ntotteni greiOIy up^t 
because so ma^K K^ Are 
. broui^t to ^ reoepti(Mi whi(A 
they must pack in their car 
to take home aftor the bride 
and groom haw left fw the 
iMaeymoon; Another respoioi- 
UUty they have (if the maid 
of boncn* does n^ help) is to 
pack up the wedding gown and 
(^her articles tbe bride leaves 
behind plus wedding cake and 

An importatt thing to con- 
sider is jQiat it is so easy to 
lose a -valiMMe gift In ttis 
instance and the bride has no 
way of knov^mg. Consequeirtly, 
no "thank you" note. 

Sufliee it tojAy, a wedding 
gift is better late than never. 
If you are a Ut late sending 
a gift, just ha^e it delivered 
to the home after the wedding. 
They are appreciated Just as 

Gifts of money are a custom 
among many pe(q;>le. In ttds 
case, the bride usually carries 
a white satin bag while she 
stands in ti» receiving Une or 
it is handed to the be^ man 
or to the lady responsible for 
flie guest book. 

In the event a gift is sent 
late and. will arrive after the 
wedding, it is sei^ to "Mr. and 
Mrs.'* at the eoiq^e's new ad- 
dress or to toe bri^s pa- 
rents' address. 


Guests should arrive at tbe 
<^urch i^vroxlmately 20 min- 
utes before the ceremony. For 
a large formal weddinj^ ttiree- 
quarters to ahatf-hoMrlbefore 
the ceremray. Gueste shoiihi not 
be any later than IS minutes 
to five minutes before toe cere- 

Diamond Jim Bndy loved 
coffee. His favorite rfstauruits 
kept a private stqjply of Guade- 
loupes and Brails whidi he 
served to his guests. At a 
dinner party he cmce bid tiny 
diamond chips in the coffee 
cups ol a bevy of showgirls who 
were iMlf^g him celebrate. 




.#• , 

"■*■ , ,. 

4r / 

/l<i it siti^ 

Be the Queen of the 
Oyster Bold Cnivd 
in tha Don SojAistieete! 

fht ptrfeet m^ f^ Ihe O^ 
BmMd pMt-mne ftstiaitm, 


Va BmA ' MilmryCiiHr 

3133 Va. AMfe JM., Va. Btachi Military Cirtlt Shopping Ctr. 

Va.BM^fltw* 0pm Mondty Thru Sit. 10 6 P.M. 
xohM Mhmdav mA f mlay 'ttl ft P.M., Military Cindi Scora 
H*- Mm .Sat. lO-lO. / 

Shnps for the Ijodm and their Dau^hlers 


{QobL from p. 7) 

first bench SM at i<m^ "He 
never Uxk toe rifle (tf tte 
beMh. He leara^nlto a goup 
at six. Re sh^ M« flnrtdhMs 
at nine. Tl^y're newr too 
young. All ki(te should learn." 
ms is the way to ei^U^ 
respect for firearms she be- 

And she does not believe in 
B-B guns. "Craig had three 
liflM and two shotguns before 
ba hid a B-B gwa. Tliey're 
ttw iMst dangerous." She am 
Out tooolten parents buy ^-f 
giffls for toeir diiUren then 

"tweaii^ they Wok Wre 
safe" turn the diildren loose 
without proper instruction. 
"The kid gom otrt and shoots 
the« neighbors^ cats and dogs 
or irtndows." She said she knew 
of one ddkl idu) lost an eye 
because of a B-B. "The same 
rales m^t foi' them as any 
otoer firearm." 

Mrs. ViFri^ is also a gun- 
smith. She now has one room< 
of her home devc^ed lu guns 
where she does ll^t gu^mith- 
ing work and loads h«r own 
ammuoitioa. She also has a 
rifle range in back behind the 
houses. Incidentally, t h e 
Wrights live inaratoersparce- 
ly-populated area near Creeds, 
saie and her hhidnnd plan to 
sU^ here when he retires trom 
the Mavy. 

Carol said her husband did 
ml share her ii^rest in gjuns 
when toi^ met, but now he does. 
"He had a .22 pistol, a 12- 
guageahotgun aod a 30-30 rifle 
and he toot^t toat was all you 

The police, also make use of 
her knowled^ of guns to help 
identify ctMifiacated pms, find 
the serial numbers and tell vbe- 
toer they are commercial or 
homennde. "I went to court 
occasslooally in Dm Diego Ua 

Altooogh she now woks odd 
hours (dilfto Ghahge every four 
weeks add d^v (A ts^try 12) 
she says tols doesnt IwthecMr 
since she has always worited 
strange hours. She said she 
worked as nmeh u 70 licnn 
a week vdien she had a gun 
idiop. "Ito's afimjob,*' she says 
e( Mie Dispatchii^ Depariment. 

(H her interest in firMirms 
sSbb commented, ;"Ifs omBual, 
it's interesting— even more so 
since I'm a woman.'-' 

4 re Wedding 

If you are announcing an 
engagement or wedding, why 
lot do it in the VIRGINIA 


Brides are asked to sub- 
mit their lAotogrsqpbs (5x7 or 
BxIO glassies) by Monday of 
the wetic they want toe an- 
nouncement to appear on 
Thursday. Wedding and en 
gagement forms are available 
at the newspaper office, 3108 
Pacific Avenue. 

AH weddings and engage- 
ments received will be used. 
However, photographs will hot 
be returned by mail but may 
be picked up at toe newspaper 

When you're not 
LydiaPinkbain understands 

All of a sudde'' you might 
feel you're cho „ing-nota 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago, when 
ladies couldn't be as frank as 
we can today, Lydia Wnkham 
recognized the problem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a ram«ly. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's root 
and herb remedy to help ^u 
feel iMtter, more like yourself. 

Lydw E. Pinkhaita 



1^ IS immbers of l&M^ 
Sigma Phi sm^rityoCVifigMa 
Wesl^an College wiU ^«dde 
baby-sittli^; »rvlce id tte sec- 
ond wmxH Women si Westeyan 
Flea lttkrl»t m tkMtibT 17. 

The local coUe^ate social- 
service «»rority irtll have a 
booto to entertain the diildren 
who come to tbe Flea Market 
with their parents. Paula 
Lynn Evai» of Vlrginla^ach, 
president, nys titttthe sorffl*- 
ity ^rls "will niake-up tbe 
diUdreo to look Hblprfnoesses 
Slid pirates." Tb^ wi& also 
Ittve various homemade items, 
8U(^ as dolls, to sell 

The girls will also help the 
Women of Wesleyan wito some 
of toe booths. 

Nearly 150 booths have been 
reserved by persons who will 
be selUng varioqs items at toe , 
Flea Market. The twin booths 
for persons selUi^ items reirt 
for $10. This rental fee goes 
to the Women of Wesle^ 
for library books. The profit 
flrom individual booths goes to 
the renter. 

The Flea Market will be held 
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at toe 
Twin-Drive-In thei^rs on In- 
dependence Boulevard at Hol- 
land Road. 

Che$opeian Cobmy 

The Ches<H)eian Colmy Gar- 
den Cltib held ite October meet- 
ing at toe home of Mrs. L^ter 
R. Schnirdi on Tarkhllt Run. 

An adive year is planned by , 
toe club. The beautifi(»tion 
project will be landscaping at 
Foundry tfethodist Ctmdh aod 
toe entrance to the cdhmy. A 
benefit brudge lundheon will be 
held at VEPCO on Nov^ 5. 

Members will cmtlnue to help 
wito theranr at Kings Grant 
School, and wito retre^ments 
on special occasions at Lake- 
view Nursing Romte. A petition 
against tdltooards was signed 
1^ members and sent to toe 

Blue riUMms for arrange- 
meeto vent to Mrs. H. L. Addl- 
8on» Jr. and Mrs. David J. Day. 

Mr. aod Mrs. James Thomas 
Alton, St., bqr. 

Mr. ai^ M». Edmund Ger- 
rtsh Dearborn, Jr., boy. 

Mr. aiKi Mrs. Rlj^ttrd Alex- 
a«ier Duntw, Jr., bc^, 

Mr« and Mrs. Jc^ David 
Stout, boy. 

Mr. aod Mrs. Janws Arnold 
Dyches, boy. 

Mr. and Mra. James Lee 
Moody, boy. 

Mr. aiHl Mrs. Hugh George 
Clayton, girl, 

Mr. ani Mrs. John Owen 
Slaytcm, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lewis 
Smito, Jr., girU 

Mr. and Mre. James Lathrop 
Bevan, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gusy 
Newcomb, b<qr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kaye T!K>mas 
York Shutse, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus C. 
Cason, boy. 

Mr. uid Mrs. Jdln All«i 
Tueker, Jr., glri. * 

Mr. and Mrs. WilUam Ger- 
ald Chaplain, boy. 

Mr. ind Mrs. Harold Francis 
Riopellp, girl. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J(seph 
Prell, boy. 

Mr. imd Mrs. Alfred Dou^as 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
Duben, 1^1. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Jerry 
Undsay, boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Leonard 
Styroo, Jr., boy. 

Mr. and Mra. James Bruce 
Farthing^ Jr., boy. 

Mr. and Mrs. WiUiam Chap^ 
man Frazlerf boy. ' 

Mushroom Duxetles is what the French chef calls finely chopped 
mushrooms/ exquisitely seasoned, here used as rich flavor in a 
stuffing for fish steaks. ^ 

Duxelles by any other name 
"*^ would still be mushrooms 

Have you discovered tto vir- 
tues of duxelles? TUs' is a 
ndxhure of dicqpped mo^ooms 
and wasooings that has dozens 
of uses. 

Tr% ' " •_« f s^iheiBotoiDdaeeon^iuqrlng 

Bay Side cliia»jj« .?«»««» Fish aeaks 

^ eipe. Use it in stuffing t» 

hears Guy 

The Jimior Women's Club of 
Bayside Ittd Del. Riduurd D. Guy 
as giKSt speafcelr at tols nnmto's 
regularly scheduled roeetii^. 
He spote to toe cM> onthe pro"^ 
posed amendmente to the state 

While tbe-Greater Tidewater 
Fair was here, sevvral inem>' 
bers*took toe special education 
class ^m pid Donatbm Ele- 
mentary Sdiool to a day of ftm 

Layer aduxeUet mixture be- 
tween fish ste^, as lAown to 
the jlioto iDdaeeon^iuqrlngDu- 

(^dsen breasts and other poul- 
try a»I meato. Or make a 
duxelles out of the stems of 
moshrooms and then stuff the 
caps wito it E<iually good in 
(^ber vegetables as mlL 

Tbe 17to century French dief 
la Varenne is areAted wito de- 
v^optog the duxelles idea. 
CMto using large (luantlttes of 
mushroom caps find tt a great 
use for the leftover stems. At 
home, the' entire muadvooms 
are usually <Aop|ied to order 
to have sufficient quantity. 

A dry duaelles Is prapartd 

classicaUy by saitteeing chop- 
ped muihrboms wito chopped 
ooioiB and shalloto in butter 
or oil and toen garnishing wito 
cht^ffwd parsley. Variations 
flrom toere,accordii^tohowtoe 
dmcelles will be used, may to- 
dude adding bread ommbs, 
wine, stodk, tomato suice and 
other seascmings. 

Master di^ilB consider the 
muftooosu a way of bringing 
qpeit^allflavar»agoarmet toudi 
—to Jurt abfflit any stuffing. 
As In tbe stuffed cbidGen re- 
dpe below, fiiey will cft«i add 
dmselles to rice and herbs. A 
duxelles oorm^ makes up, 
ttw stuffing for baked nnish- 
rooms, but tols vegetable spe- 
dalty becomes even more ex- 
dting when some dieese, chop- 
ped ham or other meat toadded 
to toe duxelles. 

Fall begins another bumper 
8ea8<m for fr^b mushrooms. 
WUle thto vegetable to available 
ye«r armmd nowadajra, toll 
thniM lite sfHTlng to toe ttme 
of I«rgests«|i^«B...a good ftme 
to try these duxellesideas firom 
tbe test kitojien of tbe Amerion 
Mushroom Instltuto. 


2 (2 lbs. each) haUbut or other 
fish ^aks 
2 top. salt 

1/4 top, ground white pepper 
2 tbsp. lemon Juice 
4 tbsp. butter' or margarine, 
1-2/3 cups Duxelles* 

Sprinkle boto sides of s^aks 
wito salt, white pepper and le- 
mon Juice. Place one steak in 
a buttered bakii4[ dish. Dot wito 
2 tablespo<»s of the butter. 
Spread Duxelles evenly over 
flish. Place remaining steak on 
Duxelles. Dot wito renudniog 2 
tablespooia butter. Bake, tm- 
covered, in a preheated mod- 
erate oven (350 F.) 30 to 35 
- mimites or until fish flakes when 

The CINCLANT Officers' Wives Club and guests honored Mrs. KS^lS^sa^sulS 
Charles Duncan, wife of Adm. Charles K. Duncan, Commander in mushrooms, iJ<iesired. 
Chief Atlantic and Atlantic Fleet, during their October luncheon at Yield: 8 porttons 
Breezy Point Officers' Club. This was Mrs. Duncan's first public ™nrt.f ,..«. 

appearance in this capacity. Mrs. Wi 1 1 ia m I. M arti n, left, and fsauteed ctewi Lhrooms^ 
Mrs. William Buergey, right, club president, assisted Mrs.Duncan iKteshmSSwrnT ^ 
as she was greeted by old friends and new faces in the receiving 2 tbsp. butter or margarine 
line prior to the luncheon. 3/4 cup finely chopped onions 

or shalloto 
1/2 top. salt 

1/8 top. groimd black pei^r 
1/16 top. ground nutmeg 

Rinse, pat dry and finely dic^ 
mushrooms (makes dxnit 5-1/2 
cups). Place In a dean eloto 
and twist tlg^ly to extract as 
much liquid as possilde. In a 
large sUUel lieat butter. Add 
(»ioos, salt, blade pepper and 
mitmeg; saute 2 minute or 
u^ onions are trusparent. 
Add mushrooms and saute over 
Ug^ heat, stirring eoos^tly 
about 5 to 8 mtoutes or ui^l 
all moisture from nmsto'ooms 
has evaporated. Cool tl»)- 
rou^y, cover and reMgerate 
until ready to use. Keeps fcur 
several weds. 
Yield: 1-2/3 cups Duxelles. 



spraying with insecticides 
kills major cotton pests. 

Cotton can be made flame- 


hostess can help you 
oyer the anxiety of get- 
ting acquainted in new 
surroundings and make 
you feel at "Honae 
Sweet Home," again. 

She will bring gifts and 
vital information from 
your neighborhood busi- 
ness and civic_l«aders. 

Gall 627-5685 

Tha Moat 
Fwnout BukM 
In tha World* 



Learn the secret of incrsdible, No-Effort, No-Drug, ONE- 
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mail CANADIAN BLITZ DIET. I endost $3.00 cash, 
mon^ order, or cheque (S<my no CX}.0/s}. 
M payment by cheque enclose ^.50 to cover hai^liflg costs. 


203 - 15104 Stony Ptahi RomI, 

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canaita 



3 diicken breists, split sad 

1 cup Duxell^* 
1/2 ciq> coerced lice 
1 egg Ugbtly besteo 

4 ttap dry wUte wine, divided 
1/2 tsp. tarragon leaves, crum- 

3/4 tsp. salt 

1/8 tsp ground wUte pepper 
1/3 oip butter or margarine 
1/4 lb. fresb mushrooms or 
1 caa (2 to 3 os.) sliced mush- 
rooms ^ '- 

Cut a podo^ In each dddom,^^^ 
breast; set aside. In a small 
bowl combine Duxelles irtth 
lice, egg, 2 tablespoons of the 
^ne and tarragon; ndx weU. 
SbiffMuA dtfdtra breast wltti 
dtout 2 he^pliig tablespoons of 
the musloroomandfddtepepper. 
Place in baking pan. Dot with 
butter. Sprinkle remaining 2 
tabltepoons wine over dilGken. 
Bake in a preneatcd moderate 
oven t350 T.) 40 to 45 ndnutes 

or aatU done, basting oc- 

castdoally with pan mvt^i0,: ^ 
^nse, pat dry and slice fra% 
mushrooms (makes about 1-1/C 
cups) or drain canned mush- 
rooms. Add to pan 10 minutes 
before diid»n is dim. Serve 
mushrooms wlQi cUcken. 
Yield: 6 portions. 


1 tb. large firesh mushrooms 
1/2 cup olive dl, divided 

1/4 cup Duxelles* 

2 tbsp. grated Cheikiar dieese 
2 thsp. fine dry bread crumbs 
2 tsp. diced pimiento 

2 tsp. chopped parsley 

1/8 tsp. ground black pe^ier 

Rinse, pat dry and remove -- 
stems from mushrooms. (Save 
stems fw making duxelles, 
soiqps, stem, etc.) Orwh entire 
e$9 with ,1/3 ciq> of the oU. 
Arrange In baking dteh, cap 
site vp, ComUae Doxell«s with 
remalnlttg Inpw&ei^. Stuff In- 
to mushrooms. Dribble remain-, 
Ing oil over alL Pake in a pre-* 
heated moderate oven (350 F.) 
20 minutes. 

Yield: 14 to 18 stuffed mush- 

Linkhfom Park . 

CoL Joseph W. Vlner spote 
CD beaotlflciatton and showed 
slides of local scenes as well 
as gardens atooad at the Oc- 
Uiatt meeting of IliddiomPark 
Ganten CMb. 

The cbib vt^ed to beautify 
ttie frMl of ttie Atlai^c Men- 
tal Hygiene Clinic for their 
HAND'S ^ntest project. __ 

Blue rlMMRS were won t^ 
Betty Cole, Douglas Mumsi, 
Marion Hurtnwn, AMta Malban 
and Madeline Vato in arraic- 
ing and by May Henry l^d- 
g^ Phylis Elner, Rufii Panto, 
and Hettle Tayloe (2) in hor- 

Gueste at tbe meetlag in- 
eluded Mrs. J.W. MMy, Mrs. 
Norbert R. Si^eiic, Mrs. Tbo- 
mas M. Amm<fflS, 1^. Earl 
DuVal, Mrs, liB. ZoU and 
Mrs. Charles Mmtx. 


I CHy state Zip I 

•4V mmm^ ^^^m «Ma^» ^m^v* ^^mtm mm^^ ' ^^^b ^b^^ ^^^ _ _' 



iM taw tet k WI h^ 

of Mif- 


^ r^w &ctay, Ort^r 15, 1970 

lyside Remains Undefeated Fourth Week 

Virginia Beadi Sun 

Princess Anne.loslng Its own 
ttate ranldng last wek, sur- 
prised ttw state's turd-ranked 

KT Cam Pridi^.sendlngNorvieWs 
^jnpes (or aBondefeated season 

" down ttt drain. 

Tte Cav^ers, once again led 
by ground-gobbling Jerry 
McGratb, managed to hold out 
long ewMigli to escape with a 
12-7 victory owr the favored 
MiotSr PA'S itoot defense 
enaed a Nor«law tmble on 
the Cavalier 10, ftopping what 
ecwld have been the wiming 
tottoWown vltt coty 4S seconds 
left in the gaoM. 

In other Virginia Beach high 
school football action Friday, 
Bayslde edged Deep Creek 17- 
14 First Colonial's Patriots 
spoiled crosa-tow n; rival Cox 

Moon agonizes as his 

by 31 - 8, Kellam fell to 
Im&an River 36-6 ixm Maury 
whalloped KempsvlUe by an 
identtcal 36-6. 

Princess Anne, which may 
have won back Its state stand- 
ing, relied entirely on Its ground 
game to rout Novlew. Quarter- 
back Al Strange, the Cavalier's 
sophomore quarterteck, was 
unsuccessful In his three pass 

McGrath slashed Novlew's 
bi^y touted defense for 92 
yards. The game marked the 
first time in three games that 
the Pilot defense yielded a 

The state's ISth-raked team, 

Bayslde, had to resort to a 

24-yard fleki goal by Bill Petree 

In the last second oi the game 

. tp squeeze by tou^DeepCreek. 

Cox halfbapk Richard 
on to aFirstColonial 

Petree's three-pc^er was the 
first this year In Tidewater grid 

The Marlin's two touchdowns 
came on runs dtomwoA ttiree 
yards by Lance Plata. But Deep 
Creek had ito>TO heroics. 
Johnny Temple returned a Mar- 
lln klckoff 83 yards and team- 
mate Tony Adams added a two- 
point conversion to knot the 
game at 14*14 before the tie- 
breaking fifld goal. 

Bayslde, now '4-0-1 for the 
year, had been pidced as a 
break-even team by most pre- 
season (lolls. "Ale Marlins, 
managing only a 1-8 talley last 
year, currently are fheBeach'^ 
only undefeated team. 

Mtuiry's unbeaten Commo- 
dores continued to run rou^ 
shod over Bead) teams Friday, 
scoring toudidowns against 
Kempsville the first two times 
mey touched the footballr 

Down 22-6 at the half, the 
Chiefs sprung a surprising 
spread formation on Maury in 
an attempt to get back into the 
game. The spHd resembled 
a sh^gun offuise witti the entire 
team lined up on one side of 
flie center. The deqperati(m 
f(»:mi^oi) worked for 58 yards 
time, but ttie Commo- 
4iaiddy recovered, piiA- 
tii#liavy pressure on Kemps- 
vlw quarterback Billy Pas- 

Tttt Chiefs put Oielronly 
toudidown on the board after a 
series covering 63 yards. Dm 
Haudc ran the ball In from the 
elg^-yard line. 

First Colonial uH)ed Its 
record to 3-2 with an easy 31-8 
win over wlnless Cox. The Pa- 
tci(As assembled a 12-0 lead In 
the first quarter and were never 
seriously threatened. Mike 
Brai^ch accounted for three 
First Colonial toudidowns irtdle 
teammates Welton Caldwell and 

Mecure (23) latches 
runner during Friday 

Steve Taylors contributed one 

The Falcons only offering was 
a seven-yard trip by Edward 

Kellam's battle with Indian 
River left them still looking 
for their first win this year. 
The Braves took advantage of 
Kellam's mistakes. Intercept- 
ing four passes and recovering 
four fumbles. 

Surprisingly enou^, Kellam 
outgained Indian River 234 to 
146, but the mistakes made the 
difference. K^lam's(mlyt)right 
spot was Charles Muldez who 
gained 8S yards for QieFalcons 

night's action-filled game at Cox Stadium. 

and scored their only touchdown 
on a seven-yard run in the 
second quarter. 

Charley Muldez carries the ball for Kellam 
for a short gain. 





^^' .'^"<1fi?v*V^ 

f£'l:[^ y'y^^m^'^f^^ Marlins 

In Two 

CHOWAN STARTER— John Bowles, sopho- 
more from Virginia Beach, is the starting 
offensive rlghttaclcle for Chowan College s 
football team which share s, the Coastal 
Conference lead with a 3-0 mark. Bowles 
has been selected by Coach Jim Garrison 
as one of the team leaders. 

Squires' Season 
Opens Saturday 

The brand new Virginia 
Squires open the 1970-71 Ameri- 
can Bastettwll Assodatlcn sea- 
son S^urday nlg^t at Old Do- 
minion Uidrandty gym. 

They will be meeting the new- 
look Pittsburgh Condors In the 
home ap^Mt yMdb tips off at 
8 p.m. Hds is ttie first time 
ever in the Stete of Virginia 
that aprote^Mil maj<Hr league 
Wf(^t» teufthtt n^ffei^nted ttie 
OM Domli^ state. 

The deM wUb Pitteburgh 
opens the SipiirM' gruelUnsM- 
ga^ sdMdnte iMdi will teke 
ttem from the far stretcl^ 
of Utah to ttie Atlantic coast 
ffid math to soi^ from la- 
(le^«<^ to FlorUia. 

TUa «iU be ttie first of n 
Sgdres^ home gunes to be 
pii^ed In Norfolk ttis season. 

The new YirgWa regional 
t«uaa will also (day 15 games 

in Hampton with thie opener 
slated tttere for Thursday night, 
Oct. ZZ vs. Carolina. 

The Squires will also play 
four games In Salem-Roanoke, 
three In Richmond and two in 
northern Virginia tater In the 

Hie "Blue Marlln" soccer 
team of Vlr^nfa Wesleyan Col- 
lege will travel to Nortti Car- 
olina ttds week for two ihys 
of soccer. 

The "Marlins" wiU face (he 
"BattUng Bishops" of North 
Carolina Wesleyan College 
Friday at Rocky Moimt* The 
matdi will be held at 3 p.ra. 

they will dien go against the 
"Knights" (rfSl. Andrews Pres- 
byterian College Satur^y at 
Laurlnburg. The matd) will also 
be held at 3 p.m. 

Virginia Wesley's over all 
season record Is 1-2 and their 
D.I.A.C. record Is 1-0. The 
"MarUns" defeated the "Mon- 
arcbs" of Methodist College, 
3-2, on October 9. 

Princess Anne's George Oxx comes to the aid of another Cavalier 
guard as they bring down a Norview ball carrier. 


<M mmWSS'mmjtm » J 
iiip.q«Fi«iaM ,,wia*<swj! 


Attontic A 31ft Street 



For ywir Unioff Eiit«rteiiUBMt- 
live Qism M«^ Iqr I'Hrry ilai« 

Tkirtdfty, rrWmr. fetm^y uA Smtey fiveiOiii^ 

Majorette Kay Kelley of Princess Anne 
brightens the grid scene. 







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rF.DlC. » 






Virginia Bi^KphSun 

Oct<Aer 15, 19^ 

Robtrt J. n^raoB, 44, 713 

5138 On^ Co^ Mj^ 
Mrs. E«^ N«MK8pe Crtrt- 

nior«, 8S^ IIS Mtiim Court. 

R<ftert Carl Ottea Jr., 44, 
8106 Tkortwi^wood Bold. 

Mrs. Aleon R. IQmUe, fl^ 
lis? GtneratJtrMt. 

Mrs. Virgtata V. Browa, 80, 
918 E. N««towii Roid. 

IttltoB a CttUieiipnr St,, 493 

(Mt Ci«|» Waterfleld, 79, 

Wtmiin <mB05) Rjrland Bon- 
Mjr, 64, Roots 2. 

Mrs. HelMi Bemdt, 39, d 
853 Tlit&ft Potnt Roid. 

Mrs. RiiHi E. meg, 51, of 
5520 Padiameirt Drive. 

To Meet 


Tbe Vri^iia 9otdi CMnreo- 
ttoB Ciitor^itfUpwte4oops 
to the Mwvidi^ Witnesses fiU 
tB^mW^ Frt^ Orwq^ Oct 
18. Le(Hrt Brown, sqpervisor 
of Jeltdvtbls Witnesses Vlr- 
glidt-^oFtltCirottittCireidt 26, 
stated tttf seeordiaK to Qasix 
U»t jfttadance a pe^ at 1500 
ess be eq»<M to be pres«it 
at the tiiree^ InWsterlal 
tmbitiv wmistt ^MxS^lBtpaa' 
sored \ff fte Watelrtower Bible 

Local WitaeaM^ and.vfiitors. 
are anxtoasly ^pariofio re- 
cdve the adva^ed traisii^ d- 
tet^ at file a^eaUy. Brom 
sak tbaf'tbe Witeessra, wbo 
stress tbi do(»todoor^of 
ministry, sow forsee ftat tte 
197(^s are ^imatoA wb tte 
teneratica tbat nrlU teU tlie oat- 
aime, botii bjr observers d 
Qie vrorld scene and more im- 
portantly, by tbe ttMe itsell." 

tbe entire pn^nrnviUbean 
instroctive die. Beginoing 6H5 
p.m« Friday, a model MlMstry 
Seboot irtll be eondocted idiere- - 
la five stodent assigam>ats are 
0vea car^ttl consideration by 
tte cMasetor. Vlitttora villen- 
fcsf tbe sdwhded deoKmstra- 
tions, disburses, experieaoes 
ttBd Cbristiaa fellombip 
ttrougbcHit Saturday and Son- 

Comroentiag on why their 
dilkbrea tad so mneb parental 
i«^;»ct Brom said, "cbiklren 
sto^ ivitb tb^r pareirts athoroe 
and sit vitb ibem in tbe King- 
dom Btfls 80 all receive tbe 
nam iutruetion. Id Oils vay 
all wiU know tbe Bible prin- 
e^fles and wbat is required of 
Mch family menSwr to im- 
plement ttein. Unwholesome in- 
fluences are ^is avoided and 
ttie family grows togetber spl- 

Cttnnxlng ttie totdoiag semi- 
nar Swday October 18 at 3 p.m. 
will be tte public discourse 
WORLD IN THE 1970's by J. 
C. Howard, Jr., ififlMct dir- 
^or and superriAH-. AH ses- 
slou are c^a to tbe pdblic. 


Plans 10 

Virginia Wast^nm College 
has announced ten $1,000. 
**Ttdfwatftr Scbolarsbini'^ for 

rrask X B«%er, registrar 
and director of aAidmon at 
YlrtfMa Weslqwa aniMDGed 
^ "ttkOuMp program at a 
reoent dtnoer Buitlng of Tlde- 
witer area Mghsehool guidance 
coont^rs at l&e College. 

Tm new Tidewater Scbolar- 
ships of $1,000 each will be 
availabj* eaieli year. To beel- 
igiUe i&t coosideratiMi tor 
these ^Kdanttps the candi- 
dite m«st Uvb in tte Tldewiter 
area, be a commixing student, 
rank la tte upper ten percent 
of bis or her gra(hitiing class, 
tave a College BoardSeboIastic 
Aptltade Test total score of at 
least 1200 WB& r«cdve arecoffi- 
mraAtflon from Ms or ter M^ 

tte student wtUteabletore- 
new tte sctoiarddp eadi se- 
mester ^ long as te maia- 
laias a mlnianm average of 
S.00 out (rf a possible 4.00 
at Viq^a Wes^ran. loforma- 
tioo and application forms are 
imdltf)le from liitewater area 
U^ school guidance ofilces. 
Ttere are.268 Tidewater area 
studM^ enrolled at Virginia 
Wesleyan ttis year. Tte total 
fOtttme enrollment this year 

Vlrgtflia Wesleyan College is 
a tour-jwar, diurcb-relsted, 
ooedQcational^ basieaUy resi- 
dintlal, liberal arte coUege lo- 
cated M a 300 acre canqpus 
astride tte Norfolk-Virginia 
Beadt tine. 

KempsvUU (^<^«^ 


City Is 
Good Risk 

City Manager Roger M. Scott 
told aty C<Huicll|tonday ibat as 
a result of ite exoeUent repu- 
tation as a low risk poU(7 
holder, it has received a re- 
bi^ of $48,792 troBi if 8 1969 
insorance policy. ^ 

Scott said tte cteck deceived 
from tte Kellam and Eaton In- 
surance Cooapany is standard 
proceAire Ua tte dty to follow. 
Each year the dty pays a pre- 
mium rite and to tew" well it 
dote ttr<»i^ year witt res- 
pect to aecid«^ deternolaes 
tte sin of tte rtiiate. 

Tte policy for 1969 was writ- 
tea for $122,559. 

Tte rebate la 1968 was 47, 
200 on $124,000 policy wMle tte 
rebate in 1969 was $21,500 on 
a 1968 $131,000 policy. 

Scott stfd tte poliqr covered 
dty vdiicles, worUngman's 
compenaitioo and aoddente. 
In otter items, Coundl: 
"Confirmed an agreement 
Witt tte J.C. Wheat Co. to con- 
finne acting as tte diy's fi- 
nancial advisors. 

*Autt(a4^ tbe dty manager 
to sign a nnitual fire prote(^on 
agreement witt tte Fleet Anti- 
Air Warfare Trainii« Center, 
in which tte parties agree to as- 
sist each otter vlien tte 'need 
arises for massive protectim. 
^Accepted a low bid of $138, 
673 on tte munidpal golf course 
club teuse from tte Glaulrice 
Construction Co. of Norfolk. 
Tte bid was adjusted domi from 
tte original Ud of $172,078 to 
meet tte dty's budgetary Umit. 
^Appropriated $105,731 as 
part of it's ftindingfor tte dty's 
Welfare Department Tte state 
bad asked the dty toappropriate 
addittooal funds and may yet 
dedud it i^om otter funds if tte 
, dty does not meet it's ob- 

* ♦ * 
Removal of litter from 
Virginia Ug^wa^ coste more 
than $800,000 annually. 

* Utet regardl^ of fl» 
fMore pins, ^ area alrMtty 
<teTCl<9ed te /to snuU IteU aiqr 
IMtare growtt ikmUI be eom- 

* Tte stady ar«A is also to- 
cated la tte pc^jxdatlon een^ 
ci tte regtott wi can draw on 
iM (^tfre Uw siqpply pool 
in iSaa t^tgu 

llie se<»»d aiiei^ ttolandad- 
^^i^ to tte Centervllte Tern- 
pike firom KenqsviUe Road to 
bidtaa River Road, is ^Iso rec- 

Tte site, aot as i^ de^ 
velfved as tte Gre«niidi site, 
also has tte access ways pro- 
vide by interstates and rail. 

But it does nd have dty water 
and sewer lines extendt^Etotte 
area. To over«)me ttatiaro- 
Idem, tte planning i^tiff sajni 
tte dty should construct tte 
neede<^ utilities to attrad tte 

"Tte economic return ac- 
cruing to tte City of Vlrgida 
Beadi from tte aMotnuttoi and 
ccmtinued <qwration d teavy 
commercial operations can and 
wlU provide suffldMtt ec(»iomt^ 
beneflte to offset tte cost ^f 
coosbruding ttese lines," tte 
report says. 

In addition, tte increased 
developnwnt wiU dfset any un- 
emfttoymei^ prddems as well' 
as dvUserviceeuOMtds caused . 
by Department of Defense bud- 
get redudioos, it sajnt. 

Add tottese cutttekscftte 
already empto)^ an additional 
umual nev group of 5,90(^ peo- 
ple, as weU as 4,190 unem- 
ployed, and tte labor force 
grows trem«)dously. 

"In summary," tte report 
says, "tbese areas are idealty 
located for Ught indwtrial 
centers affording tte oe^Tante 
all of tte prereQuLdtes aad 
« industrial park9hraldooi;^n." 

It notes thai bdlding ma- 
terials, food distributwship, 
and trucking uidirtorageopefa^ 
tions are best sdted to take 


(Coitinued from pg. 1) 

and use permit appUcattonB by 
G. L. Gttlbranson to cosirud 
272 apartment tndte and a sew- 
age pumping stationontte nortt 
side of Providence Ro«l and tte 
west side of Woodstock school. 
* Approved a Change of soniM 
application by Vir^a Be^ 
Enterprises, Inc. for tte re- 
design of a portton of tte, ^Vhite 
HeroD{&fotel cm LasUn Road 
into a( EuropMn Bealtt Spa. 
""Approved dumge of sodng- 
and use permit applicattons by 
D. A. Slack to construct 100 
bnrary apartmeds on tte soutt 
side of LasUn Roadand tte east 
side of Soutt Oriole Drive. 
♦AK)royed a use permit 
^^pttcatton of Vii^a Beadi 
Holidqr Inn Trav-L-Park to 
ctmsfarud 707 camp sites on 
prc^rty located on tte west 
dde ofGeneralBoott Boulevard 
about 800 feet soutt of Harpers 
Road. i 

""Approved a use permit ap- 
plication by tte dty to c(«i- 
struct a bealtt services buiM- 
ing in tte police and libary 
complex in tte Bayside 

, ""Deferred a use permit ap- 
plication by Standford and Inge 
to construd a sigjsboard until 
tte dty's sigiiioard study is 
complete and has been pre- 
sented to dty coundl. 

""Deferred for 30-days a use 

permit s^^cation by Jamnet L. 

Whitehnrst for a dog teimel 

due to improper posting of 


""Deferred for 6Q-(teys a 
diange of zodng appUcatiob of 
Brenneman Farms for a 232 , 
acre site located on tte east 
side of Princess Anne Road 
across from Providence Road. 

""Deded an appUcatlMi d tte 
Kemlodte Corporation for a 
diai^e of zodng and a use 
permit to construct 20 
apartment udts on tte nortt 
side d Virglda Beadi Boule- 
vard 70b feet west of Witch- 

Saving Hut 
Is Goal 

A committee to get plans 
underway to save the GirlScod 
hut in Oceana was formed at tte 
meeting of tbe Linkhorn Neigh- 
borhood Girl Scout leaders, 
ittldi met at tte United Com- 
munities Fund Service Center^ 

Tte group hopes ite bd wiU 
eveobalty te madeidoamuse- 
um of (HrlSooutingfcn- tte area. 

Tte ndgUMitood will psrti- 
dp^ in tte living Christtaas 
Tree, teld last y^u- in Princes 
Anne Hlg^ Sdiool foottaU stad- 
ium, again ttds year. 

Barbara Vldam was named 
secretary-treasurer of tte 
grmv and Jum Ito^ is tte 
AetlM 70 represeotetfve. 

Leaders in linttom nei^- 
boriumd may <all 428-1710 or 
4^-854 1 for reservatlMS to tte 
ArM Assodatiim lm<fteon. 

advanteg^ of ttese areas. 

Coupled witt a Iwitfionii^ 
borouj^ groii^dalMsF30,000 
red<feds 1^ IMS, improved 
arterial r<»dwaje and well- 
jdaced eduoitloMU eom^eiss, 
tte boroii^ is dertbM tote- 
mm IndiaMal In ite orikia- 
tion, jwt as tte Virglda Beach 
Borough is tourist-orlMited. 

Tte int^ of ^ idaa te test 
summed up witt andnorjtoase 
in tte report? ♦This ^ a gen- 
eralised piMern that will te 
refined as tt« Vten to updated." 

That 4s tte ^Mtlon for any 
dty {daaner, tt weU as tte 
ana te's a>n<»med witt, 2ai 
for a borough as rapidly 
diaa^ag as tte KenvsvlUe 
area, it's almost manddory. 

Memdrs, By Albert Speer. 
Translated l^ Ridiard and Cla- 
ra Winston. New York, Mac- 
miUan, 1970. $12.50 

At tte outset of tbdr rela- 
tionship, Altert Speer and'A- 
dolf Ifltler met on tte common 
gromid d thdr interest in ar- 
ddtecture. Speer was an arc- 
hitect by proferaion. Hitter fSn- 
ded himself as one, and bott 
UHin shared a taste for neo- 
clasdcal architecture of a 
grandiose andasetteticallyod- 
rageous design. 

Speer first fell onder Hitler's 
qmU 1^ a meeting of profes- 
donal men addressed by ttefu- 
tore Fiihrer in 1931; and te first 
xame to Bitler'S'attedton nd 
long ttereafter as tte (tosigner 
of tededropsfbr tteNad rallies 
and pageaate of Hitler's early 
years to power. Soontetecame 
Ms favorite ardiited and plan- 
ner for tte rd)dk]ii« of Ber- 
lin andotter dties. As tte years 
passed tte attraction tetween 
tte two men deepened. "If Hit- 
ler had b»l any friends," Speer 
remarks toward tte end d Ms 
memdrs, "I wodd certdnly 
teve been one of Ms dose 

As ai^ted d tteaewCban- 
ceUery ip Berlin, tte Nurem- 
berg Stadium and many otter 
mannott strudures, Speer has 
Impressed Hitter by tte dte- 
patch Witt wMdi te met or 
exceeded every scheduto. He 
was, tterefore, at ttetegindi^ 
of tte war put in charge of 
tte constructfim d armament 
factories. When Minister of 
Armamente Todt died in 1942, 
Speer, aged 36, teeame Us 

A dynamic man witt a bril- 
liant and flexible mind, he al- 
most invariably ton)ed Msfa-o- 
dudion quotas; te was an in- 
defatigabte iihprovisor and 
trod)le-shooter who unauurled 
railroad bottlenecks and started 
up production in bombed-od 
idante in record time; above 
all, tte greater tte odds tte 
tetter te worked. 

Speer's memdrs tegin slow- 
ly, but once te is past Ms career 
as an ardiited and enters upon 
Ms real life wcMrk as a mas- 
ter technocrat, it becomes clear 
ttat Us book is far and away 
tte most fasdnating cbrodcle 
d tte TUrd Reich ttet has so 
far ai^wared. TUs te so in 
spite of tte fad that Speer is 
a pedestrian writer. 

But what, above all, diffe- 
rentiates ttese memdrs from 
ttese of otter memters dtte 
TUrd Reich eUtete that Speer's 
work gives us an absoldely 
udque picture d Hitler as well 
as valuable insi^ into tte 
workings of tte Nazi state. 

Sam Clay 


Purswnt to tt^'terns d cer- 
tain decretal orders altered in 
the Circdt Court d tte City 
<rf Virglda Beach, Virglda, m 
tte «h day of October, 1970, 
in tte Chancery cause of City 
d Virglda Beach ^ James 
Edward T^er, Sr., aiid^dsy 
Tyer, et al., and tteir spouses, 
if a^ there te, iriwse names 
and addr^ses areuUdbwn,ai]d 
if aiv of tte aforesaid defen- 
dant te dead, their 'surviving 
cons(Kls, if any th^re te, tteir 
hdrs at law, next of kin, de- 
visees, legatees, personii re- 
presen^ves, and lien cre- 
ditors, and lien creditors of aiQr 
teirs or detdseesy all whose 
names are udmotwn and whose 
post office addr«9»es are un- 
known; all d wtem are made 
parties to tMs pfticeeding by 
tte general' Ascription of 
uoderdpaed Spedid Cdmmis- 
dcmer will offer for sale at 
pdilic auetioD d tte fruit door 
of the Courtteuse d tte Cir- 
cdt Court of the City of Vir- 
glda Beach, Virglda, City Hall, 
on Wednesday, Odoter 28, 
1970, at 12:00 o'dock noon, 
tte following real property lo- 
cated in tte City of Virglda 
Beach, Virglda, to-wit: 

All ttat certdn tract, niece 
or parcel d land, dtuate, lying 
and teing in Virglda Beadi, 
Virglda (formerly Princess 
Anne County, Virglda) teing, 
<tedgiuited and described as 
Tract "B" as stewn upon that 
certein pU^ entitled, "Survey 
of James Hider property onSa- 
lem Road for Allean Mosely"; 
sdd plat teing recorded in tte 
Clerk's Office of tte Circdt 
Court of tte City of Virglda 
Beach, Virglda, in Map Book 
36, at Page 20; said Trad 
"B" bdng more particularly 
bounded and described ac- 
cording to sdd idat as follows: 

Begtodng at a steel pii^ te 
tte Western line d Sdem Road 
d a poid in tte line dividing 
Trad "A" from Trad "B", 
as stewn <hi tte said^dat, and 
rundng ttenoe aldigite wed-, 
em line of Salem Road, Nortt 
42 degrees 49 minute West, 
a dlstimce d 122.6' to a steel 
pin; thence Nortt 26 degrees 
36 minutes Wed, a distance 
d 212' to a pdd in tte sdd 
Western line dj^em Road 
at ite intersection witt tte line 
dividing Trad "B" from Trad 
"C", as stewn on tte sdd 
pld; ttence Soutt 63 degrees 
00 minutes West, -1.5 Het to 
a steel pin; ttence contind%a- 
long tte sdd divldng Tract 
"B" from Trad "C" as aliown 
on tte said idd; ttence Soutt 
63 degrees 00 minutes Wed, 
1.5 feet to^a steel pin; ttence 
contindng atong tte ^d line 
dividing Trad "B" from Tract 
"C" as stewn on tte sald.pld 
a tota^ dtetance (including tte 
sdd last mentioned dtetance d 
1.5 feet) of 840 fed, more or - 
less, to tte Wedern line d tte 
land tereby conveyed as stewn 
(m tte said pld; thence Soutt 
36 degrees 09 mindes East, 
a dtetance d 21j6 fed, more or 

Garland Opens 

Republican City Chairman 
Jimmle S. Fant has announced 
tte names of persons who will 
dired R e p u b 1 i c an sendorial 
candidate Ray Garland's cam- 
paign d Virglda Beach. 

John Geist te campdgn mana- 
ger; Douglas MacGarveytespe- 
dal, evente coordindor; and 
Ronald Marks, prednct coor- 
dindor. llMa^^intmentewere 
made by Garland through Us 
campdgn headquarters in Rich- 
mond. Peter C.Anderson tends 
tte local finance, committee. 

Garland opened headquarters 
te tte resort dty Thursday 
dght at 3284 Virglda Beach 
Boulevard, across from Prin- 
cess Anne Plaza. 

this is to amend statement required by the act of 
october 23, 1962; section 4369, title 39, unitcdstates 
Code, showing the ownership, management and qr- 

Virglda Beach, Virglda 23451, published weekly at Virglda 
Beadi. Virglda. FlUng date Odoter 1, 1970. 
10. Extent and ndure d Circulation 

Average no. copies Single Issue 

A. Totd no. codes printed 


eadi issue (hiring 
precedine 12 jno. 

Pdd Circuteticm 
1. Sales ttroui^ deders and 

carriers, street vendors and 

counter sates 7,596 

2. 1^1 sutecripllons 2,252 

C. Totd Pdd Circulation 9,848 

D. Free Dtetribution by Mdl carrier 
Ot oti^r means 301 

E. Totd dtetritetton 10,149 

F. Oflice Use, Left-Over, Unacawnt- 
ed, Spdled after Priding 151 

G. Totel 10,300 









I certify ttd tte statenwds made l^ me diove are cwred 
and eon^lete. 

Jdtt R. Griffin Goeral' Manner 

10-1- IT 

* Legal Nrtlces 

less, to a ltol^Gln;tteaM 
Soutt 46 degree 39 Id^tes 
East, a dstance d 132 f«d, 
more or l^s, .to a pdd te 
tte teteraectlai of tte Western 
Une d ^ ^{^erty ^d^ 
<%»veyed and tte ate d^ttng 
tte sdd Tmd "B" from Trad 
"A" as shown on ite said 
I^; titence Nortt 63 degrees 
00 idm]tes East, aOslance d 
800 ted, OKire or ^s, to tte 
pdnt d bedndng te tte W^- 
tem line of SdedrRoaC 
Trad 2. 

All ttet certain Id, pi«(» or 
parcel of laid, togetter witt tte 
improvemente ttereoQ ud tte 
aipirtenances fl»reimto betcm 
ging, l^ig, dtuate and bdng 
in tte City d yirgidA Beach, 
Virglda (formerty te fti^board 
Ma^terial Dtetrid, Princess 
Anne County, Vii^ida), and de- 
dpiatdl and described as fol- 

Begimiing d a steel pin te 
tte Western line d tte right 
d my of Sdem Road in tte 
dividing lite tetween l^rad 
"A" and Trad "B", as stewn 
on tte pld d survey made 
by P.L. Smltt, February 22, 
1954, recorded in tte Clerk's 
Office of tte Cir<»it Court of 
tte City d Virglda Beach 
(formerly Princess Anne Co- 
unty), Virglda, and from said 
pdd running aloi% tte edge d 
tte ri^t of way of Sdem Road, 
Nortt 42 degrees 49 minutes 
West 87.4 feet to apotet; ttence 
terdng and rundng westwardly 
parallel to tte didd^ Une 
tetween trad "A" and Trad 
"B", 210 fed to apdnt; 
ttence tornlng and rundng 
Soutterly, parrallel to tte Sa- 
lem Road, 210 feet to fi» di- 
viding line tetween Trad "A" 
and Trad "B", ttence along 
tte sdd dividing line tetween 
Trad "A" and Trad "B" 210 
fed, more or less; to tte Sa- 
lem Road, to tte pdd of te- 

TUs prqierty wiU te sold 
free from all liens and/or en- 
cumbrances. Except— Deed of 
Trust Note dded March 17, 
1958, -recorded in^ Deed Book 
532, at Page 546, made by 
George Brown to Garrett Bax- 
ter. Trustee, in the amoud 
d $275.00. 


All sales are subject to con- 
firmaticm by tte Court. 

Purdiaser or purchasers wiU 
te reqdred to dq;»6it twenty 
percent (20%) d tte bid price 
d tte time d sale and to con- 
summate tte purchase wltUn 
ten (10) days after tte sde te ' 
i^zpved by tte Coudii 
Stantey A. pumps 
Spedd Commtedoner 

I certlty thd tte twnd re- 
qdred by tte decree teretofore 
entered on tte 9tt daydOd- 
d)er, 1970, has been given by 
tte Spedal Commisdoner. 
J. Curtis Frdt, D.C. 
Stanley A. PUlUps 
. Parker & PUlllps 
P.O. Box 4037 

Virglda Beadi, Virglda 23454 


In tte Clerk's Oflice d tte 
'circdt Court of tte City of 
Virglda Beadi, on tte 9th day 
d Octoter, 1970. 
. Arthur Walker, Pldntiff, 

Adelia M. Walter, Defendant. 

The objed d tUs sdt te for 
the sdd pldntiff to d}tdn a 
divorce a vinculo matrimodl 
from the sdd defendant, up(Mi 
tte grounds of continuous sep- 
aration of over two years du- 

And an affidavit having teen 
made aid filed ttet due dili- 
gence has teen used by or on 
tehalf of tte compldnant to 
ascertdn in whd county or 
corporation the defendant is 
residing, but without effect, and 
Tlhe-^ast known post office ad- 
dress teing 1308 16th Street, 
Lynchburg, Virginia, not resi- 
dent of the Stde of Virglda. 

It is ordered ttet ste do ap- 
pear here witfiin 10 (ten) days 
after due publication tereof, and 
do what may be necessary to 
protect her interest in tUs 

A copy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bru^i, D.C. 
Cterles V. Bashara, Esq. 
Baslnra & Hubbard, P.Q, 
100 Board of Trade Bdiding 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 



In the Clerk's Offi(% d tte 
Circdt Court d the City of 
Virglda Beach, on tte 9th day 
d OddJer, 1970. 

Danny R. Wllmoth, Pldntiff, 

Carolyn Ann Rowlaix! Wll- 
mott, I^feidant. 

The obJed d tUs siit te to 
obtdn-^a div(ff<% a mensa et 
ttoro from tte sdd defendant, 
iqxm tte grouids d desertion. 

An! an affUavit teving been 
made wA filed tta^ tte defen- 
dant is iwt a resi(tent d tte 
^de d Virglda, ttelastknewa 
p(^ olfl(% address teii%: 216 
John Ard Court, St, Mry's Ter- 
race, PaMt^jtai W 2, Loa^ 

* Legal Nmtces 


Vl te oi^ered thd ste &> ^- 
pear here witUn 10 (ten) iteys 
after d^pfl}licdi(tt tereof, and 
do wbat may te necessary to 
prtect ter Intered in thte sdt. 
A copy-Teste: 

Margaret w. Brugh, D.C. 
GoMblatt, lijAdn, Anierson & 

804 Om Mdn Plara East 
Norfolk, Vlrgtda 23510 



In execuym d fourteen (14) 
deed? d trusit made 1^ Lowell 
R, Chapptll, Inc., a virglda 
ourporatioo, dded Juuuuqr 22, 
1970, reccrded te tte Clerk's 
Oflice of tte Circdt Court d tte 
City d Viri^da Bi»<A, in Deed 
Book 1147, pages 108 ttrdigh 
and includingl49,defidlt teving 
occurred te tte piytoent of 
prindpd ull idered secured 
ttereby, tte undersignedbaving 
teen ddy appdnted as Sd»ti- 
tute Triustee by insteumentddy 
ofj record, and dlreded 1^ tte 
noteholder to foreclose qwn 
sdd 4eeds of trust, will offer 
tte telpw described property 
for sale d pdillc auction, to 
tte highest Udder fw cash, d 
1:30 P.M. on tte 13th day d 
Novemter, 1970, on tte east 
steps d tte Circdt Court of 
tte City d Virglda Beadi, 
Virginia, tte sdd property 
teing, described as follows: 

All ttose oertate 1<^, pieces 
or parcels dlaad, witt tte bdl- 
dings and improvraiente tte^e*- 
on, and tte ajKiurtenuices 
ttereunto telonglng, situde, 
tying and teing te tte City of 
Virglda Beach, State of Vfr- 
gida, and known, numteredand 
dedgnded as Lote Numtered 
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, to 
Blodc No^C, and Lds Numtered 
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, in 
BIodE No. D, as dedgnated and 
(tescrtbed on i. oertdn ptet of 
survey ^nntev cnnxBvision oi 
Gunn-Hdl Mmor, Sedl<» Two, 
Princess Ame Boroui^, Vir- 
glda Beach, Virglda", wUch 
pUt te ddy recorded in tte 
Cleric's Office d tte Circdt 
Court d tte City d Virglda 
Beadi, Virglda, in Map Bode 
62, A page 17. . 

TUs sdeshdl te subject 
to dl existing liens d record 
d tte ttme d sdd sde. 

Terms: Cash. Tte success- 
fd bidder, or lAdders, nuiy te 
reqdred to deposit $100.00 per 
tot wten tte property te sold, 
and settlement shdl te made 
te tte law offices d Muri^qr, 
Bennett & Gorry, 301 25th 
Street, Virglda Beach, Vir- 
glda, witUn ten (10) days from 
tte date of sde. 
Sutetitde TrUdee 



In tte Clerk's Oflice d tte 
arcdt Court d tte City of 
Virglda Beadi, on tte 2nd day 
d Octoter, 1970. 

Dorte M. Davis, Pldntiff, 

Doyle L. Davis, Defendant. 


The diject d thte sdt te 
to ditdn a divorce a vinculo 
matrimonii from tte said de- 
fendant up(m tte grounds of 
phydcd cruelty. 

And an affidavit teving teen 
made and filed ttd tte defen- 
dant is a non-redded d tte 
Stde of Virglda, tte last known 
post office address teing: 403 
50 3019 ATO KURE. F.P.O., 
Seattte, Washington 98764. 

Itte ordered that he do appear 
here witUn ten (10) days after 
due publication tereof, and do 
\rtid may te necessary to pro- 
ted her Iderest in tUs sdt. 
A copy-Teste: 

J. Curtte Frdt, D. C. 
Brydges, Broyles & Md(enry 
1369 LasUn Road 
Virginte Beadi, Virglda 



tte 1st jday d Odd)er, 1970. 

Ira E. Eskrldge, Compldnant 

The Estate d Minette M. 
Eskrldge, deceased, and tte 
heirs, devises and successors, 
in tttte d Minette M. Eskrldge, 
if^ (tte<yon Fdiruary 22, 1970, 
who are made parties defeniant 
by tte several descriptton d 
Parties Unknown, Respondente 



Tte djjectofttedxnre-styled 
\^t is to remove a cloud upcA 
tte title to certate real estde 
ofwned by tte oimpldnant tette 
City of Virglda Beadi, Vir- 
ginia, more perttcdarly des- 
criteKl as follov^: 

"AH those certain lots, 
pieces d parcete d land, lyings 
dfai^ed and bdng te fi^Cmnrty 
d Princess ksm (now Vir0nla 
Beach), and ^ate d Vir^a, 
te ^d county (now dty), kwwn, 
dedpwed 'and nund)ered as 

*L^al N<^lces 

Lote ElfW («) Md Ten (U), 
Btods ade«(l0iSe<«rt *«D", 
m teto dom m tte Phd d 
C^>e Henry, reejrted te Mv> 
bptrir 7, page 79, te tte Cterks 
Office of tte Clr<Mdt Ciwrt d 
sdd Cotrty (»w dtyJii" 

Art, It a(!>earlng iv i^Madt 
fll«l wjwrtH w to law ttd ^re 
nay be i^eii idei^edtotte 
abeve-^^teMsribed ^«^de 
wk^se mmk and addresses are 
iBdmown to tte Ctnai^alnaiik 

ittereof, it te ttor^nre or- 
dered ttat, if asKlmdiparttes 
do^ds^ ttey appear wdfida ten 
(10) days after (tee pdtUditioo 
d thte order in tte ^^Vs 
oflice d tte CircdtCourqif tte 
City of Virglda Bea^ did do 
what te aecesMry to ^rotod 
ttdr latereds. 

that thte ordertepdmshedoace 
a week for four succe^ve 
weeks in tte Vlrj^a Beach 
Sua, a aewspaper i^iBtod la tte 
City of Virglda Beach, Vir- 
Joha V. Fentrras, Clerk 



In tte Cterk's Office of tte 
arcdt Court of tte City d 
Virglda Beiu^. <» tte 25tt day 
dSeptomter, i9'ro. 

Matoi Leon, Plaintiff, 

Komett Leon, Defendad. 


Tte objed d ttte sdt te for 
tte sdd pldntiff to obtain a 
divorce dncdd matrimcnfi 
from tte sdd ddendant, 190a 
tte frounds d two year sep- 
aration pursuant to Tltte 20- 
91 (9) d tte 1950 Code d 
Virglda, as amended. 

And an affidavit teving tedi 
made aad.flled ttd tte defen- 
dant is nd a redded d tte 
State d Virglda, ttetestkaown 
post office address bdng: ^ 
41st Slrett» MdiiMwl, Cam. 

It te ordered ttat te do appear 
tere withia 10 (tea) <teys after 
due pdilicatioB hereof, and do 
dot may te accessary to pro^ 
tedJite Intered. te^ ttds sdt.— 
A oopy-Testee: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Decter, P(ffter, Zdqr, Att]«. 
900 One Mda Plaza East 
Noriolk, Virglda 23510 


Heffiai^oB Drive and North 
Landli^ Rbad, Virglda Beach, 

TAKE NOTICE, Thd pur- 
suant to tte terms d sii^rtdn 
de4d d trud made by Heary 
Smltt aad Geraldiae Smith, 
dded Noveniter 13, 1962, tf- 
corded in tte Cterk's Office^ 
tte Circdt Court of tte City 
of Virglda Beach, Virglda, te 
Oe«! Book 757, d page 497, 
default teving occurred te 'the~ 
paymed d tte note secured 
ttereby. and d tte requMt^gC. 
Ite iKMer of said note so todo, 
tte underdgned Substitute 
Trustee will sell d public 
auetiai to tt6 Ughed t^khter on 
tte 23rd day d Octoter, 1970, 
d 9:30 o'dock A.M., In tte 
front d tte Cterk's Office of tte 
Circdt Court d Virglda Beach, 
vjrgida, tte foil owing des- 
cribed ivc^rty, to-wit: 

ALL THAT certate piece or 
parcel d land; lying and teing 
'>ln tte Seaboard Magteterid 
Dlstrid d Princess Anne 
County, Virglda, (now Princess 
Anne Boroudi, City of Vfrgida 
Beach, Vlrgteia) and bounded 
and described as follows: Be- 
gindng d a pipe on tte souttem 
side d a fifty fod road, sdd 
pipe bdng dtetant te a westerly 
dredion 217.8 feet from tte 
IntersecttMi ofttesouttenislde 
of sdd fifty foot road vdtt tte 
western side d Highway 165, 
and rundng ttence soutt 87 
degree 30 minutes west a dte- 
tance of 217.8 feet to a pin, 
and rundng ttence soutt 2 deg. 
30 minutes wed 200 feet to a 
pipe, and rundng ttence murtt 
87 deg 30 jdndes east a dte- 
tance of 60.3 feet to a pine, 
and running ttence north 2 de- 
grees 30 minutes «ust a dte- 
tairae of 200 feet to tte pdd 
of tegindng. 
Terms d Sdei Casli 
A Bidder's depodt d l^n 
Perced (10%) d tte sate price 
will te reqdred when tte prop- 
erty te sold and settlemed te 
full shdl te made wltUn ten 
(10) days ttereafter. 
Sut»titote Trudee 
H. Cdvln Spdn 
Attorney d Law 
P. O. Box 2241 

Virgida^each, Virginte 23452 

In tte Clerk's Oflice of tte 
Circdt Court of tte City d 
Virglda Beadi, <A tte 8tt(tey 
d Septemter, 1^0. 

Ada EUsdjett Hltt, PldatUf, 
Jack L. mtt, Defendffiit. 
Tte obJed d tUs sdt te fw 
tte satd pldd^ to dMa a 
dv«ee a ^i%do ^Maodl 
from tte sdd defeodn^ tvoa 
tte ^owte d s^ifcbte in- 

Virginia BwKh Sun 


*L^ial Notices 

Biore ttm a tiN} yus period. 
And ID llf^vtt li&vii^; bteo 
0^ aad flted ttiat tte dRr«nd- 
aot is nA a reddotf d the 
^£gte si VirgUi^ tte test known 
«gH ^0* aldresi being, lit. 

^ It is «deredtliatliedoa(peir 
ten iritUn 10 (ten) days ifter 
aie Ad^<»tlon bereof, and do 
irtot sa# be necessary to loo- 
ted Uts iffierest in tids suit. 
A oopy-Teste: 

PI9IIIS N. Styron, D.C. 
Mr. DomM Rhodes. Atty. 
4i6S Vtrgliiia Beaeh Blvd., 
VirdflU tieacfa, Virginia 


^ In tte Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court a the City of 
Vlri^nla Beach, on ttie 8th day 
oCSeptsmber^ 1970. 

dsveliad L. Miller, Plaintiff, 

I<te Mae Jennings Miller, De- 


The object oTthis suit Is for 

' the said Cleveland L. Miller to 

f obUio a divorce A Vinculo Mat- 

ilfliodl from tile said defendant, 

spoo tbe grounds of two years 

ooMuaom separation. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed tint the defend- 
wt is not a resident oltheStitfe 
of Viignta, tbe last known post 
ofllcie address beii«, 1121 S. 
Qranga Avenue, Santa Ana, Cal- 

It is ordered that she do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due pifcHcation h^eol, and 4o 
whit nuiy be necessary to pro- 
tect her Interest In this suit. 
A OHiy-Teste: 

PbyUls N. Styroa, D.C. 
liMsn7 BrydfBS, Broyles 4i 

MdCmry, Attys. / 

UM Litkln Road, 
Yiribia Beach, Virgliia 

^^ 9-17-4T 


In tte Clsrk's Office of the 
-Circuit Court 4if .the. Qty of 
Virginia Beach, on tbe Stbday 
of September, 1970. ' 

Mary Slmpkins Cartledge, 

Floyd Cartledge, Defendant. 


Tbe object of Wis suit is fw 
ttie said idalntilf to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrimonii 
from tiie said defendant, upon 
ttie groimds of two year separa- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the defend- 
ant is not a resident of tbe State 
of Virginia, the USt known post 
office address being, McCorm- 
Idc, South Carolina. 

It is ordered that be do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due piMlcation hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this suit. 
A copgr-Testei 

Phyllis N. Styron, D.C. 
Mr.Vlctor J. Ashe, Atty. 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


In tbe Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

VlriMa B^di, on tbe 18th day 
R of September, 1970. 

Connie R. S^ben, Plaintiff, 

Ronald Charles Svlben, De- 

Tbe object of this suit if for 

The object of this suit is for 
tbe said {dainttff- to obtain a 
divorce a vinculo matrlDUHiil 
from the saM d^ndb^^t .«|k» 
'Q« gitMnds ^ a)nstructtve de- 

And an affidavit having been 

made ud fUed fitat ttie defen- 

■1 dant is not a resiitent of the 

I, State of Vlrgiaia, tbe last known 

' W offioe address bdi«« 2718 

Uncdn Avenue, Cannten, New 


It is (MTderedttetbe so appear 
Nre wifldn 10 ^hO days after 
doe pnt^(»tl(ffl tereof, and do 
what mty be necMnry to (Hto- 
te^ Jits interest in ttto suit. 
A ot^-Teste: 

nyUis N. ^on D.C. 
lir. iUMs A. G(»>ry, HI Atty. 
SOllStb Street 
Vir^aia Beach, Vin^Ua 
^ ».S4-4T 

In tbt Cteies CMfloe «f tbt 

Oiem Court of tt» ^ty flf 

Virglila Mkcb, on tbe 2Bd dq^ 

DttH^ Marie Robiasoe, 


*Leg(|l Notictts 


Shuftord Edmond Robinson, 

The object of this suit is to 
oMain a (ttvorce a vinculo maf- 
rimMiii from the salddefendant 
upon the groifiids of two year 
separation puniuant to Section 
20-91(9) of ttie 1950 Code of 
Virginia as amended. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat ttie defendant 
is a non-resident of the State 
of Virginia, ttie last known post 
office address being: Veterans 
Administration Hospital, Mur- 
freesboro, Tennessee 37130. 

It is orderedttiatbedoiwear 
here wittdn ten (10) dqrs after 
due publication bereof, and do 
what may be necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in Uiis suit. 

J. Curtis Frui^ D.C. 
Btydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 LasMn Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 



Ttw regular meeting of |he 
Council of tiie City of Virginia 
Beach wiU be held in ttie Coun- 
drChambers of tbe Admin- 
istration Building, aty Hall, 
Princess Anne Station, Virginia 
Baidi, Virginia, on Monday, 
Octoiber 26, 1970, at 10 A.M. at 
whidi time ttie fpllowing willbe 

1. Application of ttie City of 
Virginia Beadi, Departmeirt of 
Planning, for the Future Land 
tSe Han cTcerfittr pR^erty 
bounded on ttie North by ttie 
Norfolk City Une and ttie Vir- 
ginia Beach-Norfolk Express- 
way, on the East by Independ- 
ence Boulevard smd Salem Road, 
on the South by ttie Chesapeake 
City Une and on ttie West by ^ 
Norfolk and Chesapeate City 
Ridiard J. Webbon 
City Cterk 


;- - I ■ ■ ■ - - — ■ 


In tbe Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City of 
Virginia Beach, on ttie 2nd day 
9f October, 1970. 

Betty Jduison, Plaintiff, 

William Ernest Johnson, De- 

The object of ttds suit is to 
obtain a divorce a mensa et 
ttioro from ttie said defendant 
upon the grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed ttiat due diligence 
has been used by or in behalf 
of the plaidiff to ascertain in 
nldch county or corporattuithe 
(tefendant is, wittiout effect, the 
last known post office address 
bdng: BtoMyn, New York. 

It is ordered ttat be do ai^iear 
here wlttiin ten (10) days after 
due publication bereof, and do 
wtat may be necessary to pro- 
ted his interest in tills suit. 
A copy-Teste: 

J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
Parker & Rubii^^er 
17S6 LasUn Road 
Vlrglida Bea^, Virginia 

, 10-8-4T 


In ttie Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, tm ttie IStb day 
of Sei^ember, 1970. 

Earl Wesley Hanvey, Jr., 

Jeaimetie Sawyer Hanvey, 


The ob^d of fliis suit is for 
1^ said plaintiff te^ ^taitt a 
dlvOTce a vinculo matrimonii 
from ttie said defendant, upon 
ttie i^ooids of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
made aad filed that tte defen- 
da^ is u^mown as to a^ir^s, 
n^reidboote and location, al- 
ttwui^ diM diligence has be»i 
1^ by aad on tehalf oi ttie 
complainant to ascertain tte 
County <H- Corporation in which 
tte d^»^ is resktti^, bd 
wittiout dted, n» last known 
post men address tebg 2003 
E. 8tti Street, National City, 

It is ordered ttiat tte do 
^ppMT tere within 10 (ten) 
^9s after daapabtteiAimtere- 
(rf, and do trtst any be aeees- 
nry lo pnted ber ii^red in 
Ills suit. 

FIgrUls M. S^rroB D.C. 
Ifr. Lnris K. KiMW, Atty. 
210 Bntes TroM BMg. 

*L^ Notices 

In ttie Cterk's Office of ttie 
Circuit Court of ttie City <rf 
Virginia Beach, on the 18tti 
day of Septemter, 1970. 
' Klara E. Kellyr 'Plaintiff, 
Junior Kelly, Defendant. 
Tte objed of this sdt is for 
the said plaintiff to dit^n a 
divorce a vinculo matripionli 
from tte said defendant, upon 
ttie p'ounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having been 
mad^ and fil«i ttiat tte defen- 
dant is not a resided of tte 
Sti^e of Virginia, the last known 
post office address being, 2412 
Virginia B^ch Boulevard, Vir- 
ginia Beach, Virginia. 

It is ordered ttet te do appear 
here within 10 (ten) days after 
due publication hereof, and do 
what may te necessary to pro- 
ted his interest in this sdt. 
A copy 'Teste: 

Phyllis N. Styron D.C. 
Mr. Ttemas C. Broyles, Atty. 
1369 LasUn Road 
Virgida Beach, Virgida 




Commonwealtti of Virgida, 


Fenner Thomas Rascoe, 304 
Joan Terrace, Virgida Beach, 
Virgida, Defendant. 

LAW # 13,599A 


Tte object^of tWs «ilt4s te 
adjudicde whettier salddefend- 
ant is an HaMtual Offender 
whose privilege to operate a 
motor veUcle on tte highways 
of this State stedd te witti- 
drawn for a period d ten (10) 
years in accordance witti tte 
Virgida Habitual Offender Ad. 

And an affidavit having teen 
made and filed ttmt ttw pldntiff 
has used (hie diligence to asoer- 
tdn ttie sdd defendant's wtere- 
abods,'' and ttiat^ tte affiant is 
Idormed and believes that tte 
defendant is not a resided of 
ttie State of Virgida, it is 
Ordered that te do appear tere 
wittiin ten (10) days after due 
piibllattion bereof, and do what 
may be necessary to protect Ms 
iderest in ttds sdt. 
David D. Uckerson, Asdstant 
Attorney for ttieComm<»iwealtti 
aty d Virgida Beach, Virgida 


In ttie Clerk's Office of ttie 
Circdt Court of ttie City of 
Virgiiia Beach, on tte 14th day 
d Se^emter, 1970. 

Trevor George Smith, Pldn- 

Jendfer UttteSmitti, Defend- 

The dijed d ttds sdt is for' 
ttie said idaintiff toobtdnadiv- 
orce a vinculo matrimonii from 
ttie said defendant, upon tte 
grounds dtwo years separation. 

And an affidavit having teen 
made and filed ttiat tte defend- 
ant lj5 not a resident of ttie.^de 
d Virginia, tte last known pc^t 
office acMress bdng. New York, 
New York. 

It is ordered that ste do ap- 
pear here within 10 (ten) days 
after due publication tereof , and 
do what may te nccessaij to 
proted ter ider^ in this 

A e(W-Teste: 

PhylUs N, Styron, D.C. 
Mr. Victor J. Ashe, Atty. 
702 Plaza One, East, 
Norfolk, Virgida 23510 



In tte Clerk's Office of tte 
Circdt Court of Uie City of 
Virgida Beach, on ttie 2nd day 
d Odoter, 1970. 

William Louis Thomas, 

Loo^ Iforie NeJame Kfllan 
Ttemas, Defradtad. 


Tte obJed d ttds sdt is 
to cbtidB a dvorce a mensa d 
ttioro from tte nid ctefendant 
iqxMi t^ gnwndi c^ desertion. 

And an affUavit tevicf teen 
DUHte and fited 0^ ttie defen- 
Amt is a n»-resided of tiie 
State of Virginia, ttie test 
\mafim post office ad(br«nbeli^ 
e/o Mrs. Edward Mde, 5625 
Hollow Oak ^oad,Orlanik>, 

It is ordei«i ttd ste do 
appear tere idtUn %m (10) 
d^ after due pddiedloB bere- 
of , aad do v^ BOV be naces- 
svy to p»}i^ter latonst 


Volkswagen - 1968, 2 dr., sun- 
rod, $1400 or best offer. 464- 
3617 after 5 P.M. 

THUNDERBIRD - 1961 - 1 own- 
er - A«l condition. Newinspec- 
tidn sticker, teSf dfer. 428- 

1965 Mustang, 289 2-4's just 
rebdlt, chrome reverses, new 
tires, tepe deck. Ptene 486-3 173 

GTO-1964 red; good numing 
cenditipn, new tires, 3 speed, 
spotless. 497-0551. 

9 MisccUaneoitt 

DUCK BLIND - Stere or Water. 
Back Bay area. Up to $150. 
Reply to 1901 Foxhound Lane« 
Norfolk 23518. 


32 Ih«nnuddng— fiewlim 

antee work. Ptene 497-4628. 

-Guaranteed, Princess Anne 
Plaza area. Call 340-4390 

M Spectel Notioef 

ROOM, Board & Care for el<terly 
Reasonable rates. 426-7342. 

* Legal Notices 



J. Curtis Fniit, D.C. 

Caton b Wright 

2508 Padfic Avenue 

Virgida Beach, Virgida 



ttie 8tti day d September, 1970. 

Ora Z. Butte, et als, Com- 

Maybelle Corprew Haynes,et 
als, Def endante 

Tte d)Jed d ttiis sdt Is to 
teve a parttticm in one of tte 
modes prescribed l)y law d~ 
certdn real estate d whidi 
Sarah Wdtehurst died seized, ^ 
known as three (3) acres of 
land in Seaboard Magisterial 
District, Virgida Beach, 
Virgida, formerly In tte County 
d Princess Anne, Virgida, 
teunded on tte north by tte 
road leading from Mapletm to 
Lynnteven; on tte east by ^tte 
huKl d Edney; and on tte south 
and wed by the land d James 
Corprew, and ottiers, and for 
otter furtter and general re- 
Uefj and it appearing from Af- 
fidavit in due form of law now 
filed, ttet ttere are unknown 
parties and ttet ttie (tefendants, 
Anna Corprew Swinton, whose 
last known post dfice address 
Is 517 18th Ave., Newark, N.J.; 
Lds Corprew, whose last known 
post office address is 12 N. 
Hirst St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
19139; Rudolph Corprew, whose 
last known post dfice address 
te Nortiigate Apte., Apt. UC, 
Cranbury, N.J. 08512; Pearl 
Corprew Dednam, whose last 
known post office address is 
462 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, 
N.Y.; and Joe Corprew, wtese 
last known post office address 
te Philadeli^iia, Pa., are not 
residents d ttie Stete d 

such unknown parties and Amia 
Coriarew Swinton, LbisCorpre^ 
Rudolph Corprew, Pearl 
Corprew, and Joe Corprew do 
I43p»r tere wlttiin 10 (ten) 
days alter due publication of 
ttiis Order ami do wtet may te 
necessary to looted their re- 
spective intereste terein. 

ttiat ttie fore^ng pddicati<nd 
ttite Onier be pd^lAed ooa a 
week for fcwr (4) consecutive 
SUN, a newsi^per of general 
drculation in ttie City d Vir- 
gida Beach, Virgida. 
PtaylUs N. Styron, Clerk. 



CUSTOM-Made Drapes ii 
Steers -Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperles,^HlUtopArea. 
Ptene 428-0544. 




TUTORING- Certified Teacher, 
Tutoring after school in ele- 
mentary subjects. 464-2681. 

Part time bookkeeping and typ- 
ing done In my home or your 
office. Free jddc up and de- 
livery. 420-5340. ^ 

Someone to do general IK)USE- 
from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m., Monday- 
Friday. Phone 497-4383-after 
5 p.m. 


Will babysit in my home on 
23rd Street. Experienc,ed, rea- 
sonable. Beach Borough area. 
Call 425-5805. 

•II I I ... Ill I -I—. -—I 1 I 

M Home Alabitraaiice 

Contractors & Home BuUders- 
Let us te^ you with ttet new 
home •additions -or repairs 
We can fUrdsh materiate from 
Jsasemed to attic and aid you 
in flmmdng. 
Ptene: Kellam & Eaton, Inc. 

Tteory, Repertdre 
James & Frances Morrisson 
Accesdble from Expressway, 
Va. Bch Blvd, Fird Colodal 
or LasUn Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

to drive semi truck, lo<»l and 
over tte road. Diesel or gas; 
experience helpful but not nec- 
essary. You can earn up to $5.00 
per hour after stert traidng. 
For interview and application, 
call 703-845-7033, or write 
Safety Dept., Udted Systems, 
Inc., 3608 Camptell Avenue, 
Lynchburg, Virgida 24501. 

Special fall deunqi and close 
up. 25% dtecount for all work 
done In ttie next 60 days. Chim- 
ney Sweeping and fire ptece 
repair. Dampere installed or 
IxedTFurhace cleadng. AUant- 
Ic Bdlders & Mdntenance.Call 

Gutters and down spoute re- 
placed and roof repairs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed. 


Leaks and Repdrs 

All work guaranteed. 


Pdnttng. Reddential Interior 
and exterior, small Jdis wel- 
come. Experienced andreason- 
abte. Ptene 428-7586. 

pdnt interior aid exterior. 464- 



HOUSEKEEPTER-Dlnner cook. 
10 AM-6PM, Monday ttiru Fri- 
day. Must teve own transpor- 
tation to Kempsvllte area. $35 
wk. References. No supervision. 
Working couple.Call 497-4704 
after 6 PM. 

ENTS- Work part time for Old 
Domidon Udverdty news- 
paper. Positions still avdl- 
able. Call Jack Bray d 428- 

WAITRESSES - Over 21. Six 
days, $40 week plus tips. Ap- 
ply in person. Surfdde Rest- 
aurant, 1604 Atladic Ave. 

Part .time position waded, 
mature^^llege graduate, Ex- 
perific^ medical secretary, 
adverttelng and real estete, 
permaned Beach area.428-5536^ 

so Butineu Opportenitlet 

Business is buzzii^; and we 
need twe experienced sales ag- 
ente. Apply today. Call Jack 
Moran 497-4851 Nighte 497- 
7486. Grow with Realtors. Stohl 



Midmum Charge $1.00 CMfflUCT ItUMI 

4 to 6 Unes 25? Une 30^ Une 

7 to 14 lines 20? line U^ Une 

15 or more Una 18? Une 26? Une 

Dtejday Ads $2.(»<» men 

Stercraft Flterglass, farihedral 
hdl 14*8" 19i68 model. Used te 
Lynhteven Bay. Excelled con- 
dition. Price $400. Also, one 
1968, 40 hp. Big Twin, Long 
shaft, Evinrude motor, $400. 
At 1213 Kimwake Ct., Bird- 
neck. Ph. 428-5033 


a-i li t l ai— <fc— ■— i^w "I 111- »— .^1— ^i^i^i— Mi^ - 

Keep Carpet cleadng problems 
small. Use Blue Lustre wall to 
wall. Rent electric shampooer 
$1. People's Drug. 

Sales and service. Prompt d- 
ficied repairs. Pick up and 
delivery. *Phone 428-4222, Fud 
Feed andBuUdlngSiq>pU«a, tec 




LMrn to optrate BulWoicrt.' 
Oftilinet. Cranes. Scrapers, 
loaders. Trenchers, etc.. at 
Our modern facility. A hitlt' 
■aid career is ooen to ambi- 
tious men. mm anict ■>■«■■. m 

UHifmat HM»y 
CMttriittloii SckMlt 
a«Pt #BN-WJ 
7IM WIM«M« Brin 
Mk, Vt. >SSU 

:n03) 983^5772 


BEAGLE Puppies, AKC Reg- 
istered.^ weeks. Womiedi428 — 


weeks old. Wor med. Shots. 426- 

wks. Shots, wormed. AKC Reg. 
Black & Tan. Bred for tem- 
perament. Complete 5 gene- 
ration pedigree. 464-3938. 

AKC Reg. B14<*, Tan. 5 wks. 
Warlock. 497-9129. 

BUPPIES - Motter Reg. Lab- 
, rador Retriever. 6 v*s. 3 Male 
5 female available Octoter 20. 
$25 - male, $20 - female. 



Against reldestatton, only 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid. 
Roaches ed Sure KlU greed 
ly, tten return to ttelr nestF 
and die. Here tiiese dMd 
roactes contaminate other 
roaches and egga, and ttey 
die, starting a chdn reaction 
Uiat WiU kiU ttiem all. Sure 
KiU never wears od^ yet safe 
to use. and has absolutely no 

liffg. & Dist, 
P.0.B0XI ArvoBla,Va.( 


Rooms for mt on vderftrod. 
Share bafh. 587-4225. 

MAUBUrao^ roomtelli^ 
Utcten privileges. Privde 
hniM. 340-4^ 

Room tor red, privdaibome in 
Lake Stores. Write in care d 
tiie Son News or eaU 464-3713 
after 1 p.m. 

Baated rooms. tbU aervite. 
, Pajf, week or noati^ 206 201I1 

1» Apartmeds 

One bedroom cottage toe family. 
Apply at DeWitt Cdtage, 12tti 
St. and Atlantic Ave. 

Snail teated apt.,^ service omi- 
ple, wider rates. Also, nxmis, 
daily or montidy. 428-6713 after 
11 a.m. 

BOXER - Fawn female. 6 wks. 
Wonderful with children. Cham- 
pion line, wormed, shots. $75. 

Quality pups. Shots & croi^d. 
Terms. 464-6764. 

Gdtars-headqtttrters tor GRk 
son. Fender, Gr«tsdi,. Martin 
and amplifiers. Rowe t Long 
MuslV d^, 57 P.A. Plasa. 
Call 340-7631. 

Apallo drum set. Red sparkle; 
3 drums (complete set) Good 
condition. $50. Phone 497-0551 

DRUMS - Kent, complete set. 
Many i^xtras. $S5, 464-0422. 


ALANTON-8 room raoch, 2 
baths, pod roemtersfalp, S^ 
25; $285 428-7967*-'-'- 


■ ■ ■ ■ - — >_— t— i— 

room, Sfdit tevel. Den, 1 1/2 
batts , attacted garage. 497- 
5839. Noiiients. 


Air CondtUi39Md 




m Bed Edate Waded 

"^ianot d a new piano with 
option buy. Your choice at 
BaldwL Kohler and Campbdl, 
Yamaha. KlmbaU. and Halld 
and Davis. Rowe t Long Music 
Co., 57 P. A. Placa. 340-7631 

FR UIT TREES, Nd tirees, terry 
plant:>, grape vines, la n dscajdng 
plant material-offered by Vir- 
ginia's largest gro(vers. Free 
Copy 48-pg. PlantlhgGddeCd- 
alog on request. Salespeople 
wanted. Waynesboro Nurseries 
Waynestero, Virgida 22980. 

Property to sell or red, 
cUed8-waitti«. CaU 340*0740. 

Home 1> Apt. Iidii«s Needed 

for Sale or Rent 

Memter d Virgida Be»A Md- 

tipte luting Servlee. 500 

Salesmen wlU help sell your 


Cooper Realty 

2807 Padfic Ave. 
Ph 428-1330 

Use SUN Classified Ads. 

to Work For You 


Composb your own classified ad, 
wRin ONE won) in eaoi iox - 

Have opedng for lady to seU 
Electrolux products in tiie Vir- 
gida Beach area. Excelled op- 
portudty to earn $150 per week 
In a>m missions and bonuses. 
Idervlews teld d our (Mice 
tetween 9 a.m. and noon, any- 
day tills week. Ask for manager. 
Electrolux ^es and ^rvlces, 
5312 B Vlri^da Beadi Blvd. 

Woia«i U ai^ qi iraar md sell 
Svnk Covedry Jewelry Inyoiff 
i^are ttoM, no InvednMd, no 
deUvnry. Car and ptiooe needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 


Minimum Charge 1 .00 Under Four Unes no. of weeks 


, Circle (m 
12 345 TFN 

$1.00 $1.00 

$1.00 $1^^ 

$1.25 $IM 

J$1.M $1^ 




5% discount If run 4 weeks 





r.o. imU7, 

Virginia i^ch Sun 

Thursday, Octobtr 15, 19T0 


idates ConfrontEach 

ther But Few 

^oatoiial cam pat gn 
«^s— mlong oiw— BMtelta 
nto VinfnlaBmdkllMifty 
a flurry of aoeiMttenilMl 
'Rinatton but few w«r« 
to see it. 
ibe tket tbatineumbentsatt- 
tor Harry F. Byrd Jr. (ttte't 
•Wtix on tbe pUUform at Bay- 
side Juntor HM^ Sduwl oiada 
fiitle ditfiira^ to tte titmh 
crat's George Ravtt^utf ^o 
publieaa ^^eM ftqp €artiadt. 
Tbe detitey ipamdiqr ft* 
Virginia Sweii CtteeU at CH^ 
Organtxittam aiA tte iMiOfitf 
Wonmn Voton, resiitd afaMtf- 
ed cttmax durlac a brlet ex- 
diange between fiairMngs and a 
woffiu in the audi«^ aflef 
aiie defejMled Garlaod. 

Alter JOte chairnnn <ideteiled 
tbe alienee, RawUi^ said, 
"Ttey ou be (fisnipUye, It 
^ki^n't ma^T. Tbf^ CReptwio 
eus) know they are losing and 
know ^y are io trmible." 

Earlier, RawUngs toU the 
sptf se crowl he was runnii^ 
against two Kepiddicans— "one 
from Roanoike and the other 
from Wimrbester." Senator 
Byrd, rinming this year as £i 
iMktpiSlMtent for the first time, is 
a native of Wincheshar. 

Hie Frederidsburg Demo- 
crat toM fte widience iiiatByrd 
fidled to qipear becanw he was 
totemed erf Ms "sorry record". 
"This U not tbe kind of atten* 
Um a«t ^NnideratioQ to give 
tte voters <rf this i^ate,"Rawl- 

Garland, a businessman-col-; 
lege instructor ^ro Roaaolce 
^avoirad Byrd's allei^i»ce to 
me GOP and added, "fraiddy,^ 

we tot't vfurt Mm." 

Be said HawUngs' eredibiUty 
j^ is powfjng wUtir and wider. 
PJjliittBt at his oif)omnt, Gar- 
Undcaid, "Here's a man who 
•nMA for Byrd in the last elec- 
tlm. Re's voted for all th<»e 
Denocrats we've tried to get 
rU of. Ws Ms type of dema- 
go(pierytetdisqttaUlle!^ George 
RawUnp for ttm senate." 

Referring to an earlier state- 
ment byRawlings.6arlaix!said, 

Open House 

The B.F.WilUams School will 
dMwrve ^ an Open House for pa- 
re^ on Thiursday, Oct. 22nd 
it 7:30 p.m. The faculty will 
bt totroduced and refreshments 

"The last Democrat who tried 
to iMte Oe ^tem work nearly 
wrecked it. The people sent Mm 
laidk to the Pedernales." 

After me opMing burst at 
each other, the candidates set 
oat to esqdain their {datforms. 
Terming Mmself the "people's 
Democrat", Rawlings told the 
crowd he was nninly concerned 
about the average man. Calling 
for an end to the war in Vlet- 
Nam, Rawlings said, "Resourcr 
es spent for death in Sbutheast 
Asia should be speiA for life 
in %tith^t Virginia.'* 

He U^ed ^ carr«ntReptd>- 
lican admiMstration for infla- 
tion, risinganemployment,poor 
oonsuroer goods regulations and 
tmftdr taxes. 

GarlaiMi, on the alQxit hand, 
stmsed future threats on the 
current system of government. 
He said he was concerned tfxnit 
"extremists who propose solu- 
tions ottt8l<te tbe framework of 
wf governn»ent." The GOP 

.>s t 

|^^^i% •X«^^ ^r:3 ^ ^^ ^ C fci M ^ ; « 


Our condolences to the fam- 
ily and many friends of Asst. 
Fine Chief Garland M. Atwater 
whose untimely death occurred 
-li^ Saturday evening. 

His death came at a mo- 
ment when te was devoting 
Mmself, as he has for nearly 
the past 25 years, to the pro- 
tection of tte liv^ and pro- 
perty of (^hers. 

Those who had tte privilege 

(A associating witti Mm referred 
to Mm al "ft firemen's fire- 
man", always ready 9Qd willing 
to ^ to tte asi^stahee of otters, 
while those wte were cloi^e 
companions were proud to have 
Ms f^iendsMp. 

Garland's ^paning will leave 
a void in tte lives of many 
i^ch will te trery ditflcult to 

candidate said, "ttie way to 
shatter the appeal of ttft ex- 
tremist groups Is to make tte 
system work." 

Garland met «ith widespread 
applause wten he told ttn audU- 
ence, *'I don't ^nk ttis is so 
safe a world ttetw-e can take the 
country doun the lane (rf uni- 
lateral disarnttment." 

Only an estimated 200— many 
of them students doing assigned 
themes— attended tte rally*. 




Virginia Beadi police ar- 
rested two women this past 
we^end in connection with tte 
tteft oi aif)roximately $1,000 
worth of merduundise from tte 
Rose Hall FasM(» Step, Vir- 
glMa Beach Blvd. last Wed- 
nesday ni^t. 

Officials identified tte women 
Patricia Kav JoUey, 18, of Nor- 
folk, who was taken into cus- 
tody last Saturday, and Laura 
Ruth Kuuse, 20, of Ctesapeake, 
itto was arrested Sunday. In- 
vestigators indicated both sus- 
pects have been charged witt 
breaking and entering. 

Det.'s H.J. Coffietd, Jr., and 
R.F. AUgor, who were tte in- 
vestigating ^ifficers said ttet 
nearly 95% of tte stolen mer- 
chandise consisting of wrist 
watches and clotMng, was , re- 
covered with tte arrests of tte 

Photographic Exhibl 
Proves Creativity 
of the Camera 

The artist create tte world 
te wistes utittfing Ms own tel- 
ente to mold and developteauty 
or tragedy or loneliness or the 
mood or situation (rf life that 
most appeals to Mm. 

A creative pboto^apter can 
show us mly reality, but by ut- 
ilizing light, angles an! Ms own 
deiiciUe feel he can stepe tte 
starktess of that f^liQr iiito 
artistry. The group of photo- 
grapters laresentlyexMbitlngat 
Village Gallery are, indeed, 
artists in every sihse of tte 

• In this exMMt, wMch will 
continue through Octoter, tte 
ph(^grapters teve stored wltt 
us many faces of life... tte sent- 
imentality of young love, tte 
tragedy of lest souls, tte wisdom 
of age, tte teauty of untouched 
nature. Ilidr work makes you 
fie^]. Truly feel. 

Rpnn Maratea is a master of 
stark reality. He doesn't glam- 
ourise, or soften or minimiise 
life. He dramatizes its hard- 
ness, its coldness and notes it 
memorable. His vivid portrait 
of a yotmg dope addict plunging 
a needle Into her arm is a 
menl^ picture ttet stays witt 
you. At first site you draw a 
sharp breath, are repelled by' 
its brutality, tten hypiotizedl^ 
its tragedy, secr^ly wisMi% 
you had Jiwen spared its pain. 
But it is arti^ry and one ttet 
will undoubtedly come to mind 
many years firom now. 

There are maiQr outstanding 
works by Maratea in ttis exhib- 
it. A picture across tte room 

■4 " 

1 : 



This 70-pouiid device is for some reason — ^probably because it has 
bristles — called a pig. 

It*s inserted in one end of a newly-installed natural gas pipe and 
compressed air is, put behind it, forcing it down the pipe to the other 
end. In the process, the bristles remove rust scale ahd other foreign 
matter from inside the pipe. 

The pig is a nicd animal since it insures that you get no impurities 
with your natural gas. 

TTie s//eht friend in your home . . . 


will catch your eye, primarily 
becMtfe (tf ite di«niAei8vs<^f 
and ywi Imow it must te a«^'r 
work by. BitaratM.Hi8tflteuette 
of tte ypwg lovers stands out 
among tte teautlM but conven* 
a&ai bridal portndte; Ms 
kitteft biitnd a ball d yun has 
m omflious gleem in lis eye; 
Ms portealt d Lee UvelylnMs, 
"Uon In Winter" role lis thta- 
ti-e personifiedk TMs is a very 
talented artist. 

Stev«i Waterman turn Mm a 
close seccaid in tMs particular 
e}ditMt, utlllzii^ mu^ of tte 
same tedintqiKS. Ifis4iot dTtte 
lonely Ved epitoMzes poverty 
and tte various shots of tte 
wekttered flsterman are beau- 
tiful tt tteir composit of temajn 

Polly Prye has done some ex- 
celleot work, especiidly ip ter 
portndt of tte freekled-fact 
little leaguer (wtet a coitfrast 
in ywith he makes against tte 
agony of tte young d(q>e addict) 
and 36im Predlow's baby por- 
trait will surely bring a smile 
to all who see it. 

Jack Williams has some, un- 
telievably creative pieces of 
natural ^cenls, sunsets ovel tte 
lake^ ai^ fi^ sort of tMng; 
RlchanrMrton does WlUiams- 
borg scttet to p^ediooi sod 

n unforgettable picture* 


You invest in a lifetime of clean. 
qu«t, efficient, '.roubto-free fieating 
when you buy titis quality-engi- 
neered Borg-Warner gas-fired fur- 
nace We have many modeto to 
choose from and one is just ntide 
for your home' 




n iittni rrf "■ — -"-rr"-" ■*" 


431 Vs. teach Wvd. 

Prific«« Anne Station . . 





may not trtive the 
wi^il 0h a string, 

but she knows 
your community 


Ifyou'n new in town, 
ca// her today! 


ArcMe McD«u:raUf displays a 
man of tte sea ih su^splendor 
ttet Ms fa(»| estwdally Ms 
eyes, pull you to Jfim. 

Ttere are quUiKjIrl^ of tte 
usual bridal ara im.vl^ual por- 
traits in this shdwf d course, 
and they are good but wtet 
really mim ttti isartlcular 
photograiliic exhibit wortt- 
wMle is its variety (rf subjects 
and tte artistry in wMcb titt 
pbotofrapher has developed 
ttem. It's a unique stew. 

....R)A>y Jean Phillips 

Arson Case 
Set Nov. 2 

Joseph D. Bfown, 28, Erie 
Street, U S(AMinled to enter 
Virginia Beadi Mta^cipal Court 
<m Nov. 2, m a^argaef iffscm. 

Accor(flng to City Flrelnves- 
tigators W. H. Cartwrl^t and 
J. W. Hundley, Jr., Brown has 
teen diarged tt eoioe^imwitt 
a fire on tte Mf^ of Oct. 6 at 
a dwelling in tte 300 <rf S. 
Birdneck Road, in ^atadc 

Wten Brown app^red in 
Munidpal Coiffi last Maiday» 
J(^ MoQX^ was vppdvkii as 
Ms (tof eme atto#tey. 

At last report tte incused 
was stUl in (xMi^ TtrgiMa 
Beach City JdlHutf of teol 






# Vol.1 No. 5 

Thursday, October 15, 1970 

4 mniY PKTOklAL 

People ^ Places ami Events - makeneivs 

MARY FOSTER 91/8, miA oo a cunplngtrip last veekend irtth Girl 
' Seottt Troiv 32. Tbey camped al Dam Neck and Mary f^wnd a Dice 
qntet spot near tl» lain to work on ler "God's Eye". 

Ed Love of Virginia Beach is tbe starting (tefensive left tackle 
for Chovan College's football team, irtiicb shares tbe Coastal 
Conference lead ?«ifli a 3-0 record. The Braves' most recent 
victory was 43-0 over Worth Business College in FayettevlUe,: 
N.C., Oct. 3. They meet Ferrwn at home Saturday at 8 p.m^ 

i^MBg tta iatef«st«l parties tonriag tlie wlMerness area in N<aih VlrgloUt Beach Saturday were MRS. 
DbRCyTHY ABML, representing the Environmental Committee of the League ol Women Vot«as; Iffi^ MJS. 
ROBERT WII50N, te is presideiit of Oe Bignrlew avic League, Nwrfolk > represe^ Nortott ?^"J««» 
or Civic Leagues: MRS. GORDON TYLER, representtngllieVlrglnU Beach Garden Chib; BRUCE DOWUNG. 
EsK»tlve ^ct^, America The Be«iifia Fund, Washingtoo. D.C i BOB ^^^P^^»^'^i;ri^2 
CouBdl of Virgiria; JAMES DEAN, aaststaat editor, JUkJeraaasSo^ty, Washtni^toB, B.C, and UlRMOND 
MILLER, COMMANDER (RETIRED) USN, an interestod dtinn. 

UBS. LEROY J. IpLLER, JR. is Shown in tor Utiten bakli« pecan 
pies for tbe amiual auction and todte sale that will he held at the 
Mennonite school in Kempsville Saturday, October 17th. All proceeds 
from the sale will go to the school. Memunite ladies are known to be 
among tb^ worlds greatest cooks so tbe fat bearded IN SIGHT 
photographer is lookli« forward to the sale. Tbe sale and aucticm 
will start at 10:00 AM and will last nust all day, as so many items 
have been made and donated. The ladies have been busy for weeks 
sewing their beautiful quilts, comforters anlspreads ml otter items. 
The men have also been busy witt tiieir handicrafts. 


IK $i§m 

Weekend weatber per feet 

^^^ft^, CtetdiKsr IS. 1970 

Girl Scoot Troop 32 spent Friday, Saturday, aiid Sunday camping at Dam Neck. Tliey jlcked t 
teauttful campsite in a grove of trees bordering a-lake and wre luckier tlnn most campers- 
they had pei-fwrt weather all week end. 

isthe fittest selliiig car 
in Germany. 

We don't mean to Imply we're ttwlarg«stMlllng ear. What 
we do mean, though. Is that In the first five months of this 
year, the ma Audi 100 LS has had greater sales increases 
tfwn any other German oar. 

Apparently the Audi must really have something. And 
what the Audi has is this: 

Features that are more advanced than just alwut any 
^ottieKcor In ttw world* 

There's front-wheel drive so you con comer with the 
stability <rf a racing ear. 

There's rack-ond-pinlon steering, the most responsive 
system a car can he^ and the very some system used in 
racing cars. 

The Audi has inlward front disc brakes for <|uick safe 

As fbr the engine, well, it gets 26 miles to the gallon 
and goes from to 50 In a tmn 8 s^concto. 

And the iMerior is very plush, extremely comfortable 
with room for five. 
You'll be extremely impressed with tiw Audi. 

yi^ ^ A«»*H* P«»rtwAwli: <iiiviiiioao( VolLtwjgniM Atnnki, Im. 

BETTY lie ALLEN 9, nkis op arounl Oe euollie arflt ti KIlffiERLT 
TODD 10, MARGY TARVER 11, and CAtHY YEl^Sloli^^^ 

waiwrwiww esesseeeisee^eeexeieseseeemeeeieeieisseesesesseeeweee 






oral MO 7MYS 








. . . Ilk* no ottMi* 

A p9i»i>U4 miracit bra d«ii«Md ky a 
woman !•» ih« b«a)My o«d camfart af 
•BWWl tyMywlMr*. ft. cMlMi fHtad 
f^lNWCHIM WH. .hopM «N< lomi Mw 
tar^a h«* . . . tnliaiKM Hm Midi ^^ ,„Hfc. 
•ut «M]r iMMbig. CMipM* eomforl i^ no 
tHap tftoin. SiMi Mto46in(«pifinAl* 

Longline Styles ovoilqble in 2 length 




83t2HG Viqiiria BexA Bvd. Viciiaia BcMh, Va. 

PHONE 490-1708 


NtxtPmti Vkium9t$^M4^4^^Mj^^ 





beer was a nickel? 


lust look at these Prices 

(Sorry, quantitits limited) 

AU Freezeable Foods 
Phis Hwiflreils of 
Staple Items All 


FRiE! Hawkeye 
Instamatic II cmiera 

Jut far fettiiig tin facts. 

















01 in A 11 DOMtNO 

SUGAR '*"«^^^NE 


5 »^ 39 





Tftb attrap^w, iiew 
KodafE caiMfi talwa 
qual^ Mack •and- 
wbtte or colof snap- 
Co ♦«+ 

lUiour temper gets short each 
time you pay for your groceries 
at the check out stand, don't 
blame the supermarkets. Their 
operating expenses are high 
and are increasing every day! 

•Ndaa. N^ settlngr 
or threading required—just drop 
in a fUm cartridge, aim, and shoot. For night 
or indoor pidures, pop on a f lashcube and take four flash pic- 
tures without changing bhibs. Easy film advance. Large, bright 
viewQiMfer. No double exposures. 








Would You Like To Reduce Your Food Budget? 
Would You Like The Finest Quality Foods? 

Would You Like ToMake Your Own Selection 
From Nationally Advertised Brands? ^ 

Would You Like FREE Home Delivery? 

Would You Like FREE Food Spoilage Insurance? 

Would You Uke National Affiliation in THE 

Event You Are Transferred? 

Would You Like An Unconditional Guarantee On 
All Your Food and Order By Telephone? 
Would You Like To Buy From A Dependable Food 
Distributor Who Has Many Years Of Food Service 
Experience Serving Home Freeier Qvraers, 
Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Hot^s? 
Would You Uke To Buy Wtthout 
l^ing A Membership Fee? 




We deliver directly to your home from our own 
warehouse. There's no "middleman." Your 
supermarket buys from^a warehouse too 

then it charges you extra for the privilege of 

pushing a loaded shopping cart throught a fancy 
store, past costly displays, expensive fixtures, 
dozens of employees and long-tiring check out 
lines. And those high prices -WOWi DOES 



I Name..... ., Phone. 


I Address 

! City. 


.----• • -Z'P- 

[There Are People In My Family 

I We Spend Approximately $ 

I Per Week For Food 

IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THIS - Central Food Servke is a wholesale meat and 
frozen food distributor selling to stores, hotels, restaurants and institutions tkroughout all 

of Tidewater, Virginia and Northeastern Narth Carolma. 

We want to sell you food for your family at greatly reduced prices^ 


115 Janaf Executive BMg. 

Norfolk, Virginia 23502 

Page 4 


m iiiMf 

Thursday, October TS, 1970 


Thomas Spradlm 



THOM^ R. ISPRADLIN is ft busy ana. Btsldes being Commercial St^tirvlsor Forecast 
and Develo{mieot for tiffiCtesapeake and Potomac Telei^ioiie Company be is also acti^ 
in several orgaid«yti«is of wtiidi he is atflUa^ed, among ttiem are: Ttdemter A8so> 
dation tA Home BuUders, Hometwilding Assoclatioo of tte Virginia Pennisula, Armed 
For(»s Commurictttioa and Etec^nics Associati<Hi, Chamber of Commerce, Social 
Economics Area Research Clrarii^ House; Uidted Commiodty Fimd (fits fnorked five 
years with the business grot^).). Boy Scc^ of An^riea (Assistai^ Scootmaster Troop 
65 and (»unselor tcx fiyt merit badges.) 

SPRADUN is Assistant Superintendent of Adult Sunday Sdiool Depairtmeiit, Kings 
Gruit Baptist Church and i member of the Teller's Committee. He Sa also a mendier 
of the Kingston Elementary "School PTA and a o^ch cf the Kings Grant U<»s, 110 


pound City League Football team. 

He is also pl^er agent for the l^nnbaven Bronco League. 

When ttie IN SGHT photografAer visited THOMAS SPRADLIN in his office itf the 
C & P Teleplune Co. in downtown Norfolk the first thing he did was clear away 
the signs of a busy man — a busy desk. (Men always want to clear flieir desk, 
and tiie ladies want to fix their hair or lace before having th^r pictures taken.) 

MR. SPRADUN points out, (m a snuller map, ^ sit» of a new housing devekq^ 
ment to MR. BAIl£Y CONDRET, C & P Commercial Mttoiiger. 

SPRADUN discusses an area of new dtvelopnwnt on tte boge aerial pboto map In Us office with two of 

Thur^inff Oa§ter f5« 1970 

Page 5 


As Assistant Scoutmaster and merit btadge coun- 
selor, SPRADUN has Counseled forty merit badges 
this year. Here he is shown working with his sons 
TOMMY 13, a Star scout, and DAVID 11, First 
diss and BROCE ROTERTS 12, also a Star Scout, 
toward dieir first, aid merit t>adges. 

MRS. SPRADUN, ULLIAN, a Girl Scout Leader, 
bakes delicious cookies so with ttie aroma coming 
from the kitchen Dad had to take tlAie out from his 
merit badge counseling to try them as daughter 
DEBBIE IS, looks on. DEBBIE is a majorette at- 
First Colonial High School. 

Satarday mondngB in football season will find cbadi 
IHOMAS SPRADUN oil the field. Also two evenings 
a week are devoted to practioe. Here he discusses 
file ^une with some of the Kings Grant Uons and 

Uh6 we said, THOMAS R. SPRADUN is a busy 
man. Awl be still found time to ai^ear before 
thirty-nine groups this year with a slide presen- 
tetion on ttie growth of this area. 


published each Wednesday by the Beach Publishing Corpmation 

publishers of The Virsinia Bea(^ Sun 

Gordon B. Mitcholl. Managor 

3108 Pacific Avenue. Viigina Beach, Va. 23451 
The World's Largest Resort Cify i. 



Page 6 


Ttyrsdqy, Ck^^r 15. t97D 

ight Pish Fry Serves 900 

Spot are (teMdous eating but no n»r« so anywhere ttut «t the Annual Fish Fry sponsored by Ihe Ocean 
Park Volunteex Ftr# Deparlmejit. Last Saturday was tlie <ky for this years feast mA-a. feast it was Last 
year over. 900 persons ejiioyed the succulent fish, hush puppies, cole slaw, fi-ench fries, cake wffee 
tea, and oh yes, there was Lynnhaven clam chowder too. There was also ham for those who preferred 
it, 1 

JOHN LEE and SiKSCEY SCRIBNER were the freacb trj fryers aod a lot of ftytof tbat was-wer 600 
pounds. ' . - 

Depufy Chief CHUCK DUNCAN was busy fryiun s|Kits '- (wcr 900 
pounds were served. - 

30% OFF 





jtN^Greatngck Rd. 464 3088 


■i^9 47 i ^ 

LT. LEE looics over some of ttie pans <a fish ready for ^ frying pan. 

Thursday, Octobgr 15, 1970 





900 pmnds of fi$h 
600 pounds of potatoes 
40 pounds of coffee 
SO gallons of tea 

LT. W.H. lEfe and MRS. GERTRUDE MEDLOCK, of Women's 
AuxUlftrjf, i«n \mf preparlog take-out orders. Many people 
boogbt ttektts, to assist tbe deptrtaiest mth tbeir operatii« budget 
and to pmrehaw new ecpiipment, and took several of tiw plates 
hone to toed flie fkmily. Saves Mom oooktng oo a busy Saturday. 

^tant Chief RAY MEDLOCK and JOE BEECHER used 40 pounds of coffee and also made 30 gallons 

of tea. 

W.^and MRS. ROBERT W. BECKER and dauSter CATHY ate ham and enjoyed It Ji»t as mndi as if 
they'd been fish eaters. 

CUef GEORGE C.LYON'S fiunUy aU ate fish. Left to right are MR. and MRS. ROBERT CROUCB 

SAT. Oct. 17. 




Polyttf dpu W knitt $3.25 yd. up 



15277 PRINCESS ANNE ROAD 497.25291 



ThiirNqy, Q^ober IS. iQ7n 

First Colonial over Cox 3U8 

Ke^iBviUe io9€8 to Mfiury 36^6 

BUDDY BYRD, who led the cBstrict in interceptioos last y^, siMraJ ttie 
only TD of ttae game for Cojc. IWs on a seven yard nin in the tUrd quarter. 

KempsviUe's <»ly score came 
compete a 63 yard drive. 

«teB DON HAUCK nwte oSyardrmtD 





We have received aommiif rwjylfuwitfg 
flR ma-pieime of ^^^^^>tAN mtd hU mUher 
print euiiiAle far fnimino, PLUS A FREE 
SAMPLE of the aame milk HERMAN enjeye, 

SifV^ drop ue a met card wtthymo' name 
o»lc far HERBIAN'S picture 
We'll take care of the reel. 



»lWF«NCBggAWWgW>AP.BniP8yim VmClim MUCH, YA 


Thur^gy, October 15 1970 


4( AH New Materials for 


Ha«« lk» liMt of molimg yow swn 
•rnomMH. mihi bolb. «b<«takow 

STEVE TAYLOR, scored Us sixtt toudidow of ttieseasoo for First Colonial in Friday nite's pme against 

; e*f»fw Naw ft rimr^ C Rcsm 
CImms Sfarfifff Somi 

VirgiiiNi's Hobby & Croft ,4 

Know a busy man? 

Thrott^ut the city of Virginia Beach tbere 
are mra and won^en Kriio-are making sub- 
stantial rontrilMtfions to tlieir community and 
dty and are never rec<^zed beyond tteir 
immediate neigidwrbood. 

It is the* intention of IN SIGHT to focus 
atleotioo on such individuals each week. 
If ttiere is sometme in yourneigbborlMMdwtK) 
is teavily involved in commudty Mttvities, 
whetlier it be little leigue, dvic cltA» or 
service organizations, let the IN SIGHT staff 
loiow ^KHit it. It can b6 a man or womtti. 

Outline briefly the persons activities and 
organisations, his address and phone number 
and mail it to IN SIGHT, P.O.Box 657 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23451. 


"Tidewater's Original' 

Pfcdlic Ave. At 25tli St. 
Virsinui BaMh 




151 E. Uttle Creek Rd. 
Wa^g Corner Norfolk 



ThurMkiy, OcUdNr ISrJWO 

Wt iike fwuM^ FrMi In^iirlfork 

r - ^ 





50:l9 HOLLAND Rl). 




wr'a ITm/ Umuiud GmSkof 


oiMip in 1 M Old 1 yaw CMiatry Atmos|Aere 


(At PrineeM Theatre) 


^^0"lMlQ-•A--%ndg_y_^_5 3 40- 73 5 9 


was selected as ttie U.S. Air Force's Air Traffic Controller at Vtm Year. Sorgeaot Zlniiiierniaii, «fto te 
assigt^ to the Air Force Communicatiais Service's 1946thCominuBicati(»8 Stfiibm tf Berlin, Germany, 
has been presented ttie Runner-Up Ccmtrolter dt the Year Award bf tte Air "n^flc Control AsMolatiim 
(ATCA). Mr. Cliff Walker, Oeft), deputy associate admiitfstrator to operatioDS, Federal Aviatioa Admin- 
istiition, presents the award during ATCA's recent oonvei^on in Washti^too, D.C. 

Sergeant Zimmerman, a 16-year veteran, claims Virginia Beach. Va. as Us hometown. His Darente:! 
are Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Davis. (Official USAF ^hoto) »^ ? -. *»• « ig iuiubumtwiw^ 




has o new time • • 




and a new station . . . 



General Contracto 

Painting & Decorating a Spetialty 
Additions & Remodeling 

Phone: 340-4188 
30 Yean ExpeHtmet 

You never know when you'll need HIEX.P. t 

A huge, unexpected hospltel and medical bill could 
put a tremertdous strain on your poclietbook ... 
unless you have H.E.LP. It's the new plan of Health 
Expense l^ss Protectkm that lifeguards your savings 
against today's king-size medial expenses. Don't get 
cauglrt with an old benefit plan. 


and be safe instead of sprry 
I v^Mi medial dta^^ striim. 

KeMMHt -C<9t<>H 

3111 PAonc im, 


mm 421-11(11 







service car wash. insira^ilJTf *''®^' »"l'«y« — 

a personal 6mmamt ^J%^ ^! ^ *^» 8*^^ «a<^h ca«- 

^ Had AW it fctaseff Bill saw tW%S ?**»«" tt»««st«R« 

^ty will oow^ave the 'WorlS?ieS^,^^W« »-^ ««-♦ 

For A More Beautiful You 

Let Our Expert Stylists Give You A New Hair Do 

^^^^"^J^J"!! ?^''^ ^'^" "y* that Ms main interests 
TJ!^L^ffJff fl*^** and he knows that VIrglaia Beach has 
plenty of bodi se Ha t Is his reason tor settUng he re. 

Bank Promotion 


5180 Virginia Beach Blvd. 


Virginia Beach, Va. 


(No tj^terienee Neceitary) 

Four Week Course'$32.50 Per Week 

When PEOPLES BANK QF VIRGINIA Beach opened its new Mid- 
City BramA <»i August 31st there was a box in viilcfa all irterested 
paitlei ^Hild drop their entries tor the la-ize drawing, the drawii^ 
was mMe^jGDd last Friday {»rises were awarded/ .K)EL C. t^LAMC, 
Branch Manager, is-esented a refrigerator to MRS. E.J. TDW^fES 
and a ridtag lawn mower to MRS. FRANCIS F. SPENCER^ 


5180 Virj^nia Beach Blvd. Virgrinia Beach, Va. 



Pago t^ 

Thursitay, Oc^Obgr 15, 19TO 

Away from all 

^snakes and snails 

and puppy dog tails'. 

Even as Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts carry icni?es iod lite to wWtUe. Here, pusiiw ^ ttne until some- 
thing else comes up, are JANE FREZZELL 11, MARTHA FOSTER 11, and DEBSA KELLY 10. 

Even though a young lady leaves home for a week end of camping fun she still can't eet awav from doinu 
^""^tn^J^mJ "' *^ ^""^ ''" *° '"^"^ KRUMWIED^DEBRA WEA^r7^Sy DR%"f 

JaX^^^L.'^JS-J-^ KRUMWIEDE, 8bd«8 LYN COX 9, UZ 
TARVER 9, and TONI BAILES 11, how to make a "God's Eye" 
a Mexican symbol ' ' 

Complete Beauty an* Wig Serricet 
Fire Bfinute Hair Dryen 






d^^n ^^r^^^ "* MICHELE HOLLAND 10, and ANNIE WHITE 11, shared this tent and also the 

Mon. Tue. Wed. Sot. 9-5 Thur. Fri 9-8 

1770 Independence Mvit 4g4-5654 BoiiUiisCorB«| 

Thursday, Octnha^ ^1^ ,97Q 

fir smut 



MILTON REMINGTON ABBOT, 78 years young, known as ABBY 
to his frtewte, was feted at a cocktail and dinner party Friday 
nite at tbe Officers Club, Oceana. The party was in cel*ration 
of ABBY'S fifty-sixth anniversary as a tennis pro. ABBY, as Us 
'Crum Bums' or friends know, has been the pro at tlie Capes 
Beach L Cabanna Club for over thirteen years. Every year his 
good friends throw a party for him. This year tbey were Joined 
by a group of tennis enthusiasts from the Bay Harbor Tennis CI*. 

^i^,£l^^^i,Z^^j,^^^^- -° "o- W"^«"lt«,, D.C., «CK GRAHAM. 

Judging ttom the smiles, MRS. NANCY EUBANK, DOCTOR FRANK 
at ABBY?*' '^'^^ LAWRENCE SMITH had an enjoyable evening 

recMl trip to Florida. The CLEMEIK returned Friday from Fcnrt LaiKfer- 
date, Miami and Clearwater. 

In Vut bttckgrouttl is DOCTOR LAWRENCE SlflTH and Us wifto DOCTOR 

MR and MRS. WLUAM ^ADT were in oooversatioD with friewk wben the IN SIGHT pitoto- 
graplier snapped this pt^e of Oem tf ti» party honoring ABBY ABBOT. 

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i«r smr 

Thursday, October 15, 1970 


SfJJ iJ*Vi^°^ T'5 ^'^f** hundred acrts north of Shore 
S u^J'^ ^ ^**""® ^^™» *" *W«* *he flora ««» ^na have 
JjnL if ?Jf • i^^'m r**"****»» to tbrt of tlie Oisiiad Swan^ Fifteen 
acres of the land, which was a part (tf Seashore Sbte Park, has b^n 
leased to the dty for $1.00 a year ft* the porp^ MW^a »w 

elementary school. J4My <rf the residents (^ Qie area feel that a school 

Entering the area from 87th Street the talkers reach the top of a 
. small Mil- — 

Stopping to study the valley for a few moments -- 

"ViMii The SxpeHg'' 



FRO^ING $18.0 

Weal forSoclal Fu^l^Ki 
For Further fnformatlon 

Phone 340-0289 
3 Doors from Hif h'i 

BankArofricani k MaiUr Chaiyc 

or mis IK MAHY 



^>*. •r teilMlliMftliWffallifaffiNt 

^ » kth wlHl im mhtHtm 

9^a()fttc & Qjoitn Qkop 

nu mniMiKi hvi. 



Thurtdov. October 15. 1970 

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. J^wy y^y .^^^ 

45ttiYear No. 38 

Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, October 22, 1970 

TelephoiK 428-2401 



By RayauMdWUiUuM 

ncAed Virginia Beach 

Weird occiirances 

FESTION: I am one of your non-beUettrs, W titttfally 
your column. I liave two qaesttont. One; inyonrlait 
nn you mentioned Hte tU^ about vlfrd oceuraneea ih 
ipace iirogram, etc.. No one I know ever heard of such 
lag. Could you clarify that a bit? Also, I feel I have a cre- 
! mind and the urge to do creative work but am frustrated 
ke Uek of financial support at every torn. WIU I ever find 
lUee in society and be creative? Sl^ied Seeker. 
ISWER: I have had nm ^ne reaction (^from several 
oes about tbe ^moon mysteries". 11 ady pravM luw much 
t of us are burled In our own mrlds. We seldom see vMiat 
olng cm outside the scope of our ttmited interest. I have 
d the editor of the Sun if I could put together a special 
mn deaUng with this sort of thing and iHey have padously 
ed. You can look for it as som as I can find time to get 

Qce you did not give an accurate ttrth time «e ure limited 
br as to the exactness of the timing of evente, ud even 
areas of the Ufe which will be afftoeted by tbe movement 
» planets, but I wlU offer what help I tian. 
ipendlng on tbe time factor, «Ue^ means seme of the 
Its could have already taken plaee, I would say tbat you 
in for some difficult tlnies as fhr as your Imdtb Is con- 
id. In fact if . you do not w«teh the bealtb Ibere is the 
ibiUty of surgery. Possibly In the near fMare. lUs is 
meant ^ ftighten you, but It is a dtsttnet posslbUity. 
Duld Involve some kind ci automobile accident or any df 
things which come imder tbe dominion of the planet Mars, 
I as fire (NT acddeot. Cautian Is advted**-nat fear, 
9U have the problem of getting more money togeOier ttan 
teeded for tbe necessittes due to the fact tbtt tbe planet 
M (foverntmc money) is in opposition to tbe planet Neptune, 
ttte, as I have stated several times before cuims ooof^on 
dowUness. In relatlooshlp to money tUs Is ti^ta iloiple 
Igiffe out,. Also ttnift is a rather dUUcult aspect between 
ptaoMf Svm VA tie planet Mars. Tills causes one to lave 
kMniSt i^ flhuiciid success. So money Is obvloudy a 
ilem. ^ 

,cmmot accept fliat money has aiqrtbMic to <to vdtb ereaHvity, 
Bver. I onee told a friend, a very wife frtend, the saine tUng 
rm^ML I ««|d there was soin^hUig creative I IfH I M 

Mtlc' "If you Iwl nat you have somittdng ereimre to do 
you have the aHUty to do It, It wUl be Imtnsslble to beep 
idden." At first I was quite jk^ out with Um, Hftlater I 
overed he iras rig^t. If you cu create you will have to 
to keep it a secret. The world is djring because of a lade 
reatlve peqde. 

Work with retarded 

JESnoN: I am studying ^0 be an elementary school teadier. 
Q mm ip nqr last year ot college. Will I. be able to pirt my 
MSlMi to use? Signed, MMS. 

HSWER: In exchange for answering youi* question, you 
Id invite me to the wedding. That is the least you could 
since you may not know at ttds moment that it wlU pro- 
y come about before you begin your career. Yes, you 
do (pdto well as a school teadier, but you have so much 
iffer, it would be a shamrto limit yourself to Just ttnt 
e of education. You are one of ttiose quiet, energetic 
le capable of giving a great deal of yourself to others, 
could do remarktf>le tUngB in the field of mental re- 

i have Just begim doing research, using tttrological ptin- 
Is, to attempt to find the best way to prevent, ai|d tti^n 
Bt, in tile educati(m of retarded children. Tbey are really 
vkable little pe<n;de. The ttdng ttat Uiey respond to the 
I Is love. It is the only ttilng, in fact, ttiat ttiey do respond 
rou could work miracles in this fieU. Just a little of your 
e time would bring you many peirsonal rewards. Share 
i of the blMdngi you have received. 

Writing is possible 

UESTION: I have been working on n^ Master's for ttie past 

years. There is, some hope of having it inibllshed. Could I 
:e writing my career? 

NSWER: My advice to you is die same, in a way, that it is to 
^<mg lady, What is needed now In tbe world is feeling, nc^ 
I ii^llectialism. Hiere is a stnmg vein of ttis runnli^ 
^ your bwoscope. 

fiUait is relatively simple. EvenI can do it, altbou^ vci very 
i. It seems that the thing that really matters Is if we lave 
ftthing to say fliat will be of value, 
here is a new book on the market titled "Earth Day The Be- 
^\ To qui^ some of tbe young people, "it's a mind 
m", C^ of tbe tUfl^ I have been shouting aboirt is the foct 

dumiAng m IMsigis toto the ocean is a terribly dangerous 
g to do. Also I teve stated ttii4 radiation is toe mwt daaipr- 
thing ttot nan las ever fa^. I have st^ed that tbe radla- 

level is om hundred times the safe level already and that 
are manulactaring §otae of ttie hk^ horrible deformatives 
: seen. The thaladai^de baUes wiU appear to have been 
Qg beairtles conqored to i^t irtll come if soimone does not 
I ttds Insane 'te^ng". It may be too late. 
I tbe book, ^d A Is a radiation d addrenes given by 
ed StatesSenators,scieirtlst(eoveringaUdlsdpUnes)andJust 
a people, it is m«le quite dear that we are.quickly and 
bottcaUy doing avny wtfli ourselvea. One of the most inter- 
ttf, and to me, almost too pditfUl to contemplate, facte, is 
in time toe (ousters holdingcnir atomic inate would become 
iWe and th^ UfftfM be impoMble to teep tUs extremely 
ruetlw radioa(»vi endtttoos ftttm et«a|^ Into tbe dr. 
bdng very iirteUigent I alsostetadttatl Mt ^BMd on n^- 
eal date) that radlcatiaa had tbe taMtoui dsUttyto grow and 

growth could, and p-obaldy wodi^ get out cf control. I 
t siQipose I hove to exptein tbe flHad^d "data reaetloQ". 
rth Day" has confirmed all those fears and ma^^ny 
e. I could r> on and on witti this birt I rngged ttat nu 
I te b(xdt ytMirselt 

I Ms bads, Msundng dat ttere to airarld to Un a career 
I «edd sqr that you can bmw avn^mocMrti^cweer 
tog, Tbe field ttat would be te nod locnHvewi^dbe 
lome research type iffognun. Sdeomie Inve^g^AB and 
Ing is speUed mft ratbbl- dearly and wlU tfto4ome 

First Colony 

City Joins Rate 


"I'm teetotdly againd it," 
says a Pungo plqpddui of the 
proposed Flrd Col<my Tele- 
phone Company rde increases, 
"bectuse we don't get good ser- 
vice now and I doubt if we'll 
gd it to toe future. 

"This tele|rfK»e has been a 
real headache wito me," slid 
Dr. I.L. Hancock, "but I'm tired 
of fighting it." This is not the 
flist time Dr. Hancodc has done 
tattle wito toe comiony. 

"I went to RidimMid once 
and talked wito people d the 
Stete Corporatl<»i Comfdiiion. 
They add toey were surprised 
that I was com|dddi«, thd I 
was the fird one dio had ever 
sdd anytoing; I told them to 
make me toe first, toen," he 

Wtad promoted toe doctor's 
cos4datot were wbd he cm- 
siders to be extremely hit^ 
rates for his service, (te the 
average, Sr. Hancodc hAs been 
paying Flrd Coloqy $71.60 per 
modb for the lad ten months. 

That sum to for a single 
private ttne and an extension 
from his office to his home 
dKHit a mile awt^^ ud is 
based on aUne charge computed 
accord^ to the distance from 
the tele^tme exchange stetlon 
to toe Pui^ area to the site 
of toe instrumed. 

Thus, Dr. Hancock has been 
paying about $50 a month for 
local service, 10 per cent Fed- 
eral tax, a 20 per ced dty 
tax aid any addltiond long dis- 
tance calls. "But I ody make 
between $9 V/A $10 worth d 
long distoBM cdls a month," 
be sdd. 

Dr. Hanoodc sdd he has never 
gotten deoed service from tbe 
company, even when it was tbe 
now defmid Princess Anne 
TelephMW Company, and is get- 
ting side d the whole dtu- 
atlon. ~^~~ 

"I'm Mititled to the same 
service peopte in toe Beach 
Boroud> Tocdve, and d the 
isame ratM. Wbd makes me 
mad is tbd they say we're 
a dty bd tbey have a tele- 
phone sendee thd's rurd," he 

Dr. Hancock is not done is 
his objections to the proposed 
increases. Coundlnian J. Cur- 
^ Payne sdd hrhas recdved 
several cdls about the in- 
creases, and it was at Payne's 
insistance that tbe dty dedded 
to step into the foray. 

City Attorney J. DdeBimson 
sdd the dty has engaged toe 
services of a specialist in rate 
services of Richmond dtorney 
A. C. , Epps, a spedalid in 
rde increases and a partner 
to ^he firm of ChristiaD, Bar- 
ton, Parker, Epps and Brent. 

"We are intervedng In be- 
half of the reddente here," 
Bimson sdd, "but we dedded 
to find a spedalid to the field 
to handle tbe case." Bimson 
sdd he will appear wito Epps 
as co-counsel in the case be- 
fbre the SCC Od. 27 in Rich- 

Bimsm added thd Epps in 
turn has ai^hled the consdtant 
firm d Haskins and Sellers d 
New York City to "work up 
a sd of figures showing thd 
the rates need not be thd 


* » » 

A chilly clean-up 

Eight-year-old LincjaCriss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Criss, 
bundled up like a teddy bear before tackling the elements Saturday 
to do her part In the Girls Scouts' beach clean-up project. Several 
hundred girls braved the chilly weather to clean the beach from 
Rudee Inlet to Cape Henry. Linda,a member of Brownie Troop 37, 
is a third grader at Princess Anne Elementary School. 

Group Fights Billboards 

The B^ttlficdica Commto- 
doa\ CtMmdl d Garden Clubs, 
League of Wom«i Voters and 
Jaycee^ lave Jdn«l forces to 
seek the prohibition d UU- 
b(ards 00 tte Vlrglda Bea^- 
Norfolk Expressway, Norto- 
ami^on Blvd., Store IMve, and 
Generd Booto Btwl* 

Robert M. Stanton, former 
preddent d toe Jayce«i and 
chairman^ d toe Jdd oun- 
mlttee, sdd tbd tbe bade goal 
is for tte Cify Coimdl toad^ 
as a dty <»fdliance, partg^^ 
33-3174 of tte code d tte 
ComnuMiwedto d Virgida. A 
nuLjor prdvidcffli d tois law is 
tbe. prohibitiQn d bUlboards 
wltbin 860 f ed d an iders^ 

aadon sdd tbd white tbe 
roi^ flf tti bMch bdi^ d- 
te^d were Ad MMMe high- 
ly, ttM ^M^Hec f<^ tte 
li^pHfi d ttte tar ins Idr 

be ettily incorpoiuted to a dty 

Stanton sdd tte committee 
will be nuJdng efforts to edu- 
cate ttw citiaens d Virgida 
Beach and dll endmvor to im- 



Clasdfied. ». 


Ei^rtiinni6rt»w.a>«**»»*..««. 2 

^pprtt>«*»M^*e** e— —•— ••« ******* 

Increase Fi 

HasUns and Sellers are spe- 
daUste in the field d rate 
structures, Bimson sdd. 

The intervention will cmsti- 
tote toe first ttme the City 
has entered a First Colony rate 

But tbe state manager of tbe 
telephone network, Conrad J. 
Logan, sdd the rates may ac- 
tudly t>e decreadng for resi- 
dente of the old Princess Anne 
county areainttemitlylngareas 
d the Pungo exchange. 

Logan said tbe company pro- 
poses to drop the line fee 
diarges and tocrease toe basic 
ffee for reddeds of toe Pungo 
area, one of the two Fird Co- 
lony exchanges in the dty. 

At presed, the basic charge 
is $7 a monto in addition to 
toe $3 per mile line fee. Un- 
der Firat Colony's proposd, 
toe line fee would be dropped 
and toe basic diarge wodd be 
increased to |1S a month; the 
four-party rde would be $10 
a monto. 

In tbe Princess Ante Ex- 
diange, c(»isumers are not 
charged a line f ee bd a bade 
charge d $7 a month. Under 


toe proposed rate scde, tteir 
dU tor toe basic change would 
increase to $10 a month. 

Logan sdd the (»mpafly, 
wdch merged wito the Prto- 
cess Anne tetephone company 
to 1966, serves abod ^900 
people in tbe Princess Anne and 
Pungo areas. 

Tbe rde increases are ne- 
cessary, he said, to order to 
expand the company and pro- 
vide ccmtinued good service to 
ite customers. 

"First Colony, like many 
utilities, is codronted wito iiH 
creasing costo d operation," 
be sdd, in addition to tbe pro- 
spect to tidttt a tigbt money 

In tte past, tbe company oodd 
get , a two per 'tmA inttowt 
loan from toe Rurd Eledrt- 
fication Authority d the federal 
governmeot, noaking it easy to 

Bd that kMtn to no longer a- 
vdlable to tbe company, and 
now First Colony to flndng 
iteelf forcedtotumtotbe money 
martet, wito ite high interest 
rdes, to seek capitd to ex- 

lUs dte you I 
d sbffft mooty 
nandng, Ipgmm 
to be aide to o 
money mirlnto," 
toe m^: wf to i 
show thit you ha 
and powiflc ^nq; 

Most dilittos < 
necMHU7 c«|dl 
from ite eardiv 
forced to tdce i 

He add the 1 
venues generated 
posed increases 
will make posdb 
puaim d toe sj 
proved service 

And dtoougb ] 
wasn't aware d 
case d Dr. Has 
be expeds that 
rates pddbr re 
Pungo am will 
oept 00 tte firingi 

Whidi may be 
Dr. Hanoodc, w1 
go down to tbe 
fight, bd I'm Jn 
go to Ridimoi 

Pollution of Lake Smith F<e 

(ffess the City Coundl wito qp- 
position to the erection of bill- 
boards on the roads in ques- 

In addition to Stantm, Mrs. 
P.S. Courson is serving as 
secretary. Col. Joseph Viner 
as treasurer, and Mrs. Arthur 
J. Winder, R. 0. Koodykoontz, 
Mrs. Arthur Toser, H. Jack 
Jendngs Jr., William L. Shep- 
heard, Jr. and Roland Wider 
as committee nwDibers. 

The four orgamzdUms lave 
over 3,000 Beadi reddente u 

The Pland^ C^mmisdon 
and the dannl^ departOMd 
litolf will presed tbeir recom- 
mmddioK m a pnposed or- 
dimwe to Cwndl d ite Dec. 
7 meeting. 

It to eqiet^d tod an or- 
dinance ap^i^ to tte enttre 
dty and Mt Just to spedfie 
roadways will be i»%ii^ed d 
tbd time. ■ 1 

(Aange d zodng appUcation 
lor land along the like Smlto 
perimeter approved by tbe 
Plandng Commisdon Od. 13 to 
expected to recdve drong op- 
p(»ltlon when it swears bdore 
City Coundl for find approvd 

Ellis C. Woodbum, pfedded 
d tbe Lakeview Park avic 
League, sdd Monday be will be 
representing d»d 800 red- 
ente lldne in tte Like Smlto 
area who ure agaiad<beiteD«e 
because d poti^ld poUdion'd 

The application, filed by M. 
Bagley Walker and Charles y. 
KaiiAnan, requested a change d 
lodng from a rurd reddence 
distrid to a mdtiple fudly 
residence dldrict. 

Tbe applicatioD had been de- 
ferred by the Plandng Com- 
mission d ite meettog Sept. 8 
pending further idcMrmation on 
the area. 

Woodburn said toe residento' 
contentions abod the develop- 
ment to tbd it WiU pollde the 
lake and lead to erodon around 
tbe lake. 

"Ibe other item d totered 
to this case to tbd the City d 
Norfolk to opposed to thto type 




A 36-year-old Virgida Beach' 
matf has become the first person 
from this resort dty ever ap- 
pdnted to toe Hampton Ro^ 
Sadtation Commission. 

Governor Unwood Holtonan-' 
nounced tte appototmentd Dou- 
glas W. Tdbd to thto pod 
Wednesday afternoon. He also 
anncwnced the reappdntmed d 
J. Clyde Morris d Newport 
News, chdrman d tbe Com- 

Tdbd suceeds Robert F. 
Ripley of Norfolk who was a- 
vdlable for resgppddmed. Tbe 
term will exidre Jm» 7, 1974. 

Tdbot is sedor partner in toe 
firm of Tatodand Assoddes, 
engineers, land daoners and 
surveyors. Bd<»*e setting up his 
own firm i» was diiector d 
public works for the City of 
H(^weU and for ttree years 
prior tb ttat was dty «i|^neer 
for tbe City d Independence, 

Among many prdesdcnal and 
dvic positicsa Talbd holdb to 
membership cm tte Virgida 
Bea<^ Committee d 100 and 
secretary d tbe Tidewater As- 
sodi^cMi d Home Bdlders. 

Hie commisdCB to (barged 
Witt ovenedi^t tbe dsposd 
d seweitge and dber nut- 
eriato tsom tbe area dtte, 
exi^idng Hanqpton andNewport 
News. Uiey n^nteiin severd 
toeatooed ptods toededdsev- 
«rd pdM toroQiMt tte soott 
Hai^toB Itoaite tftft. 

d zodng around the Idn be- 
cause d pollution," be said. 

Tbe pdlution will stem txom 
the fftctthdflieredUbeabadry 
rundf from the mpartmanto' 
parktog area dlredly toto ttie. 
lake, Woodbum said, and fhun 
the children and people wl»iilll 
be waUdBg arood Ui»&dtt^s 

"We're nd ailtog tbd tbe 
land Bd be deivdoped, %d we 

attoa be-^yen b 
ittMi tbe area 
be sdd. "The del 
to tt» tosne»" 

^^VHBtlV bil 

ffltoddi Oct. 13 
sddittye M E( 


Coastal Corrii 
Highway Pus 

Some SCO persons gatoered to MyrOe Bm 
push toe propceed coastol <^rrtdor bighw^ 
Virgida Beadi area idtt Savauah, Ga. It 
large pronK>tion tte d^way itts bad sin^ i 
mended tiro years ago by Wittiur Snitt sad Aj 
firm i^di contraded tbe tra^xxMtico sli 
for ttM Coadd Pldns Regioial (^Budntofi. 

lAidus J. Keltom, didrawi d tte QmmBnak 
Tunnel Commisdon, spdn to tovor d tte bl 

Chesapeate Bay Bridp-lteid wiU i 

cq^mum ecdiomic swmss udU a ^istd M 
way, or ecpial, is o(»nidatMl." 

"Tbe affbied tonrid wads to vm» en 
provide dm an i^|i»tudi7 teougl ttis Co 
Corildiff. &SS dttos, emi^s ed itttos tmA 

N«to Cwet^Ed fkmmt/a Rebut V. iedt^ 
tbe fluuidnf d tbe UgNtHr, tdd the |^ 
dates— Virgidi, Geori^a ud Ncvto and Sm 
were comattted to a foveraaedd parton^ 

"Tl» (^^mge d all tovels d eoMer 
few months i^ be on toe 
WasdngtoB," bl oM. "Tbe 
eorri^ff r^te oi tte oc^med btetd i 
such as you." 

Virginia iMch Sun 

Tlwrsday, Om, 32, mo 


..'ft not tfaat tti* CUjr Com' 
«ii is Mpmttttoot It aU. TI19 
Jwt donn Ute Am idw tf f«a 
old hip ovt rotalBc Ot 
titretts, IMlwiidac flM yonqpir 
oMBiitn of tMs Mr dty. 

80 VhM IM MB (BM Asm 

Oct. 31, llM tew my te ob 
FfulMiMat, i^ts MQ 

iigtt «Mr te lit at M tt UU 

i^lW«rt^ ^^ eoMdOMa 
aw w criid iibwt Ite ^mtel* 
(Ml Mt tfM|s MMn to te- 
&mtm VUkmrnt, m&Wn 

tt^ Ml wmmmjm wmmn 
«p KsMy ttt ifi, lt-|tttf * 

jj>.gtt rt[i^K t irtwgte ri, 


la aittteii, QMBdlSNiilavf 
ft €ire^ « ttM iil|tt*t Deittv- 

la ttoOm no*t« Oso^laan 
jtsfcgt Cami irti<j^taBt aew 
sfduttcfs AhI iMritt li^ ttM 
praitoB fif yoMc fi9it waid. 
tr^ ee Ite iiMrt Hr^ ami 
ttioMlit MiMieM toiAatteni. 

Caltti i^ ttt yoMi paopb 
laev ttt lav, aaiiiaa (tefr« 
tott to nmal^ydU^ttur 
Met tm i^aps wft ito^ Awe 
to Ok ta» aM3P*¥t 

OMnns ^mM qb City pisr 
pety ta m^M •«••• iS 
JEhwirft «tf« t^Brn in ONBini 
iiM» Ml Warn btowt of ttt 
rtetiit«ra«#ii^ MttqrartBDW 
naaitfai tttfr piak. fM «lr3r- 
•utttwoM It tti Cttr BaU 
eoB^i art parttei^ly M«d- 
soBM and ItM M0t patehta 
of etdor totte mllk^ grcrao^ 

Nottet tetrotriiBfidarMB 

so Aittiilic Avtniit ottr (te 

mtsme* to ttit CavditF. Tte 

lii^ittifliminii $laBti «er« 
■wUMi |w and ma* ft «tow 

■tart teeanst of tte dry 

vHiiktr. Ttey art lust comiag 

li^'^bloon aad are almoot Ud- 
dm br tte tealflqr Sairtoliaa 
tttf edgts ttM btdi. In aaoNwr 
]«ar, towtftr, tt^ will dt- 
yel(^ tarlitr in tte sta»» and 
will i^«ctM t mIchM t)t#u«> 

As ]^ drivt ttoovi^ our dtjr 
ygy will see flower te<te^ 
vai^ous idftMS. Ite Dtiwrt- 
ment of Strttts and Ht^nrajm 
hffi a very small erew to ttf» 
cart of ttese modest plaatiap. 
Ttey naoaft to glift UB a towk 
(tf 1)wrty idtt very BMe tx- 
ptBditore. Jut tUnk tew nn^ 
ooald te MCooyAsted if mMxre 
fnods frar pbuitlacaad main* 
U»et wen avalWde la ttt 

Mrs. Hoffer Is Cited 

Vt aild ttit atvatilltaMi 
4nliitttt pwlMaanr aMa^ 
te^ mm fottt ptoi^ Oft ttt 
fttdtwttts te lacii BHiten flat 
ttt fWlora tevt tafctft to tte 

CtfUi aiUd wftfttttt poftil- 
bUttles wtn of ^»«Ibc 9 ao 
MdhoKt ft^ttof . ^^ notttr 
cmfntf ttisoat tote^Seettvt 
fter 'rani. 

Cttr ttM|«r Bogtr M. Scolt 
mM kt M itetlvadeoftoi of 
tcvttfti m^lmmm toMBbdla 
CteMlp Ailfe, aid saM ttif 
aiW te a|fd la ftato^todrftw 
op anr ord te a ftCM ptr^iaf to 
ttt dtfa yoiMi ptM»m, 

Coed Gets 
Hay Part 

DK9 Aaa ltorrisoB,aU»f- 
vaad CoB^ IteilaaM tnm 
in^ria Btaolp triB tote part 
fat nuaamiw» aitwWjd 
fttf a ttrtfdqr raa ^ tte 
eo^igi^ te^aaiac ttesdiy, 

Daafhttrof lto«aadlfra. 

^teC. Wankm ofl^ ^te 
Ml, ttrey ia aftiiR«ftJ« 
w^rU^towuds ttite^teof 
iflKdittte. Ste toalilOira*- 
■^ fl%^^n(fflt tti^Seteol. 

Mrs. Hoffer 

lira. Bartera Bdlto, for- 
Btrty of VtrfUla Beadi, tea 
teea ilasMd teaeter of tte year 
fbr mo-71 for Tte Btrtelty 
S^oola of New Jtraty aad Ntw 

lira. RoflBr is iMaaa^ 
etainaaa of flit l^^wwritlof 
Dtptftanl of Tte.B«iBtlqr 
Sdiod la l&at Onuift, N. J. 

Ste biqetttertMuMBK carter 
OB tte fBNdfy of ^^It Elt* 
tttatorr Seteol-4B^MH-aad 

waa la adtttorip aMrt^et ten. 

ItvideB ta m BtfiiaiBC ITypt- 
wMm Cteaa,*' a(jtedi|td to 
aiiptar ia aa tdaodiQiiil pddi- 
ciQoB aoBiHlBt daring tta ae- 

Tte iarttcte dtals witt onct 

of doatd drcidt televialon in 
ttaddng, a fltld ia wMdi Btr^ 
kelty tea pioneertd. 

Jung Pupil 
Will Speak 

A conftrtncw <» "I^tama 
and Drtam Sytibola" wiU ihte 
plaot id tte Aaaodidioa tor 
Reatardi and EnUgiittnmtBt, 
em Strttt lad Atlaatte Avtnit 
Monday tiiroagb OetdMr 31. 
EvMtag laeteta will te opra 

Ob MoBday at 8 p.m. Violtt 
Stellty wUl talk OB "Symbola, 
tta liaipiagrofSi«ama."lba. 
SbOkf ia flu aaflior of a pdb- 
liated booklet oa syiid)dism. 

Ob TaaadayBnili MmnCayet, 
ipyimlHf dirtdtff of flit Am- 
odtAiOt win spak, at 3 p.m., 
OB "A Htaltty Look at Your 

"Tte Fwction 'Of Dream 
Symbola*' wltt te fltt aifejeet 
of ft Iftdnrt OddMr 29 at 8 
p.m. bf Loda Bo^Mi^attadMr 
of paydiolocy in flielMalpablle 

" Tte Interprddon of 
Orn&il'from a Julian Point 
of View" will te flit 8d>Jtd 
of a Itetart OddMr 30 at 8 
p.m. l^ &(fittWallaot, Flu D., 
M. D. of Ntw York. Dr. Wal- 
lace was a pqdl d flit great 
Carl Jmg andpradices Jonglan 


A dtattM f«r pod work is 
alwya iral@»M....tven iHmd 
If 6 nearly four years lato in 

Mrs. T. UnAs SatsmM of 
CMde Mvt ma a»^ ten a 
Ut awi^Mid Sdord^iAMiste 
reoeiifed a pridtoddtadtooArom 
Tte CMsttM^CidUrra'a Fmd 

Tte domin*d eommtwM ^ 
Ladtos BlMt Ctess of First 
Preiiyt^aitCiMtf^ te thdf 
contittdal spoaadMUdp of te 
fted. It WM dfDttd Fd»raary 
14, 1987. 

'1 flioatid Any oHiirt te^ 
a very laM dSce fwee to Id 
a dtdi(» M ar<MDd|» Qtarly 
tour ynrs," Mn. JotediBMdd. 

Tten ste notfetd te post- 
matt. It i»s mdled in m<^- 
mmd Fdinttry N97. 

Now itere ttd dtottoo bas 
btm fOT tbret y^urs wd dgbt 
nuirtte reoidis to te se«. 
Poatal anflloritfta di^ta^lmow. 

Miii. Jobnaon was teo^- 
prtned to expidn to te Fad 
offidala in mdttioad why te 
Ufiea Bildt Clan bad ntvtr 
admowlad^ flMlr boner. 

"I wrote tt^ Uontaymi»'n- 
tof aad tc^ tern tere bad 
bten a slifbt dttey,^' ste 

Zodiac Is 



Tte Novemter program d 
te Virginia BeadiPlanetarlttm 
d Plaaa Jonlar H|^S<&)d is 
eallfM "Tte Zodiac" 

An eipiMwrtion d bow te 
Zodlfte (^ndtd wlQ te i^iwn 
aad^iew tepeaitfoBof^Jeds 
«ln te bMvraa ia dttnniintd. 
Sote ofteltiMdasBrroaaittng 
te o^iatellatloBs will alao te 

Tte word "lodiae" ia iltrlvtd 
ftom te Grade *'Boldiakoa" 
teom "soidioe", amall flgares, 
tttm te dimtnitivt "ado^ 
for admal. Tbas dnertting a 
drdt of sattU aafmds to te 
oonatdlatlais d tte Zotttac 

mtt#^liiaira If te^Tlane- 

id^n ai^dittifidteiaaB T 

ffi^ 3 to 4 p.m. oa Nor. I, 8, 
IS, 82 aad 29, Sanday8;and 
Tutad^, 7:30 to 8:30 pwm. Nov. 
3, 10, 17, and 24. Tte plaat- 
tarlam atato 120 ptiyle. Tte 
pvagram la firee, bowarer re- 
semtfoas ittodd te nddt by 
calling te mala oflide d 486- 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. loyce Brothers, Ed McMahon, 
Mel Allen, Geije Rayburn, 
George Carlin, Al Capp, 
Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Gonsidine and Elie Abel 
are regulars on 


Can you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 







Oct. 30 With Drama 


Miss Russell 



Ttest fira VirgidftBeadi adors teve te le»)li« roles in te 
Virginia Beadi little Itn^e's produdioo dRdtert Anderson's 
druna 'T Never Sang ftur my Fater." 

Tte {day, idddl was hlgbly acddmed on Broadway and is 
bringing Melvyn Doui^ acting rav«i in te moi^e verdoo, 
ome^ros a generation ^ between a middle-aged man and Ids 
aging Cdter. 

Fas fiSttv ndll appear as tes(m;.Jobn MacArthur as te fdter; 
Rttecca Ruteell as te moter; Beth Krueger as te dder; nd 
flertert HiriwU as te dodor. Otters in tte. cast Indtde Dd 
Jones, Jane WiUdnBon, Scott Prediss, Jim EogUsh and Dave 

Tte plj$ will te presented dte Bay Harbour Room, formerly 
tte Bay Harbour Cld>, at te WUte Heron Motd in a dmer- 
tbeatre atm«ptere. Tte shrimp 'n teer bdfet Mil te served 
from 7 to 8 p.m. and curtdn time will te 8:30 p.m. 

"I Never Su« for my Fater," aider te dlrectlOT rf Larry 
Williams, will te presented Octoter 30-31, Novemter 13-14, 

Reservatt(«s may te made through the Bay Harbour Room. 
The lounge wil| te (^n. 

Mrs. Krueger 



Tteygh Tuesday Fed. 1:25 8:25 5;^ 7i25. ^ 

A man went looking for America, 
And couldn't find it anywhere... 



JACK NICHOLSON -color • ■*•»•< i»e3i.u»(»*nctu«ts 

CWWCS rilM f £STIV«. WMNU! m ril* 8» 1 New Director' 

Mn^ KIddt Hme Every ^twday 9:15 All 

Thursday, (kt. 2Z, 1970 

Virginia Btoch^ 


'Motivation^ Changed His Life 

,*NewBank Hours 

. Tin Firit ColonUl Buk of 
Vtrghdi Btteh, lias imouQccd 
iwv touddng hours deilgned to 
0,nm tNUdc's customers bet- 
ter ^CMs to the many ser- 
viets ottered by Uie bank. Ilie 
bask t»s offices In the MtU- 
bd Ttrwers Elding on Virgioia 
BeftcJi B<Hilevard and on Inde- 
pendence B(»ilevardinttie Pern- 
br(d» llaU area. 

Banking hours vlU now be 
8:30 anin. to 2 and 4 to 
5:30 p.m. Monday throui^ 
thursd^r, and 8:30 a.m. to 2 

Heal Estate 
f^ourse Set 

Tiie Distributive Education 
Service of Virginia Beach City 
PqDKq school will offer a 
eMirle In real estate ajipralsal 
beginhing Monday and endii% 
November 4. The course will 
be conducted on Monday and 
Wednesday nights from 7 to 9:30 
in room 5-09, Princess Anne 
Hli^ School. 

The Instructor will be Ro- 
bert A. Klght^presidentofKight 
Realty Corporation. Kight has 
thirty years of sales exper- 
lenceH* hasleelured attheUni- 
wrsity of VlirginiA's Realtors 
Institute and Broker Manage- 
ment Seminars sponsored by ttie 
Virginia Real Estate Associa- 
tion and has taught real esUte 
courses for many years in ttiis 

The 10-hour course will pro- 
vide instruction inthe aff raisal 
field of real estate; Several of 
ttie tcqpies covered inttds course 
art: Introduction to Appraisal, 
Income approach to Api^raisal, 
Coft approach to Arvraisal, 
a^ Market data approach to 
Api»raisal. The cost of the 
oourse is $10 nMch inclwies 
all fees for instruettonal ma- 

To Be 

p,m. and 4 to f p.m. on Fri- 

In addition, the MaUbu To- 
wers office will be open every 
Saturday between 9 a.m« and 
12 noon. Complete benklhg ser- 
vices will be available ooSatur- 
day as well as during the rest 

S moot Is 

Paul Smoot has been named 
manager of the life insurance 
department of Pembroke Realty 
and Insurance Agency, Inc., ac- 
cording to Richard E. dlivieri, 
a prlndpd of the firm. 

Smoot's new responsibilitiibs 
include counseling of health and 
accident insurance for indivi- 
duals and groups as well as 
general life insurance and es- 
tote {banning. 

A U. S. Navy pilot until 1964, 
Smoot was formerly a repre- 
sentative for life insurance and 
Investments with a local firm. 
He managed individual jnd cor- 
porate planning for insurance 
and retirement fUndii^. 

Smoot attended West Virginia 
Univerisity. He and his wife live 
with their two children in Vir- 
ginia Beach. 


Two Virginia Beach dentiste 
will reprweirt Virgiida at the 
Uth annual session of the Amer- 
ican Dental Association in Las 
Vegas next mcmth. 

They are Dr. L. O. Clark 
Jr. and Dr. T. Roy Jarrett, 
both of whom will serve as 
tftemato delegates to the House 
of Deletes, the Association's 

More than 20,000 dentists, 
deirtal educators, dental manu- 
fUcturers and gulsto ffom all 
over Ow world are expected 
to attend tiie meeting. 

C&P Plans 
en House 


A number of interesting ex- 
Ublte have been (Mained for 
tteCheupeake and Potomac 
Telephone Company's open 
bowi today and Friday from 
1 to 9 p.m. 

' There will be a trailer ex- 
hibit entltted "Progress 
Tlirough luiovations" wbidt 
will show the story of com- 
mv^ttons, telephone ser- 
vioN for the handicapped and 
variooi demtustratioQs. 

There will also be a laser 
demonstriUlcn, antique switch- 
board and ottier items of in- 

The new tel^ibone offices are 
located at 280 Mustang Trail, 
MTosa t]» hi#way from Cheso- 
peian Coloiqr. 


Lawrence A. SanciUo, Pres- 
ident of Larasan Rfeflty Corpor- 
ation, and James V. Blckford, 
Vice President of Urasan's 
Property ManagenMustPivisioQ, 
have Just returned from Wash- 
ington, D. C. where they at- 
tended a four day seminar 
dealing with a wide rai^ of 
subjecte in apartment manage- 
ment and development. 

During the conference, the 
Larasan officials attended pro- 
grams that covered subject 
matter on apartment man- 
aleement, taxes, financing, 
marketing, construction, engi- 
neering, and land use. The basic 
material presented (hiring the 
meeting was applicable to both 
high rise, townhouse, or garden 
apartment structures. 

The program wais sprasored 
by the National Association of 
Homebuilders and is a part of 
ttie continuing effort to keep 
members informed in the fast 
' changing real estate industry. 
It also gives them tools that 
will enable them to iMild and 
manage efficiently, aS well as 
offer cliente and teunte the 
greatest possible beoeflte and 
returns. i " 

^ Ken Mewland conws oa 
atitmu Ht*a young, graying 
ud wiars a ItaUson Avenue 
cut suit. It ahtfcet your l>ind 
like ha tanm it, imiles almost 
c<fflsttt>tly vbA talks a blue 
streidu H* te enthusiasm per^* 

"You ^ght say I'm fired up. 
I'm oerteinll fired up over what 
I've found ud I can't wait to 
tet other people in on it." 

What Ntwland has "fouiKl" 
ig mott^on..Jamily and 
borne, physical, social, mental, 
finaacial uid sidritual, mo- 
tiv^0B*iU least that's the way 
hi eJ^li^M it. If it weren't 
tat his ecaeriction that tiiis is 
the be^tt^ihat could possibly 
have ^ippMKd to him, it migtt 
soimd Uke so much double-talk. 

But te's convinced that 
Sueefess Motivatira gave him a 
new tease on life and his en- 
thiniasm is infectious. 

TUs big diange in Ken New- 
land's lUe started two years, 
ago. He was a salesman with 
Zerox Company In Fort Worth, 

back to the coast," he said, thing in life we want to tt we 
"I've alw^ rand falDxxrti ttiink poi^ve aboirt it ad set 
and I wanted to give up that goaU fbr it." 


Tex. fli )id a iood jtib, ptenty 
of tm0lifawtfj ti home, a 
wife aia ttM9k For aal-year- 
oia h^ hisiJtt naiai. 

Bfit Ik %tt empty, dis- 
wmsm iSA Ik^cd to death 
witbiffi work; 

"Pm ttm tama^ N.c. 
attd -t «fteided t^ittei to come 

Deans Back at Cavalier 

It 'was announced today by 
Gene Dixon, Sr., owner, and 
Charles S. Krummell, General 
nranager of Cmlier Hotel vbA 
properties the appointment of 
William T. Deans as managing 

Deans was previously em- 
ployed by the Continental 
Houstdn Hotel, Houston, Texas 
ami was affiliated wiOi the Ho- 
liday Imi chain for five years. 
Prior to this, he was with tiie 
Carlyte Hotel andihe Warwick 
Hotel, botii located in New York 
City, the Golden Triangte fil 
Norfolk, • tiie Gault Oc^ Mitt 
in Ft. Lauderdate, Fla. and tiit; 
Holiday Inn of Ft. Lauderdale. 

His career in hotel business 
began ^ tiie Cavalier immedi- 
ately following graduation flrom 
hi^ sdiool in 1960. 

Deans isi a r^ident of Vir- 
ginia Beach and is married to 
the former Sally lantosca. They 
have two children, Pamela-5, 
and William T. Deans IV, two. 

The Cavalier will be offici- 
ally closed Nov. I and will un- 
dergo extensive re-program- 
ming. Immediate plans are to 
reopen in early spring. 

Named To 
IPPA Board 

E. Allen Culverhouse, the 
city's personnel director, has 
been elected to one of the six 
key offices in tiie International 
Public PersDnnel Association. 

Culverhouse was named to 
a three-year term on tiie IPPA 
Executive Committee. 

The election of officers high- 
lighted Sunday's q^ning busi- 
ness session of the associa- 
tion's annual conference. 

Also elected to the Exe- 
cutive Committee were Thomas 
Lewisobn of Kansas City, Mo., 
for a two-year term, and Ro- 
bert Galloway of Phoeidx, Ariz., 
for a one-year term. 

The IPPA's new president 
is Robert Krause, personnel 
director of Hartford, Conn. 
George Noble of Metro Toron- 
to, Canaite, is the new vice 
president, and Robert Earle 
<rf Charlotte, N.C, is secre- 

George L. Aldridge has re- 
tired after 22 years as presi- 
dent of the post control firm 
of Aldridge t Chambers, Inc. 

When Aldridge and Lee 
Chambers organized the busi- 
ness in 1948 tiiey bought $34.17 
wortii of iraeettdde and equip- 
ment and started selling pest 
control service part time. They 
generated some $2,000 in busi- 

Maguire Is 
Gen. Agent 

John B. Magulre has been ap- 
pointed general agent of the 
Norfolk agency of Massachu- 
setto Mutual Life Insurance Co.». 
according to R. Martin, prell- 
dent ttd diief executive officer 
of tiie company. 

A native of Boston, Mass., 
tte new general agent has been 
manager for tt» oonqiany's off- 
ice in Norfolk since March, 
1969. PreviousbLbe had^been 

nss tint first year. Last year 
tteir itiec were in the 6- 
fifore taradcet. 

Aldridge altarted in agricul- 
tnral ^ e6iiltol when he was 
a yoUBptor oaits tetiier 's farm 
la Kenatoli, N. C. He fnrtiiered 
msfitiA in 1942 in structural 
till hdii^ibld pest control in 
fte ^oiaroIll^i^alSldpyard when 
be took over the position of 
fortthtt of the sanitation de- 

Be rattiaft ftom tiw ship- 
yttd ial)» Ittd semi-retired 
froth tiOt twh firm in 1968. 
He will"ttdt» txmtiflae as a con- 


mto parttmtA a»*^ltiM of tiw 
flhri'l itStat^ii 1966 Jhd Cham- 
birs lim pttiiiMMd Aldridge's 
ifltei^MI IB m^mpany. 

t%t^ti#)fBei recently heU 
idl^Wy it ibi Pine Tree 
MUWnet at Aldridge. 

Auditor 9 Meet 


en^^ed in sal 
msal m tiif 

suburban life and getback where 
I could sail again." 

Newland was floundering. He 
didn't want to stey where he 
was but was afraid to tet go of 

Then along came Success Mo- 
tivation, sort of self-im- 
provement 15-week course. It's 
desiped to reprogram a 
pers(»is negative thinking. 

"We are «di^ we think," 
said Newland/ "We can do any- 

Norman To 
Leave City 
Post Dec. 1 

David L. Norman, assistant 
dty manager of Vlr^nia Beach 
for 28 months, has accepted a 
position as City Manager in 
Lynchburg effective December 

Norman, 32, has been City 
Manager Roger M, Scott's chief 
assistant, arriving shortly after 
Scott assumed his new posi- 
tion tiiat year. 

He has been chiefly respon- 
sible for the administrative re- 
organization and streamlining 
of the dty's government, a fire 
protection study, and has 
worked on a code of ethics for 
dty employes. 

Presently, Norn»n is work- 
ing on an automobile use study 
which will etfed pool use of 
dty vehicle, a five-year capi- 
tal improvemente study; a study 
into the dty's insurance plan, 
and computerization of the dty 
real est^e assessment system. 

Norman was dty manager 
fbr Canton, N.C. for two years 
and of Norton for three years 
prior to acceptance of his posi- 
tion here. 

His ^pointment was made 
public at a spedal session of 
tiie Lynchburg City Coundl 
October 15. 

Norman is a graduate of the 
Florida State University witii 
a master's degree in public 

HewUmd was so imiMrassed 
witti tiie course titit he sold 
his home, moved Us family to 
Vir^nia Beach and estaUi^ia) 
Ken Newland and Ass odates for 
ttie purpose of carrying this 
message to dher ambitious 

Tte course te for companitti 
as well as individuals, he ex- 
plained. "Most compani^ lee 
either fear or finandal mo- 
tivation. This new attitude hkk 

nai^i^sn't logical," 
"11iin« ^re S,000rea8t 
I sho^n't get invol' 
W^Eifiid very few resu..i 

Btrt te took tiie gamUt'tn 
CQ^ tinis ilU toll whetMi^}. 
n(A notty^oo Is of nutilbelii 
cem to Virgteia burinessmeB^ 
He arri^d here last Friday an^' 
set up residence in King's Gra^ 
at 3209 Queemberry l^t 
Now, his next mom te to folK, 
tiifoug^ witii that i«a..JtMl.i 

tivation changes a person inside rrfiifiit PrOtttjOtei 
and out to nake him more ^Ifwilf MTiWiwt^^^ 

compitabte with ttie conpany's gy ^f^^ FOTm , 

Goate is apparently a key 
word with Newland: "Goals witii 
no action Is dreaming; action 
with no goals is confusion. Find 
a a)mpany or an individtal with 
g(»te and an action plan and 
you'll find a success." 

And tiiat's what it's all about. 
Newland had to shake a lot 
of habite, or as he says 'hang- 
ups', to get into tills new career. 
He was educated in a miUtery 
college and spent eight years in 
the Navy so logic was a basic 
part of his life. "And this 

Richard A. Lyons of 
Uke Road, has be«i [o-omot . 
tt<m field daimrepresentati^i 
to senio' field claim represei ' 
ativ^ in tiie Norfolk office off 
State Farm Mntiial Automc' 
InsnraiMe Co. 

H*.U..the son of Mrs. EUza- 
betti C^Lyons of VirginU Beac^ 
and faii iUte is tiie former Jun 
Jeanne Elmore, a Virglnii 
Beach native and the dui^ter 
of J. V. Elmore, now of New 
York City. 

Talbot to Represent U.S. 

Mrs. Hovis 
Rental Mgr. 

James V. Bidcford, Larasan 
Realty Corporation* Property 
Mttoagemt^ Vice Prestdent, 
has named Mrs. Adella Hovis 
as Muiager of the Larasan 
Rental Department. The ap- 
pointment is effective immed- 
iately. ^ 

Mrs. Hovis Joined Larasan in 
mid-1968 andwillberesponsi- 
bte not only for the rental 
department aco>untii% system, 
but the maintenance md super- 
vi^on of all residential rental 

Tliere ^e currei^y over two 
hundred single family homes 
that are directly under the su- 
pervision of Mrs. Hovis and 

tbiHndeinitcrCbiptor of ttie 

— - - — * ■ • ton* 


Dmiglas W. Talbot, senior 
partoer of Talbot and Asso- 
ciates, Engineers, Planners and 
Surveyors, based in Virginia 
Beach has been chosen by tiie 
American Sodety of Civil En- 
gineers as one of six American 
EngiuMfs to represent the 
United States at ite first joint 
meeting witii the Institute of 
Civil Engineers of Great Bri- 
tain to be held in Bermuda 
on Oct. 26-29. 

The tofic of tiie jdnt meet- 
ing wiU be "The Engineer in 
the Community." Talbot will 
present a paper and sit on a 
panel to discuss "The En- 
gineer's Place in tiie PoUtfcal 
ScJkne" witii WiUHowle,amem- 
ber of the Parliameirt. Talbot 
will discuss tiie role the en- 
gineer plays in appdaisA po- 
slticms on commissions, 
boards, committer and as a 
member of the administration 
team in govemmn^, whil« 
Howie wiU discuss ^ elected' 
rote of the ei«lneer In poll-" 

and Devel(?>ment Division <tf 
ASCE, dialred its Committee 
«i Munidpal En^neerttog ai»d 
several other committees. 

TaUx^ has served in the mu- 
nidpal governmente of Rich- 
mond, Va. as Assistant to tfc 
Chief Engineer J Independence, 
Mo. as City Engineer; and Hope- 
well, Va,' as Director of Pu- 
blic Works before beginning a 
professional en^neering firm 
in Virginia Beach. 

TaUx^, wto is 35, Uves In 
Alanton witti lis wife Dee, ttiree 
daoghters— Eltstbeth 12, War- 
rlam» 11, Cyirthia 1 areJ one 
son, Douglas, Jr. 4. 

a graduato of 
Geoi^ Washington University 
and an Air Forot vetinB, has 
twice been a memb«f of Mast 
Mutual's Presidanti Club, 
limited to agente who have sold 
a minumum of $1 nilUon of 
ttie company's IfidiviAial life in- 
surance in i one year period. 
His outetending production re- 
cord has also qualified him tor 
tiie company's Leaders Clifli 
five times. He is a Chartered 
Life Underwriter having at- 
tained tills pr(^)B8>lonal de- 
signati(m in 1967. 

Active in dvie and industry 
affairs, Magulre is a member 
of ttie Norfolk Ufa Un- 
derwriters Assodattmi and a 
member and board meoiber of 
tiie Norfolk Geatral Agente and 
Managers Anodation. In 
March of tills year he wtf 
selected "Boss of ttie Year" 
\>f ttie Virginia Bea(± Jayeees' 
community services. 

He Is married to tiie former 
Nancy Hughes at Arlington, Va., 
uxi the couple has two diildren. 

Peat, Hantiek and Mitehell, 
win ttipiwtipMtor. Hte to- 
pic wfil Da **t1ie CPA Eval- 
jutes tha litenial Audit add 
His RtWioiii^P irttti ttie In- 
ternal Audnof ." 

Fountainhead Studio te an art 
studio with a staff of compe- 
tent artists in various media. 
It te not an agency as was 
indicated in a headline anwur- 
ing in this newspt^ier several 
montiis ago. 

Talbot has i^ldressed many 
national ASCE coofereiwes oo 
various engioeering topic? and 
has auttuired sevend technical 
Journals, arttdes, and papers 
induding a chapter in tiie Sod- 
ety's manual on Urban Plann- 
ing. He has also served as 
Chairman of tiie UMian Planning 



a^rrey Cafeteti^ 

^ ISth A Atiutic 



Tues. thru Simday 

Lunch 11:30-2:30 

Dinner 5-9 P.M. 

Closed Monday 











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Read about those "ki^d of things" in the 

Virginia Beach Sun 

FIRST & meih:hants national iank 



Jota B. CrMR^ (^Mfsl MHM«er 

tabgr Jcra PMIMpt, Mi^gint Editor 

Qtf^m mejmn, Wmbm's Editw Dm^ Iteper, Prodaction Miiu«er 


suKMrmn un u.» rai viai • m^mi n mmi m camhei • mmt coty ih 

MAIN OpriCE 3108 Pseifie Avenue. Virfinia Beach, Virginia 23451 

Thursday, Oct. 22, 1970 

rmmm-im PubU8htdb^B99ekPubU»Ui»oCorporaikm 

Readers discuss park issue 



Manff voices make 

loud noise 

VlrginHi Beadi eltliins art 
sp60kin9 oiA c^lntt polhitiorv 
art blowing conctm ovtrthit 
cotintry't tnvinwitncal crisis 
oral art tryli^ 1^ prtstrvt this 
city's tcol^caf Monet. 

It Is a Molthy sign that Am- 
tricons, privatt citlztns, art 
banding n>gtrtitr to try and 
bring somt rtlltf to ttit chaotic 
i^tmction of this country's 
mttural rtpourcts, Fimirt gtn- 
tratior^ eon bt thankful for 
thtM conctrntd cltiitns, ftw 
/thomh thty might bt comiKirtd 
to tht mass of violators, fbr 
thty will hovt taktn tht Initial 
i^f whidi^ fKggifcillyrWlllprt- 
vmt civiHzflftion from |30ltuting 
Itstlf into oblivion. 

Himdrtds upon hundrtds of 
tNM conctrntd citiztns spolct 
CHit to this ntwspaptr this wttk 
on tf« propostd school at North 
Virginia BtiK:h which thty ftar 
will dtstroy tht natural btauty 
of Smii^rm, J^t PfV^ps wtll 
OS tfit noturii prottctl\^ ckint 
borritr end will possibly povt 
tht «M^ for tht Stott to itast 
oth«r poric proptrty to muni- 
cipoiitits rcAhtr than moin- 
tobilng it for f}«iblic tnjoymtnt. 

Tht opposftlon voictd on this 
IsstM txttndtd for btyond tht 
boundorits of North Virginia 
BtCKdi. Tho cttiztnry of this 
city is conctrntd and it molcts 
no difftrtnc^ whtthtr or not 
thty iivt on 87th Strttt or 

Ktmpsviilt or Pungo. Thty art 
oil ntighbors on this particular 

Thtst ptopit art not o ftw 
naturt-conscious womtn trying 
to prtstrvt tht privacy offtrtd 
by tht park. Thty art not radical 
constrvationists building o pub- 
licity- sttking crusadt. If thtrt 
has bttn anything Itorntd 
during tht dramatic rtsportst 
to this poll, it is that tht cit- 
iztns of Virginia Btodibrt 
dttply, and sinctrtly, con- 
ctrntd about tht futurt of this 
city's grtot natural asstts. 

Thtir concorn Is not limlttd 
to tht fifttsn-acrt sitt at Sto- 
short State Park. Thty art 
tquolly conctrntd about tht 
tcological imbolanct which 
could possibly rtsuit from tht 
massivt drtdging in tht Lynn- 
hovtn RIvtr. Thty art con- 
ctrntd about tht posslbit pol- 
lution of Lokt Smith should 
townhousts bt built in thtorto. 
T^y ore^^o^ictrntd about many 
of tdday's issuos tfftctlng to- 
morrow's environmtnt. 

Officials lost wttk Ignortd 
on invitation to tour tht pro- 
postd school sitt. High-ranking 
officials from Washington took 
odvahtoge of tht tour but not 
one city rtprtstntatlvt was on 
hand. Those rtsidtnts dtstrvt 
mort otttntlon than that. Thty 
are dttply conctrntd and art 
voicing thtlrpito. Andthtyhavt 
o right to bt htord. 


Last week^s response was 

an experience 

Hk S^ Survey qpiestioo \aA 
week— "Do yoo ttdnk a sdwol 
rtmdd be built (a ttie (k»ated 
— app^^ inlssMl te bo^ 
m^mm. It msbyfartiielarg-- 
^ r^QOse ewr receiwd ona 
q^iei^oB. Tbe nemptper was 
deluged idtb QB^ioiuaires, 
telepb(»e calls, letters aadper- 

Tbea iKre aooy petitioa- 
tnie srt»itf^ons, trttti a num- 
ber d MMS», and ooe school, 
l^lttn Park Elementary 
Sdtori, polled its t»cUi« stiff. 

Smm d Oe ccMnme^ ^ak 
aesMvaided ttie responses 
TCfi ^ptte Into^rtlag Md ate 
pr e i wiilied kere to skew bow 
vebemi^ ttemdten^feels 
tfioiit bolb tides of tbla Issoe: 

Hm QBc^sa, If posed, dealt 
wtttte^^M tti^ tte 000- 
frovNsy, tt mmstX lettws on 
lUa page n^M^ revolve 
arowd fte SWi dlsportBf <tf 
paA pn^rty toaniBletoa^. 
WA Miu^taa cTtti moFt&e 
mMittop im s^il^ ike teae 
ivi^aed and vbn tte mm*» 
tfl ^v^ tte tel«j»kone 
^m^ rfaflag md tte efllee 
Wt^m<^, tte to^ «» M per 

on wMf 


mti ^^Mm ttrt ted ttttt 


"Lease ttie acreage of tbe 
Pendleton area." 

"Not on ttiat particular 

"I don't think tMs is a wise 
move to get into ttw Seashore 
Park or encraoch tiat close 
to a natural area." 

"Parks are too precious to 
destroy any part of them." 

"Dunes take ages to rebuild" 
and "Doom to our natural 

"The ecology is irrepla(%- 
sdile" and "The environment is 
too fragile to lose." 

"Tte larger we keep our 
Ei^iiral state parks, ttw small- 
er our Jtf te nmst be." 

"Seashore Park is one of tbe 
few aatoral regions left in our 


"Witkout a pool!" (Tbe pro- 
posed sdKwl woold ii^lude a 

"If tkere wookl be no clause 
in a ccntrad wber^ tte gov- 
eraamt couki set q) a currl- 
^am. 1%e t&txA dioak) use 
neural resource ol ^ park 
to deveteflag a oirrtculum." 

'If ttia is an acceptiiile to* 
eittoB for a s^>ol aid if tte 
pnfe aitt«ritl^ igreettetade- 
qiatfi land irtU be left fca- tbe 

"If fte fovMiUDNit doM nrf 
r^da a^ rlgkltfaif Had liim 
tt %n^ tte famd to ttw dty. 
Ve BMd a B^ool operated l^ 

our school authorities, not by 
tbe Federal Governmenl. It has 
enough restrictions on our 
sdK>ols already. So far as the 
location is concerned, I feel I 
am iM>t in a position to Judge 
how good it would be. Is it near 
enou^ to a heavily pc^mlated 
area to seem fusible, etc.? 
Yes, accei^ ttie land if there are 
iw strings attadwd." 

"Seems as thoi^ ttie school 
is merited. Can't Oiink of other 
available land— especially gra- 

And so it wed.... 

A reader has posed this 
week's questlcn. It will be in- 
teresting to see if Uie dtizens 
are as concerned about the sel- 
ection of their councilmen as 
they^ are in tte disposition of 
park property. 

To the Editor: 

In the Sun Survey Coli^ni^ 
issue of lOctober 1^0, a reader 
was asked to darify his atkled 
commeiA to a'qu^on ^ela'- 
tive to etedion of msunbers of 
tbe jS^od Board mdtiie Plann- 
ing CommlssicHi. 

Ym. City Coimdl is pre- 
sumed to be diredly elected toy 
tbe peoidei but ttis has ndbeen 
so f^ the past Couadl and tlie 
one presently in cCfiee. 

Perhaps (me can live wtththe 
Coimdl aiMnttae (electing?) 
reidacement of an Incumbent 
who has died in office, if he 
must, perhaps due to ai deli- 
ben^ly pHrased durter, bowp> 
ever, n^n ttie "&lw" Is sid3- 
jed to an elected oCtldal being 
id)le to haw a private "swear- 
ing In" {fflor to tte effective 
date of the office bdi« tk" 
cated, and ^n^ for reas(»)sbe- 
yoand his costrol. be is not 
avtilable to take aadi eleded 
office |l it's moment of availa- 
blttty, it would app«ur (iwatiOB- 
able for this newly instaUed 
Coumil (or CommtsslatO to 
appofait (eled?) a replaoeamit 
of om who has never helddaoe 
and a flodln^of^^ desire 
of the electorate, even Vao tbe 
man "elected" toy the NEW 
Coimdl (however well qntUfied 
otherwise) was dMSea (as re- 
ported toy tbe news medte) pri- 
marily for not taking sides 
between ^ memben of his own 

It is suggested that a Smi 
Survey be made as to whether 
tbe diarter/^v» be^ un^ded 
to require ^ election b; Che 

vot^, fiil»«by viAa^diifir. 

With furtiwr reference to fi»e 
Sun Survey qimstion as to elec- 
tion of members of tbe City 
Planning Commission and 
SdKwl Board, the past few&ys 
events brii« ttds mmre fordbly 
to mind, wbere-in the Sdiool 
Board asks for a"blaBkdiedc" 
txnd Issue of 18.4 Bdlttons of 
dollars, and in dfed, with tbe 
School Superinteodtot, is re- 
ported to imidy ttiat it is not 
necessary for the tax payers to 
know how they intend to spend 
ttiis m<Hiey and (bus galmd im- 
mediate approval by a com- 
placent Ci^Coundt, who having 
over-ridden 0ie Planning Com- 
mission and tbe Sdiool Board/ 
Superintendent toy iMPProving 
zodng aiq;dications wUdi nttke 
this toond issue request at least 
- partially necessary. ■ 

To continue tiiese ider-re- 
lated sutojects-the City Coimdl 
several monUis ago, in auttor- 
izing the City Msmager to pro- 
ceed with tbe re-api»raisal <A 
building strudures (homes) 
aaid that the commotion aroused 
toy the recoit Imd re-^iprai- 
sal. When will tUs be done or 
is the present re-iqppralsal 
manager already reaittng tbe 
want adds?? 

Couttdl is further reported 
as saying thd tbe new bond 
iiiue wiU require an increase 
d 21 per oentintexes. 
QUESTION: 21 per cent d what? 
^fore or after re-a4)praisal 
and. at vrhat tax rate per bim- 

As one d muy in this City, 
retired on a fixed income, Cu^ 
with a possible tax Increase 
of possible $100 or more, the 
phrase, "quaUty educatiim", 
makes a sour taste in nq^ mouth, 
particularly after paying anad- 
diti<H)al four per cent ales tax 
on food! 
Haug^A. Saul 
Virglda Beach, Va. 

To the E(tttor: 

Referent <^stloo posed in 
tids im)m Sun ouw^'nl^; cmi- 
structtctt d etementery s^ool 
on ^ie In Seashore SiAe Park. 

Edum^Mally, eodotfditly, 
envlomnttMally, umI, tet's t^6 
it, ei»^fld«Ui^, i^ttt more lo- 
gical setting couM be fouad? 

Here, In MituMS perfed set- 
ttag, ctdUhrea, m the eleoMn- 
tary schod level, i4U be ex- 
p(»ed to iOie nany prdoimd tea* 
cUnp d B^ure i^ wdrk. In 
ttds day imd q^. When &e ed>- 
logy M &&jm/mmuaA.^ iq^ 
permost in our mlndb, these 
^ (UUrel^ privUe^ to live in 
tbe ar^ servel t^ tUs pro- 
pond sdMd, wtlllrarattelove 
and nsped d nature from tooth 
an e«dog}cal stiutK^d and 
an envlramom^ steidpdd 
plus tbeinterdepttQdenqrdiOtch 
on Ike 0^1^. They viU tf ^m 
a vast knoalei!^ in the w- 
ious featurM°tobeinc(Hi)oratied 
in tilis i^oposed sdiool that 
WiU surely mfce ttiem keenly 
aware d tbe worfal they live 
in, ttie'air they breathe, ^ 
uoiqae ecology d the very dty 
in n^di fli^ live! ~ 

To deny thwirtbis (^iporta- 
nlty wmild, indeed, be very sad! 


To the EiSitor: 

For a Dundwr d yean visi- 
tors to Seashore State Park 
ittve beea ihwn a lovdy foUer 
d BaM^ess Nature Tnil 
entitled, *'Seasbore Natural 
Areas." " 

"^ last item begins with 
this stalemed in lar|^ toladc 

PAfiK-iT Belongs to you. 

Apiittenlllj^tte D^paitowiftd 
C^u^'vatidi and Eomrasic De- 
ve^nent, the Goven»r, Di- 
rector, ComudsdaDer dParics 
and file Board have fdrgottdi 
to whom tbe Park rad^ toe- 
longs. It does not beloog to 
ttie forgrttd grattemen whose 
names appear oo the first page 
d this boddet. It beloogB to 
all of us, the peofde d Vir- 
glda. Every square inoh d 
file 2770 acres. 

BuiUtngs aoKi aspkatt (grum- 
ble and become oi^moded in 
a faw )fikt%, SdiMK^ State j 

beasty^lKrMltui£^^lte ; 
sdentlflc InqiiortaaQe, nor ite ' 
wonder to aipredaMQg senses. 
Let us ra^ to keep Sea- 
' a^f State fark idad fbr 
cbiniag geni^ans. 
Mary Fraaces Morrlsette 


QUESTION: "Should tht city 
chorttr bt amtndtd to rtquirt 
that voccvKits Intltcttdofflcts 
bt filltd by public titction 
rothtr than oppolntmtnt by 

Yfsr leiNMslaastf ilpai^ Itttort vesM h 
•pf recislM ^m. 

n% n no □ 

<ll»iitf ratotitSiVNIMIU lUCI SIR, 

To tbe Editor: 

Regarding the question posed 
to the pddic in tba.pctd»r 15 
issue for answer tkls week I 
would Uke> to pdd od that 
it was nd fairly iH^ented. 
This is not a matter d whe- 
fiier or nd a free gift d land 
stould be U8f4 for a school. 
The question involved is tbe 

Do you ^vrove or do you 
nd approve d State Park Leads 
being leased t^ to any City 
or C(Mmty Board of Ednoition 
for the purpose of a acbool, 
^ file todUing of iMdicomiAetely 
destrcqrs tiie rare toeauty, the 
unkiiie tdt of wfldemess, and 
historical attritoutes? 

In tds partioilar case in- 
volving ttie Virglda Beach 
Board d E^^dlon and the 
Governor's office in Ridimond 
the 15 acrsa.alk)cated for de- 
struction las toeMi stndi«! and 
evaluded by Mveral d our na- 
tion's U^y qualified eeo- 
logists. Ttelr reporte deplore 
any destructioo d ttmn gred 
dunes or adjddng swamp. 

The wordii« d the Irase in- 
cludes "it is agreed by both 
parties thd ^ ^smgqstA par- 
mi d land, if uMd for edu- 
cational purpose, wodd nd 
impair or destroy the recre- 
atioml and di^lealattrltodM 
d tbe date park" dc Tbe en- 
ginrars working on plans kx tbe 
sdux>l have admitted that it 
wo^ all be bdl 6auA to de- 

In the up-atming bond issue 
for schools Uiere Is no break- 
down presented thi^ reveal fi» 
(»6t of bulldodog andflattedng. 
tills rare due ar^ nor d 
tb^^cost d dewloping a sewage 
system dc.) 

Most pec^le today who love 
Um od-of-do(Mrs in its natural 
stete, and who ure deepty «n- 
oerned litb the dis^ppearii^ 
wiUemess want toprded their 
children and grndchiUirea 
h-om more ud ok^ e (tevaste- 
tlon and poUuttoo. Uiere are 
folf «}urses for tbe golfers, 
tends owrislorteuisplaytrs, 
basdwU ft*Mi and foaOal^ 
fleUb, but tte need inc ttie 
wild mteal ar^ is gr«d, 
and be^mliv ireilnr wnaj 

It is to be hoped tet oOier 

dte fnr t^ scbc^ ^ui be ar- 
tw^sA and ttat ttM» 15 wsc^ 
uaiir ttreat met be saved. 
DoroUgr Abtf 11 ' 


Dear Edtor: 

In your "Bim Survey" m use 
d SeSSboie Sti&t Paric to a 
school site im use a nK»t bi- 
ased ^deditoialdstorti<m. 
First, BO land te b^n "do- 
mted.^' Sewmd, yon teva de- 
ified yMw dvlafsvoBsibUc 
ity toy ttUsg tobrlagodttie ba- 
de iMaMsimrolved. A r^dlstie 
qwMoMire would have adced: 
I. ^dd the G<yMnior*s office 
be aide to aiMiorise converdon 
d Virglda's pd)llc parks, fw- 
ed ud irater laids— to bdU- 
iq; dtes and m^tt parkii« 
weas wlttoirt apedfle tegisla- 
tive adion?2.Doesaepr«ied- 
ly Imposed desicfttioD d Sea- 
shore State PUrk wiklUle area 
eddittsk a preeedotf by vMdi 
Virus's natnral resources 
oatf IM destroyed to make way 
for rev^ne priMhidnglttiustri- 
al Parks, for Udverdtynqpaa- 
doQ, or oQier uses tac iAic3> 
partes were never Intended? 3. 
Is the ration-wide e<»loglcal 
iffof^ara to preserve our parks 
and o^r ntural areas a ta^fx 
Whidi a nndl ndnOTity can 
maneuver ttirough to ^ de- 
t^rimed d fduie generations? 
4. Baa expeMttture d the $18, 
400,000 Virglda Beacb School 
bdd Issue beentorokendkfwn and 
presMited so ttist deteils d the 
eii]i«Qatiare can be anal^s^ 
by airding pddle? 

These are bd a few ques- 
fiosis wtdck wodd seek fads 
dhelr fiiaii da^e. loaded sup- 
port lor a fltort-sifMed "p«b- 
ay wise and poond fo(^h" 
{dm to ddqr ov ddkirdi and 
their cfaUdrea thdr rightful 
heritage in Virglda. 
Very truly yours, 
James L. Kalmr, CoU 
UJS4 Ariay (Retired) 

Dear Ej^tor: 

As one who has vidted and 
loved Virglda BeiA for thirty 
yours ud have ^ aow toe- 
cone ahomeowneraCIke Beach, 
I fstfikifc^-nut mt&^'iBf' 
dMikar/ that' ^ba'^eople rd"tlicr 
stala'KnC,ilF4llda:aiar loae a.i 
part d the woodroua Saaskore 
State Park totheVlrgidaBeach 
Sdiod system. 

We ail seeogdia the need 
for more sdiods in tUs world 
filled with UtUe people, bd to 
pd It in a State Park is a 
bit ritfieutous, doo't you agree? 
Once you begin to give away 
bite and pieces d a wonder- 
Id natmral park sudi as ttis, 
tt« people ^nd I meui la this 
case the pe^ d Virglda md 
elsetdiere) ure the losers. 

Please help to undo this 
Mrs. Marian Park Knebel 


Virginia Beach, Va. 

To tke editor: 

Ymir ei^lanation d tbeques- 
ti(m to this week's Sun Survey 
"Do you think a sdiool should 
be bdlt on Oie donded 15 acres 
in Seashore Side Park?" 
misses tbe pdd ditirely. It 
is aot a (piestion of saving tbe 
tax payers d Virglda Beadi 
moMy, and it is not Just the 
dtizeis of N(n-tb Virglda Beacb 
who are tq) in arms. 

The question shodd be "Do 
you thidc the Stde should ^ve 
aWir liod thd belongs to all 
tke dtinitt d Vlrgtdaforccm- 
druction d an Isolded pd>lic 
sdiool and recreation area?" 
tfaSi this land tappens to toe 
uolqne in structoe and ecology, 
as ittested to by three proml- 
ned^^fcdogists, makts this 
breed! "d trad l^^te adbor- 
itlM %fm Biore taiaeiffide. 

Th(»sand8 d dttseas dVir- 
gida tt-e outrmsed over Mtato- 
lii^mimt d audi a preceded. 
The Ccrisenntion Cotndl of 
Virg^a owrdates twedy- 
dne orgadaatioas iodudi^tke 
Citiseas C<wudttee for the 
VirgUaa Oddoon Plan, tl» 
League d Wonah Voters of 
Virglda, Virglda Chapter, 
Attwriean laditde d Archi- 
tects, Virglda Federdiea d 
Garden Cldis, Sodheast Chap- 
ter Si%m Cld), The idlder- 
ness Soddy, Virglda Ckiqt- 
ter, tte Ndure Conservn^, 
Virginia Dlvldon, Isaak Walton 
League, and dbers. Tlwy kave 
proteated. Many Indviditf 
mentoers d ttie Coimdl toaiw 
prdested, inctattng the Vir- 
glda Fe<tei»tion d Guitea 
Cldte aad fte Lei^ie d Wo- 
men Vders, toeinM»MaSo- 
dety, Virginia WUMraess 
Cemaltte^ CMmi 6t»»« 
adtee to- the Vtr^da Oo^ 




Freedom Fot Tfe Fw # 

Time was when tWs coudry co^ ditoile most dietn>- 
POTtlM lawA toat faced « and tt^ iwM. Ow te^n^ 
poJitieal, siWtod, sd#Ml$, ifldB^^, ^w.^«t«»y. 
5c.- c(^d have tte iwrtm toe«f^»i^lWaaf ^^^^ 
Tbe peoide co^ bear tootti ddea and tt^ taltethdijme 
in BifiSra daemon as to aWck way ttie eomrtry dionU go. 
Those^js d reas« «*» to toe gone. Mimr of tte tonims 
are c^id fc dl si*8 «*e^ tte »ew ^tm Md fta siger 
liberals. I^re can the died Mj»l^, tke cd^vatlWBs, 
tte j^otiJ^ and <ke*dder Americans fo to biw ttdr t^ews 


Most of tte major press is dosed to aatodttB"|lite 
UtoeraJs." How stfiar conservative commentdors can you iw- 
caU on T.V, Idely? Can ydu even imaglae a oooscrvattve 
being abte to nttke a telk before a. major Udvanity au^enee 
today? Have^ydi r»d any red patridic toodm w ma g anppt 

recentiy? ^J I 

With most of tbe forums open to fl»m aad^iied to oWa. 
you would aistmie tte Hew Left and «|wr Jaerals wnBHid 
right 4n and do gl hard sell J* to presed Oie toed case 4)r 
their views p6ssttfle.Saik land the case. ^ \'A- 

Some of the ttiiagi our young pe<«ite, and theeggkuds 
who have been-pumphig thdr heads fdl of hogf^ are ddng 
doesn't mate much sense. Inl»d, niajr d their adtoos are 
down right hard to understand. For ttw lite d net can't 
understand what our country, and our soddy could havldooe 
to some d our y<pBg pe<^e, or tk^ eihaad<^ whopuditham 
on, thd drives them to seek Instant peace, instad sddicos 
to dl prdilems and love thTou^ tti bratd tadtcs d violence, 
terror, deatrudtoo and disreptrti lor law iad oodal order. 

The logic d solvliv^mytking or torlaiiBg abod change by 
burdng books, banb, bdhliBfi or flap escapes mi. 

What can be gsiaed la this country iff desecrating our 
flag in pd>llc and llanntiag the Vldbeog flag la hard to see. 

Just how any cause cui be served toy S^di^ disedities 
and Insdting dbers is impossible for me ta underdanl 

It is hard fw me to imderstaod those who would use dissed 
to cover up dskTalty and, then dsim to be the multtdve pat- 
riotedow time. 

Wittt tfvesny groups no mdter how large or sirall, the right 
to ved tk^r kate i^nst the Ideas of others? IHs one thing 
to disagree as even disttte bd hoW am any groiy exped to 
let Ito ivejofices run wikl withod repressioir? 

Can ttis new grdip d undisdpUnd ywmg idalleetud ml^- 
gete seriously tUdt the real Ameileans will qdeU^ sit bade 
and forever Id flwm (testroy everytitfng in tUs eoiffltry worth 
teving wittoot a flgkt? 

How coidd one minority, no matter if it is toUdc, white, 
red or what have you, beUeve it has the rigkt to ad up {ts ova 
rules, law« or decide wl^cb d the edstlBc anas tt win o|ey? 

Could, the New Lett and its educator sponsors believe lliey 
can get away with stealing a wkote nation ^ by Baviag more 
gall thai^ aayooe elae: HowtercmtkeytkWcsadiatoldfwill 
go? Haai^ it ^oceared to them vdot might kaiipea wkea Ike 
real Amerionns decide tkey kave had raougk of this poppgr- 
codE and dedde to dean itsdl d sock seam? 

I don't onderstand kow angrone witk enoi^ araae to oome in 
oat of the rdn eoiAl serioasly believe tkd |c««ai cure tw- 
ills, and fte couEAry kaa oMire ftn a tew ^ now, by touming 
dl tbe bdldiBfs down and destnqdflf fte iftde S7dem.Whd 
Witt litetace-wkit itef destroy? 

Nd^iiM^die of^tke New -Left; the elite^ mienls, fte egg 
bead educators ar the very young eHher, I can't untedsid 
the waytlMy tUric I don't wad to Jad lanp all thd bundi 
into one lopatriatlc, communistic, stupid flodt bd it is haii 
ndto. ^* 

IktMie people might know something I doat kaow. M they do, 
Id tkem use the accepted forum and atate thdr eiae^Lete 
gd iqp did ddwte todk aidM, in aa wdarly fasUoB and tet 
fte iHd)lic dedde wUdi way Is best. It Is time weaU deaauided 
some measure d raliooality be restored totba process toy ahidi 
we dedde Issues. 

dtizens have proteated to date 
and loed offldala. , 
' Of courae the School Board 
is n^ng ite handa wift gtee. 
For years the red eatate de- 
velopers and polUidns have 
beat tryiag to gd thdr handa 
OB Seaskwe 9ato Park. The 
School Board is adoaonMus, 
as they took pains to pdd od 
to us d a meetftg; No one 
can^och ftem, ftey 1^. 

It does od take a politician 
to see tkat tbls entire man- 
euver is political. The shodc- 
ing thing, is fte disservice it 
does to aU the dtiaew d Vir- 
ginia. LdushopeftdthaSdwd 
Board and the City Conndl wHl 
call a halt to t^ bostly pimi 
diidi will destroy an inval- 
uable trad d land as they kaw 
been advised by eqierte in tke 
field of ecology, and tfti^ irtll 
cauM tte dtlaena d Virf^da 
fte loss d land which te theirs 
toy right. 

The reputation of Virginia 
Beadi Is d s^te! 
Yours very truly, 
Mrs. J. W. SlUs, Chairman 

To tbe Editor: 

We do nd irad a sdiool d 
Norft Virglda Beach. We don't 
imd ai9 of our beadifd ^te 
perk teken over for sudi a 
purpose. Mod d us are grand- 
pareots. There are very faw 
yom« stuteds in vax area. 

We ftudtjmitwiraur survey, 
^oere^ Fomn, 
Mdile D. Ules 
7500 OcMA Avenue 
Virgbila Beach, Va. 

To fte Mtor: 

F(ff twMJfy years we've 
prMdty shown cfi os desert* 
ooe Me^ to the dMWrt and one 

Mow fte ^ool board pro- 
poms to to^l fte <hn«i and 
todid a ttage mkaA em^^tm, 

%ve oar iduAl rewiffcea. 
inn dv OMSj^id iteMi^ 

BlimML. imidD 

Dear Editor: 

It WIS wift (fismi^ and dte- 
toeltol tkat I read yiar expla- 
nattoo of tilM imk^ Sua Sur- 
vey. UK in^mrtad Imbs d 
atake ia the pracadant set toy 
(Ssdpdion d stde lawl^ to a 
maddpality for a pdUieadiool 
and reereatioB area, especially 
slnM tUs cons^vdios wodd 
distnv ow anm wUck is aco- 
logicaUy mdque, as waUas |is- 
toricalfy iiqwrtad. 

I leave la haad pditions 
dgned indivldnally t|r members 
d the Board of the Garden 
Cld> of Virglda. and \>f tbe 
forty-four presidents d tbe 
member eid)s.Aa Conservation 
Ctttirmaa for Tbe (larden Old) 
d Virglda I irtah toproted 
fte hiring d state land and 
tke dtetmdioe of a toeiniild 
Youra very tru^, 
Mra. Mayor F. Fogler 
CooservaliflB CkairmaD 
Tke Gardea Cldi d Vlrgida 

We are <9pQSad to fte Sea- 

ahon State Hxk toetof undfor 
any porpose ofter ftaa a ^ate 

We do ad toetteva M i« » 
adtel^ plue for a sdiooL 
Verjr trtly youra, 
Mr. and tin. JanNS UHatdier 

You Say 
A Picture? 

I'l eaqr to git sb; aie^r 
c^ias aiyNwodim»|ifngr 
pletere ittw by SIM 

Cl^ fte pietee od d the 
p«w wtt fte date It Sintered 
aad aeal tt atoeg 1^ ywr ^ 
orsK %st 


vmcaiu BEACH stm 

P.O. Sea «r 

Vkdite BeMl^ Va. tm\ 

Tea wfllnMHVe 
^eiy I" I M^irti 

Thursdsy, Oct. 22, 1970 

Virginia Baqch Sun 

Virginia Voters Can *Buy' 
All or Part of Revisions 

Hey, Senator! 

What about me?You know, since they low- 
eredthe voting age, I'll be eligible to vote 
in a short while. Well, what the heck, it's 
still not often that I get to see a real live 
Senabr opening hiscampaign headquarters 
before my bedtime. It's a good thing you 
don't like to kiss babies. Senator Byrd. 
B e^ i d e s, I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a 
groWnup, Well, almost grown up. 

Witness Places 
Woody Aboard 
Jones' Craft 

liobert Lee Woody, charged 
with the murder of Samuel Wil 

Sammuel W. Jones, Jr., identi- 

__ fled jdiptos o| ^ris asjifing 

to Jcpis, JMS.^ep 05 Jl^s'w tha^wrgckage of his t^il^ll^ 

28^dot saiUng trimaraoib the sail hoak. Young Jone« also 

day ^ones was last seen alive, identifted two life preservers. 

a i;[tiiess said Friday In Mu- 
ni«pal to\iTt. 

M. A. Martinette, Jr., during 
a preliminary hearing, identi- 
fied Woody as the man he saw 
on the craft, September 4 as 
it passed his Inlet Road home 
moving towards Lynnhaven In- 

Woody^ 32, and Fayette Till- 
man, Jr., 39, both of Norfolk, 
have been bound over to a Cir- 
cuit Coart grand Jury on mur- 
der charges in connection with 
Jones' death. 

The ^bodies of Jones, 52, soA 
his 49 year old wife, Jane, 
bound together by a short length 
of boat anchor chain, were found 
floating in Ctesapeake Bay a 
short distance off Little Creek 
on Settember B. 

Police arrestedWoodyforthe 
murder of Jones at his Norfolk 
home that night. Tillman 'was 
also chiU'ged with Jcxtes' mur- 
der when he surrendered to po- 
lice the following (by. 

The Jones Icmiple were last 
seen alive four da}s before their 
bodies ' wefre discovered when 
th6y reportedly took two pros- 
pective biiiyers for a trial run 
on ttetr sailboat. 

Officer L. H.Stevens, a mem- 
ber of the Chesapeake Bay 
Bridge-Tunnel police force, 
testi^ed that about 2 a.m. Sep- 
tember 5, two men crawled onto 
the bridge-tunnel from rocks 
of the span's third island wear- 
ing life jackets and carrying 
a suitcase. Stevens said the men 
told hinii a small sailboat they 
ha4 just purchased had crashed 
onto the island rocks aiMl asked 
him to drive them to the South 
Plaza ^f the brid^-tunnel sys- 

Stei^eiffi ifentifled Woody and 
Tillmaa as these men, saying 
he drtalned their names from 
ttieir drivers license. 

Stevens sfdd he lett tt^ men 
ai ttw Plaza office, while they 
waited fcM* a taxi which had 
been summoiMd for them, and 
returi»d to tte third island. 
He looked around the area for 
idgis of a boat Iwt failed to 
^ anytUng, he said. 

C^dals Mve said the wreck- 
age of the Jones' trimaran was 
discovered about day tnreakttat 
same mordng. 

Mrs. Elsie lerlaod, (rf Homy 
Q$(m Rotd to Ara«3AaVillafe, 
stifled 0^ slM sad ter hts- 
bml, Eltts, found the bodies, 
Oi^M^ paptiiUy fflAimrged oa 
Somber 8 as Oiey were re- 
turtti^lrom a flsttog trip along 
^ Ch«»apei^e Bay Brl<U^- 
Tmwlv - 

The 3mm* 19 year oM msk. 

which officer Stevens said 
looked like the type worn by 
Woody and TlUnon when they 
crawled onto the bridge-tunnel, 
as coming from his faUier's tri- 

Commonwealth's Attorney 
Andre Evans in summarizing 
bis prosecution evidence in the 
preliminary hearing pointed to 
the bodies of Jones and his 
wife being bound together by 
a length of boat chain, which 
came from their trimaran, when 
they were found by Mrs. Ire- 
land; a report from the State 
Medical Examiners office whidi 
indicated tha coupte had been 
strangled to death, he with a 
short length of parachute cord, 
she with a boat pennant and two 
handkerchiefs; the testimony of 
Martinette saying he saw a 
negro man, whom he identi- 
fied as Woody, walking on the 
deck of Jones sailboat while 
the vessel was being navigated 
by a white man; and the iden- 
tification by Samuel Jones, Jr., 
of two life preservers identi- 
fied as the type being worn by 
Woody and Tillman irtien found 
by bridge-tunnel police officer 
Stevens as coming from his 
parents sail boat. 

Defense Attorney's W. Ed- 
ward Hudgins, Jr., representing 
Woody and James A. Gorry, 
m, representing Tillman, 
moved for a dismissal of tte 
charges on grounds that suf- 
ficient evidence had hot been 
presented to show that the mur- 
der of Jones had occurred witUn 
the jurisdiction of the Virginia 
Beach police departme^ and 

Judge ^.B. White overruled 
the motion ruling that enough 
evidence had been inresented to 
constitute inrobable cause in the 
chargiI^; of Woody and Tillman. 
He forwarded the case to a 
Circuit Court graw! jury sched- 
uled to meet tomorrow. 

Woody and Tillman wre re- 
manded to custody of the City 
Jail in lieu oi payment of bomte 
of $25,0(X} pending the outcome 
d furUier lepl proceedings. 



' »'«> I* <«< « *♦* 

Unlike Maryland and New 
York where voters were offered 
revlMd constlti^cns in one 
package, witti no cboice but to 
take it or leave it. Virginia's 
revised Constitution will be 
voted on in four separate i»ro- 
posals. The voten roaycho(»e 
angr combination ttiey like and 
still give the Commonwealth a 
work^le Cc»»tltution. 

On Nov. 3 Virginia voters will 
be able to indicate their choice 
on a ballot or voting machine 
which will list ami describe 
Mch of the four prcfnsals oa 
the ConsUtutf on separately. 

The first prcqnsa} deals with 
the main body of the revised 
Constitution. Althwigh there are 
several substantive dianges, 
most of the changes are in the 
nature of gereral housekeeping- 
deleting obsolete clauses like 
those on dueling and removing 
excessive and uimecessary de- 
tail. An example of the 
unnecessary detail is the Cor- 
poi'ations Article in tiie present 
Constitution which includes 
such things as the office hours 
of the State Corporation Com- 
mission. This is much better 
teft to statutory law. 

Among the significant 
changes in the main body of 
fite revised Constitution are 
annual sessions of the Gereral 
Assembly, the auQiorlty for tax 
relief for homeownem over 65, 
a guarantee for the first time 
Uiat the people of a locality can 
veto a regional government if 
fiiey wish, a new conservation 
article, and an article on con- 
sumer protection for the first 

Af^roval of the second pro- 
posal would remove the con- 
stitutional prohibition of lot- 
teries. It would not Itself per- 
mit lotteries, but would leave 
the decision up to the General 

The third proposal deals with 
general obliption boids, which 
are backed by the fiill faitti 
and credit of the Common- 
wealtfai The ' present ' C<m% 
sttttttton permitV'Widi beads,' 
and limlte tbem let percentage 
of the assessed realty in fbe 
state. ^However, real estate 
taxes are reserved for loca- 
lities, and thus file limit bears 
no relatiooshlp to the Com- 
monwealth's abUUy to repay. 
The revised Ccmstltutlon sets 
a limit based on a percentage 

Sgt. Hope 

Sergeant Frank H.Hope, foo 
of Jack W. Hope of Virginia 
Beach,, has received the U.S. 
Air Force Commedatioft Medal 
for me^torlous service In 

Sergeant Hope disttngui^ed 
himself as an air traffic ctm- 
troller at Udorn Royal Tlnl 
Air Force Base. 

He was presented the medal 
at Pope AFB, N.C., where he 
now serves with a unit of the 
Air Force Communlcatiais 
Service whidi provides global 
communicatlmis and air traffic 
control for ttte USAF. 

The sergeant is a i966 gra- 
duate of Virginia Beadi Higli 

of the state's liMome from re- 
tail sales tax waA income tax 
reveiiues. Here there is a direct 
relaticMishlp to the Common- 
wealtt's alAlity to repay 
Vk ttpnls. 

These bonds could be issued 
only for caiiital witlay— college 
classrooms, mental health hos- 
pitals, etc— nc^ for operating 
expenses, and no bonds could 
be issued without the ai^roval 
of file people In a referendum. 
The November 3 vote is not a 
bmid issue vote. It simply sets 
(Q) the maddJiery. AseiMurate 
vote of tte people would be re-, 
quired before'ahy bonds could 
be issued. The revised Con- 
stttuttooalso stipulates a sink- 
ing fiind to pay the bonds off 
on a regular basis in a set' 
ttme limit. 

Virginia's Constituttonwas 
last revised in 1928 under Gov. 
Harry P. Byrd, Sr. At the 
time the general obllgationbond 
limit was more than 16 percent 
of the 1970-72 budget. 

The foinrO) and final proposal 
deals with revenue bonds, which 
are backed by the revenues pro- 
duced 1^ the project the banks 
build. The pr^ent Constitution 

sdothlag antistpttc relief for 







permits tte issuance of revenue 
bonds after the approval by a 
majcMTlty of both houses of the 
General Assembly. This would 
not change under the revised 

What the fourth proposal 
would do, however, is permit file 
General Assembly, oiv two- 
thirds vote, to place the credit 
of the Commonwealth behind 
certain selected revenue bonds, 
such as those for college dor- 
mitories or pailclgLclUties, but 
not for bridge autbourtty pro- 
jects such as file Chesapeake 
Bay Bridge of highway authorl* 

This would save the Com- 
monwealth money in lower in- 
terest rates. First, however, 
the Governor would have to cer- 
tify twice that die revenue from 
<ttM project would be sufficient 
to pay off file bond. These 
bonds would be subject to the 
same overall limit as the gen- 
eral obligation bonds and to the 
same sinking ftmd repayment 
and time limit provisions. 

Here, again, the bonds could 
(Xily be used for c^iltal outlay 
projects, and wA for current 
operating eiqpenses. 

POLICE AT RALLY— Four members of Princess Anne F.O.P. 
Lodge No. 8 joined other National P.O. P. officials In Washington, 
D.C., last week to urge legislation calling for stiff penalties for 
anyone wounding a police officer. Virginia Beach was represented 
by (left to right) officer S.B. Sclortino, dispatcher C.C. Rogers, 
Sgt. E.L. Jackson and officer W.H. Smith, Jr., as thousands of 
P.O. P. representatives gathered on the steps of the Capitol In the 







My dear fellow Virginians. As you 
know, I am seeking re-election to the 
" U. SJSdti^ as an independent ':^':-i-'^^_ 

candidate. t^ ' 

Here i§ why I chose that 
unprecedented and difficult path. 

Last February 21, a small group 
obtained control of the Democratic 
State Central Committee and imposed a 
new oath on candidates running for the 
U.S. Senate. 

That new oath would have 
required me to pledge my support to 
whomever the Democratic National 
Convention might choose as its nominee 

for President in 1972. 

No one knows who the convention 

will select in 1972. No one knows what 
that man's principles or policies will be. ^ 

I could not sign such an 
oath, and I would not sign such an oath. 

The only oath that I am willing to 
take is to the 4,600,000 fellow Virginians 
whom I represent. 

I have seen too much blind 
political partisanship in the government 
and in Congress. 1 submit this kind of 
partisanship is one reason that our 
country is in such deep trouble today. 

So it seemed logical to me that I 
should submit rhy record to all the 
people of Virginia as an independent . 

I realize full well that my course 
is a difficult and unprecedented one. 
But I welcome the opportunity to take 

my Senate record directly to all the 
people of Virginia. 

I am independent in my position. 

but I am completely dependent on the 
people of Virginia themsdyes in my 
fight for re-election. 

I need your help. Only with the 
help, support and activity of the 
individual citizen can we succeed on 
November 3rd. 

If we— you and 1— are successful 
on November 3rd, the people of Virginia 
will make American political history. 

United States Senator r* 


Vtrpnisnsfcir Byrd. GetM-ge McMath. Chairman. Lewis Vklen, Treasurer. 

Virginia BMchSmi 

Thursday, Oct. 22, 1970 


report recommendations call for many cnanges 


ttea (tf tbe VirginU Beach 
lln dsptrtnenls botli ptld ind 
volxntMr flrenen, have ex- 
preand mlaMi emotioDS over 
Ite ooottnli of astndjrforre- 
vlaioc tto reiort dty's fire 
pmlidlaB service. 

**KMidpil fire PftiliMlloii 
M^r • W^pufe report eon* 

ItaMd LeMH-€eHtoel Swrvlee 
Cttfpvttt(», were tfs^s^d 
teMI^ 1^ fliMiM dHrtag ItoQ- 
d^r iMM*f rifidw maab^ 
netflii irftteCtty'sFlreCMB- 
It iiat te eoBoeaiai of tt^e 
n^ wu^ ef lAoB hid hten 
Ifttervieved faol A^l 1^ 
MATIJ9C0 rtpttwrnUHfm^' 
lai th^ ai-M«H tnapt^loB 
cC ttt d^t fire p^Ktton str- 

r^MUHMMioiiB e«atatttcd 
i^Uft at r^(^ ham already 
heeii i^tistwl^lqr the rtee 
C«Mi^ iad iiwt with their 
aHfOffaly a nuriler (tf oHier 
rteoBiMteHsai «en ques- 
ttou^ as to ttelr true va- 

tamftif te FlnCooMU nect- 
1^ la NLa eavadtr m ddef 
ef tte Creeds Votniteer Fire 
Deiiuineit tat ite la idso 
f^Bfo City C<wttrttWMBi, t<dd 
the B«« tttl It ns the 
lantt Minis' meo^ the 
fwfMrfiiii Unite dtyshi^d 
d^lF ihtf tflltaB la Mf^ f e» 
iri(rimf el ttn jG^f pfMeit 
IbeBMi of the vidioos depart- 
mili h»« hid tte qp|^»rta- 
attr to rt^le* -ttie reetosiMn- 
(tattoas «u expr^s their feel- 


Members (rf the Fire Coun- 
dl agreed that eadi department 
woold make an extortslve study 
(rf the 'Tire Protectloo Study*' 
recommendattoos and express 
tfielr feellagi durlni; next 
month's regtHirly sdKduled 
Fire Coundl meeting. At this 
time the Fte CMaeU wWookl 
UveM a eMWltlM to reiNre* 
aviA Oie flrei^a of tte City 
aid I^esent Wx ttemmea' 
iU&(k$ refuttig i»9onla 
iMttmd IB tte '^Wix* ftKiee- 
ttw Stadv" to City Coendl. 

AJittioa^ Biofrt of tte leoora- 
Biendwi^iiM u ne study tte cf 
oowBin prtttailty to tte fli^- 
men ttey idioM ateo he dcon- 
eem to tti rarideoto of Vir- 

Tbt NATLSCO neoraiaenda- 
ttoM irtato "tte osiidiatlpD of 
tte Art serviee in Vi^^a 
Bei^ wHwigting of one ftll 
ps^ fti% department ml thtr- 
toeii volwtoer fix^ecmpanles. 
Is no tonger aMe 'to provide 
adequate fire |»'dedlQh 

It inrther stttes that "while 
tte reapMse d volmteer fire 
filMers to fires dmriag tte 
evenliig and on wedcends is ex- 
o«lleat, dajrttme reqpoose when 
vdm^ers are at tteir normal 
places d en^doyaMiit is ex- 
tremety dtfldent In niany parts 
d tte dty. A ped need ex' 
Ists for fhll pdd firtfi^iters 
la five d tte vobmleer sta- 
ttoes during ttese hrarad poor 
response . . .OeHoa, naza, 
CheMpeite Beadi, XenqssviUe 
ud Courthouse." 

Hw value d vdinteer fire- 
nwn is noted, however, in the 
statemed ''volunteer fire 
flfbtors dMMild be owverted to 

NEW SUIT—bet. J.G. Male sky models 
**utlllty suit" being purchased for mem- 
bers of the Virginia Beach police depart- 
ment for use when working on assignments 
requiring concealment in wooded, or sim- 
iliar, regions. The suit is designed not only 
to protect them f ro m the elements but to 
make them readily recognizable as police 
ofRcer s by others who might become In- 
volved in the operation. 















AND ,. 


This chart illustrates the proposed 
organizational structure of the **Division 
of FfPe Protection" aS recommended In 

the **Municipal Fire Protection Study" just 
completed for thfe city. 

pald-on-eall fire fliers uid 
rdmbiffMd hy the dty fw their 

Perh^ one d the most lu- 
rei^ng prcvosals contdaedln 
the study is the-recommdida- 
tlons that " a need exlsto for 
a di4^ overall Fire Chid 
in Vlrglda, BMch. To pro- 
vide competant pn)lesd(»al" 
command d all drudural fires, 
a number d lower edielon 
ddi^, as well as vdu^o^ 
ddefii are needed." 

In line witt fids proposal tte 
study calls for a creation d 
"a ttdfied fin departmed for 
tte edlre City, orgadaed as 
a separate dty ageu? d tte 

dvisioiai level in aci»rd witt 
tte 'Pri9os«l Plan d Orgin- 
isatton tor tte City Gonni- 
med, dated pdd»r 1969*. This 
new agenqr should te tltl^ tte 
Otvldon d Fire Protoetlott ud 
te tended by a Fire CUd re- 
porting dlre<^y to tte dty man- 
ager. All «dstlng flK eom- 
pades, bott paid and volim- 
teer, are to te a part d tte 
Bureau d Fire Codrd within 
tte dvidon d Fire Protection. 
Within tte Dlv&londFire Pro- 
tedlon, CTMte three additional 
bureaus editted tte Bure«i d 
Conmudeatioiis, bureau d 
Traldng, and Bureau d Fire 
PrevedloB and Inq^eefioo." 



Pdiee CUd Co. W.W. Davis, 
toUddng Jk^ IdigfiV Inredlga- 
tion ido drenmdances sur- 
rounding tte use d tear gis 
by Auxiliary Police Sgt. C.L. 
Colvard to dlqmse a crowd 
d a U|^ school loolhall game, 
states Colvard "erred In Judg- 
med" bd thd "other perscms 
involved are nd totally Idthout 

Ite InddMit occurred d.Cox 
Stadium Oddwr 9, uMr tte 
end d ttet game tetween Cm 
and F|r^ Colonial Ugh schools 
vlien, ac^lrtti« to QddI3avis' 
investilttlon C^^fvidtes 
sumniMMl by a spedaiw to 
remove a groiv d abod SS 
pe<^ from stadlumstands fd- 
liswing con^dalds d ttdr in- 
twrferring witt tte opposing 
teams dieering sectton. 

Davis said Us investigation, 
whidh indnited meetii« witt tte 
134-mu) Auxiliary Police adt 
commanded by Aux. Chid W.T. 
McFarland, showed ttd tte In- 
cident was preceeded by 
"lights, a smote bodb ex- 
plosion, and evideiKK d roam- 
ing gro^ d students which a geiwral feeling 
d discoded ud uneadness 
among many dttespedators." 

Tte lavestlgatioo showed ttd 
wten Colvard requested the 
group to return to tteir teuns' 
stand "tte grotq> left tte studs 
nd, in passii^tehind tte north 
end-tone and a tttpt barrier, 
hesitated and began chanting. 
Wten Sgt. Colvard instruded 
ttem to continue movii^:, ttey 
mwed very slowty. cmtindng 
diapting, waving ttdr arms 
and making gestares. ^. Col- 
vard midderprded th^e ges- 
tures as a threat to lis personal 
sdety and, in whd we condder 
was a brid momed of mis- 
Judgemed, sprayed tte ^>- . 
parrat leader d tte group witt 
a Uqdd tear gas fh>m u aero- 


Monthly Payment Conventional Type 




21«.2Sth m. Virginia Retell Va. 

Phonr 12H-1I.1.11 

sol cadster dadlartottetused 
by Hi regular jidi|i« tte va- 
pors d wlidi ifEedcd tte group 

"Tte dieds d tte tear gas 
listed approdmately 7 ndndes 
and resulted.lnoo permaned 
injury i» damage. 

"In cooddei^ tteatlrein- 
ddent, it is telt thd Sgt. Col- 
vard, having served his eom- 
miudty wittod ooiq)ensation 
tor a period d three years, 
witt no prior complaids, ranre- 
ly comndtted an error injodgef 
ntent. It shmdd nd te amt* 
jbdlid thd tte otter persoi ' 
luvdved are nd tota^ wlthl 
od blame. Tl^r condud was 
nd commendd>le nor condder-: 
ate d otter spectators or law- 
ful adhc^. 

'"Itese fhdors are fre- 
quently nd cooddered by a 
gred many peopte In Inddeds 
d this ndure, idierMS acts d 
a law enforcemed officer, 
under stress d tte moment, 
are closely scrdldsed. 

"It is tlie opinion d ttis 
office that Sgt. Colvard 
recopizes his error and should 
te allowed to cootlnne his ser- 
vice to tte commmdty, witt ttis 
reprimand bdng placed in his 
flte " 

Memters d tte Auxiliary 
Police udt nd only give dthdr 
time to serving tte comnHmity 
as an impniad ddtotte City's 
regular pdioe officers wittod 
compensatton, bd are reqdred 
to pay for tteir own eqdp- 
med necessary in performing 
ttdr ddy witt tte dty paying 
cost d tteir shirte and 
trousers, badges, and hd 

"Freedom d owsdence, d 
edueaticm, d speedi, d as- 
sembly are unmi^ tte very fun- 
daiqedals d democracy and 
dl d ttem would te nullified 
diould freedom d tte press 
ever te suecessfdty dal- 
lM4ied."-Fradclin D. Ro(Me- 

Regarding tte recommended 
Bureau d Commudcattons tt 
te furtter recommented to 
"Kbreamllne tte orgadsatloBd 
Radio Commudcdions pUdng 
ttedepMrtmed under nver- 
vislon ol tte Fire Chid, as 
opposed to tte City Manager, 
add addifional dlspdcters and 
improve dtepttehlngprooadares 
suca proofing eac&'&re 
fighter Witt a radto and standi 
tqr bdtery pownred pad&^ 

In propodng creation d a 
Bureau d Traidi«, tte study 
also oOte for lading "a 
full time briU Master to ad- 

4 Caught 
1 Sought 

Four sui^ecte tew been ap- 
prdMded and aaotter te bdng 
SQ«^ is eamectioo wttt two 
armed rditeries eurly y^- 

Pottoe Oet. Sgt. E. F, Busty 
said two adhlte and two Jnve- 
dles wers inu-dttuded te con- 
nedtoa «itt ite armed rd)tery 
d tte Wayside Motel in tte 
400 block d S. Military High- 
way, tevfhldilTlwasrqiortedty 
taken from tte dght derk d 
gun pdd, wittln anteur after 
onnmissiia d tte crime. 

Tte addt snqieds ymn 
idedlfled as Gary W. Smith, 
21 d Providoioe Road, and 
Donald E. KeUer, 19 d Ctes- 

^^^^ rdbtery d 
;v^ldm ^^HRHk ^* ^ Itor- 
folk. C»pn||j|| Forties Witt 
saying he pEondtip a ffere in 
hte, taxi in Hiffitolk and was 
directed to'a tocatton In t^ 
200 blodc d Gn^rsMi Eoad, 
TirgteU Bradi. Arrivteg d tte 
dedtnatio), aecordng to police. 
Inveistigators, hte mate fare 
held a shd|^ « Forbes and 
demanded te hand over Ms 
cash recdpte. Tte bandit re- 
portedly fled witt $13. ' 

Kingan Is 
Honor Grad 

: Airman Robert C. Kii^an, 
s{m d Mrs. Margaret U Hunter 
d Virgida Av^has graduated 
Witt honors ^tesder AFB, 
Miss., from tte teemed train- 
ing course f(»r U. S. Mr Force 
dr traffic controllers. 

Airman Kingan, itto was 
trdned in drport traffic coo- 
trd, teteingasdpiedtoBergs- 
trom AFB, Tex. He will serve 
witt a udt d tte Air Force 
Commudcatioos Service idiidi 
provides gldbd commmiica- 
tions and air traffic codrd 
tor tte USAF. 

Tte drman, a 1968 graduate 
d Fird Cdodtk High School, 
attended Old Donddon Udver- 

Hte fdter, retired U.S. Navy 
Sedor Chid Petty Officer Wil- 
Uain C. Kii^in, reside in 
Brockton, Mass. 


Federal Flood 

Now Available 

4 In 

Virginia Beach 

For Further Details 
or Information 

Call Us Today 

sill Mcmc m, , mm m-m\ 
s4M.ifiMCiSMiiiiii. mmva^vm 

minister and offldud tte train- 
li^ program, to devel^> a 
^idteg aumad, and m^tete 
piH^er jrenvds to Msure ud- 
fled traidi« d fir* fighters 
InsteDdardlMdfire fif^dingine- 
ttods Md tnnwork bdween 
fire oompadM." 

hxsMAt importad revidoD 
oodaited te.tte study concerns 
tte proposed owdion d a 
Bureau d Fire Pievnition md' 
Iospe<^ tlte wodd edaU 
ereattag "a new bureau d fire 
prevenidim and in^dloo wlth- 
te tte Divteloii d Hre Pro- 
lectton to replace tte Office 
d Fire tnspedor" as well as 
ph^ag ttis biffeaa "under 
command d a fire marshal!" 
and dso"asdp to Mn^ bureau 
a deputy fire marshall and seven 
fire inspedors." Creation d 
tte Mw baremi would dso call 
tor tranderrlag "tte ftrndtoos 

Gur May 


Vlrgtda Beadi pdiee teve 
rep(»ted tte loedttg tte car 
betooging to Ralph W. Young 
d tte Eastern awre,. whose 
bo(ty wss found Sqit 10 te a 
drainage dltdi te AercKtete. 

Dat. W. D. Hadea, n, in- 
vestigatteg Young's deatt aloi« 
Hftti^t^SgK/^Ki^Ztllb^ Ih- 
didiiia ^ YtMiTs w idet'Baidt' 
Kedra hnMop wte found fla^ 
tiffitey nid^Btng to awder filled 
quarry d Inverness, Fte; 

Tte ado was disoovered by 
three young men white scdMi 
diving te wators d Ite quarry. 
Offlctete d Inverness teve 
raised tte ear and tmiounded 
it fdr Virgida Beach poUoe. 

Haiten, along witt Sgt. C. 
E. Carlson, Sr., d tte Vir- 
gida Beach police litadifica- 
ii(m I^vldoB, and State Polloe 
Investigator J. T. (Miver left 
for Inverw»s l^uesday mordng 
for proMsslng.d tte car for 
uej dues, wmdi lead to tte 

d tte ftrsw iovestlptors to 
tte police deftrtoMd.", 

TOs itfcv^rt tKUWfertftl 
his alr««iy drawn mdoMd 
fiNA M.T. Rdtend, (Mdd tte 
e^ Fire Pr^vedioo Bureau 
irtiere sw* <«>ertttMie are pre- 
seitf^ curried od. 

Bdland nM ttd, altteu^ te 
ttnte "Ifs a f«d report on 
tte bads d eo^hids, I (toot 
iUddt sho^ te ae^Vted as 
i paiMge.*' foUand added te 
te "p^y (vpofl^ to ovviiV 
arson lavesttgdlote Ido tte 
ps^a depirtsted. I JhI thte 
wi^ iit bMI« aiM^rtld and 
mm (^ittfled if we h^ an 
arMtt »|oid Ml <v wder tte 
Fire M»stel|s Office." Hol- 
Udd sddte.#d agree witt 
reeommeadattons legardngUs 
ollllce ttd "we're onderstafiM 
and need more men." 

Ite stttly also datos ttd 
"an immedde ii^axtete"for 
ttw c<aistrudteo d a randwr 
d new fire i^dioos in tte 
City and oOte for tte conso- 
lidation and/(»' dodng d se- 
veral exteUng stdions. 

Thte wodd invdve tte ctm- 
struc^Um d five new fire ste- 
ttons withte tte City during tte 
next four years. Ttese propos- 
ate are odlinad te tte study as 
follows: "ered a temporary 
one-bsy sU^on d Sambridge, 
and form a new volimteer fire 
coaqiaay (to te comi;dded dur- 
ii^C 1971)1 construct a |iew 
ttr«e-tey stdion near Inde- 
pendence Bmdevard and D6na- 
tidi Road, relocate men and 
e<|dpmed firom'pres^ Thalia 
stdlM} and dose Ttelte(tote 
comifleted during 1971); eon- 
strud a n^ ttree-bty station 
near ladidi Rivw Road and Pro- 
vidence Road, fwm new volun- 
teer fire company to te com- 
pleted (taring 1972); oonstrud 
new ttree-taQT station near 
Maxey Drive and^gidaBeatdi 
Boulevard, coosolidateuid 
dose Londcn Bri(^, Ocem 
and Seatadc stations (tote com- 
pletod during 1973); and c(m- 
strud a new ttree-bay station 
nnr Norttenvton Bodsvard 
and DlamoDd Springs Road, coo- 
S(dldate nd dose Ches^edn 
&ea(di and Davte Comer da- 

lidedity d those respondde 
for Young's dedh. 

Hadeo and Zelto teve said 
l^ore tbd tte ado couM play 
ay JnpqiHad rote te tteir In- 
vesiigdtea d Yoimg's dea^ 

Young; 51, desorlted as a 
travdling salesman, earUar 
was reportedly ted seat alive 
on Sepl. S leaving Ms N(fftb- 
amptoD County home d Cape 

An autopsy report from tte 
State Medlcd Examiner's Of- 
flde Indleatod Young's body had 
been te tte ditdi wtere it was 
lomd Off ee to six dajv teforer 
it was (ttscovered. Tte report 
also raid thd te died d md- 
tiple stab wounds d tte dttd 
ud nedc, and ttat te had been 
beateh over tte tead with a 
blud instrument. 

ttoGi (to be eomplded durii^ 

miv* , 

Tte fire figMy^( methods 
preaentty bei^ veed te tte 
resort dty also caoMt under 
scrdiny W tte NATLSCO. 

The do^ dated thai '^ai 
edste for a fimAuKnteli 
in flreflgMb^ mettoito dUlied 
1^ Ite Vlr^b£i BHuiifiM ser- 
fl«...m9ttng more iffidoit 
ra» d fire appantttt te terms 
d gaUxe d wi^ pur idhute 
api^ed to a fire witt a di^^ improved fire 
imthods irtU altow fsner men 
to i^^ p-^d^lpi^ttte d 
water wttirtti f^ffliBit^riNhic- 
ttoD d eiqpendve pencuteU" 

Airier proposed dtf^ in 
tte presed mttalji .Ai^ttng 
txv& call^ f(»r tte"retoedton 
d various tn»^ d fire fght- 
ii^ «|di»neQt us«il9 tte city's 
fire departnieatet porapti^ ap« 
ardus, ladder tnuta, tenter 
apparatus and pec^ ad- 
dittoi^ toote and app^icei on 
fire fii^itbv eqnipinent to oor- 
red existing ddiddwiei to 
fighting dl types, d 

Another recommen 
ccmtdned te tte study 
improvii^ firepn^ctifliiiithln 
tte resort dty caUeT loir the 
eatabltehlPg of "t mutod dd 
agreemed witt tte dty d 
Chtioiieate for ttie prori^ond 
fird aterm automatic response 
by tte ChMapedce Fire Depart- 
med into tte Western areas of 
tte Kempsrilte distrid pending 
condruetion of a fire stdion in 
tte Indian River Road am 
Proridence Road area," ahd to 
"liotifMe iiM;reateduse(t,aer- 
id trudcs from Nortott ona 
special call baste te tte Wed 
d mdtiple alarms te Virginia 

Tte survey team whiehvidt- 
ed Virgida BeaA te compiling 
tte "Muddpal Fire Protection 
Study" did nd overl6ok tte 
(q)eratioii d tte Rescue Srioads 
(veratM te eonfondloA titt 
various fire dq>artmsds%ithte 
tte resort dty. 

Regarding these udte' tte 
study recommended ttat "tte, 
rescue and ambdance service 
presently profrided by maity d 
tte volunteer fire companies 
appears to be findtodng wtll. 
Due to tte spedalteed ndure 
d thte sendee and tte high cod 
to tte City vid<ft would restilt 
if tte enttre expaue o^ ttiege 
oper&ttbite%tie't6 ii»asstthied, ' 
no diterid aiilili ilN i^ 
comtMnded at Als 6msw Thesl 
seihdces diould odillmie tote 
flnanosd largdy throiqfh pd>U|, 
siitecripti(Nis and oontrlbulttons 
anl manned by menters d tb 
volimteer flre con^iidts;" 

All persons assodatod with 
tte study are ({ddi to pdi^ od 
thd ttese teeommaodatioiii are 
proposate lax in^rovlng tte 
dty's tire lotitedian service 
and ttet a flill evdodlon d 
thdr findings mud be dade 
from tte dandpdd d fitesfNl- 
Ity and practtcality fd* tte City 
d Viri^da Bea<di befdre ^ 
are idD|)ted in part or Inwtele. 

An investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire, which 
has been classified as being of a suspicious nature in origin, that 
severely danraged this structure last Saturday afternoon. The 
building in the 4900 block 4)f Virginia Beach Blvd. formerly housed 
**Gibson's Hamburger Stand". Volunteers from the Davis Corner 
and Thalia Fire Departments devoted three hours to extinguishing 
the flames., 

IN A HURRY '»w««w- 


Us« our NEW DRIVE IN WfNDOW 30 1/2 St. 
•nt«r from Pacific or Arctic Av«. 

Air Y&em SergHUtf Deads 
A. Moore, np d Mr. and Mrs. 
C. B. Moore, d 'hMui Ave., 
te 9B duty d men H^ AB, 
Vletaam. Heatt«itedPri»MS 
i^me Rii^ Scfaod. 


UKi MAil? 

e«t ttte4e^w^#^iitol 

^ ^ -^ — 



loaks at 

Tbe Tidtwiter DltMct, Vir- 
fUia Federitioitof Gard«n 
Cttfti, voted T^day to take 
care (rf its o«b first before 
^Ing any more World Gar- 
deoing ftmdB overseas. 

Hie District will send a re- 
Qimioieodation to tlie state fed- 
iritidp tbat WorM Gardening 
taida be allocated for American 
IQ^^, vAom, tbe women feel, 
an ai amdi in need of help as 
peo|d# oveneas. World Gar- 
deflioK projeds in tiie past bave 
ioduMid sending seeds and ag- 
ricoltoral tools to tmderdevel- 
(^ cdimtries. 

J. C. Garrett, landsci4)e im- 
proveoient specialist at Virginia 
Potytedinic Institute, explained 
tte new Environmental Im- 
provement Program established 
bf SeaiN, RoebiKdc and Co., 1^0 
already q»naor die HANDS 
(Home, and Neigbborhood Devel- 
osHBtifii Sponsors) coitfest for 
garden clubs, and the National 
Comcil of State Garden Clubs, 
Inc. ' 

Garrett warned the women to 
ttia9$ slowly in selecting and 
planiAng projects. 

'"Hiings (ttdn't get this way 
ov^M^t. Ifflnority groups have 
bew taUdng about conservation 
for yeare." 

Of ttie new program, he com- 
mented, "I bcqiie it extends be- 
yoDii ^se filings we're »> used 
to seel^. &>metimes people 
lose their sense of balance-- 
lOiiy jrorkJc^ the mpn^ rather 
t^ iiapH^vemefll.". Vicginia 
has «B alloMtioB of $LSOO iit 
priM nioney of atc^ of $42,000 

f(^ will be divided among 
sbttes and the District of 

"P, rejects," said Garrett, 
"sboiild not be limited Just to 
plantings. Certain areas should 
be preserved. There's a need 
for peoftle to become aware of 
wiMt is taking place in local and 
state governmei^. Appear be- 
Uat a government body. Go well 
prepared. Don't go as an agita- 
tion groiq) but as aconstructive 
groti^. There's a Ug differ- 

lie added that in weighing 
possible projects the clid)s 
should ask themselves how 
maiQF will profit by it and hqw 
many will enjoy it. 

"Coc^ration, not coordina- 
tion," warned Garrett. "Littte 

Tidewater District President Mrs. 
Merwyn H. Keller listens atentively to 

words make a btg difference. 
No group wants to be coordinat- 
ed by another. We've almost 
forgotten how to cooperate. Any 
{HToJect of any scope Is usually 
three years to |^t underway; 

"It's easy to get into the 
trend of going it alone. There 
are very few projects small 
enough fbr c«e group to accom- 
plish anything." 

Garrett also aiivised that 
clubs consider sthe maintenance 
of any project they undertake 
before starting it. "It's foolish 
for any lay poup to undertake 
a project and agree to main- 
tain it. If it's a public project 
and the government won't agree 
to. matdi fumls and maintain it, 
then look hard at it before 
undertaking it." 

Garrett defined "environ- 
ment" as "everything around 
us including peq)Ie.*' 

Divisions in the EIP include: 
Air and water polhitton, land- 
scape desip, anti-litter, civic 
beautification, idstoric preser- 

1 1 AXXJLXHXAAl.H.Jli,JLX<JLi.A.l itlillllH llULll lUltXlX 


iainaaiiiiaimamiHSiuanmifsiMiiefiiirtiM«iiW W»**»^*"» *f 



Thurtday. Oct. 22, 1970 

'I ^ » ' -4 J 

^ff ^f,^^^mt ift»»»am^»t»»»»»m»m^^mmym»»»»m»»»»»»»(tm»ftaMaa»a uaj„Maataanma t «taiiaataan ea , aaanaa , i , a . a . a j U y, >J U J , aMAaa 


The 12th Annual Antiques 
Showsale sponsored by the 
Princess Anne Woman's Club 
of ViniJiria Beach opened this 
rooming at tiie Civic Center. 

Show hours are 11 a.m. to 
10 p.m. Thwsday, Friday and 
Saturday, and from 1 to 6 p.m. 
Sunday. Tbe show will ccnclude 
witii an auction. 

Forty-five Mitiques dealers 
from 10 sti^ will have their 
merchandise on sale. 

Sen. Caton 
£8 speaker 

state Sen. Edward T. Catw 
will address members of die 
Woman's Democratic Cltib of 
Virginia Beach at their Oct. 27 

The meeting will begin at 
11:30 a.m. at tiie Copper Kettie, 
Ocean Front and 7tb Street. Sen. 
Caton will explain iiie {uroposed 
constitutional amendments 
coming before the voters m 
Nov. 3. 

FoUiei benefickury 


Tieketii ($l)^miQrbepradiased 
at the door. Proceeds will pro- 
vide s^olarsUps, and will 
benefit mental health. Hospita- 
lity House and other jdiilan- 
thropic projects. 

Angles Kitchen, as in tbe 
past, will offer special Colonial 
style food plus home made Usr 
odts, soups, sandwldies and 

Class fills eduGational gap 


Wanted: fbrmer Girl Scouts 
from Princess Anne County 
and Old Virginia Beadi dating 
from 1918 to 1960. 

Tbey are especially wanted 
for the Area 4 lunche<m sched- 
uled from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
at NAS Oceuna Officers Club 
on Oct. 29, and are requested 
ip wear or bring tiwir old 
uniforms witii tiiem. Reserva- 
tions may be made by calling 
486-4363, 340-7867 or 428- 

Those unable to attend but 
wtio were scouts during the 
above mentioned dates are 
asked to call or write ytrs. 
R. L. Smouse, 6811 Atlantic 
Ave., 23451 or call 425-1567. 

Reservations will be taken 
until Oct. 26. 


For two decades ttw Virginia 
Beach -Princess Anne Junior 
Woman's Clit has presented^he 
Virginia Beadi Follies to rais* 
money for community improve- 
ment iffojects sudi as the Vir- 
ginia Beach library and Camp 
Civitan. Tbe curreitf major pro- 
ject has united its member- 
ship in a feeling of concern 
for retarded ddUbren. 

Two years ago tiie dit) 
learned tint tiiere wasn't a 
facility toe these diildren in 
our area, and ttkey had to travel 
to Norfolk to take advantage U 
classes offered l>y tiie Tide- 
water Associi^oD for Retarded 
Children often spending three 
hours a day on a bus going 
to and from school. 

Through Uw efforts (rfthe 
Virginia Beadi Juniors, and In 
particular Mrs. Betty Lloyd 
Gallup, a Undergarien class 
was started at GaUlee Epis- 
copal Church in September 
1968. A competent teacher, 
Mrs. Jane Garrison, was hired, 
and people througlig^tiieBeach 
offered their services, muMiey, 
and talente to make the class 
a success. 

Other organizations sent do- 
nations and training aids for tite 

vation, conservation, hoirttcul- 
ture, roadside development and 
the otiier related acttvittes. 

In otiier aqltoE^tiia<&|Btifjei 
iirtoem«d' twos Mw> i Vi]^» 
BtaOi mendier.. 4!h]|(i->Br(ad 
Bay Garden Club tnd Priacbss 
Anne Plaaa Garden Cld>. 

District repr«tentatives also 
voted to endorse Mrs. Frank 
Totddn of Portsmoutti for ti>e 
offioe of historian of file Viri^nia 

Clark speaks 
to GOP Women 

Henry Clark, meihber of ti» 
State Central Committee, 1st 
Dictrlct, was fnest speaker at 
file meeting of tiie Virginia 
Beach RepdDUcan Women's 
Club WednesdiV at Easter Shore 

Clarke discussed his duties 
as a committee member and 
enlig^ned the mendwrship on 
political patnmage. 

Puppet show pays back library Wuck's preserves gain renown 

Frances and Gem Reiherbe- 
pn niakiflf piqvete some 10 
years ago as a project tor 
ttidr oldest son's birtiiday. 

They will laresent "Hanzel 
and Gretel" as a special Hallo- 
waen performance for diikiren 
as Windsor Woods Ubrary at 
U a.qi. Satiffday, Oct. 31. 

"Our chiUren like tiie 
Ubrtfy, and we wanted to do 
sominiing for it,'? said Mrs. 
R^her, herself a former 
J!UU»n's librarian. 

Her hu^nnd is in tiie Navy 
and they lave been in ttie area 
"off and Ml for nine years." 

TMt hobby ^has grown to 
abol^,30 iHqpfets now. "When 
you do m new s^iow ^u usually 
have to mate anew duuracter." 
Some of ttie Innd puppets were 
made by ttem and some were 

the ^i^ ai% im^irted in 
a nd wooden theatre ttie 
ttiom iOM tbeoselves. Tlwy 
have a rep^rMre' includes 
ikaA W idays. "They're done 
la a idmide way, ^A Mrs. 
^tdhM-, scNTt of ac(^^ oraft." 

^ nid r»r two oMer bcqrs 
are "faterested in stegi^ oA 
btfdMi Meur ma b^ter 

The Saibers tave five ddl- 

nn. If , M, t, V tad ^^ 
we MVM mtm etrdslntte 

"My wife won't even come 
in the Utdien,.*' &ays Buck 
Wright. f'She says it's my Job." 

His "Job" consiste of cook- 
ing aiKl canning preserves for 
tiie VirginiaBeach United Meth- 
odist Church bazaar eadi year. 
His reputation has grown along 
witii the demand j^ his pre- 
serves. N 

"I love to cook," claims 
Wri^t. "I cock breakfast al- 
most every morning. I was 
raised on a farm in South Caro- 
Una and helped around the 

"She doesn't like to make 
preserves," be added about his 

lot of friends." 

Keeping busy is sooMtUi^ 
he's always done too. He re- 
calls taking ainrt'a grandfather 
ctodc as a boy in Winsboro, 
S. C, because "he wanted to 
see what was iiside." 

Block Mothers 

preserves for the bazaar five 
or six years now, is retired 
._,_-_. after 47 years witti Railway,, 
^r\ moot Won Express. However, be is now 
\\J III CO I4 y V ov-i . working parttime at Simmons 
" i " Photocramic. He also says he 

enjoys girl watching in the sum- 
mer. "I stay on the beach a 

Vitif^ claims ttiat his pre- 
serve redpe is easy""sugar, 
, . ^ ^ ^ pears and a Utile patience." 

Wright, who has b^en mating j^ ^^joinoa to pear preserves, 
..^prvos for the baxaar five ^ ^jj ajgo have damson and 

fig for sale at tbe dwch ba- 
zaar on Nov. 4. 

Anne Caroll Relher, left, and her brother 
Freddl, right, with Mrs. Relher look at 
so me of the puppets their parents have 

made. < 

AU children in the Win&or 
Woote liteary area tteiwited 

to see ttie show to fat in 
nUowMBMod. . 

The Tidewater Council ot 
Council of Blodc Mothers will 
bold ite first mMtiag of the 
comiiig season an Od. 28 at 
7:30 p.m. in ttie Norfolk Safety 
Building. The program will in- 
clude a talk by Detective James 
E. Lewis of tbe VaxtoSk Police 
De(«rtment 00 "Child Pro- 

The Blodc Mottiers are a 
volm^ary commaitiy servi(% 
oc^anizi^on dedicatel to [vo- 
vittng safe {dac» d r^aettor 
eUUren who have been 
lll^tttcfted ^ stra^rs, (»- ure 

Tte meeti^ is a|ien to the 
pobUc McMien irtM are in- 
toasted in -n^kfeiv a eortri- 
buttoB to safety te ttilr neigb- 
bortooite by Joldag tte Block 
MOers are ^pedal^ invited 

' Wright is also teasurer of ttie 
diurch and enjoys working 
aroumi tte church. 

"I try te keep busy at son»- 
Uiing," te said. "I teve a 

The class at Wycllffe. 

stalling a fence and playgromd 
eqatpmeDt, making teaddag 
aids and wdertof sundies. In 
September tiie second dass was 

in operation. 

As tte diii memters recrive 
npattH 00 tiie soeea oCtiie 
classes. Qm^ are elated and 
more determined Ed th^ 
dtorts in bahaU of ttieia ddl- 

«^-s .— ...^ dren. As fliey prqiare fcr tte 

niors to mate plans for aseeood 1970 Folttes, BeaebPltynatas, 
dass. WycM Presbyterian tiiay are endttforiaK to jaate 

dass. Women volunteered their 
time to assist tiie teaeter in 
tte classroom. A dandnc in- 
structor offered her services 
one day a we^k, as did an 
artist, a swimming instructor, 
and a speech tiien^st. 

In January of 1970 TARC 
assumed tte finandal respoii- 
siUUty of tiie dass, tins en- 
abling tiia Virginia Beach Ju- 

Churdi opened ite doors to tte 
second dass, asd aae ot ita 
own oMndters, Mrs. Anne Jadk- 
ion, offered to teach die dass. 
Work started immediately in- 

it ttie DMst suceeMM 
raising project ever. 


FolUes dates are Nov. 20 
and 21 at tte Civic Cei^r. 

M rs. D. W. Fauber and Buck Wright iook over some of his preserves. 

Ite lazaar wiU open ^ 10 
a.m. at ttie diurch, 2OT 18th 
Street, and will stey open 
throu^ lunch and dinner (both 
will te served at tiie church) 
a»i conclude with an auction 
after sutler. 

Bootis will indwte gifts, 
Christmas^ Cou^ry Store, 
White Elephant, KitdienK<ffaer 

Mini flower school is Wed. 

A mini-flower show sclwol 
irtll te sponsored by ttie Vir- 
ginia Beadi Council oi Ganten 
elite Inc. next Wednesday, Od. 
28, with an emphuis on intor- 
diA Judging and eddbiti^ 

Tte sdiool, iM^vdllteteki 
from 10 a.m. to 2pwm.id1telia 
Uidtad M^tedirt Cteireh, irtU 
te tenght by AiKs^ted Fiowtr 
Show Ju^ees. Mrs. Wifae I. 
Oruite imm^^ '*«*»- 

iting Artistic D^ips," Mrs. 
David ^amoi^ Sr. on " Jwlging 
Floral Designs," Mrs. Ge<»-p 
Hamilton, "Exhibiting and 
Judging Hortteuttnre*', and 
Mrs. Arthor H. Gallagter, 
"Procethires and Ethics tor 
Intereliri} Jo^ng." 

Cost of ^(b^islLPartt- 
dpai^ are adsed to bring a 
swdid<^ Deont nd be V t r- 
ages willteproii^ 


By Carolyn McAOn 

Pound for poun^ 
girls are dirtier 

For years I teve smiled swigly as I Watdnd Boy Sconte 
return from campli« trips witti ttidr loate a( dlrfy dotti^ 
and bedding for ttUr waiting mo^ns to wiudu N<m I know 
how tiMottier half llvit. 

Only it was a (Hrl SeoiA instod of aBoy Seoi^ Ummm 
would like to arfiie tiie point, I would te wUBng to brt that 
pound for pomid in aecttmnlated dirt, tte Girl Seoote wtmki 
come out dirtitf . 

My Scout missed ttie tixsk day and idght of tiie tteee-day 
trip, so I teve ttie ttmxVa ot only tw) 4iQV Md one lA^it to 
Judge from. I Wttriied wtet I tte^ Vtte tear grraa cordu- 
roy pants and tiny toned wA tote g^ tacMealilliF, I wodda^t 
even put ter doBies in ttie wMter witii tte recit of ttte fimi^s. 
Her towel and wai^ ckHh I waiAed and b^i^ed twice, but 
I still eotddat convince n^elf th^ ttiey were cteu. 

aie almqst visseA ttie tri|» I rtodd have quit wMte I was 
ahnd. Ste stayed teme fr<Hn sdmel Ite Friday th^ w^ 
to teave witt fhi. However, ste was in iM^ie Sitnrd^r to Mn 
ttM (^lers, so I drove tiex; to tiia eaaviite. 

Tte amomtf of "g^" ste neeiteti wtt Inaredidde. We 
terrowed a steeping bag and found a large piasttetestoi^ 
everyttiii« in. Ste had to teva (&dM. Ste al^ ''votaiali^ed'* 
my 12-qaart 8019 pot Ste neadad a ta^e (alliistfnhad 
one left orar ftom Brondei), a eMnptss (whidi I deaft MA 
ste ever took oit of flit box), a dtek bag, wMeh tfl Ite ataNs 
were out at Fiaal^ b» JifliMr food oie IntamtoviAitftft. 
nt said lat» if te M known wtel tt was lte*d teve liaia 
it tor ter Uiteett. ^ ted to hacvenflartitti^ a ralteoataHl 
a rote Oairt year's wtt ool^tnreX 

Wtet ste tefot, tteogjh. and rtSMtereid Wf wy oiA 
Uiere were h« etmnt and ScMthildtook. I r^Bedtotna 

Finttng tbn campsite wte a major problam. Tte guard 
at Ite gate at Da MaA saM to tookteUnd ttie rifle raage. 
wi^ te didnn bmiMmi im fliat ttera is a rifte langaaod 
a rifle (dub raa^ I dUte't ttdAtoonndiaboatloaktBgbahisd 
ttie dub rafega bacaiiM fli^ ime steottog. Ttet didn't s^ •» 
Ute a llh^ sioli And I «odlB't Ited tiie base ranr 
I wmd ted[ to«teptei»dflaaadaatttwasinttK r 
arm wten I bndli^ tning amnd mA «m 

Aqnn9» ilMttaSMte retmrnd Sandi^, utw u 
aited m te^ iM ibd of time Itey had. F' > 
answer ^m, "Airtlott tt me." Uter, ttengh 
•l*tf say CM ttUg. ft wtt di^rtti 



Vi rglnia BmKcb mm 

i <^. 32, mo 

nam %aU'fl 


CIRC* 1710 BtBi>i9M^t 


Who 1^? Aad eertaiidy not 

nMitaod ^ sig^eance of 
a vedttiag awl are as excited 
tti MMela Davis whan ste 
ir^partd for tbe alt Important 
o^asiw as Flower Qrl in iter 
aiMmt, manida's wedding to 

Pi^da was so excited slie 
couM tefdfy wait for tHe big 
(taqr to awro*<^» says ^fixmi 
It lard to sleep^wd compared 
the event with Christmas. 

She wore a lovely white ^vm 
fm a ^lunlaotis hoop sldrt, 
kxdDed Uke a living doll and 
iloMst took Ok spotUgbt away 
fr<ai the teide. 

^ ii«s so lirtent on carrying 
out her part to perfection she 
weaft a ^p farther. Sbs lis- 
UmA attatively when Use best 
man and maid of hiHior were 
bri^M ti» night of the re- 
teursal ngarding the res- 
pei^ve wed(tti^ rijagsandtrntbe 
(by of the wedding, Jist before 
she preceded the bride down 
tbe aiBle, ^ turned and handed 
IHinala a "gold" wedifing ba^ 
K^^ she had taten oH her 
very lar^st doll! 

Sie waMed to nalce sure her 
sister didn't get to the altar 
and not have a ring! W% can 
oer^dnly ifflderstaod why Di- 
ttuda s^s whe will keep that 
rb^ fcNrever and also imder- 
stead the unre^ained, tears 
flowing down her cheeks as she 
walked down Oie aisle. 


Grandmother was dressed in 
her kmty eostuine, excited be- 
euse tfris was the wedding of 
<■ her fint gramtehild but calmly 
dtti^ da the owch waiting for 
to UiBousine to arrive for the 

When it arrived, everyone 
ni^d for their r^pective ve- 
Mt^ with brtde and ^ther in 
ttft ttmouj^. TTiey werei ex^ 
^emely ham^ that ttey arrived 
1^ Ite churdi mith time enough 
for ustering intte grandmother 
ud notors so the processional 
cduU be exactly on time. Nat- 
unUy, gra»im(rther wk first^, 
\mk iHiere was she? Ob my 
goA, we forgot Grandma! 


was exceeded more Uian JusJ 
a little but there stood Gramma 
on the stefs in front of the 
home patiently waithng for 
someone to come tack for her. 
Sbs didnt ^^ai^thnduly dis- 
tressed (ma^ it was positive 
thinking) and she was ushMed 
down the aisle in style and 
enjoyed every minute of the 
ceremony - which wasn't too 
liyte getting i^arted. 


Many people nave been as^% 
us why they never golt to see 
>the wedding cake at some re- 
ceptions; that Iqr the time they 
got ttrcni^ ttie receivii^ Um 
to take a look at tt^ cake it 
had been massacred! We will 
eqdain and hcqpe tt^ idl brides 
will take a word d advice. 

There is a lidding cate at 
every recej^on. When it is 
HME for dessert, the bride 
and groom cut the first slice 
together ami Mt a bite. The 
remainder of the cake is then 
cut and served Igr a waiter of 
a friend. 

It is entirely up to the bride 
and groom as to WHEN they, 
will cut the cake. If your pboto- 
graidier insists that you cut 
the cake before the receiving 
line is formed, just rendndltfm 
that he has been retained for 
your wedding and reception to 
take antri^iate pi<^uresastltt 
eveitfs occur and you would 
prefer not to do things out of 

Always take irUo cm- 
sideration ttat your guests are 
at^yoar receptioo tocelebrrte 
your marriage and everyone 
delimits in watdiing "the bride 
cut the cake." 


Mrs. Hazel Sasser, secretary and counselor at the Tidewater Pro- 
cUlm Center, accepts a check from Mrs. R.G, Nines, Jr., Bay- 
side Junior Woman's Club treasurer, and Mrs, L.J. Bare, club 
president. Proclaim hopes to purchase a farm for the girls center 
as well as the boys. 


' w 

We understand the sneed limit 


Chesopeian Colony Garden Club members and ^^friends" took 
advantage of the nice weather Satu r day and began work on the 
Ladies receive with hats and club's HANDS project—beautifying the entrance to Chesopeian 

gloves on^ the men remove Colony. The club is also beautifying Foundry United Methodist 

cneirs. usoers ano tsest Man i^i, w««u ' 

do not receive nor child at- v,»nurcn. 


Daughter born^ 

Mrs. and Mrs. James C. 
Spencer of GreaA Nedi Circle 
announce the birth of their first 
child, a dan^ter, Amy Lynn, 
born Oct. 9 al the Gemral Hos- 
pital of Virginia Beach. Amy 
Lynn wei^ied 8 lb. 2 1/2 oi. 
and measured 21 1/2 inches. 


A Two Way Pantsuit 
for the Young Set from Little World 

Sunday begins *VToastmistress Week" in Virginia Beach in recog- 
nition of the clubs' 32nd birthday. There are 1106 chartered clubs, 
including one in Virginia Beach. Mrs. Frances Worrell, president, 
and Mrs^ Vivian Ainley watch as Mayor Donald Rhodes signs the 

{fond or machine washable navy blue Milano knit 
with tunic top and gay red, white and blue striped 
tie * f 27 

SeoHui jacket is trimmed in bright red with brass 
Imttons for double-breasted effect $17 

In tlte Childrm's Dtpartnent 

Mitilarv Circb 







it" M^ •11'^ 



$m Va. a«A AW.. Va. Badi/MUitaryCmleSkoppiim Qf 
V*. B«ach Store Open Monday Thru Sii. lO A.M. to 6 P M 
^^^Moadhy l^ rrktoy tfl 9 P.M.. MiliUrv Circk Stwt 

Skopi for^ iMdin and their Daughbm 

Military Citde 4^8421 


* ♦ * 

When you're not 

like yourself, 

Lydia Pinkham understands 

All of a suddpn you might 
feel you're ch ging-nota 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pinkham 

A long time ago, when 
ladies couldn't be as frank as 
we can today, Lydia Pinkham 
recognized the problem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She developed 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's root 
and herb remedy to help you 
feel better, more like yourself. 

Lydia E Pinkham 

Af«&U« ia lJAt\ mU \j^ Pwa 

naUm lb«cM C«. 

LyM, Unf, f IMH 

The United States has 
3,686,705 miles of roads and 

Childs World 

To help your children 
make a quick and 
happy adjustment in 
their new surround- 
ings . . . 

Call Your 
Welcome Wagon Hostess 

Phone 627-5685L 


Combine 1 cup gr^ed Cheddar 
cheese; 1 can (3 to 4 oz.) 
mushroom stene and pieces, 
drained; 1/4 cup cho[^ par- 
sley; 1-1/4 te^poMis Worces- 
tershire sauce aixl 1/8 teaspoon 
liquid hot pei^r seasoning. 
Spread on 32 c^lotg buttery 
wafers. Cut 8 strips bacon into 
32 (2-inch) strips and fry* Place 
on top of cheese mixture. Broil 
7 -inches from heat approxi- 
no^y 1 minute or o&til cheese 
is butrtdy. Mates 32 nibblets. 



No* rtno«« cocm dtc fait, tmt wtr 
wich Fftctenc*. Ltqyi4 FncmMw it- 
liMti yiia iimtmlr. ««rics Mow A* 
ik/a liM to ditMlve &tm am^ m pat 
tt|ft. G«f Frccioiie...M dt diaa CMown. 



•. A ,4 c 

to recipe 

To taste tte lascinating 
cuislM of EradI is to taste 
a luscious mlidnre of culinary 
(^ri^oM: iMndtive Indian, 
Portugese a^ iB the eolor- 
fttr re^oft of BMn, West A- 

In a curloiK way, the West 
African reU|^(»is, that came to 
Brazil had a strong effect on 
the contry'f cooking. Although 
most of tUr slaves became no- 
minal Christians, many con- 
tinwd to foUo«' their older 
religions. Ow of the most im- 
poriknt ceremonies was the 
preparMi«» on rltul nietds to 
feed Oelr gods. Itts iras an 
amiable Idnd of si«riflce sia<» 
m(»t Qi ttie food vent to f^ 
the faiOftd after te |^ ia^ 
eaten, but the cooks had to be 
priei^sls who ap|9roa^ed 
ttieir tasks witt n«aariMa 
piety, EveryttiBg ltd tobe per- 
ftirtly imiAred dr tt» gcOa 
nUf^ be (ttspleased. 

Macumt»i is the name d the 
blade magic etat in BaUa ttol 
&mmm ms traiUiaB, From 
Bflba eoiMS Cremade iUbtate, 
t dessert that's boOi light md 
rl^. Served idth o^s of dark 
mellow Bruilian Colfee, it di- 
maxes a diimer in a numner 
fit for ttie gods. # 

3 avocados. bdiNidafidtiMled 
wZ tl»p.eoiifedi(ners'siipr 
1/4 cup each lime Juice and ' 

li^t rum 
1/2 eap hravyiireatt^wldnped 
lime peel for gandsh 

< Puree aro^tdo witt suggr, 
linw Jid(» aad run wtUsiiKwtti. 
Fold in cream. Spoon iitfo com- 
potes, chUBp^^ gUmet cnr 
viot^Ao sbeite. Serves 6-8. 

Gard party. 

show, to help 

The Woman's Clii) of Ches- 
apeake Beach, Inc. will hoU its 
fourtii aunai cardkiuty, Iwdi- 
eoo uA fashion show on Wed- 
nesday, Oct. 28 at tbeCivaUer. 

Ttk cartl party will begin at 
10 Sum. wlQi bm^ at noon UA' 
low^bFtti«lBi^|onatKl|u .. 

The mEM of ttie^iAowis "Ite 
Long and Short of It" presented 
by Rose HaH witbSuzuihe Low- 
ton coordinating. 

Proceeds from the charity 
afbir will go to a Virginit 
Beach elementary school for 0>e 
purduuse of a reading machine 
to be used In remedial reading 
/ classes. 

Tidttts are $3.75. fas rc- 
senaticms, call 464-4767. 

Crema de Abacate is real Brazilian black 

A^e Wedding 

If you are announcing an 
engagement or wedding, why 
lot do it in the VIRGINIA 

Brides are asked to sub 
mit their irtiotographs (5x7 or 
BxlO gipssies) by Monday of 
the week they want the an- 
nouncement to appear on 
Thursday. Wedding an(| en- 
gagement forms are available 
at the newspaper office, 3108 
Pacific Avenue. 

All wedding and enpige- 
ments received will beiesed. 
However, photographs will not 
be returned by mail but may 
be picked up at the newsp^er 

Sandra Gallagher, left, president of 
T,A,M,A. and M a c e I Wisecarver, presi- 
dent-elect of T.A.M.A,, loolc over the 
shoulder of Ruth Oize, presidentof 
A.A.M.A. at convention brochures. 

Group honors notional pres* 



Prepare 1 package (7 oz.) 
sea sl^IT ma<»rcffil wlfli peas 
a»i »uce mix according to 
package directimis. After ba- 
king IS minutes stir in 1 can 
(3 to 4 oz.) sliced mushrooms, 
drained; 1 tablespoon butter 
and 1/4 teaspo<tt Worcester- 
shire sauce. Contlmw baking 
acconUni to {Mdof^ direc- 


Campinfl Equipnwnt Party NMdt 

W« of f M a compl«t« Rtntal S«rvic« 

206 Nertf vmt^Niticfc Rd. iHiefi* 4«t-0041 

The upcoming lUtional era- 
vention in Des Moines, Iowa 
was the chief topic of dscossion 
when the Exect^Ve BcArddtiw 
Tidewater Association (tf Med- 
ical Assistants met at the home 
of Mrs. C. H. Wisecarver on 
WoU^nare Road. 

Hie luncheon meeting was in 
honor of Mrs. Ruth Dize, presi- 
dent of the American Associ- 
ation of Medical Assistants. A 
pair of sterling silver caiKlle 
holders was presented to Mrs. 
Use in appreciation of her 
c(utrtbution tottie local chapter. 

Mrs. Di« and Mrs. Wise- 
carver will both be attending 
the convention, Oct. 28-Nov. 1. 
Ctee of tte speakers at Oie con- 
vention vill be U Ralph Hicks, 
vice presij^tf, in ciMurge of 
personnel at Virginia ilatiimal 
Bank, who will address the iro- 
nnn on human relalioia aad 
^rsonnel supervision. 

AAMA is a rational, pro- 
fessional orpnia^oQ of 13,0)0 
medial dti<% a^ista^, 
including secretaries, tedi- 
aidus, nurses md ottiers w!k> 
work imder the direct »iper- 
. visiMi of a licensed physl^wi. 
Its primary Ajective is to in- 
crnse tte education and pro- 
fessionalism (A medical affii- 



Sirffor Many TpohMm 

Ater 21, eMMM Sdaiy « BhiMw 
bikMsM ^bd twice «• nnir««n«B 
mwmwAfm m^jmrnm mO. 
■—• *— frBBtoof — ' • "^ • 

Stmts in order to relieve iths 
physician of details iSiat (»n be 
handled by allied health per- 

The local group meets on ttie 
third Wednesday (^ each roontli 
at the Medic Center in Nortdk. 
Anyone interested in attendiq; 
nmy c^l Mrs. Wisecarver it 
428-1574, evenings. 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Jdffi 
Pirof, boy. 

Mr. k Mrs. Jdm Carlton 
Thomson, b<^. • 

Mr. £ Mrs. Edward Bot»rt 
McKltrlck, girl. 

Mr. k Mrs. Howard Jil^ &lf , 

Mr* & Mrs. Eugene Carl 
Mottkte, girl. 

Mr. ii Mrs. Elmer M«irl(« 
SarTOtt, ^., boy. ^ 

Mr it lixs, John Randolph 
lenders, m, boy 

Mr. 4i Mrs. WlUlam James 
Stem^e, boy. 

Mr. It Mrs. Robert Leonard 
Brown, girU 

Mr. it Mrs. Charles Wesl^ 
Cudd, firl. 

Mr. it Mrs. James Edward 

Mr. & Mrs. Kesler James 
Cr<wjh, Jr., g^rl. 

Mr. It Mrs. William Guter- 
inuth^ ^rl. 

Mr. It Mis. liuiel Harris 
Lawreni^, girl. % 

libr. & Mrs. I^mas Claytm 

Mr. & Mrs. Rasert Hewy 
Iterrti^ girl. 

Ifr. k Mrs. Jdu Beetott 
Prle», Jr., girl. 

Mr. A ltes.^Cl6yrles Edward 
McCwt^u Pmrt^tm; §r. boy. 


g^y, Orti ^ |970 

Virginia Btoch Sun 


Brutal defeat ruins Bayside^s chances at district contest 

t or ue first telf oC Friday's 
Mine wlthMaui7»Ba|!0d^ung 
^ ttelr dreams dmxm^im^t 
j^ state's numter one foottall 
pover. But tte Mu-Uie mre 
jlMdted Into r^tjr In the 
sec^ lialf and wA <nlyf«tcted 
tbelr upset plaiffi Me, but idso 
Oidr unbeaten nH»rd. 

Down at tbe balf by cady 
20-13. Bayslde fell vi<^in to a 
dri^ nnminc «Kl ptstOi^ 
ittack by dw Conmodores btflie 
second half ^ finally emiediqp 
gp tbe short end of a 42-13 

More than 6,000 fans sat 
IB the SO-degirfte weather and 
' 25 fflph winds iiMle Maury ac- 
oaiBulated 4S8 yvtte en route to 
. die fifth Commo^re victory of 
tile year. They used ttie pass 
and the run irtth «iual pre- 
dsion, scorii^; ail but one 
touchdown ftominore than 30 
yards out. 

Baystde's oniybrMdcthroui^ 
a tbe evening came on three- 
uvl ei^-yard iaunts Iqr Lloyd 
Bohn. The Mu^ns, ondniBted 
by the Commodore's tivbilUng, 
scored on their first possession 
of the game, covering 60 yards 
in U pUys. 

Deipite the lopsided score, 
(be Eastern Di^rict o)irtest 
was still within ^reach of ttie 
wrprifldng Marlins until the 
fburth quarter when Maury 
laeked andlher 16 pcdnts on the 

l^ayside's loss left Virginia 
Beach wittiout an undefeated 
Ugh school team and paved tbe 

Bayslde Coach Bob< Hicks gets a last word In over the referee's 


way for what well might be 
an undefeated season for the 

In other Bead) grid action 
Friday, Princess Anne slashed 
wlnless Kellam 24-0 and 

Squires Peninsula 
Opener Is Tonight 

The first ctf what figures to 
be niuiy heaU»dbattles with arch 
border rival, Caroliia, talces 
idace'^tcNii^ at plo^ Hampton 
Routs CollMum when the Vir- 
^a Squires meet Qie Cougars 

B, will be the regional Squires' 
ttdPer 00 me Peninsula and 
WfKBi |Mre-ganie festivities are 
plannNl including the Lady 
Mqror «l lUaqpton tossing up 
^ first baU. bands and pretty 

to shoot at tte btd»ts from 
on the floor. Winners 
ll come away Witt) bigprises. 

After their Hampton opener, 
the Squires win close out their 
initial weeic of the 1970-71 sea- 
son by hosting the new Mem- 
phis Pros baclc in Norfollc at 
Old Dominion University gym 
at 8 p.m., Saturday. 

The Squires and Cou^s are 
hardly strangers even at this 
early stage of Ute infant season. 
I^e two teams met four times 
in pre-season games, eachclift) 
winning a pair. ' 

ISiv^fottr wwe att^hard fou^t 

, l^l M maiy HM M<^ tl »r »|ttii f »| t ^« i g ttieflrar 

pldted fiffim ttie stands Wugh, Winning by 30 Wg points 

in their opening head-knocker 
in Salem, Va. After that, the 
Cougars got sweet revenge, 
winning the next two, but the 
Squires also got the last laugh, 
winning the l^g finale, 129-114, 
at MiaoDi Beach. 

The Squires have jumped out 
to a fine start td date. 11)ey 
won their first two games, de- 
feating Pittsburgh at home, 139- 
116, and the Nets at New York, 
103-88. They played Kentucky 
at Louisville, Wednesday ni^t. 

CharUe Scott, the Squires' 
prise ro(^e from North Caro- 
lina, has been outstanding. In 
his first two starts, Scott hit 
29 pdnts each night, and, did 
it effortlessly. In fact, Scott 
idayed but 17 minutes against 
Pittsburgh. Squires' coach Al 
Bianchi quipped later, "I idayed 
the best 'D' oirCharlie all ni^t. 
I kept him on the bench." 

Other Squires' starters be- 
sides Charlie Scott figure to be 
Doug Moe at a corner spot, 
George Carter at forward, 
Larry Brown at guard and 6-11 
"Jiimbo" Jim Eakins at center. 
Eakins and Carter, both veter- 
ans, have played very well in 
the early gdng. 

Neil Johnson, the four-year 
NBA veteran, has been a idea- 
sant surprise for Bianchi. "We 
got Neil basically for a strmg 
rebwinder and good defense 
play, but he's scored a few 
points in the first two games." 
(He zinped in 19 in the a^futt 
and added 16 more against the 
Nets.) "This is like idi^ionOie 
cake," added Bianchi. 

Ttere are plei^ of good 
seats on sale now at ttie Hamp- 
ton RMuis CoUseum "for to- 
ni^t's semid opener. Seats 
there are $6, $5.50, $4.50 and 
$3. Military personnel and 
chiklren tnder 12 can getadol- 

e . ^./ M«*» lar off on all seats. 

Squires' Moe 

Kempsvllie suppressed Cox 26- 

The Cavaliers' Jerry Mc- 
Grath scored two touchdowns en 
route to a 150-yard night. The 
Princess Anne defense ensured 
a shutout late in the final per- 
iod when they stqpped the 
lUnghts on the Cavalier five- 
yard line. ' 

PA scored 12 points in each 
half for tt)e homecoming 
victory— their fourth win of the 
season. The Cavaliers ran for 
200 yards and quarterback Al 
%ange aMed another 210 yards 
on 10 passes. 

Fine defensive work by Joe 
Pulley set up atUrd-down scor- 
ing situation for Princess Aime. 
After Pulley's interception, ttie 
Cavaliers were in Kellam'send 
zone in five plays. 

At Cox Stadium in a game of 
the also-rans, Kemp^ville 






Oq^hAh. <M ter • 


431 Vtt. tMch 


Primeit AiWM StaMon 



added Its secdnd victory of tttt 
season courtesy the still-win- 
less Falcons. Tbe game was i 
milestone for Cox, however, 
marking their first three touch- 
down game fills year. 

The Falcons went into 
the fourtt) qiorttr with a slim 
14-13 edge on funs by Buddy 
Byrd. BUt the Chiefs tacked m 
a 13-point final quarter to sub- 
due tt)e Falcons. 

Kempsville's JuUus Hurdler 
rah for lU yards and three 
touchdowns and was Coach 
Tracy Moon's leading gainer. 
Daugr W^nl»'e<M accounted iat 
105 yards In 17 tries for Cox. 
Byrd picked up ahc^her 91 yardf 
for the Falc(H)S. 


Lake Taylor at Bayslde; Cox at 
Kellam; Chorchland at First 
Coloniali Princess Anne at 

Merrlttgot congratulations from Everyone 
Friday night after being named Homecom- 
ing Queen at Princess Anne High School. 
The presentation of high school royalty 
came during thehalftimeof thePA-Kellam 
football game. 

Princess Anne End 
Kellam player. 

Ronnie Walls evades 

Cox Halfback Buddy Byrd dashes for free- 


Bayslde over Lake Taylor 

Kellam over Cox 

First Colonial oyer Churchland 

Princess Anne over Kemps- 

Beach Coeds Make Team 

Squires get 
first choice 
third time 

The Virginia Squires pulled 
off an unheard of move in pro- 
{essi<»al sports today wfaen dii) 
president, Earl M. Foreman 
ansow^ed Qiat the Squireshave . 
received another first round 
draft choice for next season. 

The first roimd college draft 
pick, the third for the Squires 
for next spring, was aopiired 
In the recent Rick Barry trade. 

The Squires sent the high- 
scoring Barry to the New York 
Nets of file American Basket- 
ball Assodatton this past 
SeiAember. In return, the Vir- 
ginia team wlU receive file Nets' 
No. 1 draft choioe for eifiier 
1971 or 1972. 

The Sqidres already are 
assured of their ownflrst round 
pidc for 1971 and fiiey also getr 
' Kentucky's first dwioe. That 
was made possible when the 
Squires traded Warren Arm- 
strong to file Coknels after 
lastseasoo.--^ — — — 

"This is really something 
unique in pro sports," happily 
declared Foreman. "Not only 
do we get our own first round 
pidc but Kentudiy's and New 
York's as well. And, more im- 
portant, tiiere is a bremendous 
crop of college tatent coming 

Foreman disdosed ttiat ttie 
Squires could tal» ttieir pick 
of eifiier taking New York's 
first round pidc after fills 
season or taUi^ the followii^ 
season's ihstead. 

No Hunting In 
AUeghany Areas 

Because of coostructtcmwork 
on file Gathright Lake Project 
(H) Jackson River, two areas 
in Alle^)any County have been 
closed to all huding. 

They are Gafi)right WikUif^ 
libnagemed Area andfiie Gath- 
right Lake Projed. 

Six phjuical edueattoo majors 
at Longwood CoUege from Vir- 
ginia Beach are members of ttie 
college's 1970 vanity hockey 

Deborah Page, danglhterof 

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pafs of 
Calvert Street, is a soiiKniiore 
who plans to teadi vpoQ gradn- 

Draws Top 

Cavalier's Ahles. 

ArUiritii Sufferers: 


New formula for arthritis 
minor pain is so strong you 
can take it less often and still 
wake up in the momii^ wifii- 
out %ll the pain's stiffnen. 
Yet so gentle you can take 
fiiis tablet on an empty stMn- 
ach. It's called Arthritis Ptdn 
Formula. Get hours of re- 
liei AOiWr XriHriOs POh 
Formula, by the makers of 

Lt. Cmrtos F. lOdkiff, 23, 
of Virgida Beach, a Distin- 
guished liUitary Graduate of 
file ROTC program at William 
and Mai7 Cel^ in WiUtaOtf- 
burg, has lieen assigned to 
Headquarters fourth U. S. Ar- 
my, Fort Sam HouBtoo, San 
Antonio, Tex. 

He is per form tog dirties in 
fi» adydiDt fMienPi olBoe H 
asslstaiit dilef d tti^ Canmand 
Persouial ManagemMt Inspte- 
ttoD Team wUdi Is dttrgMl 
wifii file respoiisibility of sm- 
ing thi^ all inttvldtti records 
are kept iq> to date in aoeor- 
dance wlfii Arnqr Re^latfow; 

liedeaant Ifldkiff was grad- 
uated magna cum Imde tvon 
Old Domidon Udverslty, Nor- 
folk, in 1968 witli a teehator 
d sdenoe degree la tMitoan 
law. Reodving Ms Juris doe- 
tor degree fliryaar from Wil- 
liam and Mary CoUsfe he was 
named Graduate d tlw Yaar. 
He was editor-in-€hM d tlie 
college's Law Bevlfv. 

His parems, Mr. and Mrs. 
UsUe S. lOdkitr St., live tere 
' d 609 Kenneth Road, Virgidii 
Beach, Va. Harry A. EvaasSr., 
fi le taMi er^ UadegiBt^MM-r 
UfTs, wife, Charyl, Uvea at 
'3268 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Ddwrah EllediraDd la the 
dan^r d Cdr. and Mrs.R. E. 
EHefltoand d Uke awreRoid. 
She U working towards the 
bachelor d sdence dagrte 
and {dans to te«di upoairadna- 

Duller d ifr. nd Mrs. 
S. W. Foirtkes of Data^ C^Mrt. 
Nttey Fowttsa Isa-^akr-at 
Longwood. She if wi^ttai to- 
wards the battelor d sdnee 

A firesiuBan |Jy"«i«»g to laadi 
iQ)on gi'aAdBOi^ BaHi Celn^ls 
fl» danghter d Mr. and Mrs. 
Watson B. CoU) d Shataleae 

mne Lorrdae QenJiMor- 
verly d Vir^da B«Mh» la iia 
daugMer dt Capt. aaAlbv. Ai^ 
thnr C. Derrick d tt» PatMBiNt 
mvw Navd Air Sta^B. Wi It 
a sopkoame wockiBg>eirdB 
the ba id i lor d Mleaoe dttpne. 

Loretlt EMatti«ls ttedai^ 
ttf of Ife, aniMn. MwfaB. 
Badli« of 919 GMMTtl Mlit 
Drlvt. Plaaaiac to titdi npoit 
miaattoB, she la worteg lo- 
wafda tt» hadMUir d 


AiBong the sqnads eloi^m^ 
Willi Loegvood art: adttMsd; 
CMh, We•llNl^«DB^Iefa,QI% 
DoBddoa tld«tMily, Itaiaei^ 
Collage, Irttgda Cmaiaa-* 
we^b Udfaral^. Lyadtnrc 
Cdlafe, WlUaB wA^ 
Bridnwatar. tlwy tad theli* 
iigidar sasann hr |<8)1m**tffTl 
WMUi«taii CoUsfS ia Frednr-; 



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Virginta Sdoeh ^n 

Thursdc^, Oct. 32, 1970 

/ , 

tbxfi PuUy, representing the 
Chunber of Corameree's Com- 
oqittee of 100; Rlcliard Kline of 
tlw VirginUBeadi Development 
Council; Charles W. Gardner 
of Qie Innkeeper's Association; 
A^ed W. Craft Jr. of the 
Industrial Deyelq^n»ntAutlior- 
tty; A. J. DeBelUs, director 
of tte city's EMQomicDevelop- 
ment Depurtment; and Frank 
L. Creasy, the dty's public 
laforoi^on officer. 

In iuioXbitt matter pertaining 
to dM adyertlsii^ contract, 
CouneUman George R. Ferrell 
said he felt fS/it aeencqf should 

accept the city's ccwtract and 
not charge a fee. 

"All (d that ($250,000) should 
go Into the ads/' Ferrell said. 
"The work should be done at, 
no cost to the city." 

Farrell also asked that ser- 
ious consideration be given to 
selecting an agency thajt has 
date prior work for muntd- 

But Ervin said ttw work re- 
ceived would be just what the 
city paid for, Indlcatii^ ttai 
If no fee were paid, tte agency 
wouldn't be as motivated to 
produce hig^ caliber material. 

- Wade M#lctllifti and Barry Davis look over the career week display 
^•^ in the ttlfrfV it^laxa Junior High. 

: Ettbi Wssatisfied with Jury 

Mayor Dohak R. Rhodes his 

appolntid Cbuaellntt RcAert 

"' B. Croinirell Jr. and lihi. Ro- 

'"' bert F. Jofin^ to tti dtys 

advertising JU17, edflqdttini 

anxdntmentf to tt^ speeU 


The ooiBQilitM, ebi^fed nAth 

."' selcctittikiAi^riUtfmacinqr 

to hiAw«I^ 1290,000 

„^ advertisfi^ ttS^K^IJti view 

, advertlSnt ^N^MlBoos fbl* 

- loitfigareMHr^lpplicittoitt 
— ^ af^^t. __^ 

That fiEf, # 0KStlM have 
subnltM ap^liqtHoBi for tte 

', CroimMnfiJift^Nientlhe 
.. City Council M ttie^i-iiaeBk. 
\ ber ad hde (MMAttit. wUle 
-^ Mrs. JoMi^ M^etent 

the €ltfieiis to gil»#^triadd 
~ a womeh's vte#iD^ Rhodes 
•« sidd. 

But Rhades' ^i^wtieents 

drew fire }rem.0#il!i6an F. 

Reid Ervn, #» M titttt 

voiced tafmMm Imi^ of 

advertiidfii e3|«lttw demoo- 

stndM. ^ the doibnilttee's 

"m^ djjgptdBted that 

we man tA iffiSi iSh tlMi 

conunitlit «!& ii liHmisiag 

baekffffiia/'^ib aaii ^ Bat 

Crommti as^li ttvit &at 

he woott m^j^^im m,9&ovt 
.:.. to coU tiWm lnf(«tt^oaand 
.21 knowMtpi 10Mlt jiMrttslBg 

from (^fili^ tt ii cMamit- 


.,. Otfier ^^l^tttothe 

special jaty iddwi R.Brado 

Wheat Pool Will 
Benefit Farmers 

"Domestic Qtilizatlon of 
iHieat in human nutrition and 
Industry can be encouraged by 
toe recently enacted Research 
and Pr(»Botion Act," Secretory 

^Agriculture Clifford M. Har- 
dlB dad 


Rear AdUfU 1 C. Allen, 
Jr., Comifaillfr of the Fifth 
CotiA (^SM nstHet, las 
ordtred all fOOi Coait Guard 
Dtotrict ohfts to mUk pdbttc 
assista&ce in the tightittg and 
reporting of oil spilli. 

Aaatral Ailehatatamessafi 
to Coast (iQird ofitto respon- 
sible fot Mfvililinct of oil 
and haardoos ^dd^ stalls 
iastmeting tfufh to 6rpnice 
systems for receiving reporto 
of sidlls both tsm qtfUers and 
from tt» general piMlc. 

Commenttm (kt tlw prc^lem 
of dl pollutton Admiral AUm 
said, "Eaf ly notice of pollution 
toddento wlU h^lp plnpoiitf re- 
sponsitrillty and to many cases 
may enable us to inttiato con- 
trol or c(Hitatolilent Measures 

. . to mimmiae murmfal eftects. 
There Is Ho quwti^ that the 

' public is coheefnad with the 
protecUm of thfe emdroimie^ 
Hel^ng the CMtt (kard is 

. (Hie way they can translate their 
cmceiti into action." 
fix Coast Gotfd feels that 

' iwbiic aisi^^ is important 

' to bulldUq; O^^sW^iltonce 
^em pMAi. AlrllA puoto , 

' local fire and pollM agencies, 
ocMn X06 inland waterway 

n pUdto; anyone, In fact, v^ 

' sights an oU spill sbouU no- 
ilf^ toe CM£l 6iifd iRi- 

• flwHatoly. 

Per 8e& fHiortim spills 
sbwld itn fki leattlon of the 

" siAll, the time of the sighting; 
the size ,of the spill in area; 
ind tiw existing ^a, wind, and 
ttoe coatttl<ms. If the type (tf 
dl is kBO«flL, it wndd be help- 
tol. NotUMlUR AmM be made 
to CoflHUliiff, FMh Coast 
Gwni I^it^i 431 Crawford 
a., Ptftoiwttfh, Va. 2f?05. 
Tel^one 003) 393-9811 or toe 
nM^wt C<»it Siaatl tinit. 
ff tte MM^ ef tot pottittoB 

^afi^ tt mm imu re- 

^OtA, ^mU^'M be aa- 



"The prospect is quito pro- 
mising that research (»n de- 
ntcftmv prodw^ ud ireater 
tiHttiuftion of wheat," Secretary 
Hardin stated. "Many other 
farm commodities are seeing 
the findto of an effective re- 
teardi and iHromotlcm program, 
and this self-help effort by the 
irtwat Inditttry is In the same 

The Congressional measure 
(HR 13543) GoviA provide more 
than $4 mUllon«for research on 
naw- Qsn f6r wheat and mar- 
ket development. 

It authorizes the Secretary 
to enter into agreemeote with 
flarm organlgltto>s represent- 
Utg wheat producer interesto, 
such as the newly-fwmed Na- 
tional Whefflnsfitote; to carry 
out researdi and ivomotlon. 
The litftitue Is a non-profit or- 
laMullon representing a co- 
(^eratlve effort among wheat 
(HTOdttcer groups to increase do- 
mestic idieat usage. The insti- 
tute incorporates the require- 
ments outlined by the U. S. 
OeiMirtment of Agriculture for 

eUgibiUty to receive contracte 
under the progpram. 

Fiiumd^ of the program will 
come from proceeds of the 1968 
Wheat Export Certificate Pool 
not daiaied ly eligllfle termer s. 

Tlie"$4.¥^SiIBon pool to the 
resuU of togtolat^ni (Nssed^se- 
verd years ago toat provides 
for exMss collections of export 
certtficates to be distributed 
pro rate among wheat i^o- 

Wheat exporters are required 
to buy export certificates for 
any lot of wheat eiqported when- 
ever toe U. S. price exceeds 
the world price, an export sub- 
sidy is piaid to the exporter 

'to make the wheat ^wmpetitive 
in world markets. The world 
market price for the 1968 crop 
of wheat was at times higher 
toan toe U. S. price and an 
e3qx>rt certificate pool of 
slightly over $4.2 million was 

County Agricultural Stabili- 
zation and C(»servation Service 
office wlirndttfydll^bli tBeH 
producers of their pro rate 
share of the pool. Producers 
may elect to receive their share 
or leave it to finan<% the Re- 
search and Promotion Pro- 
gram. They will have until De- 
cember 24, 1970 to iK)tlfy tteir 
county ASCS (^ce whether they 
elect to receive tl» payment. 

Farmers Elect 

In the recent ASC Commit- 
teeman election Virginia Beach 
farmers e^cted a total d twen- 
ty community committeemen 
and alternates in a mail elec- 
tion conducted in September, 
according to Chris Krahenbill, 
diairman of the County Agri- 
cultural Stabilization and Con- 
serration (ASC) Committee. 

ASC community committees 
assist the County A^ Com- 
mittee in administering farm 
programs in Virginia Beach 
such as wheat acreage allot- 
ments, feed grain l»ses, and 
agricultural cmservation cost- 
stourii^ measures. They also 
help keep local producers in- 
formed of farm program pro- 
visions and regulations. 

In addition the i^wly elected 
ASC community committees 
have an important responsibil- 
ity in filling vacancies on toe 
Coimty ASC Committee and cte- 
termining the chairman and 
idce-chairman for the coming 
yeur, Kratenbill said. 

The new ASC community 
committeemen onvened the 
25to of September in the Vlr- 
glaia Beach ASCS office in a 
meittng tM vii open to the 
pribllc. They elected om County 
Committeeman to serve a 
ttoee-year term and two al- 
tomtfes to MTM one-^ttr 
iuvm, An»t tte vacandM were 

filled, the community commit- 
teemen determined i^ch <tf toe 
three regular members of the 
County ASC Committee Will 
serve as Chairman and Vioe- 

Each ot the four Ai>c commi 
nity committees are made up 
of three meml)ers and two al- 
ternates, who serve for a one- 
year period. The candidate in 
each AX community who re- 
ceived the largest number of 
votes is the committee chair- 
man. Sec<md highest to vice- 
chairman; thirdis regular com- 
mittee number; f«irto andfifto 
in the nunUMr of vdes received 
are first and sea»d alternates. 
Following to a 11^ showii^ 
ASC county and community com- 
mitteemen in Virginia Beach, 
listed to the order of dnlrman, 
vice-chairman, regular mem- 
ber, first alternate ud secoml 
alternate: itemi»ville Commu- 
nity-A C. Brcwn, H. L, Jack- 
son, J. Hershberger, R. P. 
Midgett and R. H, DeFOTd, Jr. 
Seab(»urd Communlty-A. Daw- 
tey, C. P. Brown, C. E. Upton, 
lU, N. W. Shirley and T. M. 
Malbon. Pungo Comlnunity- 
Etevid Flanagan, Wlnrton Hen- 
ley, G. L. Freeman, E. L. 
Vau^ian and J. T. Morris. 
Blackwater Commudty-W, H. 
Cia»rt, Joe Pfl€Mic, «.t.f r«« 
and J. J. CoOm. 

Career Planning 
Starts Early 

"Tiwre'sndttngttke first- 
hand Itformatttn," believes 
Misa EUiibeto Predmore, 
gui(bAce <H)ttMelor at Plaaa 
Ji^or High Sdiool ito to also 
Career Weekcooi^aatorttsre. 

She said that parento, es- 
pecially toose mo^ Into Vir- 
ginia from other stotei, do not 
reaUse Jhat toa dg^ grade is 
coulitod as pu-t of Ugh sdnol 
and that studento in the eighth 
and ninth grade mart {dan tac . 
thdr future in order to take 
the courses toey need for 
college or a career. 

Career Week will be kicked 
off Monday,. Oct. 26whenSchool 
Supt. E. Brlckell will speak to 
toe studento on 'It's Your Fu- 
ture—Prepare for It."> 

On lltursday representotives 
from some 40 businesses and 
IndiKilrles will visit toe school 
and talk wito studeds. The 40 
were invited on toe, basis of a 
survey of career idereste of 
studento. Each stoded will visit 
three half hour sessions then 
elti»r see a fourto or revtolt 
(me of spedal Interest. This 
will be from 1:30-9:30 p.m. ' 
Following the sessions, tlw re-, 
presentatives will tove a re- 
ception given in todr honor to 
toe cafeteria. 

Tuesday andWednesday toere 
wiU be Career Week dtopUys 
to toe classrooms and Coni- 
nuns, and careers will he dto- 

Law May 



Voting aa the School Board's 

. proposed $14.8 mllllcm aduiol 

bond refenndum may have to 

b« detoyed. Mayor Donald H. 

Rhodes tod City Coundl Mtm- 

Rhodes said he had received 
Informirfton that toe voting ma- 
(^nes must remain locked for 
30 iajs following an election. 
Since a general election will 
be held Nov. 3, the soonest 
thft-MhoolJifflMl sote_CQuM^e_ 
held would be Dec. 4. 

Rludes said that Elee|oral 
S^critory Jdb B°. James said- 
to|t it .would not be possible 
to geC toe machines ready for 
the vote In December. Re said 
a major problem was wito the 
new residency reqdrement, 
whidi^ allows slx-monto resi- 
dento to vote In the upcoming 

Sduwl Supt. E. E. Bridcell 
has said he would like to have 
a vote on to issue as soon 
as possible, but that be would 
need abod 30 da^ to com- 
paign for a positive voto prior 
to the balloting. 

The bond issue is to be used 
to fund three new elementary 
schools, one high school and 
14 new gymnasiums at exist- 
1^ sdioolSf all to be built 
witiy^n the next three years. 

The date of the referendum, 
to be sd by toe sedrar Cir- 
cdt Court judge, will probably 
nd be betore January, 1971. 

Oisaed M a part d diii tti^» 
aa rflated to the sdijed bdi« 

Fridni' boto tepidiera affilsto- 
dento will evaluate toe week's 
acMvlties. Representatives will 
alsebe given an evaluafion form 
on "nmiiKlay. 

' Among the represeniattves 
will be business, carpedry, 
dvil service, armed forces^ 
ani>rentlee program of^yirf^da 
Employment Commiisaion, 
Communications, adonwtlve 
services, a»metology, home 
ec(»btdics and didetics. sd- 
ence, marioabtology, medidne, 
modeUng,:*:music, professldial 
sports, retailing and merchan- 
dising, social service, teaching, 
and wlUUife careers. 

Parente and interested per- 
sons are invited. 

For Hogs 

Maximum Federal initemnity 
paymento for grade sows and 
gilte lave been raised from 
$50 to $100 per head for swine 
destroued in connection wito 
hog cholera eradicatlMi efforts. 

The change in U. S. 
Department d Agriculture's in- 
denmlty regulatiuis was an- 
nounced locally by Dr. Grant 
E. Blate,Assistad Coordinator 
for toe ^te-Federal Eradica- 
tion Task Force headquartered 
In Suffolk. 

Dr. Blake expldned that the 
.ncreased indenuiity for grade 
sows and gllte will (mly be paid 
.0 swine producers whose ho^ 
are destroyed subsequent to 
the effective date of Oct. 13, 

Under Federal indemdty re- 
gulations, hogs destroyed be- 
cause of cholera are siv)ralsed 
d their actual value for meat, 
feeding ot breeding purposes. 

Federid share d the indem- 
dty to SO percent d appraised 
value snbjed to certain max- 
imum limitations. Iliese Umite 
are $50 fo r gra de admals a nd 
$100 for registered piircire<r~ 
admato. The maximnattntttor 
^radi^ jow^^and-^lto-tas'beeil 
rdsed from $50 to $100 under 
the dianged regulattoos. 

The State share d indem- 
dty is also SO percent d ap- 
pratoed valiWi and eadi Stde 
has ito own limitations on max- 
imum payment per head. Vlr- 
gida will pay up to $40 for 
grade and $50 for regtetered 
purebred admato. North Caro- 
lina will pay up to $25 for grade 
and $100 for purd)red rei^- 
tered admals. 

Stoce toe curred State-Fed- 
eral effort to eradicate hog dio- 
lera in Virjlda and NortoCar- 
olina commenced or Sept. 8, 
some 24 idected and 26 ex- 
posed herds have been depop- 
ulded in the quarantined areas 
of swine. 

Dr. Blake pdded od that 
indemdties ai^ ideoded to 
compensate owners as nearly 
as posdble for actual losses. 

Hii^way construction has 
necessitated relocation of tte 
Kempsville Volunteer Fire De- 
partment. The tfflit is operating 
from temporary quarters in a 
vacant service station ot Prin- 
cess Anne Road a short dto- 
tance norto of toeir head- 
quarters dte in Kempsville. 

Police Juvedle Divtoion Det. 
L. A. Ives indicates he will be 
taking a camping trip for the 
next several days viiile eaioy- 
ing a well deserved respite from 

The strengto of the Police 
K-9 Corps is bdng increased 
by toe addition of three new 
men. Officers B. R. Bremer, 
E. E. Rorrer, and J. I. Stden 
are currently engaged in a 12- 
week trdning program prior to 
being given duty alignments. 

A number d Virgida Beach 

police department oifidato are 
pursdng colorses d specialized 
trddng relating to their duty 
asdgnments. These include 
Capt. C. W. Simmons, Director 
d Trddng and Perstmnel, aid 
U. W. L. Grant, Executive Aide 
to PoUce Chief Cd. W. W. 
Davto, both of whom will re- 
cdve specialized trddng in 
Budgeting Management and An- 
alysis at Old Domldcoi Udver- 
sity in Noriolk; Sgt. M. E. 
Zello attending the Institde d 

M. T. Holland, Director d 
toe City's Fire PreventlMi 
Bureau, idorms us a recent 
iltoess has necessitated Msre- 
tordng to the hospital. Holland 
indicates he expecto to be con- 
fined for the ned week d Nor- 
folk General Hostttal. 

Wildlife Essay 

Friends Set Cbntest Open 

On Monday, Od. %, d 8 p.n^ 
FrieMis School to holding the 
first parent-teacher worlstop 
d the school year for parei^ 
and teachers d pre-schoolers 
In toe sdiool's early chiMhood 
educdion department. 

Dr. Henry Haskell, chairman 
of ^ Departnmit d Early 
CUldiMod Education d Hamp- 
torn Institde, wiU ooaAnd the 
irorbth(^. The evedpg's to|4c 
Si3Wsdpline". Iderested 
psrMU are Invited to attend. 

Virgida schools are still el- 
igible to regtoter and partld- 
pde in toe 24to Annud WildUf^ 
Essay Contest, ac«>rding to 
Frauds N. Sdterlee, conted 

The contest, wddi to spcm- 
sored Jddly hy tte Virgida 
Commissioo d Game and Inland 
Ftoheries and tte Virgida Di- 
vtoion of toe laric Walton 
Leape d Aowrta, rma from 
September 8, l9TO,throu0) Jan- 
uary 15, 1971. 

Sd}Ject for tte carted this 
yearls "WlHBTe^TdureWito 
Hw E]q»ndli^ Human Pc^ 


Mrs. ^ttMrtne Katalto 
Smodto Gal, 87, 2149 Vtoto 

Mrs. Praline AMtoonRwfy, 
39, 3921 Rumfoid l4ne. 

Mrs. M«Ae Ifyres Mtttto, 
67, 940 Dtttti d Suffolk Drive. 

Effert Bowles Tltoy, 43, 89 
B^^rry Lane. 

Warren Ral|ft Berpnan, 56, 
2101 T%or(Migh|ood RoM. 

MlItoQ Ttomas Jadoion, 67, 
119 N. Witcbdttds Road. 

Tema Lodse Ahrens, 
toe di^-okl daui^r d Mr. 
and Mrs. l^pten Paul Ahrens 
d 2029 KempsvlUe RMff. 

Mn. Itory R. Qreen, d 
5813 Burton StatloQ fUoA, 

Mrs. Ttemla Deltolb,''69, 
d 4616 Bromfield Avenue. 

Mrs. Helan Mateney, 78, d 
4653 Miles Staadtoh Road. 

Clarence MePterscm, 75, d 
Rmite 4, Btodcwater 

Mrs. Evelyn Turner 45, d 
1334 Centerville 'nnmpike. 

William G. (Mac) McGee, 53, 
3409 Sale Drive. 

Mrs. Eimloe E. Vaughn, 63, 
1116 Orkney Drive. 

Crash Kills 2 

Two local Navy men were 
killed wten tteir plane crashed 
in tte Mediterranean lad Fri- 

They were Lt. (J.g.) Earl D. 
Gehmaa, d Plney Brandi Road 
and Lt. J.L. MCngue of Club 
House Road. 

Althouc^ tteir teme base was 
Oceuia, ttey were stationed a- 
board tte attack cajrrier Sara- 
toga dtoi^ied to toe 6to Fteet. 
Tte Navy to Investtgattng tte 
cause d tte crash. 

* L^il M9titpss 



Tte foUowlfli iteidMtfd ve- 

hide mu removiNi fsrod toa 

•treeto d tte City d Vir|$da 

Beadii ' 

19S2 Green WU^ 2 Door 
Sedan Serld 653-PA1-12804 

Thto veUdehMbi«areBuw^ 
to Inter^aiW Itetl Corpora- 
tt(A to Ches^pedce, Vtrgtola. 
liie owner « a^perannterii^ 
aeeuri^totertst ttir ^nthto 
feUcle wltoto tore* (Dweaks d 
toe dito d toto Bdk«tqriiayliif 
all towiof, pi^semtlo^ aad 
fltoraga diari^rFdliareqrttie 
oma m persoo$ tevi!«seair- 
Ity Iderest to exer(^ thd^ 
riglrt to reeUia toe vehlde 
wttuo tte tine provideji shaU 
te (teen»d a "mMit loiddiallbe 
eoutrted as «»sent totteaale 
d tte atodkmed mdor vehlde 
d a public ndi(». 
W.W. Davto, Cdfloel 
Chief dPoUee 
G. K. Bryu^ Captdn 
Commttidlng CXiBeer 
Traffic Dividon 
■ 10-22-lT 


In tte Clerk's OtBoe d tte 
Circdt Court d toe City d 
Virgida Beach, on tte 20to day 
dombet, 1970. 

Margaret S. Gay, Plddlff, 

Robert Rldiard Gay, Ddend- 


The objed d thU sdt to for 
tte add plaldlff to obtdn a 
divorce A Vihcdo Matrimonii 
firom tte add detodhmt, qwn 
toe grotmds d twoyearssepar- 

And an affii&vlt tevii« been 
made andflledthdttedefendad 
to nd a resided d toe State 
d Virgida as tor asdiekoows, 
stoce ste has beeainable, aftor 
a diligent seardi, to tocate toe 
respraded d his last known 
address, to wit: 35^ Brest 
Awnue, Norfolk, Virgida. 

It to ordered tod te do appear 
tere fd^Uii 10 (ten) d^« after 
due putdlcatioii tered, and do 
vdttt may te neeesMry to pro- 
ted hto idered in this sdt. 
A <»py-Teste: 

Margaret W. Bru^ D.C. 
James R. MdCenry, Atty. 
1369 LasUn Road 
Vlrgtoto Beach, Virgida 



Itorgaret W. Brugh, D.e. _^ 
Dedlir, P»tor, 2d^, Attys. 
90frQM MataMMadi Eait 
Norfolk, Vlii^da ^810 ^ 


Dr. Benfleld 

To Speak 

tte highest elected, offidal 
d tte Presbyteriui Church In 
tte U. S. wlU speak in Vlr- 
ttoU3eft3i SQtttty dght, dtte 
First Presbyterian Churdu 

Tte Moderator, Dr. WlUlam 
A. Benfleld, Jr., to Pastor d 
tte First Presbyterian Church 
d Charleston, W. Va. He was 
elected to hto peat to June and 
serves for one year. 

At tte 7:30 p.m. meetfng, 
to wdch toe public to Invited, 
Dr. Benfleld will speak cm some 
d tte nu^ Ismies codront- 
ing "Sodtern" Presbyterians 
and will ansuwr questions abod 
toe woric d toe dnirdu 

Dr. Benfleld, 55, gdned na- 
tional prominence tois year as 
Chdrman at toe Plan d Udon 
Commission for tl^ Ccmsdto- 
tlon on Church Udon (COCU), 
Tte Ccmsdtation numters 10 
d toe larger Protestant deno- 
minations—including Metbo- 
dtot, Ei^copal, andPrediyter- 
ian— in ito search ior dinrdi 
udty. Tte draft Plan of Ud<m 
has teen subndtted to tte mem- 
ter diurches for carefd study 

Tte Moderdor to a native 
West Vir^dan tilio has been 
to toe Presbyterian middry 
for 31 years. His formd edu- 
cation came d Davidson College 
and Lodsvllle Presbyterian 
Theological Semimry. He 
^rved toe Semliory as a ixro- 
fessor and tten vlce-preddent 
tefore tecoming Sedor Min- 
ister at tte Fird Presbyterim 
Church, Sbreveport, La. He tes 
teen Sedor Minister to Us pre- 
sent church dMa 1963. Dt, ffld 
Mrs. Benfleld teve three mms. 

There are 10 Pred^erian 
(U.S.) congregdiais toVirglda 
Beach: First, Padfic Ave. d 
36to St.; ArrastnHig Memorid, 
3229 MacD^Mld I^: Baydde, 
1400 Ewell Rd.; Bow Creek, 
Rosemod Rd. ud Plaza Trdl; 
Christ, 709 Aragiaa Blvd.; 
K e m pa V i 1 1 e, «^ Kempsrille 
Rd.; mug's Grad, 745 Uttle 
Neck Rd.; Lymhaveo, 136 S. 
Lyuihaven Rd.; Ibatta Tridty, 
^0 TBaHa W.J and ^ycliffe, 
1445 Gred Ned! Rd. 

In, tte Clark's Office»* 

GlNdt xCewl d 'tte^.CUy d- 

VlrgMto Jeadt. on tte 25to:day 

dSeptetoter, 1^0. 
Hdaa Leon, Plaldift, 


tte tst na$(d ddOtor, 1970. 

Ira E. E8krldge,CompldMd 

Tte Estate d Minatto M. 
Eskridge, daoeamd, and tte 
teirs, Itorisdi and suooesicnrs, 
to ttUe dMlaeMa M. Edcxidga, 
who died on Fd^uary 28, 1970, 
v^ are oiie imraiw di^iMMtt^ 
by toe aeverd description d 
Parttof Vdmowq, Rapadanto 



Tte Object dtte abova-stifled 
sdt toto remove a ^)ud U|K» 
tte ttQe to certato real edate 
owned Iqr tte complalnad totoe 
City d Vlritoto Beadi, Vir- 
ginia, more partt(»larly des- 
cribed m foUews: 

"AH those eertato lots, 
pieces at pamto d land,l]^c 
dtudad and being to toe Cmidy 
d Princess Amie (now Virgtoto 
BeadO, and State d Virgida, 
to said coonty(nowdty),kMW^ 
dedgnated and nmnterid as 
Loto Eight (8) and Tan (10), 
Blodc Slxto«i(16),^eettoo "D*', 
as told down on tte PIM of 
Cape Hemry, reOovded to Map 
book 7, lige 78, to tte Clerks 
Office d ttie Circdt Court d 
add Coimty (now dty}{" 

And, U appearing by affidarit 
filed according to law that fliere 
nu^ te parties lotoradedtofte 
above -described real MAde 
whose names and addresses are 
udmown to tte Cinaptoinant. 

whereof, it to tterefore or- 
dered thd. If m sucii parties 
do extot, ttey appear wltl^ ten 
(10) days after due pdittedion 
d thto order in tte Clerk's 
office d toe Circdt Crart of tte 
City d Virgida Beadi, and do 
did to Mcessary to pgrded 
todr interesto. 

thd thto order te pddldied oQce 
a wedc for foiff succesdve 
weeks to tte Virgtoto Beach 
Sun, a newspaper priatod to (te 
City d Virgida Beach, Vir- 

Jdm V. Fentress, Ctoric 
— — —r-^— -10-«*4T^ 

Kanadb Leoo, Dafendad. 


Tte ob]ed d thto sdt to fdr 
tte sdd plddlff to Obtdn a 
divorce vlneulo mdrimodl 
from tte said defendant, upcm 
file grounds d two year sep- 
aration pursuant to Title 20- 
91 (9) d tte 1950 Code d 
Vlr^a, is amended. 

And «> affi<tovlt terii^been 
made and filed that file defen- 
ded is nd a reiUled d toe 
State d Virgida, tte lastknown 
pod office address bdng: 337 
4tot StreeWJttabMad, £alU. 

It to orderafftoattedoiipear 
tere witoin 10 (ten) days aftor 
due publication tered, and do 
irtutt may te iwcessary to pro- 
ted hto idered in thto sdt. 
A copy-Tedee: 

Dr. Oglesby 
To Return 
For Meeting 

la tte Stork's Office #tte 
Circdt Court d tte. City d 
Virgida Beach, on tteii4th 
d»dOd0terl970. ^ 
mida C. Pardue, PtoldUf, 

■ gpllM» 

WUllam F. Pardue, J^., De- 


Dr. WilUam B. Oglesby wlU 
iqjeak on "Creative Perscmal 
Relationships" d tte Eltoateto 
River Dtotrid I Noridk Pres- 
bytery toll c«iteren<% ned 

Dr. Ogietoy, ordessor d 
pastord ccwBiseMng d Udcm 
Tteologicd Semiiajry in Ridi- 
m(md, spdce to Virgida Beadi ' 
last sprbf d toe Faidiy Uie 
C(«ferei^ qxmnred I7 Fird 
PreslTterian Cta^h. 

He BMdtog lAU tegln d 
7:30 p.m. C^ 27 d Kli^ 
Grad PrMl>yt«i^n Clnrdi, 
Kings Gnd ItotI Md UtUe 
NedE Road. Tte pdfic to to- 

tte sdd plaldlff to ditoin a dl<^ 
vorce a vlneuto ndriinodi 
firom tte sdd dddda^, iqion 
fiia grounds d partlM Uvlnf 
sniento and aiMurt withoot co* 

hdJttatlon and wltood ld«r» 
ruption for over a two year 

And ui affidavit havli^ been 
made and filed thd tte ddan- 
duit to not a resldart of tte 
Stato d Virgida, tte lastknown 
post office address telng:Routo 
1, JraesvlUe, Norto Cardloa. 

It to ordered tbd te do v>- 
pear tere wifiiin 10 (ton) days 
after duepd>llcatioiihMred,and 
do whd may te neceaaary to 
proted hto Idered In thto sdt. 
A copy-testo: 

Margard W. Brugh, D.C. 
J. E. Clarkson, Atty. 
Willc<a, Savage, Lawrence, 
Dldeson, & Spindle 
1800 Virgida Nattonal Bank 
Norfolk, Virgida 23510 




In tte Clerk's Office d tte 
Circdt Court d tte City d 
Virgida Beach, on tte 15to 
day d Odoter, 1970. 

Unwood Watotoo, Jr., Plato- 

Jamite Eldse Waldton, De- 


Tte Object d toto Sdt to for 
flie sdd ptotoOff to ^jbtato a 
divorce a vincsdo matriaumli 
from tte add ddoita^ won 
tte grounds d separattoA for 
more ttom two yeara continued 
witorat Interrqpaon. 

Aad m affidavit baring bMn 
made and fited tM tte defea- 
dmt to not a resided d too 
Stde d Virgida, tte last known 
pod office addrMs bd^^ 165 
Johmon Aveme, Nvrark, New 

It to ordered tod die dojs>- 
pear tere witdn 10 (toft) di^ 
after due publication tered, aad 
do iriid Ettiy te neceasur^to 
prOtod hn totor^ totttosdt. 
A (xnqr-Teite: 

HoflidMr, HudMBffl & Mc 
1010 Ptoa One 
NorMk.Tiritoto 23510 


Tiwri*f . O^' 2^ »TO 

Virginia Bmdh Sun 

•t.^1 Notices 


Tbis is to nalll^ the pmc 
M)it tte wi«nd,^PMl, tradlacas 
KLOP'S MAHKET liU vitlib) 

oottoe ^«dy to tte Virgliilt 
Stati Atedi^c Several* Con- 
trol Botf4 for a lleeim to 
sell mLBMl tefentfea for off 
prtmlset eposumiitfoii. 
J.B. KloAppel 
RFD #$BcK i(^ 
Vlrfioltltoa^ VlrgiDia 

IB Vbk Cteric's CMtloe of tlie 

Clrcdt Coort of tte City of 

Virginia B«aeii, on the Znd day 

of October, 1970. 
Sorli M. Davis, Plaintiff, 


Dofl* U Dtfis^ Dtfoxlant. 


UN ob^ of tliis suit is 
to oMsia a <livoree a vinculo 
oaMflM^ from tlie said de- 
ffenattit iqx» tlie grounds d 
diygical enielty. 

And aa alBAwIt having been 
nMde and fUid ttwt fbtt defen- 
dant is a noB-reaidefit of the 
State of Virgiiia, tbe last known 
post dttcs address being: 403 
Seattle, WashtnitflD 98764. 

It Is Offered Oo^bedoaivear 
hen «lttia ten (10) dajrs after 
dnefrt^caltoB hereof, and <to 
ihat iMjrtie aeoessarjr to pro- 
tect her iMerest in this suit. 

J. Curtis Fniit,D.C. 
Bndf», Eyrofles L McKenry 
1389 Laskin Road 
Vfirglida Beach, Virginia 


^ VirclHia Beach Bureau of 
PoUce have to their possession 
76 boy* and irisbiqreles, that 
viU be siibject to auction sale 
if not etaiiDed before October 

T^'803970.^WM0SirtKrcan give 
proof «f ewMfsUp nay report 

. to. J*QMCE mUfflQUAi^TERa, . 
H'it PrtBoeas Aflne Courthouse 
hours Qt 1:00 P.M. and 4:00 
BJC to make such daina. 
liuctioa viU tohe place Friday, 
October 30, 1970, starting at 
twelve o'dodc nooa to tte area 
behiod Police Headquarters at 
the Cowt House. AU artietes 
not dalmed wiU be sold at 
pribUc alMtionby the department 
of piMIc safety. 




In the Clerk's Office of the 

-Qreult Court^ cf ttr-Ci^of 

Virgiida Beadi, oo the 9th day 

of October, 1970. 
Arflnr Walker, Plaintifr, 

Adetta M. Walter, DefMdiBnt. 


The cftject of thtosultto tor 
toe said pl^alitf to obt^ a 
(ttvMree a vinculo matHmwdi 
from tbe said defendant, upoa 
the growds of continnous sep- 
aratloB of over two years du- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and flted that due diU- 
gen<» has been uMd by or on 
betelf at tbe oomptainant to 
ascertain in whi^ cowty or 
corporation tbe defendant is 
resfdiai, but without effCct,aBd 
the Ittt kaoim port oCflce ad- 
dress bdng 1306 16th Street, 
Lynchbui, Virginia, not resi- 
dent of the State of Virginia. 

It to ordered tort she do ap- 
pear here wittto 10 (ten) days 
alter doe puWcatiooherec^, waA 
^ wtoii may be ne<«ssary to 
protect her interert in thU 

A «^-Teste: 

Ch^ia V. Bashan, Esq. 
Baihara b Huttard, P.Q. 
100 Board <tf Trade Building 
NortolLVirgirta miO 


In toe Clerk's Office of toe 

qirertt Cowl of tte City of 

Virgil BMch, OB tte 9todaf 

of October, 1970. 
DuMy R. miMth, Ptointtft, 

Ci^^ Ann Rowland Wil- 


Tte o^ert of Ms sutt^ to 
cbtotar « dhmce a mmm et 

* Legal Notice* 

Strte of Virginia, ttelsstknown 
port office address being: 216 
John Ard Court, St. Mary's Ter- 
race, Paddington W 2, London, 

It Is ordered thrt i^ do ap- 
pear tere within 10 (ten) days 
aft^ due pidDlicatiofthereof , and 
do wtet may be necessary to 
prtect ter interert to thto sdt. 
A cqpy-Teste: 

Margaret W.Brugh,D.C. 
Goldblatt, Upjdn, Anderson & 
Levy, At^. 

804 One Main PlasaEart 
Norfolk, VirgiiAa 23510 



In execution of fdurteen (14) 
deeds of trurt nade by Lowell 
R. Chappell, Inc., a Virginia 
corporrtion, dated Juraary 22, 
1970, recorded to tte Clerk's 
Office of tteCircuUCourtof tte 
City of Vlrglida Beach, to Deed 
Book 1147, pages 106 through 
and including 149, default teving 
occurred in tte p^rment of 
prindpal and interest secured 
ttereby, tte undersigned having 
been duly ^tpointed as Suteti- 
tute Trustee by instrument duly 
of record, and directed by toe 
notetekter to foreclose iqxm 
said deeds of trurt, will offer 
toe telow described property 
for sal^rt public auction, to 
tte highest liidder for cash, rt 
1:30 P.M. on tte 13to day of 
Novemter, 1970, on tte east 
steps of tte Circuit Court of 
tte City of Virginia Beach, 
Virginia, tte said property 
being described as follows: 

All those oertato lote, pieces 
ae parcels of land, wito tte buil- 
dings and improvemento ttere- 
on, and the s^ppurtenances 
toereurto telonging, rttuate, 
lying and teing to tte City of 
Virginia Beach, Strte of Vir- 
ginia, and known,. nundDered and 
diitpited a Loto^tombefed 
&, «r '. 8, 9» 10 and 11, to 
Heck«6.C, andiietoNuntered-' 
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, in 
Blod: No. D, as dertgnrted and 
described on a certato plrt of 
survey entitled "Subdivtoion of 
Gunn-Hall Manor, Section Two, 
PrincMs Anne Borough, Vir- 
glrta Beach, Virgioto", wbidi 
ptat to duly recorded in tte 
Clerk's Office of tte Circuit 
Court of tte City of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, in Map Book 
62grt page 17. 

Thto srte shall te subject 
to rtl exirting liens of |e<»rd 
rt toe time of said sale. ' 

Terms: Cash. Tte suCcen- 
frt bidder, or bidders, may te 
required to deposit $100.00 per 
lot wten tte fffCperty to sokl, 
and settlement shall te made 
in tte tow offices of Murp^ 
Bennett & Gorry, 301 25to 
Strert, Virginia Beach, Vir- 
giida, witUn t«i (10) (toys from 
tte date of sate. 
Sidwtitrte Trustee 



Tte Virginia Beach Zoning 
Board of Appeato will oMxiuct a 
Prtdic Hearing on Wednesday, 
Novemter 4, 1970, ai 8 P.M. in 
tte Munidpal Court Building, 
qistoirs court room. City Hrtl, 
Virgioia Beach, Virginia. Tte 
followii^ appUoitions will ap- 
pear (» tte agenda. 

I. Herman Kaasnootrequesto 
a variaiKse of 5,000 siuare feet 
from required 10,000 sqinre 
feet to 5,000 square lert lot area 
and variance (tf K fed from 
required 75 feet to 50 feet lot 
frortage of Loto 7 and 8, Blodc 
1, C^ Henry, SediooG, Shore 
IMve. Lynoteven Borou^. 

n. RusseU A. GiUs, Jr. re- 
questo a variance of 6fedfrom 
toe required SO ftet to 44 fed 
ir&A yard sdtedc of Ld 218, 
N<nih,Unktern Park Ertended, 
comer rf York Lane and Wye 
Lane. Lyanhaven Borough. 

IQ. Vernon P. Simmons re- 
^nto a variance of gfeettrom 
minlred 16 fed to 10 fed rtde 
yard srttedc of Ld 260, Late- 
view Shores, Sedioo C, 1340 
Latevlev Mn. Bayrtde Bor- 

IV. Gersal&»BtrudtonCor- 
pondloii r«|iMto a varton^ of 
m sqMfe lert from respired 
7S00 sqoait tort to 71508qttare 
fHl tot tfM aai a varluce of 
20 fed fnm reqdred 75 fed 
to ^ tort tot fiFo^aie cfLrt 76, 
Cive SMf^ tte tM, Ptei I, 
^16 MladMa Drive. Lynn- 

Aaiaa aOMM hn^bew 
U Mtt a raaMMl of toi 


W. L. Twroi 

*L^ial Notices 

to toe Clerk's Office of tte 

Circuit Court pf tte City of 

Virgida Beadi, oo toe 2nd day 

flfOdd»r, 1970. 
l}ordhy Marie Robinson, 


Shuflord Edffiood Robinsra, 


Tte Qbjed Of thto suit to to 

obtdn a divorce a vineuto mrt- 
rimonii from toe sdddefendart 
iQKm tte fBiunds of two year 
separatiMi pursued to Sectioo 
20-91(9) d tte 1950 Code d 
Virgida as amended. 

And an affidavit having teen 
made and filed thrt tte defendant 
to a non-resided d tte Strte 
d Virgida, toe tort known post 
dflce address teing: Vderans 
Admidstr^mt HesiplUkl,^Mur- 
fireesboro,. Tennessee 37180; 

It to orderedthrttedoappear 
tere witoin ten (10) da3« after 
due pd)licrtlon tered, and do 
wtet may te necessary to pro- 
ted hto interert to thto sdt. 
A ccqpy-Teste: 

J. Curtte Frdt, D.C. 
Brydges, B;royle8 t MdCenry 
1369 LasUn Road 
Virgida Beach, Virgida 

In tte Clerk's Office d tte 
Circdt Court d tte City d 
Virgida Beach, on tte 19th day 
dOdoter, 1970. 

Woodrow Yohan, Ptointiff, 
Judito Yohan, Ddendart. 
Tte objed d tMs sdt to for 
toe said plaintiff tocMrtnadiv- 
orce A Vincdo Matrimodlfrom 
toe said defendart, iqx» toe 
grounds d a two year separaticm 
pursuant to Section 20-91 (9) d 
toe 19S0 Code d Virginto as 

And an affidavit tevii^ teen 
made and filed thrt tte defend- 
ant is nd a redded dtoe Strte 
of^Virf^nia, toa l as t kn o wn port 
office address bdpg: llfil^iee 

^.ato ordered tort ite|o i4>- 
pear here witoin 10 (to^ da^ 
after due pd>licatiQntereof, and 
do, wtet may te necessary to 
pr'oted ter toterert to thto sdt. 
A eopy-T«rte: 

Margaret W.Brugh,D.C. 
WilUam H. Colooa, Jr. 
1756 Laskto Road 
Virgida Beach, Virgida 23451 

In tte Cterk's Office d tte 
Circdt Court of tte City d Vir- 
gida Beach, oa tte 19to (tey d 
Octoter. 1970. 

Linda M. Kellogg, Plrtditt 

- JamesJt, Kellogg, D ef en d a n t . 
The d}Jed d toto sdt to fear 
toe plrtdiff to obtrtn a divorce 
A Mensa Et Thwo Irter to te 
merged into a Divorce A Vin- 
cdo MatrinMnU, from tte srtd 
defendart, tqion tte grounds df 

And an affidavit teving teen 
made and filed tort tte ddend- 
ant to not a redded dtoe Strte 
id Virgida, toe lart known post 
.dfice address teinr.R11941407, 
42nd QM (AEF) Co., 82nd Air 
Borne IXv., Fort Bragg, Norto 
Carolina 28307. 

It is (^deredttettedoaiyear 
tere witoin 10 (ten) days after 
due pd>Ucati(« hered, and do 
vrtiat may te necessary to loo- 
ted Ids iderest in this sdt. 
A Aipy-Teste: 

Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Wiliam H. Cok)na, Jr. Atty. 
1753 LasUn Rd. 
Virgida Beach, Virgida 23451 

In tte Clerk's Office d tte 
Circuit Court d tte City rt 
Virgida Beach, on tte 2nd day 
d Octoter, 1970. 

Betty Jotoisoo, Plrtdiff, 

William Emert JohnsM, De- 
Tte obJed d fids sdt to to 
ebtrtn, a divorce a metea H 
ttoffo ^m tte said dteien&rt 
von tt» frounte ddeserttw. 
And u affitertt teving been 
n»de Md filed tort due (ftligenee 
has been used liy or to bdttif 
d toe ^rtrtiff to Mcertrtn in 
vUdi courty (ff corpM^on tte 
drtei i dart to, rttood effect, tte 
tort kaon port dfice ad^ta«« 
bdi^ ItoooUyn, New Yortt. 
mrt vpfmt It to nrdeiedttettedoi^pnr 
here irtttto ten (tt)^ alt^- 
due pdMedte heMof, art 4s 
1^ nay te au&m^sf tskf^ 

lo-^-n* «^ Ml mum to ims Mil. 




Votoswagen • 1968, 2 dr., sun- 
rod, $1400 or best offer. 464- 
3617 rttor 5 P.M. 

_ 1 . . 1 ' "I 

THUNDERKRD - 1961 - 1 own- 
er - A-1 ow(]|tion.Newiiffipec- 
tioB ^icfcer, bed offer. 428- 

196& Itostaiv, 289 2-4's jurt 
rebrtM^ dff^ae reverses, new 
tires, tope deck. Ptene 486-3173 

Pontiac-1966-GTO, red, Excel- 
tont Condition. 499-4466 

Corvette- 1966, Convertible Ex- 
ceUant Condition, 425 bp. 4 
speed, low mileage, price re- 
duced. $2495. 460-0597. 

Corvette - 1969, manyertras, 
murt seU; 428-5353 


U DTMimeMng- 

antee woric Ptome 497-46^. 

CUSTOM-Made Drapes & 
Steers -Work guaranteed. 
Fran's Draperies, Hilltop Area. 
Ptene 428-0S44. 

Bookte^iing in my teme, rtl 
t^s for smrtl burtnesses. 

Poodle Grooming and Accms- 
ories, Charallanne Poodle 
House, 5686 Va. Beadi Blvd., 
Norfolk, 420-4790. 

Part ttme boddceCpins and typ- 
ing done to my home or your 
offioe. Freejiick iqi and de- 
livery. 420-5340. 

34 Guttertag-^odiiig 

Gutters and down spods re- 
placed and rod r^Mlrs. Free 
estimates. Work guaranteed. 


Leate and Repdrs 

All work guaranteed. 


M Borne Mdrtenaaoe 

Contractors k Home Builders- 
Let us hdp y»u wito thrt hew 
hoime-addittons-or repairs 
We an furhlrti materiato from 
baseinert to attto and rtd you 
Phone: KdUun & Eaton, toe 

SpedaLirtl cleanup and dose 
up. 25% discourt for ajU work'toe nert 60 i^. Chim- 
ney SweepiniE and fire Iplace 
reprtr. Dampers installed or 
fixed; Furnace deaning. Atlant- 
ic Bdlders & Mrtntenance, CaU 

Prtnting. RertdenUrt iderior 
and erterior, snail Jobs wel- 
come. Experienced andreason- 
able. Ptene 428-7586. 

DUCK bun!) - StereorWrter. 
Back Bay area. Up to $150. 
Reply to 1901 Foxhound Lane, 
Norfolk 23518. 


GARAGE SALE - T.V., type- 
writer, dottes, toys, glass- 
ware, Od. 22-24, 9-4, 536 Ben 
Hogan Dr., Latespur. 

8 MMeNydn For Sde 

HONDA - 1969, F-90, lite new 
$175 wito telmet. 340-3225. 

*|.egal Notices 

A copy-Terte: j 


J. Curtts Frdt, D.C. 

Parter b Rubinger 

1756 LasUn Road 

Virgida Beach, Virgida 



In tte. Clerk's Office d tte 
Circdt Court d IteCitydVir- 
glda Beach, on tte 14to day d 
Octdwr, 1970. 

Lena Ifoe Reasn, Plrtdift, 
againrt . 
'^"'t^oseplr' ttof Reason, Oefen- 



Ite d)}ed d toto sdt to for 
toe srtd plaidiff to obtrtn a 
divorce A Vinoilo Matrimodi 
from tte srtd ddenduit, upon 
toe grounds d two years sep- 

And an affidartt teving teen 
made and filed thrt toe defen- 
dant to nd a resident d tte ; — .., .. 

Stated Virgida^ ttelastknown retired SERVICEMAN-wiU 
port office address bdng: 1030 ^^^^ interiorandexterior.464- 
Banner Street, Durham, Norto jggg 
Carolina. '^ . 

It is ordered thrt te dosqji- 
pear here wito 10 (ten) dqs 
after diw pd)licatioB tered, 
and do wtet may te necessary 
to proted Ms irterert in tMs 

sdt. ^~ " 


Margaret W. Brugh, D.C. 
Junes R. McKenry, Atty. 
Brydges, Broyles & McKenry 
1369 Laskto Road 
Virgida Beach, Virgida 



to tte Clerk's Office of the 
Circdt Court d toe City d 
Virgida Beach, on tte 2nd day 
d Odoter, 197Q» 

Wiliam Louis Ttemas, 

Lodse Marie NeJame Ifilan 
Ttemas, Defendart. 


Tte d)ied d thto sdt is 
to ol^ato a dvcffce a mensa d 
tooro from ttie srtd defendant 
tq)on tte grounds d deserticm. 

And an affidartt teving teen 
made and filed thrt tte defen- 
diffit is a non-rertdent d tte 
SIrte d Virginia, tte tost 
known post dfice addr^s teing: 
e/o Mrs. Edward Aide, 5625 
Hollow Oak Road, Orlando, 

It is ordered ttet ste do 
appear here wifidn ten (10) 
(tep after due pdttcrtioo tere- 
of , and (k) whrt nmy te neces- 
KU7 to prded ter iderert 
to thto sdt. 
A e(wy-Terte: 

J. Curtto Frdt, D.C. 
CatcB Ir Wright 
2508 Padfic Aveme 
VirglalaBMdi, Virgida 


» BurieeM Op p e r fiHIee 

BiKiness to tearing ami' we 
need two experienced sales ag- 
ente. Apply to(tey. Crtl Jack 
Moran 497-4851 Nighto 497- 
7486. Grow with Realtors. Stohl 


TUTORING- Certified Teacter, 
Tdoring after school in ele- 
mentary sd>]ed8. 464-2681. 

Tteory, Repertdre 
James & Frances Morrlsson 
Accesrtble from Expressway, 
Va. Bch Blvd. Firrt Colodrt 
or LasUn Rd. Ph 428-0587. 

to drive semi truck, tocrt and 
over tte road. Diesel or gas; 
eiqierience beldUl bd not nec- 
essary. You can earn up to $5.00 
per hour after stert trrtdng. 
For interview and application, 
call 703-845-7033, or write 
Safety Dept., Udted Systems, 
Inc., 3608 Camptell Avenue, 
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501. 


SEMIOYED - AKC Regtotered, 
domplM dame and rtre. 426- 



1968, 40 hp. Big Twin, Long 
shaft, ^Evinrude motor, $400. 
At 1213 Kittiwate Ct., Bird- 
neck. Ph. 428-5033 



STAR DELUXE - 12' wide, 
lite new 2 bedro(«^ co^^ety 
fkimtohed 13,900 ^-itt? 

Nomad, 1966^ fdly 
totoed, 20 tofL I 
ditton 420-im. 


m leems Per Bat 

ART - originrt dl prtattngs, Rooms for rsrt eofrterfroat. 
wito gold led frames. 497-7966 Share bath. SS7-4^. 

Ladles Clothing-cort, dresses, 
rtze 9 to 18, like new. 497-7966. 

9 X IS carpd, 
scroll, ttte new, 
yrs. old. $185 

moss green 
1ms ttom 2 
asking $65. 

Golf Car -4 passenger, Augusto 
Cld> Car wito canopy. 464-5754. 

Srtes and service. Prompt rt- 
ficted repairs. Pick up and 
deUvery. 'Phone 428-4222, Fort 
Feed andBdldii^Suppllea, Inc. 




Lorn to opKttc BulMoiert.< 

SlinM, CrwH. Scrcpcri. 
ers. Tcenchert, etc.. *t 
our modarn fKilily. A 
MM carMf it oocn in ttnl 
liOM men. MMNkt'iMn. 

NaiMnal NM»y 
CMHlracttM SdMMt 






u m&m rmnwum 


German Stepard piqs, Excel- 
lant tertto outstanding pedigree, 
naiwo aiMi Sirfi AKC RJwirtered. 
very reasonabte 486-6529. 

wte. Stete, wormed. AKC Reg. 
Btock ti Tan. Bred for tem- 
peramed. Complete 5 gene- 
ration pedigree. 464-3938. 

wedES old. Wormed. Shd^. 426- 

Quality ptqs. Stete & cro(9>ed. 
Terms. 464-6764. 


Against rddestatioo, only 
$2.98 plus tax postpaid. 
Roaches ert Sure Kill greeitt 
ly, tiien retmm to tiieir nestf 
and die. Here these dead 
roadies contaminate other 
roaches and eggs, and ttey 
die, starting a dnin reacttoe 
ttet will kiU tiwm all. Sure 
(QU never wears od, yet srte 
to iise, and has ateolutely no 


P.OJBox 1 Arvoda, Va., 
" 23004 -^~'~-— 

MALIBU-«togto room f^ lady, 
Utdien privileges. Private 
home. 340-432S 

Room tot red, privrtcihome to 
Late Stores. Write to eve d 
tte Son News or caU 464-3713 
after 1p.m. 

— , ^-j— 

I^erted rooms. Maid serrtee. 
Day, week or morth* 206 20to 


One becbroera oottoge ferlamily. 
Apply rt DeWitt Cdtoge, 12to 
St. and Atlartic Ave. 

Small heated a^, service cou- 
pte, wider rates. Also, rooms, 
dally <x monthly. 428-6713 after 
11 a.m. 


Fer Real 

ALANTON-8 room ran^ 2 
batiis, pod mentounddp, S^ 
29; $«W 428-7987. 



Air Coodittoasd 

Adwte Fartttofi^pa^ 



Aprtio < rum set^ M^i^Hle; 
3 druiui (complde set) Good 
condit a. $50. Phone 497-0551 



mtUMS - Kent, complete set. 
Many ertras. $95. 464-0422. 

FRUIT TREES, Nut trees, terry 
ptonts, grape viiKS,laodsaMdng 
plant materirt-offered by Vir- 
glda's Urged growers. Free 
Copy 48-pg. PlartingGddeCrt- 

dog on requert. Srtespeopte 

Poodles-blade, midrture, AKC wanted. Waynestero Nurseries 
re^stered, 6 weeks. 486-4430 Waynestero, Virgida 22980. 

Property to sell or red, 
dtorts^wattli*. CaU 340-0740. 

Home & Apt. Usti^ Needed 

fnr Sate or Red 

Member d VirglrtaBeach Md- 

ttpte listing Serrtce. 500 

Salesraen will teto seB ytes 


Cooper Roolty 

2897 ihdfie Ave. 

ENTS- Work part ttme for Old- 
Domidoo Udveirtty news- 
laper. Porttt ons still avrtl— 
able. Crtl Jack Bray ^ 428- 

Use SUN Classified Ads. 

49 H^ Warted-f'ende 

HOUSEKEEPTER-Dinner cook. 
10 AM-6PM, M(mday tiuru Fri- 
day. Must teve own transpor- 
tation to Kempsville area. $35 
V*. References. No supervirton. 
Working coiqde. Crtl 497-4704 
after 6 PM. 

WAITRESSES - Over 21; Six 
da^, $40 week plus tips. Ap- 
ply in person. SurfSicte Rest- 
aurant, 1604 Atlantic Ave. 

41 Help Wartcd-Male 

Masseur, experience necess- 
ary, toll ttme, Eur(*ean Hertto 
Spa-499-2369 9 am - 10 pm. 


so BuiiMU OppMiutt^ 

Have flpedng for lady to sell 
Eledrolux prodnds to ttie Vir- 
gida Beach area. Excelled op- 
portttdty to earn $150 per wedc 
In eomroisrtons and tenuses. 
Iderrtews tehl ^ our dflce 
tetween 9 aJo. ud noon, aiqr- 
<toy ttito week. Arte fur musffMr. 
Electrolvx Sales aniSerrtces, 
5312 B Vii^nU Beadi Blvd. 

to Work For You 


Compose your own classified od 


Minimum Charge 1.00 Undtr Four Ui»« 

Women 18 and up wear and seU 
Sarah Covo^ Jew^ toyour 
^are time, no InveitSBNt, no 
deUv«ry. Car and fboae needed. 
Dial 340-4054. 



Mirimum Charge $1.00 CONTIACT lUNSIT 

4to6Unes 25^ »«« 30? iiae 

' 7 to 14 Uo^ 20? Une 28? line 

15 or more toes 18? Une 26? Une 

Dto^ay ^^te $2.00 per Inch , 




Circk Om 
412345 TFK 






Mall to 
Vlrflalt ta^ ,f a. nuy 


. I 



Vol. 1 No. 6 

Thursday, October 22, 1970 



dm of tte nasi popuiar Ms^ at tte limMilte Bale and Anctioo 
lib tna Um boma made appl^lmtter. 10^ CM. MAST nade tte 
appUbotter and eaimad It for sale. MR. J.H. YODER lieiped stoke 
lln file. Aflar tte anEd^Mtter ms sold oat people «m« sttll 
ttMDtaig to \nj U. Ifext year make sore you get yours earfy. Mwe 
pidatres on pages 12 and 13. 

The ^^rrinla Beach Home Demonstration Clubs held a luncheon meeting Jast week at tte Commodore 
Country Cliib for the purpose of instalUng new officers for tte coming year. Ttere was also a fashion 

MRS.' WADE FERGUSON, state president of Emporia, was tte Installing clllcer. ,,„„,„„„, ^v 
Uft to right are: MRS. FERGUSON, MRS. W.L. BOXLEY, incoming president; MRS J.E. PILLEY, 
' outgoing president and MRS. W.F. MC CLANAN, incoming treasurer. Otter Photos on page 10. 

ni Biralde Uoas CUb teU tt^ amnal Turkey Sioct Sateday on ^ore Drive 
aear tte Irtdge tumil road. Twtsmtoedaylor abBfkeyAootaadltepaiware 

aiA to force. 

Tte DAVE CASWELL teme inKempsviUeMaBorist ahofwplaoa ol laterefttaff liant 
wttch T)iCVE aad GEORGIA htfe ooBecM «*om aU onsLtte «orld la tte pait 
tventy-fiTe years. MpS. CASWELL is stem wilh a large China doll fhwa Italy. 
Tte dHdr is also a collectors item, hcvliig baeaaevrizad from tte Art GaUsry 
M ua a u m la New York. 


Thur^By, Oc^f m T^TO 


Left to Riglit: 1st VP Shade Griffin, Pres. Elect Andy Doney, President Hor«ce PiiilliiB, 

Pist Pres. Jerry Hostetler, Treasurer J. Rtdiard CoUdc and Secretary Andrew S. 

Fine, 2kI VP Tom KolauD Is not ladntod la (Us liotw*. 

FlMitoi BoyMfllidto 








Ite IM SGBT Plutocr^ilies, wm drivinf ttra Cmitnne FirnM onedaybst 

w^ and saw tltfa lo?ely indy jiiMm op trash. MBS. E.L. DENHIS, JR. said 

tlist she had driwB to the maU box to mail a lettw and km availed to see Ihe 

amoont d trash littering th^ bsaatlM nelildiorhood. fieins appsUed^vy not 




MRS. CHAioje scorr aid son mum, ti 

« ^^eMh^ IffiS. SC0t1^ IMTPiul ^m;^T:,'bM^kt«r^iHPiBMeh 
BHfflgr ttBMs ndj^rs Ae ^9« tte bwA at vy Mann. 

Jjm9^^0cis^ j^ 19170 

I # 

ttM PdMIoiI AdvrHfMhnir 










On November 3rcl 
Vote For 


US, House off Represontaffives 


U.S. Sondffo 



Owoii i- Piclcolf, Compoigii Monogor 

Comoliut D. Scully, Sfooring Commiftoe 






Thursday, Od^ber 23, 19TO 


J. Burto A Harrison 

J. BURTON HARRTSON, JR. Is presi<lent of People's Bank of Virginia Beach. 
No matter what pet^le who sj)eak of 'banker's houra' say ttie hours are much 
longer than the general public realises. HARRISON, whose home Is Edenton, N.C. 
is a graduate of WMce Forest. After graluation he went to Lynchburg uliere he 
spent fifteen years in the bankit^ business before coming to Virginia Beat* in 
July, 1968 as president (tf the new People's Bank. 

Starting-October 27th-7 P.M. 


K. JAMES CROUCH, JR., vice pre^dent and easUer, stops by Us desk to discuss 
business wittiiOie presldeot. 




Car Washingr is our OnlyBusinefw 
GUARANTEED ipotleasly clean 

inside and out 

$^| BEACk 
I Conviently Located 




Complete Beaaty and Wig Services 
Five Minute Hair Dryers 






Mon. Tue. Wed. Sot. 9-5 Thur. Fri 9-8 
imoiiidependenee Mvd.J64-56^^^ 


Thurt^y, Octebtr 22, WTO 



J. BURTON HARRISON Is not a golf playing president-he's a working president. 
He very seldom has time tor his favorite sport-a game of tennis; Here he talces 
a looB application fi*om a customer. \^ Ir^ ^^^ 

is the hottest selliiig car 
in Germany. 

Wt don't itMon to In^lywt' re the largest selling car. What 
we do mean, though, is ttiot ih the first five months of this 
year, the new Audi 100 LS has hod greater sales increases 
than any. other German cor. 

Apparently the Audi must rvolly have something. And 
whot the Audi has is this: 

Features that Are more advanced than Jiist aixxit any 
other car In the world. 

There's front-wheel drive so you can comer witti the 
stability of a racing oar. 

There's rack-and-plnion steering, the nwst responsive 
system a car can have and the very same system used in 
racing cars^ 

The Audi has inboard front disc brdces for ^lick sofe 

As for the engine, well, It gets 26 miles to the gallon 
and goes from & to 50 in a mere 8 seconds. 

And the Interior is very plush, extremely comfortable 
with room for five. ^ 

You'll be extremely impressed with the Audi. 

^^H ^ ■■A PonchcAudlMdivJsioaof Volkswiachof America.liK. 


HARRISON and CROUCH visit the office of assistant vice president L. WIRT 
WALKER to checlc on collections for the United Community Fund in \rtiidj all 
three are active. The American Cancer Society campaign is Just over and maybe 
HARRISON will lave the opportunity for a game of tennis before the wather gets 
too bad. 



Teller, MRS. JANE POWELL, 0ves HARRISON a report on the days business. 



Thur$<kiy, October 22,1970 

Plaza Garden Club 
plans bazaar at Mall 

Tbe Princess Anne i>laza Garden Club held a spedfa meeUif^ l«st wek. 
The special meeting had a twofold purpose - to welcome new members 
into the club and to pl^ for tbdr bootii sA tiie bassaar to b^ held at Pem- 
broke Mall October 29, 30, 31. Proceeds from the booth wIH go toward 
landscaplnfc the groMKb of the Plaza Post Offia. (Below) MRS. GLENN 
MC CLANAN, president, and MRS. EDME SNEAD,. vice president, plan 
agenda of the meeting. ^ 


Hostess, MRS. JOHN FROHLER, standing, serves 'oaOBe to MRS. EDDIE 
SNEAD as MRS. CHARLES CAYEA enjoys her dnsert. 



AlleliM '21.95 

of one of the members of the garden chJb. ' •«»« u* wu« 


i048-F Dtamoffid Sprlnflt Rd. 
PlMM 404-3861 



I Enmll in CIosbcb Now Starting I 

I in Time to Make Your Own | 

Chri$im as Gifts i 


s5277 PRINCESS ANNE ROAD 497.252»l 


Thursdoy, Octobf r 22, 19T0 

'M^vMfe Mfiifs Cox 2i'Ki 



P.A. onrKtIhm 24-0 

JUUOS mmDl£ wu deSntteiy tte star of tlie Kempsville^ox game Friday 
nita. HURDLE made two of Us scores in the secoid quarter, cme on a 48 yard 
ran uid tte ottier for 17 yards. In tte fourtb quarter HURDLE made a 32 yard 
nm for Us tblrd TD of tte game. BILLY PASCHAL made tte fourth toucbdown 
fcnr KempsvUla fer aflait feon ti 28-20. 

JOE PULLEY intercepted a Ketlam pass Friday nite to set op asooriEV sltoatioii. 


loses to 



Btysldo took tte qmili^ Utftoff in tfielr game irittHbunrud 
carried it back 60 jwrds, smriog uten LLOYD Bom went tiie 
fiaal tbree yards tor tte tD.,BOHM also scored ttw se«»d time of 
tte eveotng vitli m 8 yard ran. 


W« Ml 'Em Corned 


Furnish Evoiythiiig You Nood- 

9 mm 9UM •SALT 

Grimstead's Market 

■ ■ WW TVH ■P^NH^H ■HiWn Wm ^^^^^BW i^VV^^vwH ^S^V 

JOHN JELLEY recovered for Bayside oo ttieir own ten yard line idien RONNIE 
NORMAN dropped ttie baU. 




^Do It Taunelf Chri$tma$ items 




Thurtdgy, Octobtr 2^ 1970 

Kempsville co 
unusual objeci 

MR. and MRS. DAVE CASWELL, ofKempsvilte, 
eaj(^ their iuMne. IMr bonra on Prtnc«8s 
Anne Rotd is decorated with many beautiful 
and nnasual items, ttiinp ttiat die CASWELL'S 
have brought frotn ^I wer tiK wwld. 

The CASWELL'S relax in their living room amid some of ttieir treasures. The large {date at left of tte 
hearth Is a Japanese Imari plate, 500 years old which, was used to serve suUyald in a geisha house. 

MRS. CASWELL winds a 1906 clock that stlU Idnib perfect 
in Austria. Delft plate ire OHle tB (he lour sewou. Hie CAS 

DAVE CASWELL holds a brass powder horn ttat 
was unearthed in Kansas. 


iH smr 

and$eewkai . 
your neighbon 
are doing 

TUs finely cntfted WQ year (M coo ooo dock 
brtnti^t from Germany. 



This beautiful marble top ten^ng ttble Is firom France. 


^a wffiH T'T'T. a 

Thuri^, October 22. 1970 


Page 9 

iQile collects 
ts fof home 

Some of tbe interesttog items in the CAS- 
IW^LS home are not in themselves costly 
pHi^ure prised for the memories they bring, 
or tbe maner in which they were acquired 
ior fen? the wMt Hiat went into restoring them. 

tine. At leftJIs ftDtlft plate vUcb was made 

Siy •♦wSirfT^^hP?,^.**!. ?~ <* *^ Pf*^*' posissions-a pair of Texas longhoms. There are said to be 
only about forty fWl bloodied longhorn catUe still in existence. «uuiuue 

This Arab head was bought by MRS. CASWELL at 
a barn auction in Massachusetts for fifty cents. 
The refinishing job she did herself. 

1 1 ritsTii fi' 


B§€h Mfff It 

AaoOer bMutffttl marble t(v hanging t^le oomes firom Italy, 

This huge eUboi«tely carved candle comes 
from Italy. 

Ill P'utuns 




Thur^qy, C3>^er 1^ 1970 




The Avalmi Hills Colcmlal Home DeoMxistrattoo Club, al(»g with other cluls from the area, demmstrated 
some of the things they have made. Left to right are: MRS. ROBERT H. JACKSON presifient, MRS. W.B. 

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MRS. SBIRI^T^ARR models a vehet evening giarm vhidi 
die attde. ^ ^ 

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K^lXaafi -CcHqh 

ISRS. R.L. STEPHEiec^ oS Ltfkqxff 
Forest models a {ant suit of waiduAde 
acrylic knit. The blouse is of dacr<n and 
C(rtton. MRS. STEPHENSON speirt dbout 
four hours maldi^ the paatstdtfromtdboirt 
$13 worth of material. 

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MRS. C.W. JERNIGMTof LonlonMdie 
i$ Hearing a hand screened sUk dree 
lifl) a UAH ireight d 6 o unces The 
dbress was made by IfiS. JEIMGAN 
from a sari wMdi she lnr<^M bade 
from India. 

I>'^«« ft^ItlkL 

jiiiPAOKAVi^ mm 



to receive. 

/N 5l6)iJ 

every week 

Service Mgr. 



• Free Lubrication 

•Free Front-end 

(With This Ad) 

General Mdtors 
PernMifient Awtl»Freeae $2.7$ aei 


21st. A Pacific Ave. Phona 428-2132 


ThumtfBQf, Omober 22, 1970 


Page If 



General Contracta 

PaintiJhg & Deeoraiing a SpeeiaUy 
Additions & Remodeling 

30 Yean Experience 

Just About Everybody 
Is Shopping ... 

S^^^i^S'*?!:^ *** CM Donrfaloo Lane am ROBERT K fflCKS,^) 3805 Concord Bridge Road. 
^nJ^lXL^Sf* *" c«gritftilated for top sala achievement by JOSEPH TERRY, fegiri' 
naaactrftHitCo^tdiiedbisuraneeCoiBini^ of America. "^buiuu 

TJe prftMnSBons were made at a regional meeting In ArUngton, Va. 

^teiftt ,^«fW?R?i?J2!.f '^"* of Comblned^aDd HICKS is a representative in the accident 
and health divlslom TCRRY Is based in flie southeast divisional office in Richmond. 

kecutlve gmcer d Naval Air Sta- 
tion 0(^11)^ I^Mliurts foo3 cm- 
[duct awards dtrri^ recent cere- 
monies, fbtt award recipients 
[are: (1 to r). Air Ccmtrolman 
Petty CMIIoer First fclass (ACl) 
Aviation Madiinist's Mate H»cip- 
roci^fig En^ae Mbchaidc my 
Officer Second Class (ADR2) 
[HAROLD JACK^N; Stewairds- 
I AvitliMi Boatpraln's MiAe Air- 
I craft HamiliQg Petty Officer 
TUr^Class ^Ara^^SERRY L. 
WfMyiaS is^mm Sorekeep- 
er PettjroaietrnnlCbss (AKl) 

We foke PersoMi PrMe In Ovr Work 









s:- - 

Don't YOU Miss If! 

Our Only Locations 





Pa^ iZ 


TtiMrs^i^jDe^btr ^ 1970 




MRS. J.H. YODER nuide an^Irini^r sandhwldiHi <m homemade bread. 

JOHN KANAGY ho!(te up a honM made weather vane while auctioneeTEU MILLER takes Uds and VAL- 
ENTINE MILLER records ttem. 


m BUGS ^ 

Houses Less Than^ 

$8 Per Month 
Phone 340-8267 


(Cougars, Moiilegiiii. Hfoniere^ii. 
WagoDfi and More!) 




Over Dealer's Invoice Cost! 
2375 Vlffiiiia iMeli IM. of Lm^r Irirffc— 34MI00 

litis group was not p<ftIng^for tte photographer, tl^ were watching the auctioneer and were not aware 
tbev were bem? T^MtaeTanhMl. 

ttiey were being i^wt^ajA^. 

Thurt<iQy, Oct<M»er 22, 1970 



Pogt 13 


25^«"°**?**'**** y°™« "" *"^ t cup of cTder for tlie youne lady. The IN 

GlOaA HH^BERGER looks over a display of decoratioos which 
J2f i ^J^J^ ^ y*"*»K P«oP*« o' ^ ProvldeDce Mennooite 
HSmM^f* t^ booth are BETTY MILLER and DIANE 

Of JOHN MILLER it has been said that he can do anything. JOHN is a mechanic 
for Yoder Dairies but here he is the Village Blacksmith. He made horse shoes 
with the name of the purchaser. 

NEW SNfPMfJirr. 


'6r — 

«f iust §iiit Hm t9 ttvf kiiHtiii§ tli9t§ 
^ ' F Christmn §IH Hms. 

Vut §ni swttfw f§ntt ff mfcA hbrks 

t«f as Mp wHk f9ur stlMhn: 

9'ab/iic A^OAji Sfioj) 

MMMW CML, VL IMOI 464-5979 


"Tidewater's Original" 




ISl E. Little Creek Rd. 
Wudt Coiner Norfolk 




Thuf $^, (k^Qlier n, 1970 

Baysid« iions Club holds turkey shoot 

The larfe lorooat al tte Bs^sHte lie 
from Uie shoot telped tte Ucos jroniott 

tu fht y ghu utnotioB^ wjayed ttemnhmiM proeeedi 
£av(Hrite {rojeet-tid to tte bUnt. 

TED DAVIS and KELLY WHITE get ready to win another turkey, 
they had already won eight wten this picture was tidcen and were 
still shooting. 










OPEN 7-10 7DAYS 



lioa J08H BC^FMtM niiitm 

t. GREG FURm, U8N DC m 


piMM wti VMnMw^ «M te Pimm* c^^ 

guHiAn of n* WnM BMcft Sun 
Ootden B. MKchM, Mtnagw 

3in PMic tma, Viqjnii SMch, Va. 23451 


Thurtday, Octolwr 2fc 1970 




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5154 B Princess Anne Rd. 
iin the Heart of Kempsville 



RXCHMOND, VA. i|ai$ 



45thYi|ar No. 39 

Virginia Beach, Virginia; Thursday, October 29, 19701 

Telei^ione 428-2401 

10 cents 



- H 
By Raymond WilUama 

noted VirginU Beach 

City A dvertising Contract 

Agencies Level ' 

' Charge 

Fourminutos-big difference 

QUESTION: Would you give meageneralideaaboat mjr fttfure? 
I am e«4eiited In my home life and job. I liave dtt ^Id-vlll 
Qiere be ai^ more? Also, am I Aries or taunis? Signed ENH. 

ANSWER: Y(hi gave us a birth time of aroimd 9 a.m. Since 
(M|ly four minutes of time duoges the degree (rffliisign 
rteing by one degree, it is inqtossible to determtoe, wltti aigr 
•itioiiBt of accuraqr^ Just what degree <A the idgn you have on 
tite ascendant. I think it is probably tbe early degrees of Gemini, 
bujt can not be sure. When we do not have ^ birfli time ac- 
e^rately it is impossible to give any definite time foir the 
aspects to brii« the events laromised by ttie progressed horo- 
scope into the lUe. Four minutes off and ttie'eveot irbidi will 
eome into the life will be off one year. Eight mimites and we 
aii» (rff two years, so doing a column liljie this nd trying to 
pia-pdnt timing of event$, without rectiUcStioe^ is very un- 
prcfkttional I know. I tUnk the educative value Is suffldent to 
Jwttfy beiog called inaceuri^, beeawe the evei^ did not mat- 
erialiie irben I stated that I thought they would. The reader 
reaction bads iq> ttds belief enou^ to sati«ry me. 

Now considering the above, let me rush in where angels 
fear to tnad. I would say that you are not as conteitf as your 
letter indicated. The planet Salban is stetiwied over flie planet 
Mercury iust now, and it is the nature of Sfturn to depress and 
sttfle. This would indicate that you are»not "feeling" too well 
9!owA somettiing. Also, about 196S, something h^vened in 
relafiooslilp te your hom aod i suspect that it sBU bothers 
yon. O^r the nasi few years, and if I had the exact time 
of tArth I would \>t willing to |dn-point the time, you will 
have some serious problems in relationship te your health. 
The Sui^ by progression will nx^e Mto #t ouposition to die 
planet Mars. This is usually an Indication of health problems, 
apd sinw Mars is located in the house of health at birth 
Q siqvQie)„ (^ health could very well suffer. This is not 
meairt to frti^en you, but rather to advise youtowatdittie 
bfplth ctosttf fliiiyott normally would. 
ili^ are iome rather good aspects taUhg place at Ok 
san^ time. Mars, at this time, will be maUng a iood as- 
pect to the idanet Jupiter (tbe great b^iefic) Is &e house of 
JJII^^tiiiee. This could vm well briBg some ifwnieicied )oot 
'mt^imtma^JBi0tt%: ikaa dUl ffie Sua, t^ tifogreifsloh» 
>ill makeaMfti9ri{lipecttoih^NiMMeon.T1dstrsiirftr 
fotag to ^feet the .hornet It aaeios to be ipi^ of mmtal 
-IgiUllodty or worry on your part. I don't vaitf to try to dn- 
^^biat ttie time on this event, ^nce we have ^ taewrect tarth 
time. In lad, it te (()elip|i tot me tohav^msdstbeioccast 
that I tanw made. If you would like, you can feel free to tell 
me how wrong I am. I promise I will iiubttsh the Mter. 

Take yourself in hand 

QUESTION: Could yoU please tell me if my future holds 
ai^tUng of iderest for me. I work tttrd but everything falls 
ttart. Sometime I feel I will lose my mind. I am very lonely, 
%U1 1 ever meet anycme ri^t for me? Singned MJH. 

AI^WER: The most j^onounced asped of ymir horoscqpe 
tim fiRt ttat Nepteae is stetioned id tiie fourth hnise (fovem- 
iog tte home). Hm nature of Neptune is such ttiat it creates 
ootfUion uA imwrtainty.,In relationship to your hom life 
ttds is 9iite Obvious. A, good descrlp^on ^ ttie nature of 
e to isolatioa or aloneness, 

jdaaet Mara is conJunct%e planet Venus. Mars is flie 
rtrqngOTt aawgy ioxek in ^ horoscope and Venus is ttie af- 
fedfaml nature. Ccoddned, you present a pidureof an ex- 
tra^ IQIedionate persim. These two planets are also in 
i^y i^ relationship to Saturn, the planet of stability and 
Jiviter (the great benefie). This means^ slD^y,.that you «111 
have all that lif^ to to offet, one day. 

CoBsidering this, let's look at n^t is taking place in die 
Horosc<9e now. Why are yoA so lonely and depressed? What 
are the aspects tlyut are caiKing you this despair? The answer 
is th^ there is nothing in the diart at ttds time to give you 
ttie energy to do anything. There are ho major aspects in 
the <^art at the present, it is at these times, iilten nothing 
to hp^Kdng, ttiat we are likely to get into the doldrums. 
We permit our anwarance to suffer, our personality becomes 
a dreary chore. If you will take yourself in hand^-get a new 
hair-do, start a' light exerdse prt^am, chedc ycwr diet and 
do an overh«iI of your wardrobe, you will be delisted to chs- 
oover th^ witMin a year the fire of life will be rddndled and 
thto SiiMhtering dtocontent will be turned into a blase itf eiwrgy. 
Things are on the move for you. 

Recently I did a horoscope ftfr a young lady who was exper- 
iencing thto same lack of interest. She had permitted herself 
to be(»me quite depressed. On the advise of fdends die came 
aU the way from Richmond to have me do her horosec^. 
H^ldly she Is following my advtoe and things have token a 
very ioaA turn for her. 

You, too, have some very interesting e]^ri«ices alwad 
of you. Be prepared, physically, mfBtallfluid emoOiteally, 
so Uiat you can take advanta]^ (tf tte exdttng period, which 
U sure to o>me in the near future. 

You may travel soon 


QUESltON: I am (Uvorced and caring Inrihy aged mt^ier. 
I have bad to give up my life to be with her. I feel ttall am 
siow^ #^ Do y(Ni see any improvenwnt in a^ lite in ttw 
mar ttleaM agOKi: G.P. 

ANSWER: A^n no corred birth time. We could be so much 
more ae^i^ if wehpd tte eorred time of btrtt. It to vital 
to a <H>iiGpth«aiiva a^ysto of tbe horoSo^. 

tUs mS^ I tldidc I on say with some feeling of accuracy,^ 
howevw. Mffs, tqr Um proeera »lled |Hr(^r«sl«^ has bera 
oppci^ tte (riaiwt Nt{^e« "Mt^ to stattooed in tte sign 
of tm^ 9k birth. Thto Is m thtog that INM^ brtn^ 
^e^ t» ttwM, t^m Cancer rules (he hMS. 

Itet to Am i^ Mer0 idnet, and In epportttton can on^ 
DMaa a wivA tNl (rf «Ntfttd to tte i^ of the hone. I^pec* 
Ueatty. In oppotf ttw to WK^mm, woiM pndsee tee lMtti% 
oflM^MlraM^ ^w ^^rtiitt^ 

Tten te tann a good mped brtwrai Hw prt^^utf Sm 
sod M rittid port tton. Tou an be gratis! Iiat thto i«s ttfdng 
I^iM, \maast tttf^i wwU teve been omMBi^ly wwse 
had jnu ad been »^^q^ tti #e(teemlq| unmmm ftvm 

(CortlaMd CD pap I) 

Three Virgida Beach Adver- 
tising agenda Wednesday 
diarged that ttte City to"totolIy 
to error" in ite attempt to 
select an agency to handle toe 
dty's $204,000 advertising ac- 
comit for me next two at three 

The agendes heads cA Media 
I Advertlsihg, Capital Advertls- 
togand Argus Advertising, said 
to a press conference at the 
White Heron Motel that the 
dty was acting in an unpro- 
fiessional manner wheq it elim- 
inated the local agencies from 
competition for tttt dty account. 

"The dty is takli« a flexible 
creatfve industry and making 
it Into a fat, sluegtoh extensidi 
of l)ureattcratic ccmtrol,"^ they 
said to a Jdd release. 

The group charged th^ the 

dty has in the past attempted 
to do business with local firms, 
but in thto case no true Vir- 
ginia Beach firros are being 
altowed to make presentations. 

The agendes seleded to 
make presentations-byaspedal 
advertising setedion Jury are 
Ballard, Lawter, and Utile of 
Norfolk, Martin and Woltz of 
Richmond, and Brand and Ed- 
monds Assodatek atoo of Rich- 

It was learned, however, that 
Laura Lanibe Adverttsing 
Agency of Virgida Beach has 
joined with Martin and Woltz 
as a consultant to that firm to 
make a presentation before the 
committee. Mrs. Lambe, who 
qperates a one-woman agency, 
has held the dty's account since 

Light Vote 

A light vote to expected T^ies- 
di^ |(Dr|h|^e«^of aUlited 

s^if s^pii^^ congr^sinin 

liioa «M4«lsiDUri(rii^^ 

CoMfliMBin.' I 

Cdtgressman TIe^ N. 
Downing IS ruanii^ ihltivoeed 
for tbe Third DLrtrii^ wA, 
The three conten^rs for ttie 
senatorial seat are Democrat 
Ge<»'ge Rawlings: Rep#U<w> 
Ray GaiiaDdi and Independent 
Harry f. Byrd Jr., the incum- 
bent semrtdr. 

The four proposed revisions 
Iodide: No. 1 approiws revi- 
sitms to the main bo%^ of the 
CoBstitiitton, deleting «»solete 
penages, reorganlling and re- 
writing some sections for 
grater clarity, using simple 
and straig^orward language, 
and in general Baking flie Con- 
stiti^B more ftmdamental. 

No. 2 leaves it to the Gen- 
eral Astembly to dedde whe- 
ther to allow (Hr forbid lotteries. 
Propcsal No. "Z does not it- 
self allow lotteriM. 
' No. 3 sonwwhat oilarges the 
caF^dty of the Stote to issue 
general obligatton bonds for 
capital projeds andestabltohes 
a debt Umit l»sed on die in- 
come kA the CommonwMlth. 

No. 4 allows tte General 
Assembly to save money by 
pledging Virgida's full faith 
and credit behind certain se- 
lected bonds tosued for reve- 
nue-producing projected thus 
securing a lower interest fate. 

The number of absentee bal- 
toto to wually a piage u to' 
how the dty's voters wlU turn 
out. Offidato estimate that the 
number sed out reprraentocoe 
per cent of the total vc^ng. 

Based on tUto abod 17,000 
of the dty's nearly 54,500 re- 
gtotered voters will go to the 

General Regtotrar Mrs. Ania 
Cottcm said Wednesday toat h^ 
office had sent wA 18? sdteen- 
tee balloto and that as of that 
morning 81 had been returned. 
The (toadline for an^ying f(»- 
tl^e baltoto to tocU^, i^ add. 

A nnnd>er fA (^i^s will be 
teade to ttts polling {daces, 
ettedive inth this electi«w 
SoflM K) new |dae^ tave bert 
ad^, rile said. 

The B«^ Bor(^ irtU have 
three pi^ig {dae» iaUNd cf 
tiN>...Codto ElenwiAiry SAooJ 
fw vo^t from ttie soutt wd 
ttaroogK nth Steeet; Vlrgato 
Be«£ Jniw Ri0i Sdio^ for 
thoM firom Wh %«et teo^ 
»M ^feet; tad GattlM Spto- 
eapA Ctari^ fdr ttoM fttm 
m&^mk ttvough «^Sb?eriU 

iotMoea p^dast his hMs 
spSTvo tttf vcNM irtU gQ (a 
M p(Ato U (»d OoeiioB£to- 
flMM^ry Schod aid il ks^mt 


Kenpvilie voters witt go to 
p<4nt fif iFiev, Afjrowhead and 

fto irho oefitMratsd at 
txMidon Bridge wffi gottt^mult^ 
wood Etemedary S<^ alhd 
toose who once vded at Lynn- 
haven Elementary Sdiool will 
^ to Windsor Woods Elemen- 
tary Sdnol. 

Woodstock resldento will vote 
at Woodstock, Kemps Landing 
and KempsviUe Hi0i sdiooto. 

Mrs. Gotten said that voters 
uncertain about the changes 
should call her office at 
427-4667 for clarification. 

'(1) Virgida Beach A-GaUlee 
Eptoccqpal Churdi 

(2) Virgida Beach V-Vlrgida 
Beach Junior High 

(3) Virgida Beach C-Cooke 
Elemi»ntary School 

(4) Uddiorn-Unkhom Park 

(5) Seatock-Seataek Fire Sto- 

(6) Oceuto-Oceana Fire Statton 

(7) Utae Neck-Kings Grant 

CD London a, Bridge-London 
Bridge Fire Station 

(9) Trantwood-Trantwood Ele- 
mentary Sdiool 

(10) Great Neck-Jolm B. Dey 
Elementary School 
(ll)C^>e Henry-Assodatlditor 
Research & Enli^enment 

(12) Plaza-Lynnhaven Etomen- 
tory School 

(13) Windsor Woods-Windsor 
Woods Elemedary Sdiool i 

(14) MaUbu-^bu Elementory 

(15) Aragona A-Old DomticHi 

(16) Araliona B-Aragona Ele- 
mentary Sdiool 

(17) Chesapeate Beach-Chesa- 

(Cootinued on paj^ 3) 

Argus Adverttolng president 
Donald G. Wizeman Jr., said 
that what the agendes are ob- 
jecting to to the fact that the 
dty is not allowing the beach 
agendes to make even a 
courtesy presedation. 

Wizeman said the committee 
selected the toree agencies not 
on the basis d creativity but 
on the size of the agendes' 
billing and toe number of per- 

sonnel employed. 

Wizeman and the other roedto 
heads, William P. Gaspar of 
Capital and James M. Johnson 

Jr. of Media I, Itoted 19'pdnto 
as a basto for their opposition 
to the dty's move. 

Major pdds of critictom 

""The city has no one member 
who can be considered an 

authority on advertising. 

*Tte questtonaire sent to the 
17 agendes who showed interest 
to the contrad was biased to 
exclude smalter agendes; 14 
agendes M^sponded. 

*Two of the noD-dty agencies 
selected are in violi^on d a 
stipvdi^on th^ the agency 
selected would nd handle any 
account of andher "polittcal 
Jurisdidion" within a radius d 

Caspar, Wlzentan and Wlllram Verdiiin of i^/iedu I. 

200 ndles. 

Martin andWoltxhandles ptri. 
of the State d Vlrgloia acoooat 
and the Virgida Stote Porto 
Authority aecooBt wWe Bri* 
lard, Lawler aadilftte hndles. 
the dty d Htts^ploB tear> 

The firms fael that the i|g- 
endes hid made apre-arrtaiad 
deal with dty i^ctoto lor tlia 
accourt to avddtog the pro-' 
xiraity sitoatton. 

^TheselediaifllatBactotto . 
based on the blUtog tad ad,. 
OQ creativity. 

*Abod $10,000 to toies «1U 
be lost if toa aoeooaft laaies . 
me dty, to iitttfoe to whi^ 
they term "ri4e-atoog"toaf- 
ness (tota]iag)ttesameiaMNlnt.. 

"Some peopte will wt$ flat, 
thto to Just sour grapss on 
our part. Well, we agree it 
to in part, bd «e tUnk HMre 
to something that to a Uttte 
more formeded somevhere to 
thto govemm«atsl traiA ttr- 
rel," Wiaemaa sild. 

"We tUnk toe paoptod Vir- 
gida Beadi shmdd know ilM^ 
being done with thdr $204,000 

tepaidr' 'toybe our aoiff 
gri|esTwllL|i*wd |re- 
ocev^e Clinch a coHtraffle- 

Advertt^ to» nevttlNeB 
business that cotddhe nsasared 
in terns cf doltors and csBto, 
WiieaposalA. "They walftto 
take aU^ flash Mttflafcdit 


Bid Sale of Pendleton 

The Virgida Surfing Asso- 
dation has termed "redicu- 
lous" a recommendation Ijy Go- 
vernor A. Unwbod Hotton's 
Managemed Study Committee 
ttiat tbe Camp Pendleton area 
be sold to the hi^est bidder. 

"We strongly expose toe re- 
commend^on made that Camp 
Pendleton, after ite abolish- 
ment, be sold to tbe bluest 
bedder," said VSA chairmanH. 
Jack Jennings Jr. 

He said that the state price 
tag of $1 million placed aa the 
450-acre track Is alarming. 
"It implies that someone is 
already la^ng the groundwork 
for a possible sale of 450 acres 
of beauttful land," he said. 

The VSA is apprehensive that 
toe Pendleton site may end q> 
as .a maze of hot-dog stands, 
concrete and wall-to-wall mo- 
tels, he said. 

Jendngs said the VSA en- 
dowed the action by CityCoun- 
dlman F. Reid Ervin when he 
called for the opposition to the 
state's sale to the highest bid- 
der. Ervin asked that consider- 
ation be given to maintaining 
toe park In perpetuity for the 
use of the dtizens. 

"Such a fadlity, operated by 

Drug Meets Start 

Ttxt Drug Focus Comndttee 
of Vir^da Beadi has com^^ed 
{dam tot a series d pddic 
meattop tt hopes will be in- 
strunmtol in the fl^t apinst 
drug i^buse to the dty. 

Tht finrt M^(» wai held 
tost dgbt at First Colodal 
Hl^ Sdiool. The second to to 
be at IM Nov. 4, at 
Ptosa J^<n- H^ S^eol. 

Yootti ui pmmim are 
Moouraged to attend nd par- 
ttdpite to thaAMviens. 

Pubttc tmpmm will de- 
tera^ tte rtieMtof dflnet- 
i^i to ottw we^M of the 
d^, Drv Foeos CmniMm 

^^■Iraaa Mr^ De^ E. 

Mrs. ToMg Mai ttatf toe 
I^^ Fo&tfCmu^X^ hs^m 

the "frank dialc^e" expected 
at toe meetings will help get 
to die "why" of drug a^use, 
toe scape of the problem in^ 
toe city, and ideas on rehabiU- 
taion. All iderested dtizens 
are Invited to address toe meet- 
ings. However, it to requested 
ttiat those desiring to do so 
send a post card to City Clerk 
Richard J. WeWxai, who also 
to a member d ttie Drug Focus 
Comndttee, at the Municipal 
Center, Virginia Beach. 

It to expeded that aU 19 
members of the Drug Focus 
Committee will be present 1U 
ttie DMettngs. Also, couiKilmen 
and other dty c^dato, re- 
{re^datt^ d diarchy, dvic 
dite and Mr^-Teach^ A&- 
soctottons are re<pi^ted to at- 

either the stote or the dl^r 
under a lease from toe stfte, 
could provide a vartoty d •!- 
tradtons aiKl add greatly to our 
tourist trade," Ervin said. 

He also advocated reserva- 
tion of land at the Site for 
another golf course and a sur- 
fing park. 

Jendngs said the VSA would 
like to see a professional pton- 
dng group sudi as the city's 
idandng department study ttie 
situdion and produn reeom- 
mendattons on the ise. elimin- 
attng toe possildlity d private 
ownership. ., . 

Tbe land, Jendngs said, to 
suited for use as community 
college site, for a sports co- 
lisem, a mental health fadUty, 
a horseradng track, a state 
or dty park and zoo, as well 

Panel for 
seniors set 

The Gddan<» Department of 
First Colddal High School will 
sponsor a panel for sedors 
and toelr parente on general 
coltege informaUon Novemlier 
10 at 7:30 p.m. in the school 

Four general areas will be 
discussed: admission reqdre- 
mento, ftnandal aid, the two- 
year private junior college, 
community college and college 

A questton and answer period 
wlU follow the in-esentdion. 

The panel will consist d 
Mrs. Harriet Reed, dean d 
admissicms for women, The 
College of William and Mary, 
admissloiffi; Kent Sdnlto, 
coordinate of spedal projeds 
and adivitos tor ^ State 
Coundl d Hi0ier Edtt<^oo d 
Virginia, finandal aid| Dr. 
Harold MoGee, provost, Tide- 
water Commmity Col^, toe 
two-yev coltegei and Dr. 
Stanley Plida, (^n of general 
stttU^, Old Don^doo Udver- 
sity, collei^ majors. 

Sed(^ nd ttidr parratoare 
urged to attend. 

IS a sorftog and swimidog 
pirit on toe oeeanfrod. 

JM)li«s said ha hopes ttie 
slle^ BMJortty of dttasfls, who 
are slocfcto^rs la ttie Camp 
Pendtetoo area, will nd Sit 
idtoy by and let sonecae id- 
tempt to take the land awiy 
for a profit making purpose. 

The Governor UUid what he 
saw when he attended tte East 
Coast surfing Champtonsl^ps 

to Aagnd, Jeab«s i^ 
aad at ttat ttme said tf toe 
mperimMt was meemtitA 
fliere WIS a twssttilUtr aitt* 
ttme sorttog pvk eoaU4» ifl 

"We Wnkttie«q»rtBMirtiis 
a tratondous sbo^ss/* 8e 
sdd, "wd we k^ tte p«gle 
voa't tot toto go by 
a fight." 

Hanbury Is A ssL 

George F. Hanbury 11, a 28- 
year-old adndniiArdive asids- 
tant to NOTfdk's dty mna- 
ger, has been immed ttw new 
asdstant to Viri^ Bead^s 
dty manager, effecttve Novem- 
ber 16. 

Hanbury will assuoM David 
L. Norman's duttes when New- 
man leaves to become Lynch- 
burg's dty mnager ttie first 
part d November. 

Hanbury, who served witti 
Norfolk fw 29 monttis, ns 
p>a(h^ed from the Vlrgtoto 
jPplyteclmic Instttote wlto a 
tMdielor's degree to pddic ad- 
mintotrattoD, wlto a omcentra- 
tton to HHuddpal govemmento 
and admidstrgtton. 

l^ was also u evedag pro- 
ffer at OU DomidoQ IM- 
verslty for one ynr, iteie 
he taugtt pdAcadoUstrdioDl 

Hadrary has oomideted some 


Entertoinment, ......2 

Mit«1atotj »««.^M«>...w..<w. 4 

DeattB...... mtnuf—f***"**^ 

Women........ ••••••«»•»• 7 s B - 

C1asslfled..ww..«.««««»»».»« 9-11 
^poriSf. ...... .»»»•••»•••.•••••• ■' 


pad^ «oric at George Watt^ 
togton tIflivinMir la tcfm^ 
meiM adaddstrattra* 

He to a menhc^ of the Id« 
tMSMloa City MlHiiineat As.. 
sodMoi *d«a Ato^leM Ssn 
dety QtPi^eidBdflMnttn. 

Along adto Ms lAto Oaiil 
sad ttdr aSB ^<^ U Ul 
Hanbury Uvesti^^lhe TMOhbek 
of WoodaU Soad la Kcrldk. 

Rank 1st 
in Area 

In a r^Mt f^ort raAasMd 
Hy the Vlf^ite Umfim ^ 
sodat^^x VliiEUto tttoch to 
radead twdftt iatta itote to 
the aomber cf certified purseo- 
ael la Ite school dl^rtataa. 

TMs mat ifltees Vlr»»« 
Beach first la sdnol dtvUtai 
in ttie ndawator area la ttib 
iinn*e*' df totdisrs holding 
plar teadiing oerttfieatea 

The reports states ttat 
per eeot ef tte In^ 
persoBDel d ttw Virgit 
eertlflesto and tt 
«utf d tta to^tai 
aoart todd Oe Ptt 



Virginia BMdi Sun 

f, om^smrm. If TO 


Mu Th^ Made It! 

rc« VirgtnU Btas^ , Uttto 
itn bM fbumt tt eliBttdt 
;.4Mrss to 09m a 1970*71 stt^ 
90Q tMt oom* Frtdiy nltfit ttay 
«1U« indeed, open vlth "I 
Kevur Sue lor My Fitber". 
Tie ^fm mt tanel^ ftc 
« «i^ MMNB iftir tti 
CtMH^piN MqMm fmierty 
tMi MM Md ttiqr kM ttilr 
teM. X4«t Itfl leeri tMtev 
reiMlned tfnrl^ «M tte ex- 
of a qfeelil SRiide- 
i |fa9 prMMlid itartte 

ne tetfre |M|li bnre tam 
Ar«|^lB| tor Miiie maStn to 
MHd thefr (Miftteite»Mldti|. 
Tli» imiwr^ to raiUlde 00 
^ Sbpeei nd Butwtoa, it 
taB been tigered ud inivred 
twi ttwl law been ao tetb. 
A Mmd idve one qi» sad^ 
tabdtfai and a reqent to ite 

A tov ^mIMi af» tte lint 

lai^eHqnlb eaow* A «are- 
hoeae «muiq> I>eiiltletai voold 
be BMft afiilai)le f<w lebMr- 
Hlitf a ilaee to |>erforn eo^ 
be k^irted. 1%i«KrdieimeC»r 
vas (^eOqr piMMd aod aorae 
<rf Oi ttieatre leaden aet tfXHit 
fiailiv a '^atn" of aorta. 

Ib^r potalbtlltlea «en 

aardKd b^orc a aotaHca naa 
iMBd. Tbe WWto Reroe^ only 
iMMs^ inrdHMed^Vl^lMA 
BMid Eotorjrlia8| biftded ^ 
Rltte Aiteaa, voold ndce a- 
vtf Uble tta ^ Barbour Roon.^ 
tUa ina prevlooaly a priv^ 
dife ttd dacse ^aiAa$ in tbat 
eapaii^ It Iw bMS aaedody 
Ik prtvato lartltt or neet^iip* 
It irtll tnritaalQr be eoa?ertod 
iito a s^9^r cMb. 

WUb flito madi food lack 
beMnd ttea, tte Uttle tbiptn 
dto-baitlalaiBebed into the pro- 
dnettoe of tte Robert AaderMO 

Tbe "rebearatf balP'.vel- 
eone tbo^ it was, inroved to 
be m ofetfbide- covrae la Ite 
om ilgtt. It li flUed vltb mttt- 
\xn nqipUes and pnjiyiidiiaa, 
hu as bMC od li tte aise 
olf a bffn.f A iqr not in tbe 
middUi o( Ids mi {Sea: ed for 
a "atote") bal tt jeoidd only 
be laid Mraoiil tbe *%oaft" 
of Hie "atafi" Ue^ %Vkmk 
««tt. t%e Orector, Uarjr 
^NMHaaia, never aaw tbe ex- 
ftea^Qoa OB Ma actors' Ibcea 
Jart veck! Voioes were 
in tte vaatnesa of tte 
^Aad tbe. east sbo(4c 

Ffy Shaw (left) and Herbert Harrell rehearse a touching scene from 
"I Never Sang for My Father". 

A tow raoK otetadea were 

ttrovn li^ thdi'patt OdswedE 

bat tbe tbeatre |)eo|de have 

iMnied to step over Item. Tbejr 

J«6t teep performing and know 

all win tivn out.for the best. 

tt will be tbe ffrst time tbe 

little tteatre las been dole to 

offer a diim«r theatre eoooept 

to its nendben and sqiporten. 

lliey will provide tbe pUy uid 

the White Heron wiU provide 

tte extnmely popular ahrinn>'n 

beer boSM the Bay Harbour 

has beeodi so noted tor. Bii^ 

WiU be served tnm 7 to 8 p,m. 

followed by tte play at 8:30. 

Cbektaila will be available. 

"I IHrvtfSu«torlify Father" 
will be ivetented Friday and 
Satiffday for the next three 

TV's Cabot *ere Nov. 9 

The ^^ii^sbed actor 4uad 
pcqwlar TV penooality, Sdtias- 
tlan Caixit, comes to Viri^a 
Beadi 00 November 9, in tte 
lint <tf two^ programs in tte 
Vlrgloia Beidi Forum, Tte 
Virginia Bwdi Rotary Club la 
spoororli^ tte program. 

CiSasA*s qspMnnce is sd>ed> 
uled for 6:30 p.m. at Princa» 
Anne Hif^ School (m Virginia 
Beadi Boidevard. Ilck^ tX 
$5 per "person are avidlabte 
from nwmbers of tte lU^ary 
Club and at the Chamber of- 

Co-$tar Idtt Brian Keitt in 
tte p(q>dar CBS-TV series, "A 
Family A^ir", CidMt is also 

witeiy known for his role of 
tte urbaaie Dr. Carl Hyatt in 
tte '^Checkmate" aeries and 
has i^ipeared as special guest 
<m , doce^ (tf top TV Aows. 

Among his special guest^TV 
rtuits teve been rolra In "Gun- 
smote/' "Alfred m^chcpck 
Presents", ••CUnux". "Play- 
house 90", "Dealni Play- 
house". "TwllightZ<»s","Bo- 
nausa"^ and "Tte Red Skelton 

Tlcfc^ for tte Cabot ippMr- 
ance will also todnde tte se- 
cond pi^«BtotioD in tte F<ffum 
series, Nnrscaster andNews- 
ptper Cotmmiist Bob Consiittne 
in Mtt^ <tf next year. 

Spaghetti A stro A dvide i (Coot, ma ■>. » 

^ rriMarse and were Ipppy to 
WPir tte Ifloainctf eneM. 

Last FrMgr Mght ttey brtd 
tte first rehearsal in tte B^ 
Haiboar. Sound and UgMs had 
to te set op, aeto arraafed 
Md l^Kkiag re-arru^ed. But 
it went almost without a Mteb. 


First Colonic High Sdiod 
Ba^d. Boosters wilt hcrtd^ 
«iii^pit^ si«iwyti»)igbt at tte 
shcool cafeteria firom 5 to 8:30 
l^^nist mon^ Ua onUorms 
a§ neS(ted musical Instru- 

Tictete will te available at 
tte door id $1.25 for adulto and 
75 rants for ddldren under 12. 

Mrs. .Geoife C. Meln Jr. 
is chairman of tte event. 

ttis progression. / 

Wten tte aspect between Mars*and%^time has oompl^ely 
pas^, tte planet Jupiter (tte great tennCic) will forma 
conjunetias witt tte planet^ ol tte ndnd. Mercury, Ttiis will 
certaiflfly brii« a period of release ftom tte menial stnln 
you . teve been ej^erimcing. tt steidd inqprOTe tte healtt 
as well, filnce that area is also involved. Vcub progrMsed 

Sun is te| 
ii^eh mlw 

ing. to make. a very good asp^totteplai^ 
home. T3iisi^9ean$ thatin aMotei 



te ait (^r- 
near fbture^ If the opportunily 
teeanse it irtll 

*imi^ <im ^tibe in &>< 

will te (i(»p<ferabiy imprl 

tunity to trml abroad in 

to do so pjbsents itself, lj|f all means do i 

te <iuite go« for you. Itenpjr, In fact. Tte fbtnre is really 

quite good, but as I teve stated tefore in this colunn^ being 

prepared, physioUly, mentelty and emotionally will mate 

ttings Just that mudi tetter. You will tten te able to mate 

tte most of tte (Opportunities that preseitf ttemselves. 

Hugh Downs, Rowan & Martin, 
Dr. loyce Brothers, Ed McMahon, 
Mel Allen, Gene Rayburn, 
George Carlin, Al Capp, 
Henry Morgan, Joe Garagiola, 
Bob Gonsidine and the Abel 
are regulars on 


Can you imagine what the 
guest list is like? Weekends, on 

I'^^Xl^ 'Sam Houston^ Citizen' 
Mon-Tues. VerhoUu Hits Planner 

Tbe Norfon: Utile Hi^^ 
will hoM fry-outs im '*TOe 
Desk Set" Monday and Tues- 
<tey at 8 p,m. at tte Uttle 
Tteatre. , 

Tte cast c^is for el^ nwn 
aod «A0t woiMtt. Parttds^w 
In tedMai^ mrk is also ml- 

"Tte DeskSet",toetteatre's 
mtmA dtwAag <rf tte I9?0-7I 
s^isoo, Mil te directed by 
ChicU Uvely ol Virgiida Beach. 
Mi^. Uv^ tes perfcn-med Witt 
tte NorMk Uttte Tbeitfre and 
tes (firected three produi^lc^ 
for tte Virginia Beadi Uttte 

The Norfolk Uttle Theatre Is 
tocated at 801 Cluremont Avenue 
in Norfolk. Try-outs are c^ien 
to tte pift>lic. 

Referendum To 
Be Discussed 

Ite proposed school booA 
referendum will te amoag, tte 
topics ttet Virginia Bea<^ 
School Superintendent E. E. 
Bridcellwill include in Us pre- 
sent^on itf die November 2 
PTA meeting at Windsor Oaks 
Elementary School. 

Tte meeting will start 
promptly at 8 p.m. in tte school 

, Sam fl<Msttn, Jr., speaUag 
once cRt tetelf of tte Ittdg- 
tea Civic League and once as 
"Sam HiMstoa, dttzen*' oKm- 
opoUHKi most of tt^ time of 
a retaflvely rtwecity Coundl 
meting Mondi^ ffl<^G«:. 

Hoia^ leVelM a somewtet 
pei^onal attack m Urn Barrow 
ct tte Planaing Departmeirt as 
l)eing riispoa^ible for what 
Houston 1tf)els "ftomity tm- 
ing" in tte Kempsville Uud 
Vm ^ttd^, wUch, inddeotalty 
wte uittnimotely aip'oved l^ 

HottttM said te was not op- 
posed to tte Kempsville plan 
but "Pm apinst its manner 
of imiflementotimi. On tte sur- 
face it s^jpeai^ to te every- 
thing we tmnted— more schools, 
jparte, recreati(»al facittties, 
more fire stations, water and 
sewer, even a regional hos- 

"His tortter recommended 
ttet our soiAtern underdeve- 
loped agricultural lands te 
barred from furtter devel(^- 
ment until tte pt^ulous resi- 
dential fi'eas now served by 
{Wblic uttlities are fully deve- 
k^. This, oi ^urse, will 
appeal' to tte i^ortment aiKi 
towoteiii^ developers atui will 

*MONEY' STAR—Sparkllng JoAnna Smel- 
sen stars as'*Cynthla"in the Lake Wright 
Dinner Theatre production of **Money." 
The musical opens Friday and will continue 
through Nov. 21 nightly, except Mondays, 
at 8:30. 

^ ^^li THUTRE 



Feature: M-6-8-10 





SERGIO FANTOfll s^^i, aa schwbt2K mm^m mm 




rhs Oifoof Bex 

Vincent Price cwkI Christcniher Lee 






m doiM save ttem a coi^- 
deriA>le amoint of motty. Ho 
tonpr . will tte KempsviUe 
temeownets te able to iMint 
(nA ttet ttere are tbowanrto 
(rf acres <A tnteveloped Und 
avalW9te fw townteuse ^- 
ve^meM. Witto^ a definite 
agenda of gi^tls, wtet is en- 
visicNoed feu* KempsirtUf , par- 
ticularly th(»e mi^teeted and 
tong owr<hie pd)Iic fadlitl«fii, 
will, I am afraid, raidsh In 
a Jungle of nure gas stt^ois, 
diicten hMts, huge Idllboar^, 
cluster sidKttvidois, planned 
unit (tevelopmeots ani density 
zoning sdieme$ ttesigned to 
continue tte prosUt^on ci de- 
vious sii^ devel($ment--and 
to teneftt tte builder and de- 
veloper of multt-famity adts. 

"Mr. Barrow, vIm) made tMs 
plan, told me (Houst(m) in new 
city planning in Utah and New 
Mexico 'Density tteorles' are 
wtet ttey use. Professional city 
{danne^ dcm't Ute 'fixed dis- 
trict aoting* tecMise it mates 
tteir Job mrt difficult. Mr. 
Barixjw, If^ tte record show, 
lives in a muM-family envlroo- 
mivSt hinraelf and cannot under- 
stand ttet established sini^e 
family livii^ is worth fill- 
ing for. 

"Many of us in Kempsville 
and dty wide offered Ws Coun- 
cil aod tte Plamdng I^iart- 
roent, free of diarge, dvlc and 
professional services to ex- 
pedite this stufy. Mr. Standing 
and Mrs. Stull (formerly witt 
tte Planaing Department) took 
advantage of that c^er and muy 
teurs of work and tendreds of 
suggestions were gattered. 
Wten Mr. Barrow retioned 
from tte Army and took over, 
no more telp was requested 
of tte dtizens. As a matter 
of fact, Just tte opposite te- 
came tte rule." 

Houston tten ask^fiirtter 
study of tte *idan voa thu tte 
vote te deliO'«<l tnit it wasn't. 
Coundlman Reid Ervin pro- 
tested Houston's statement as 
"an unwarranted attack on tte 
professifmal integrity of Mr. 

Mayor Donald Rho(tes adced 
Hoittton why, since te had at- 
tended ||1 MU^r teariifs cm , 
tte plw^ te. to"! |¥»f yd<^, Wj|i - 
objecttoos fa it'«)r£ler. Hoitfion 
said te ted .made obje^obs 
to tte plan from tte beginning 
but that te "learned a long 
time ago ttere's no use (^ 

feting J^ to te (rit>^iutl%'* 
RlK^tes rei|i^ted tt^la Ae 
toture te mte his d^JeetlAB 
known curlier. 

Sidd Houstc% "I hc^ you 
dm't pindA tm pers(HiaUy,I% 
Juit loollng out for tte best 
interests of tte dty <tf Vir- 
glMaBeadi. " 

Stertty ttere^ta*, Ami^ 
voliateered htssdMce h»|i1- 
i^de dtlsen <» tte matter of 
tte ^ctete of pi^perlirjiimed 
by tte Norfolk-SotMerftiBtfl- 
wqr Con^Mny ^i Itomps^ fin- 
$50,000. 'It's not worth any 
$50,000, snid Houston. '«lf8 
not good to tte' railroad for 
anything." He sn^sted a ocn- 
demntton sidt. 

However, Rhoil» said ttet a 
profwsional surrey stewid tte 
property to te worth more ttan 
$50,000 and that tte dty "oh 
condenonation coiddn't do any 
tetter if as well." 

City Man^r Rodger ^eott 
pcdnted out ttat tte railroad 
tes a valid ccmtrad witt a pri- 
vate company for tte bnd at 
a larger price. <C 

Coundl nited to negbtiate 
for tte purchase of tte pro- 
perty. 1- « 

, In otter adion Coundl:/ 

^Deferred for two more 
weeks tte application of J. 0. 
and C. K. Rodcefeller to build 
204 tomdKMises mid 96 afwt- 
ment udte'CD Clubteuse Boad 
in Princess Anne Flaaa ui^ 
the offer (tf a sdiool site can 
te clarified. 

*Appr<p1ated $4,07* to pur^ 
chase v^des qiinroved in tte 
1970-71 budget to oover tte In- 
creased cost of tteit vehicles. 

*Ap|Hroved an on&nnoe au- 
ttoriidBg tte issuance of $18, 
400,00 in Sdiool Bcmds. Scott 
said ttet a study is nowfb^ng 
nmde to as(»N*tsdn wtet ^effed 
this will teve on dty toxes. 

*Ann*oved tte extablishmeitf 
of a Citlcen Advisory Comndt- 
tee. Memten 'WlU not serve 
m(»re ttan two ooosecutive pfie- 
year terms. 

'^Postponed tte ai^didmeitf 
of representatives to tte Vir- 
ginia Beadi Art Museum un^ 

red an, .;. ordlaqaMa, 
HuttiHri^ftng^ ttn issuance «f 
$18,406^000. la School BoBdSi 
Scott said. ttei« study is now 
teing made to aicerttlni|at 
efled ttis will teve on wy 
ta»s«-. ;» . 

Singer To Entertain 

A young singer of some re- 
known will open Novemter 3 
at Nero's Nook at Caesar'a 
Restauraot, in Princess Anne 

Dan Tatam is a spedalist in 
pop standante, Broadmiy stew 
JuMs, sofi rock aod country- 
westoiii. He {days piano, two 
piano basses (put iHtt left hand, 
one with left foot) ahd rhyttm. 

A native of Winston-Salem, 
N.C., T^tum served witt tte 
Army and Spedal Services in 
Germany and ^ufas selected as 
tte test vocalist in European 
Command. He was one of a 
vocal group that won Arthur 
Godfrey's Taloit Scoute and one 
of tte five Page Singers on tte 
Patti Page televisicMi series. 

He has free lan(»d with vocal 
groups in New York on record- 
ing and such television stews 
as tte Firestone Hour, Bell 
TeleiAone Hour, Texaco Sped- 
als, Ctevy Stew, Ed SulUvan, 
Perry Como and Jackie Gleason 
shows. For 13 years te was a 
back • up singer witt Teresa 
Brewer and has sang and danced 
with such favoties as Vaughan 
Monroe, Keely Sndth and Johnny 

As a single performer Tatum 
has worked in Las Vegas, Lake 




Now remove cofm ib* ban, 
with FrMMMft. UqttU ft 
lif^«< paia I'miaiidT, woilu 
•kin tine w <ittioi«« <orm awiy 


is lnM 

Dan Tatum 
Taboe, Andiorage, Alaska and 
many popular resorts. He his 
appeared locally at tte Coach 
I Four and tte Golden Trl- 

Bach to Rock 
Concert Set 

The Norfolk Symi^iony will 
te {duggin ih some of ite imi- 
sical Uff a "turned-on"so<md 
when it pr^ente "Badi to 
Rock," Uw season's first Jfa- 
leidosc(4>e Concert, on Simdiy, 
Nov. 1, ai, 3 p.m. In tte G^- , 
ternKHAre. /' ^ 

Tickets for tte Nov. 1 "^ch 
to Rode" ccmcert, as weU ai 
season tickets for tte entire 
series (tf KaleioscopeCoD- 
certe, are availabte at tteNifr- 
folk Syihphony oCfice,700Bowd 
d Trade Buildii^, or ttey qdiy 
be pnrc^as«l at tte doco'. 

!« COLdH.. 

■■M -MUKHK^iwamMKnoHMLimsAm 

Fato^ i:^-<;4S-10im 




Feittu^ Etaily 

lilS 2:15 5:15 

7ll5 9m 

Prine«» Kiddle ^m Every Srtor^ 9:16 m 


Thurtdoy, Omtoer tS, 1970 


Virginia BMch Sun 



Travel Business Boosted 
By Visiting Groups 

load of travel directors |»ro- 

City Seeks 



sW9l$f ' d^ GreyluMind Alexandria and Wasbliqitoo, 
maxlwtlng specialists from d.C. on Sunday and after vls- 
«||iil add-Atlaatle states are itlng tlie scenlo and historical 
tmHim l^rftdk and Virginia apots of tliat area, tlie Ims- 
Haclrtttf vtek. 
. «Mlelotl»area,tbetravel 
dbdoiw irtU takiitlie Norfolk 
uA Vtr^nlt Btadi Tours and 
yfflt tHaCbetapeakt Bay Bridge 

ittm "get - aoquali^ed - wlth- 
VlrgMt" tour If tbe latest in 
A itrlis Ux trtvel Industry 
ptraonotl sponsoradfay tte Vtr- 
l^t Trvnl Council, accordli^ 
to R. Paricer Nilson, executlTe 
lAtM president of that travel 
pron^on firm. 

Nelson, ulu mlU personally 
eendttct me ireek-long visit 
ttirougk ttie state, said tt>e tours 
are designed to give Um travel 
specialists a first-hand view 
of tiie Commonwealth and show 
wiMt Virginia hu to offer the 
would - be traveler and va- 

The travel directors work 
in charter and tour offices ot 
Grej^und Bus tines and advise 
ttoMSnds of Amtrlcans where 
to trivel ead> year. 

."I^ast May, 25 travel repre- 
sentdives from ttie American 
AutomcMlf Association <d (Mo 
toured Virginia as guests cf the 
travel Industry and the VTCoun- 
cil plans a idmllar tour for AAA , 
cmnsllon ttom Ntw York State 
next spring," Nelson said. 

Tlw present tour formed In 

_Jank Gives 
Net Income 

First & Merdiants Corpor- 
ation reports net Income be- 
fore securities gains and los- 
ses for the first three quarters 
of 1970 of $5,209,009 as com- 
pared with $5,252,922 for the 

$8.a through the third quar- 
ts of 1970 compare wini$2.6i 
foii^^ same period a year 

Ket income after seoirlttes 
gato UMl losses was $5,163,327 . 
In Van^^uA $5,245,041 in 1969 
representing $2.61 per share 
for bo^periods. 

Cili^^atlon reported total 
deposits as of Sept. 30, 1970 
<a ^3.694,719 as compared to 
$69^60,872 a year ago. Total 
loasiSept. 30 were $490,281,517 
and Wre $486,689,518 Sept. 
30, 1969. Total resources were 
$864,890,357 as of Sept.30,1970 
and were $819,955,076 a year 

sgo.v . 
Fifeures for both 1969 and 

1970|kave been adjusted to 
ref]|et comparable fig- 
ar« of Aflwrban Natlanal 
Bankiit Virginia, whldi merged 
with iFirst & Merchants Na- 
tional Bank July 31, 1970. 


Lloyd B. Gunter has 
beef) elected to a se- 
cond one -year term 
as vice president of 
the Virginia Oil Fuel 
Inslltute. He heads 
Gunter Oil Company 
of Wrglnia Beach. 

ceeded to Frederidaburg ao£ 
ttwn to the Tidewater area 

Later in the week they will 
bead west for Charlottesville, 
Lynchburg and Roanoke and thi 
last leg of the journ^ will taki 
the visitors up Into the Valley 
of Virginia via Lexington, 
Staunton, New Market mi 
Luray. A Sunday drlvt up Van 
Skyline Drive toview the autumi 
foliage Will complete the tout 
of ttie Commonwealtti. 

In addition to ttie out-of -staff 
travel ejqierts, two specialist 
ftom Virglola Highway Infor- 
mation stations will also ac- 
company tbe group. Tlie sta- 
tiohs are operated by ttie Vir- 
ginia State Travel Ser^ee ani 
are located on major highway! 
leading into ttie state. 

Greyhoimd lines - Easi 

operatM in 17 states and in ttie 

Distrlet of Columbia, along ttie 

•eastern seaboard and west to 


The travel Industry is ttie 
second largest industry In Vir- 
ginia and last year had a 1 1/2 
blllioB dollar impact on ttie 
state's economy. 

Cockrell speakSb 

V&l^nla'Beaai's new direc- 
tor of economic develc^ment 
told members of ttie develop- 
ment (»uncil last Thursday 
night ^hat^hls.dep^tment is 
encouraging only business de- 
velopment in the dty "ttiat is 
compattble with our fresh air 
and sea." 

During ttie development coun- 
cil's annual dinner meeting at 
the Washington Club Inn, Jim 
DeBelUs told ttie group, "Un- 
fortunately, ttiere arettiosewho 
think btislness mevis smoke- 
stadts and water pQUitfioa," He 
pointed to the increased use of 
coftiNiterizatton''iti business 
which doesn't damage ttie eco- 
logical balance. ^ 
. The development council, a 
non-poUticalorganisatton made 
up of Beach merchants and 
dttSens^ also heard reports 
from Frank Creasy, dty In- 
formatton officer, and Jdm 
Balnea, chairman of the cham- 
ber of commerce's "Commit- 
tee of 100." 

The economic development 
department, ttie post of dty in- 
form^on 6tAc6T and the Com- 
mittee of 100 were Inittated re- 
cently l^ ttK dty coimdl after 
recommendattons by the Vlr- 
giida Beach DeveU^mentCoun- 

The recommendations were 
made after indepth stucttes by 
the development coimdl ot 
Jacksonville and Fort Lauder- 
dale, Fla. Tbn two dttes were 
chosen because of their simi- 
larities to Virginia Beach. 

Minister Is 
Club Pres. 

The Reverend Howard Cam- 
per, minister of St. Mark's 
A. M. E. Church has been 
elected president of the newly 
org^zed Prayer Breakfast 

Some 50 ministers, dvlc 
leaders and prlrate dtizens 
gathered to form ttie first 
breakfast and dedded to meet 
ttie third %iday of each nranth 
at 8:15 a.m. 

Tbe next meeting is sdie- 
duled November 20 tA Galilee 
Eptecopal Church In Tucker 
Hall. The breakfaste are open 
to Uie public on a "Mdi" 
treat basis. 

Otoer new dfl^rs elected 
temporarily to organiw ttie 
gnrap irare Mrs. Richard W. 
Barnes, Sr.,Secretary and Mrs. 
Andrea Swedlttd, bmsurer. 



DM^i«d far 9Mg tMmn 
•f yOM( Alr.ConMttonins tool 

to* iM. your C oiw»M t Ciportsi 
^wi^M Amim ^^mi ■ 

431 Va. BMch Mvd 


JAYCEES PUSH 'YES'— The Virginia 
Beach Jaycees launched a campaign last 
week to get voters interested in voting 
*Ves" Tuesday on the Constitutional re- 
visions. They set up booths at l\/li litary 
Circle, Pembrolce l\/lall, Kempsville, Prin- 
cess Anne Plaza and in the Beach Borough 

Firms Disclaim Oil 
Seepage Pollution 

and passed out considerable material on 
the proposals. Pictured at one of the booths 
are (left to right) Bruce Mills, Chairman 
Sid Denny and Denny Kuhnemund. 

Downing To Speak 
at Dedication Friday 

A State Water Control Board 
offidal said Tuesday ttiat tturee 
Virginia Beadi firms rMpon- 
sibte for poUuttonjof a feeder 
ditch to a Ifsal} Uie ^ve 
refused to accept responsibility 
for ttie act. 

Gerald T. Yagel, area re- 
presentattve for ttie anti-pol- 
lutton agency, said that on ttie 
basis of hte Investlgatton of a 
complaint of polli^on of a lake 
behind KempsvlUe Heighte and 
Poifat of View, ispbalt Roads 
& iiai^als, pa^F**^'" 
dattofe Inc. — p,^„,. ., . 
Pile Driving CorftjK^ pMt. 

Yagel said he \aAAM the 
firms ttMy were -ttn cause but 
the firms refused to admow- 
ledge that fad. 

He'^ said ttie poUutton con- 
sisted of oil spillage in a ditch 
ttiat leads to ttie lake. "It's 
not a c(mtinuous flow," he said, 
"but pollutt<m is polluttuu" 

Yagle said that unless the 
firms recognize their rrapec- 
ttve responslUlittes, ttiey wiU 
have to appear before a spedal 
control board bearing in Rich- 

If no actfon on the matter 
Is taken after ttie bearing, ttien 
a cease and desist court order 

^ will be issued, forcing the small 
industries to comply with a 
clean-up order, he said. 

Yagel said ttie pollution was a 
result (A careless spillage of 
^nrankcase dl and other pet- 
roleum produds. 

The question of pollution was 
raised by Jack Koenenman of 
the 5100block of Overland Road. 
Koeneman, in a letter to Yagel, 
said the oil sidllage had ^- 
veled down the dltdi and begun 
to cover about half the surface 
(tf tile ldH&: 

aiiy^r tm the lake but re- 
c6^^u^3" that pollution could 
exist In that fashion. "But re- 
gardless of that fad, the stan- 
dards of water quality have to 
be maintained," be said. 

Whether tbe pollifticm existe 
in a lake or ditch, the pollution 
stiU constitutes a violatton of 
the state water control sta- 
tutes, he said. 

In the same letter, Koeneman 
also complained about tbe 
sewage from tbe Camelia 
Trailer Park, which he said 
also flows down the feeder dltdu 

Koeneman questioned the 
adequacy of the sewage fadlity 
located In the park, and said 
that he had taken a water 

sample to ttie Portamouth 
Health Department and been toM 
they were the worst that depart- 
ment had seen in some ttpe.^i 

Yagel said ttie state afincy ' 
usually did not engage itself 
In local sewage problems and 
said ttiat Health Department 
officer Mac Owen was in diarge 
of that portion of tbeln- 

Owen said ttiat ttie sewage 
problem did exist in ttiat ai^ea, 
but ttie perk was hooking Ite 
sewage si^em to'tti^ dty'dpe- 
ratetf svem l{||l8Rdv«DsWd. 

The dty u sufl part.oountry^ 
Owen siiid, and untn ^e entire 
sewage system is completed. 
It will occassionally face pro- 
blems like ttils one. 

The last complaint Koeneman 
made concerning trash and 
p^per produds floating in the 
ditch and on ttie lake drew a 
sympathettc response from both 
Yagel and Owen, but both said 
little could be done about ttie 

Until Uie people begin to re- 
cognize that ttidr conttnuing 
littering causes ttie problem and 
they begin to police tiiemselves, 
the problem will not be solved, 
Owen said. 

Rep. Thomas N. Downing will 
be the featured speator at an 
open house Friday at 11 
dedicattng the Virginia Employ- 
ment -Commission's new Vir- 
idnia Beach office at 3820 Vir- 
ginia Beach Boulevard. 

VEC Commlssicmer WllUam 
L. Heartwell Jr. will review 
the area's economy and tbe 
VEC's contributions to the 
area's growth. He will also dis- 
cuss projecttms of the area's 
growth developed by tbe 
agency's Research, ^tlsttcs 
and Information Division ^ 
plans for new and expanded 
manpower services for the (^ty. 

Mayor Donald H. Rhodes will 
cut ttie ribbon offidally dedi- 
cating the 6,400(l|-8quare foot 
ice located in the flrstbtiild- 
tn (he piannei four-phase 
Bfichwdod Offlce^enter being 
d^eldped by Lai|san Realty 

Tbe hlghUght dj ttie brief 
progam will be a brief demon- 
stration of the equipment whidi 
will be used in the new office 
to operate Virginia's first Job 
Bank, an automated system de- 
signed to Increase the employ- 
ment commission's cai»dty to 
bring job seekers and Job open- 
ings together. Job Bank Is 
scheduled to go into operatlcm 
In VEC offices In Virginia 
Beach, Norfolk, Portamouth and 

Chesapeake shortly after the 
first of ttie year. 

Herman H. Feldman, state 
coordinator of Job Bank for the 
VEC, will demonstrate ttie mi- 
crofilm scanner devices wMdi 
win be used by trained Inter- 
viewers in each VEC Job Bank 
office to find appropriate Job 
appHcanbi to fill Job orders 
and employment opportunities 
for lob #eek|rs in tbe VEC's 
files in seconds. 


A VlriMa Bw d io M ^e wnn 
anoBf some 500 du^^ 
•elected peopte iavUadtoattend 
a recepttoB bodorlag ttie pre- 
sident of Cyprus, Archbishop 
Makados last Sunday In Itew 

Mr. and Mrs. Sawides were 
among ttie heads (A state ud 
embassy dBdalS and otlMr (ttg- 
nitarles altondii^ 

Sawidas to a past president 
of (he Cyprus Benevdent 
Society cf Tidewater, ^ 

Tbe recepttoD was hildil 
ttie Pterre Hotel. The Areh^ 
btahop wu vtaittng ttie Uoitad 
States to oonjinetton wittk ttia 
twenty-flftti anniversary of ttw 


(Cmtiiiued from page 1) 

Sialte Beach Fire Statioo 
8) Thorougbgood— Thorough- 
good Elementary School 

(19) Sbelton Park-Shaltoo Park 

(20) Bayslde-Bayside Eleman- 
tary School 

(21) DavtaComer-Davta Comer 
Fire Station 

(22) KempsvlUe-Point of View 
Elementary School 

(23) Arrowhead-Arrowhead 
Elementary School 

(24) Larkspur-Kemps ville 
Meadows Etementary School 

(25) WoodstodcA-Woodstock 
Elementary Sdiool 

(26) Woodstock C-KempsviUe 
High Sdiool 

(28) Thalia-ThaUa Elementary 


(29) Courthouse-Courttwuse 

Fire Statton 

(30) Brocb Bridge-Barnes 
Grocery iKore 

(31) Creeds-Cree(ta Fire Sta- 

(32) Capps Shop-Pleasant Ridgp 

(33) Blackwater-Blackwater 

Fire Siatia| 


1 I f 

liirrey CafetetiQ 

^ 15th * AtlMtic 





Tues. ttiru Suntey 


Lunch ll:30-t:30 

l^^ittnihr 9-9 P.M. 

pCtci^d Moneb^ 




Ph9net 428-9712 

filkm f nen5$ MtkX Artenif 




A OencieS (continued tram page 1) 

doesn't work ttiat way." 

Wiseman and his assodates 
had no crittdsm for Mrs. 
Lambe or her agency. "When 
she affiUated herself witiiMar- 
ttn and Wolta to get the am- 
tract she was Just doing good 
business. She stayed on step 
ahead of ttie dty, ttiat's all," 
he said. 

Tbe dty*s public Informatton 
officer, Fraidc Creasy, bad no 
o)mment on the agendes' com- 
plainta, referring questions on 
the situation to committee 
diairman R. Bradshaw Pulley. 

"We have spent many, maiqr 
hours trying to study the best 
procedure to get the most of 
the DMRiey approiuriated for our 
advertiting dollar. We want to 
keep everything dwve aboard," 
Creuy said. 

Pultey said he was "very 
disivpointed" Jn tte^ adicAS 

on the pari of the fik-ms and 
released a prepared statement 
on the subject. 

He said the group had re- 
ceived cojpies of the proposals 
and that when* they met Od. 
21, ttiey had already made \ip 
ttieir minds about ttie agendes 
they wanted to hear from. 

"It was a curious thing ttiat 
we hadn't set up any guide- 
lines and we all came up with 
the same decisions on the tqp 
ttiree firms. They said they 
wanted to vote and we did," 
he said. 

Pulley said the committee 
wanted more than Just three 
agendes to chose from and then 
went down the list of the next 
three agendes. After discus- 
sion am) continued polling (tf ttie 
committe by secret ballot, the 
dedsicoi was made to limit ttie 
number of agendes to ttw pre- 

vious tturee. 

"The whole procedure was 
done in a business-lllce tasbioi 
and with proper regard for 
correct parlimentary proce- 
dure, and the tact ttiat some- 
one should read anything more 
into these actt(His astcwnds me 
and causes met to ignore tiie 
whole ftiss," Pulley said. 

He said that as the meeting 
went on, other committee mem- 
bers pointed out ttiat some of 
ttie firms didn't handle accounta 
similar to what ttie dty desires 
and might not be qualified. 

"We aure a bunch of hard- 
headed businessmen to look it 
it coldly and objectively and 
work in a businessllte man- 
ner," he said. "These are our 
frieiKis but we have a Job to 



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- f 

BuikUng. in^eetinf and midntebitac 
tinea ia» 

' But when ttw weatt« site rom^ tiie 
Vqwo Uqobui'b taA Kb reoriMr. /joA 
Wve bad eona pn^ wiM ww^tar tatd^' 
vhJeiik atorai, &v«i^ii« ««^ br ' 
winda, UsbtBing^rtn^ tieas tb^ 
Uim and ^Unrypled serHeaL 

And w^ Ite wwttMT CM w te 
navnge, tibBiMBM goes en %^^^ 
msZoi^v nWit Be cUnAs pita, mb^ 
torn ttaai, wtite Mit ta tba liaBiairta u^ Oe 
UiWa s ammda. . 

Wb eiimiailng work. BaiSc^^MVwo^ 
Alt tt^ HtalMdi Md^Ne ttMtn iMB H 
vltfa pMt tti aMUKaeik. I^a m Jdb: 


John R. GrifBtt» G«iwNl Mtnager 

miby Jeu PhUUiii, MuMfiiv Editw 

Gv^rn MeAUM, Wonen's Editor Dm^Im Baper, Piodietlon MuMgor 

mmamim un is.ii m yim •mmn iy ami mi cAMHii*siNtti corv m 

MAIN OFFICE SIM PiMUie AvtMe. Vtiginit^^^li. Viifinit 234SI 

Thurtday, Oetditr », 19T0 

Reader explains racing henefUs 

You have a cnowe 

-now vote! 

VIrf i|ita Btoch voters go to 
the polls TiMPHlay to oloct tfieir 
UnltMl Stotts SoiMtor, thoir 
cofHirostional repretontotlvo 
ond to toy wheKher or not thoy 
ap|>rove of the proposed re- 
vlitont to the Virglfiio Con- 

The onty non-competitive 
Issue here is the election^ 
congressman for Dletrlo^ 
Three. R^resettotlve Thomas 
N. Downiim will again run f6r 
re-eleetion.....imappose(l. But 
thw, Mr. Downing has a fine 
r^rd and hos long iieen a 
fo^rite with tfie Virginia Beoch 
people so opposition inthls race 
really wasn't expected. 

The Md fbr the senatorial 
w^ is anOdwr matter. Three 
MS mm In the ring, none par- 
ticularly good, none partlcu- 
Mrty Mt The Democrats have 
(^rge Rowlings. And theRe- 
publioiis Ma^ Roy Garldnd. 
The mihi i^uek <rf teth these 
men hovi be^ directed toward 
tticumbMit Harry F^yrd Jr. 
who was a Democrat, was sought 
by the Republicans and chose 
to run as an Independent. 

Senator Byrd has been en- 
dorsed by for the largest ma- 
jority of Virgtnio newspdpers, 
even though tome of 0iose 
endorsefiientswere morewhis- 
^red than shouted. Garland 
has a handful of endorsements, 
especially In his native Roanoke choice 

areo, and Rowlings this week 
re^hred hfs firstendorsemem. 
These omdidates hove not 
generated much enthusiasm 
thus far with the voters. At 
o political rally here a few 
we^s ago they drew only a 
sporse number of people. Of 
course, Byrd couldn't moke it 
but If s (|uestlonable whether or 
not he would have made that 
much different In the size of 
tl^ audience. Yet, a few days 
earl ier» several hundredpeople 
showed up for a program about 
the sdiobls ipom^red by the 
school administration. 

This is not ta minimi the 
schools, goodness knows they 
art of interest and wlir become 
more so fn the weeks ahead 
OS tf)e bond referendum looms 

BMr the election of a U.S. 
senator Is vitally important to 
Iheiwdlfdre of this city and the 
eefectlon of the Inanto relire- 
kmk the*ld» Ih Wo^;^ 
deservesJTJildeed, definids... 
the most careful conslderoilori 
of the people who put him thire. 

It is a motter not 
llghtl:^. And ft s 
determined by 
of people. But 
what will hai^nT 
the votere shake 
polls to 

be taken 
id not 
a handfUi 
s exactra 
day unless! 


and strugtle to the 
pull the lever 6f their 

The word is 


The Virginio Constitution hos 
ncM been changed In over twenty 
years. It obviously is In needof 
a bit of dufting up. Dueling laws 
and a few oiher long outdated 
re^rlctlons ore destined to fall 
at the wayside. 

It is sincerely hoped that one 
of these restrictions the voters 
diMe to change will be the 
Issue concerning lotteries, as 
outlined In Proposal Two. 

\^rginia has In the past been 
strongled by this precision de- 
signed to curtail all gambling. 
This has meant that groups 
were unable lawfully to sponsor 
bingo gevnes or raffles or any- 
thing of the like. It also meant 
thoft horse or dog racing wos 
prohftlted In thos^ate. Poro- 
mutael betting was absolutely 

Timee have^hanged eince 
Miat low was Imposed. Today 
the economy of the state could 
well afford the revenues to be 
derived by pa ra-mutuel betting. 
The City of Virginia Beach 
es^iolly should concern itself 
wltti eitablfshing betting lows. 
VMere, right now face ^choice 
of a mtlltl-mllllon-dollar sdiool 
b^id refereildum and recoipize 
it Is but a portion ^f what 
will ^enMlly^ needed. There 
sewns no wid to school con- 

A rw:6 trc^ would ease this 
f Iramial buriton. 

TIm InNiMpers, Chan^r of 
Qwrniw^, various resort pro- 

moters are constantly seeking 
ways to keep the tourist here 
once he checks Into a local 
acconrHnodatlon. Bod weather 
can destroy the best planned 
tourist season. The resort 
strip, lefs face It, locks a 
variety of entertainment. 

A race track would ease this 
prd»l^ would keep the tou- 
rist here longer and dump more 
tourist dollors into the kitty. 

This city Is headed for si^e 
very high foxes unless s6me 
other form of revenue con be 

Pora-mutuel betting is the 
answer. Voters ore urged to 
vote "yes" next Tuesday. 

Non^w 9, im irtU te a 
^ms^ ms in Vir^nUMs- 

iviU loeei^ OT fftA ttt i^- 
jpoMd dwogM in ite Vli^ft' 
CaattMtalu IHe VlriM&CfiA- 
stttattoB ktt been ^mpM cnly 

&» ittrt eon^ile ft^rten|«i4 

ttMrt vtn augr ^^lemk 

It Is nov (ff never for hovs6 

Ptf^paai nunber two ceo- 
cerw laftaarloi. 1%e fn^^oo 
is <<SbaU ike Constttotton be 
amemted by repetllng S^(m 
slitr (lAteiLprolilbits InttiMes), 

lttvll« « to tte <iMM«l As- 

MBibty to (tedde irbitter to 
luHiorlse or prcUbtt idtbet- 

K Wmi^J^ vote » Ott 
qiMrtlett iltt alleiw ftirtter #• 
ve^mMt of a maltt-iBlUlaB 
dolkr haw inbstry in V|r- 

RMinc viU yteU a two-j^-oi^ 
benefit to Virgtota, First itfUl 
ttrodaee slgnUIcaat tax revenue 
for tbe state, Vtm relieving tax 
prewnres en olher sources. 
Tbit aHAtfooal taxes can build 
spools, ho8|AtaIs and recrea- 
ttoaal HdUttes, indudtng 
koi^men's parks and trails. 
Secondly, tbe goods and ser- 
vices {"egaired by hertemen wiU 
guieiiite consiterable ina>n» 
for thevgenn'al eeonoroy. 
Horse me a iriU re^re in- 
creased QuaifltiM of 0rain, 
hay, pasture, equipneot, stqi>- 
pUa, trusportaQonfBid labor. 
A race meet niiU attract tour- 
i^ and visitors, sdding to tlie 
fodd «DMi BMtel inliBtry. iBacb 
raee fon nUl spend five, dtol- 
Ian or mere on tidcels, trans- 
poitatioi^ newspi^rft, c<mm»s- 
siMis, and programs for a day 
of relaxatioo on file tradu 
Twenty tbousand foos ttras gen- 
era $100,000 per day by just 
going to file tradb 

About 1200 horses are 
matcbed4n a 20 dagr race meet. 
W^ Quarter ^eraes rfmntog 
(Hice a vreel^ there would have 
to be 300 horses to stage a 
mett Experience frwn Tber- 
ou^ibred forms intteates ttiat 
for .each horse on the trada, 
tten are 5 at ion» (mures, 
staUionSf'^iffo^Mcts, andre- 
Jedf). t^ns if Virginia forms 
suiPiiUed onty one-half flie stock 
for.« meet, we would need ibmit 
750 addiitoaal Quarter Rorees 
in Virginia. 


fons. . 

In addition and po^Uy cf 
more slgntfltamce, wcmld be tte 
mkted iBveitaut lafoiid#^sdL 
aitffoeUIHer fo^ the eiUtfA- 
menl or expantim of l»reetfi% 
forns. lUs flgwe cM^^age 
betweffii |3,000,00(D, and 

If ooi^andMe sueeeM is 
aeUewd 1^ norwiMbred (IliA 
saddle) mtag na l^tattyrd 
ttr^ ndi^ tte mmt^ve 
totals wwdd be td^^m miltton 
doniffs aniual eiq^ntttare kA 
rdne niUka to ti^r*one 
(toltes aunaU eqi^i^ture and 

m fixed invortmsitf* THs 
jt stgBiflfllit addttloa 
to ttie Vir^flia e^maqrltt 

Horse n^ig tea reereatto^ 
ml sport; it is lurf a nani 
issue. More spe^torsJMrod 
tte rsMsttan any other q^cHl« 
Ra^ nutds are tekl in iK) 
stitt§ withpari - B^ual lOfer- 
i^. Ttounnis cf WnHnltttib 
to ofiier states to Old nioes 
each year. Most dttes la Vir- 
ginia have diarter tm tript 
to West Virgtaia, and llar^aad 
tracks. Vir^nia currently does 

not attract the racing fu. It 
sends its, own money ovrt lifeo 
odier ststies. 

A fovortAde vote to t^pki 
the lottefy questton will nol 
open the door to gambling. Cv- 
rei^, all gaates of chmoe, 
lnclQdii« bingo and raffies, we 
Illegal. Rep^ at Seettw M 
jillt permit the General As-, 
ieniify tb decide whidi guws 
^chance to legalize. The hnse 
raoiiag proposal, as any o^i^ 
will *have to pass file G^mm 
Assembly before it is legalised, 
even thoufl^ Section 60 is re- 
pealed. So the question ttifo JUI 
is "Do we want to make tl^ 
legal?" If a TES vote pfeiwUs, 
then we have to work a h(Mrse 
radng Mil through the General 

The opportunity is here, fte 
stakes are Ug. We need tosdl 
nctog tt a r^re^wM spoort 
as an indistrjr ftar the .Virginia 

Yrars tndy, 
Preddeirt, Va. Quarter Horse 





to the 

political parties. 

Unless the revised Coostltai- 
tton, imduding tte i i #orta at 
protons for general c^i^ga- 
tim bODds tax capital projs^ 
Is vgf^tfnA, file s^d^ 'pro- 
gress which Virginia Coasti- 
ttttite fails, in^ead (tf going 
forward Vii^nU will fo badc- 
wards, for a state, like a ttasd- 
ness, cannot mark ttme. 

I fiierefare warmly recom- 
mend ttie revised Comrtitutioa 
to file pe<qide of Vir|iB^ and 
urge you to vote "YES" on 
NovendMr 3. 
Mills E. Godwin, Jr. 

Oppone§ AmmefubmeHt$ 

To file Editor 

On Noveniber 


ThbrougUta^ breedera sa)r it 
cost them $2006 in fiieir open- 
ttoBs. Selecting a cost figure 
toward the lower one, we can 
see fiiat 150 addittonal horses 
woold generate about one 
mUli(n (tollan income for sop- 
idten of goods (foed, suppUes) 
and Mrvices (veteraariui, 

A 20 day race meet could 
add $5,000,000 to file Virginia 
economy. Om miUion would 
accrue to the state as addittcmal 
tax revenue; one ndUioo to the 
race trade fodlity; cmi ndUion 
to the horsemra in purae dis- 
tribirtioo; and two million for 
CMiiMssicns, newspapers, 
ttckete, etc purchased 1^ the 

Godwin Urges *Ye$* 

To file Editor: 

On November 3 the people 
of Virginia will make the im- 
portant ded^on on whether to 
^iprove cpnsfituttonal amend- 
mente wUdi revise the Con- 
stttutton of Virginia. This re- 
vised Ccmsfitufion is the result 
of over two years of mature 
eonsiderafion, and the amend- 
mente have been approved by 
two sessions of the General 
Assembly. The revised Con- 
sfitufion goes to file people car- 
rying the strong backing of a 
wide range of Virginia's dvic 
and polittcal leadersMp,ii\^lud- 
ing all ficfions of l^h major 

eraUy amiended and 

agreed bf the Generd posaJs 

separately stated below)," 

How can one vote "Tes" 
on fids qnei^lon itHia ^re 
are may SedOoos olttie Coo- 
stttuttoolieiag tvAMtA, aiid cue 
does not know «1iat these ra- 
visinis are? No dnM tlMre are 
some good and some bad pro- 
porals but one mn^ vote on the 
vdu^ thing as a padoiel 

(tee of the bad proposals is 
Arttde 8 • Secfion 3 - "The 
. OeneraL^swBibfyshallpr^dB 
by law for compulsory educattoo 
of every child of appr<^viate 
age and of sutfideitf mentaland 
physical abmty." ItmMe- 
tatorial demands of file fMeral 
courts, compelling our ddUren 
to be bused mviy miles flrom 
ttwir homes, makes compaiaorj 
educafi(m mttenable. Under the 
present CcuisUtation, rampid- 
sory sdiool attendance is ncrt 
mandatory. The : General As- 
sembly (fid pan a law to that 
effed, but it can be removed. 

niere are many oUier 
Sedions in tbe Revised Coo- 
stttutton that take amy your 
individual Uberfies. 

Also you are going to be 
asked to vote on amending file 
Consttti^on to perndt the Gen- 
eral Assembly to run a Re- 
ferendum on Government Obli- 
gattm Bonds and Revenue 
Bowte, Borrowiiv under fi^ 
method wouU permit a debt 
of morefimnoneBILUON DOL- 

LARS^ fliat file bait! pressed tax 
PKyer woidd have to pay oO. 
If yos lure la dotibt as to how 
to vote 00 the CoastftattoMl 
AWindniei^, - vote -"NO." 

anoerely youra, 

JiAn C. Croudi, Traasonr, 

Virginia Conservatfve Firty 

Commemb SeMrts 

To file Editor: 

I mStf wishl could vteit each 
and every one o( fin TOO girls 
aailea4ers MmUyfittttook 
part in our AcQoo 70 dem- 
up campaign, Oetdier 17. 

I hop* that ttey have set 
an exaniiii to file adulte, tfiio 
tor file largest pirt are re- 
sponsU^s for fin sad coodifioQ 
our beid i es wwt in. 

U^iac at Vttliida Beach my- 
self I Hope that fin ittK. re- 

weanit coDiMcas. - 3.-?**,: , ^ 

A idnoers tHaak jran to fiie 

parents, who provided bias- 

portetton, ttme and en^gy and 

coi^praAilattoos to ttie girls fdr 

a JA well done. 

YouM ton Better Seoufing, 

Mra. R. L. SoMiuse 

Area 4 Chairman 

Ladies, Dent Wer-Do W ^^ .^ ,. . 

Ttts ddttm is the result of coorideraWe mm ^nm 

women readers and Oe &>«»«* M«^^^^ 2 jJ?S& 
mcfrtary and the ofiier UKttes In my Mfo. I c^M ra^ 

m^Zs ttberattdi ttweai^ te »• «f ^ tofiie 
eourtry today/ltds year te «A«Jtt awlverwy cm ww^ 
siitt«p moveiMat. lUe C««rass ha ludflMn Mg^lattn 
before tt now m^ tmBiimBm,'rt6at$swimjat^ 
has iw some time now bedi gt^ eoartdnrd^ eoveraftfto 
tte UberrtM <rf wonwn. . ^^ 

AU ttis hai i»t escaped me. I have followed the movemint 
and 4 teve paid spedal attentton to fi>e progress ttie ladtes 
are iM^. It has been witti great restraint fitat I have not 
adtel ny two oente bdore tUs. . 

It has Jieen my exp^rtenee fiitf on mattera dose to ttie hearts 
of wown. male Bohmdsia Wi.flie«e*slii* tw? wlhipriifle 
poslttoa. To pirt ttbltst^, no niAer hew, a adaiftitMr handles 
such sdUeds, It is a^fiamaed if you do and danmed If yon doa't 
sitiwfiatt. Wt<^ ott^ wli. 

My dear dd <jydy used to ay ^ the only ttdng ymi ever 
got from tftting on a Mee was s|dinters so I gnett I better 
get off dead center. B^^ 1 td» tte pfange* I would Uke to 
sab^st ttirt my readers who wish to write and complain, 
please, will all ttM ladles who ar^ uBhappy wttti a^ nmarfcs 
tJMj address tteir l^ten to m ^"^ wifo and will the men 
dlitet flieir tettofs to ttie editor oT the wwSpiM^. Of eoittse, 
thoae who agree and want to say 'dee ttdnga eaa addreas their 
tetton tfrad to me. 

Now tofiK sdijedat hand. Oia country is known for being 
a natloo and a peopfo of erIsisrWe doadteemtob^ceipie 
mofivated uafil somellitag ^feadies ftm crtids stegi. It &fiie 
age old prddem d file stop ttght at ttie intenedtoo. Everyone 
admits file iiitef»cttoii is daagarous. Evtfyone Is la Umt at 
pntttef up astqp UgA bdno^agisdcBe.ThMiahadaeeideiit 
ocean aad several peqpte ara killed and ttiea ttie fight Is put 
«q;i..Th8tisthe«^weseantodot|Aiiii. > 

Today, abooi 40% of ttie «<naen In ttw oooatryare workln^ 
That Utkioi moam, Ui niay instences tttm wortdag women 
are imt belBg paid ttM same wages ft^.fiietr labdr as men ddng 
the same Job. This is wrong and H ca^kt be jastaied. 

We have on the books maay laws that are «^ to women. 
, Maay sodal coafoms «re uafolr to tte laifia^ TUs Is not right. 

To ttioae alfocted,1he ladles, ttiaa otefilBoBS have readied 
tt» crisUr atofe; They want Ihtaga cMTCctod «id ttieyan 
right. TlH^ Mould tave be» coraeetad long befora this. 

In this respect, I siw<^ fi» wMnsa's ttberattn movemeds 
100%. It U ttaoe our leaden removed an laws, eaatoos and 
thon^ils of dlscrtmiaatloo our lovely ladies have suffored 
under. This duHdd be accompUAed promptly. 

Now ttiat I have made it dear a Uke ttiatexpreasloQ) ttiat 
I solptat ttie majw cauRS of ttie todies, Mme go oo wl put 
my foot tanmi0n In my big mouth. I have «t|lMt for ttot 
oifiy snrpaned liy a deittcated kttd. 

Ladtes,! dooPt over 46 tt( Go for ttie flfiap yoa deserve and 
try to gi^ them now and fiien stop. Dont* s>t curled away and 
try to get Mhgs'that wo^ make you siqier first dass dtlaens 
and all tbe men second dass people. << 

Let me sqr fills (I Uke ttat ex|»ressiaiO««|ial treatment-TES, 
by all amns, but ivefHrattal treateoeBt-DOG OtniE IT, NO! 

I wiU admit, wlfiioat pitssure of any Had; ttHt ttie mend 
fi» world haveat ddds a very good Job of raaali^thingB. We 
have madeenoa^ nlsMns to bring as to th»toritt of disaster, 
bd so for m. have not poshed beyonHhat pdnt. That to not 
a*vfe»f^^fa|^i>fcin^nffl|» toittw fiie dhur hand, it to not 

: .^The ]0^^|aifii» are not r^y to take over file leaderaMp 
d fiie wwU. Share it- yea, take It ovar - no! Notiiow. Uder - 
maybe. *5 

Wqr do I say sudi fidi^s? I am Just brave I gnessv My lovely 
wlfo ifiU pout witti DM fw no teUlag how loii, ^ secretary 
wlU mode her typewriter off her desk, mf du^^ier will bring 
fiome a hippte and ttie ladies to our nei^dxnhood will no doiM 
pidfid our hovae. 

That Is why I don't betteve ttie lovely ladlaa araieady to 
lake ovef ttings. Itiey tend to overreact. A dee follow Hke me 
donaPt deserve to be mistreatad. I need love, tote of love! 

Survey gets spicier each week 

A pat on the back 

The Virginia Beach public 
school odmini^rotion deserves 
a pirt on the bade for their 
coitiniied efforts to provide 
qualJtif ediioltion for our schooi 
children A report Just reieased 
by the Virginia Education As- 
sociation pieces Virginia Beach 
first in Tidewater school di- 
visions in the number of teac- 

feiers holding regular teaching 
certificates. Virginia Bed^h 
ranl» twelfth in ttie state in the 
nun^r of certified personhel 
In ttie sd^t divlsfon. . 

' Despite rising costs end sa-. 

lories, the schooi admini- 
stration has never hesitated to 
maintain and raise their ston- 
dards. This year meeting stan- 
dards of the Southern Asso- 
ciation of Colleges and Sec- 
ondary Schools for elementary 
school accreditation has re- 
quired the hiring of new per- 
sonnel plus the expense of pur- 
chasing additional library 
books. Many teachers, who have 
been instructing studmts for a 
nunrri»er of years, haver^imed 
to %h6 classroom themsei^s 
to taice qourset to n^ cer- 
tification reciuiremmls. 

If rariety Is ttw spice of life, 
then ttie ^m Survey ttito vwdc 
to some kind of spicy. Three 
Virattoas croRied up in ttie 
response reodved daring ttie 
week.»the one pertalali^ to 
the prqnsed sdiool foSMishore 
State Park, ttie one asked lait 
wedc on filttng vata^ elected 
offlces and am asked weds 
ago Ml the naming of Moud 

We'll start way back and work 
(Nir way iqi to di^. A UbI 
r^der, uid i^^su-edly a cre- 
ative one, may have been stow 
in responding but he came on 
strong in saying foat Motmt 
Trashmora stouM be Mount 
Ashmore. (see cartocm) llie 
man fo toComeeticat viiidi mqr 
be why his response was so 
lide. Response to toe survey fo 
welcome no matter when it 

It would appear now ttiat file 
Issue ^moerdag foe sdiool d 
file North End may be to ttiis 
cohimn for i^auudier of weds. 
There were dilli tel^riione 
calte, Idters to the e<Utor and 
m^r, muy lAonre tpfesficn- 
nairra oppok^ toe s^oiol. The 
(^;H?oslti<Hi sfiU rei^ <» fie 
fod that file State fo sloughing 
<^ State park pr<^Ttf to a 
muddpaU^. Hiere was In ttis 
ecm^N^aitfo^ hcmever, a 
kme "yes" vote, fovwrtag ttie 
school. Tte ecMsmeds w^t 
stiU adamed to fiidr views. 
Tbe <pie^on "^ould tbedty 
diarter be amended to require 
ttiat raoades foetededdfices 
be fiUed l^ pddic eleetton ra- 
tter ten appotntmed \>f coHm- 
dl?" was a "sleeper." Uttle 
ttd we exped ttat tfie cMam 
miuld tm^wd so o^ustosttc- 
al^r to toe qpndia^ espedally 
comiiqt to. toe mdn of lad 
wedc's re^rd-tffMkij^ re- 

Bd aiswer fiiey did, fdto 
heavlfy, aad 100 psr mstts 
fov<ff of file ammeadmewt. 

One iMder sagse^WiBtfiie 
votora should also etoel Ok 
m^ror, whUfi was toe «Mdlia 

to fids cofomn several we^ks 

The strong interest we have 
had to file last two ques^ns 
fo a healUqr dgn fiiat Vlrginto 
Bndi resideds are tr dy awd» 
to idiatfo gdngonaromdthem, 
fiiey are shaking fiieir apafoy 
and Juiqping into ttie ncttbo. 

Tids wedL's (luesfion lAodd 
g^ve them S(»iethlng to fidsk 
dKnit. IS Canq) Pendldon be- 

comes availibto for sato, u 
soon to be recoaamended Iqr ttie 
Governor's stndy povtydaaiA 
tt go to tile lighial uSier m 
the conawltanfo havesaoasted? 
Or add off by fin dty for 
InduMrtol rites, laSeUtttdiard 
Guy has raggealed? Or mdn- 
tained by fiie dly as a forge 
racraattonal ffedllty, as sug- 
gested by Coundlmaa ^id 


QUESTION: Do youthli*the 
clty^ should 0taln Camp Pen- 
dleton, If it toecmM ovalloble, 
for recreational focllltles ra- 
ther them industryf 

Tear Mfofoestt and fl^^talari «nM N 
appfMliM iffo. 

cnp iN t^fmimmtMMi mm, 
III m , nriMi «M^ u,»m 

thurtckiy, Mober 29, 1970 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Changes Summarized 

A monster from outer space? Nope. Only the radio antenna crews 
Installed Tuesday at the Hospitality House. 

Versatile building 
adds another service 

Jcrim M, Grange, Sr., 54^ 
of 22S0 Londcm ^reet. 

milldlB I. Piper, 65, of 2504 

Mrs. Ellen C. Jones, 53, 
of 817 Ne|>tune Avenue. 

Denver M. Holland, 41, of 
8733 Vlrginius Drive. 

M». Mary S. Crump, of 161 
Pinewood R(mkI. 

Mrs. Hattte C. Beasley, 62, 
at Route #3. 

Lt. Col. Arthur C. Small, 
(Marine Corps ReUred), of 297 
S. ParliamentDrive. . 

Mrs. Iva D. Modlin, 69, of 
304 Hospital Drive. 

Mrs. Fannie M. Speller, of 
5928 Sandpa Road. 

Mrs. Rita G, Petersen, 76, 
of 1516 AiBIey Drlw.^^ 

James V. Carroll, 63, of 
662 Old Dam Neck Road. 

Earl Kingsbury 

Former Virginia. Beach 
businessman and civic leader 
Karl Wainwrlgh Kingsbury , Sr., 
died inGulfport,Fla. last Satur- 
day at the age of 73. Kingsbury 
was the former owner of the 
Kingirtwry Laundromat in Ara- 
gona Village. 


On Nov. 3, the people of 
Virginia wilKigo to the polls 
to vote not (xly on congres- 
sional candidates but on con- 
stitutl(»al amendments which 
wiU generally revise the state's 
Constitution for the first time 
since 1928. 

If these amendments are ap- 
proved by the voters, this will 
be the sijdh revision of the 
Constitution since it was flrst 
written in 1776. Virginians have 
updated tneir bislc law on the 
average of once every three 
decades. However, it has been 
more than four decades since 
Virginia last iqjdated the docu- 

During those 4^ years Vir- 
ginia changed sigidflcantly.Her 
populatipn more than doubled, 
and she became urt>anlzed and 
industrialized. State govern- 
ment took on new fdnctlons such 
as pollution control whiditcould 
not be envisioned in 1928. 

The amendments which will 
be voted on Nov. 3 are the pro- 
duct of almost three years' 
work. In 1968 Gov. Mills E. 
Godwin, Jr., iwdnteda blue- 
ribbon comndsfldon, headed by 
former Gov. AttMrtls S. Harri- 
son, to study the Constitutltm 
and recommend Improvements. 
Using tl» commission's report, 
and after much hearing and <te- 
bate, the General Assembly 
drafted the amendments. These 
amendments were overwhel- 
mingly approved by the 1969 
spedal session of the legls- 
Uture and again by the 1970 
.regular sessira. The question 
Is now up to the voters to 
decide. ! ' 

On Ncv. 3 the voters will 
be asked t(J» vote "yes*' or 
"no" on the four amendments 
which would revise and update 
the Constitution. Each proposed 
amendment will be listed sepa- 

The first proposed amend- 
ment would generally update the 
main body of the Constitution. 
Much of the change proposed is 
in the nature of "house- 
keeping. " For example, ob- 
solete passages such as those on 
dueling were deleted, and ex- 

cessive aadeonfu«li^detd!wis 
removed to make tor adrarer, 
m(^ flmdaimnta! doeun^it. 

Tlie wonii dTGeorge Mason's 
BiU ol Rif^ were retidsed 
virtuftlly Intart aiMl several 
safeguu^ were added. How- 
ever, '"housekeeping" else- 
where shortened ttie document 
from about 35,000 words to al- 
most half that and lAade the 
document more readable. 

In additioi, there are some 
substantive changes in the main 
body of the charter such as an- 
nual sessions of the General 
Assembly, a new coDservaticni 
arJticle, a stricterfranchiseAT- 
ticle to prevent vote frand, re- 
peal of the poll tax, auttiority 
for real estate tax relief for 
homeowners 65 and older, it 
new consumer protection provi- 
sion, authority for tax relief 
on farm and open space land, 
and limits on the appointing 
powers of judges. 

The second proposal simply 
asks that the General Assembly 
by allowed to decide the Issue 
of lotteries. This second 
amendment does not itself per- 
mit lotteriei^. 

The third proposal would 
somewhat enlarge the capacity 

(A the Commoovealfli to imm 
general cMlffHnnbondte far ca- 
pital oufl^y pl'oje^ sttch m 
mental bealtb fKilltles Md 
community ooHefes isAkm- 
ynr coll«geballitti^;B.TiH}d^ 
limits, cm for a four-yelr 
period and oae cumolitfira, an 
provided. A v(^ of tte peo- 
ple would be re<iuired to issoe 
any su(& bonds if, and after, 
ptopostyVo. 3 were approrad 
Nov. 3. 

The fourth proposal would al- 
low ttie General Assembly to 
save money on Intere^ rates 
by pledging Virginia's ftill faith 
and cndlt behind seleded re- 
venue bonds. tUs would require 
a two-thirds vote of the le- 
gislature and certification by 
the governor that revenues trc«n 
the project would retire the 
debt. And the state could nd 

back the bonds <4 independent 
authorities sudi as bridge or 
expressway auttwrities. Mwe- 
over, the state will OMittniie 
to be able to Issue revenie 
bonds, re^dless of whettier 
proposal No. 4 passed. The 
question is whether a savlogs 
on interest can be made. 

.The Hospitality House, one 
of the projects Instrumental in 
getting Virginia Beach nomin- 
1^ for the AlHAmerica City 
Award, will soon go world- 

It will serve as home base 
lor an Armed Forces Radio 
J^atioi which will broadcast 
niessages and conversations 
among military families in all 
parts of the world. 

This is another segment of 
a continiied joint effort between 
local citizens and the military. 

Through such interest the 
radio tower was erected Tues- 
day, the short wave equipment 
has been installed and the Hos- 
l^tallty House now houses % 
"very fine ham shack." 

"We still have some bugs 
to work out before the station 
is operational," said Algy 
Cohen, organizer oC Hospitality 
liioak*^ /^taut 1H» fttag^llte 
one of the finest ham shacks 
in the country.? 

Sohen e]q;da^ned that a call 
n a servic^fman in Germany 
could connect him directly wt^ 
his mother fn California by 
"patching" in on a phone ser- 

This [dKMie service, which 
will connectVirginia Beach with 
any telei^ne in the world, 
Cohen said, is being provided 
by the Virginia Pilots Asso- 

H()Si^tallty House is a multi- 
purpose center which serves die 
community in many ways. It 

-is (^nded by the Vlr^nt* 

Beadi Ministerial Assod^on 

under lease from the city for 

"^! i»r year. It is a servl<Se- 

-man^s "home away from home" 
durii^ the summer months and 
^ becomes a recreational center 
September 15 through May 15 
under the auspices of the dty's 
Departnwnt of Parks and Re- 


When the building becomes 
the Beach Activity Center dur- 
ing the fall and winter months 
it operates a full schedule of 
activities to please the adult, 
teen-ager and pre-teen group. 

Adults have classes in the 
morning and evenings in nearly 

every type of subjed.. ..guitar, 
oil {Minting, hoUday crafts, even 
astrology and surf fishing. The 
Iffe-teens take over from 2:30 
to 4:30 for arts and crafts and 
the older teens come in from 
4:30 to 10 p.m. for a recre- 
ational program. 

A few years ago the dty 
abandoned its oMces in tMs 
hub of activity and it was de- 
dared surplus property, 

be sure to call 




doomed to existance as a park- 
ing lot. Then Algy Cohen came 
along and, backed by many In- 
terested dtizens as well as 
the Ministerial Assodatton, 
saved the building for a iseM 

Once the ham shack is com- 
pleted it will connect Virginia 
Beach witti the far corners of 
the world...a mu(^ finer fate 
than being a parking lot. 

Courthouse Campaigning 

Even though First District Rep. Thomas N. 
Downing is running unopposed for office for 
the coming term/ he still liices to get but to 
the hustings and talk with the people. Tues- 
day he spent the morning at the City Hall 
complex, greeting old friends and making 
new ones, as Clerk ofCourtJohnV. 
Fentress led him around the Clerk's office 
on a handshaking tour. 

The Most Ftmous Basket 
in the World® 








If the answer is no, then you must 

be in the market for a new cur. 

Ask your automobile dealer for F&M 

financing. Or stop by F&M for your auto 

loan when you get ready to trade. 

You'll love our terms. And your wife 

will love the hew car. 

On November 3rd. Virginians will elect a United States 
Senator. In these terribly serious times, it is vital that he be a 
man of proven ability and experience. Senator Harry E Byrd, Jr. 
is that man. 

onsider the record of Harry Byrd.^ 



Mentor F QIC 

He is independent;minded because he believes the welfare 
of Virginians and America must come before political 
partisanship. > 

He speaks clearly and plainly on the issues, and he votes 
in accordance with his conscience and best judgment. 

He holds firmly to the fundamentals of constitutional 
government and sound fiscal policies. 

He recognizes that taxes— to use his own words— "are 
paid in the sweat of all who labor!" 

And, working for you. he has voted on 97 percent of 
Senate roll-calls. 

Here is where Senator Byrd stands on some of the key 
issues facing Virginia and the Nation. 

The High Cost of Living. "If we're going to reduce the cost 
of living, we must control inflation'." says Senator Byrd. a 
member of the Senate Finance Committee. He is striving to 
cut excess government spending, a major cause of inflation. 

If you want a Senator who's going to safeguard the taxes 
of the wage earner instead of supporting every wild-spending 
scheme, you'll vote to re-elect Byrd November 3rd. 

Welfare. Senator B>Td believes the government has^n^* 
obligation to those physically or mentally unable to earn a 

"But I do not want to turn over tax funds of hard-working 
citizens to able-bodied persons who refuse to work*.' 

Crime and Violence. This country is continually faced 
with mob violence and generally civil disobedience. Senator 
Byrd says, "We cannot have a free country unless it is free from 
crime and mob violence'.' and he's voted for legislation to help 
make our country safe. 

If you want a Senator who cares about the individual but 
doesn't coddle up to the radical liberals, you'll vote to re-elect 
Byrd Novemter 3rd. 

National Defense. Some people in the Senate want us to 
ignore the very real threats to our freedom. Not Senator Byrd. 

He's fighting to keep our national defenses strong, ^iie says, 
"While we must trim the fat from our defense budget, we must 
not cut the muscle!" 

This is no time for amateurs. If you want a Senator who's 
g«)t real ppwerirtthe^eirate witfi a wat on the Armed &rviees 
Committee, you'll re-elect Byrd November 3rd. 

The Neighborhood Schools. The neighborhood school 
system is a basic American tradition. And a workable one. 
Seffiator Byrd is unalterably opposed to arbitrary bu.sing to 
achieve what's called a racial balance at the expense of a 
good education. 

4f we're going to preserve the neighborhood school system^ 
we'll need experienced legislators like Senator Byrd. If you're 
for neighborhood schools, you'll vote for Byrd November 3rd. 

Consider the issues. Consider the candidates. And vote to 
re-elect Byrd on November 3rd. 




Virginians (or Byitl. Geiwge McMath. Chainnan. Lewis Nklen. Treaairer. 



Virginia f^isdh $m 

Tlwri^y, ^M»mrB, IfW 

Pro-am eases transition from military to civilian <^'»"*» J^'y 

n» Citf i4 Tlrglola Bncb 
Ml 1^ ptitt^pirttiif Cnr some 
8i» is « (n^un irtdcb is 

As '«Vn4«€t Tnnsi^oii" 
mrw ^rit^iitf In IMT 
la^ ta'ntr IMmn ^ers> 
twy Mbwt S. M^anara, ind 
Is MfM^ to asslt tlMt 

irttto^ «kt teiitft ef trtfiii« 
in a ^vtite rellM sidU to 
flid sriWite tn^dof meat afiir 

A MrffeeiBHipartieliMtfiositf 
Prolaet TraniHi« «U1 ^ead 
^ last 30 to fO aiis of Ms 
aurAm parted vutiac vlth a 
dtdHaa OMipaqr <» mrgnlia- 
tfoB la flw flaUtvUdiia Itols 
iM Briitt Itki to eiier for Us 
dTtllaB Hv^itoed. 

IMMt ttto j^^ 0^ Una 
iili •arfteasw'iMMta olBd- 
'^ assttntd ton* mmuj 
do^ «ait aad sta^ iM ooa- 
ttsBM toracfamlis atl^ 
pKf' tUt dfUUn office vlfli 
«tt^ te Is wori^ pt»idd« 
Un im n» tools, aqstpoMiit, 
asi sopirvisor raqilrad forMs 

psitBMit to itoliii al^ianda 
la Om oimiBae of '^p^tct 
Traas^B*' and kH darived 
bntftt fkviB tta tst^^twn ia 
ftaOic tin fHdtttod to strva 
wm Oed^iurtant. Prwdoos 
aan^oavn vhe qidttlad ftir 
n» dapartaut afttf sanrtof la 
"Projid TrnstfiOB'* ladiidi 
ofllaar J. E« itovWH, ite ra« 
esal^ bagtt ftiWiiia datjr vllh 
te M Potttt ANieifldi offioar 
J. I, fMei^iil»la now aodtr- 
foiif trtfatof aai aaev Ewnter 
of Oe PolleilC-tCoriiBi G.W. 
SeM^meitaimm Ueattflca- 
Um Ti^tfaldaa ta tta Cairtral 
8ezviee# Sii^te^ nd L. E. 
£Nn«% i^^ i» 4oi^«ifdM 
Witt m dtfs AnUmi Coi^rol 

^ BH^xltap of. miliary maa 
wte ealtr *'p£lafi| IMBSltloa*' 
«ltt tt» ctti^ pUloe defwrt- 
aiwl an tstojdtottaSad 
Pi^ea !^adaL twia'me ae- 
^fei^aajr a MI tfa» ra^d^ 
poBea offioir to fbe dii^ m- 
toriaaiMt of Ma dM^F raiiip* 
Aaita ttH0 tepooilnf axpowd 
to tfitfsf littna of a i»ttce 
offioanttfe. . ,^ 

, Um of^Baaee mm attodMd to 

Montrose (left) assists Fire Investigator W. H. Cartwrlght In the 
continuing probe into the cause of the recent fire which heaylly 
damaged the Rathskeller Lounge at the White Sands Countfy Club. 

Atkins (rigKt) Joins officer Aydlette in, making a check of an auto 
during a routine police investigation. 

Attuk Supwlron 85 at Oeeaoa 
!to»al Air Station, for tiw past 
t«ii ««da Ins been worUng 
with officer D. W. Aydlette 
oDdMr ''P»)ed TraasitioD". 

Oaring tUa period of tine 
AUdfls 1M aceoo^aaied 
Aidlttte OB every call for po- 
Mea assistanoe he tas received, 
as well as m rootiiie patrol 
of Ids asslgoed district wltliiD 
tbe ZbA Pdltoe Precinct. 

Attias bas tecome virtually 
e]QK»ed to any duty a regular 
police offioer n4^ be called 
^^ to perform -answering 
complatoto, making preUmi- 
aary iarastigatlMts of ille^ 
ei^, investtguting possible 
traffic vidattoos, aad makii^ 
r^tt» jMTotective ebe<to of 
booMS <d residents who are out 
of the dty. 

Whan asked whether Us im- 
presslM oi a police oULwrs 
Job las been chanced as a 
resoU of Us aarttoipetloa in 
ttie larogram Xtkids rei^ci^ 
"I didn't rfaliae it was qidte 
as involved as 9 is." , 

Attdns also said be was im- 
pressed wiOi tiie rapMity df 
police in answerii^ calls and 
arri'^ at scenes where their 
services aiii^ be reqoirad. 

The training irtiich AtUns has 

iv^ved £rom his trsMog w- 

^^Ui. M^itost JTnnslwi^'.tM 

ImphMM urn to^ point tlai 

he has Already made tormal 
appliciriion for emptoynaent irith 
toe Virginia Beadi police de- 
partpei^ following his dis- 
diarge from military service 
in' two weeks. 

Capt. W. J. Moore, Jr., End 
Police Prednct C. O., when 
asked ftf his feelings about 
"Project Transition" said "1 
toii^ it's a good program, glv- 
ii« these own an onportudty 
to '\mn something about the 
fi^eld of law entocement". 

Another dty office taking part 
ip "Pr^Ied Transition" is that 
of file nre Preveirtion Bureau, 
where AUred F. Montrose, HI, 
has worked wltti various men 
(4 the Bureau for toe past 30 

Durli^ this period d time 
MoDtrose bas Joined men of 
the Bureau )n prodding Mcorts 
required tot the movement of 
eiq^osl^BS through the dty, 
makii^ requested inspections of 
hMtlng udts, electrical untts, 
various phases of odnstructitn, 
and simUiar acti^tf^ to insure 
cqnflrmafion wip^iiaffity re- 
(piirements in oT City Code, 
and iteing imrestigatiooa of 
fires wiil^ have been claad- 
fled as b^ng^cf a siispidtNis 
nature in o|^i^ ■^■ 

Mootrofel i^ for the ' i»6t 


Pdd Political Advertisenwitf 

Downing . . . 

He Works 
for you. 

Remember him 
with your vote 
November 3. 

'I daMy oppracioto tha opportunfty yni hova given ma to 
rapr s aan f you in Congiass tha post twelva years, i am aspacialiy 
gnrt^tfl rtnt you hova nomlnoMd ma for realactkm tfiis yeor 
«rttfiOiif opposition. I will ¥«lcoma this opportunity to continua 
to mnm you to tht bast of my obility. 




BMdt Volunteer Fire Depart- 
meat, is sdiedided to be dis- 
dutrged firom flie U. S. Navy 
next Mond^r. His military duty 
invovled ttiat of an Avlitioa 
Structural Mecbaidc at the Na- 
val Air StatioQ, N(Sf oDc. 

M(»trose spealB highly of 
^ program and the traUdng 
he has received during tte past 
30 di^. Re said be has leaned 
snany things regttrdiflg fires 

of varimia types a^cb wiU be 
of ben^t to Urn in the ftabire 
i^en be Ab called upon to re- 
spcmd to fire alarms. 

In reviewing his eqierience 
wifii file Fire Preventi<» Bureau 
Mostrese pdnts o\A tint per- 
haps the most impwtant tting 
he has teamed inite neeeastty 
d firenoi to take aU steps 
posidhto in lareserving fbe UH 
of a fire's origita to enable 

Bank Robbery Suspects 
To Be Tried in January 

Three suspeds are scheduled 
to be tried in U. S. Sistrid 
Comrt in January on <ftai^s hi 
coiaiBctlon lAth the Oct. Sih 
arined rdibery^ the First & 
ifarehanlr NattonU Bank ot 
Virgil branch (^ce in the 
PriBcess Anne Plasa aioppti« 

Jdto T. FadE^nua and James 
W. Payne ftand aeouied of fiie 
roUMry of tte bttk. Ddorw 
Motsiiwer has heeh charged 
witti being an aceesseny In the 

For Murder 

lUdiard Ci^l Oemiy of l^- 
ton, Ohio ir^ indicted by a 
Circuit C(NVt grand jury last 
Friday for tte mmder of a 
Nansemond County woman in a 
Virgioia Beadi motel on Aag. 

Denny, 20, attached to the 
Uttle Creek Naval AjapUbiow 
Base, stands acctsed of file 
strangulafion of Mn. Nellie U. 
White, 59." 

Denny was taken into cuatody 
at Daytcm fdk>wing tiie dis- 
covery of file woman's bofSy in 
a field near that dty several 
days after her death. ^ 

At present a trial 4l^ has. 
not as yet been set for Demy. 


Officials said two m«Qforoed 
tteir way into file buds as 
emidcqrees were eitfer£ag the 
branch office prior tqflie (wan- 
ing of the &dttty for n^mal 
btti^beas, and madeoffwifiias 
laMUsdosed ammmt of cash and 
diedcs flrom die nlgjrt de- 
poisitory safe. 

pottoe and FBI atfidala add 
file Uvee were arrested fiie 
m^t of the robbery at ttie 
Oceaa Park Motel on ^la^c 
Avenm la thie Bei^ Boro^ 

Otfidda said at file Hmct 
file appreheQBlon of fibe 
suspects, approidmately 
iMjOea lb caih^lM foMd in 
rooms oeciqiiedby te suspects. 

Faekelmaii sad Pavqe. sdii- 
dided for trial JanTtl, 1971, 
are being b«ld in seu of 
bond of $100,000 each. The 
woman is sdiedoled to enter 
court Juu 26, 1971. Her h(»xl 
has been set at $15,000. 

If yrar presdiool age ddklis 
3 years old, he iai't too young 
to have Ids first eye eamioa- 
fioQ. In teet, file VlrgtnUSod- 
ety for thl PrevenUoo of Blind- 
ness advises fiat diiklren's 
eyes be examined Urst by ttie 
tline fltey are four, because the 
critical period for successful 
trratniMt of certain visionifis- 
ordera is file years before age 

Mutual Federal is making 

FHA, VA and 



Thinking about a home? Think about 
Mutual Federal. Our business is lending 
andii^'re open for business! Since 1^ 
Mutual Federal has been tailoring home 
loan plans to suit the customer's needs. 
We have a plan that could put you in the 
home you have in mind. 

Come in and discuss it with our hnne 
financing specialists. Their experience 
is yours for the Asking. 


Fire Investtptors to determine 
the cause of a fire, if tlds 
shmild be required. 

His bilereiA la fiK work of 
the Fire Prev^iAion Bureau is 
deaioietrated in lifontrose's 
statement tinf he has already 
made amdic^ra fen- employ- 
mjA wim fiie City as a Fire 

M. T. Holland, <firector of 
the dt^s Fire Preventton 
Bureau viewed Vbe prc^ram as 
0ring "a man who's been hi 
service for a time a closer 
look at dvittan fife." When 
aidBBd if be had aay reeomnmi- 
(tatioos ctmc^rning file program 
Holland said he felt "an ex* 
tenaioa of time which a man 
is involradinfiiepn^ammiiht 
be of more benefit to tinman." 

Military men of tlds area who 
wish to parttdpate in "Projed 
TraasittMi" in Virt^oia Beadi 
m^ee fiidr ^wpUcaflra fiirou«^ 
City Peraoonel DLrectcar E. A. 
Culverhous% wfajpre their appli- 
cafion is eralu^ed for assign- 
ment to an operation cloaely 
in li^ wttti thdr^ request and 

€ Persons 

^x persons received fines 
and, Jail seil^tuxs durii^ their 
aiqiwarance before hbmidpal 
Court Judge P. B. White last 
Friday on chargM of violaftiqg 
St^ drug'cootrQl lawa. 

lUmakl A. amre, 22, of Cldi 
H<am Road, was fiiMed $500 
aod given a aub yeu |ail awi- 
tenee fblloviig Ids convicfion d 
possession of sttmulant drufs. 
Alt but 30 days of me jail 
sentence were suspended by 
Judge White. 

Jamea If. B<9ce, 34, East 
Piney BraaA Drive waa fineti 
$250 and senteiKed to 30 days 
in |ail after bdng omvided d 
possession of marijaana.BQyce 
noted an appeal of his convic- 

Judge White ordered Boyce 
bound over to a grand jury on 
diarges of his possession of 
hashisb and cocaine. 

Judge WUte also found fmnr 
Rldinumd residents guilty of 
possessim of sttmulant drills 
and marijuana. Willis H. Didc- 
iasoo, 20; David W. Witt, 19; 
Harold W. Dobbins, 18; and 
Karea R. Lewis, U, were fined 
a total of $500 and giwn 
suspended Jail leniences total- 
ing two years. 

A 17 year-oU Juvenile was 
also bound over to a grand 
Jury Iqr Jwwnile and Domeattc 
Court Judge Kennetti N. Whlte- 
hurat, Jr., on a charge hivolv- 

When asked about hia view- 
point on file program Culver- 
bouse repUed "Our cnly ex- 
perience Jhus far his been in 
the field'^of law «ifiareement, 
but tiiere may be ofiier areas 
of file dty's operattcm in wbidi 
the applicant and the City mii^ 
benefit ttrough, the i»rogram." 

Indicts Pair 

A Circuit Court grand Jon 
last Friday iadided Robert U« 
Woody and Fayette TUhQan,^ 
on murder diarges in ttie d«i^ 
of Samuel WiUardJonea. 

Woody. 32, and TiUman,39, 
botti of Norfolk, were ckujfii 
witti the lAruigKlaaw degfcf 
Jones, S2, foUeitag discovery 
of ttie sMa mt^s body hi 
Cbesap^ei ^ Stli 8 daiaed 
to the body of hto vife Jane, 

Tte o^e were tast M«t 
alive luring tbtfr Jttfii^i 
Arch hoflM (» Sept. 4, nhea, 
ac(»>rdii« to ndgllwrs, fiiey 
to<^ two men iMto Expressed 
afr inlerist i&fiinBKiriag fiieir 
28-foot saitfag trimaran for 
an imj^oa endae <» fiie 
vessel. ^ 

Dmi^ an Od. 16 ifefimi- 
nary bMorlng of the (terges in 
Munldpal Court Woody and 
fiUttaa were idftBttflM as tvKi 
mea irtu oawtodditottieCbes- 
i^gMke B$9 Bri^n-Tipiel fh>m 
rocks of tte ttdrd island d 
ttie apaa earfy Sept. S saying 
ttielr aottU sailboat had 
aUuBimd iato tte island. 

Woodr was identtttfM,dttrii« 
Mimidpal Court proceedingi^ 
as bariiv be«i seen on board) 
the J<»ea' trioaran as flie craft 
moved fiirtMi^.Loag CrMd( in 
the directton of Chesapeake 

At last repsrta trial dates 
had nd be«i set for dther of 
the accused. 

Information Sought 

Have you seen this man? 

This man ia being soa^it 
in coonedidi with last Wednes- 
day's rdbberyof fiieChes^ake 
Savugs & Loan office oa Plea- 
sure House Road in ttieRoMiins 
Comer sedtoa cf Virf^a 

He is desdribed as a white 
male, in hta early or mid ^a, 
S fbet 7 indies tall, of lAoc^ 
build weighij« ISOto 160 pounds, 
with a ruddy comidexi(m and 
Igpswn graying hair. 

At pfb» ttme of OM rdrtiery 
ttie suqped was weariifsquara 
rimmed dear (passes, and atwo 
indi diloag flesh eotored patdi 
on Us left Jaw whidi anieared 
to be ooveriqg a recent in- 
jury or nmisaal fhdal dianr- 

He was dressed ip a dark 
greea apart coat, d tweed a|>- 

the auapect Mt.tba scene 
in a late model <&ric green 
atattea wagon mlflibrown imita- 
tion wood pinelfipi almig ttie , 
aides, Md a biggNI* nek on 
thereof. The ear fw^aleribed 
aa bail* posail^inOhMnohile 
or Ponttac and bearing Virgliia 

Awonan mj hive heealattia 
car wltti him «ni tolling the 
aeeaa, aad. he may have 
been semi la ttie area of ttie 
aavbip and loan office onlM- 
d^, Sept. 19. 

Asp'ooe betteving they wtf 
hnve Infcwmafion regarjiagtMi" 
num or ttia car dutolbedibafve 
sboold contact ttieVlrgioU 
Beadi police Detective Dtvls^ 
ion, pbina 427-4101, or ttie 
Norfblk roi Office, phone 420- 

ing ttie alleged nle of drags, fjj^'^fjjj'"** ^^» 3 SchOOlS 


Navy Petty Officer First 
Class Thomas J. Ryal^ laisband 
of ttie former Miss Sukuum N. 
Jones d Lymhaven Drive, has 
reported for duty id UJ3. Naval 

During the robbery be dls- 
pUyed a gim, believed to be a 
38 cafib«r, trtddi be carried 
la a dark holster. He demanded 
tint a teller pid money into a 
blade and green plaid ovendgid 
bag. or gym bag. 


AN^M '21.95 


1946-F OUwuond 8prhi«s 114. 

E. E. BridwU, Divisioo 
Superintendent of ttie Virgiiia 
Beach City Schoola, has 
recentty been mifified by Capt. 
Jibes A. Lovell, Qga^dlant to 
Oe^^MidMd ef PliiMal Flt- 
neai and ^ptato, ,tliit fiffM 
Virginia Beach sdwoto have 
been seleded fw the 1970-71 
sdio(4 term u Dedmostratton 
Ceatera 1^ tte PresMeid's 
Coundl on Pfay8l<alFitt»ssand 

1%e llBreeschodssdeetsdin 
ttn Virglida Beadi System are 
Alanton Eteaeahry Sdwol, 
WiHoogiiliy T. CocteEto- 
meatary School aad Ptoaa 
^ad<» High School, Theaathree 
sdiools have heea ettfifledbr 
file Virginia %de D^ar||wnt 
of EducitfoD aa DeBM»smioQ 

In ttie letter frm CagU 
Lovell, it was staled ttiiw 
DeawBit^iatt (^ntes flttHTtt 
opptHTtal^p Istf praiSitlaMls 
nd ttie ganMtf pMt te d^- 
^ve a hiih«^pidt9frQptaQf 
haaM Mi M^ adiiatt»ta 
wMdi mt^mtmU^m^ 


A HIM tttmittinitikimiiitiittiiitiiiiniitinniiitiitlltl.lA 

(■■■■■iHilHMHlMMMMMiifmOMMMH^ y^TT#< 




Thursday, October 29, 1970 

CEF project snowballs 


Tim eo&ti^tsni has caugbt 
trntK dUAren and tlttir parents 
at 8t mdiol^ CattioUc Church 
flo Uttle N«dc Road as they 
Iwrt uBltad in efforts to raise 
fMidf for UNI^EF (United Nat- 
jkmal li^jreattonal Children's 

"Tridt or Treat for UNI- 
QEF" Is a famlUar phrase In 
|lit «rea, which every year 
eollteti a goodly amount of 
momj 00 ^faween. But the 
drardi is taking the efforte a 
8tin> firtter to help the chil- 
dren relate to less fortunate 
cUldren throughout the world. 

11^ theme of "children hel- 
Iiliig (jhiklren" was first sug- 
gntad tff Mrs. Joyce Snyder 
of tiie ^ureh, and it has snow- 
MUad firom there. Mrs. Snyder 
was looking for a social action 
project for the diildren "to 
llv» what we'r^ teaching them 
io ttie classroom/' 

About i,200 children in 
Urtilas one ttirough twelve afe 
Jnvobrtd. Ea^ grade level has 
own find raising project. 
These range from collecting 
tettles, to selling donuts, doing 
'^thorni at borne for money to 
baviai a teen dance. One class 
bad a inkt sale. 

Tba dimax to the week's 
•fforto wlU be the sponsoring 
of tbe kiddie show at the Prin- 
cess Tbeatre Saturday, Oct. 31. 
All proceeds wiU go to UNICEF. 
Tickets are SO cents. The 
movie, iliicb begins at 9 a.m. 
WiU be "King Kong Vs. God- 
siUa." CUUrenare «ieourafi4 
.4o «os»a. in eastttSM, as there 
will be a costume contest wiffi 

Robbie Pernan adds some more bottles to the collection. 

Everyone was an>^ious to put their latest contribution Inthe Tri 
or Treat boxes. 

prises oKered. Contest winners 
for posters advertising the 
movie will also be announced 
at the movie. 

"Everyone has coopierated," 
commented Mrs. Snyder. "The 
parents, the stores. You know 
it must cause some problems 
for the store to be loaded down 
with this many IwttleS at one 
tine." She said J^y ^^^^ re- 
turning them to thf store some 
500 at a time. 

"We're stressing that every 
penny counts," said Mrs. Sny- 
der. "Bottles are worth three 
cents and three cents will buy 
IS glasses of ndlk." 

attend one hour a week. 


This year marks the 
anniversary of UNICEF. 
Tidewater UNICEF chairman 
is Mrs. Arthur H. Gallagher, 
who says she will have a booth 
at the Pembroke Bazaar today 
through Saturday and will have 
UNICEF Trick or Treat boxes 
available free as well as UNI- 
thieii^ Satui90ai<lB9iil^)dren ,,}(^F.ChiMiW|?<^>|ofi^^ 

All ,of the children are en- 
rolled in reli^ous education 
classes at St. Nicholas. The 
classes are held Monday 

By Carolyn McAUmi 

It's too early 

to be cheerful 

Why can't people leave well-enough alone? Like I was re- 
signed to getting up in the dark in the morning. At least the 
Uds coidd i^y outside for awhile after supper. 

Now I have to get up bright and early (so who can be dieer- 
ful at 6:30 a.m.?) then put up with ttie kids for two hours after 
supper becaum it's dark and they can't go outside. Ant it's 
an hour bdore any television program comes on for them 
to watch. They haven't developed much of a taste for the 
6 p.ffl. news yet. 

The time djanged but the s^ven-year-old didn'tl We played 
bridge an hour later Saturday night in antidpaticm oi an hour's 
extra sleep. Haf The seven-year-old always wakes up as soon 
as it gets Ught. Well, it got Ught shortly before 6:30 Sunday. 

Itere's MtUng that turns me <rff quicker than to be greeted 
at 6:30 a.m. by a happy smiling face. If she would just keep 
sU to hsrstU it would be fine. But she wMite to share it witti 

Now I can get up. I have to. But I Just don't want anybody 
to talk to me. The nine-year-old has to be ^sically 4«Ked 
brt ol bed and set on her feet. It doesn't matter whether it's 
U^ oi^de or not. Tl» six-year-old is the greatest. He 
sleeps until somebody wakes Urn up, then he very sensibly 
^ 19, be lOT't pertioilarly cheerftil, buthe isn't grouchy 
either. like his father. 

Hie sitht situation is no better. 

The kl^ Red some tinw to play outsdde after sdiool, but 
ttw lave to do their homework first. That's One witt J^y- 
tt0it Savinp time. Now ifs dark by the time ttey grt through. 
He wonder ttey say flwy don't have any. / 

~ Ulim wait until after supper toey're too tired. I've been 

^ (H emm, tt's Jtffit as bad vAm Daylight Savii^ Time begins 

and itot kUto can't go to sleep tmtil 10 beeaose it's rtili Ug^ 

oiMdt. fcm^mM you can't win for k)dng. 

WIv «< DST In the winter nd Standard Time in tte summer? 
itt liaitt tte Mite and moOers inMiU be happy. 

Totdt Gontasion 
leads to Fol 

Although work started last 
summer selling ads, having tic- 
kets, posters and tents printed, 
arranging for rehearsal halls, 
bands, publicity, liE^ting and 
sound, the show will be put 
toother in Just two weeks of 
actual rehearsal. 

The strenuous routine begins 
when the director arrives from 
New York on Nov. 8 and in- 
forms members of the Virginia 
Beach - Princess Anne Junior 
Woman's Club d the songs, 
dances and acts which will com- 
pose the 1971 Follies. 

The talent Party on Nov. 8 
at the F. 0. P. Lodge on Bird- 
neck R(Md is for the purpose 
of introducing the director to 
club members and anyc^ie else 
interested in participating in toe 
Follies. The show is not lim- 
ited to club members. In fact 
new talent is always welcome. 
The Talent Party is 4iot all 
work. Before and after ttie di- 
rector's spiel, there is a rode 
'n roll band for dandng. 

After the Talent i»arty rtr 
hearsals begin brig^ and early 
the next morning at 8 a.m. 
The morning rehearsals are for 
the all-girl numbers such as 
kick lines, and they are M(m- 
day thrott^ Friday, 8 a.m. to 
noon. Evening rehearsals are 
set up for coiqdes— both dance 
numbers and songs from 8-11 
p.m. Solo numbers are usually 
rehearsed Tuesd^ ni^ts or at 
a convenient time during tbe 
day. — - — - — = 

Mrs, McDaniel addresses the group as, left to right on the porch, 
John Roper, chairman of the Tidewater Red Cross chapter. Mayor 
Rhodes, Navy Capt. Jim Mayo and Norfolk Vice Mayor V.A. Nus- 
baum await their turn to speak. 

Dress rehearsal is held at die 
Civic Center on Thursday, Nov. 
19, and in the past the dir- 
ector has kept the cast for at 
least .two trial runs, often las- 
ting until 1 a.m. while cast 
members wonder if it is wortti 
the time and expense. 

The Friday night perfor- 
mance is a family-sty]ie show, 
and Saturds^ nig^t is cabairet 
style , with dandng tefore and 
after the straw. 

(See 'FoUies' p. 8) 

POW. MIA wives 

Local efforts 
at answers to 




With the opening of their first 
official headquarters, last 
week, the POW/MIA wives 
launched a massive effort to 
colled 100,000 names on peti- 
tions which will be taken to the 
Paris Peace. Talks. 

The new effort Is called 
"Operation ^e Care." The 
wives have been loaned a build- 
ing" at 500 First Colonial Rd. 
!^ John K. Parder of Parko 
Industries. The office wiM be 
manned by volunteers from 9 

NOT A SOUP t-iNE, but a chowder line. Everyone was willing to 
stand in line to taste the delicious food prepared In Angle's Kitchen 
at the Antique Show sponsored by the Princess Anne Woman sClub 
of Virginia Beach last weekend. 

a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. For those 
seeking informatidn or wishing 
to volunteer may call 425-6441 
or 425-6442. 

A delegation beaded by Mi^or 
Donald Rhodes and Norfolk 
Mayor Roy Martin will travel 
to Paris to present the 
signatores to North Vietnamese 
and National LiberatiMi Treat 
delegates at tbe peace talks. 
The two mayors also will carry 
the names d men from Norfolk 
and Virginia Beach and ask for 
specific iid!ormation about todr 
wheresd)6^ and wel&re. 

There are presently 21 m«i 
from Virginia Beach and 
Norfolk who are ndssing or im- 
prisoned in North Vietnam. NIik 
are known prisoners of war and 
12 are listed as missing to 
action. — ^- — 

Mrs. Dorothy McDaniel, Vir- 
ginia State Gordinator of the 
National League of American 
Prisomrs and Missii^ to SqujS^ 
east Asia, said at the h^d- 
quarters opeidng, Boto toe 
North Vietiamese and the 
National Uber^oo Front re- 
cently have Ken some eleded 
representatives d the pe<4)le 
who have travelled to Paris. 
Perhaps they will respond to 
appeals from th^^people of Nor- 
folk aod%Vir^iia BMdu CMk» 
toey fulty understaiKi that 
America is deeply con<»n»d 
ibofA toese men— and w<wM be 
e<^ly ctmcerned if («ly one 
man was involved— we believe 
they may modU^ toeir po6iti<n 
of intran^»iee. fkef mnst'te 
made to r^Use tl^ tie Itatted 
Stti^ irtllnevwsaaUloetbMt 
nmi to polltiealexpedi«iey,aad 

Events mark 

In tba sidxtt of world 
ooiiimtBlty, stvtrtl special 
iWBti hnw be«s piaiMMbsr 
msoibars ind T-TMas of (te 
Tldswiter AIM for (tedH 
senranoe of tlw TWCA's AobMI 
World FeUofwsbop oaUbnitoi, 
Miss Baonab SUmns, sspii^Bie 
dirsdor of the l oca l A ssodtHon, 
anoomieed tod^. 

Tidewater TMCA mtBlmrs 
WiU be JoiDiiig witb otters la 
AasodatteH throuilioat Am SO 

states and la 80 eoantrissarond 
tbe world ia oelebratlBc swaA 
of. jHrayer for world ptaot nd 
bd^r understandlni taaaoi aU 

On Nov. 8 a groiq) of Tide- 
water arM Y-Teens wiUpartfd- 
pate in toe opefliog event of the 
week, the Ahaoal World Feltow- 
sbip Service bald it tba Nattooal 
Cathedral tn WasUBftoB, D.C. 
Tbe teeai and tbetr dapaoaas 
will ^val by ebaxter boa and 
will comUna dgMaeelBC iditb 
tbeir trip to toe Catbedral tM*- 

The Phyllis Wbeatley Branch 
will preiwnt utotelnaltaBitpro- 
gram "MnUe Aroonl tbaWorM" 
at a World Fellowsbop IudAmii 
to be held at tbe MW JMNtoo 
Inn at Mltttary Girds so Satnr- 
day, Nov. 1 dJ|:iKl p»jB, 

The Virgidl B^sh Braa^ 
ataervanoe, wtU be i coBm at 
tbe Eastern Shore Cta^il, WO 
l4Skin Road on TInrsday, Nov. 
6 at 10:1^ a.n. Adn. ^t) Ben 
W. Sarver wiU be tbe speaker 
aad wives d oCBesn d ^XSr- 
j:;^T flU^^ jgaeftf^booor. 

The JrasMaso B Si ntt Bwn eb 
is plaudng an lateramiaal 
Taled eted, dde to be «• 

Of the animal eommeroonttoa, 
Miss 8tev«M add, *'TI«i«ra 
time when wt foeos od tbe work 
we do odbdively m a y«ur- 
roimd bMs wbA eall upoa oar 
members for Ibdr soiiiwrt d 
in 80 eoBtfries aromg tbewotU. 
It Is ngafed ia a iriite fsritofy 
d s^^tiw ovnrsMS iMebtti- 
dnded sctt-belp projed^ add- 
ttonal pnirana, mnraqr bfdft- 
ini; tuamf 8^ooli,laad«illp 
devdopoMi^ ettdcs, voeailcad 
trdaihgand yooUi propvms. 

District meeting . 
attended by five 

toat a satisfaetory resolution d 
toe' peace talks would be acce- 
lerated if the pri8on»-lsnie 
could be speedily resdved." 

Petitions will be drculated 
througbod toe two dties bg 
volunteers, assisted by toe 
American Red Cross. Tbe peti- 
tions willbeavailaMeddioip- 
ing coders; d pdlingplacesoa 
Nov. 3, and d numtrods dvle, 
religions and boalnMS fitti- 
«rings for a tbree-wedc period. 
Tbe Navy League Is assisting to 
ftmd-rddng to send the de* 
legation to Paris. 

Mayor Itood» oommenteil^ 
"There have been a tot d n^ 
things for me since September. 
1 can't tddc d anytdM I'd 
ratter be iavdved to ttin tbe 
lOlsoner-relMse efl»te. tba 
City d Virgida Beadilsbehtad 
y(Hi 100%,offieiaUyttidanoi&d- 

AcecHrding to toe wives« tbe 
pressure d American aad world 
ojBition has helped to e^^ltaid 
closer ,to hunarttaltaii bred- 
med d toe prisoeers. Ibnv 
are iK> more parades d 
IB-isooers throu^ tlMdredsd 
Huiori, aad ^^ds to try )be 
B»n u **w«' ataMM'* hive _____ 

sdjddedsinoetbeworUoday -—--—-------—-———-*-- 

agaiadtod. wfll wad to badt tds dfor^ 

Mddnc ts stroaiar tbM pi*L 

In dMtion, since F^raaryd opidoa, and tba Bortb VId- 
toisyMr,toeH«idlMdto«ed ^mese cannd ignore tbe vd«e$ 
padogM to be fdi^ W in d all tbe people Itom tbiS'* 
every two modbs. tnlledkes fm dties, especially ^ 
are flat some d toe ma re- toose vdces are all 
eeive tbem. Ldtn wrlltag has cm time« Tds effort 


Condided Mrs. Md)ad^ iriaiai 
'<We know cm MhiwdtlaMS, 

Mrs. Ki. Bare, Ura, R.G. 
Htaes. Jr.; Mrs. N.P. Niels«, 
Mrs. iu. Seitfi and Mn. W Jt. 

Collier, maaibers d tte ^- 
slda Jdior Womn^s CIA, 
dteBdad tbe tMewtter nddd 
VirflBia FedddtondWoan^ 
CUb fitt meetlac held In tta 
Hotd C^toberldn to Hasvtdi. 

Tbe Jnlor State Dlredor, 
Mrs. 3 A Mee, tns tban lod 
told daeoofverailaabdweea 
"My Vaoaan ^aMf aad V* 
TUs eoarorsattoB, AongiMb 
tbe ^M» aadiaL vat aeftt 
edertdafaai «d Idonadtend. 
Tbe pr«ri4ed d toe tnfgtels 
Federattoft d Women^ ChlM, 
Mrs. J3. Itoberto, was alw> 


Mrs. Ce^ Tta^er fave a 

en ««Wtal We WnT* 


11,11. WfMer, it. 


Virginia BMdi Sun 

Ttuirsdoy, Octotor 29, 1970 

Mrs* wieser 

HocxJ— Wieser wedding 

Mm {Mb AmHoodteeune 
m lirlde of Frederick Junes 
Wlmff la a cerenoiqr Saliir- 
diy, Oct 24 in till Chapel of 
the Good Stepaid. MAS Oce- 
•ai. oadalti« were Chaplain 
B. H. Strutters, fte Rev. 
ClHrln Sdnreltert, a cousin 
of tlM bride frtun llooroeviUe, 
Pa^ andtte Rev. Bazton Boyd. 

Tte hrlde is tt» dau^ter d 
Navy Caiit aol Mrs. A. H. 
Hood qC East Bay Shore Drive. 

Tte bildM^oom is tte son 
olMr. and Mrs. W3. Wieser 
of Turtle Cnek, Pa. 

•m ttride «as given in mar- 
riiMP by ter taJSmr. Mrs. S.H. 
Repass «f Richiaond, ter sister, 
fts lu^raii of tenor. Brides* 
attkto «ere Miss Mary Am 
Wicaer of "nirtle Creek, sister 
of 4te bridegroom and Miss 

Nelly Permentel of Caracas., 

Ttemas Wieser of Turtle 
Creek was his brotter's best 
man. Groomsmen were Kfldiael 
Wieser ofTurtleCreek,anotter 
brother, asA James C, Repass 
of Richmond. 

Following a reception in fbe 
Offleers Clvb as NAS Oceana, 
tte couple left on a wedding 
trip to Western Virginia. Ttey 
will live in Fitcaim, Pa. 

The bride, a graduate of 
WesthamptMi , CoUe^ of tte 
Universi^r of Ridimond, is em- 
ployed Pi tte U.S. Bureau of 
Mines in Pittsburgh, Pa. Tte 
bridegroom, a graduate of Ca- 
jm^n Coltege in Washii^iL 
D.C. is employed hy CATv 
in North Versailles, Pa. 

^HBk ilMCkneM 
IN A Humr -.^^^«p 


Ut« our NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW 30 1/2 St 
•nt«r from Pacific or Arctic Ave. 



I IllliUH «»0OI— 

, .„ »lil'liril Willi wKiJr— 

^Itliuni I^.M, 

prilnl liir lli» 

liKll IMVI KlirMl. 

'i In n, .*!«(». 

KihUti (wmlrr. 

Kmiaiik . . , $17.(10 

SmVu. BttKk fiW., V«. BtminMiUiary CmU Sfafpaw Or. 
Yb. BHdi Stem C^ Mea^y llauStt 10 • PM. 
la^ MooJqr aad TMtv 'tU 9 P.M.. MtltUry CiRte fton 


ShopH for tia Ijuiinand their IhuffiOent 

Vl BMdi SiMBS 

Grow vegetables in minigdrden 

Be creative with 


(Ector's BOtei lids Is <*e 
of a serlet on tesM bi^enl- 
bffe by "WiWey ^« ^oWm, 
Vtrgtada t^eb ej^ensiaa ter- 

A Utften Of oloiiBrdra My 
provide an opporbnMy for yon 
to pradi(» your fttdeidictfdir 
diffing tte vinter. |t can te 
an intnrastiiig bdbby snd «iU 
Slinky Jt Mmi tad harvest of food. 

Sbaw of tte small fMted 
peppen ntfy te growi as bowe 
pliMI. I4te ^otttoiHi, ftey 
pn^r warm oowitioui and iM^ 
grow qidte m\U Pndts vrtH 
te rMi^ to ten«^ from 
peppers and tcwMtoes^^ In about 
ten iroeks after plu4t%. 

For a (luick povtio^ crop 
try raifisbns. Itese vdll te 
r^dy to mt in four 

Don't te mislead by pubU- 
eatioos which suggest ttet a 
emn^te assortmeirt of ^wge- 
tddes can te grown In tte 
bbuBe. tfils'is utter folly. 
Try only about five, such as 
chive, parsley, pepper, tomato 
and radish. 

You will need some pots or 
tedcets six inches in dlimeter 
and larger. Use a fertile soU 
miibire wittkahigh hmnuscon- 
tent. Provide good drainage 
Witt broken crodwiy and 
crushed stone or gravel in tte 
tottom of eadi p(4. 

Chive is a fine crop for tte 
kitchen garden. 'It grows like 
small onions wiQi leaves about 
A% inctes tall. The pluits 
prefer cool conditions and good 
light, tet will grow (j^uite well 
on a window sill in tte Utcten. 

One or two pots of chives 
will provide leaves for season- 
ing salads and soup. Plant seeds 
or small bidte in a six indi 
pot. Ibe plants steuldiwilwut 
one inch apart over tte entire 
surface area. It will require 
about twelve weeks from 
tte time seeds are planted until 
leaves can be cut. 

Parsley is anotter good crop 
for raising in tte house. 
Plant seeds directly into six 
inch pots, or transplant young 
tealthy pUnts from tte garden. 
One vigorous plant per pot is 
enough. Parsl^ develops 
attractive, green, curly leaves 
ateut six or d^t indies tall. 
It will reqidre about ten or 
twelve weeks after planting tte 
seeds tefore leaves can te 
clipped for garnish. 

Tte Tiny Tim tomato may 
te raised quite saiisfoctcnily 
in tte teme. 0» plant in a 
'^ indi pot will <£aUenge your 
gardening iMltty, and supply 
some small cterry size fruits 
whid) can te eaten whole or 
served witt salad. Ibe Tiny 
Tim tomam^is to a heii^t 
of ateutlffl^llllft^ 

Yoy mxjkMsii try tte olw 
Small Fryvbich is ateut thr| 
fi^et tall, tlel paste tfp^ ton 
Roma may also te grown in- 
doors, liese will need more 
space than Tiny Tim and should 
te located cm a porch or in 
a conservatory setting. 

Ttey must te piran very rigid- 
ly if they are to te <^p and 
succulent. Scatter mUsh seeds 

on moist scil in a six m eigtt 
indi pet Cover irfttafccwton- 
feurtt indi of soli and jAtee 
a ple<» of ^lais over the pot 
to (»N)serve mdsture inttl tte 
see^ germlmite. 

Plant ttin young radish {Aants 
abMtt Me indiiy^. Grow^rar 
radiates in <»ol Iwt sinny 
placM. AnunbeatedsidepOTch 
is flro as long as tt jtoes not 
freeiQe. Radlstes ''will grow 
very poorly in S warm hOw« 
Witt poor light. 

wton Holtewfen Is^ witt us 
and TtetfoNtfving is 4pi»>o»A. 
ing ftit/lfittn« ouidBes l&ifl- 
vm Ayenw witt tte tellUnee 
(A ter om "pcb^^^ng", from 
tte rtdi pendmrnoi and tte 
piy tamqpia to tte proud punq)- 
Uo, tm tolaUy American sym - 
bol tA a teoitttU tervest. 

Tte Kingston Garden Club 
met last week at King's Grant 
Prerti^rlan Cterdi. Tte 
spe^r was Fred Heutte, de- 
velcier of tte Norfolk Botvd- 
cal Gardtens. who spdce on un- 
usual (flants In tte ^den and 
] stewed specimens of some var- 
ieties of plants not often seen 
in tte area. 


Heutte also explained ways to 
espalier bushes. His talk was 
followed by a question and An- 
swer period. Ibis led to a 
distussion of tte Japmese Bee- 
tle problem at tte Beachi^Tte 
milky spore disease, «^n li^ 
noculated into tte soil, wlU 
telp to prevent tte beetles flrom 
multiplying. This can te ob- 
tained from tte county agent 
and must te done in tte en- 
tire area. It would take three 
to four years to eraificate tte 
teetles completely. TIds was^ 
done years ago in Norfolk and 
has teen very successftd. 

Mrs. WiUiam A. Perkira sug- 
gested ttet all garden didis 
in tte area as well as tte King's 
Grant Community League and 
King's . Grant and Kingston 
PTA's investigate tte possibil- 
ity of innoculating every yard 
in tte area witt Milky ^lore 
Disease to eradicate Japanese 

Mrs. Charles Traub, aitfi- 
littler diairman, announced that 
tte cliA wiir teld its annual 
Ai^-Litter Poster Contist a- 
gain this year at Kingston 
School. Tte deadline for entries 
is Oct. 30th. 

A blue ribbctt was awarded 
to Mrs. Vincont Gunn for her 
artistic arangement. 


PesiAtie. c(wtinuMl <b7 
.weatlter.-Cass^ ^tunJ^nJCUnb 
members filled Ite Bay HailxHur 
Club witt flowers for tteir 
Octoter meeting. 

Each memter brou^t a con- 
tainer, and Mrs. E. A. Vlott- 
meister. Accredited Judge and 
club memter, instructed tte 
flower arrangement clinic. 

Mrs. VenKm Honeycutt 
i^minded n^mters ttet u>w is 
tte time to clean terders, add 
much to ^ids and lAai^buIte 
in order t6 teve a flowering 
spring garden. 

Lake Joyce 

Dr. Ann Lee $^ on the 
lesser known dwurf bulte ti tte 
first fall meeting dt Lake Joyce 
Garden Club. Beginning now 
is tte time to plant a ganten 
or add to an establisted (Hie. 
She said a garden steuld dot 
te a spring garden or a camel- 
lia collecti«i tet steuld con- 
tain something to look forward 
to throu^iout tte year and 
shcniid teve some added attrac- 
tion each year. 

Dwarf butt>s suggested by Dr^ 
Lee induded: 

Crocus: Snow Bunting, ildte 
, witt indigo blue feattering; 
Goldilocks, deep yellow with 
purple base; Firefly, lilac pink; 
Ladiy Killer, blue and wtaUe; , 
Zwanenburg, brcmz. 

Iris, January Uooming: Var- 
tani, white, talbous; nsEtive to 
The Holy Land; Danfordlae, 
bright yellow, native of Tur- 
key, 6" tall. 

Anemone: Anemone Uandaor 
Grecian Wiiifilowersr-ltese 
are not bulte but corms.BriiJht 
red, bbie, piidc uid jirfaite,^ ttey 
are diarming on tte edge or 
borders, 5" talU 

Tulips: Clusiana, a spedes 
tulip, native to Ptrsia and is 
a real gem. Outer petals ^rry 
red, inner petals white witt a 
deep violet base. Heig^ tfMut 
9 to 12" on sleiider steins. 
The blooms ar»lasting uid qidte 
weatter reslstDfit in spite of 
their' dainiiiiess, Red Ridliig- 
teod. Grifllgtt^M ^Tl l ii r^*.^^ 
blMiipp» aMtea, 
tteir 8)«ipag color, 
varigMted foliage, qufi 

Tte pumpkin ads v& i imise 
for cMUnn. Seized witt aa*e- 
ative urge^ ttey birn pumpUns 
into snag^e-toothed Jack 0' 
Lanterns. Rtebimls demand 
possihllitti^ (tf pl«, tte pomp- 
kin leaves a code vdtt a long- 
ing for variety. A Coffee pump- 
kin Flan is a ^orious ans- 
wer, for unlike {ries, it is li^t 
and ^dal. i^fiSce to say that 
once it has been tasted, it is 
certain to tecome one of tte 
famiiy'-s p leas ure sof 4te sea- 
vson. Of course, b«shly brewed 
coffee is tte perfect aecom- 


\\/% cups sugar, divided 

1 cup canned pumpkin 

1 tap. ginger 

3/4 tsp. dnnanxm 

1/8 tsp. each, cloves md nutmeg 

1 tts. molasses 

1 tte. tetter or margerine, 


4 vlwle eggs 

3 egg yolks 

1 large can evaporated mitt 

1 cup strong coffee teverage 

Pour Icupst^ar into teavy 
frying puu Cook over low teat, 
stirriiv ocnstantly, until a clear 
brown syrup forms. Pour syrup 
ii^ 12 4 oz. nunekins, tip teck 
and fortt to coat sides of rame- 
kins. Cool. CondaiM pumpkin^ 
spices, molasses and meldted 
butter; mix weU. Beat e^s aid 
egg yolks togetterjaddremdb- 
ing 1/2 cq) si^r, evaporated 
milk a|id orffee; teat until well 
bleindef|. Pour coffee mixture 
slowly into punq^ mixture, 
mixii^ welU Pour iito caramel- 
coated ramekins. Place in pan 
of tet water witt tte water on 
a level witt tte b^ of custard. 
Bake at 350 for 1 1/4 bows 
or until inserted, knife comes 
out dean. ChUL T(v witt a 
frill of whipped cream. Makes 
12 servings. 


(C«it« frol^ p. 7) 


Blue ribbra winners were 
Mrs. M.K. Crockett, Dr. Ue, 
Uxe. BlT. Bateiaan, Mrs. Ro- 
tert L. Munn and Mrs. Cecil 
H. Reed. . 

§ tte tf|U curtain tei^« 
iffii^ j^ tiii) biek stage eon- 
fUStoQ has Maimed to a dull 
roar, ttere is a well-earned 
After Hours ^rty for cast 
memters and friends ftrom 1 
to 4 a.m.~a fitting end to 
two weeks of tectic confusion! 




. .^^VJlJfa^ 

-,.-,- X- 

f/|S\.v— -^^'^*'- 

Read about those "kind of thinffs*' in the 

Virginia Beach Sun 

Coffee Pumpkin Flan is a light dessert for 
liarvest season,' 

Notice tte wiN plilnte 'along 
tte Virginia Beach-Norfolk Ex- 
pressway. The area between tte 
hif^way and tte toundary fences 
looked barren rigjit after tte 
road was completed, but now tte 
wild flowers and shrute are 
growing again. This massed 
plai^i^ along tte right of way 

" preatl^ to- tte motorist's 

'Notice tte variety of wild 
plants. Tte fttmillar cat tails 
are everywtere and so is tte 
Scotdi broom. Tte golcten rod is 
teautiful this month. Notice, 
too, tte handsome salt bush now 
in bloom. Perhaps you do not 
know this local wild plant. It is 
a vigorous grower and some- 
times reachM, tree-like size. 

Dam Neck 207 
meets Nov. 5 

NWCA Dam Neck #207 wiU 
hold tteir monthly business 
meeting on Thursday, Nov. 5, 
at 9:30 a.m. on tte second 
floor of tte special services 
building at Dam Neck. 

A mirsery will te provided, 
and refreshments will te 
served. All military wives are 
welcome to attend. 

For information on tte Navy 
Wives Clute of America at 
Dam Neck, please call Mrs. 
Mort Dagenkilb at 426-6229. 

The plant is covered witt a ottss 
of tiny white flowers ttat blow 
away in tte wind later on; Hr 
telongs to tte groundsel temily. 


i ik *0 •* ' • » > > ■ » i« i' i> 4 » » » 4i '4 



When you're not 

tike yourself, 


All of a sudden you might 
feel you're changing-not a 
good feeling. You're tired, 
edgy, out of sorts and that's 
not you. Lydia Pin^ham 

A long time ago, when 
ladies couldn't t>e as frank 'as 
we can today, Lydia Pinkham 
recognized the problem and 
set about finding a remedy. 
She' knew it was not natural 
for women to have to suffer 
with what was obviously a, 
natural process. 

So she turned to nature 
for a remedy. She de^loped 
a marvelous compound of 
medicinal roots and herbs 
that turned the trick for the 
women she knew. Because it 
is a natural answer to your 
natural problems, it can turn 
the trick for you, too. 

Try Lydia Pinkham's<root 
and herb remedy to help you 
fMl t^ter, more like yourself. 

LjditL E Puikluuii 

Ay«fti ^ h T^ Mi li fU tmm 
IfiB, 1^. il9l4 

•Mr;^^ '4* Mrs-. 

I^r. & Mrs.' David Allen 
Lemley, glrU ^ 

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Lee 
Guynn, girl, 

Mr.i& Mrs. MervinRay 
Fryer, glrL 

Mr. ft Mrs. David Stepten 
Winn, girl. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ktemas William 
Riddick, girU 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Claire 
Hurehurt, girl. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Clinton 
Spencer, girl. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cdtto 
Outlaw, Jr., tey. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Micteel 
Paust, boy. 

' Mr. & Mrs. Patrick (Edward 
Goodwin, boy 

Mr. & Mn. Bishop Wajme 
Culp, tey. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Giqr 
Harrison, boy. 

Mr. L Mrs. Ernest Douglas 
Proffit, boy. 

Mr. Si Mrs. Roger Gary 
Fitzsimmons, boy. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Teimyscm 
Edelman, boy. 

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Leroy 
Zicht, tey. 

Mr. & Mrs. Danny Dean 
Zelton, tey. 

Mr. & Mrs. George Michael 
Henry, tey. 



hostess can help you 
over the anxiety of get- 
ting acquainted in nev7 
surroundinp and make 
you feel at "Home 
Sweet Home," ai^in. 

She will bring gifts and 
vit£d information from 
your neighborhood busi- 
ness and civic lead^ 

Call _j627-5685 


Fmi»us Bartet 
intiie WorM* 


Thurt^, Oetotor 29, 1970 

KeinpsYilleCkief^ Etise Ou 
Covollers in Week^^hocker 

Virginia teach Sun 




Ucfft wtf r«ino««4l tnm fbt 
strMlB «f vtttXttr. «f Virgbdft 

1961 Blue Randtler Stittoo Wt^ 
goD Serial #30?$29 
TUs v^de liat been re- 

meirf 'f ID OA tdage In foot- 

Ipi^ irffli 1 loftot MISOO, 
i^A i^i "On t ftVM ^, 
tjy aooiwiT teMKii^cM^pmwe 
lUtav ett b«U ngr otter ioot- 

Than ire mom irlto would , 
KfM tti» ^eomptnUe ftttas*' 
^H, Vi^iiferaeleit, Keii^- 
Vllle*f CUe£i-HA>le to bo«t 
oBtar tiKi frlOB all seasra— • 
iamm^smOfio the adage 
FrtdMor by ali«44ng powerftil 
Piri^M AAoe ^-20. 

■n» ftd ttat KempaviUe vas 
playtoc bijEore its llrat bome- 
e^U^ «ttte Mir sdiool Doigtit 
mve eootributfld to ^ CU^s 
uBblltoaf ptwod gamai^iiiist 
^ i^^ bvwed Cav^ers. 

tlie Cttefs, not to be »«ed 
by PA'S state ranking, showed 
their vtsltora no merey, driving 
IS yank in only U plays for 
their 0M^ scmre^ Juttus Hvrdle, 
Kets^fWle's aiBirer to theCa- 
vaUerS' hli^-touted Jerry 
lleGi^), ran tbe final 15 yards 
in tti» <Mve to put Uie Chiefs 
on the scoreboard. 

PA refused to play dead and 
qiiiekly canw back with a SO* 
md roB ott a literal from 
Ronnie Walls to Eddie DtefaU 
The ChietS managed to tak4 
a .18-6 .halfttme lead to the 
lodwrs on a one-yard plunge 

It was more of dK/ same 
in Ihe second half wiUi the 
Chiefs' Mifce Shea snaring a 
67-7i»l Bill Pasdiall pass, for 
a toadslown. Princess Anne 
•dded touchdowns on a 27.yard 
pass tnm Al.Strsnge to Bob 
Jones snd |i one-yard run by 
McGrath, but they weren't 
« sough to stop Kempsville's 
"itomecomlni victory. 

In other Friday night high 
HdKxd aetioo, Coac bekl a haU- 
tlBtc l«Kt of 6-0, but KelUun 
rallied in the second half to 
ttfce Its llrst win of the year, 
12-6; B^rside fell for the se- 
omd tine in ss maiqr weeks 
to Laps Taylor, 13-12; and the 
Patriots of First Colonial felt 
. BO pain in overwhelming 
ChurdiUuxl, 60-0. 

Pride was the only thing at 
stake ib the Cot-Kellanl bout 
witti both teams tcjini to es- 
cape wilii their JBnt win c^^he 
ssas^'IRke Kofgi^ defoisive 
team contributed h^ their 
pdnts vdien Joe Siray Idodced 
f ^Cox punt, ^n bounted litfo 
the end feone nith it 

Danny Weinbrechtputsix 
points on the board for the 
Falcons bef(n« halftime tear 
Cox's only score. Kellam's Joe 
llBUistied the score in the tUrd 
(parter on m one-yard dive. 
Ktllam heUI Cox to only 42 
yards total ofifense and three 
first dovms. 

Bayside, still licking its 
wounds ftom its encounter with 
front-running Maury a weekar- 
lier, made too many mistidtts 
and saw ite record drop to 4-2-1. 
L^ Taylor hirned two Marttn 
fkimbles into touchdowns within 
a mini^e of ea(^ other, then 
ootlashed Baydde. 

Two pass interc^ons in the 

last quarter stynded Baytide's 
fiqal hopes. Hm Marlins w«re 
iffiilde to convert after both 
ttra^dowitt which ^XtaMf 
aeoouited tor their dbwnfm; 

B^rside's scoring came « a 
four-^ard nm by Lloyd Bchn 
after a second period fumide 
and a 30-yard Jaunt b> Lance 
Plats. > 

First Colonial, scheduled to 
take on flrst-plaee liwiry this 
week, got In a good practice 
session Frid^r tk ttie eiqwns^ 
^ Churchland. Five Patti^ote 
crossed the T^rucfcers^ goal Une 
to ensure their homecoming 
win. Steve T^ylor^who scored 
tte first Hi ei0A toudidowns, 
^nd ][(» yards while teamate 
Weltott Cowell ran for 70 yarcb 
and caught two ptssis for 
another 40 yards. 


Norvtew at Bayside; Booker 
T, Washington at Cox; Maury 
at First Colonial; Kellam at 
Granby; Indian River at Kemps- 
ville; and PrinoMs Anne at 
Lake Taylor. 


Norvlew over Bayside 

Cox over Booker T. Wash- 

Maury over First Colonial 

Graid>y over Kellam 

Kempsville over Indian River 

Princess Anne over Lake 

Kellam tackle John Sachon hands the 
Homecoming Queen ribbon to Cathy Cop- 
pino in Friday night's festivities. 

Small scale Rose 
Bowl hails queen 

"^Legal Notices 

moved to Istercnsstel Steel 
C or p«r ation In OMHUMake, 
Virgbda. The omer or aqr per- 
son teybbg^noorttyiateriit may 
daim tUs veUde trtthta three 
(3) wedcs^ ihrdaterirf tbb 
notiee Igr pM^ sU towing, 
lareservatloB, and storage 
charges. -Failure by Urn owner 
or persons having security in- 
terest to exercise their right 
to reclaim the vehide wittdn 
the time provided shall be 
deemed a waiver and dull be 
constru e d as «a»ent-to the— 
sale of tiie abandoned mottf 
vehicle at a pultlic auction 
W.W. Davte^ Colonel, CkUf of 

G.K. Bryan, Captain, Comman- 
ding Officer Traffic Division. 


Tte following al»ndoned ve- 
hicle was removed from the 
streete ctf the City of Virginia 

1953 Blue Chevrolet 4 Dr. 
Sedan V.I.N. * B53B069S93 

TIds vehide has been re- 
moved to Intercoastal Steel 
C or por ation in Ches^Kake, 
Virginia. The owner or any 
person luvlng security interest 
may claim this vehicle within . 
three (3) weeks oi the date of 
this notice by paying all towing, 
preservation, and storage 
charges. Failure by the owner 
or persons having security in- 
terest to exerdse their rig^ 
to reclaim the vehicle within 
the time provided shall be 
deetned a waiver and shall be 
construed as consent to ttie sale 
of the abandMii^ motor vehicle 
St a public ijuction. 
W.W. Davis, Cdonel, Chief of 
Police (T 

G.K. Bryan, C^itain, Comman- 
ding Officer Traffic Division 


Hie followli^ abandoned ve- 
hicle was removed from the 
streets of the City of Virginia 



E«Mm« pnp«rtyttBS 
ntag ft dfaittMe of ^WtelilaBg 
ttM Nofttira pfoparty 10^.8^ 
ptopti^U known u UM 1 
and 2 of pnttttf tornerly 
Rtiepis Proparty. (PstfbnfeK '^m^ 
Area). BA¥Sn« BOROWffl. ■ 
2. AppficatloB of Loretia B. 
WIIUsoii and Carol Ann Pope 
for a IJSi Peralt to operate 
a nursery vlbuA ud Uader- 

*L«gal Notices 
717 tMrt BKirfl orlsBiis the 
86m idde of ^Oi Bo&i aad 
166 lioC flfift orliM Is ttl 
SoBlh iUa of M)rflMUBpteiBoB- 
hvnd. foaiBf to adipttof 
IM jMt iDon or U muJ s 

^egai Hotii 

eonstmet six n qw ' 

nite OB osrtilB 

sated on tba Sootbea 

ef AreHc AveBoe 

Mm^ nndag a dis; 

10 list along tte Essi siae oi 

of S84 feet along tte 

hounded by file Shoref fif Uto 

Smitfe. Stfd pnparty U riiom Senften property Use, ming 

OB tte Sorvsy of Property of tsdMuMe of 140 teet along ttie 

M. Battey Walter aad Jknat ^^^^tS^^^^^SHZ 

_*.. -*-i Tucter WiBnr. wMsdm *itdWsiieeolS84teet«lflBg 

garten 0P,c«ryn proyrty to- 9Sracres,MdliirvwS!5 fl» Horttem property line of 

3^*^ *?J!'*5[^JSE2 pSdCh5«Tft5mi whldJO testis tte SoolbsMe 


ff A dis 

or less; 

Queen Cissy Gwinn accepts bouquet from Coach Charlie Earp. 


Cox Queen 

Kathy Bryan was recently 
elected Home^ming Queen t<a 
Cox High School. She was 
crowned Iqr last year's que^n, 
Mariamie Martini during half- 
ttme ceremonies in a game with 

Ofiier queen nominee were 
Sterry Beard, Nncy LMgworth 
and Ann Ritteidiouse. Class 
attenda^ were Kim Utx, 8tti 

With a few miiaor exceptions, 
j3ie homecoming «rf U»e Arrow- 
tead Rsms over onSusquahanna 
Street vwnt wifiiout a hitdu 

Tte Rams, a dynasty in mini- 
football, had already aoeumu- 
Uted 18 pdnte in tte first half. 
From all indicatioos, tte hap- 
less LartepurLarte would pro- 
vide Uttte more than mild ex- 
erdses for tte Rams. A mere 
statisttc in tte Ram w(m-lo6t 

At halftiroe SiAurday morning 
on tte field teside.Arrowtead 
Etementery, tte mighty Rams' 
co-captains, Steve Earp and 
Mike Crabtree, walked casually 
to tte end aone and picked Cissy 
Gwinn from among tte otter 
msntersol tte Ram cteering 
s^iad to te Miss Ram. 

Tten^ wifii all tte fanfhre 
at a smaU scale Rose Bowl, 
tte pretty Miss Ram, flanked 

attendanis were lam uia, «n ^^^^^ gridders, gotirto 

KS£^?1?^'^JS} Sebacteeatrfablu^Cadil- 
CsrolinrFetton, lOttt grade; and »« "■» .... _..._^^ — 

LlikiaCowUng, urn grade. 

Tteaift for tte flomeooming 
teittvltiss was "ReflecttoBS." 
An class and ddb flcMte fol- 
lowed this tteme. Tte dass of 

'73 hid tte winning fioat. 

Ffdlowlng file gamefiwrewas 
a S.C.A, reception in ttie ca- 
feteria kg returning alunud. 
Hie dstee fe^ored Blade Ri- 
ver CIrens and was teld in 
the gym. 


Mhr Matty f ravMot 

lac convertible and was driven 
to tte 5Q-yard Una. 

There, ac«>rding to tte most 
well-laid of plans, Miss Gwim 
reoeiwd fto«e» ^om Ctertte 
Eurp, tte Rams' coadi wte 
dmdiUs as Steve's dad. And, 
rest sssiffed, it was a pre- 
Sutton befmii^ file front rvi- 
aers of tte IW-p(Mnd teague. 

At fids point. It might te 
interesttng to note ttiat, ttiou^ 
tte league is caUed ttie 110- 
pound Ingoe, Mite Crabtree's 
Uttte brottiar doesn't actually 
ttp ttie scatesatllO.Ev«ittiot«h 
te wei^ In at only 67 pounds 
(probably wItt pads andtelmet, 
you don't unteresttmate his 
foottwU credentials. UUtortui- 
ately for ttie Larics, 0»y dis- 
counted his 67-pocnd frame. 

At any rate, ttie g^e wotdd 
teve made most fo(^ballcoa- 
dies proud. Except for Dusty. 
Dusty, und(NMedly tte mssai 
avid <A file Rams' cuinle sup- 
porters, stopped tte game se- 
veral ttmes with his Sequent 

Nurses At 

Three Virginia Beach pe<tta- 
tric imrsw are iMendii« a 
workshop cm cec^ia'^ensive 
miring care for .ttie school-age 
ddld and tuff adol^nit ttds 
wed( St tiie University of Vir- 
ginia Sdiod of Nursteg. 

Ttey are A^Ia J. Barlow, 
Fair Milaitows Road; ^mftra 
D. Ibdren, Pettte Courts snl 
Patrida S. Mosctel, Colonial 
Arms CIrete. 

trips to file Ram teddle. Fin- 
ally, a Ram booster collared 
Dusty wte spent tte rematoder 
of ttie game on tte sideliiies 
teside ttie tench, lapping occa- 
sionally at a puddle of w^r 
from a recent rain. 

But, probably tte highUght of 
ttie affeir^ was wten tte Ram 
mascot, a flop-eared goat wear- 
ing a blue blantet, ate a sipi 
Iffocteiffling file lUms No. U 

Probdbly no one noticed. F«r 
on ttie field, tte ^^rabtree of 
ttie 67-pound variety had Just 
snared anotter pass, sending 
tte Larks into ttet bottomless 
oblivion called defeat. 

1963 Ford WUte/Beige 4 tkwr 
Sedan Serial # 3NS1F 103041 
---41d6 vehide has teen re- 
moved to Intercoastal Steel 
C r p r at^ n in CtepBSShe, 
Virginia. The^inrtlCTorWy 
person teving security interlest 
may claim ttiis vehide within 
ttree (3) weete of tte date of 
ttiis notice by paying all towing, 
preservattn^ and storage 
charges.- Failure by tte owner 
or persote having security in- 
terest to exercise tteir ri^ 
te redaSih tte vehicle wittdn 
-1!bf%tiK lidded shaM te 
a^jsiwd a w4v«r and shaU te 
construed as ocmsett to tte 
sale of tte abuaOomi motor 
veUde ti a pid>llc auctton, 
W.W. Davis, Colonel, Chief of 

G.K. Bryan, Captain, Comman- 
ding Officer Traffic Divteion 


The regular meeting of tte 
Coundl of ttie City of Virginia 
Besch wiU te teld in ttie Coun- 
cil Chanters of tte Admini- 
stratton Building, City HaU, 
Princess Anne StaUon, Virginia 
Beadi, Virginia, on Monday, 
Novemter 9, 1970, at 2:00 P.M. 
at wUdi ttme ttie following 
tyyUcattoiBs for changes of 
cMdng, use perndto, etc. will 
te heard: 

1. AppUcatton of fiie City 
of Vlr^a Beach for a Use 
Permit to construd mtmldpal 
offices on certain property 
tocated (» ttie East side of 
Independence Boulevard, begin- 
ning at a pdnt 1500 feet Nortt 
oi North Witchduck Road, 
^running a distance of 400 feet 
along tte East side of Inde- 
pendence Boulevard, rmudng a 
distance <d 435 feet along ttw 
Souttiern property Hne, running 


190 feet more 

Sotttt side of Shell RoBd, run- 
ning a distnee of 119 feet 
more or lesi aloBg ttie West 
side of BradfWd Road, running 
a distance of 178.17 feet tikng 
file Soitfiem property fine, and 
running a dlirtnCe of 106.85 
feet along file Western property 
line. Said property te known 
as Lot 1,^ Plat of Bradford 
Park. (Laieevlew Park AreiO. 

3. Appllcitton of Kemlocte 
Corporatton for a change of 
loning from limited Com- 
mercial Dtstrid 3 (C-L 3) to 
Multtple Fandly Residence Dis- 
trict and a Ute Permit to con- 
strud 20 apartment uidte on 
certain pn^rty located on tiie 
North side of Virginia Beach 
Boutevard teginning at a pdnt 
700 feSrmore or less West 
of Witchduck Road. 

Parcel 1: Use Permit toom- 
strud 20 ^lartment unite: On 
certain property located on tte 
North side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard tegiiming at a pdnt 
700 feet more or less West 
of WItdiduck Road, and running 
a dtetance of 101 feet tloog 
ttie North side of Virginia Beach 
Boutevwd, runidng a distance 
of 512 feet along tte .Western 
property Une, rumdng a dis- 
tance of 105.99 feet along tte 
Norttern property line and 
running a dtetance of 564.8 
feet along ttie Eastern {Mroperty 

Parcel 2: Change of zoning 
from Limited CommerdalOs- 
tirid 3 (C^L 3) to Multtple 
Fand^ ' Reddehce IKstrid 
(R-M): Beginning at a pdnt 
700 feet West of WltcMuck 
RtMid anfTfronttng 101 feel along 
tte Nortt side of Virginia Beach 
Boulevard, running a distance 
of 225 feet more or less along 
tte Western prc^erty llne,nm- 
ning. a dlstence of 100 feet 
more or less along tte Norttiem 
prcqierty line and running a 
distance of 225 feet mcn-e or 
less along ttie Eastern property 
Une. (Chinese Comer Area). 
^4. ApptteattoaUf Mi«. Mary 
ilerner for a ne Permit to. 
ji^pentte a nurselqr CdiUd care) 
'da certain ptapiatf located on 
tte Soutt side of Olive Grove 
Circle teginning at a point 450 
feet East of Olive Grov^ Une, 
running a distance of 55 feet 
along tte Soutt side of Olive 
Grove Circte, running a dte- 
tance of 107 feet along tte 
Norttiern property line, nmning 
a distance of 24 feet along tte 
Eastern property line, nuudng 
a dtetance of 144 feet along 
tte Souttem property line, 
runnii« a distance of 80 feet 
along tte Western pr(^rty line. 
Said prcverty te designated as 
Lot 25, Sectton 9, Part I, Plat 
of Anigona Village. (Aragona 
Village Area). BAYSIDE BO- 

5. AppUcattdn of M. Bagley 
Walter and Charles L. Kauf- 
man tor a change of aonli^ 
ttom Rural Residence Distrid 
1 (R-R 1) to Multiple Family ; 
Residence Distrid (R-M) on; 
certsin iffoperty located on tte 
Soutt side of SteU Road te- 
ginning at a point 675 feet 
more or less West of Materia 
Road, runnliv a dlstenoe pt 973 \ 
feet more or less alcmg tte 
Norttern inroperty Une of whidi 

KeMMHi, ' tatoH 

1 1 .^ 1 1 

0«f»i^4til « 



Wood NnciiHI & G^Mm 
FOR M^W WNCa miLf 

• iUMin •KSHSfi** 

& SIAPn.Y CO. ^ 

Federal Flood 

Now Available 

Virginia Beach 

For Further Details 

or Information 

Call Us Today 

sill nam m, mm 4M.f i« 

$4M.|lllKISSAIMill. nnilf427.2fM 


pared by Fnmk D. Tarrall and 
Associates. (Lstevle^ Park 

6. Appllcattoo of E.V. Wil- 
Ulins Co. aad Assodates for 
a change of soidng from Resi- 
dence Sdwitan District 
3 (R-8 3) to^ Multtple Faml^ 
Residence Dtetrid (R-M) Md 
General Commardal 'Ustetct 
1 (C-G 1) on certaiii property 
located on ttie East side of 
Bater Road North and Soott 
of Moore'a Pond Road. 

Parcel A to te Multtpte 
Family Residence DMrid 
(R-M): Beglnidng at a pdnt on 
tte East side d Bater Road 
348 feet Soutt of Moore's Pood' 
R(NUl and running a dtetenoe 
d 403 feet along ttie East side 
of Baker Road, running a dte- 
tance of 2757 feet along ttw 
Souttiern prcqierty line, running 
a dtetance of 434 feet along ttie 
Eastern property line and Win- 
ning adistance d ^39 feet alcmg 
tte Norttern pnqperty line. 

Parcel B to te Multl|de 
Family Residence Ustrid 
(R-M): Beginning at a pdnt on 
tte Nortteast comer of Bater 
Road and Moore's Pond Road 
and rundng a distance of 715 
feet along ttie East sided Bsker 
Road, running a distance of 
1432 f^lNlong ttie Nortt side 
at Moore's Pond Road and run- 
ning a distance of 1494 fed 
along ttie Eastern property Une 
and rundng a distance ai 458 
feet along ttie Norttiem pro- 
perty line. 

Parcel C to te G«ieral 
Commerdal Distrid 1 (C-G 1): 
Bei^nnlng at a pdnt on ttie 
East side of Bater Road 715 
feet Nortt of Moore's Pond 
Road, ruteing a dstsnce d 200 
fed along ttie East side d 
Bater Road, rundng a distance 
d 200 fed along tte Northern 
property line, running a, dte- 
tance d 200 feet aloQg ttia 
Eastern i^operty Une and ran- 
nlug a dtetsotoe of 210 feet 
along ttie Sodtera pnvutf 

7. AppUcatton of Whitt Ses- 
soms, Jr. for a Use Permit 
to CMistrud four a datt qn al i- 
partmed uAfte, tM iKrteently 
existing, tdalli^ six ap|rtmcj|t 
udte on certdn prc^erty lo^ 
cated oa the Soutteast comer 
d 34tt Stred and Arctic Ave- 
nue, rundng a distance at 50 
fed along ttie Soott side at 
34tt Stred, runninf adduce 
d 140 fed along ttie Eastern 
prc^rty line, nmnliv adis- 
tance d 50 fed aloogtteSodh- 
em peopnty line and runing 
a distance d 140 feet along flie 
East dde d Arctic Avenue. 

8. AppUcatton of Gerald C. 
Essayten for a Uie Permit to 

te L-shaped. VIRGINU ^AOa 

9. AntteaOoB of FoqaMn- 
he«d ofVlrflida Beadi^ a 
Use Pennit to eonstrud a tfis- 
ott Botel on oertdn property 
located OB tte Sodh«^ ednnr 
of AtlSBHe Avasne andSevtntt 
Stetet, mnaisf a a^nee d 
809 feet aksr tti East aids of 
Attaatte Aiwma, naming siis- 
taaee of 190 feet aloogflieSoett 
•Ida of Seventt Street, noplog 
a dtstsaee d 305 fed aloogttie 
Easttm property Une, raialag 
Sydtotaiioe d ISO fed doBf 4hs 
ITortten property fine of SUfb 
Street. SSIdparoeltedeslgaStod 
as Lote 1 thTMih % Bloek 2. 
Plat of Ooeas Lot iBfastasn 
Cooqpqr. "VtlKaNtA KACH 

Wild and Jdtet B. WUdhyOwen 
B. PIctett, Attomy, for a 
chanfe d loalag from Mdel- 
Hdel Dtetrid (M-H) to Retail 
Business Distrid (B-1) oncNr- 
tate property located on ttie 
Northwest corner of SSttSlreet 
and Mlanttc Avmmw, nnminc a 
dlstenoe of 60 feet alooitttt 
Nortt sida dS5lhStrtet, cvn- 
nUu a ^H^ttioe of 70 led aloiig 
ttie West sida d Attentte Ave- 
nue, mnniag a distaace at 90 
ftet aloogtte Northern property 
line aad naalng a dtetahce of 
70 feel ateeg ttie Wtetenjnip- 

11. Application of itis, 
Frances FlUdol foir a Use Per- 
mit tor a kindergarten and nur- 
sery sdiod (day care entor) 
on certdn pnqierty vloeiAed on 
ttie Soott dde dVIf ^aBeadi 
Boulevard heglnnlttg d a pdd 
827 iMt Wed at Soott Lfan- 
luiveh Iteid, rusatag raiiniee 
d 190 fed aloi« the Soutt Side 
d VIrgInU Beach Boiflevard, 
naming a disnnoa d 299 fed 
^oBrttarfistera property llae. 
rwmlng a dtebnte d 167 feet 
along ttie Souttem property 
line, runofni a dtetaace of 367 
fSd along ttie Vestemprdperi? 
Une. (PInewood Gardes Area). 

12. AppUcatton d Helen t, 
AttMJ^^ a cte# tf ii^ 
Ifob" Miqfle FaadlySei- 
deaee Distrid (R-M) wItt a 
Motel, Tterist and Restaorad 
(T-2) Sapptemaat Distrid to 
Umlted CoBimerdal Distrid 
2 (C-L Q 00 certdn pn^nrty 
located OB tte Soott side d 
Laskln Road hegteBtpg at: a 
pdnt 110 ftet West dCsrdtaal 
Road, TUBdng a ddnee of 
179.67 fed along ttie Eastara 
property Une, rmBkag a dte- 
taace of 100 fed al«g ttie 
Sedtem property ttae,ir«telng 
a Aataaee at 179.20 fed ateng 

l/yufrrf REIMT -^/Z 

Baby Nm«I« Aoll-away Mdt 

Fans T«l«vltioiit ; 

Campiiifl Equlpmant Party NMdr 

W« off vr • oomplata Rantal S«rvic« 

296 North WiteMudcRd. MiOM 499-0041 
!••— — •— aaaaiiB M i m iiiMteaaiM— aiai 


^Monthly Payment , tonveniUmal Type 




210-25thSt. Virginia lk«ehV, 

Phonf 428.«.1S1 






m^ *^- 

lmqI Naictf 

tb« Sooth side of Lask&i Rotd. 
(Lliddiorii Plaoe ApuUuofai 
IS. Ame^m ^ Tlrgbiti 

wtrd T. Ci^ Dlf A^l^ 
tor t clHu^ (tf K^ng from 
RMten« SjiMute) DhM^ 3 
(R-^ 3) «4tb a 1M«I» Touil^ 
Ml Rmtaumi (T-2} Supide- 
iMiA to Un^Med Commerdal 
Vfy^iA 3 (C-L 3} on certain 
ptw^ttf locited m ttw Nortii 
iMe (tf Laskia Road tegtonlng 
ti. a i»lot 1000 l»rt man w 
lu» West of Cardinal ^oad, 
running a dtltuee (^ 350 leet 
ai^g tte Nortb side of La^n 
RMd, running a dlatlBM of 
186 feet aioi% tbe EMern itro* 
party Una, funUng adlstnoaoC 
350 feet al(»t tbe Sorttiem 
peoptrtf line and running a 
dUrtanee of 186 fMt along the 
Western proptrtjr Une. Stfd 
proper^ is now or formerly 
known n a portion of the White 
Heron Molri. Ptati «1th more 
detailed ItfornntiQn are avail- 
able in tbe Office of tbe De- 
partment of Citjr Planning 
(Birdneek Area.) LYNNHAVEN 

14. Application of Real Ei- 
tate Corporatiui of Vir^niafbr 
a change of toning from 
Multiple Faml ly Residence IXa- 
trict (R-M) to Umlted Com- 
merdal Dirtrict 3 (C-L 3) on 
Mrtain property located gr the 
Northwest corner of Vli^nla 
Beadi Boulevard and Crawfotl 
Place, formerly Lake view 
Place, ninniiv a distance of 
158.93 feet along »» West side 
<4 Crairford Place, formerly 
Lakeview Place, riuming a dis- 
tance of 75 feet along tbe 
Norfliern property line, running 
a distance of 139 feet along the 
Western i^operfy Une and run- 
ning a <ttstuee of 75 leet aloi« 
the North side ofVirgiBla Beach 
boulevard. StiA pr<^rty is 
known as Lot 10, Plat of West- 
ludf (Cbesqi^aBC^oiqr Arta). 

15. A{9)ttc8ti(» of Josei^ L. 
Lyle ndlfidH^'E. Bowernu) 
for ia ebabte of n»ing firom 
Residence ^ibiffban Distrtct 3 
(R^ 3) to Multiple Family Rest- 
denct District \r-M) on certain 
pr(^)erty loiiated on Ite South 
side of Mth etreet Extended, 
beglmttng at a pd^ 370 feet 
West of BartMrtai Drive, run- 
ning a distance <rf 218 leetakmg 

i tbe South side of 24th Street 
Extended wA nmnlngadstance 
of 260 feet mor«>actl^ft«leag 
ttf^4iMtf<^«oef{^ tfae, tm- 
Mng a dlstaace «f 223 f^tajoi^ 
tiie Sootberti pr^it^ Hue, Aib- 
Bii4: a instance' of 280 eeetaloif 
Uie Eastern ja-c^rty line. Said 
property is dedfoiled as Lots 
1 t&rou|^ 6 and 28 through 33, 
Block 4, Plat ofWoodiaffll. 
(Bir(toedc yillage Apartments 

16. Apidication of D. A. Slack 
for a change of tonti^ from 
General Commercial District 1 
(C-G i) and Residence SiAwrlian 
District 3 (R-S 3) to Multiple 
Family Residnce District 
(R-M) Mid a Use Permit to 
construct 100 apartment imits 
oa certain i»t>perty locked on 
tte South side of Laskin Road 
and the East side df South. 
Oriole Drive isegiffiiiiv at a point 
188 feet Sc«^ (tf Laskin Road 
and running a tUstance of 802 
feet along the Northern prop- 
erty line, running a distance d 
621 feet along tbe East side of 
Smith Oriole Drive, running a 
distance, of 503 feet along the 
Southern prqierty Une at tbe 
Western eidremity of South 
Barbertba Mve, running adis- 
tance of 623 feet along tbe Eas- 
tern prc^rty Une. Said parcel 
is irregular in shape. (Bean 
Gardens Area). LYNNHAtEN 

17. Application of Robert Wil- 
son and Associate for a change 
of sonii^ from Limited Com- 
mercial District 1 (C-L 1) to 
Multiple Family Residence Dis- 
trict (R-M) and a Use Permit 
to construct 360 garden apart- . 
ments on certain property lo- 
cated North at the Virginia 
Beach-NorfoUc Eq)ressway be- 
ginning at a jpcM 500 feet 
West of First Colonial Road, 
running a distance of 654 feet 
along Ok Eastern property Um, 
running a distance of 1337 feet 
along the Southern property Une 
(Norttern boundary of tbe Vir- 
ginia Beach - Norfolk Exia^ss- 
way), running a distance of 724 
feet along the W^ern property 
line, running a distance of 1432 
feet more or less along tbe 
Norttern prc^rty Une. (Usktn 
Village Area). LYNNHAVEN 


18. AipUatioB (tf Thomas B. 
Trant for a risange of zoning 
from Red(teni% Duplex District 
1 ^-D 1) to limited Com- 
mercial District 3 (C-L 3) on 
eerti^n property located <» the 
W^« ^ of Holland Road 
aa<m von Sdpp's Con»r 
Rm^ tdniiiie a distaBM of 6N 
fa^ afiogtbe We^ Me atm- 
Wui MM, nmim aOftett of 
m tm «toi» the Stntben 
^fi^ ttae, rondng a dla- 

ij .,. te» rf MO llet^«g flie 

We«t«r|p^i^ Um wM run- 
dag a wiiyivM of 2SdliM dong 
Vm W or^ rn jpr^rty Ufle. 
CMpT^ffMr Area). PRW- 

^. Aiiptteattoa of Vi2;ginia 
B4a^ flotttey Ira Trav-L- 
Park, Im. by tUb(4 aiMi As- 
sorii^ i« a Vm Perndt to 
^nstru^ 707 »mip sites m 
eertaln i^o^rty lo<»ted be- 
tween ttie Wi^rside (tf General 
Bootfi BcHileiwrd and the East 
side ^ Oertma Boulevard be- 
giraing il a pcAiA 815 fe^ more 
or less South (d Harpers Road, 
and 800 feet more or lew North- 
east df Oceana Bculevard, rtm- 
nlng adistaace of 4945 feet more 
or Mss along ttie Western prop- 
erty Uae, ruaning a (ttstance 
of 3838 teft more or 1ms along 
the Eisttm prcverty Une (Vlr- 
glida Electric and Power Co. 
Right of Wqr); siid property 
beginning 560 flet more or 
less Norffiwest of General Booth 
Boulevard, and running a dls- 
ta|)ee of 2180 feet Apre or 
less along tte Southern prop- 
erty Une. Said prc^rty is ir- 
regular in shape. Plats with 
more detailed t^ormatlon are 
avaiUble in tbe Office of tbe 
Department of City Plaaidng. 
(Oeeina Naval Air Station 

20. AppUeation of Coleman 
Farms, Inc. for a Use Peraiit 
to construct a sewage pumping 
station on certain property lo- 
cated on the East side orCollege 
Park Boulevard, beginning at 
a point 227.80 feet South of 
Chestnut HiU Road on property 
known u Parcel 5, Subdivision 
of Cottege Ptf 1^ Sectlcm tlp-ee. 
,(ColIc«e Park Area). KEMPS- 

21. AppUeation of Carolanne 
Homes, Iqc!. for a Use Permit 
to eoBftrud 220 lament units 
on certain prqierty located on 
the Northwest corner of Prin- 
cess Aane Road and HIU Prince 
Rotd, rimnlng a distance of 800, 
feet along tbe North side of 
Princess Anne Road, running a 
distance of lOSl feet along the 
West side of HiU Prince Road 
and ttie South side of Gallant 
Fmc Rqad, running a distance 
of 546 feet al(mg the Western 
pr<q;ierfy Une. Said property 
is desipated as Parcel A, Lots 
n through 22, Block C, Plat 
of Carolanne Farms, Section 1. 
(Carolanne Farms Area). 
Richard J. Webbon, City Clerk 
j 10.29-2T 

H > « l l i I . I I . 

ikyricE of pubuc hearing 

The Virginia Beach Planning 
Commission will bold a PubUc 
Hearing on Tueadi^r, November 
10, 1970 at 1:00 P.M. in the 
Coiffldl Chaadjers of the Ad- 
ministratioQ Buildliv, Princess 
Anne Courthouse, Virg^a 
Beach, Virginia. The following 
appUcations will an?ear on tbe 

L. AppUeation of the City 
oi Virginia Beach for a change 
of zoning from Residence Du- 
plex District 1 (R-D 1) to Resi- 
dence Suburban District 4 (R- 
S<4) on certain property located 
on tbe Northwest corner of In- 
dian River Road and Center- 
ville Turnpike Extended, run- 
ning a (Ustance of 175 feet along 
^ North side of Indian River 
Road, running a distance ctf 
550 feet along the West side 
of Centerville Turnpike Ex- 
tended, ruiming a distance of 
550 feet along tbe Northern pro- 
perty Une and running a dis- 
tance of 670 feet more orsless 
along the Western property Une. 
(Avalon Hills Area). KEMPS- 

2. AppUeation of Roy Lee 
. McDaniel and Mable Inez Mc- 
Daniel for a change of zoning 
from Residence Suburban Dis- 
trict 4 (R-S 4) to General Com- 
mercial District 1 (C-G 1) and 
a Use Permit for E-Z Haul 
Rental and Service on certain 
la-operty beginning at a point 
^K) feet more or less South 
of Indian River Road, running 
a distance cf 200 feet along tbe 
East ^le of KempBville Road, 
runidng a (fistance of 169.32 
feet along the Eastern property 
Une and running a distance of 
501.24 feet along tl» Southern 
laroperty Une. (Bwmey's Corner 

3. AppUcati(Ni of Aman^ 
Troyer for a diange of zon- 
ii4 from Residence Suburban 
District 4 (R-S 4) to Limited 
Commerdal District 1 (C-L 1) 
00 eertein property located on 
ttie W^ side (tf Holland Road 
begittid^ at a pdnt 965 feet 
South of Baxter Road, runnii^ 
a distance of 4(3.3 feet along 
ttte Eastern property line of 
which 120.3 feet is the West 
side of Holland Road, rumdng 
a distance ctf 296.57 feet along 
ttie Soutt^m in-operty Une and 
rund^ a (Ustaim of 446.01 
feet al(^ tbe Western {s-operty 
Uae and nmning a dis^ce of 
297 feet akm tbe NorUiem 
prc^rty Une. gSidland Terrace 

4, Al^CltwB TO tr Bl i * <i 

Trailer Sal«i, Im:. l^ Jay M. 
Bdl tot a ditfige of tMng 
from Limited CommerdatJXs- 
4rl€t 1 (C-L^ to Genera te* 
dustrial Distrid 3 iU4 3) m 
certain prcqserty beginning at 
a point 120 feet East of South 
MiUtery Highway and iW feet 
Kortt of Proviitence Road, run- 
ning a dii^ce ci 130.85 feet 
along the Northern prc^rty 
Une, running a distance of 258 
feet more or less along the 
Eastern prt^ierty Uae, ruudi^ 
a distance of 126 feet ihore ost 
less alongtheSouttern property 
Une, running a distance of 245 
feet more or less along toe Wes* 
te/n property line . 

5. AniUcation of Thrila Gar- 
den Aaodates to ameml the 
easting Use Permit from 550 
rental units to 590 nntal units 
coniisting of 556 ^pirtme^ 
and 34townbouse8(4daddlfjronal 
units), of which 266 units cur- 
rently being developed on cer- 
tain, property located pn the 
South side of Bonney Reiad nd 
the East and West sida of Bogp 
Avenue, running a distance cf 
980 feet more or less aloig 
the Northern property Uae of 
which 720 feet more or tots 
is the Souto side of Bcnmey 
Road, running a distanet of 1820 

. feet more or less along tl»Eu- 
tern property Um, running a 
distance of 1240 feet niore or 
less alongtoeSouthern property 
Une (Northern property Une of 
Virginia Beacb-NorfoUc Ex- 
pressway), and running a dis- 
tance of 1910 feet more or Ins 
along toe Western property Una. 
(ThaUa Garden flad Towdiouse 
Apartmento Area). KEMPS- 

6. Apidleation of the City of 
Virginia Beach, Police Di- 
vision, for a Use Permit to 
txpuA exlitlng poUce training 
CadUtlM on certain property 
looUed 2400 feet more or less 
West of Seaboard Road at tbe 
Western terminus of Laroy 
Drive running a dlstapea of 
3832 feet more or less alcmg 
the Southern, property Une, rua- 
ning a distance (tf t388 feet 

Thurt^taiy, <M»b#r W, 1970 

Boulevard and ruiming a ds- 
tam of 14M fert mmixU^ 
d(mg toe N<»^n pnpKtfUm 
<rf jMl^ ^ feet B»ra w tow 
is ^ lioiMi idte of Rarpe» 
Ro^, run^i^ a 41$t«ii^<(C' 
1000 feet pore .or l«ns ali^ 
toe Western l^perty Une, nm- 
idi« a dtottioe <rf 1735 feet 
more or l^aato^toeSmtthenr 
pr(^rty Une and naudngadto- 
tance ^ 1325 t»H more or Jess 
aIoi$ tl» Etttorn prc^rty Um. 
Said prt^rtjr eontalw 44.77 
acres mc^ or less. (Oceaitt 
llavafloisiagArea). HUICESS 
1 10. AMdicaticm at Bush De» 
.ifel(H>nwnt Corp. for a chaage 
of Boniitf from Agriculbffal 
Distrtd(A-R) toMumpleFfta»> 
lly Eesidaac^ District (H-M) 
and a Use Permit to construd 
395 towahousM and 323 viart- 
menl9, totaUng 718 \, on 
certaih profwrty located on the 
South si(te of Harpers Road, 
hennaing at a pdnt 1650 feet 
W^ ol Oceana Boulevard, nm- 
aing • dlftuwe of 2298 feet 
along the Eaitera property 
Une, running a (Uf taace of 1300 
feet more'w Itsi along the 
Scutliam property Uoa, runalng 
a diatance ci 1880 feet more 
or last along the Western pro- 
perty Uha and ruimiag a dis- 
tanca of 1800 feet aldig tbe 
Northern property Unaofwhidi 
600 feat is tbe South side of 
Harpers Roil (Oeeaaa Naval 
Housing Area). PRINCESS 
11. AppUcattm of Charles S. 

* L«gal N<Mlc«s 


Jfl» ^ rpti^^^ ' gf ^ ■yiwhaven 
Building SNipp^ CorpoimttMfor 
a Use Permit to ^mstruct 76 
a^fftnnnt wtfto (» certotopro- 
perty l^eginid^ tA a pdnt 130 
feet mcn-e or Uss Souto of 
WoUsimre R(M»1, rumi^ a dto- 
tam:e (tf 177.79 feet altmg tbe 
West side ^ Rfpw^ Drive, 
rimnit« a distance of 890 feet 
altmg the SoiUMern" property 
Une, ruhdi« a ttstoet of 200 
feet along tbe Westernpro{»rty 
Une and rtmning a, distance ci 
837 ^et aloi« toe Nortternpi^- 
perty Une. (Regency Apartmento 
Area). LYNNHAVEN B0-. 

18. Ai^Ueatlon of Al^ M. 
Butler and Rd>ert G. Moore 
for a change d soi^ tnm 
Limited Commerdal Aftriet 
3 (C-L 3rto Multiple Family 
Residence IHstrid (R-M) aad 
a Use PermU to construct 36 
aiArtmeirt unite di certaiapro- 
perty loeatfd on the East ^ 
ot Birdneck Road, b«ii^i« it 
a pdtf 33.US feet Swito of CMa- 
quapin Lane, rtmning itttstaaee 
of 131.7 feet aldig the Eaat 
side di Binlaeck Road, runalag 
a oitaaee of 374.6 feet akNig 
toe Northera proper^ Uae, rua- 
ning a (Uitanee of 129.87 fMt 
aloag the Eastern i^perty Uae 
aad ruaalng a distance of 268.8 
feet aloag toe Snitbera property 
Une. CBlrdaedc Village Apart- 
meate Area). LYNNHAVEN 

19. AppUeation d Sarah %1- 

Caruana aad Olga Caruana by i„ stUvnl d Dance for a Use 
Owea B. Pldtttt, Attorney, for pgrmit to operate a daactag 
a Use Permit to eoastrud 11 8^,001 oa certain property lo- 
apartmeat unite oa certain pro- Q2te<j on the East side d Blrd- 
perty located di the Northwest g^ck Road aad North of Old 
coraer d Baltic Aveaue aad Virginia Bdicb Road, begimiing 

24to Street, runalag a dtetance 
of 100 feet aloQg the West side 
d Baltic Avenue, ruaning adte- 
tanee d 126 feet along tbe 

at a pdnt 216 feet Norto of 
Old Virginia Beach Road and 
195 fed more or less East of 
dirdaedc Road. (Woodlaad 

Ion d Hampton 

ition Distrid. ^ 

12r Appiieatioa of Edwin G. 

mSe or less atoaglh^W^stern Hwria JV Jl!i ^!i!!t^ 

property Une, rumiing a dls, construd " «yt«l.ff^«"2 

tonoe d 2650 feet mori or less ^^ °Tl?t»K^.?m^ 

along theNorthernproperty Uae S*Sj?°«2L^!??!lff^ 

and running a-dislaacedlWO '^^ ""» ®5^/^i*f^'i^ 

feet morror less along toe ?«•/ T^fJ^^Z^lf 

tastern property Uae. Said pro- 'tS* ^ ^ l*2*n??ll«^ 
nertv helneirwiular in stene c"^^ Avenue, rundng a dtetance 
peny neing irregular m shape. ^ ^^ feet along the Norto 

side of 37to Street, running a 
disteace of 140 feet along the 
Eastern propepfy line and run'? , 
aih|^4ttsteBeeiti 108 Irtetaloag 

, Attortjeyy^^ »•« Northwor prepetty Jine. 

18. AppUcaitooof EbUe Mei^ 
prisM, Inc. by Tlomas C. 
Broyles, Attorney, for % Use 
Permit to construct a l^O-udt 
mdel on certato proper^ lo- 
cated on toe East side d At- 
luitic Avenue betweea Third 
Street aad Fourto 'Street, rua- 
ning a distance d 300 feet akmg 
the East side d Atlaatic Ave- 
aue, ruadng a distance d 150 
feet aloi« the Sodh side at 
Fourth Street, rtmning a dis- 
tance d 300 feet along the 
Eastern property Um and rtm- 

Northem property Une, running g„j), LYNNHAVEN BOR- 
a distance d VOO feet along the qugh. 
Western property Uae aad rua- 20^ AppUeation dGrayaoaM. 
ning a distance of 125 feet along wutehurst, Jr. and MaMards 
the Norto side d 24to Street. Apartments by John E. Striae 

<Muaidpal Gargge aad imita- 
tion Department Area). PRtN 
7. AppUj 
Roads Si 
rEdwin Ke 
Use Peri 
certain pi 

treatment planf^ 
>perty l9cated.6d30 
feet more or less East of Oce- 
ana Boulevard, rundng a dis- 
tance d 3500 feet nK>re or less 
along toe South side d Old 
Dam Neck Road, running a dte- 
tance d 2600 feet more or less 
along the Eastern property Une 
(Western pvajp^rty Une, of U.S, 
GovernijMd^ Dam Neck), run- 
ning a dtetance of 2850 fed 
more or less alcmg tbe Southern 
property Une and runnlngadte- 
tance of 900 feet more or less 
along the Western property Une. 
(Dam Neck Naval Base Area). 
■^ AppUcaUon d Green Run 
Corp. for an amendment d 
Planned Unit Development 
(PUD) to include a commercial 
site and a Use Permit to con- 
struct a gasoUne sun^ly station 
on certain property located on 
the Southwest corner of Holland 
Road and Souto LynnhavenRoad 
Extended, running a dtetance at 
206 feet along tbe South side 
of Holland Road, running a dis- 
tance of 155 feet along toe 
West side of South Lyndiaven 
Road Extended, running a dis- 
tance d 314 feet along the 
Southern propert